A Computer in Everything

Does a world with “smart” toasters, fish tanks, clothing, toothbrushes and contact lenses worry you?

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  1. After viewing the New York Times picture prompt, "A Computer in Everything," I think the fact that there is a computer in almost everything we do makes me a little nervous for the future. If you think about all of the advanced technology we already have, just try to imagine what it could be like ten years from now. We are already starting to develop things like self driving cars and artificial intelligence. In the future when teenagers turn 16, instead of being excited to get car keys or an actual car, they might be looking forward to getting a self driving car. In conclusion, I think if technology is in almost everything we do today, it could be taking over the world tomorrow.

  2. I agree with this article that soon everything will be connected to the internet. This can be both a good thing and a bad thing. It is good because life will be very convenient and everything will be easy to access. People will stay more connected to their families and friends and create relationships across the world. With most items being connected to the internet data can be shared faster and more efficient. However there will be no more privacy and cyber crimes will be on the rise. If everything is connected to the internet criminal will be able to steal from you without even leaving their chair. In addition with most electronic devices having cameras, the world will be in a constant state of surveillance. Most people will feel unsafe if they are always being watched by someone they don't know and this can lead to problems. In conclusion, I think that the addition of various smart items will be bad for society.

  3. Technology has become a crucial component in everyone's daily life. Without technology, our lives would be altered to a point of pandemonium. Technology is a fantastic resource that has opened doors for many that would have not otherwise. However, it is important to realize that there are drawbacks to this and recognize what they are. As computers and smart devices grow and change everyday, it is difficult to fully grasp the shocking abilities possessed by these devices. I often worry about the power these devices have without completely knowing its capacity. Even though I may not know what they can do, I know that it is dangerous. Reports of the Amazon products behaving strangely has caught my eye and steered me away from owning one. Although, many others are unaware of this or simply do not care. Overall, it is important to weigh the positives against the possible dangers that come with every device you own. While Alexa is a helpful resource, I would prefer my conversations to not be exposed to the company of Amazon. The technological connection of the modern world is intriguing, yet, very frightening.

  4. The idea of having a computer in everything we own doesn't even usually cross my mind-these computers have become such a huge part of most people's lives that we don't even realize that we rely on technology for every part of living. When I think about how much we really rely on technology, sometimes I get nervous or paranoid, because in the end, it's hard to tell if your privacy is safe when your life and information is being shared all across the internet for various reasons. People now shop online, pay for things online, even bank online. How do we know if using technology in all of these things is keeping our identities and information safe? We don't, really, and it is hard for a person who uses many products to know for sure if they are safe. It makes me a bit scared for the future, because technology is growing to be more and more important in our everyday lives as the days pass, and what will happen when everything is based off of it? At the same time though, however, I believe we have come way too far through technological increases to draw out now and try to reduce it. Every single person that I know of uses common technology in their everyday lives, and ultimately, we rely on it far too much to abolish it from our lives now. Whether it's safe or not, having computers in everything we own has become too common to prevent now, and we can only hope that our security and information is safe.

  5. In the near future, we can expect most of our everyday items to become smart devices. Technology makes our daily lives much easier. It increases efficiency, communication, and has played a huge part in medical breakthroughs. But, is it such a good idea to make everything a smart device? As it is, there are issues with privacy, crime, and security in terms of social media and personal information. Having more items that are ‘smart’ will increase those issues. The more technology we have access to, the more reliant on them we become. If we start using technology for everything we do, we won’t be prepared if those gadgets break or lose power. Not only do we rely on technology for a lot things, but for a majority of people, we are fully immersed in our cell phones 24/7. For most people, being on our phones or watching tv consumes our free time. If every item out there becomes a smart device, technology will fully take over our lives. So, the benefits and conveniences of a completely interconnected world does not outweigh the disadvantages.

  6. The future is now. Technology is modernized every second. Back then it was a privilege just to have a wall phone, whereas now if ones doesn't have the new Iphone X they are considered "not cool". There are many reasons why all these smart devices are great for the world, though there are numerous reasons why technology like this is killing us. I am very thankful for the advancement in technology, whether I can look up the latest news in a blink of an eye or submit my homework online. Nowadays communication is faster than ever. In some cases, this may be great, but on the other hand, take, for example, sending a handwritten letter via mall is more sentimental than shooting a quick text. Privacy is a major issue that needs to be looked at, especially with constant updates on new advancements. This generation is so easy to look up someone and get their personal information like their address or phone number. Yes, this is scary to wrap our heads around, but there are ways in which we have the technology to thank. Within a decade surely there will be flying cars and new devices that contribute to our convenience. Just like everything in life, there are ups and downs, this goes along with technology as well.