$450,000 Homes in Florida, Massachusetts and South Dakota

A 1963 house in Tallahassee, an updated Cape Cod-style home in Williamstown and a Sioux Falls showplace built for a lumber baron in 1907.

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  1. So, what will this place look like tomorrow, after Hurricane Michael?

  2. It'll be interesting to see what the Tallahassee house looks like tomorrow, after Hurricane Michael hits!

  3. With hope that the Tallahassee owners come through the storm safely and with as little damage as possible.

  4. How could that beautiful home in SD sell for only $450K?

  5. @Cone My aunt and uncle bought the house in the 1950s. It is one of those houses from your childhood that never got small. They restored it to its’ original beauty over the years and raised their large family there. The craftsmanship of this house is rare today. Corner lot, with the empty lot next door where the gazebo is. My aunt and uncle died within a week of each other last year, at 90. They were one of those “onename” couples devoted to each other and their family. My uncle was playing the clarinet at the piano with family days before he died. We were surprised at the listing price, but SD is a no income tax state and I suppose it competes with new construction of large houses in new developments. I live in Oregon, and we even thought about buying it simply for the investment. It is gorgeous.

  6. All so nice. Especially like the 2 level addition idea for the cape. More compelling reasons to leave this state on retirement....at least 50% more home quality for the price and exactly 1/2 or more of the current NJ property taxes which are still climbing.