Should Celebrities Weigh In on Politics?

Do famous figures have a duty to their fans to serve as an escape from reality? Or do they have the right to speak about their personal beliefs and opinions?

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  1. It is established in the first amendment that citizens of the United States had the right to freedom of speech, celebrities included. Though one may not agree with what these celebrities believe, I believe they, none the less, have a right to speak whatever they believe. That being said, it may not be the smartest idea in regards to publicity because it narrows down your attracted audience. Nevertheless, it is a gift to be able to speak your mind, especially in such an influential position as today's celebrities have. Maybe it is a right, maybe it is a responsibility, but either way we can't shame them for speaking their mind. If you don't like what they have to say, don't read or listen to it because that is your right.

  2. In the article, "Should Celebrities Weigh In On Politics?", the question posed was whether or not celebrities, or famous people should give their insight on political subjects. In my opinion, it is of the best interests of the famous person not to speak out on their political views. For an individual to been granted their fame, they must accumulate many followers; therefore, gaining a huge audience of different people with dissimilar views, who all look up to this one person. It would be detrimental for the celebrity to come out with certain beliefs, because they may loose a large chunk of followers in effect. In concession, one may argue that when political opinions are revealed by those with fame, they may actually obtain more respect and more support. For example, if an artist came out to the public with their opinion on equality for all, those who have an emotional tie to the issue will unite under this one individual. Because the celebrity has a lot of power, and can get their ideas across to a wide range of people, they are good advocates for a cause. But, in reality, any one with a political opinion will receive harsh backlash for their views. Everyone in this country is entitled to their own perspective, so we can not regulate what actions are taken by celebrities, and by those who rebuttal their ideas.

  3. Celebrities have the right to be outspoken on their political views, because they are citizens and have freedom of speech. However, that doesn't mean that they necessarily should. Celebrities should realize that people are going to have different views and you can't get offended by that. Also, celebrities should also realize that by being famous they are very influential, so they should think about what they post and the affect it can have on people before they post it.

  4. The human population most certainly does not agree on their political views; as they are allowed their own opinions, however I believe that can be talked about discreetly. According to the first amendment, US citizens deserve the right to freedom of speech, however those citizens should use their freedom wisely. I do see that it is fare for celebrities to have their own political views. Political views are not meant to be shared with the whole world; they can be discussed among family or friends, but social media is no place for it. There are too many people in the world already who live in fear because of people´s political views. Those views, like the ones certain celebrities share put out a message to their followers to side with what they believe. It can lead the population into a negative bias, and I believe that it can cause many more issues than necessary. Therefore, political views are allowed to be shared and people are entitled to their opinions, but it should not be done for the public eye.

  5. Just like every other citizen in the United States, celebrities also have the right to speak freely. In todays world celebrities play a bigger role than one would expect in politics. If a politician wins over an outspoken celebrity it is like free advertising. For a politician it is both a blessing and a curse to have outspoken celebrities. On one hand, you could have positive publicity much like what happened with president Trump and Kanye west. On the other, it is also very easy to receive negative publicity. For example, the song "FDT" which is an anti Trump song. Either way celebrities have such a powerful voice as well as the ability to reach so many different people. I think that celebrities should be encouraged to speak out no matter their political position. Celebrities have the ability to inform and persuade large amounts of people. If the world were perfect there would no difference between a celebrity and myself when voicing political opinions. However, this is not the case in the real world. Celebrities should be encouraged to voice their opinions but I think it is crucial for them to think about how they say it.

  6. I think celebrities have the right to weigh in on politics, but shouldn't feel they need to. Talking about politics currently for celebrities can go both ways. I think celebrities must balance how much they talk about politics to maintain their image and presence. Having a platform and being able to influence people is important. However in the entertainment industry I believe companies are becoming more self conscious of their image and brand. Although I don't really agree with the ideology, some companies may distance celebrities when they speak too much about current issues and project their opinions. I do care about my favorite celebrities beliefs to some extent, but I think it is more important at times to not voice your opinion. Although celebrities have target demographics, they do range and their fans have different beliefs. By weighing in you can create barriers with your platform rather than break them. It may be better for celebrities to value the difference in values and beliefs, as you cannot sway the opinion of all but you can let things be and respect others such as your audience.

  7. I believe celebrities should weigh in on politics because they have the most influence on the younger generation. Younger people don’t have the information or education on politics like adults do. Hearing things from the people they hear from the most aside from friends and family would be good for them. It would get them to get more involved into politics into the future, or even now. Voter regristration is low, and this could be a way for it to go up. While their view on politics could anger people, they are people too and they have their own opinions. Their views could also inspire people, and could get more publicity for the celebrity. Depending on how that celebrity feels, any publicity is good publicity, good or bad. Celebrities shouldn’t feel pressured to share their views if they don’t want to, but I believe it would be best if they would because it would benefit the younger generation and get them to vote or become more involved in politics.

  8. I do believe celebrities should way in on politics because everyone has a voice. No matter who it is. It can be a poor man a rich man or a celebrity. This is protected by the first amendment. If you don’t want to support or listen to them, you as a citizen do not need to. But everyone has a voice. Furthermore, if they have a voice, they can heavily influence people and that can be very beneficial to the citizens of America in many ways such as a large group pushing for a law, causing fans to vote, and other ways.

  9. I believe that celebrities should not weigh in on politics for various reasons. First of all, celebrities are not necessarily as well informed about politics as other voices on the news and in other political positions. However, their opinions are heard by a large number of people. With that said, since so many people weigh in, many individuals often follow the views and opinions of those celebrities which results in overshadowing their own political views. This means that they are not getting their political knowledge from informed individuals. Additionally, they are expressing their political view in an effective way at the same time. This can only have a negative effect on political elections and on major controversial issues.

  10. I do not believe that celebrities have any obligation to share their political opinions, but I do think that they have the right to speak their mind. In this country we have the God given, constitutional right of Freedom of Speech. Everyone has their own personal beliefs and opinions and I do not think that anyone should be penalized, hated, or lose "followers" simply because they decided to share their political views. Americans have the right to speak their mind, and they are called opinions because there is not right or wrong; it is someone's own personal view and they have the right to express how they feel without being attacked by people with differing opinions. When celebrities decide to speak their mind, that is no reason to attack them or stop liking their music or unfollow them. They feel confident in their own beliefs and there is no reason that they should have to hide them. It is their right and there is nothing wrong with that.

  11. Celebrities are citizens, they have rights and the freedom of speech. They are able to say what they would like. I do however believe that celebrities should always take into account that they are indeed famous. Their message will be heard and will influence a great number of people. They have a huge platform that is a outstanding opportunity to reach people, it would be a shame if they didn't use it for the problems that matter. Speak out, share your opinion, just think about what you say first.

  12. I believe celebrities should not weigh in on politics. Not saying they can’t, because anyone has a 1st Amendment right to freedom of speech. But, for the reason that mainly celebrities have a large fan base varying from all ages, I don’t believe younger kids and teens should be influenced by celebrities about politics at that age.

  13. I believe that celebrities are allowed to weigh in on politics. They are human beings just like all of us and I think everyone should respect that. In the 1st Amendment it states that everyone has the freedom of speech, and that includes celebrities. Some people can beg differ which I understand, but celebrities have a right and they can use it.

  14. I believe that celebrities should weigh in on politics because just like all of us, they have the freedom to voice their opinions. It is there decision and there right to have different opinions then some of us. Many people make it known what there political position is, why can't celebrities.

  15. I thank that everyone should have the right to talk about politics. It is the freedom of speech

  16. The role of a celebrity can be very high in society and culture. Many modern and current actors have important views not just about politics, but other aspects like body image and being who you are. However, no matter what, all of them deserve the right to have public or private views both political and otherwise. All celebrities are like every other citizen, because we are all people, no matter what our status or platform may be. No celebrity should be considered an escape from reality just because they don’t share their political views publicly. Also, just because they keep silent, it doesn’t mean their views aren’t significant to them.

  17. Celebrities should be able to weigh in. They're humans too, you know. Just because you have "millions of followers on Instagram" or Twitch, or Twitter, doesn't make you either immortal, nor the best person in the world.

  18. I do think they should weigh in on politics because just like any other citizens in the United States the should be able to comment or share their opinion(s) about politics. I think this because they weren’t celebs they would share opinions with others and would vote without it being a big deal. Think about you sharing who you are voting for and everyone going crazy about it. I know I would get scared and maybe a little insecure that my opinion isn’t met with what people want and change it, and that shouldn’t be the case.I think just because they have a platform doesn’t mean they can’t speak out about politics. If anything I would think that they would want them to speak out because they can influence people to vote for specific people depending on what the celebs say. I also think they should be able to speak out without anything being said that is negative. They are people too. Don’t you think? Celebs roles in our society are mainly to start trends and to sit and look pretty/handsome, but I don’t think they should be an escape from reality even though they are because a lot of the times they do things out of his world that can influence kids the wrong way. Also, it can influence to how your body is supposed to look and how your suppose to look even though everyone is perfect the way they are. I think the should have the right to speak up because like any other citizen they have freedom of speech. Which means that any citizen can speak without punishment.

  19. Celebrities, like everyone else, can do what they want. Let them talk about what they want to talk about.

  20. I think that celebrities should weigh in on politics because if they have an opinion or something that they want to comment on they should do it. 99% of the time they are correct about their opinions. Sometimes, they even speak for us as a nation. They also tell us what side are they standing on and who are they with, which is a good thing to know. The more we know the more this country will grow.

  21. I don't think that celebrities should weigh in about how they think politically, because there opinion may take a impact on there fans opinion, which wouldn’t be good. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion especially politically.

  22. I believe that celebrities should be able to speak out about their political opinions because they are able to speak out as they are able to as citizens just like us. However, since they have a platform and an influential stance, speaking out too much can allow their fans and audience to leave or change their opinions drastically or negatively to the celebrity. Although the celebrity might talk about their political view lightly, or not as aggressively, fans might still not agree to the political stance. It is the fans' choice to agree or not to agree, or to stop being a fan or continue being a fan, or to leave a vulgar comment or not comment at all. Whatever the fan does, the celebrity has already spoken out about their political stance and the fan can't do much about it other than being affected.

  23. Celebrities are allowed to share their opinion because they have the right by the first amendment which is freedom of speech. The amendment doesn't specify on who gets to say what based on your platform. Celebrities are people too, they just have almost everything they say documented by paparazzi.

  24. I think that celebrities should weigh in on politics. They should be able to tell their own opinions because they are people too and their opinion matters .

  25. I believe that celeberties have the right to voice their opinion. Even if it is not the most appropriate situation it can still happen. It may not be the best for the celeb it can still happen.

  26. I think that celebrities should be able to talk about whatever they want. This is America, and we have the right to speak out and express our political views. However, they definitely take into account that they have a large fanbase that worship them, so they should probably monitor what they say, and try their best to be respectful about candidates on both sides, despite what they may actually want to say about them. If they want to be disrespectful, by all means do so, but they should keep in mind that their opinion will be taken into account for many people. In my honest opinion, I could care less about what celebrities say and do. I will decide on my own political views, because someone else might have a different opinion than me, and that is fine by me.

  27. I believe that celebrities should have the right to express their opinion on politics. Just because they have a large fanbase does not mean that they should be criticized for something they believe. Their opinions matter just as much as ours even if we are not famous and do not have a large fanbase. There should be double standards for us and celebrities.

  28. I think that celebrities shouldn't weigh in on politics because of the fact that followers of celebrities might vote based on the celebrities' view, & not on how they truly feel.

  29. When it comes to celebrities weighing in on politics, I definitely think that they have a right to speak their mind. Celebrities are citizens just like everybody else, therefore, they should be able to share their beliefs and opinions as well. However, they may not have as much political experience as others since it is not a topic they have focused on throughout their life. Celebrities have such large platforms and many fans who are influenced by them and will take into account what they have to say. If a celebrity provides their views on a certain political aspect, than other citizens may act upon what that certain celebrity thinks is right. Some celebrities may use this as an advantage to put their opinion out their so fans and other artists can hear it. Personally, my political views would not change because of what my favorite artist or athlete thinks. I think everyone's thoughts and beliefs can differ, and that's what makes people unique and their own individual. I don't think people should base who they vote for off of a celebrity's point of view because it wouldn't be your own voice, it would be the voice of somebody else who caused that vote. Ultimately, I think that Celebrities are in no wrong for voicing their opinion, but I think that they should be more considerate of how many people they could influence.

  30. I absolutely think celebrities should weigh in on politics. If they genuinely care about the outcomes of elections, those with large platforms should use them to raise awareness for political issues. While many people argue that it's not a celebrity's job to "be political," they also shouldn't have to hide their opinions so that their fanbase can ignore real issues.

    Additionally, hearing an alternative perspective from someone one looks up to can help them learn to respect others with different values, research politics further, or adjust their own beliefs. Nothing good comes from ignorance.

    There are, however, a few logical reasons for celebrities to avoid divulging their political views. In the case of Taylor Swift in 2012, they might think that their ideologies aren't fully developed yet and not want to influence people in the wrong way. It's also possible that their followers would turn on them for their opinions. These are all conflicts that regular people face, too. Celebrities shouldn't be held to a different standard when it comes to politics.

  31. i believe that celebrities should have the same right to have a voice like everyone else and that their popularity should have nothing to do with what they put out there and whats their opinion.

  32. Some of the dangers of celebrities weighing in on politics include the fact that they have such a large platform and that their opinions can change others opinions. I think it is completely within their rights to express their opinions, but they should always remember the power they hold in society. Fans may vote based on how their favorite celebrity voted and not based on their own beliefs.

  33. I think celebrities should be 'allowed' to weigh in on politics just like everyone else. Just because they have a lot of people who like them doesn't mean that their right to expression goes away. It's ridiculous how we see celebrities as separate from everyone else and hold them to significantly higher standards and expectations. However, I see how they are influential figures to many people and are seen as role models, whether they want to be or not. Sure, by speaking their political opinions they may change a few minds, embolden others, or lose fans, but I don't see how that's a bad thing if there will always be another side doing the same thing.

  34. I think that celebrities should weigh in on politics because it is a great way to voice their opinions because of their platforms. If politics is something that they are passionate about, then they should have the right to voice their opinions and this could possibly get more Americans voting which is also very good. I believe that all Americans should be as informed as possible about politics and elections and who is running to represent them because it allows for the votes to truly come from all the people.

  35. I believe that celebrities should weigh in on politics. They are people just like the rest of us and should not have their opinions suppressed. Of course there will be celebrities who we may not agree with, but that doesn't make it right to shout and yell at someone because you do not agree with them. While I may not agree with all of Kanye's views, I understand what he is saying about his views being suppressed and how we should meet disagreements with discussion. Because celebrities are in the spotlight, I also think they should encourage their followers to create their own opinions and not just vote they way they are voting. I think it would be an unreasonable thing to do if we were to not allow celebrities to be open about politics.

  36. When it comes to celebrities weighing in on politics, I definitely think that they should be and feel freely to speak there mind just as well as everyone else does. I don't feel as because they have a high fan base that they should just sit and watch everything play out, I definitely think if they are genuinely wanting to be involved I think they should be able to speak there mind. Although they have a high amount of people following them I do also believe that celebrities opinions may be viewed as bias and others may tend to change there minds because of there ideal person that they tend to follow but again celebrities are people and just as everyone else I feel as they have a right to speak there mind let other know what they feel.

  37. I think celebrities should be able to weigh in on politics. They have freedom of speech just like anyone else in the US and it's not fair to them if they're not aloud to speak there opinion just because there celebrities. It shouldn't be any different than anyone else saying there opinions on politics.

  38. @Molly H. I completely agree with you.

  39. I think celebrities should be able to weigh in on politics because they should be able to have a platform to discuss their ideas just like everyone else. I feel it may even be a good thing that they share their ideas with so many others because they may be voicing opinions others have but are too afraid to say outlaid/to others. Although they can be influential, everyone is capable of making their own decisions and it is not a celebrities fault for voicing theirs.

  40. I think that celebrities should have the right to share their political views however they must know the repercussions that come from it. It could potentially make fans, not like them or like them even more. But they must be prepared for the backlash that can come from it. Honestly, I think it would just be easier for them to keep it to themselves however if they need the need to speak out about it they should feel okay with doing it. They just shouldn't feel obligated to do it.

  41. I think don't think that celebrities should weigh in on politics because a lot people like to keep their politics separate from their entertainment. People like do keep it this way because often times, politics are all about argument and people don't like to argue. Also, if a celebrities opinion doesn't agree with some of their fanbase, then they could be losing large sums of money by speaking out.

  42. I think that celebrities have a right to be able to weigh in on politics. That is basically like saying people cannot share publicly their political views. Celebrities have a right like any ordinary person to be able to share their views. Many celebrities are very influencial and can even sway many peoples opinions. I personally do not care about my favorite artists political views because, to me, it is about the music they are playing not about their views on different issues. Many fans may disagree with a celebrity's view and not like them anymore. I think that is ridiculous and that celebrities have a right to share their views but that should not take away from the brilliance of their work.

  43. I think celebrities should definietly be able to weigh in on politics. If they weren't allowed to it would be as if they were being punished for being a celebrity. Taking this away from them would violate their right to free speech. Instead, it should be on celebrities to make sure they use their platform for good since they can reach a wider view than the average person.

  44. I feel that all celebrities should be allowed to weigh in on politics just like the rest of us. it is up to us to think for ourselves though, and not be influenced by bigger names. using your following to promote something is one thing, but trying to influence someone's political views is another.

  45. Celebrities if they do voice their opinion they should back it up with evidence that supports their claim. If they just post something even with no evidence they are going to influence most of their followers just because people look up to them.

  46. Everyone is entitled to his/her opinion; we are a political people and it's okay to wear those views on our sleeves. But, I think everyone needs to be willing to hear other points of view. You need to even be willing to be offended. And then, at the end of the day, still recognize that you can be friends with people with whom you disagree and you can be fans of people or groups with whom you disagree. If you're only friends or fans of people who think just like you, well, what's the point of having liberty?

  47. Celebrities should be allowed to voice there own opinion because they are just like any other person in this world who has the freedom of speech. They have the right to and more people will listen because they are already popular so people care about there opinion

  48. I believe celebrities should be allowed to weigh in on politics, but they probably shouldn't. They obviously should have the right to free speech. They have the right to have an opinion. But when they express that opinion, all it does is create a divide. One side that now disagrees and thus, no longer likes the artist, and those who now embrace the artist. If I were an artist, I would prefer my fans to enjoy my talent rather than my political views. The platform is huge for these celebrities, and the weight their opinion carries is massive. Therefore I believe that is is best for them to just stay out of it and let the public and their fans decide for themselves

  49. i think that everyone is entitled to his or her opinion including celebrities. this is to a certain extent. if celebrities abuse the following they have to act mob-like i feel that is a blatant misuse of power. other than that, as long as celebrities are respectful there is nothing wrong with them letting it be known.

  50. I believe that celebrities should have the choice to weigh their opinions in on politics. To support that they should not weigh their opinions, celebrities' opinions will definitely hurt their popularity among their supporters– who are democrats or republicans. Celebrities have much influence on their listeners, viewers, etc., and are supposed to do their job of singing, acting, or whatever they do; it doesn't seem right that they can use their popularity power to influence the views of the people that look up to them. However, to support that they should be able to weigh in, celebrities are people and have freedom of speech.

  51. I do not necessarily think that celebrities should voice their partisan political opinion, but I do think that they should use their voice for something else. Celebrities are in a unique position in politics because they have the ear of the younger generation. Celebrities should use their platforms to get young people to vote, not just for their party, but simply to vote. Getting a large number of young people to vote could change the direction of the country, and celebrities can help. I do not think that they have the responsibility to show their political beliefs, but they do have the responsibility to help our democracy.

  52. I feel like celebrities should be allowed to share their political views. They have the same freedoms as we do, and its not fair if they can't speak their minds. Their no different from us when it comes to this stuff, i'm sure more people will react to a post by Taylor then a post by me. But that not the point, the point is the fact that celebrities should be able to say what they wont or believe.

  53. I think that celebrities should be allowed to speak about politics because as a right, everyone can voice their opinions. They should not have to keep their voice quiet just because more people might view or hear it. Trump and many other presidents could be considered famous, so that would mean they aren't allowed to speak their political views. Who else is there to listen to? News employees are famous, if they didn't talk about politics, how would we get out information? Celebrity's, the ones I keep up with, political views don't influence my decisions. Some fans might not want to hear their favorite celebrity's political views because they want to keep them in a bubble out of having real feelings.

  54. Celebrities have the right to say whatever they want just like everyone else. In my opinion I think that they should speak their mind but they need to understand how influential they are.

  55. They definitely should have the ability to weigh in, but whether or not they choose to is up to the celebrity. They have no obligation to weigh in or not weigh in.

  56. I think that celebrities should weigh in on more political matters. They have the platform to do so that many of us do not, and they should use it to spread awarness. They are not obligated to share, but it should feel like a responsability they have, and they should do their best to get people to vote. To me, celebrities do not change my opinion, but it does educate me on other opinions better and teach me abou other perspectives. If i agree with somethig, it may influence me to take actions in certain situations to help support my opinion. It is so inportant to vote for what you believe in and if ceebrities can help raise the voting numbers they should.

  57. 2018 has been the year of young people getting involved with politics, and everything from voter registration to gun control has been covered in the media. Teenagers turned young adults are keeping themselves informed and educated on issues that concern their rights within the country. Many turn to celebrities and other influencers that surround the world of social media to get information on current events. So for someone like Taylor Swift to share her political beliefs- right before an important midterm election- is powerful. It is great for the social and political climate that celebrities are helping to create a conversation about relevant topics. If popular culture can merge with political discussion, younger members of society can widen their knowledge and become involved in the global conversation. Critics felt like Swift using her platform was pointless because her following consisted of thirteen year old girls that can't even vote, but her post had sparked voter registration. Young adults are inspired by celebrities' actions to form their own opinions to discuss these topics conversationally, some with the ability to make a difference this November.

  58. Personally, I feel as though everyone has a right to voice their opinions. As a high schooler, my opinions are not always the loudest in the crowd. Celebrities, however, are always being shared. The opinions and beliefs of someone in a movie are much more influential than most. Celebrities are humans too, and although society has created a hierarchy and placed them on the top pedestal of it, they should still be able to defend their standings on certain subjects. Granted I am not a politician, nor do I keep up with politics in everyday life I like to believe that I know enough about them to realize that everyone feels differently about them. People who appreciate the conversation of politics seem to discuss them with their peers, the difference between them and celebrities with similar interests is that most of them are not famous. Celebrities have a major influence on people, whether it is on the way they dress, the way they act or anything between. When celebrities begin to discuss politics, it is only logical to believe that they would have some type of influence on these opinions as well. Considering this affect, I think it is important for celebrities to share their lives with their audience, however, not necessary for them to sway the political stance of them. I do not feel as though they should share this part of their lives with their fans because everyone should believe in their own ideas, and choose what appeals to them rather than their favorite singer or actor.

  59. Personally, I do think that celebrities should weigh in on politics; they are people and all people in America have the right to free speech. There are many people who do not get involved in politics, therefore do not know as much about the current affairs in the United States. When celebrities use their platforms to speak out about politics, I feel that this opens up the dialog on the issue, and brings it to the attention of people who might not of know of it otherwise. In addition, recently, more celebrities have begun to speak out on issues that normally would be brushed under the rug, however, due to them speaking out, it has encourage others to speak out as well. For example, after celebrities began to speak up about sexual abuse and assault, it encouraged others to speak out and get involved with the “Me Too” movement. If it wasn’t for public figures speaking out this issue would have been continued to be swept under the rug. However, I do feel that there is a risk when celebrities speak about politics, because they are showing more of who they truly are, and everyone has different opinions, which could lead to the celebrity being criticized.

  60. I strongly believe celebrities should stay out of politics. Politicians should battle for their votes by promising to give the people what they want, not because Taylor Swift or Kanye West endorsed them. Citizens should form their own opinion of what is best for them and their ideals instead voting because they like a pop-star or model. Celebrities have too much influence over the average person for them to be involved in politics.

  61. In an ideal world, celebrities will be able to share their opinion on any topic without backlash or controversy about that but that will never happen because people love to hate what they don’t have or what they don’t understand. Celebrities are often seen as icons or these untouchable creatures that you can never see in person, but many forget that they are real people with their own opinions and ideas. The subject of should celebrities give their political opinion has been discussed heavily over the years and I don’t think that there is one right answer. I definitely think that they should be allowed to talk about their political view in public because, after all, they are only human, but they do have a responsibility that comes along with that. Celebrities have a wide range of audiences with a wide range in ages that watch them, and for some celebrities, younger kids listen to their music. I do think that they should say their political opinion but they should also say it with facts to back them up. Even though they didn’t ask for it, celebrities have an obligation to be educated on any controversial topic that they discuss in the media, because a lot of them have children who are very susceptible to opinion who watch or listen to them. In the end, I don’t really mind what my favorite musicians’ political beliefs in anything really are because if they are creating music and doing so because they, love it then I they should be able to state whatever believes they have.

  62. I think that celebrities should weigh in on politics if they want to but if they do not want to share their opinion then I don’t think they should have to. It is there opinion and they should be allowed to keep that a secret if they really want to. I personally do not think that celebrities should voice their opinions on politics because that may cause their fans to think the same way as them rather than making the decision by themselves. I think that if a celebrity has a very distinctive and very opinionated side I think they should share if but if they don't really care about the topic then they are just swaying their fans for no reason. I think it depends on the type of celebrity that you are on whether or not they have a duty to their fans to serve as an escape. I personally could care less about what my favorite celebrities political views are but I know that that is very important to some people.

  63. In the recent years, more and more people are taking an interest in the different political concerns of our nation. Social media and the internet has allowed people to voice their own opinion on these political concerns; such as gun laws, gay rights, and elections. Celebrities, having a surplus amount of followers, do often post their own opinion on certain political elements relevant within society. One example is posting or commenting about their thoughts on the current president Donald Trump. Celebrities posting about their opinion on politics has an impact on how many people support the argument they specifically are supporting. This is due to their massive credibility and fan base. Obviously, if our favorite celebrity supports an idea, we are going to support it too. According to the article, Taylor Swift has voiced her opinion in an election currently taking place in Tennessee. By sharing her own chosen candidate with the rest of the voters, they could be swayed to vote this candidate along with her. This could be beneficial to society. Celebrities are constantly trying to be role models for the public. Because of this, they will always strive to do the "right thing" in my opinion. When he/she choses to do the "right thing", or vote for the "right person", more people will follow him/her because they look up to him/her. By sharing their opinions on political matters, celebrities and can cause people to change their own opinions and affect the outcome of the matter.

  64. There are hundreds of role models and celebrities that we, the audience, idolize and look to for entertainment, however we must not forget that these are real people. Many feel that because they are so influential, they should refrain from speaking out because their audience will be immediately biased or swayed by their voice that they fail/ disregard their own judgement. However, as the First Amendment states “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech”, meaning everyone in America can voice their own political or personal beliefs freely. Just because we look up to celebrities as role models does not mean they are any less of people than we are. They should not be obligated to act as robots, simply there for our entertainment forced to have little or no voice of their own. We as a society should respect the voices of our role models whether we agree with them or not and take them into consideration as we form our own opinions. Although, when speaking out, celebrities as well as all of society should voice their opinions respectfully and intelligently, keeping in mind the opposing argument.

  65. First of all, I believe celebrities have the right to share their political beliefs, as long as they don’t constantly talk about it, because that gets annoying. Now, I think fans are resistant to when they hear a celebrity’s political views because they worry the celebrity’s beliefs are different from their own. Now this only really goes for people that think their opinion is the only correct opinion, which obviously isn’t true. It’s an opinion, people. It can’t be wrong. I have in the past changed my opinion about a celebrity, but not really their work. It wasn’t quite about political views, rather than a situation that was going on at the time. Not sure if it still is. The celebrity was Melanie Martinez, and the whole thing about her friend accusing her of rape. I tried to avoid it as much as possible because I just didn’t want to get involved. I definitely didn’t like her as much after that, but I still listened to her music because I just liked it, and I couldn’t help that. But yeah, I do believe celebrities should be able to voice their political views because they’re human just as much as we are. They have freedom of speech too, and because of their massive platform, voicing their political beliefs could be a good thing. It could help make younger generations more aware, and possibly help causes. If they support Trump though I’m out.

  66. I do not believe that celebrities should weigh in on politics, however, they are allowed to voice their opinions. I don’t think that they should simply because they have such pivotal roles in the ways people think. Many people look up to these celebrities, and when one says something, most likely many will follow. I don’t think that celebrities have the obligation to speak out in politics. The only thing they have are outlets to spread their opinions. If they don’t want to be ‘hated’ on, then they obviously don’t have to speak out their opinions. I think that celebrities have a very social role in our society. I also think that people believe that it is celebrities duties to be an ‘object’, and they often are violated by fans. I do believe that they have a right to speak out their opinions, because they also have a say in the matter of politics. I don’t really actively listen to my favourite actors (and such) political opinions, but I sometimes agree with them, and sometimes don’t. They don’t shape my opinions. I haven’t really changed my political beliefs despite to a celebrity that I don’t like endorsing them. I don’t change because most of the time I know about the celebrities before they voice their opinions, and so if they didn’t change their artistic style and stuff, I’d be fine with it.

  67. Not all musicians must conform to a liberal mold but I think artists should make an effort to stand up against the bigotry and hate that exists in our country and White House today. Kanye West and Taylor Swift are two of the biggest pop stars in the world but, apart from a moment of onstage drama they once shared, the two have almost nothing in common. Of course, both posses titanic fame and their political opinions are being studied with more attention than those of many actual politicians. Kanye West is an artist who has built his career on paving new paths in hip-hop as a rapper-producer with a unique approach to music and celebrity. His bold outbursts have made him enemies but his recent support of Trump has made even his most devoted followers think again about supporting him. As a huge fan of Kanye's music, I won't swear off listening to him ever again. But his right-wing views and more erratic than usual rants make me wish he used his intelligence and talent to take a stand for the issues he used to champion. Trump's racist rhetoric sounds directly at odds with Kanye's previous messages, even if they both share a flair for theatrical hyperbole. I've never been a fan of Taylor Swift but her recent support of Democratic candidates is fascinating. Her largely white, country-loving audience probably scared her from standing against Trump during the election. Now, equally worried by disappointed liberal fans, she is taking a stand. If she can create change, all the better.

  68. Celebrities should weigh in on politics because it's beneficial to them and their fans. A celebrity will get more news and social media coverage if they say something about politics, it's not expected of them to do that. Many of their fans could disagree with their stance but it also gives the celebrity a chance to be remembered by something other than their work; for instance, Emma Watson is actress and also an activist. Just because she speaks out for what she believes in I don't think it is an obligation for all celebrities to speak out, some people choose not to talk about this because they fear their opinion won’t be shared with others, which is perfectly fine they don’t have to speak. The role of a celebrity is to entertain, but they can also go out and participate in marches or protest just like any other citizen. It doesn’t matter to me what one of my favorite influencer's political beliefs are as long as they are able to separate it from their work. I’m not easily influenced so listening to one celebrity I like talk about something I’m completely against will not change my mind on how I feel about the subject. Fans are probably resistant because they feel it is not the celebrity's place to talk about politics since they are “uninformed” about the topic, which isn’t always the case.

  69. Celebrities should weigh in on politics because it's beneficial to them and their fans. A celebrity will get more news and social media coverage if they say something about politics, it's not expected of them to do that. Many of their fans could disagree with their stance but it also gives the celebrity a chance to be remembered by something other than their work; for instance, Emma Watson is actress and also an activist. Just because she speaks out for what she believes in I don't think it is an obligation for all celebrities to speak out, some people choose not to talk about this because they fear their opinion won’t be shared with others, which is perfectly fine they don’t have to speak. The role of a celebrity is to entertain, but they can also go out and participate in marches or protest just like any other citizen. It doesn’t matter to me what one of my favorite influencer's political beliefs are as long as they are able to separate it from their work. I’m not easily influenced so listening to one celebrity I like talk about something I’m completely against will not change my mind on how I feel about the subject. Fans are probably resistant because they feel it is not the celebrity's place to talk about politics since they are
    “uninformed” about the topic, which isn’t always the case.

  70. Celebrities should voice their opinions on politics. I say this because me being a fan of many celebrities, I’m influenced by their words or actions. Celebrities can educate their fans about the people running or the politics in charge now. Famous people have a platform so why not use it for a good reason. Celebrities may even inspire their fans who never vote to vote. I also think celebrities are just like us too so they should voice their opinions.

  71. Celebrities should voice their opinions politically because of the impact they hold on certain individuals. Stars including Beyonce, Jay Z, Kendrick Lamar, John Legend and Miguel have all made points to show their support of the Black Lives Matter movement and other concerns such as police brutality in America today. Certain celebrities hold a great amount of influence over their fans. I think people forget that these are real people with real voices and that freedom of speech is still a factor. When presidential elections were happening in 2016, many celebs made a point to say who they supported. The hashtag #imwithher was used my celebs all over twitter. With midterm elections around the corner, I have seen so many celebrities telling their younger followers to go out and register to vote. I myself am not able to vote yet, but seeing posts encouraging those to do so, strongly makes me want to. From this, you can see the effect certain celebs have. Taylor Swift is someone I have listened to from a very young age. Her recent endorsement of two Democratic candidates is something very admirable. A large number of her fan base are in fact Republican, so her stating her endorsement probably upset some of her fans. I believe that it is not a role as a celebrity to constantly be spitting out politics but they indeed have every right to do so because they are human. It is extremely important to realize that if you hold such a large platform, you should put it to good use.

  72. I do not believe that celebrities should weigh in on politics. I believe that this is not not necessary due to the fact that children who listen to the celebrities do not need to know about politics. This would make it inconvenient to the children due to the fact that they would most likely go and annoy their parents about who to vote for, since their favorite celebrity told them about who to vote. This is not a good way to vote for someone in politics due to the fact that they are going to influence people based of what they think is right, and the people will vote off of what they heard from them even though that runner up might be worse for the nation than the other. Also, I do not care about what a celebrity would say about a runner up because I would vote based off who is best for the nation and not another individuals beliefs. I do not change my mind about the celebrities based off of their beliefs because I know that not everyone will think the same and that everybody can have their own opinion.

  73. Celebrities should weigh in on politics. Politics is everywhere we go. Public figures, socialites, celebrities, and famous people have a huge plateform, so expressing their political views could affect their fans. By using their huge plateform, they could spread their views and messages to their fans. This could leave an impact to on the fans and could persuade them. An example of this is famous people, celebrities, and others telling their fans to vote

  74. I feel celebrities can weigh in on politics if they choose. They are not obligated to and should be especially careful. Although they are more recognized in society, celebrities are people too, and they have views and opinions. Celebrities, especially new up and coming ones tend to not be influential in a positive or respectful way. I think as more and more kids are becoming involved in social media and following celebrities online there should be a limit to what they can say. I personally don’t care for celebrities political views because it doesn’t affect me. It can be interesting to hear their views but it would never affect how I feel. One major reason is because celebrities often portray a character and what they say to the world or on social media might not be how they truly feel. Someone could have paid them to speak about a certain issue or to speak highly or poorly on a certain topic. You just never know. I think a lot of celebrities are reluctant to share their views because they are aware of all the people following them. It’s possible that someone might misinterpret their views or become offended. Theres no right or wrong answer to this, but everyone should just be careful.

  75. I do think celebrities should weigh in on politics. They have voices that they want to be heard. A person should be able to, depending on how educated they are, should be able to speak on whatever topic they want. It shouldn't be determined by how prevailing they are. And with their voice, they can impact certain individuals by educating them or making them see another person's position or point of view. They are just like any other person in this world. If you don't agree with them, it doesn't mean you have to continue to (or don't have to continue to) support them. If a celebrity believes in something, it doesn't make it right or wrong. Personally, my views wouldn't change depending on what someone I support says, but others could claim that it might. But the celebrities have no control over this so why should they be punished for it.

  76. Although I personally do not appreciate celebrities sharing their political views, I do believe that it is their right to decide whether or not they share it. For a lot of celebrities, political and social issues are central to their lives, and so many of them are outspoken on these issues. Taylor Swift is one example of this, and other celebrities such as Colin Kaepernick are as well. Kaepernick is an example of the consequences that can arise from sharing an opinion as a celebrity, and is an important example for others to consider in choosing whether or not to share their own ideas. Celebrities do have the right to share their opinions, despite peoples feelings towards the practice.

  77. I feel that celebrities, like Taylor Swift, should have the option to express their opinions on politics. Expressing their opinions about any political or controversial topic can help them strengthen their fans or lose some, so it should be up to them. Although they have a lot of influence, they are also humans and have the right to speak about what they believe in. Personally, I wish that all celebrities would express their political views because many people are uneducated about many political topics and they have the power do to it.

  78. Celebrities obtain a diverse and large platform that contains fans of all ages, genders, races and more. These people can be very influential as their voices are more heard through a variety of networks within a large range. No matter the influence you have over a certain population, you should be able to share your voice and your opinion on any appropriate topic. This includes politics. These voices may be a lot more effective in terms of awareness and influence, but that does not give any reason to prohibit celebrities of their freedoms to speak their own beliefs in public. If anyone else has the right to do so, they should as well.