The Most Diverse Fashion Season Ever on the Runway, but Not the Front Row

Let’s not forget that when it comes to behind-the-scenes power brokers, there’s still a long way to go.

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  1. What becomes truly maddening about these types of articles is that they raise so many questions but never dig to offer the real reason these disparities exist. They also tend to focus on very high end and desirable industries where there are racial imbalances like fashion, finance, entertainment and high tech. You dont tend to see articles highlighting the racial makeup of say the insurance industry or dentistry. Ironically, and this needs to be said, many of these industries are historically Jewish - Jews had large roles in founding and growing the entertainment and fashion fields in this country to name a few. They were not handed the keys to these industries either, they were the "other" for a long time as well. So, they are inclined to be open minded and tolerant and have proven to be the last people who would discriminate based on race - in fact they have done the opposite; fought for other people's rights, some of the few white people ever to do so. But they are also not fools. They do demand results and value like minded individuals who will grow a company and have the objective skills to do so. Is the lack of diversity in these industries racism or is it that many of the wannabe strivers of other races are not as prepared, do not have the accounting or business skills necessary for brutal business - I dont know - Talent rises no matter what. If a critical mass of talented minority people wanted to enter these fields they would - let's look at that first.

  2. If you're attempting to stage an argument that movement within the fashion industry is in any way über democratic, it will peter out pretty quickly.