#MeToo Leaders Thank Christine Blasey Ford: ‘Your Sacrifice Was Not Made in Vain’

In an open letter to Dr. Blasey on Wednesday, #MeToo activists called her a “hero” and promised that her words would have a lasting impact.

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  1. I watched your testimony Dr. Ford and was touched by your courage and strength. Thank you for being an inspiration to us.

  2. Melania Trump has stated today that women need hard evidence
    when they claim that they have been sexually abused.
    Shame on her. I was 14 years old when it happened to me.
    There was no one else in the house except me and him.
    When I told my mother, her response? You are lying.
    She finally did believe me, but only when he admitted it.

  3. @Irene Cantu So you think there is no need for evidence? Wait until you'll be accused of something and declared guilty without any evidence. I think it is very dangerous to approach the problem of sexual violence this way.

  4. My cousin was 15 years old when she became pregnant after being raped by her father. She had an abortion which was illegal at the time - it was the early 1960s. After the abortion, she had no choice but to continue living in the same home with her father who had abused her. She never had children nor a loving relationship with any man for the rest of her life. What happened to her father? Nothing. His brothers kept it secret because it was embarrassing to their own reputations. It was never reported to the police. He faced no consequences.

  5. A morsel of schadenfreude..
    Kavanaugh, who was sworn in Monday despite accusations of sexual assault by several women, failed to secure his name’s URL and it was scooped up by Fix The Court, a judicial reform organization.

  6. @MiND. BRAVO!!!!

  7. I believe Dr. Ford. I know how we block out traumatic memories so we can survive, but these memories return when triggered, or when we become strong enough to face the truth. For those who do not understand this, you can consider yourselves lucky.

    I worry though, that if a white and highly educated woman like Dr. Ford could not put a stop to Kavanaugh’s appointment, then what can the rest of us do?! We still have a little Ng way to go in this MeToo movement.

  8. @Jh -- it needs to be acknowledged that the long passage of time and the gaps in Blasey's memories make for a tough case. If I were a juror in court, and Kavanaugh the defendant, I would be forced to acknowledge that reasonable doubt remains.

    The problems here are that Trump and the Republicans have now managed to move the standards so that confirmation (of Republicans at least) is guaranteed, unless one is found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. By this logic they should gratefully confirm O.J Simpson, because he was truly found not guilty in a court of law.

  9. Dr. Ford can have had no illusions about how her testimony would be treated by the Republican-dominated Senate committee...but testified anyway. That takes courage.
    I'm not American, so am neither a Democrat nor a Republican. But I used to be a lawyer, and to see a witness go ahead and give their evidence, knowing that it will be ignored or disparaged, is to watch a citizen doing their civic duty in the most daunting circumstances. Well done, Dr. Ford.

  10. I think it is important for women to come forward, and I hope more women will come forward when these events happen and take precautions against the kinds of situations my mother warned me against like isolated meetings. I can't do anything about what wrecked my life at age 22 in a doctor's office, but I can reflect on it and move forward. Despite the negativity and anger swarming in this country, I still believe in our democracy and our court system, which is based upon a presumption of innocence, not guilt. If you want action, then make your case. "Lynching parties" just degrade the victims and usher in another McCarthy era.

  11. @SchnauzerMom, my heart aches for you because of what happened at a doctor’s office that “wrecked your life”. I assume it’s sexual assault. Was the doctor’s visit the type of “isolated meeting” your mother warned you about? Is Dr. Ford being thrown into a room by a drunk, aggressive male something she could have prevented had she been smarter? It stuns me that as someone who has presumably been sexually assaulted herself, you blame the victim. Wouldn’t you prefer to live in a world where men didn’t sexually assault women and faced punishment for doing so? A world where the onus wasn’t on the victim to prevent the crime? Of course women don’t come forward at the time if they face “sisters” like you who would tell them it’s their fault they got assaulted or demanded proof of their abuser’s guilt. There IS no proof, that’s the point! Men do it this way on purpose! I don’t know what would cause a survivor like you to adopt this attitude but it makes me feel really hopeless.

  12. I appreciate the rage of women who for years haven’t been heard or believed, and we need to rage even more that:

    • Her allegations are unsubstatated
    • The only purported evidence that she named Kavanaugh prior to this are locked in a therapist’s notes that she herself refuses to share
    • She’s being lauded as a hero in the Democrat’s weaponization of yet another word – assault – that’s nothing more than a label - like racist - they throw at people they simply don’t like

    The whole matter stinks of politics, and we all, quite frankly, should be disgusted

  13. @Steve C. -- just for the record what "substantiation" do you think is required?

    And no, "assaulter" is not just a label, sexual assault is a crime.

  14. @Steve C. So, you appreciate that women aren't believed in one breath and in the very next you completely discount Dr. Ford's testimony? Quite the cognitive dissonance you've got going there. That is if you really meant that first bit. Somehow I think not.

  15. If ever there was a women's "charge of the light brigade" this was it.

    Basically Trump ratified the right of white males from the "meritocracy" to sexually abuse women without penalty. He established the new standard: women's testimony (multiple) as victims is not to be believed without "confirming" evidence, privileged men must not bear any stain of accusation.

    On top of that of course, Kavanaugh is now a supreme court justice for life.

    This is not merely "in vain," it is a complete and utter rout ... unless women can defeat Trump and the Republicans.

  16. Dear Dr. Blasey,
    Your testimony has given some in our Nation a lift of spirits, encouragement, and a view of true substance when faced with the void and dark shade of shallowness.

    While this American may not belong to any movement, having reached the age of maturity and sense, with a reminder to do better, your voice has helped more than you realize to keep moving forth together.

    Wishing you and your loved ones only bright dawns on our life journey, while others remain grave as statues in their suits filled with straw and lies of deceit.

  17. Our country, now and in the future, owes enormous debt of gratitude to Dr. Ford for her courage and simple truth, so evident that even the Republicans in the Senate, hell-bent to confirm a deeply flawed person to the highest court in the land, could not reasonably deny the validity of her memories. (It took the President a couple of days to get around to that.)

    Thus, Republicans went on to seat a man who openly lied to and mocked the Senate, who showed a personality unsuited to judgeship on any court, and whose far right views will further distance America from its democratic ideals.

    The Supreme Court becomes another institution sullied by Republicans and Trump.

  18. WHY I BELIEVE DR. FORD -- Some people don’t seem to know that traumatic events can be forgotten. After listening to Dr. Ford’s testimony, I remembered being 17. I was driving my old Pontiac Lemans at night which broke down on Kinderkamack, far from my home. There were no cells phones then and no pay phone handy either. As I was standing there, debating what to do, a car came along with four young men. After they learned about the breakdown, they said, “We’ll drive you home!” And like a complete idiot, I said OK and got in the car.
    Once I was in the car, I realized that we were going in the wrong direction and spoke up. “O we’re not going to your house, we’re taking you to a party in NYC.” I said “I can’t go to a party in NYC. My parents will kill me! You have to let me out.” They laughed and high fived. Terrified, I continued to tell them that I was NOT ALLOWED TO GO TO PARTIES IN NYC. Then one asked me what my name was – I told him “Connie Castro” and the car got very quiet. “Is your father, Police Chief Castro?” the driver asked. And a little light went off in my head and I said “Yes, he is.”

  19. @Concetta Castro Murray -- Suddenly the young men decided to drive me home immediately. They dropped me off and the driver said “Remember to tell your father that ____ got you home safely!” I ran into my house and locked the door! I wasn’t assaulted or anything but I was pretty shaken. To this day, I don’t remember their names, what they drove, or even exactly when this happened. It never occurred to me that taking a minor over state line was kidnapping or that I should tell my parents what happened. I just stayed quiet.

  20. What happened to that "little light"?

  21. Sacrifice? The only thing Ford sacrificed was the credibility of true survivors. This was such an obvious political smear on an innocent mans life. I am disgusted by the whole mess. I am a true survivor and I remember all the details.

  22. Agreed and glad you are a true survivor

  23. @True Survivor
    Why does everybody's experience have to be the same? People react to any life event, trauma or otherwise in different ways - some may remember all the detail and some not. Political smear - then why would they not listen to what the people at Yale had to say about what they saw. All these people spoke at great risk to themselves, they had nothing to gain. When someone is nominated to one of the top positions in our country and you know something that makes you feel they are unqualified to hold a position that requires absolute trust in their judgement, I believe it is reasonable to raise your voice. And in my opinion, we then observe how the potential appointee handles the situation - I probably would not have rejected him on the accusation but I would have on his behavior that followed in the hearings and the lies that he told as verified by the Yale classmates who were not interviewed. Totally unprofessional and frankly, it made the alleged behavior believable.

  24. @True Survivor
    I applaud Dr. Ford and she will always stand tall among those of us who appreciate women who refuse to stay silent. Your comments give me disappointment but I will continue to have hope.

  25. Let’s not forget other #meToo heroes.
    Paula, Juanita, and Kathleen also sacrificed greatly to report the rapes and sexual assaults of William Jefferson Clinton.

  26. Kavanaugh may as well be serving as a “distinguished” Justice with an endowment provided by Donald Trump.

    Unlike a “distinguished professorship,” the basis of this appointment stems from power, not money. It’s a carte blanche for Kavanaugh.

  27. "Your sacrifice was not made in vain." Because of your testimony America got to see the true Brett Kavanaugh. Up until then Kavanaugh was considered a mild, thoughtful, religious man. After you spoke out he showed the world the pampered, partisan, party boy he was and the lying, hypocritical, ill tempered man he became. It's not everyone who can unmask the well rehearsed, well schooled and well hidden side of a politician passing for a judge. You moved the needle by moving so many hearts Dr. Ford. That, in itself, should make your suffering worth enduring and your life well lived.

  28. What Dr. Ford did required fortitude and courage and I thank her. These memories can haunt you for years. No one wants to see the politicization of her pain. I believed her completely. As for Judge Kavanaugh, I believe he drank excessively and either doesn't remember or chooses not to remember......either way his behavior was appalling. Even more appalling was his partisan rant. Perhaps if he had actually watched her testimony, he might have been more circumspect and controlled. I have no respect for Judge Kavanaugh and I believe he will set about to demonstrate what he really meant by "what goes around comes around" to the entire country's detriment. I worry about our institutions as Trump and his cronies continue to slash and burn.

  29. In retrospect, Blasey-Ford was very brave in a cause that never stood a chance. The fallout is not worth the effort. Her stepping forward has not mitigated the dynamic of continued male-female abuses. I do not have a workable solution either. This is a complication in our lives that will not fade or become a thing of the past.

  30. I want to thank Dr. Blasey Ford for her testimony and for the risks and danger she has endured and will continue to endure as a result of trying to do the right thing. There are many reasons why it resonates with me: she gets nothing from having come forward; she recounted a story in very honest terms, choosing not to fill in where memory failed and scrupulously avoided statements she could not support; her calm and rational demeanor showed thoughtfulness and that she was in possession of the facts. She did not resort to tricks of wording, make statements that were false on their face or refuse to answer. Dr Blasey Ford's experience makes it clear to anyone watching with a modicum of compassion that our culture and institutions do little to nothing in support of the millions upon millions of people who have experienced sexual victimization. Instead, people who come forward can count on being disbelieved, called names, ignored, fired, experience career set backs or death, death threats, actual violence, accusations of bad intent, mental instability and be perceived as less valuable human beings.

  31. @Mrs Whit: Actually, she did not completely answer the question of how she knew it was Kavanaugh. Basic memory functions, epinephine, norepinephine, neurotransmitters, hippocampus. Sure, but did she identify Kavanaugh at that time or figure it out only later? When had she learned Kavanaugh's identity? How many times had she met him in the meantime, and in what context? Had she ever spoken to him face to face? What I got from the hearing is that she was subjectively certain that she wasn't making a misidentification, but her reasons for thinking that were obscure.

  32. Nothing is going to happen unless people vote.

  33. She has forever damaged the movement with her false testimony. All victims will be questioned more intensely about their veracity and they will be more doubted because of this sham. The Democrats have caused women to be less believed and therefore more vulnerable, all for political gain. Sad.

  34. Incalculable harm has been done to #metoo because of these false allegations made to stop a 5th conservative Justice from taking their seat on the Court. All the letters in the world written by all the founders of all the advocate organizations won't mitigate the harm that is being done. Cry Wolf at your peril,the voters will remember and victims will need a megaphone to be heard.

  35. Thank you Christine Blasey Ford. Your testimony filled me with such hope that the Senate would listen and do the right thing. Sadly, this bunch of old white men supported the frat boy-man. His behavior that day should have disqualified him from further consideration. But it didn't. I'm not sure what it will take to move America from this toxic environment, but Blasey Ford is a step in the right direction. We have to vote. We have to speak out. We are better than this.

  36. Get out the vote.

    And whenever you do, remember the insipid arrogance of Kavanaugh, Trump, McConnell, and the Republican Senators present during that hearing.

    Before you go to vote, read the transcripts from the hearing.

    Example -
    Kavanaugh himself:

    "Since my nomination in July, there’s been a frenzy on the left to come up with something, anything to block my confirmation...."

    "When I did at least OK enough at the hearings that it looked like I might actually get confirmed, a new tactic was needed.

    "Some of you were lying in wait and had it ready...."

    "This whole two-week effort has been a calculated and orchestrated political hit, fueled with apparent pent-up anger about President Trump and the 2016 election. Fear that has been unfairly stoked about my judicial record. Revenge on behalf of the Clintons. and millions of dollars in money from outside left-wing opposition groups...."

    "And as we all know, in the United States political system of the early 2000s, what goes around comes around...."


    (That still makes my skin crawl.)

  37. There was nothing "heroic" about Dr Ford. Remember, she initially expected her accusations to be taken seriously and derail Judge Kavanaugh's confirmation based on her ANONYMOUS accusation. One has to ponder the mind of anyone who would think such a thing might happen.

    Thank goodness our legal system does not allow such to happen. It also does not allow uncorroborated accusations to cause a "guilty" verdict about anything. It would be very frightening to live in such a world.

    If I here one more commentator say, "It wasn't a trial; it was a 'job interview', I will vomit. Their ignorance is stunning! Are they totally unaware of what kind of questions can take place in a "job interview"? NONE of the questions asked of Judge Kavanaugh would be allowed in ANY job interview!

    As a 75 year old woman, I have a hard time believing that so many of the "me, too" movement have truly been sexually assaulted. Just reading some of the letters sent to the NYTimes, confirmed this. Woman after woman wrote about having been in a relationship with consensual sex, then one time there was sex without consent or with passivity, but THEY CONTINUED IN THE RELATIONSHIP! Who does this? Why?

    I can well remember the women's movement when it started in the late 60's/early 70's. We were told we were strong, fierce, could do anything men could do. Now I see it being a movement of "victims" and weak, helpless, passive, fearful women. I don't identify with such women in any way.

  38. @India Nice try but you miss the mark about the job interview. He was not applying for just any job. He was applying to be a Justice of the Supreme Court. Utmost caution must be applied when appointing a person to such a position. Thorough investigation should follow any hint of impropriety or misdemeanor on the part of the candidate. The scandal of this appointment is that the GOP did not care to investigate. And to use a simple example: if you were hiring a live-in nanny and had heard rumors that she drank a lot, you would surely want to check whether that were true or not. And you would ask a lot of questions. But I suspect you would simply not hire her.

  39. A powerful letter.I heard from so many of my female friends and relatives after Dr.Ford's powerful,courageous testimony,about their sexual assault history.Is it any wonder many women don't report.Look how she is being dragged through the mud.I am so very grateful to her!

  40. Thank you Dr. Ford for showing us the true nature of Brett Kavanaugh: one more entitled, self-righteous, old white guy. He will rule against liberals and women, and rule in favor of corporate interests- against the interests of the American people.
    Melania Trump stated today that women who are assaulted must have "proof". The graphic details offered by Stormy Daniels about Trump's junk aren't proof enough? Woe until the Republican party come November. The only thing worse than an angry woman is 157,000,000 of them.

  41. Stormy has always said the sex was consensual.

  42. Assuming that Dr. Blasey's account is true, why was it her civic duty to bring this matter before the Senate at this time? By her account, a 17-year-old Kavanaugh groped her. She does not know that he intended to rape her, and I don't believe that he did. Is there not a reason why a young person's mistakes are treated separately by the legal system? Are they really the same person?

    Given, moreover, that she could not remember in what year it took place or where it happened, and that her best friend could not remember the occasion, how was it reasonable for her to think that airing these allegations was her civic duty?

  43. @Mark

    Mark, why don't you ask all the men molested as boys by priests why they came out.

    Then get back to me after you've done that because at this juncture I doubt it's even occurred to you to question the legitimacy of THEIR claims.

  44. The dismissive treatment of Dr. Blasey Ford is abhorent. It is astounding that we see reports that the republicans are using the treatment of Judge Kavanaugh as a rallyng cry. Judge Kavanaugh is now Justice Kavanaugh because the Republicans refused to carry out a fair investigation of the allegations. Dr. Blasey Ford is in hiding.
    Where are the reports of democrats rallying voters after not only the treatment of Dr. Blasey Ford but Judge Merrick Garland. To say nothing of Donald Trump and company.
    I'm mad as hell. Democrats must use this as a rallyng cry not just for #me too but all of the outrageous actions perpetrated by this administration which basically have put the USA in a downward moral spiral as well as placing our citizens, our country and the world at risk due to the lack of attention to climate change issues.
    I must comment about a printed comment regarding the takeaway of the confirmation. She lamented that her African American son would never be appointed a Supreme Court if he behaved like Judge Kavanaugh. Perhaps she forgot about Clarence Thomas. A far worse offender.

  45. Dr. CBF’s courage x #metoo Mindfulness = Gaiamerica.

  46. GOP to Women : Drop Dead.
    ME to GOP : You First.
    VOTE in November. Claim OUR Worth. Seriously.

  47. I was never one of those hyper-aggressive guys who put my hands where they didn’t belong. Forcing myself upon somebody without consent was always a clear line, even after a few drinks. I still have learned from listening to Ms Blasey Ford’s deeply personal testimony. We must teach all children to be far more cognizant of the impact even a brief inappropriate encounter can have on some people. I can still remember being held underwater by some older kids when I was very young. I also couldn’t tell you exactly who witnessed the event, but still can describe the experience itself but in quite some detail. It was this relatable incident that made Ms Ford’s testimony clearly believable to me. What she did will have a positive impact on many. Those who simply dismiss her have likely been lost to any sense of civility in any case.

  48. No thanks to Deborah Ramirez and Michael Avenatti's client?

  49. Dr. Blasey Ford was correct to fear retribution if her account were made public: She continues to receive death threats. Yet she contacted the Senate before Trump nominated Mr. Kavanaugh and wished to remain anonymous, so let's not demonize Democrats . I'll bet many Republicans believed Dr Blasey Ford, but felt that filling a Supreme Court seat with their extremist right-winger was more important, even if he showed certain character issues, such as lying and attacking women when he was a young man. After all, they backed someone who boasted of assaulting women. Republicans: The Party of Sexual Assaulters. They can't deny it. This is what they are.

  50. Yes, who wouldn’t find empathy for Dr. Ford. She came across as someone you could believe yet...why would she not even allow release of her therapist’s notes? What did she have to hide? Why did she go to her “Democratic” Congress person to make note of her premonition? Why did she chose Bill Clinotn’s attorney to represent her? How could she be 100% certain it was Kavanaugh’s hand over her mouth and on top of her body, yet she had no corroboration, couldn’t identify where house party took place, how she got there, how she left....and where are her parents? Why have they not stood behind her to provide support? Why was she afraid to fly but evidence is to the contrary? Why did she need days to drive to DC when she was actually in Delaware? Yet we can destroy a person when the facts aren’t there.