Omega-3 Supplements May Ease Anxiety

People with clinically diagnosed anxiety disorders who took large doses of the supplement — up to 2,000 milligrams a day — benefited most.

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  1. This article does not correctly reflect the omega-3 dosages discussed in the research. In the analysis cited, it clearly states that the "The anxiolytic effect of omega-3 PUFAs was significantly better than that of controls only in subgroups with a higher dosage (at least 2000 mg/d) and not in subgroups with a lower dosage (<2000 mg/d)." The New York Times' wording, however, implies that people need less than, or a maximum of 2000 mg daily to see results, which is misleading.

    This wording makes a big difference for consumers taking omega-3 supplements. Regular fish oil capsules often don't contain more than 300 mg EPA/DHA -- a far cry from the dosages that this analysis and others suggest are associated with benefits.

  2. @Bo Martinsen, MD

    "Regular fish oil capsules often don't contain more than 300 mg EPA/DHA "

    Yup. You need at least 7 regular fish oil capsules or 4 molecularity distilled purified fish oil capsules to get 2000mg of Omega-3s. (I take 5 times that) It may sound like a lot but it's less than an ounce of fish oil per day.

  3. Reciently a friend of mine has been using full spectrum CBD oil
    and swears it reduces his anxiety.
    I may try it.

  4. Since high omega-3 levels in the bloodstream have been correlated with the msot aggressive form of prostate cancer, I think I'll pass.

  5. Maybe see what happens when average men give all of alcohol, coffee, meat and dairy good long breaks first.

  6. Bingo. Reduce if not eliminate caffeine and take all three Omegas for a time and when needed. It can restore and repair the bad affects of all drugs.

  7. But especially Omega-3 can help fully restore after withdrawing from or tapering off of psychiatric drugs.

  8. Algae contains the Omega-3 that fish eat. So one can take supplements direct from algae sources to avoid fish and oceanic pollution.

  9. This topic needs more research and in-depth reporting.

    Some questions:

    Is the quality of fish oil consistent?
    lookup consumer and other reports

    Are there alternatives to fish oil that will produce similar benefits?
    lookup flax oil and flax seed

    The US Army conducted a long term research project that analyzed DHA levels and suicide.

    All 800 soldiers who died by suicide had low DHA levels.

    The soldiers in the control group with the lowest DHA levels were at highest risk for suicide.

    DHA levels in the control group returned to normal with 5 grams of fish oil/day.
    google us army dha suicide

    "Fats That Heal" by Udo Erasmus