Film Club: ‘We Became Fragments’

A film about a teenage refugee from Syria that explores the resilience of the human body and spirit.

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  1. Something in this film that surprised me was how normal it was when he went to school, and how the people treated him. It made me happy to see that he was getting along with other people, but still very sad to see that he had to struggle silently in many different ways. I think something that stood out to me was the father, and the relationship between Ibraheem and him. It was reassuring to see how he cared for his son, and took the messages his wife left him to heart. I think I'll take away a melancholic mood from this film, but also a hope and happiness for Ibraheem. I hope that he can heal quickly, and make many more friends. I would still like to know more about the war, and the other people that have come out of it and how they are adapting. I can make a connection between this and the things we are learning in AP human geography, and the similar videos we watched on this topic.

  2. After watching the video, "After We Became Fragments" by Natalie Proulx, I was left with several questions, but there were also multiple things that stood out to me. For example, when the boy's dad had talked about how the for the first two years after the incident, the boy constantly asked where was his mom. I am curious as to if the boy asked this through the entirety of the two years, or just at the start. Something that stood out to me was when the guy on the street stared at Ibraheem. That really aggravated me cause that was just so rude of that man. I would expect something like that from someone that's Ibraheem's age, but not an adult. Something else that stuck out to me was at the end of the video, when it showed Ibraheem pray and then we went to go play soccer. I really enjoyed this part because it shows that just because something bad happens, doesn't mean your life is ruined. I think that anyone who went through an even like Ibraheem did should watch this, to show them to not just give up because they can still live a normal life. In conclusion, multiple things stood out to me throughout the short film.

  3. What stood out to me was how Ibraheem was handicapped and lost his mother and siblings and he was able to still try to get his legs better and to finish getting his education. This stood out to me because it is inspiring and it is inspiring because other people in his situation would have given up and not have gotten their education and would mourn for the family members they have lost. What surprised me was how Ibraheem was handicapped and how he had a transplant in his leg to help him walk again but he still needs to make it stronger to be able to walk again. I take the emotions sadness and an inspirational emotion. I feel sadness for Ibraheem because he lost his mother and siblings. I feel an inspirational emotion because Ibraheem had lost his mother and siblings and is still getting his education and is attempting to walk after being handicapped.

  4. In this week's film, "We Became Fragments", several things stood out for me, for sure. For one, Ibraheem's family was victim of a missile strike in Syria, and lost his mother and siblings, also leaving Ibraheem with a horrible leg injury. Another thing that stood out to me and made sense is that Ibraheem is Muslim, as evident from him praying at the end. A third thing is that, while Ibraheem can speak English and has shown it throughout the film, he speaks Arabic when narrating. I think this could correlate more with the theme of the film than anything, which seems to have to do with adjusting to change. I also noticed that Ibraheem, when in classes, looks to be with other people in similar ethnic backgrounds. Yet another detail I noticed is how one of the teachers, when giving the students an assignment correlating to information about their families, told either Ibraheem or the whole class that he knew it would probably be difficult to answer the questions, seemingly referring to loss of family, so whoever was being referred to didn't have to answer every question.

  5. After watching “We Became Fragments,” I was surprised at how strong Ibraheem was. He lost pretty much everything. His mother, siblings, and home were gone during the Syrian War,but he eventually moved on from that terrible event. If I were in his situation, without a doubt, I would never get over that. Something that stood out in this film was that there were people on his side helping him. It makes me sad to think that people are getting hurt from these tragic wars, but I’m happy knowing that there are people out there that help and support them. In conclusion, the messages I got from the film are to help each other out as much as possible, because we are all human and we’re all the same. Another idea I got from the film is to look forward and move on, because even if things seem down, in the future it will get better.

  6. After watching the short film, "We Became Fragments" by Natalie Proulx, there were multiple things that stood out to me. For example, when Ibraheem was walking down the street, a man had starred at him. This aggravated me because that was such a rude things for him to do. I would expect something like that from someone ibraheem's age, but not from an adult. Something else that stood out to me was at the end of the video, when Ibraheem prayed and then he went out to go play soccer. I really enjoyed this part, because I loved the fact that even after what happened to Ibraheem, he didn't just give up. Some people may have just given up but Ibraheem chose to continue to live his life and not let his disability hold him back. I think that anyone who went through the type of tragedy that Ibraheem went through should watch this video because it's very hopeful and uplifting. In conclusion, multiple things stood out to me while watching the video.

  7. What an awful experience to go through as an 11-year-old kid to have missiles raining down on your neighborhood and to wake up in a hospital covered in blood and to find out your mother and siblings died in the war. I couldn't imagine how he must be feeling. Fortunately, his dad was okay and is able to take care of him and refuge with him to Canada. In the video, you can see that Ibraheem has somewhat of a hard time adjusting to his new life in Canada which I would imagine it is very different than life in Syria. It’s also apparent that they talk about family a lot during school and this would be a difficult obstacle for him to overcome due to his past. I’m glad to see that he’s doing well in his English language class as I know that learning English is a difficult obstacle for immigrants to overcome. I hope he adjusts well to Canada and gets all the help he needs to be able to have a happier life because I wouldn’t be able to imagine how hard it is for him right now to handle and he may even be suicidal.

  8. In the film “We Became Fragments” by Natalie Proulx I was really sad that Ibraheem had to experience such a tragic event at such a young age. When watching this film I was thinking that Ibraheem was so brave because even though his mother and sibling died he is still making the most with his life and working hard every day. I also found it very sweet on how everyone was really willing to help Ibraheem adjust to Canada. I also found it really sad that his leg might never grow again. But what stood out to me the most in this video was at the end of the film when Ibraheem played soccer with the younger kids even though he is disabled, this goes to show that Ibraheem never gave up and is still fighting every day.

  9. If I did not know about his story, I would have guessed he was an ordinary teenager, an ordinary Canadian student. After hearing what happened to Ibraheem, it is very heartbreaking to hear of all the hardships and struggles Ibraheem and his family has went through. Even though they were able to start over again in Canada, they still have struggles there. I admire Ibraheem and his father for being so strong, even after losing their family, having to leave their country, and adjusting to a completely different country. In the beginning of the film, they show scenes of when Ibraheem got severely injured and then quickly switched to another scene of the sky. This reminded me a bit of PTSD and I think it was meant to represent PTSD. And the story Ibraheem was telling throughout the film was really moving and his story really help show how he really feels and what he endured.

  10. There were many small but very impactful things in this short film that I'm glad the director left in. When Ibraheem Sarhan was walking down the street and the man quickly turned his head to take another look many would see that as a rude remark but I think it shows just how blessed we are. That man turned his head because he isn't used to seeing that, whereas in Syria it's unfortunately common. This short film only gave us a glimpse of the life we will never experience, and I found it really heartbreaking so many children like Ibraheem have to go through those tragedies. I believe I needed to see this short film to remind myself of the privilege and blessings I've been given.

  11. The title of the film is perfect for the situation Ibraheem is facing: because he was mentally, emotionally, and physically fractured. His family was fractured by the war in Syria, with the death of his mom and siblings; and he was fractured, with his leg needing to be reconstructed. The only thing that kept him from being completely alone is that his dad was okay after everything, but it is clearly difficult for him to connect with his father. You can tell that some of the things Ibraheem has to do in school can be difficult, like when talking about the family tree in one of his classes. Having to adjust to a completely different culture and break the language barrier without the emotional distress he is in would be hard enough, but having the results of the war in Syria would make it even worse. Despite all the difficulties, he seems to be adjusting well, and he doesn’t seem to have lost hope which is the most important thing. He keeps pushing and I think it will benefit him in the long run and he can be successful.

  12. In the film, "We Became Fragments," emotions I took away from this are resilience,bravery, sadness, hope, and determination. It was brave of Ibraheem to share his story even though it hurts to recount it.Like the amazing quote from the film (“We went out against our will, and we shall return with our hope.”) Ibraheem's determined to have hope. It's heartbreaking to hear not only what Ibraheem's family went through but that other families in Syria experienced the same thing or worse. Even though Ibraheem was in shock for two years after losing his mother and siblings he picked himself up and continued to live, this shows how resilient he is. Something I thought was really sweet was near the end when he was playing soccer with the other kids even though his legs are injured. It was also heartwarming when the little boy with one leg was also playing soccer with the other kids and he was hopping around looking like he was having a blast.

  13. I noticed that people stared at him. I know they don’t mean it to be rude but it does kind of come off as weird but he didn’t even notice it. It’s sad that he lost his mother and he only lives with his father now. It must be really horrible losing a family member definitely one you are close to. It’s horrible that anyone has to go through this and definitely someone so young. It’s amazing that he had a chance to restart and go somewhere safe to live his life and he was still surrounded by people like him. I think it was really important that they showed him going to school because it shows how he is getting used to a new country and how he is adapting to it.

  14. After watching “We Became Fragments” I noticed many subliminal messages that the director had intentionally left in the film that have great importance. I love how the film gives us viewers a small fragment of what many people have to go through everyday. This is something that my minder would of never thought to go look up out of the blue. I am glad that you guys assigned this film to show us a part of the unseen world. I believe it is important that we as american children are exposed to the real world thing that goes on in a different part of the world. Ibraheem's story was very touching and very unexpected. This story is very tragic and touching and is so unfortunate that some one his age should have to experience something so sad. Many people in united states think that everyone is fed off a golden spon just like them. this film helps proves otherwise.

  15. What stood out to me personally about this film was Ibraheems story of how life was like in syria, this stands out to me because that is no way for anyone to live, it is horrible how they had to live in fear. I find it surprising that many of syrian civilians got caught up in this war though they didn’t do anything. This short film was emotional to see the heartbreak from Ibraheems point of view because he had lost almost everything and yet he still just goes on. The biggest question that I still have is how did they hear that Canada was taking syrian refugees.Nothing in my life can even compare to the amount of stuff that has happened to Ibraheem. This film reminds me of a segment that I have seen on the news that was about syrian refugees and how life was like for them in syria compared to life now.

  16. In the film “We Became Fragments” by Natalie Proulx, I felt bad that Ibraheem went through that tragic and horrible event. I thing that really stood out to me was when Ibraheem was walking through a crosswalk, and a man looked back at him. I felt sorry for Ibraheem, not only for going through his accident, but now having to deal with people staring at him, and their questions. Also, some of his classmates were looking at him. They probably did not mean it in a rude or disrespectful way, but is seemed like it. One thing that surprised me was how strong Ibraheem was. Especially for someone his age, I feel like he tried to stay positive. I could never imagine loosing my mom and my siblings. I am inspired by Ibraheem after hearing his story. He has so much courage and is very strong.