New York Today: Who Won the Primaries

Friday: Primary winners and a look back at when a dead man won a primary in New York.

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  1. It is beyond me why people would vote for Cuomo, knowing what we know about his nasty personality and apparent commitment to lying about important things. He is the Trump of Albany.

    I did a write-in rather than vote for Cuomo or Nixon - they are each unpalatable in a different way. But, bottom line, we're going to get the (lousy) government we vote for.

    I can only assume that this outcome indicates that New Yorkers LIKE the promise of ongoing dysfunction in Albany, and WANT to have a conniving liar <cough Moreland Commission cough> as governor.

  2. What about worse than IDC de facto Republican Simcha Felder? Did he win a the Democratic primary he shouldn’t have even been in?

  3. I have no doubt that with Andrew Cuomo in the driver's seat, it will business as usual for New York City; which means another fare hike by the MTA, higher rents imposed by the Rent Guidelines Board, and a deaf ear to our main concerns.

    The votes are counted,
    The decisions are in;
    Let's go and welcome
    The end of the din.

  5. @Leon Freilich, I'm not sure about the end of the din. Gov. Cuomo revealed so many Achilles Heels that the Republicans could now point to, that I fear will be harped on for quite a few weeks now. I'm sure the Republican opponent, who has been pretty quiet, will be making a lot of that.

    On the smile side: Interesting photo story being emailed around from early 2017:
    Cynthia Nixon, before she even announced her candidacy but surely already thinking about it, had taken photos with the cast of ”Mark Felt, Superstar,” the musical at the York Theatre. It sang about the life of the man who was “Deep Throat” (the informer to Woodward and Bernstein, in that other well-known Nixon’s political life)

  6. The Gothamist story about Dante de Blasio is a little out of date. According to the Daily News, the Board of Elections said that Dante's name was in the book and that he signed in--but that he requested an affidavit anyway. As far as I know, they're still looking into it, to the extent that they can without intruding on his privacy.

  7. Jerrold Nadler is currently a US Representative, not state assembly member.