Former Top F.B.I. Lawyer Says Rosenstein Was Serious About Taping Trump

Congressional testimony by James A. Baker, then the bureau’s general counsel, shows that F.B.I. leaders weighed the ramifications of Rod J. Rosenstein’s suggestion before rejecting it.

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  1. How much did Trump pay for his "testimony"?

  2. Why would Rosenstein need to to secretly tape trump to demonstrate how unhinged he is when he could just need to run any random tape of trump on Fox.

  3. @buck cameron Allegedly, it was about collecting evidence to present to the Cabinet, to get them to invoke the 25th Amendment. I guarantee you that Trump says way crazier stuff in private than he does in public, and that's really saying something

  4. Did anyone actually meet with Rosenstein after this meeting and ask him if he was serious? It seems like there is a lot of cherry picking of comments and out of context analysis. Maybe those details are what is not getting leaked. Everyone seems to hear what they wanted.

  5. Well, that sounded explosive until you get half way down the article, it looks like this information was second hand from either McCabe or the agent that was having the affair(can't remember their name, which I think is a good thing).

    As the sources are kind of partisan That makes it much less interesting.

    I think Trump believes that the personal turmoil that Rosenstein is being subjected to will draw him closer to Trump. Democrats are great at the art of making a friend into an enemy.

  6. A DOJ professional has his own work used as an excuse to fire the head of the FBI who happens to be investigating the Trump campaign for collusion with a foreign enemy. The work in question was an analysis of how that FBI director might have mishandled information in a way that benefited Trump over Clinton and Trump used that as a reason to fire Comey, as if he cared about any wrongs directed at Hillary. The whole thing stunk to high heaven and between false motivations, loyalty oaths and already erratic behavior regarding Russia, if Rosenstien didn't think of wearing a wire, I would consider that a dereliction of duty.

  7. Of course he was serious. He's a conservative but also a Patriot. Trump is a traitor.

  8. It seems to me that Baker would have had to been in the room to pick up on the nuance of a sarcastic remark. Without that, this is little more than questionable hearsay. Nice try, though.

  9. The fascination with Rosenstein and going on the offense to deflect from the Mueller probe may be wearing thin. The efforts to spring surprises flopped, see Nunes, and Trump's self-dubbed Russia-gate investigation he promised would dwarf Watergate never materialized. If Trump is changed his strategy he would be a sign he is occasionally rational.