Trevor Noah Is Impressed by Nikki Haley’s ‘Scandal-Free’ Departure

Mr. Noah said he’s used to seeing White House officials leave amid infighting and recriminations.

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  1. These shows provide the most sanity on television.

  2. Please, please do not paint Nikki Haley as some Aarbiter of morality. Seven months before the murders in the church that prompted her to have the Confederate flag moved from the state capitol grounds, she defended its placement there by saying that none of the CEOs she had spoken with had an issue with it. What false moral equivalency! Her decision following the murders was politically expedient to serve her best interests. The fact that it was the right thing to do, was secondary. In fact, when she said it should be moved in June of 2015, she said it never should have been there in the first place, which contradicts what she had said seven months earlier.. Apparently, people have to be murdered during her lifetime for her to see how wrong a symbol it is.

    Nikki does not get a pass. Nikki is out for Nikki, always has been, always will.

  3. Comedy is only funny when it is NOT ideological, is impartial, NOT bitter, NOT against one person or persons and NOT a shill for a cause. Trevor "The Token" Novah would NOT be funny if even he was not so obtuse and full of hatred towards Donald Trump and the Republicans. Get another job Trevor.

  4. @Devendra - Comedy is funny when it's rooted in truth.

    Trump is a deranged, lying, bigot and womanizer with delusions of grandeur. Comedians all over the world have been making fun of him and with good reason.

  5. Now that’s funny!

  6. Nikki Haley is an opportunist. Questions about her taking free airline travel were raised to the state department and then she quit. She is going to make big $ in the private sector and she is in big debt. I wouldn't be surprised to see her try a run for Pres in 24, and I hope people remember she was a swamp monster enabler of 45- we do need people with real ideals- not those that shaped by the highest bidder.