Trump’s Contradiction: Assailing ‘Left-Wing Mob’ as Crowd Chants ‘Lock Her Up’

President Trump is trying to turn the tables on his opponents by accusing them of being what they say he is: “unhinged,” “wacko” and “dangerous.”

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  1. The guy is completely unprincipled...(possible insane by any measure of what it means to be a decent person), but everyone knows this. It's really a sad pathetic time to be a citizen of this country. You can thank the Supreme Court and Citizens United, Anthony Kennedy and Justice Roberts for his creation. The country is being destroyed.

  2. Watching all of this from far away, in Australia, I don’t understand how a President can be do rude to so many of his fellow Americans. Don’t presidents make some sort of oath about serving all Americans?

    I might have missed it when Obama was president, but I don’t remember him being so rude to Republicans and people that angered him.

    As our Aussie politicians watch what is happening in the USA, I fear they will learn from this sort of behaviour.

  3. Obama was a much more eloquent speaker but he was constantly lecturing those that did not agree with him, he chastised the supreme court right in front of them all on national TV, etc. Obama played the US against THEM as much as Trump is doing. He played US vs THEM against Hillary to win the primary.

    He had a different way of being rude, more like condescension. Most ever speech I watched I came out feeling lectured and wanting to take a shower.

    Trump is the carnival barker to Obama's snake oil salesman.

  4. @Jan Syme Obama was the epitome of grace. Attacked by so many members of the GOP is rude and condescending ways, he never raised his voice, he never played the victim. he understood that he was fine and that they were the ones to feel sorry for. More than 50% of us miss Obama's leadership, sense of humor, and caring for this world.

  5. @Jan Syme. He wasn't rude to Republicans. He entered the Presidency trying to work with them, and they gave him the shaft. He accomplished major things even when they're goal was to see him be "a one-term president." Obama's big flaw was in not recognizing that Republicans only wanted him out and one of their own, like the Donald, in.

  6. Just from reading this article it’s clear there’s plenty of blame on both sides. Do we now want to engage in playground accusations about who started it first? The best response from Democrats would be to follow Michelle’s advice and not Holder’s and to concentrate on policy-making and governance and getting out the vote as opposed to stoking the fire with further violence.

  7. @Ed. The best response to someone who brings a bazooka to the negotiating table is to arm yourself (figuratively, of course). It would be lovely to be able to focus on governance, but the GOP has clearly stated, since Obama became president, that their goal is to obstruct - remember Merrick Garland's nomination? It's time to push back, to fight hard, to change tactics. One side chose a psychopath to lead this country, and gathers in mobs to scream about locking up the 2016 Democratic candidate for president; the other has done nothing remotely like this - the false equivalency needs to stop.

  8. I agree with your prescription, but the "plenty of blame on both sides" nonsense is an absurd false equivalency.

  9. @Ed I agree. The best thing one can do when surrounded by people who are taking the low road, is to take the high one. Trump and his base love nothing more than to use any incidents of Democrats/the left behaving badly to justify their own abhorrent actions and mob mentality. You are only giving Mr. Trump ammunition to use against you and further rile up his base. He love attention. Deprive him of it. Don't respond to tweets, don't allow him to make you angry. When you witness people behaving like they do in his rallies, look at them with all the disdain they deserve and then walk away. Put your energy into working with local politicians who want to want to insure the citizens will not be used to promote the agenda of a self-serving con man and his power broker friends. Get out and vote - and do it strategically. Not wasting your votes on independents in some kind of show of protest. That's one of the reasons that man is in the White House now! And Democrats need to come up with policies that will appeal to the people Trump is making inflated promises to in order to keep his power. Give them reasons to trust you and doubt the Republicans. Throwing Republicans out of restaurants and screaming in the streets whenever Trump and his ilk do something that goes against your beliefs. It won't cut it and he just loves it.

  10. I didn't plan on voting in the mid terms. After observing the hysterical / irrational antics of the Democratic Party during the confirmation process for Kavanaugh, I'll definitely be voting.... straight republican.
    Who in their right mind wants to further empower democrats?

  11. @Kerby - "Further empower" Democrats? Have you not noticed that Republicans control the presidency, both houses of Congress and now the Supreme Court?

  12. @Kerby: didn't plan on voting? It's a privilege we still have - and not exactly guaranteed anymore. The day may come when you have no longer any right to vote. Our votes may be hacked and no longer meaningful in this environment of gerrymandering, soviet influence, and GOP-oligarch overthrow, but we still own our right to vote. Use it, cherish it, it may be taken away sooner than we know.

  13. @Kerby: Please explain how it was "hysterical/irrational." There were credible accusations of sexual impropriety, evidence of serious problems with gambling and drinking, and a wildly partisan rant by the candidate himself. Dem Senators simply asked questions about those very real concerns.

  14. Ha ha - this is a riot. This article is one of the few that take a minute to point the spotlight on the behavior of the Democratic Party and one comment on an article written yesterday. Wow.

    The country is not being destroyed by one organization and one person. It's being destroyed by the behavior of all. When the Presidential election was still a campaign, some people attempted to persuade people to stop escalating tensions and divisions in this country and work toward understanding each side's view and working toward compromise and unity. I watched over and over again, where that fell on deaf ears.

    I can't see where that will ever be a possibility again. Two sides are locked into their positions and a growing hate has deepened. I don't see how any of this ends well. And Democrats are just as guilty of how this has gone as anyone else. People would love to scapegoat Trump as the evildoer who has brought this country to this point, but, that is a very simplistic view. I dislike Trump as much as the next person, but the Democratic Party has become uglier and uglier, while seemingly being very pleased with themselves at the same time. As far as I can see, there's no one to vote for and I miss the country I grew up in. I don't know how it will ever be that again.

  15. Mr Baker - I am having difficulty making the gigantic leap you made in conflating boisterous rallies where no one is assaulted (President Trump rallies) with left wing activists physically confronting/yelling at individual Republican officeholders, or worse, actually assaulting or terrorizing innocent people (Antifa in Portland stands as Exhibit A).

    Is the rhetoric of “lock her up” overheated? Sure. Are those people crowding Sen Feinstein in a restaurant and hounding her out? Nope.

  16. @Jim Seeman - really? That's not so gigantic a leap. Let's see - right wing violence in the USA is at an all-time high, based on *many* transparently sourced reports - google can be your friend here.

    Trump supporters and right-wingers in general have become more physically aggressive over the past two years - again, this is *easy* to look into, from all manner of sources, from government reports to the msm (which you probably revile). to the BBC and other foreign sources, and even to Fox.

    And there's not much conflation going on. "Nobody hurt" in the narrow sense of "nobody physically injured" is a disingenuous way to look at these rallies at best. The violence and animus they create leads, in relatively short order, to the kind of violence you seem to think the "left" engages in.

    Your cherry picked example of "antifa in portland" is countered easily by literally hundreds of examples of right-wing and white supremacist right-wing assaults across the length and breadth of this country that is *ours* - not yours, not mine, but ours.

    And finally, I agree with you entirely. Harassing people in restaurants is not a good thing - also, not much of an effective way of promoting your cause.

  17. @Jim Seeman Apparently you missed the man that got punched in the face at a Trump rally.

  18. @Jim Seeman - ah, but people have been assaulted at these rallies. I remember seeing women grabbed and dragged out, people being pulled out and their coats taken from them so they could freeze in a Chicago winter, etc., etc.

    These aren't "boisterous" rallies. They are designed to foment violence ... maybe not always today, but someday and soon.

  19. The best response to Trump in the Republican debates was Cruz’s telling Trump to calm down and his follow up strategy of ignoring Trump’s excesses.

    Tump wins the game of insults. If you play that game you play into his hands. Don’t get into an angry debate. Ignore Trump’s aggressive arguments. Let Trump argue with himself. Nothing undercuts an argument like not engaging in the nonsense.

  20. @michjas: I am totally with you on this. Why play his game?

  21. Trump rallies sound much like the "10 minute hate" straight out of '1984'.

    How the national dialog has degraded into thoughtless emotion.

  22. Trump projects, all the time. It's part of his lying ways. His rallies speak for themselves, and what is said and how the crowd behaves combine for a very ugly, disgraceful picture of victims and varmints, i.e., "white middle America," as it has always been but is now unleashed.

    When we remember that Trump is President of the United States, it is even more a disgrace. Has he ever said anything truthful? Anything intelligent? Anything humane? The children in the desert, are the reflection of it all. November is near.

  23. @Reuben Ryder
    No. He has not.

  24. I have to say this made me think. Has he ever said anything honest, humane etc.. The answer is yes. ‘Dr Ford is a very credible witness’ was what came to mind. But the inability to hold a thought and the desire for adulation had him openly mocking her at a rally the next day. I almost feel sorry for a man so out of his depth and in need of praise that he will never recognize himself or want to learn.

  25. In light of the destruction taking place from Hurricane Michael, he should have cancelled the rally, stayed home and read the UN report on climate change.

  26. But... that would require him to actually understand policy and start making rational, thoughtful decisions. He’s already come this far, why would he start acting like President now?

  27. @FL Sunshine You are talking about Trump? Read - READ! - the UN report on climate change?

  28. @FL Sunshine--but that would require reading--something he doesn't like to do...or something he doesn't know how to do--take your pick.

  29. Vladimir Putin must be so proud of Don Trump for destroying so much of America's present and future, even bringing us to the brink of civil trouble and his totally accomplished goal of instilling hatred and anger and division in society. It' no wonder to me why Russia helped Trump win.

  30. @ShakinspearOne definition of treason is entreating a foreign power (Russia) to debase, invade, and destroy our internal election process. People have been hung for less

  31. The only way to fix America is to acknowledge how broken we truly are...Trump is the oozing sore that indicates a much deeper infection in our country. Sure, it's grotesque and painful, but without it we would have little awareness of there being something so wrong.

    I'd rather we know of this problem than to be past the point of recovery via ignorance, or ambivalence. We will recover, we always do...this is what truly makes us great...our resilience...

  32. i hope you are right, however the real judgement on that will be on Nov. [email protected]

  33. Just keep in mind that this rhetoric, designed to insight violence, is coming from a truly vicious lynch mob rabble rousing leader they elected. We have seen the real America, and it's pretty scary. Be prepared in case they rise up.

  34. When the Vegas Strip lights turn off, most go to their rooms. The crowds appear more determined than they really are to keep partying until 8am.

  35. @Shakinspear Definition of Incite a Riot, Federal Law
    Under federal law, a riot is a public disturbance involving and act of violence by one or more persons assembled in a groug of at least three people. Inciting a riot applies to a person who organizes, encourages, or particpates in a riot. It can apply to one who urges or instigates others to riot. According to 18 USCS 2102 "to incite a riot", or "to organize, promote, encourage, participate in, or carry on a riot", uncludes, but is not limited to, urging or instigating other persons to riot, but shall not be deemed to mean the mere oral or written (1) advocacy of ideas or (2) expression of belief, not involving advocacy of any act or acts of violence or assertion of the rightness or, or the right to commit, and such act or acts."

  36. Don Trump is either profoundly insane in that he doesn't recognize the extreme danger his words present, or he is trying to start a civil war.

    Whichever is true, people have to communicate with our nation's military and law enforcement leaders to tell them to disobey any orders from Trump that would contribute to the destruction of our society's peace and civility. It is their duty.

  37. [email protected] Mattis already has. Remember when Trump told him to assassinate the leader of Syria? He refused to follow that illegal order.

  38. @shakinspear: protests are fine with you if it’s the republican tea party I guess, but not if it’s women protesting a blatant coverup of repeated sexual assault by a candidate for the Supreme Court?
    Or, let’s say a mob of white supremacy advocates kills a woman at a rally but that is just “some fine people” expressing their opinions? Give me a break.

  39. Ranting like that guy sitting at the end of the bar.
    It all appears to a cheap form of entertainment.
    A pep rally for those angered by income inequality and threatened by social change.

    Unfortunately, they’ve fallen for a grifter as their cheerleader. A man who has never shown any concern for those in his crowds.

  40. @Tom
    Is that it you think? There is certainly a case to be made regarding anger and income inequality and the republicans ridiculous tax cut.
    But to put their faith in trump to help them? Also do they not see this?

  41. Trumpians are not the majority in this country. They are certainly not conservatives. Donald Trump has shown the party for what it is. Those republicans who are intelligent and thoughtful adults have left the party. The rabble is what is left attending Trump’s rallies.

  42. @bmarshall
    You are giving conservatives too much credit. Some intelligent, thoughtful adults may have misgivings about Trump but the overwhelming majority of conservative Republicans have made their deal with the devil for tax cuts, deregulation, and Supreme Court appointments.
    They reserve the right to criticize any Democrat that ever behaves like Trump.

  43. It’s not projection. He’s just not bright enough to come up with his own criticisms of Democrats. So he resorts to: “I know you are but what am I?”

  44. @EW In my neighborhood (just next to the one Trump grew up in) the expression was "I'm rubber, you're glue, everything you say bounces off of me and sticks to you."

  45. it just to painful to read this ! the vulgar,racist, ignorant vocabulary use by Trump to motive his audience, then the picture of people full of haine shouting 'lock her up, what country is this?? In Avignon I just met a couple from San Francisco, they are looking for a place , they don't want to live in the us any more they don't like the way their country is divided, they don't recognize America
    and I don't and I love it

  46. @me

    Popes hid out, or were forced to stay in Avignon by a French king who wanted the tourist and church money. I am sure it must be nice there, and the wine must be as well. After King Donald, if he doesn't seize power for his heirs as a French king would have him do, but Louis XVI has other advice.

  47. "President Trump is turning the tables on his opponents by accusing them of being what they say he is . . ."

    OK, well, maybe you didn't notice but this is the whole life story of Fox News and the formula of Nixon alumni Karl Rove.

  48. [email protected] L. R.--You give Rove too much credit. He learned at the feet of Lee Atwater.

  49. @Rocky L. R. Actually, Trump is not "turning the tables on his opponents." He draws a few thousand people to these small rallies. Add them all up and it might reach 50,000. 130 million voted in the presidential election. Trump's approval ratings continue to decline every day. Nobody but his under-educated, racist, hating supporters attend these things. Multiply those numbers by 10 and it is still a small percentage of the voters.

  50. The clearest indication of a nearly full tank of Donald desperation. Smells like 90s bankruptcy spirit.

  51. In fact “Smells Like Teen Spirit” by Nirvana works perfectly with these images. Media editors and the music owners might like to lay it over some video. “Come As You Are” could be played over the 2012 and 2016 rallies as an intro to the slow crawls out of the GOP woodwork.

  52. The attendees at Trump rally’s definitely seem to be incited by Trump’s words to take on a mob mentality. Once inside the rally doors, they seem to lose all concept of individualism and self awareness and meld together as a herd following the pack leader. I hope we as a nation can move past this image of Americans as angry, revengeful followers and not the independent people who built a great country.

  53. Republicans believe that justice will be achieved through the court of law and authority, as only law enforcement have the ability to "lock her up." On the other hand, Democrats believe they can achieve their own agenda through the "rule of the mob." Democrat supporters use anger, violence, intimidation, and guilt-blaming tactics by getting all up in your face, just because people disagree with them. Of course, it's not going to be reported by liberal news because there is media bias. To name a few: (1) gunman motivated by left-wing political agenda shoots at Republican Congress members at a baseball game in Virginia, including Rand Paul, (2) left-wing mob attack civilians in Portland, Oregon, (3) Ted Cruz chased out of a restaurant by radical protesters while spending time with his wife, (4) two enraged women approached Jeff Flake in an the elevator to intimidate his vote for Kavanaugh, (5) Cory Booker encourages Democrats to "Get up in their face." (6) Hillary Clinton says, "You cannot be civil to a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for, what you care about." Hopefully my comment does not get deleted and people will wake up to the bias that is in our news today. Good luck Democrat followers. Like Lindsey Graham says, "I hope the American people can see through this sham." We welcome you to join the Republicans/Conservatives with open arms.

  54. @Joan L., yet you're referring to the party that suggested making it legal to drive cars into protesting crowds, whose president has encouraged violence against protesters and dissenters, has called the news media that won't flatter him "the enemy of the people," has called Mexicans rapists...

    You're equating getting angry and in people's faces about human rights abuses with greenlighting violence.

    You can only cite one violent incident from the left, and it was from a man who suffered from mental illness, acting alone, against people who supported his right to get a semi-automatic, by the way.

  55. @Joan L., welcome me after your supporters call me a libtard, a "dimocrat," insane, unpatriotic and more? That's supposed to bring me over to your side? If your side was willing to listen to consider the opinions of people who disagree with you instead of rebuffing us with lies, showing us down or ignoring our existence, perhaps a few of us might consider your invitation. The rest of us know better.

  56. Charlottesville. Berkeley. Orange County. All sites of recent right wing violence and murder against people speaking up against Trump-supporting neo-Nazis.

  57. Pot calls kettle black.

    From offering to pay the legal bills of any supporter who assaults and batters a critic to having the Republican campaign chant be "lock her up", Trump has encouraged lowering the bar until it is nearly a crow bar.

    Democrats should not take the bait and mirror the Trump rhetoric and tribal chanting of the red-hatted empty-headed worrisome party rally-goers. All they need is to feel like they are followers at a party rally in Nuremburg in the 1930's. The broader American public does not want or like this; it should not be copied.

  58. "Lock her up" is a call for justice. "Kick them," as former Attorney General Eric Holder exhorted, is a call to violence. And Hillary assured all that the incivility would continue until Democrats got their way -- a distinctively female (although not exclusively female) tactic for a political world more inclusive of women.

  59. Nonsense. Mr. Holder was in no way advocating violence. He and Mrs. Clinton advocate appropriate responses to Trump's long-standing assault on decency.

  60. @Real D B Cooper - "Lock her up" is a call for justice.

    Justice for who? What happened to the sacred right to innocent until proven guilty?

    Maybe that is just a distinctively male right?

  61. @real dB cooper: I doubt that the head of the Trump crime cabal is calling for anything resembling justice.

  62. When will Trump supporters figure out that the man puts on a really great show, but doesn't know dip about operating a government? The Republican tax cuts for the wealthy, and their loading of the courts with radical right wing zealots are both going to kill the middle class in coming years. Meanwhile, he parades around the country leading shouts of "lock her up" as if the "her" made any sense at all, and his MAGA thoughts are based on locking kids up in cages or tent cities in the desert. If $15.00 bucks an hour is your dream wage, and you don't mind losing the house over health care, Trump is your man. If massive inflation and a Federal debt shooting through the roof is where you want to follow, then 'lock her up" is your chant. If economically ceding all of Asia and much of the Third World to Chinese economic growth is an idea you have thought positive, he is your man. Otherwise, you may want to reconsider.

  63. Their prime motivators are not logic and reason but rather racism, bigotry and misogyny. That is where the true loyalty of his base [email protected] Stevens

  64. I read this and this "war footing." I read this and feel despair. I am not sure what the solution is but I think I need to attempt another media black out until the mid terms just for my own sanity. Too many people, including me, too easily inflamed. This article baited me.

  65. I am so done with all things Republican. As I drive about my neighborhood and surrounding city prior to midterms, I am visibly assaulted with political signage. These people are publicly announcing their political affiliation. I see these political signs as more than just allegiance to a party, I view them as character stamps.

  66. After taking measure of the bad day we had as a country yesterday, I found myself pondering the parallels between Mr Trump, and the life and times of Emperor Nero who "fiddled while Rome burned".

  67. No need for Dems to emulate Trump; he’s headed for disaster. Weak policies, foreign governments running amok, his base composed of unfocused, addled citizens, angry, fearful Republicans too shackled by ideaology for meaningful governance, an over-heated economy boiling over, rampant deficit and a busted budget. Unpopular, minority judiciary. Trump exists through sheer, world-class hubris. None of this is a recipe for success. Democrats should confidently follow their own path. The nation will fall into their lap.

  68. @Chris Mchale
    Yes. Do nothing and be proud!

  69. Watch out! This is exactly what tyrants do before they create a “threat to national security” and declare a “state of emergency”. The paramilitaries begin a campaign of terror. Read Benjamin Hett’s Death of Democracy.

  70. @Hope Melton
    Yes,Trump would even use the natural disasters we've had as justification for declaring suspension of civil law. His enablers in Congress are despicable for echoing his "mob rule" comments - simply because they were forced to see the anger of those who oppose their policies.

  71. An “angry left-wing mob” and an angry right-wing mob chanting “lock her up” have one thing in common- they’re both nothing more then unthinking mobs.

  72. @Lewis Sternberg Everybody carrying signs....mostly saying "Hurray for our side". Remember that one? And it applies to ALL sides. Dont allow yourself to be so easily manipulated.....

  73. @Lewis Sternberg--The people protesting against Kavanaugh were not "unthinking." Nor were they a "mob".

  74. Trump is destructive of the idea and ideal of a democracy that envisions the President as a unifier and a symbol of the country. He is incapable of engaging in
    civility and in being open to the possibility that the Democratic Party has policies that can help solve our problems. He demonizes the opposition and demagogues with the truth and uses lies, his alternative facts to destroy the discourse necessary to the functioning of our system. He employs the politics of authoritarian and Fascist leaders with anger, rage, resentment, conspiracies, and self worship.
    He is not only embarrassing, but his conduct is anathema to his role as leader. Why do people still support this act? It is repetitive and dishonest and despicable. He needs to be impeached and indicted as a fraud and an enemy of our country. And his supporters need to re-examine their faith in him and their attitudes towards our constitution and the loyal opposition and their fellow citizens.

  75. I took photo of your comment to read again it is so true what you write . Thanks!

  76. As Sir Arthur Conan Doyle had Sherlock Holmes say to describe mob rule: “A little man needs a big man”

  77. Mob rule made America what it is:
    Boston tea party, not mob rule.
    John Brown and his crew, not mob rule.
    The robber barons, not mob rule.
    The Labor movement, not mob rule.
    Civil rights movement, not mob rule.

    But when we don’t like it:
    The Irish protesters against the unfair draft, mob rule.
    The anarchists, mob rule.
    Native American civil rights, mob rule.

  78. I enjoy seeing the losing classes idolizing a member of the group that exploits them. Those unruly mobs come mostly at his rallies and have now become the norm of American politics. 'Little people of the world, Unite!'...

  79. \--His fans say they go to the "rallies" for the spectacle. Nothing more. Just to laugh at everyone else and make themselves feel good in the moment.

  80. Why is Trump allowed to lie and encourage division in America?

  81. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that this grotesque display of animus could come from the President of the United States.

    This shocking and sad spectacle needs to cease. It is mortifying and dangerous for our children to witness this kind of hate and division.

  82. I don't know. They sure look like a right wing mob to me.

    Trump knows what he started. He seems to be treasonous.

  83. @Shakinspear Trump would gladly see this country go to civil war as long as he could retain power. We already know how this tax dodger has little respect for our laws. And the GOP is self-destructing at the behest of their wealthy overlords. Get out the vote.

  84. Let this sink in for a minute....Trump is using taxpayer money to operate a perpetual poltical campaign to insult more than half of the taxpayers who are paying him to do it.

    When have we ever witnessed a President of the United States use inflammatory language to incite hatred and violence, not as candidate, but as a sitting President? In essence, Trump is saying to his supporters, "if they don't agree with us they are the enemy. They are evil. They should be jailed."

  85. @Mack
    trump is indeed dumbing down the planetary discourse.

  86. @Mack Yes, I was at the site of yesterday's political rally. Military cargo planes bring in a host of limos. Trump arrives on Air Force One. Secret Service everywhere. Military helicopters buzzing the City for an entire day.
    The cost had to be astronomical and the taxpayers paid.
    He spent over an hour inciting hatred and violence to folks in the grip of a mob mentality. It is scary to watch. Real scary.

  87. The white angry mob in the audience are like the brown shirts in Germany in the 30’s. They are trump’s supporters, and their hatred of others is what can destroy America.

  88. Those prone to hatred and anger generally migrate to the Republican party, long a militant party that cultivated hatred and anger to win the love and admiration of those followers. Strange but true.

    The Republican leadership has an affinity to war, and it might be argued they start wars to solidify their organization and cultivate their following. Most of those wars were foreign except our own civil war that resolved a social issue with violence.

    It seems to me the Republicans are once again trying to start a war to coalesce the party. Unfortunately they would fight their fellow Americans. The Republican leadership carefully cultivated the following of the military with funding and the gun owners with deregulation. Do you see what they are doing? The leadership makes no effort to stop Trump, even supporting him.

    Vote like your life depended on it. There is real danger if we don't.

  89. @Shakinspear
    Yes. And that bloody civil war fought by Republicans to free the democratically owned slaves ended slavery.

  90. Lincoln didn't start the Civil War, the South did. Otherwise agree 100%

  91. The most important difference between these Trump disciples and the rest of us who don't want him as our president ( nor the Republicans as the party in charge)?

    They vote.
    All of them.
    Every election.

  92. We can clearly see voter disenfranchisement right now in Georgia. Yes we need to vote, but democracy and blind justice are under assault.

  93. Never in the history of this country has this type of taxpayer supported politicalization occurred. This is the end of American democracy.

    Nothing will stop this.

  94. @Jaye Ramsey
    The dems could dissolve their party and remake it into something that actually has a purpose?
    Maybe even a platform of things it supports besides gender and race politics?

  95. @Jaye Ramsey Sutter

    Take a deep breath. This too shall pass. And by voting, we may possibly help this pass much more quickly.

  96. I’m sorry. Hillary was right. Trump and the people at his rallies are deplorables. It’s about time we all admit it.

    We talk about bringing the country together, reaching across the aisle and finding common ground. But who would want to do so with this bunch?

    What’s tragic is that those screaming and hooting supporters don’t realize how Trump is making their lives worse. Just yesterday, for example, I heard the head of FEMA say his agency is being stretched very thin. And yet, the nation apparently had enough resources to give the wealthy massive tax breaks.

  97. Please, united States. Don't do this. It won"t get you anywhere in the long run.

  98. What is it with trump crowds? It is like every last one of the was raised by parents who never taught them civility, decorum or being polite. They carry their rudeness proudly and claim any attempt to ask them politely to wait their turn as an infringement on their first amendment or politically correctness. What's worse is their children are picking up on it and watching a third grader act like their parents is disheartening.

  99. "Psychological projection is a theory in psychology in which the human ego defends itself against unconscious impulses or qualities by denying their existence in themselves while attributing them to others." - Wikipedia

    Seems to fit.

  100. And it goes both ways.

  101. There is a gift in being able to be strong and clear, but the Democrats cannot win a war of insults with this kind of bully who LOVES bringing people down into this mud. The source of "authenticity" in Trump is that he totally believes that everyone is as greedy, lying, and manipulative - and devoid of any empathy - as he is.He doesn't believe that anyone in the business has ANY intentions to benefit others or te country.

    If we don't get rid of him and his enablers, we will end up with his vision and his vision only.

  102. To do this, your thinking citizens must get to the polls in numbers that factor in the predicted meddling in the election. If you don't, it may be your last chance. @cheryl

  103. And Hillary Clinton said, "Civility can return, only when Democrats win control of the House or the Senate"

    Sure sounds like a call for insurrection to me

  104. There was a mob of people banging and clawing at the 13 ton brass steel doors of the Supreme Court of the United States. They looked like they were some form of the walking dead out of a zombie film. It was insanity incarnate.

    I never liked the "Lock her up" crowd, but come on, they aren't screeching and clawing at doors and within the halls of the Senate are they now?

  105. @Mark F no, they are showing up at Charlottesville well armed and looking for trouble. They are sacking people with 2x4s, shooting a pistol blindly into the crowd, running people over with a car killing one and permanently injuring others, driving great distance to shoot up a family oriented pizza restaurant. I bet the perps were surprised that Trump didn’t come through with his offer to pay their legal fees.

  106. Senator Graham and a SC nominee were screeching in Senate chambers. Don’t forget them.

    And a rally with the president of the US going along with his mindless chanters is a hideous dirtying of the office. Not forgivable.

  107. Anytime Trump or Republicans whine about angry mobs, the appropriate response is simply “like Charlottesville?”. No mobs have been angrier or uglier than Republican mobs from the Tea Party to the Trump MAGA hate rallies.

  108. Trump is internally full of conflicts that he has never addressed. He projects what he does not deal with onto whoever his opponent of the moment is. Thank you Peter Baker for “the pot and kettle department of politics.” At a time when journalists are so seriously under attack not only do you keep doing your job but you keep giving us these wonderful turns of phrase.

  109. Oh, please. Chanting at a rally is very different than screaming and forcing someone out of a restaurant.

  110. @Mr. Slater

    But you had "very nice people" in Charlottesville who murdered a woman who was with protestors that Trump is now referring to as an "angry mob".

    My father fought in WWII and was awarded the Silver Star by Eisenhower who was a general at the time. I am my fahter's daughter. He fought for my right to speak up and protest.

    Trump's rallies are not the only venue where "free speech" is allowed.

    Get used to it.

  111. @Mr. Slater Separating babies and young children from their families is very different from having a sensible immigration policy. Why should Trump administration people be allowed to be comfortable when their decisions are hurting so many people in the US and across the planet?

    I admit to be conflicted about making Trump administration people uncomfortable when they go out to eat at restaurants, but the pictures of those babies in court and the children in tents and cages in warehouses keeps things in perspective. A tiny bit of discomfort and humiliation for the people who lead entitled lives but implement a bad policy is deserved; maybe they will think twice before doing something so evil again.

  112. @Mr. Slater - The behavior of many Republican politicians, starting with Trump, has been unremitting shamelessness. The thing about shame is, if you don't apply it to yourself, eventually others will apply it for you.

  113. Republicans either can't grasp the concept of hypocrisy or it doesn't bother them--either way, they are proven to be incapable of feeling embarrassment, empathy or compassion.

  114. Where is the outcry from Congress about 45 presiding over a crowd that is chanting "Lock her up" about Sen Feinstein? Where is the outcry from my Sen Susan Collin, who was probably too busy primping for her photo-op with 45 about her recent legislation concerning informing patients about medication pricing. The GOP leadership is a cancer eating at our country. God bless America. We need it.

  115. Trump is just running an entertainment outfit like World Wrestling - it’s all a game to him, a stop on the road for bored seniors in out of the way places.

    He gets Pretend Vegas, some hair and make-up, the audience gets lies, and he’s good with the foam-light mantel and cardboard crown of being a fake president. Being president in the Real World job requires actual skills and leadership abilities that he cannot begin to touch. He’s our Howard Hughes in cardboard box shoes and gnarly fingernails being required to care about real issues in the real world like hurricanes and crops burning up but he likes the fun stuff- chants and the screeching about his own American countrymen and women being “evil”. Trump has no similar word to describe the possible dismembered body of a journalist because he likes the attitudes of dictators more than the truth. “We’ll see”. Truth is boring, truth is caring that your actions could hurt others when you lie about people like Dr Ford for your kicks.

    The other half is adults packing in to holler and yell at their wrestling heroes and villains. They are watching cartoons together- he has fans! fun!

  116. This is nothing new. Projection is the only tool Trump has in his shed. It is what got him where he is, it is what keeps him where he is, by keeping his rabid, hateful base at a fever pitch.

  117. Imagine the GOP outrage if President Obama had been out campaigning while a hurricane was ravaging southern states. I guess it is OK to do so if you have an "R" behind your name. My, how the rules have changed.

  118. President-as-theater isn't a good look. For a president who excoriated Barack Obama for being a "community organizer," Donald Trump has become a community organizer himself. He just does it from a megaphone, whipping his community of supporters into a frenzy. His hypocrisy knows no bounds.

    Aside from the fact that what Trump does is beyond inappropriate for a U. S. President, one can only hope that while he may be cementing the support of his rabid, hateful base, he is also energizing more anti-Trump voters every day.

  119. I think it is time for both sides to take a deep breath and stop
    the bombastic comments which is dividing the nation.

  120. @Joe Sorry, at this point there is no "both sides". There is only a president (who lost the popular vote) demonizing the majority of voters in the US instead of uniting the country. It is not in any way normal for a president to continue to hold campaign rallies throughout his first two years where all he does is insult people who belong to an opposing political party.

    Trump needs a Congress which will be a check on his actions, not a rubber stamp. Vote for Democratic candidates in the House and Senate races. Make Trump and the Republicans provide evidence in the last two years of his term that the laws they want are supported by the majority of voters and the laws are in the best interests of the US.

  121. One of the worst hurricanes to hit Florida ,he goes to a rally in Penn, saying people have been on line the entire day to see him, truth is he paid people $100.00 per person to arrive at 9am to show a big crowd was attending ,The ad was run on craigslist Erie/Pa.

  122. One thing about an "angry left wing mob" is that the people in said "mob" are capable of critical thinking. These people at Trump rallies remind me of the line said by Gordon Gekko in the film "Wall Street" - "Know what happens to sheep? They get slaughtered."

  123. Trump’s contradiction is putting it far too lightly. How about”Trump’s Contradiction is more than just Dangerous Rhetoric”

    What’s more is that it is a real headline not just for the OpEd.

  124. It is instructive to examine how the general concept of "democrat" is manipulated by a small corporation, run by a small number of extremely powerful well connected people.....that corporation, responsible only to its the DNC. Most people confuse the DNC with the Democrat Party.....and that confusion signals the downfall of the United States of America. so=called "democrats" running for office owe absolutely no allegience to their constituents, to those small people who still cling to the concept of "democrat". Democrat Politicians owe their profitable careers in office to no one...except the DNC, that corporation that controls an obscene amount of money, money used to fund campaigns, to smear opponents,,,,,and buy votes. You dont want to know how the sausage is made......

  125. As hard as this is to state, the “in your face” approach, simply gives this lunatic material to build on. He will use the smallest incident, enlarge it and so manipulate the truth, that his supporters will cheer and scream, and go home with these images burned in their memory. These rally’s become a mainstay in their lives, putting them on an equal footing with people they are told, despise them and hold them in low regard. As with any cornered, wounded animal, Mr. Trump must be approached very cautiously!
    Tom Franzson Brevard NC

  126. "I learned long ago, never to wrestle with a pig. You get dirty and besides, the pig loves it." George Bernard Shaw

  127. "Never let the Truth get in the way of a good or desired story "
    if one watches a Trump rally ,its the same old ..same old .

    There is no doubt ,that in an alternative democratic country Trump would be charged with inciting violence .

    His speeches , particularly at rallys is palpably close to the earlier speeches by Hitler and Mussolini .I kid you not .

    What may happen or kick off around the Mid Term elections , i shudder to think .

    The oath of the Presidential Office should be modified that it emphasises the Presidents responsibility to represent and protect ALL the people of the United States equally .

    Meanwhile young Kavanaugh is throwing a number of right wing shapes in the Supreme Court but he is being thwarted by Neil Gorsuch , who , at times ,appears to be playing with BK.

    if the present cases being presented in the SC are decided in terms of common sense rather then the Administration desires , then "Our Donald " may think again as to his decision to nominate Gorsuch .

    I would not be surprised that there is an undercurrent of resentment going around the SC , where ,irrespective of political inclinations (which should not exist ) , these Justices are murmuring to themselves "we are not and will not be the puppets of that" ignorant muppet" in the WH..

  128. Trump walks in wearing one of his suits manufactured in his factory in Mexico, a money belt and a tie made in his sweatshops in China and shouts "America First" - which is a dog whistle for his KKK fans who have used that phrase since the early 20th Century, and these supporters are still buying what he's selling.

    They are not the majority.

    They're just loud.

    Please get out the vote.

  129. He's always been a liar, and he seems to have acquired the Republican tendency to accuse others of his flaws, similar to how Obama was pictured as a Nazi. In terms of defense mechanisms believe it is called projection:

    "Projection is a form of defense in which unwanted feelings are displaced onto another person, where they then appear as a threat from the external world. A common form of projection occurs when an individual, threatened by his own angry feelings, accuses another of harbouring…"

  130. I like to see that the Times picks up on its reader's thoughts, or maybe we all thinking the same thing, but we reader/commenters have the advantage that we can just snap off a comment while Times writers have spend more time researching, writing, editing, getting approvals, etc.

    Me? I'll never write well enough for a Times green check. My thoughts can't hold a candle to Socrates or ChristineMcM. Only occasionally recommended. But still, every once in a while it is rewarding to see a thought I had fleshed out in a Times editorial or article.

    In response to a comment to a piece by David Leonhardt where a commenter spoke being put off my mobs (all were "liberal" mobs, of course) I noted: "Yet we are treated to a mob at every Trump rally. Angry shouting. Angry banners. Chanting. Raised and pumping fists."

    I've made several comments like "I wonder how all those defending Kavanaugh with concerns of a presumption of innocence were able to shout "Lock her up!" with impunity?"

    I guess we all like to see our thoughts and feelings validated. Which may be the basis of the Trump rallies.

  131. As if there was just 1 contradiction!

    We're also:

    Radical zealots, who are so apathetic, we won't protest unless Soros pays us.

    Sensitive snowflakes who are angry monsters.

    Scheming elites but also unthinking "libtards".

    "Globalists" who want an American empire by meddling in other countries' affairs, but we want to weaken American influence & power.

    Obsessed with helping African-Americans at the expense of white people & "blue lives" but we also want to keep black people down & on welfare because we're the real racists.

    Hyper-promiscuous libertines who want to encourage casual sex, but we also want a prudish feminist utopia where sexual behavior is regulated & scrutinized.

    Against protecting cops, but also against more civilians having more guns.

    We run all the big media, tech & entertainment companies, but want the government to take over the economy & seize wealth from the rich.

    I could go on but you get the idea. We're whatever kind of villain fits today's GOP narrative.

  132. @luedtke And don't forget that we conspired with the Russians to defeat our own presidential candidate. That one really boggles my mind.

  133. Worn down by the destruction of the hurricane that tore my state apart yesterday, I found myself lost in the range of unfamiliar numbers of TV stations, where the Weather Channel and CSPAN are located. It was one minute from the beginning of Trump's, whatever that was called, Erie PA, diatribe. Self induced torture is the closest thing to describe what I was doing.
    I scanned the crowd, as CSPAN scanned the audience. An Asian couple was all the diversity I could see among the group of mostly middle aged to elderly marginalized white folk. There were some young whites, but few, and they appeared to have been brought by their parents.
    Horrified, I watched as President Trump rambled, but really only bragged about himself, and wondered what was appealing about the man to the crowd. I really have no takeaway. I was left dumbfounded. I'm left wondering, how the Republican party gets lower, to middle income people to turn out in masses to vote. I'm left bewildered and disappointed in the demographic that were in attendance.

  134. @merchantofchaos The fact you think your state was "torn apart" says you are way too emotional. Most of the state was not even effected. Not to say it is not severe, but being emotional is a negative for me.

  135. It is a human need to be part of a tribe. A taxi driver told me recently that I should be proud to have such a leader as President Trump to finally put some law and order into this world. And stop all those outsiders from coming in . He said: " We need someone tough like that here." I was in London. @merchantofchaos

  136. @merchantofchaos: Makes no sense to me either, but I have heard repeatedly that Trump supporters are like the folks that signed up for Trump University. That they believe that this huckster, grifter will make them all as wealthy as he is. That they still haven't seen the light after two years baffles me every day. I do think November will show that women who have watched the last two years, especially the separation of parents and children, will understand that it is important to vote in people with a functioning moral compass.

  137. Who and where are the former grown ups, elder statesmen/ women, and former Presidents when we need them? Afraid to stand up to someone who, as the highest elected official in the land, incites violence from his cowardly bully pulpit that should be criminally prosecuted. Their complacency implies complicity.
    The toxicity and contagion of this egregious sickness has spread rapidly to authoritarian 'regimes' around the world and back with no end in sight. Divide and conquer instead of unite and lead has become the new theme for strategies developed by our sworn enemies and implemented right here at home.
    Decency is in exile, let's hope it can still return to where it rightfully belongs sooner rather than before it's too late.
    I hate to borrow a phrase from the Tea Party, but it now seems sadly appropriate: 'I want my country back.'

  138. They can't lock her up, the jail is already full with half of Trump's advisors, staff etc.

  139. I’ve long said that Mr. Trump is an arsonist. There is nothing that he won’t burn: our institutions; the Constitution; international economic and social agreements - NAFTA, TPP, the Paris Agreement; NATO to name but a few. He throws Molotov cocktails to his rapt, trapped audiences at these “good old fashioned barn burners.” I wonder if they know that they’re being burnt? They are nothing but kindling and firewood to him. Maybe they do, maybe they don’t, they came for the good time to be had.

    We are in living dystopian times that were once the required reading of classrooms: Fahrenheit 451; The Handmaid’s Tale; 1984; Brave New World. If Mr. Trump’s willing audiences are unacquainted or disinclined to read these books, I would recommend that they binge watch Game of Thrones (GOT) over several weekends. Acquaint themselves with Lord Petyr "Littlefinger" Baelish. Varys said of Littlefinger, "He would see this country burn if he could be king of the ashes." Those words are applicable to Mr. Trump, the King of the Ashes.

  140. Oh, please. You are comparing people chanting at a political rally with protesters screaming and banging on the doors of the Supreme Court? You think people chanting "Lock her up!" at a Trump rally are the same as a crowd of people hounding Ted Cruz from a DC restaurant?
    What is more dangerous? A Trump rally or and Antifa demonstration?
    Rand Paul gets shot at while playing baseball by a deranged Bernie Sanders supporter and he gets beaten while at his home raking leaves by a leftist neighbor. Steve Scalise is nearly killed by the same Bernie Sanders supporter. There is no equivalent case on the Republican side.
    The left has become a mob, encouraged by the likes of Hillary Clinton (who stated this week that there can be no civility if Democrats are not in power) and Eric "Kick 'Em When They're Down" Holder. Give me a break.

  141. Leftists are not marching in the streets shouting Nazi slogans and carrying Nazi banners. We have every right to protest the obscene confirmation of the lying Kavanaugh.

  142. Funny how Trump followers go out of their way to avoid mentioning Charlottesville.

  143. The dark genius of the president's rhetoric works, no matter how puerile and irrational it may seem. Fascism is sparked when (any, all) opposition is dehumanized, labelled a "mob," or "nuts"--see the conclusion of another article appearing in the Times this morning, 'Republicans Abandon Vulnerable Lawmakers...' Fascism is fueled by sustained departures from verifiable reality--this week's bracing alarms about climate change, and administration indifference, provide Example A. Fascism is inflamed by the incantations of punishment--"Lock her up," now aimed at a second powerful woman perceived to be in the president's way. All these arts of manipulation are poisoning healthy democracy, and could be setting the stage for even further political and social devolution. And I believe that the president neither recognizes this danger, nor gives a hoot about it, as long as his vast narcissism is nourished, and his Potemkin financial empire is advanced.

  144. Women need to release that “lock her up” is the modern version of “burn the witch” chanted by an ignorant, and afraid mob of people who are scared that women will gain true equality and are terrified of powerful women.

    from the Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC

    1. Powerful and Continuing Nationalism
    2. Disdain for Human Rights
    3. Identification of Enemies as a Unifying Cause
    4. Supremacy of the Military
    5. Rampant Sexism
    6. Controlled Mass Media
    7. Obsession with National Security
    8. Religion and Government Intertwined
    9. Corporate Power Protected
    10. Labor Power Suppressed
    11. Disdain for Intellectuals & the Arts
    12. Obsession with Crime & Punishment
    13. Rampant Cronyism & Corruption
    14. Fraudulent Elections

  146. I look at the photograph and unfortunately don't see anything much different than you would at a sporting event. When people identify with a team, their self-esteem rises or falters along with the fortunes of their idols. An athlete earning $50 million a year doesn't have much in common with the out-of-shape, hot dog-scarfing zealots cheering him on; they insist on imagining a bond that simply isn't there, but as is in the case of Trump, it is a condition ripe for exploitation. The same faulty wiring that requires us to have at least one massive stadium in every major city and turns individuals into synchronized masses of gibbering baboons at the sight of a particular uniform is fully capable of giving us Trump.

  147. We are supposed to be a nation of people that values the freedom of free speech and different opinions. It is these basic freedoms which allow for diverse thought and compromise which ultimately leads to the BEST solution. Instead we have fallen into a dysfunctional, radically bi-polar, winner-take-all mentality which is sucking the life-force out of this country. Shame on the Democrats. Shame on the Republicans. We need a political process that elects PATRIOTS as our leaders to continue our path of greatness.

  148. The ironic thing is that this country was founded by a left-wing mob and left-wing criminals.

    Google each of these:
    "Boston Tea Party"
    "Founding Fathers"
    "American Revolution"

  149. @VJR -

    Conservatives hate to be reminded the very idea and essence of the country is a liberal one. Conservatives want to claim patriotism while it was the liberals who were the patriots while the conservatives supported the King. They were the Tories and Loyalists fighting for the right to be ruled by the royals and aristocracy. Just as they do today. Liberty is a liberal concept.

  150. Is this the United States of America or divided states of america? United We Stand, Divided We Fall

  151. @Danielle H,

    Divided you stand against each other and divided you fall blaming each other for the others fallen first or first fallen.

    The only unity in America is the unity of contempt for each others unity in contempt of the contempt that unifies them against each other.

    No common cause that can be agreed to, no common good that is seen as the Bad that others hold in common against another.

    And in and of the greatest irony among you all so easily led to hate and opposite opposing division and rancor?

    Is the always and ever present unspoken not agreed or mentioned FACT...that you are ALL in agreement in and on and with each other on at least 85% of EVERYTHING ELSE!

    But let's not bring up those! Lest an outbreak of agreement muddy the waters of those not so huge or so many points of disagreement that all energies are applied to in keeping out front and in decision against each other ...that would be just terrible...wouldn't it?


  152. These shots of Trump's rallies are "infotainment" for those in attendance. I strongly suspect that there are not many in the "top 1%" or "top 2%" in these crowds. I also strongly suspect that, in the end, those who attend these rallies and cheer for Trump won't realize that the Federal programs they will lean on (Social Security and Medicare) will be significantly cut, as a result of the increase in the deficit, while they cheer their long-term demise.

  153. Whether one questions Trump’s mental stability or not, you don’t see many pictures of Republicans dressed up in their balaclavas beating on Grandma’s car with clubs.

    You don’t see many unhinged Republicans beating their heads on a door because a Supreme Court Justice is confirmed.

    You don’t see many Republicans with rocks and bottles attempting to prevent Liberals from expressing an opinion.

    The mobs are definitely one sided.

  154. @Ken we are waiting on your response.

  155. @Ken apparently you dont remember the TEA Party or the GOP leadership's vow to impede President Obama and then, denying him his Supreme Court nominee even a hearing. You don't know about Alex Jones, Sean Hannity, or the rest of the Right-wing hate machine, broadcasting lies and fear unimpeded. Ask a gay person about the GOP's tyranny of hate. Yeah, you're a victim.

  156. @Ken There is definitely a difference between a protest and a mob.

    A protest is people standing in front of the capitol and Supreme Court with signs. A mob is people in white shirts and khakis carrying tiki torches and threatening people, and by their actions encouraging followers to drive into a crowd of people with the intent to cause death and injury. A mob is a group of people raising fists and chanting "Lock her up" and cheering as people are beaten and dragged way.

    Now can we revisit where the mobs reside again?

  157. Would that the world were different, but I'm glad the Democrats are finally giving the GOP a taste of its own medicine. You cannot expect fair results or compromise from an opponent who doesn't share your view of the greater good - meaning reason, compromise, bipartisanship and respect for institutions. The GOP of today cares only about one thing:power. How many years of brazen obstruction, voter suppression and outright tantrums do enlightened Americans have to tolerate before accepting that we're going to have to beat the GOP at its own game? I long for the days where our government produced thoughtful, bipartisan legislation, like Ronald Reagan, Tip O'Neal, Bill Bradley and Bob Packwood did for the 86 tax act. What a broken GOP will have to accept, however, is that the new power structure will include women and people of color.

  158. "meaning reason, compromise, bipartisanship and respect for institutions"

    Many GOP value these, some don't. Many Dems value these, some don't. You cannot tell me Booker or Harris, for example, are in this category. Or Schumer even.

  159. It should shock no one that Trump and his rally-going supporters continue to accuse their opponents of exactly what they are doing. If you're at all like me, then the real shock you feel is the realization of the past two years that there have always been significant numbers of anti-liberal, authoritarian-prone voices here.

    Don't waste anymore of your outrage on it. Let it sink in, get passed it, keep on trucking. We're in for a marathon endurance trial which will pit the anti-democratic tendencies of powerful interests against reason and egalitarianism, and if we're hoping to avoid armed conflict, it's incumbent on cooler heads to the outlast boiling resentment.

    The country still needs people and institutions who strive for a objectivity and fairness. Just don't expect to hear anything different from Trump or his rally-goers. Don't worry about engaging them, or understanding them, because they don't want to understand you. Just keep the lights on for others who are looking for sanity, and vote, vote, vote.

  160. Everything about trump is a contradiction. He’s a walking talking version of Jung’s shadow. Everything he says as an accusation is what he is guilty of. If he accuses, rest assured he did it (“no collusion”).

  161. @Mike. In other words, again another example of DT's need to use projection as a defense mechanism. It's what keeps his shallow ego afloat.

  162. Trump appealed to emotions. Hillary appealed to intellect. As is the case most of the time, emotions won. Emotions energized the crowds. Intellect brought low voter turnout. Michelle’s “they go low..” is very noble, but in reality, a mix (favoring emotion) is a much better strategy.

  163. Actually intellect brought in Over 3 million more votes

  164. Who is paying for these rallies? Can't we stop these so called 'rallies' which are basically campaign stops being funded by taxpayer money?

  165. One doesn't need a crystal ball to envision a time, hopefully sooner rather than later, when people will be chanting "Lock him up!" once the full extent of Robert Mueller's investigation is made apparent.

    If ever there was a time when Karma was begging for the circle closing in on Donald Trump, it is fast approaching.

    Yesterday in Pennsylvania, I passed a roadside stand attended to by several people with the sign that said, "Stop Here to Defend Trump!" They had pamphlets and other items on a table for distribution. I parked halfway down the street and watched to see what kind of interaction the stand generated.

    After 25 minutes I left. Cars passed the stand. Not one stopped. Not exactly a scientific poll, but hopefully a portent of things to come.

  166. And if they were leftists they’d be blocking the road. That’s the difference.

  167. One group is in a controlled rally, the others are say in the halls of congress, in the face of individuals in public, and in other inappropriate areas. I have no problem with peaceful protesting, I have massive issues with people who basically assault others, use violence, and behave foolishly. We should be civil, being other ways just makes things worse, civil is when you are in contact, not in a "rally". And of course "lock her up" is really not serious. Hillary has not even been investigated again, she probably should be.

  168. Gen Michael Flynn, "....if I did 1/10 of what she did I would be in jail now....". Actually he did much more than she did and is awaiting sentencing!

    If you say the rallies are not serious in their chanting, you are not facing reality.

  169. @vulcanalex

    Millions upon millions of tax dollars and countless hours of time better spent actually serving US citizens have been wasted by Congressional Republicans over the past 26 years in their endless pursuit of trying to pin something on Hillary Clinton. She has been investigated thoroughly, and it has come to nothing. Sorry the investigations didn't turn out the way you and others wanted or confirm various conspiracy theories and lies you all choose to believe, but that's the way it goes. But since the tactics of conspiracy theorists involve continually moving the goalposts and insistence that the alleged "theorist" is the only one with the "facts," there will never be any satisfaction on the part of people who engage in such nonsense. That's why thinking people don't take conspiracy theorists seriously until they harm or kill somebody, which unfortunately has happened. Please find another hobby.

  170. Fascist mobs are just fine with regressives. They'll even tell you they're NOT "mobs" but some sort of "patriots" when all they are is deplorable angry undereducated ignorant people.

  171. If this isn’t absolutely the most Hitler-esque wake up call of modern times, then it seems these people will never wake up to danger of this this frightening man. And his treasonous accomplices.

    Doesn’t this look like a future documentary video about how a ruthless dictator came to power, plunging the world into war?

    I guess people who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it.

    This is so despairingly a repeat in the parade of dangerous dictators who convince people that they are the people’s savior, yet go on to kill their citizens and plunder the nation’s wealth.

    These people should be crying, not cheering.

  172. Not sure it’s necessary for the NYT to cover these wacko rallies anymore. We’ve all been suitably revolted by photos of the devoted, ecstatically shaking their fists and foaming at the mouth, screaming for various people to be hanged. These nut-cases are beyond redemption; they are truly the indifferent bystanders to Trump’s 5th Avenue shooting spree.
    Given that these grotesque, self-aggrandizing MAGA events are nothing more than the narcissistic posturings of a reality-show host and failed real estate developer, where nothing of import or relevance is ever said, maybe we can dispense with even hearing about it.

  173. Basic elements of Trump (and historically fascist) propaganda are glaringly evident in the Republican creation of

    1) false narratives with constant grudges and complaints of events as “so unfair”, Democratic “hoax”, nonstop lies, etc. - then think of Germany’s continual grinding resentment of the Treaty of Versailles

    2) us v them mantras of simple good guys (his Republican colleagues and base) v bad guys (the rest of us) with Trump’s nonstop barrage of taunts, denunciations, name calling (“Pocahontas”) and dehumanizing (those murderous immigrants, the fumbling disabled, etc) - then think of how Jews, homosexuals, et al were dehumanized as “other” in 30s-40s

    3) coordination of a multimedia message that gets fixed in Trump’s audiences’ heads as it’s repeated across various media (USA op ed, Fox News, Twitter, mainstream press headlines, etc etc) - then recall Hitler’s use of massive banners, uniforms, posters, post cards (see the excellent Lauder post card exhibition at the MFA Boston)

    4) abstraction of repetitious hateful messages using symbols that morph into quickly identified logos and dog whistles (red and white maga hats, mugs, t shirts, etc; dozens of massive American flags at the presidential podiums; mostly white audiences at trump rallies; “lock her up!” chants, ad nauseum) - then remember the swastika seen everywhere, even on 1936 Olympic uniforms

    Wake up America!

  174. The president would give Dem 'mobs' a pass if only they would carry tiki torches and shout racist slogans.

  175. Two legs bad. Four legs good. It's all Orwellian Trumpian Newspeak. Slogans, single syllable words, reduction of complex issues to good/bad, demonizing civil disobedience. Easy listening requiring nothing beyond an emotional response. Choreographed rallies with Trump swag to help the swagger. If Fox would run newsreels of various dictators showing their rhetorical strategies, would Trump supporters have a sense of how they are being manipulated. Others have commented - look what happened to Hitler and Mussolini - but the U.S. helped defeat them. What are we supposed to do within our own country with this behavior?

  176. But he said, "Why? What evil has he done?" They only shouted the louder,

    "LET HIM BE CRUCIFIED!" (all caps added for emphasis)

    -Matthew 27:23 of the bible of Pence, Kavanaugh, and 99% of the people at those rallies

  177. Not a wise statement by Hilary. Mob mob = bigger dangerous mob.

    Trumps rhetoric is getting very dangerous. Let’s not feed it by responding in kind.

  178. @Ma

    Hillary's time has come and gone, I wish she and Bill would stay home, enjoy their many millions ad shut up. She still hasn't learned anything. Please Hillary be quiet and go home. It's no wonder those on the "D" side have not asked her to participate in their respective re-election bids.

  179. Expecting a Trump rally audience to see the irony in chanting "Lock her up" while Trump says the Democrats are an angry mob is...unrealistic. Rally attendees are not America's best. They are, in fact, the basis for the international consensus of a stereotypical American: Loud, obnoxious, proudly ignorant and arrogant. They are people who exemplify one side of the Dunning-Kruger Effect, a condition neatly summed up by Bertrand Russell - "The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent are full of doubt."

    These are Trump's people, and they are legion. There will be no reasoning with them. Two years in, Trump enjoys a 42% approval rating. nothing will make that number fall. The only answer is to defeat these people at the polls. The rest of America is facing an existential moment in November. Do you take your country back, or submit to the barbarians?

  180. The Republican Party is one giant gaslight, from Trump to Susan Collins. And there are plenty of people who will believe them and not their own eyes.

  181. I'd love to see an SNL sketch where "Trump" gives a speech that contains only two words: "Me" and "Them" spoken with great inflection and gestation with drawn out articulation and punctuated staccato. Of course the ratio should be about 80 - 20, but even a Trump speech all about "me" isn't a Trump speech unless it contains some derisive "them".

  182. Trump’s lies work because his base is so slavishly gullible. And right now the economy is doing well so why not back Trump. He’s also using the deficit to make Medicare for all appear to be an attacki on Medicare for seniors. Very clever.

  183. Trying to think about Trump in terms of representative government will make your head explode. That's not what he is up to. He is selling entertainment to a devoted market. It looks to me a lot like the WWE. There are hero's and villains that come and go. For example the latest hero is Bret Kavanaugh for standing up to the latest villain, "the angry Mob". Never mind that the premise makes no sense because it's not what happened. Anyone that paid attention saw a flawed nominee have to face some very tough questions and instead of calmly answering them he erupted in anger and a partisan counterattack. Not becoming of someone that wants to be a judge. But that drama was no doubt scripted by Trump himself (except for the blubbering). The protests were about sexual assault victims being listened to and taken seriously which in this past drama they weren't, at least by the republicans involved. The protest to me looked like citizens petitioning the government as provided for in the constitution.
    Trump's chosen script seems to be effective because its only objective was attention. If you were expecting governance from him forget about it. Trump has taken the divide an conquer approach. That's not governance. I hope people riveted by the "Trump Show" tire of it and start demanding that he MOGWA! (make our government work again)

  184. So the president of the USA travels the country spewing hate and divisiveness. It’s as if he’s trying to instigate violence. How long can this continue before the Trump mobs actually take to the streets? A Trump loss in 2020 perhaps?

  185. And while the plebes scream contrived insults at each other, the Oligarchs prepare to loot the public trust... yet again.

  186. To understand Trump, what you have to do is listen to what he says about his enemies. Whatever he says they are doing is likely what he is doing. It is an elementary school bullying tactic. Push a kid then run to the teacher and say you got pushed.

  187. “Me Me Me” The real rallying cry of Trump and his supporters.

  188. Simply put; Trump is inciting violence and war.

  189. Keep on campaigning, Trump. It just fires me up more to get out and vote. Democrats will not lay down for this one. Hillary’s not on the ticket this time. The House and the Senate are way bigger prizes.

  190. Trump started the descent into mob politics the day he successfully mocked a disabled journalist. From that point, he appealed to the worst instincts of the "great unwashed" and has never looked back. He eschewed the traditional presidential role of reconciliation and reunity between the parties, and now our politics lack the dignity and reason necessary to function for all Americans. The hatefulness in social media, the hatefulness in Trump and his childish hyperbole, are sickening.

  191. Trump projects these accusations onto his opponents to give his base justification for acting that way, or worse. He *wants* his base to behave as an aggressive, unreasonable mob. So he accuses his opponents to give supporters a childish sense of justification to act that way too. And it works, for them. Look how wildly overblown and dangerous they have made the ANTIFA protestors look. Or how they talk about James Hodgkinson as if he were running the DNC rather than an unhinged lunatic. When Trump is accusing his enemies of bad behavior, what he’s really doing is telling his people to act worse.

  192. So nowadays we have left-wingers who think people accused of sexual harassment are not entitled to due process, and right-wingers who shout mindlessly about locking up their political enemies.

    I'm an independent voter. Partisanship blinds people to the fact that both wings are opposed to a just legal system.

  193. Oh, I get it! As a lifelong Democrat, these Republicans have finally made me see the light: As old coach Bobby Knight once said, "... women should just relax and enjoy it!"

    Who are these cretins trying to kid? The more I try to ignore them (for my own sanity's sake), the more they slime their way into our lives.

    This president and his rabid band of followers are turning themselves and our country into a laughingstock. I fear greatly the consequences of their pathetic behavior.

    Our only recourse is Nov. 6 -- VOTE!!!

  194. We have all learned in some ways the convenience of understanding an outcome in three ways:caused by; associated with, or happens and we do not know why. A miracle? For which there is evidence that can be generalized to a range of situations and conditions.The scientific method. For some of us, our principles of religious faith are sufficient both for knowing and for understanding. Both groups, internally diverse in many ways, seem to prefer not considering reality's interacting, everpresent,critical dimensions: Uncertainty. Of which there is plenty. Unpredictability. Always. Randomness.Everywhere. Lack of total control no matter what we do, at what level and quality, over time. Ourselves as well as with others. And within these realities many "faithful" goulash facts, fictions and fantasies. Helping to anchor America's toxic WE-THEY legacy of violating creating, selecting and targeting "the other(s)." People, values and norms for menschlich, equitable, well being are locked out of needed mutual trust, respect, caringness and mutual help, when and if needed, by hate-fed "lock her up." Mantras of ummenschlichkeit by manipulating stakeholders of marginalization. Exclusion. Disempowering. Dehumanization. At all levels. Elected and selected policymakers. Defamers of decency getting away with IT. Daily. In a democracy which enables the right to be personally unaccountable for harmful voiced words and done deeds and their temporary or permanent harms. Challenging each of US. NOW!

  195. Wait a moment, is the NYTimes attempting to equate a campaign rally with the violence that we see with our eyes happening in the streets against citizens ?

    There is no comparison.

    These are as different as night and day. I saw the radicals in the streets, the cops didn't do anything as they intimidated people in cars, in wheel chairs. They use physical attacks, these idiots like Waters, Spartacus and Clinton calling for more incivility . It is a disgrace.

    Imagine a chantting crowd surrounding you at dinner in a restaurant, or at church or even your front lawn. Democratic staffers are being arrested for doxxing, when will this madness stop ? Gosh, talk about sore losers. That's why they are losers, people can see truth, people understand bullies.

    Who will claim responsibility when a bullet is lodged in someones head ? Will it be Spartacus saying he was responsible, how about Maxine or Hillary, who will claim that dubious honor ?

  196. When Trump supporters armed with AR-15s marched on a temple in Charlottesville, forcing it to be evacuated (with its Torahs), I didn’t see any conservatives step up and take responsibility. Nor when the same neo-Nazi mob ran several people over, killing one. Nor when alt-right mobs repeatedly physically attacked people including women at several rallies in California. Trump supporters have blood on their hands.

  197. Any response yet from Senator Booker to the open letter to him in USA Today from Senator Paul's wife? Or just more crickets?

    The Democrats have been encouraging violence against Republicans and anyone else who is remotely traditionalist or conservative for almost two years now. The left-wing gleefulness when Senator Paul was attacked and hospitalized was on full display for all to see. Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder, Senator Booker and Representative Waters, among others, are actively encouraging public stalking and harassment of anyone they deem "other." They are shouting "Fire" in a crowded theater. They are inciting violence. And they know it.

    When (not if) violence occurs, the leaders of the Democrat Party will be personally responsible for people having been killed, wounded or maimed.

    The "civility" these "leaders" seek is the terrified silence of Stalin's Soviet Union.

  198. The irony is delicious.

  199. @Frank

    Proof and examples, please. And not from Breitbart, Fox News or The Blaze.

  200. @Frank And the President has not been inciting violence? Encouraging people to hit protestors at his campaign rallies? Still spewing hate and division at least once a week at the rallies he continues to hold to further his fear mongering?
    Please, spare me your overdramatized and incorrect "the Democrats will be personally responsible" propaganda. I can't handle the hypocrisy.

  201. The left is unhinged, as is their hatred for our populist POTUS. Hillary lost. Get over it.

  202. You spent 8 years moaning about Obama, didn’t you?

  203. @cjhsa It's not about Hillary. It's about a POTUS* who has no empathy for people. It's about a POTUS* who revels in not caring about facts, or even reading. It's about a cabal of the wealthy, diverting Americans' wealth into their own pockets, and about possibly criminal actions and the undermining of our democracy. It's about a POTUS* who has dismissed 3000 deaths of Americans in Puerto Rico as, apparently, not worthy of concern, thereby cheapening everyone's lives.

    It makes me physically queasy to have the fate of this country in the hands of a 'man' who derides those who disagree with him: a has-been, reality-show host who displays misogyny and racism and xenophobia, none of which live up to the America that I was brought up in.

    I care little about Hillary Clinton, honestly. What I do care about is the undermining of decency and public discourse. Trump assailed former President Obama as divisive, and as not even an American, but I have never in my lifetime seen an ignoramus lauded for continually lying each and every day and for spreading the rancor for which he blamed Obama.

    There is no moral compass to this POTUS*. No grasp of the nuance of important issues; no ability to actually write policy. Trump "signifies nothing" except Trump. There is no humor or decency in this 'Administration.'

    I know that you are probably giggling from reading my 'unhinged' opinion. But you tell me why the empty suit that is Trump deserves a 'pass' for his incompetence.

  204. @cjhsa
    Hillary won.
    She received 3,000,000 (3 million) more votes than trump.
    trump only won the "Electoral College", an appendage left over from the days of slavery. The Electoral College should have been rendered as useless as the Constitutional requirement that citizens house and feed soldiers in the time of war. The Electoral College is in direct opposition to the 14th Amendment.
    trump has nothing to be proud of..... and he proves that every day.

  205. I came here as a 7 year old immigrant in 1964. My childhood was punctuated by assassinations; civil disobedience and marches over the war in Vietnam and racial inequality. the Kent State killings and the pool footage from Vietnam were live on our living room television, I wore a POW bracelet at 16 and marched for passage of the Equal Rights Amendment in 1978. My tone deaf imperial President is clueless on great issues of our time.

  206. There is no real contradiction as folks chanting at a rally are not comparable folks out actively protesting, actively confronting folks on elevators, kicking folks out of restaurants, even making physical contact with those folks at times, damaging property, etc.

    Rhetoric-wise, sure, Trump is engaging in similar wars of words. But the headline comparison is apples to oranges.

  207. Wrong. We have seen this before, and within one generation, in Germany in the 1930s. We already have seen where this can lead. It’s no coincidence Trump supporters are waving the same flags and adopting the same slogans.

    And you’re even more wrong if you think we are going to allow it to happen again.

  208. Wrong. All kinds of right wing racist incidents have increased with The tacit blessing of Trump and his mob.

  209. Is it similar to people confronting young women speaking Spanish in a store and telling them to get out of our country? Or telling a Starbucks employee they don’t belong here because their skin is dark? Trump riles people up with nativist screeds and some behave very badly because of it.

  210. Trump has always been about projection.

    This is not new.

    It is ironic for a well-known con man, who commits tax fraud, launders money for the Russian mob, an acknowledged sexual assaulter of women on Access Hollywood (accused by at least 19), to label his opponent "Crooked Hillary."

    He wants to "Lock her up" for her use of emails, when his list of largely settled out-of-court felony crimes stretch decades.

    When Putin openly backed Trump for President with outright payments of cash directly and through real estate transactions, a major state campaign involving cyber-theft, propaganda, trolls and bots, extraction of voter polling data and derived Facebook psychographic profiles, he labeled Hillary "a puppet of Putin."

    So it is natural when his handpicked people who have worked the most closely with him, label him with an infant's mentality and unmoored and unhinged, that he would use the exact same response to label his opponents.

    He isn't clever or thoughtful enough to think of something more apt, he responds with the skills he carefully honed on the playgrounds of Queens.

    This is our burden.

  211. I don't know who these people are who continue to support Trump. They certainly aren't Americans. Is there a kernel of humanity left in them? I am seriously beginning to doubt it.

  212. What kind of leader resorts to this kind of tactic? Stirring up emotions, encouraging anger and bitterness. This is not making America great again. This is elementary school playground bullying. Childish and polarizing. Wake up Trump supporters. Where is this going to lead further down the road? Do you really want the nation to be divided by such hatred? Do you really think Trump is on your side?

  213. @Kim Findlay It leads to fascism. History has seen this before. And it's terrifying that a percentage of the country not only seems ok with it, they're cheering it on.

  214. @Kim Findlay It leads to fascism. History has seen this before. And it's terrifying that a percentage of the country is not only ok with it, they're cheering it on.