Khashoggi’s Disappearance Puts Kushner’s Bet on Saudi Crown Prince at Risk

More than anyone in the Trump administration, Jared Kushner cultivated Saudi Arabia’s crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman, whose family may have played a role in Jamal Khashoggi’s fate.

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  1. An appropriate U.S. response would be to reaffirm the JCPOA and thereby enlist the EU in efforts to pushback Iranian steps in the Middle East in Syria and elsewhere. This would signal U.S. dissatisfaction with Saudi actions including its behavior in Yemen, the repression of human rights and press freedom in Saudi Arabia itself. It could also result in a unified effort to thwart Iran's ambitions in the ME that are presently very difficult to advance because of the U.S. hostile move against the Security Council itself as an instrument for crisis prevention and management through its withdrawal from JCPOA and imposition of unilateral sanctions that violate the spirit of Security Council resolution 2231 that authorized JCPOA.
    The JPOA is the stellar example of the Security Council as an institution in addressing global challenges. All permanent members of the Security Council joined forces in enforcing the sanctions authorized by the Security Council that brought Iran to the negotiating table. The JCPOA was resisted strongly by Saudi Arabia. However, the purpose of the JCPOA was not to address Iran's role in the Middle East as such but rather to limit Iran's potential to develop nuclear weapons. In the latter the JCPOA has been demonstrated to be effective and continues to be adhered to by Iran and is fully supported by the EU, China, and Russia as well as other major states including India.

  2. Khashoggi’s Disappearance Puts Kushner’s Bet on Saudi Crown Prince at Risk

    [ How absurd, how tragically absurd. "Betting" on a prince who is wantonly laying waste to Yemen is beyond risky, rather completely immoral. ]

  3. Once again, it proves that Jared Kushner is a babe in the woods and, like his father-in-law, has no idea who he is dealing with on the world stage. Either that or he has put our national interest aside in the service of furthering the business interests of the Kushner and Trump families. Neither option should give us comfort.

  4. @Rene Balcer

    Jared Kushner looks and sounds like Alfred E. Neuman. No babe in the woods other than the son of a convicted felon father and the son-in-law of a corrupt President of the United States could ever be naturally born as ignorant and stupid as Jared Kushner. Kushner has had to work long and hard at his craft to become this dumb by nurture.

    Since Trump has called the press the enemy of the people and deemed Washington Post owner Jeff Bezos his foe as well perhaps Prince Mohammad bin Salman thought this would be okay?

  5. @Rene Balcer It would seem that Don the Con is fine with whatever the Saudis do, as long as it can be financially beneficial. Note that one of the first comments was "we have jobs", not a comment about the possible status of Mr. Khashoggi. It sure looks like he doesn't want to upset the deals that he and Jared are making (have secretly made?) with the Saudis.

  6. Wasn't Jared Kushner President Trump's wonder boy who was going to bring lasting peace to the Middle East? Perhaps Kushner can start by coercing the Saudis to either (a) publish a time-stamped video showing Khasshoggi leaving the embassy some time after he had entered it, or (b) allow a team of forensic specialists, preferably headed by the US, into the embassy to see if there are traces of butchery. Don't stall for too long to minimize the number of times the compound can be washed down with an assortment of chemicals.

  7. Kushner's bet on the prince isn't in doubt. He bet he will make a boatload of money from that country by kissing up to them and he will. He could not care less about anyone else. He's just like his father-in -law.

  8. @Pat and his father - the apple has fallen right under the tree and rotted.

  9. @Pat. Her exact words were Jared is a hidden genius, well hidden it appears. Actually Mr. Kushner is hidden in many ways, rarely speaking in public, which cuts down on the documented lies, I suppose.

  10. The western media is projecting this disappearance as the first of its kind in the Saudi Kingdom and its neighbourhood, when the reality is far different. Any one who does not follow the Regimes regulations, especially Sharia compliance disappears, so why this special concern? Obbiviously, to malign Trump administration which has no role in running or regulating the kingdom. Do we hear any protests anywhere in the Muslim world against this disappearance? Recall the protests that erupt in Muslim world whenever a cartoon or a write up or a book accused of showing disrespect to Islam appears anywhere in the world. Judge the current silence accordingly and spare the non-Muslim world the risks associated with interventions in the Muslim world. Also recall, how disastrous the West supported Arab Springs and elimination of strong dictators from West Asia do have turned out to be?

  11. Yes but not quite as bad as when they took
    down the world trade towers.
    But they have lots of oil.

  12. i assumed it related specifically to 1. the use of one's embassy as a torture station, if true, 2. Saudi Arabia's open challenge to Turkey and allies (think Putin and Ukraine) and the implication if they don't, and 3. the prosperous, English-speaking victim's chosen hometown -- Washington DC.

  13. Yes but....our oil is under their sand.

  14. The body language from the White House is one of boredom and suggests it will not be very active in pursuing this case and will encourage diversions and more procrastination. After all it was Trump's encouragement giving MBS a carte blanche that is partly responsible for this unhinged behaviour.

  15. Kushner has enabled an incredible amount of bloodshed in the Middle East. Few human beings can so clearly be tied to so many deaths.
    Wether he is willingly complicit, or simply complicit due to incompetence is debatable, but mass graves follow Kushner’s policies.

  16. According to Nikki Haley Kushner is a genius so no worries here.

  17. @Susan...and nikki is getting outta dodge before her little
    travel scandal spoils her oh- so- many accomplishments as UN ambassador.what a sad joke the con don and his adm. is.

  18. The long and short of it is Mr. MBS wants to rule Saudi Arabia for the next fifty years and he wants to do it without dissent, so it's likely there will be many more of these killings as time goes on and his friends better get used to it.

  19. @Sohrab Batmanglidj
    No nation has friends only interests. Charles de Gaulle

  20. the conference should be cancelled. i for one will be watching that Jamie Dimon and Stephen Schwarzman do not attend nor anyone from their firms.

  21. @a p
    If I were Dimon, Schwarzman or Kushner, I'd be watching for those dancing swords.

  22. I guess the Saudi Arabian government thought the Trump family would have no problem exterminating this pesky journalist as the president refers to the press as “the enemy of the people.” And I think in a week, at the end of the news cycle, they will probably be correct. The reporter worked for “Jeff Bezos Fake News” anyway.

  23. "But the president expressed reluctance to punish Saudi Arabia by cutting off arms sales, as some in Washington were proposing"
    But that is exactly what our president should do if he has the moral decency and if our country stands for anything.
    Nicholas Kristoff of NY Times said recently on a tweet:
    "The White House empowered Saudi crown prince MBS as he confronted Qatar, as he kidnapped Lebanon's prime minister, as he starved Yemenis, as he crushed dissent. Will it continue to sell him weapons if it's confirmed that he murdered a brave journalist, Jamal Khashoggi?".
    Even Senator Lindsey Graham, Republican of South Carolina and one of Mr. Trump’s closest allies in Congress, said that" if the Saudis were responsible for Mr. Khashoggi’s death, there would be “hell to pay.”
    The Saudi government should provide the White house any information they have about Mr. Khashoggi’s whereabouts if they are serious about their relationship with the US.
    One more thing: Our technology and financial titans should not attend the conference next week at Devos:( Devos in the Desert).

  24. @Padman
    Moral decency? Under the current administration, it would be appropriate to replace the 50 stars on the US flag with $ signs.

  25. The hidden genius strikes again. Time for Jared to leave Washington before he does more damage.

    His short non illustrious career involves slumlording, ruining a newspaper in NYC, wildly overpaying for an aging office tower at the height of the real estate market, erroneously filling out his security clearance forms at least 39 times, a little collusion with Russia during the campaign, and cozy one on one, unsupervised, unrecorded chats with his fellow princeling who turns out to be a murderer.

    MBS quipped that Jared was "in my pocket." It has been rumored that Jared shared with MBS the names of some Saudis listed in the Presiden's Daily Briefing, allowing MBS to more successfully target his prey during round up at the Ritz.

    Who knows what else boy wonder has been up to, but I really think this is enough for one lifetime. Maybe he can start a line of skinny ties and skinny suits before he heads to prison.

  26. @NJLatelifemom
    Still want more information on the "backchannels" with Russia that Kushner wanted to establish using the Russian embassy here in the U.S.

  27. @NJLatelifemom Take Ivanka with him before daddy makes her the US Ambassador to the UN.

  28. jared is playing with the big boys and doesn't understand the rules of the game.

  29. @Marlene I agree and what Jared doesn't understand is he may be the son-in-lay of Trump, but he makes them mad or they think he was using them, he will regret the day he sold his soul to "scratch."

  30. @Marlene

    Someone needs to tell Jared that there ARE rules.

  31. Let's be honest we pretty much all know by the 5th grade that people surround themselves with people like them. This pretty much tells you all you need to know about Trump and the people around him. Who we choose as "friends" tells a lot about a person.

  32. Jared Kushner‘s bet with Salman is about as sound as his judgment on the 666 Fifth Avenue property.

    Both in their 30s, Kushner was obviously trying to use Salman in maneuvering the Palestinians for the friend of his ex-con Dad—Bibi Netanyahu.

  33. Does the murder of a "rogue" journalist by Saudi Arabia represent present a diplomatic crises to the Trump administration or a lesson in how to deal with "rogue" journalists?

  34. Uh, Senator Graham, maybe the Saudi's thought that they could get by with crossing every line of international normality because they saw someone else do it first. Let's start with a President who calls Taiwan before mainland China, shoots missiles into any empty Syrian airbase and has nothing to say about Russians poising British residents.

  35. @Richard Mclaughlin Trump, as a private citizen, i.e. as president elect, did not call Taiwan , he received a call from her democratically elected president , XI , whose security officials recently made the president of Iinterpol to disappear , excuse me post facto former president, simply did not call first. No international redline there.

  36. Will Erik Prince, the R2 (Reflex Responce) vendor of Praetorian Guards to the world be in attendance? His UAE sponsored Colombian Expat unit in Yemen has performed admirably.The Saudi backing of his Afghanistan “Let the professionals take over” campaign to replace the American Military is under review.

    Let us not forget the 666 bailout is high on Jared’s mind as financial calamity is right around the corner.

    So many threads in this tangled skarn.

  37. Sleeping with the Devil
    Robert Baer said it all in the title of his 2003 book on Saudi "Sleeping with the Devil: How Washington Sold our Soul for Saudi Crude".

    Saudi is a theocracy based on keeping people in line through the threat of physical punishment / execution. Dissension - religious (Christianity and Judaism are forbidden in Saudi) and secular - is strictly forbidden. Chop-chop square in Riyadh where dissenters are executed still exists.

    The war in Yemen, and the removal of subsidies has driven up prices on essential goods in Saudi. This has had and will have far-reaching consequences for the stability of the country and the region esp. for the Saudi middle class, the expats working in Saudi; and the slaves of Saudi whose remittances keep families feed on the Indian subcontinent and in the Philippines.

  38. "But if it becomes clear that the prince ordered the assassination of Mr. Khashoggi or was connected to it in some way, it will provoke an outcry on Capitol Hill"

    Apparently we don't live in the same country. An "outcry" from Capitol Hill? Are you kidding. Democrats will sit in silence, Republicans are probably celebrating.

    Given that the Trump administration calls media the enemy of the people and Kushner's role in that administration, coupled with his desire to please the Saudi royal family, I'd look for complicity before I'd look for outrage.

  39. @Susan

    Complicity is the right way to put it !

  40. @Susan
    Trump will make a statement....

    "We asked the Crown Prince and he said he didn't do it".

    End of story!

  41. @Susan

    It's not so much that Democrats sit in silence, it's that the broadcast & cable TV networks air what they have to say in miniscule amounts compared to the airtime given to Republicans...over decades.

    It's long documented that the Republican:Democratic ratio on Sunday shows is about 3/4:1 and has been...for decades.

  42. And The Kingdom's MBS is on his way to becoming Syria's al Assad. They both started as "enlightened" leaders but it was and is a feint to get the West's money and support. MBS is brutalizing Yemen (with our help) and he will turn on his own in a decade or two.

  43. Looks like former POTUS Obama’s pivot to Asia (& TPP) was the wise course for the US and the world after all. Too bad the US is now driven by personal ego rather than knowledge, strategy and diplomacy. Sad.

  44. I'll give Putin one thing. Unlike the Saudis, the North Koreans, the Trumps and other petty dictators, he doesn't appear to surround himself with incompetent and inexperienced family members appointed to high-level government jobs.

    To think that Trump is putting the fate of human lives, countries and perhaps even the world into the hands of unqualified individuals like Jared Kushner is downright chilling.

  45. I agree with the comment knowing that Jared Kushner wants the Saudi stamp of approval on his failed attempt at some Middle East peace, and knowing how Trump hates the media and journalist, I wouldn't be surprised there's a connection between this White House and Khashoggi's death. I could "hear" Trump say, "no American president or Republican can kill a journalist or millions of Americans would be pulling out our jugulars the next day, but you can-with our blessing." Also, staying close to the Saudi Prince and Qatar has to with Kushner/Trump financing because no American or European bank will fund them after all their bankruptcies.

  46. Sen Graham says "if this man was murdered it would cross every line of normality in the international community" as if this line has not been crossed many times already under Trump! The Saudi's must have really felt emboldened to do this right now considering the big business conference they will be having. I guess they thought they could get away with it. And why are we sending Kushner to discuss such important business with the Saudi's? I feel his judgment in doing what's best for the U.S. is tainted by his devotion to Israel. This big turn around for woman's rights in Saudi Arabia was just a ploy to have us think the Saudi are being more democratic and are progressing in a positive way, but this incident now shows their true colors.

  47. @C. Bernard

    Kushner needs money; the Saudis have money. Trump has business interests in SA; perhaps the Saudis will give Kushner some money? From a crown prince Turkey claims to have ordered the murder of a prominent dissident? How far down the corrupt Trump rabbit hole do we go before even the drama queen, Lindsey Graham, stops auditioning to replace Sessions?

  48. The Saudis attacked Canada because our Foreign Affairs issued a TWEET supporting a jailed women's right activist....The USA did squat towards supporting Canada. Drumpf's admin.could not care less about anything that does not support their fascistical power base.

  49. In that Kushner operates like Trump with a goal of securing successes that will score for the family financially, he is succeeding. But his choices continue to be dismal for world peace, human rights and democracy. Attorney General Bobby Kennedy may have been JFK’s brother, but he had a strong moral center and fought against corruption. Kushner appears so naively self-centered like his father-in-law that he continues to trust the most corrupt among us.

  50. Says a whole lot about Niki Haley that she had high words of praise for Kushner and his work. Just some extra insurance for this sell out, in case she hadn't sung Trump's praises loudly enough

  51. Where is this Kushner "Israeli-Palestinian peace plan"? I keep hearing about this plan, but can't recall ever seeing it.

  52. Looks like Jared "photo bombed" the picture showing the three Saudis in the foreground. He is a bystander whether he knows it or not. What he really wants is Saudi money to bail out his poor real estate decisions.

  53. Once again, how in the world are we in bed with this brutal regime is beyond me. It represents a total antithesis for everything we so proudly proclaim. It is a brutally repressive, anti-democratic, authoritarian, misogynistic society that has exported a virulent form of Islam that has been diametrically opposed to what we spend trillions of dollars fighting, supposedly. Public beheadings of dissidents and the chopping off of limbs for minor crimes, brutal lashing of women who dare to ask for fair treatment, the siege warfare (a war crime) of Yemen and the starvation of that country with our weapons and OUR assistance is unconscionable. Not to mention that 15 of 19 highjackers on 9/11 were Saudi nationals. Our deep ties and relations with this country is disgusting. But hey, we need their oil. So, the next time you hear any of us proclaim we are defending freedom and democracy, just be honest, for once, and admit we could care less about such things.

  54. What do you expect when Trump declares the press as the enemy of the people? He’s given every authoritarian leader the green light to eliminate “bad press.”

  55. He wants to get to the bottom of what ?
    He knew what was going on,
    it is Mr. Mueller who will be getting to the Bottom of it all !

  56. Trump's condemnation of the killing is a charade. The prince is the kind of ruler Trump admires, as do all Trump's supporters.

  57. Kushner cares only about his own financial problems, as Qatar’s recent bailout of his family’s unfortunate 666 park avenue investment makes clear. Middle East petrodollars seemed an easy prize; now, not so much.

  58. Jared Kushner’s cozy relationship with the Saudi crown prince, Mohammad bin Salman (MBS) is seen as an asset. And the Trump administration prioritises “a channel to Saudi Arabia’s designated heir,” over “sending an older, more seasoned official to give advice to the young prince.”
    MBS has ditched the gerontocracy, replacing the old guard with a new one. This younger generation of loyalists is given the opportunities and prospect of prestige to serve a young ruler, who promised change. But those around MBS could very well be like him, who – apart from haughty self-assurance – lacks experience and acumen. If they had been involved in the murder of Khashoggi, they must have overlooked the efficiency of the intelligence community with help of surveillance technology.

  59. The idea that Mr. Kushner had any strategic policy for the Middle East is a joke. Mr. Kushner was chosen by Mr. Trump as a Middle East Envoy for one and one reason only: The Money.
    If a prince Mohamed can spend $1 billion in less than a month to buy himself a yacht and a villa in France, imagine how much he could give Kushner/Trump to have the White House support. And the White House support he has received. From the Qatar blockade, the Yemen war to the abduction of the Lebanese Prime Minister.

    Trump bragged about making money while running for President. Now that he is president, he intends to do so. American politicians (the Clinton come to mind) wait until after they are out of office to enrich themselves. It's not the case for Kushner and Trump who know that after they leave the White House, nobody will take their calls. So it's now or never for them.
    How else could anyone explain that Trump and Kushner will support the blockade of Qatar despite the fact that more than 15000 US personnel and family members live in that tiny country?

    The US will pay a steep price for trusting a dangerous region like the Middle East to an inexperienced and greedy real estate developer.
    A Pulitzer price is waiting for any journalist that would dig into Mr. Kushner's time as Middle Envoy.

  60. I have to laugh at Lindsey Graham. What did he think was going to happen with Trump in office?

  61. Did they bail out Jared from the catastrophe of 666 Park Ave?

  62. How many of us take Khashoggi’s disappearance as a serious definite sign of the real Saudis?

    It wasn’t that long ago Donald Trump was doing the jig over there with them and getting praised for it.

    Trump called Khashoggi’s fiancé “wife” yesterday. That’s how much knowledge, care, and responsibility Donald Trump is worth. They weren’t married. They were planning their wedding.

    He sends Jared to the Saudis to represent our country and contemplates sending Ivanka to the U.N.?

    Wake up, people.

  63. “I’ve never been more disturbed than I am right now,” [Senator Lindsey Graham] said. Well — at least not since the Kavanaugh hearings of, what, ten days ago? Senator Graham is developing a crafty little avocation in being disturbed. He used to have the pretenses of a serious person, but he’s making such nice progress in his tutelage these days at the elbow of the president, dean of the disturbed.

  64. Will self interest trump Trump's promise to do the right thing?

  65. Simple Kushner and Trump will blame it on Hillary and start a Congressional inquiry.

  66. The picture accompanying the article is amazing: not only is Jared reduced to a photobomb, he is further relegated to appearing as a framed portrait on the wall. Well played, photographer and photo editor!

  67. Kushner's neophyte bumbling in the volatile Middle East has endangered that part of the world but endeared him more to his father-in-law who is taking care of disrupting a tenuous global balance everywhere. Reading the summary of Kushner's career, I notice how it parallels that of our president - riding the coat tails of his own sleazy real-estate magnate father, having his large errors in business judgment covered up of paid for with family money, heartlessly evicting tenants in family owned buildings and believing too much in his own prowess.

    So, we have this selfish, dull wannabe damaging our country's
    international status and now we are hearing about his wife, Ivanka Trump, similarly under qualified, as a possible UN ambassador. Global dictatorship by this wealthy bunch inept seems a frightening possibility.

  68. By all accounts the intelligence community knew of the plan to abduct Khashoggi and one can presume Kushner had advanced knowledge of the plot, given his Clearance Level. As I understand there is a duty to warn the intended target and if efforts by Kushner to suppress that duty can be traced back to him then he needs to be indicted along with everyone else who is complicit in failing to warn Mr. Khashoggi.

  69. Who decides who are allies of the US? Whoever it is lacks a moral compass that is guided by decency or even facts. I am still amazed at the deference that was shown to the country that supplied almost all the hijackers seventeen years ago. It continues and will continue for one reason only: the vested interests of those who would exploit the "resource" that is ruining the climate. Why is that so hard for people to understand? The Saudis and their enablers in this country are not my allies, quite the contrary.

  70. The optics of U.S. business leaders attending a Saudi conference next week are not good. They should acquire a maladie diplomatique and cancel their participation.

  71. Since the president shows no sign of caring about this latest criminal travesty by the Saudi government, there will be no policy changes. How terrible.

  72. It looks like the Saudis were behind it, Mr. Trump? The journalist walks into the Saudi embassy, totally under Saudi control, and never walks out. But nothing will be done because we have business deals pending with the Saudis.

    I am getting tired of being ashamed of this Administration and of Congress' refusal to stand up to it..

  73. @Glenn S.
    It's not just Trump that cozied up to the Saudis.
    The USA under different presidents have also!

  74. @Glenn S. Our time is next month at the mid-terms. I have talked to many people and feel confident there are over half the republicans who can't stomach Trump and about 30-40% will actually vote "anyone but a Republican" come mid-terms. The GOP is dumping off over 30 incumbent House races they see as lost, so no need to waste money trying to keep them in office.

  75. How about rethinking this relationship. Start over. Factor in accountability and human rights abuses and going back to 9-11 as well.

    Trump needs to wise up about his “enemy of the people” slurs for our press and quit enabling dictators to actually kill journalists. He throws around the word “evil” for fellow Americans but finds this likely and grisly murder “troubling”.

  76. @Kay Johnson

    Trump sees only what he wants to see, and he's too vain to wear his glasses. I shudder every time I contemplate what the next 6 years will bring...

  77. @Kay Johnson He has "wised up", that is why he supports the Saudis... Hitler supported them also...

  78. @Kay Johnson Human rights? tell me one thing that Trump has done for it.

  79. Because Jared is such an experienced diplomat.

  80. Kush and MBS are not besties. They are playing the enemy of my enemy is my friend game. As soon as Saudi Arabia has no further use for Israel it will turn its attention to them - and not in a good way.

  81. While the world absorbs what looks to have happened here, Haley called Kushner a 'hidden genius.' His genius appears to be so well hidden as to be nonexistent. I guess that's what Haley meant.

  82. Both Kushner and Trump have very shady relationships with SA. Both have needed Saudi money in times of financial stress (a frequent occurrence Trump shares with his son in law). The administration will do nothing, not even after his body is found.

  83. They probably pur the body down the garberator or took it to Saudi to dissolve in lye.

  84. There is no doubt that this event, if true as suggested, will put a shadow on our relationship with Prince MBS. Unfortunately we can not base our foreign relationships just on human rights as we would have relationships with few countries only.
    We must navigate carefully between promoting our values and serving our best interests. The best example is our relationship with Turkey's dictator Erdogan who is milking this event to shift attention from his own human rights record as well as from the disastrous economy in his Turkey.

  85. I am prepared to believe that Jared was once a naive kid who was sincerely interested in arranging a peace between Israel and the Palestinians and has been attempting to use the good offices of his coming-apart-at-the-seams father-in-law to accomplish this.

    But that was then, and this is now.

    What I am unable to understand is why he is still sailing on his father-in-law’s fast-sinking ship instead of finding his way to Mueller’s office to rescue himself and the country.

  86. @A. Stanton The reason is probably money and his own shady past.

  87. Kushner is not crux of the Khashoggi tragedy by a long shot.

    Freedom of the press, a foreign policy that supports dictators and ignores human rights, a virulent and ill-thought-out anti-Iran policy are only a few of the real issues at play here.

    They're long-standing and far more consequential than Kushner's curious so-called Middle East diplomatic portfolio for which he is experientially and intellectually totally unqualified.

  88. @Nereid
    A journey begins with the first step.
    Kushner is that step.

  89. Trump's vilifying news media and journalists In his own country might have emboldened the Saudis. Then, team Trump with his son in law as the main diplomat in charge of foreign policy, particularly for those countries where Trump and Kushner family have business interests, almost exclusively sided with the known dictators and the ruling elites mainly to promote its own business interest first than protecting and promoting America's national interest. Trump presidency emboldened the autocratic regimes and dictators world wide a d not in just Saudi or Russia.
    I'm reasonably confident that Trump and GOP would do some posturing and hard talk theatrics for American domestic audience, mainly before this mid term festival season as they know their own vote bank of Christian fundamentalists do not like such Islamic regimes much. But in reality Trump and his henchmen with the administration will try to settle the issue behind the scene, may be with some kickback in form of lucrative business deal for Trump-Kushner family in future. Turkey already opened back door negotiation with the Saudis to settle this issue.

    Trump and Kushner would be the last persons who would like to know truth. They have pathological aversion to facts and Truth, particularly if they might hurt their business interest. There is no reason why it'll be different here.

  90. Most of the 9-11 hijackers were from Saudi Arabia. The Saudis have been "playing" the US for years, but we apparently are OK with it as long as we can sell the regime billions in arms

  91. @Mike S

    Arms go one way, while oil goes the other way.

  92. @Mike S They got a great foothold with W and have maintained that position, with the exception of some heat from Obama. They are smart manipulators who play to the egos of their targets. And who, more that Don and his boy Jared, are more susceptible to ego boosting?
    Tillerson brought a bit of common sense to the administration. He had to go so the lunatics could run the asylum.

  93. @Mike S Yep this didn't start with Trump and has been despicable on the part of the U.S. for years, under both parties. But heck, they buy a lot of weapons and our corporations make money.

  94. Lindsay Graham is "disturbed" because the Saudis have crossed the borders of normalcy...?
    Where was he when the Trump administration gave Kushner-- an arrogant neophyte with a poor business track record and no governance experience--carte blanche access to our nation's most closely held intelligence and handed him the MidEast portfolio? Kushner was allowed to function as a de facto ambassador, allowed to bypass CIA or DoD oversight, and act as if the most troubled region in the world is just another business opportunity. Not only is his judgment severely flawed, but he has passed intel to MBS that has resulted in at least two deaths and allowed him to believe he has regional hegemony. Encouraging Trump to remove any leverage we had by pulling out of the Iran deal and gutting our diplomatic corps has put the US in the position of supplicant. Kushner would never have been allowed a security clearance at that level by either the DoS or DoD; he would never have been allowed to negotiate any position without a corps of experienced subject matter experts for guidance. But Lindsay Graham is "disturbed" by MBS.

  95. @BaghdadVet Graham will make noises and do nothing. He's all the way into this administration, 100%, but he'll deny it if they embarrass him with public murders of journalists.

  96. Hey Jared,

    With enemies like the Saudis, who needs friends!

  97. There's not the slightest chance that Trump's administration will alter it's positioning on the Saudis due to this murder. All will go on as before. There are still those who try to judge Trump by normal standards of conduct, which is a mistake. Trump and Kushner do not recognize normal standards of behavior. They live by their own code, which is without any moral or ethical underpinnings. Murder of a U.S.-based journalist will not be viewed as a substantial reason to change course. If the murder of 3,000 Americans by Saudi terrorists on 9/11 did not cause the U.S. to alter it's diplomatic relationship with the country, why would the murder of just one man result in a change? It's entirely possible the Prince Mohammed will be dining at the White House in the not too distant future. Trump has his hotel development deals to protect after all. Life, hotel deals and arms sales go on.

  98. Oh, a reckless, untested ruler with no respect for the law? Why does this theme sound familiar?

  99. @Christopher

  100. Trump said he would not be happy at all? His trashing of the media and calling the media the enemy of the people has emboldened bad actors to arrest, detain and even kill journalists. It's hard to believe he somehow misses he connection. Like everything else, Trump expects the media to do his bidding. If his Republican enablers had their way, there would be no free press in the US.

  101. It has been obvious from day one that the Trump family is eager for Saudi investment in their business enterprises, why else would Saudi Arabia, the country that gave us the 9/11 terrorists, not be included on the Trump Muslim ban?

  102. There is so much underhanded stuff going on in Saudi Arabia, the elevation of MBS ahead of everyone else in succession to the throne says alot,also the planned and cancelled ipo of the oil industry. Big money,corrupt players hiding in the shadows.

  103. I seem to recall Trump asking Putin about interference in our election, so I’m sure this issue will be cleared up immediately, too, now that Trump is asking questions.

  104. @Christopher good one!

  105. I think it's time to find out exactly what Donald Trump, Jared Kushner and Ivanka's financial, business interest and possible loan involvements with the Saudi Prince?

    It sounds like the administration had knowledge that Jamal Khashoggi being in danger, and didn't warn him.

    I think Donald Trump needs to start answering some serious questions, and never mind the nonsense of selling arms to Saudi Arabia, this needs to be addressed in serious ways.

  106. Did crown prince MBS take Trump’s constant viscous attacks on journalists as an indication the US would give them a pass if they killed Mr. Khashoggi?

  107. @JSH

    Yes. The Saudis figured Trump would do nothing, that they could survive a tongue lashing from Lindsey Graham, and Jared? Look at the picture. Do they seem to be concerned about Jared?

  108. @JSH That, and Trump has said in words and actions and deeds that human rights are a complete non-issue for him.

  109. Maybe the NYT's shouldn't be meeting in the Kingdom later this year. It appears to be an enormous of conflict of interest. After hiding that Trump was the target of a counter espionage investigation during the election I think you guys need all the daylight you can find. Cancel the trip.

  110. Nikki Haley notwithstanding, Kushner's alleged diplomatic skills are greatly overrated.

  111. Overrated? He acts as if his credentials were acquired from the back of a match box for a larger than normal (of course) fee.

  112. Since Jared moved into the White House, received his top secret security clearance and was named the chief peace negotiator, this lifelong friend of Netanyahu and scion of the very pro-Israel Kushner family has overseen the movement of the embassy to Jerusalem, the elimination of all U.S. funding for the Palestinians, the withdrawal from the Iran Agreement and he has written a number of op-eds blasting Palestinian leadership. He has formed a very close bond with bin Salman and seems to be forging an Israeli-Sunni Pact to go after Iran. I don't expect Jared to take a moral stand against the despicable behavior of a despot but I would like to know which is his preferred country of choice - Israel or the United States.

  113. @billinbaltimore
    He obviously prefers Israel, and has no qualms about showing it.

  114. Jared’s preferred country is Saudi Arabia. They have money and don’t have a justice system that goes after corrupt individuals.

  115. @billinbaltimore There are a number of "Americans" who need to choose a country--Kushner is one. Sheldon Adelson is another. The always put Israel and its pernicious interests above all else.

  116. I wonder if Senator Graham might have another melodramatic soliloquy, this time to find what happened to Khashoggi.

    Probably not, as that might bring ill repute to Trump and his "genius" Kushner.

  117. "Deafening silence" from the White House, greeted the news that Jamal Khashoggi, Saudi dissident and journalist at The Washington Post, was assassinated upon entering the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul. The Saudis vehemently denied murdering and dismembering the Saudi dissident during his visit to their consulate for marriage documents. What might have been a happy visit turned into the death knell for Mr. Khashoggi, and a world-wide alarum against MBS, who was accused by the Turkish regime as having orchestrated the assassination with his 15 Saudi brethren. Sound familiar -- 9/11/01?

    Jared Kushner doesn't need any more enemies. Mr. Kushner and his father-in-law have made too many colossal mistakes in American foreign policy. President Trump is "concerned" about the missing journalist and said that "things will work themselves out." Things won't. Meanwhile, last night, he rallied his base in Erie, PA, during the worst Hurricane to hit the Florida coast in recorded history. The usual 2020 Trump MAGA rally -- dog whistles to his base, ranting against Fake News and Evil People (Democrats). Trump is avoiding facing the conundrum of the assassination of a journalist from Washington, DC, in Turkey. The tide against Trump, Kushner and their alliance with MBS is turning.

  118. Why would anyone bet on Kushner? Is his dad out of prison? Is his father-in-law headed to prison? Did he move the Embassy to Jerusalem because of money from Las Vegas? Who bailed him out of his 666 Fifth avenue property, and why? Why did he want a back channel with Russia?

  119. @Keith
    Answers, in order of questions:
    money. money. money. money. money.

  120. So let me get this straight. The fool in the White House wants to try and bully Canada into a trade deal by threatening out auto industry with massive tariffs if we don`t. play nice; but he loves an apparent murderous regime of Saudis prince`s that turned a blind eye to their citizens crashing planes into the World Trade Towers ; and who by all accounts have apparently assassinated a major critic in Khashoggi. Of course the fact that they expelled the Canadian Ambassador just weeks ago for criticizing their human rights abuses did not even register with Trump or his know nothing son in law. Talk about the blind leading the blind. With friends like this; who needs enemies.

  121. @Greg Hodges--Since his campaigning days, Trump has saved his most vitriolic rhetoric and harshest criticisms for American institutions, America's allies, American government and even American citizens. He has consistently been kinder to foreign leaders and governments than he has to his own. It begs the question: Why does a man with such contempt for his own country and its people want to be its leader?

  122. @Greg Hodges

    Scary and depressing, @Gary, but I think you've got it about right.

    Except the part that elevates the situation from scandal to crisis: Jared's business interests with his Saudi pal. Oh, and then there's the part about DNI and CIA reporting they chose not to alert a US citizen to possible threats.

    This story is just beginning to unfold. Wait for it.

  123. Saudi Arabia is and always has been our mortal enemy. It is a complete mystery to me that one generation of leaders after another fails to realize this. Must be all the bling and pomp of royalty that Western leaders get when they visit that awful place, making them blind to the savagery lurking just behind the golden facade.

  124. They are blinded by the amount of money the saudis have

  125. @GS There is always time to study history. A study of the U.S-Saudi relations can be quite interesting and may prevent such statements as " Saudi Arabia is and always..."

  126. Turkish officials and a newspaper close to the Turkish government identified 15 Saudis who they said were operatives who flew to Istanbul last week in pursuit of Mr. Khashoggi.

    To think that it took so many to do what here, one guy sitting in a control room in Nevada, could do with a drone circling overhead anywhere else in the world. No dismemberment required, just filling in the huge bomb crater that's left. The Saudis have a lot to learn about assassination.

  127. There must be some mistake!

    Nikki Haley just the other day said:

    "Jared is such a hidden genius that no one understands," Haley said of the White House adviser. "

    Nikki is right "I don't understand" why her or Jared are serving in government.

  128. First of all a thank you to the NYT for pulling out of the conference in Saudi Arabia. All news outlets should do the same in non-partisan solidarity to make a point!

    Given the amount of public, non-public but shared intel and those that Turkish and US intel is yet to (maybe) release there is no doubt of the Kingdom's involvement in the disappearance/murder.

    The question is how will the US (and to a degree UK) react to it as this will set the norm for future events not just in Middle East but around the world. It will also either help add to or reduce from US's morale high ground...

  129. Are we talking about the same Saudi kingdom who's citizens perpetrated 9/11, which has been supporting ISIS and other sunni extremists and madrasas around the world, which is pushing the US into war with Iran - and, the one which apparently executes and dismembers journalists who criticize the regime and our wannabe dictator in the US?

  130. The picture captures the essence - three grown men will not listen to a boy-messenger from a boy-man President.

  131. Fear of provoking an outcry on Capitol Hill, embarrassing a few American executives, and putting Jared Kushner in an awkward position apparently isn't much of a deterrent.

    Kushner's awkward task is figuring out a way to get the Saudis officially off the hook, since they went to a lot of trouble to make this assassination very public and obvious. If Kushner succeeds, good. If he fails, Trump will say he didn't, Kashoggi is still dead, the American Businssmen will stick around if the money is good, and the Kingdom will certainly survive a tongue lashing from Lindsey Graham.

  132. Jared Kushner was a "Newspaper Publisher" in exactly the same way his father-in-law was a "Casino Operator." They both bought going concerns with their father's money and promptly ran them into the ground.

  133. No surprises here. The family and extended one of this boy "Genius" (Haley referred to as the hidden genius) need Saudi money, money, money. Why on earth would anyone let this Jared K. run wild and in charge of diplomacy concerning the Middle East? America's interest and it's well being is only a sideshow for these people.

  134. I see no risks for little Kushner in anything he messes up. The Saudi murderers of children in Yemen are assisted by the US. These children are starving to death. Not a murmur from anyone. Kushner is another operative of the Trump organization but married well---he is secured, eligible for higher posts, and of course for loans from certain foreign interests to prop up his failing enterprises. Life is good for little Kushner.

  135. Don’t forget that Nikki Haley said Jared was a genius.

  136. Anyone that calls Jared a genius is boot-licking Trump

  137. Trump IS upset, that he can't do the same thing in the US to quiet his critics.

  138. Why do you need an autopsy expert to carry out a killing--or for that matter, a kidnapping? What is an "autopsy expert"- is he a pathologist? An expert among pathologists? Or an assistant at a lot of autopsies so he knows how to handle the saw?

  139. This will be "news" for a few more days and then forgotten. What is it so far, 500,000 Syrians dead and hundreds more each month? No longer news to the NYT. One foreign journalist goes missing and the NY Times finds a way to fault Kushner. The crown prince, like him or despise him, is in charge. You think Kushner has one ounce of influence on internal Saudi politics? He, like most U.S. politicians (including former presidents) is simply being pragmatic. This story seems more like a bait invitation to "progressives" to rant through comments about their hate for Trump. As if all these words, including mine, will make any difference in the world. Is it too early for a drink?

  140. So, Trump was being pragmatic by destroying the Iran deal and imposing sanctions? I’m sure that was just “being pragmatic”. After all, like them or despite them, they’re in charge of their own country... right? (rolls eyes)

  141. @Mark Shyres, keeping quiet in the face of
    evil is to be part of the evil. Speaking out
    makes a difference. Don't you understand
    why crown prince has imprisoned so many
    who dare speak out because he feared the
    impact of their expression.

  142. “They have an ally who is on the same page as they are," says a policy expert with 'close ties' to the Saudi regime.

    Exactly what 'page' is that, Ali Shihabi?

    Here's one guess: Jared is doing what the Trump circle always does: protecting their business interests. Jared's mythical role as the Saudi whisperer who can advance US interests is nonsense.

  143. When Jared Kushner was still playing with toys, Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Salman was learning how to be an absolute monarch, answerable to no one. He learned that to be a ruler, he had to eliminate his enemies, the easiest way being to exterminate them. The Crown Prince learned to smile over dinner, while planning how best to use his dinner companion to further his own ambitions.

    The journalist Jamal Khashoggi, unfortunately, spent too much time in the U.S. and forgot that to step on Saudi soil would be to put himself into the hands of an absolute ruler, who can have any Saudi executed at his whim. He may have been afraid that he would be taken, but not afraid enough.

    The Saudi embassy in Turkey is Saudi soil. Their laws apply. Not the laws of Turkey. Not the laws of the U.S. Not the laws of any international organization. Jamal Khashoggi forgot, just for a moment, that he was the subject of an absolute monarch. As a result, his life was forfeit.

  144. Kuschner, the nepotism choice, begins and ends with power and money. He and his wife, who may be officially appointed by Dear Leader Trump, have no business in politics.

  145. "But if it becomes clear that the prince ordered the assassination of Mr. Khashoggi or was connected to it in some way, it will provoke an outcry on Capitol Hill "

    Really? Outcry from whom? The GOP members of Congress have proven themselves thoroughly spineless when it comes to anything Trump, while the Democrats have been feckless in their opposition. There will quickly be another silly tweet about something else to cause a new uproar and distract everyone from this latest mess.

    Trump might care a little if it was one of the hot blondes on Fox that was assasinated and dismembered, not otherwise.

  146. Power corrupts--without checks and balances--hierarchies of decision making--research, review, appeal, separation of powers/offices and officers/official--on an on.

    Kushner's sucking up to a corrupt autocrat reveals his ambition and that of Big Daddy-In-Law.

  147. @Michael Kubara Saudi royals are no different from other entrenched powers that see themselves as entitled. That our government, since the 1950s suspends reality of this in order to justify its policies towards S.A. is a demonstration of remarkable stupidity.

  148. The naivete of President Obama's and President Clinton's faith in the integrity of the Saudi royals is overshadowed by that of the Trump administration (Don & Jared, both).

    The Trump administration's faith in the Saudi royals goes beyond naivete into willing disbelief of reality. It would be insightful if the Trump administration would didactically explain how their policy is MAGA.

  149. @Jim It is naive to think that U.S. relations with Saudi Arabia are based on naivete or disbelief of reality.. They go back a long time, based on oil and support for U.S. policies and actions in the Middle East.

  150. The "policies" if there are any from the Trump administration are proving to have huge negative implications. Surrounded by people with no political experience or international relations experience, consequences for now and the future will damage U.S. relations with other nations for years. Those in the White House, such at Bolton, only have political agendas that are focused on their own values not those of our nation. The damage caused by these bumbling fools only interested in their own values and greed will have negative ramifications for decades to come.

  151. Hmmm, maybe all those tech and financial titans attending the conference and staying at the Ritz Carlton will find out the place has been re-named Hotel California.
    How inconvenient for them!
    What a blessing for us!
    Do you think Jamie Dimon will be able to continue doing God’s Work?

  152. Let us be fair.Much of American media too has promoted Crown Prince Salman as a breath of fresh air.

  153. When he let women drive, American media portrayed him as a cross between Albert Einstein and a Martin Luther King.

  154. @Khaganadh Sommu
    So did Jamal Khashoggi until it became clear that the Crown Prince was using 'reform' as a diversionary tactic while tightening the noose around Saudi conversation, debate, dissent to consolidate absolute power for himself.
    Remind you of anyone?

  155. @Khaganadh Sommu: Indeed Friedman issued a fawning report, at least twice

  156. The Trumps ingratiate themselves with tyrants. It's all about gaining their favor to get the money for family developments. The Saudi government needs to held accountable for the Khashoggi disappearance and likely his murder and Jared Kushner needs to pack up and leave Washington. He's a joke.

  157. @Lake Swimmer I would add: "a dirty joke"

  158. As I said in my previous comment, Mr. Kushner and Trump have never viewed the Middle East as anything else than a place where a lot of money can be made.
    Saudi Arabia despite being Mr. Trump first official visit still doesn't have a US Ambassador. The reason is pretty simple. Per the protocol, the Saudis have to go through the Ambassador, something that is not good for Kushner business plan.
    Yes, I meant "business plan" because, for Kushner/Trump, the Middle East it's all about the money, the money they can make supporting people like Prince Mohamed and as long they don't harm Israel interests, nobody in Washington will complain.
    The relationship with Saudi Arabia has always been about the money. So why would trump let Exxon Mobil, Schlumberger, etc... make money if Trump Inc. can't profit?

  159. The gross naivete of Jared is not surprising.
    Being an entitled kid, he has virtually no knowledge of the real world, and yet is a Senior Advisor to The President of The United States.

    The Saudi's are just doing what the Saudi's do.

  160. @Paul Perkins

    Exactly. Saudi pilots flew into the Towers on 9/11; Bush got all Saudis out of the country after all flights were downed. They flew from Florida. SA was never held accountable; rather, we bombed Afghanistan, briefly, after bin Laden had escaped by walking down a mountainside into Pakistan. Then we attacked Iraq which had nothing to do with the Saudi attack by the rogue prince in exile, bin Laden. Now we have an extension of "W" with this unqualified former real estate developer who has no foreign policy or diplomatic expertise. He will now support the Saudis as they jockey with Iran for regional market share. Trump wants to trash the 10 yr. Agreement Obama forged with Iran: no weaponized plutonium, with U.N. Inspectors on site who state Iran is in compliance. "W" ignored U.N. Inspectors who also stated Iraq had no WMD. Another Republican war for oil and profit?

  161. Well, morons are governing America, so, expect the absolute worst when it comes to principles or justice or...

  162. @Samp426 When was Saudi Arabia not a friend and pardner in crime of the USA?

  163. Lindsey Graham is off the rails.

    He says there would be “hell to pay.”

    Quote: “I’ve never been more disturbed than I am right now,” he said. “If this man was murdered in the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul, that would cross every line of normality in the international community.”

    Now Lindsey, you can’t have it both ways. You pander to and patronize the poster child (and yes, he behaves like a child) for crossing every line of normality in the international community. You can’t support Trump, watch him demolish decades of carefully crafted policy and norms, and then say that someone else crossed the line. You are culpable in moving the lines.

    You might argue that murdering a journalist is worse than anything Trump has done. But this isn’t about a battle to the bottom. Trump says journalists are the enemy. His and Jared’s pal murders a journalist. No connection?

    The emperor has no clothes.

  164. "Prince Mohammed has proved himself a valuable ally for the United States."

  165. “I’ve never been more disturbed than I am right now,” ]Lindsey Graham] said. I thought that was last week. He hasn't gotten his marching orders yet.

  166. So, this big "bet" Jared made on Saudi Arabia, we're supposed to believed that purpose was... to bring peace to the Middle East? Just like how he wanted to set up a secret back channel to Russia in order to end the war in Syria!

    Does anyone other than Nikki Haley believe that Jared Kushner is some kind of secret genius diplomat?

    Kushner, like Trump, cozied up to a murderous dictator hoping he and his personal business would be rewarded financially.


    And as for you, Lindsey Graham, THIS is the administration that you bought into whole hog last week. How do you like it? Perhaps if you are so "disturbed," you and your buddies in the Senate could hold some hearings on what, exactly, Jared Kushner has been saying to the crown prince of Saudi Arabia ostensibly in the name of our country.

  167. Strip the arms deal. They are most untrustworthy. Kushner is knit for personal money just like Trump and the GOP.

  168. Right... but of course, according to Trump and the GOP, Iran is the real threat... right.

  169. FACT: Jamal Khashoggi would be alive today except for Jared Kushner.

    FICTION: Jared Kushner has the skills to be an effective diplomat on behalf of anything other than his own financial interests.

    FACT: Saudi spending at Trump properties skyrocketed after Donald Trump was elected President.

    FICTION: There has been no impact of Saudi money on the policies of the Trump Administration.

    FACT: The world is watching how the US will respond to this assassination of an American by the Saudi government.

    FICTION: There will be no impact of Saudi money on the Trump Administration's response to the assassination.

  170. America looks beholden to S A and thus looks and is weak

    Bombastic fools tend to weaken countries

    We are no exception

    Thank you geniuses

  171. I’m sure trump’s administration only called the Crown Prince to scold him for bungling the assassination and being caught. All of us who see trump and his administration for who and what they are know that they only wish they could gather up the members of the New York Times, the Washington Post, and every other journalist who writes the truth about them and have them imprisoned and/or executed for their crimes against the State. That would be the republican dream.

  172. Interesting choice of words by POTUS' new Yes Man from South Carolina...Didn't he say there would be "hell to pay" if they messed with the Mueller investigation? If he has "never been more disturbed" he needs to watch his recent "audition" in the Judiciary committee...Just like with 9/11 - where we didn't take action against the country that gave birth and nurtured the movement and Al Queda - we as a nation ignore bad actors if we need them for something. That's not new. What is new, though, is an administration that does this because they want personal gain.....Not genius, just greed.

  173. Jared took a chance on the crown prince being a true reformer, and maybe more humanitarian than his dad. He was right to try, but it seems the prince isn't a bargain. Excuse me, why tar and feather Jared when EVERY ADMINISTRATION since Roosevelt pandered to this cruel nation, and its overweight, monied henchmen. It was Roosevelt who promised Ibn Saud there would never be a Jewish state on his watch. So, guess what happened. Apparently G-d had other plans, into which Roosevelt didn't fit.
    The State Departments and every President practically prostrated themselves in front of Saudi kings, and Bush actually bowed. Nobody ever had the courage to stand up to these bullies and their medieval (and evil) form of "justice." Remember the 1973 oil embargo? I certainly do. At least it propelled America to seek alternate forms of energy.
    Don't fault Jared. Fault the history of our country since 1945, when the obsession with cultivating the Saudis began.

  174. There wasn’t a Jewish state on FDR’s watch; he died in April 1945, three years before Israel was created by the United Nations. Please get your facts straight.

  175. @Rosalie Lieberman

    Nah. Jared used the White House to make himself buddies with Salman because the Sauds are among the richest people on the planet & may someday help Kushner make some money. Kushner could care less if Bin Salman is "a true reformer." $$$$$$!

  176. @Rosalie LiebermanI fault Trump more than Jared. Trump has insisted on filling important posts in his administration with people who, like Jared (and himself come to think of it), have zero qualifications.

  177. It must be tough for even a master dissembler like Trump to pretend he cares about the fate of an "enemy of the people".

    Now he will have to describe the killing as "fake news" after the Saudis insist they had nothing to do with it.

    It will probably take another cash infusion from the Kingdom into Trump's WMD jobs program to put the twisted grins back on the faces of the dark denizens of D.C.

    Have a Happy Halloween, Spooks!

  178. @CW next tweet or press briefing...They have strongly denied it. Strongly denied. You have to accept that. They denied it.

  179. It has been authoritatively said that Kushner is a "hidden genius." If that is the case, his genius must be entirely hidden

  180. @Diogenes hidden even from him.

  181. We have a crime family leading our government and the republicans think it’s fine. Grab them by the mid terms and vote the enablers out

  182. LOL. Graham is always good for a squishy quote or two.

    The fact is the Saudis couldn't care less about US "concern" for Kashoggi. Kushner is an absolute foreign relations neophyte and every two-bit dictator, from Beijing to Brasilia knows that they have carte blanche to do whatever they want to their opposition.

    It doesn't pass unnoticed that Pompeo, the current SecState is mute on all this stuff. Kushner is Trump's de facto foreign policy kid. The White House is a totally family centered enterprise.

  183. Just the latest in a long line of "the enemy of my enemy is my friend." Cozy up to a dictator because he opposes Iran (and of course because he has oil), don't worry about human rights abuses, and don't worry about whether it comes back to bite us as it did in the cold war time and again: Vietnam, the Shah in Iran, Ferdinand Marcos, Antonio Somoza...those who forget history and all that...

  184. @Roy
    sorry this is all about money. Kushners need money to finance their near bankrupt projects in NY and Jersey City

  185. Don't forget the Saudi govt kidnapping other Saudis last year and shaking them down for their I'll gotten gains. Thieves robbing thieves.

  186. I have to wonder how compromised Jared Kushner is, and exactly what kind of national secrets has he shared with the Saudi's?

    Is Jared or the Trump's getting any financial benefits from the Saudi's?

    It's time to stop these stupid 2016 campaign rallies with the Lock her up chanting, it may be Lock the Trump's up.

  187. I remember 17 Saudis brought down the Towers, when will we learn?

  188. @Bake
    when american voters do the right thing and vote out these crooks. I mean all of them.
    The Republicans in the senate just proved they have no respect or regard for the US citizens.

  189. The US alliance with Saudi Arabia is immoral and should be illegal. Saudi Arabia is ruled by a brutal backwards regime that we should have NO business or other dealings with. Truly evil. It is a testimony to the corruption of every US president who has dealt with the Saudi psychopaths. Shame shame shame on the United States for dealing with such a monstrously evil brutal heartless unethical immoral regime.

  190. Not just every administration, but the corporations as well. They actually love the total ruling of people because it keeps the workforce in line. The corporations are just as bad, if not worse.

  191. But the Saudis have oil and we are too selfish and self indulgent to do anything except waste oil like it is free.

  192. Kushner, the Middle East and what Kushner had to promise as a representative of the US Government for him to receive the sudden $1.5 billion in refinancing funds for his Manhattan property.

    Hmmmm....Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates are his special rabbi.

  193. Kushner's bromance with a budding dictator mays be as reckless as his father-in-laws with Putin. Wolves have been known to eat one another.