As a New Hurricane Roars In, Trump Quarrels Over the Last One

The president dismissed the official death toll of 3,000 from Hurricane Maria, citing far lower numbers, and falsely accused Democrats of inflating the number.

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  1. There are no words at this point. The usual words - shocks the conscience, malignant narcissism, congenital liar, unfit for office, lower than low, pure evil - simply aren’t enough.

  2. I like to read (view?) a web site that throws in some profanities. Yes, it’s sophomoric but it’s quite satisfying.

  3. Yep, and the sun rises from the west and the world is flat.

  4. @JayKaye I would guess that many of this thug's supporters believe in the second of your stated points.

  5. This is yet another low point from our Commander in Chief. Politicizing a tragedy and sowing doubt over its severity. I appreciate the article starting by calling out the false comments over Twitter.

  6. @Aaron
    The low point was reached when the gerrymandered Electoral College handed the Presidency to an incompetent uneducated boor. 3M more Americans voted for his opponent; it is way past time to elect Presidents with a national vote; the EC is a remnant from Reconstruction when population count for the purpose of vote counting in slave States included slaves who did not vote. This was a gift from Northern States where mills depended on Southern cotton. A national vote would have put a qualified, experienced woman in the WH. The South has dominated Congress for decades delaying voting rights and civil rights for black citizens whose taxes helped pay for those who denied them the vote. Now those rights have been established, so we have suspect registration practices and voting machinery owned by private corporations. Voting is the only real power we have to influence how we are governed. If we don't address this issue, a permanent cynicism regarding government will be the outcome. A free Republic cannot be sustained without honest government.

  7. This just in:

    In a subsequent tweet about the number of deaths in Puerto Rico caused by Maria, President Trump denies that Maria ever reached hurricane status, asserting that it never got stronger than a tropical wave. He claims that the extensive damage on the island in the aftermath of Maria was the result of deliberate vandalism by Puerto Rican residents who were attempting to procure undeserved Federal aid for the island.

    And in a related tweet, President Trump denies that Senator John McCain actually died, claiming that his memorial service and funeral were staged by Trump's enemies in an effort to divert attention away from Trump. Trump added that if Senator McCain had actually passed away, Trump obviously would have been invited to his funeral.

  8. @Jay Orchard Your first paragraph almost prompted me to check Twitter to see the tweet, because it was written in language that sounded perfectly Trumpian. It was only when I read the second paragraph that I realized this was snark. And even the second paragraph isn't entirely impossible.

  9. @Jay Orchard

  10. Three dead or three thousand, does it really matter how many? How petty can one be?

    We don't need to compare the death toll to Pearl Harbor or 9/11 to make it a tragedy.

  11. One bright spot: no one who received a roll of the paper-towels that he passed out in that photo-op has died. Not one.

  12. And I thought his handing out paper towels was both idiotic and inconsequential. Guess I was only half right.

  13. For any rational thinking person, trump's own words and actions condemn him. Who but a fool would give any weight to his claims?

  14. @Tommy Bones-Fox Entertainment News.

  15. Florence is beginning to batter the Carolinas, and Trump wastes time calling the victims in Puerto Rico fake news?

    Be wary, Carolinians. If any of you end up victims of the storm, Trump will say you never existed!

  16. I urge Mr Trump to not trust any filters. He should travel to the island again; and this trip he could stay longer than 1 news cycle and actually talk to the PR authorities, to get the straight truth.

  17. @MrOpheus He has no filters. No ability to feel for other people. He has no empathy. No soul. No moral compass. He only cares about himself. He will never set foot on Puerto Rico again.

  18. @MrOpheus,
    Trump should re-visit PR to get the "straight truth"??

    How many of us know the "straight truth" without ever having visited PR?

    It is not as though we had to wait for Paul Revere to deliver this news to us via horseback!

    Let us call it what it is and not sugar-coat it!

    It is a well-known fact that, DONALD TRUMP DOES NOT DEAL WITH THE TRUTH!

  19. @MrOpheus Is there an attractive golf course & country club in PR?

  20. Another low. Trump makes a hurricane political. Vote this man and his thug administration out of office.

  21. The man has zero empathy or compassion. Very dangerous in any situation, especially for someone in a position of such power, responsible for the lives of millions, if not billions, of people. Such a patently inappropriate person for the position. How anyone could have voted for such a sorry excuse for a human being is mind-boggling.

    His narcissism is as breathtaking as it is bottomless. The abject stupidity of his supporters is astounding.

    Heckuva job, heckuva job.

  22. Blame the Republican Party for allowing him to run and blame the Electoral College for ratifying the crooked result.

  23. @Earthling. Don’t forget we have midterms an opportunity to vote away all the Congressmen and women and Senators that are enabling or are silent with Trump. THEY are crippling America.

  24. Wow. Well put.

  25. As much as I dread the prospect of a Pence presidency, Article 25, Section 4 seems more apt each day.

  26. At least Pence will not start WE 3 on a whim or alienate all of our allies and befriend dictators and murderers. Other than that, they both think only white men should have any rights (preferably land owning white men).

  27. @Sidney Ford
    Milqtoast Pence would surely not embarrass our nation every single day.

  28. Breaking news!

    President trump has clarified his earlier statement that that reports of PR casualties have been inflated by Democrats.

    He can provide indisputable evidence that the claimed 3000 casualties "just had the wind knocked out of them".

    Thank heavens they are really all right. MAGA!

  29. This pathetic person masquerading as a president gets more and more despicable as time goes on. It's just beyond belief what this liar will say. We knew he was irresponsible with regard to lacking presidential qualities, for not taking control of the hurricane in Puerto Rico. He's biggest "achievement" was throwing out paper towels to the people gathered at one of his press conferences. To add insult to injury, he's now denying the horrific numbers of people who died in the hurricane. Is there anything this man-child will not do or say that surprise us anymore? This denial of the deaths of Puerto Ricans is beyond belief - for a president or a human being!

  30. While human life is certainly vulnerable to strong winds, storm surges, falling trees, flying debris, and flooding during a hurricane, we are much more vulnerable, storm or no storm, to breakdowns in our life-sustaining infrastructure: medical care, drinking water, food, shelter, communication. Politicians underestimate this. It is, for example, why they sometimes speak so lightly of war.

  31. Trumps statement that only 6-18 people died in Puerto Rico and that the figure of 3000 is Democratic Party plot is the moral equivalent of holocaust denial. There is no way that he would minimize this death toll if he perceived these people as white, as I am sure he will not in regard storm heading for the Carolinas. There are people who come on here and ask "When has Trump ever done anything racist?" Well, I think we will see his response to Puerto Rico's anguish as equivalent to his hero Andrew Jackson's murder of the Cherokee, and yes that was Racist.

  32. Another lie to add to the very, very, very long list of nonsensical words coming out of the Liar’s pie hole.

  33. This is shocking, even by Trump's standards. This accusation is patently false, and speaks more to Trump's severe mental illness than to any empirical evidence backing up this contention. With millions facing a calamity on the Southeast coast of the U.S., Trump chooses today of all days to unleash another psychotic diatribe. He is a danger to this country and to the entire world. He needs to be institutionalized immediately and given the appropriate treatment commensurate with his level of psychosis. On behalf of the decent people of the United States, we apologize for the horribly inappropriate statements made by Trump. We are wholly embarrassed and you, the residents of Puerto Rico, deserve better. We all do.

  34. @H. Clark
    Malignant Narcissism is not a treatable condition.

  35. There are tens of thousands of Puerto Ricans -- that is, AMERICANS -- who are now on mainland United States. While in Puerto Rico, they couldn’t cast ballots for voting members of the US House and Senate. Now they can and, oh, they will. Get ready, America. November 6th is just around the corner.

  36. @Brigid McAvey Perhaps to thwart this very possibility, the Trump Administration recently stopped providing vouchers for temporary housing for victims displaced from Puerto Rico by Maria.

  37. Enough is enough. Vote out of the party of hoodlums and liars this November. Get impeachment rolling. Get this fool out of office.

  38. Meet the President who is not ashamed to lie about human tragedy in order to stroke his own ego.

  39. "Rejecting Puerto Rican Death Toll, Trump Accuses Democrats of Inflating It"

    Should be:

    "Trump Lies About Puerto Rican Death Toll, Falsely Accuses Democrats of Inflating It"

    How hard is that?

  40. @josie The word 'rejecting' implies at least some deliberation, which is something he never does.

    He intentionally has a shoot-then-aim mouth, because he's not interested hitting the target, only in trying to discredit those looking for the truth of the matter by spraying lies everywhere.

  41. I agree. NY Times - start printing headlines the way things are!

  42. @josie

    Seriously, NYT. Your job is to figure out and report what's true. That's what your readers expect from you and pay you for. "Not taking a side" when it comes to matters of obvious truth is both cowardly and entirely antithetical to good reporting.

  43. Or died from lack of emrgency care, or lack of fresh water, or lack of electricy to power medical devices or lack of available access to medical care related to an existing medical problem. Yah, that sound like inflated numbers. I mean it wasn't like getting hit by a falling tree so, "doesn' count".
    Flagrant lying and gas lighting are his first and last option with every utterance, it seems like.

  44. If you consider that the racist incomPOTUS likely views each Puerto Rican as 1/500th of a person, then his math works.

    What a pitiful excuse for a human being!

  45. What a glass bowl.

  46. So we're supposed to believe Trump who has lied over 4,200 times within the past 18 months? Get real!!!!!!!!!

  47. @susan

    He's a liar so yes, it's believable. The only thing I'm surprised about is that the number is so low - only about 4200 times?

  48. @susan — You’re right. The number is probably at least twice as high.

  49. He makes it up as he goes. And why not - his base will believe anything he says. Anything.

  50. @Oisin
    And that is the core of our national crisis.
    The fact that our president is psychologically unstable, incapable of resisting his impulse to fabricate reality and hopelessly egomaniacal is problematic. However, this dilemma is manageable.
    25th ammendment. Impeachment.

    The fact that Trump’s base, for reasons unclear, have elected to define our current president as a “great man” who has “accomplished wonderful things” for our nation is a disaster of the first order.
    Tens of millions of voters who buy into every excuse offered, ignore The Great Leader’s endless lies, and choose to view Trump as a victim of grave injustices.

    These people are the true threat to American democracy.

    Trump is just one delusional lying nut case. He’s the POTUS, but he’s just one terrible mistake.

    Trump’s base is a herd of bleating sheep, armed with handguns and very, very flimsy logic. They are the center of our national nightmare.

  51. I think he has outdone himself. Three thousand dead, and fearless leader sees it only in terms of himself. Reality is an inconvenience to be brushed aside. I’m not just offended, I’m scared. Please please vote for a Democratic Congress like your life depends on it—it might.

  52. @Oisin
    May I remind you that his base is very small (36%) compared to the rest of sane America.

    We just need to get our like minded friends and family properly registered and out to vote!

  53. My only hope is that Americans recognize Trump's continued insensitivity, understand this is not acceptable in our President, and vote BLUE IN NOVEMBER.

  54. Mr. Doug Miller made Trump look "as bad as possible" as if that was impossible.

  55. @Flxelkt

    Mr. Doug Mills... sorry

  56. As always, he's the victim. Perfected to an art!

  57. The headline ought to read, "Trump accuses Democrats of telling the truth".

  58. So the one person in the world that doesn't know how to add, subtract, multiply or divide has decided that the numbers were inflated.

    Well if there is anybody that knows about inflating things it is Trump, he inflates his ego, the crowd at his inauguration the national debt, the cost for him and his family's secret service details in other words just about anything he gets involved in.

    He's been doing it since he came into this world, and without a doubt he will continue to do it until he leaves this world.

  59. This is just sick and despicable, an incredible affront to the victims and survivors of Maria and every other hurricane before and after. Trump's mental instability was on full display this morning.

    For Carolinians, it should be zero comfort to know the president couldn't care less about how they fare because whatever the reality is that befalls them, it will be lied about.

  60. @Suzanne Moniz
    As opposed to Puerto Ricans, North Carolininians probably don't have to worry too much about that- most of them voted for him.

  61. It's alarming when even deaths are partisan. I feel very bad for my countrymen in Puerto Rico. I feel very bad for the people in the Carolinas. I feel even worse when it occurs to me that the President doesn't.

  62. @Chris W: you are just figuring out that Trump and Co. do not care about Puerto Rico? Just now? Are you all listening to the corrupt congress? The only good Republican is a dead Republican, because I used to know some, and they have shuffled off this mortal coil. It is not just dems in opposition, it is the rest of the actual Real citizens of the USA who understand our history and are appalled by our grubby fellow citizens who are afraid the devil incarnate will pull the plug on their brokerage accounts. So they will vote out of fear for the devil incarnate and flush the USA down the porcelain receptacle. We have no good people left in power; the very worst are the richest, endowed not by their creator but by an extremely corrupt Congress with the ability to pursue ways to make the little guy pay tax while they pay nothing. And let victims of hurricanes poach in the flood while they pretend to be humanitarian in photo ops.Time for Revolution!

  63. The Trumpster doesn't need the Democrats or anyone else to make him look bad - he's doing a magnificent job of making himself look terrible all by himself, but then he's had lots of practice.

  64. Why today. Could the storm being so close affecting his thought process. It was a year ago and now in the mist of another hurricane what is he even thinking about it let alone talking and twitting about it. We may just be lucky as Democrats to get more votes because of his ranting and vengeful rampages as his GOP Party lets it happen.

  65. Advice to those who actually do want to make Trump "look bad" -- vote on November 6th for Democratic candidates, and for those few moderate Republican candidates who put country and the common good (and common sense) before Trumpism.

    No excuses! VOTE Trump's enablers out of office.

  66. @Mark Hugh Miller

    There are moderate Republicans? And they are on the ballot? Where might that be?

  67. This man's malignant narcissism is an impediment to his ability to do the job the Electoral College selected him to do. It is time to invoke the 25th amendment.

  68. @Jasr
    If the Electoral College had done their job, he wouldn't be President.

  69. How much proof does Trump's staff and Congress need to prove that he's mentally incapable of hearing or understanding the truth? He's not mentally fit to be president. Invoke the 25th amendment and let the system deal with the Constitutional crisis if there is one.

  70. For a stable genius, he sure struggles with numbers. Whether it's the largest crowd ever at his inauguration or the tiny fraction of the population to die after a monumental natural disaster. No wonder his tax returns are not for public consumption.

  71. Trump is neither stable, nor a genius.

  72. @GMS
    I heard his tax returns are written in crayon.

  73. History is going to be very, very unkind to this President. In the meantime, we have a leaderless government and there will continue to be many preventable deaths as a result.

  74. I can't believe that this has been made a Democrats issue. why can't we all just agree that loss of human life is sad and work together to change the way we respond to natural disasters in American territories? I don't understand why the president can't see that he's only making himself look worse by denying the people grieving and rebuilding.

  75. This is simply more of the same from our President. Paired with the mildly tepid response from leaders and members of the President's party, I am are left with feeling a near bottomless pit of disappointment from our leaders. This type of behavior is akin to cowardice.

    The people of Puerto Rico deserve so much better, and their government appears committed to giving them as little as possible. Lies like this make this tragedy a profound disgrace: We clearly could have handled the rescue & assistance post-Hurricane Maria altogether differently. Lies like this, and now not standing up for the truth, only amplify the despicable nature our inaction.

  76. So the president is incapable of incorporating new information if it does not add to his personal sense of greatness and infallibility? We expect better of 10 year-old children...

  77. He knows it’s not true. He spouts his lies because he knows they will stick as sound bites, and his base has no interest in reading past the headlines to uncover the truth.

  78. Unbelievably heartless and unacceptable response from President Trump. How can he possibly say that the numbers were inflated to make him look bad? The study was commissioned by the governor of Puerto Rico. Do the results make him look GOOD?

    Any unbiased observer can see that the local government has been inept in its response to this disaster and officials on the island are not exactly in a position to point fingers. However, the federal government appears to have been scarcely better. When you know that the situation on the ground is not being handled too well, it is necessary for Washington D.C. to do more, not less. Remember the sign on Harry Truman's desk?

    In any case, for the president of the nation to tweet like this about the needless deaths of hundreds of people is sickening.

  79. @Ganesh S

    More than hundreds. Maybe thousands.

  80. @Ganesh S

    Unfortunately, Trump is not an inbiased observer.

  81. @Ganesh S, if our government treated Puerto Ricans like the American citizens they are, with appropriate tax revenue and political support, the situation on the ground there would be much different. Undermining and under-funding Puerto Rico have been going on for a long time, so it's not completely Trump's fault, but it is for continuing it. And then to totally misrepresent what happened there is nauseating and unforgivable.

  82. Of course everything is about Donald Trump and how people (Democrats in this case) try to make HIM look bad. That’s why he will never learn anything and is unfit for the office he holds. Sad for us.

  83. Clearly 3,000 Puerto Ricans died just to make him look bad. His enemies will stop at nothing.

  84. So, Trump's former head of Homeland Security accepts that nearly 3000 people died in Puerto Rico after hurricane Maria. But, he opines, the deaths may have been correctional not causal. You know caused by heart attacks. This man ran DHS? Another of Trumps "best" cabinet heads, I guess. Maybe this guy can get courses in logic, statistics, and epistemology now that he has free time. Bring along DeVos and Perry too - more of the Trump brain trust. Now, let's see what Trump's top-flight team can do with Florence's havoc. Baton down the hatches Wilmington.

  85. In the words of Edward Markey, our junior senator here in Massachusetts:

    "Only Donald Trump could see the tragedy in Puerto Rico and conclude that he is the victim."

  86. @TC We should start calling him Axis. Clearly the world revolves around him.

  87. Intellectually I know overt racism exists. But I have lived most of my life with passive aggressive racism, followed by denial, faux shock and extreme saddens from White People when they realize that consequences exists for White people when you call them on their racist behavior.

    This day feels like when Donald Trump called a Black woman a dog. My brain sees the Tweet but it doesn’t feel real. Both times my initial response has been “ We’re really doing this?”

  88. In the mind of Trump, Puerto Ricans are not actual Americans, so they did not deserve the same outstanding response that was given to dark-skinned New Orleans citizens following Katrina.....err, never mind.

  89. Clearly this man is seriously mentally ill. There is nothing, nothing that isn't about him. He is the ultimate victim. When does this end? What will it take to stop this madness? I feel like a passenger on an out of control bus, trying to grab the wheel before we plunge off a cliff, but the wheel is just out of my reach. How can this 'presidency' continue to be a thing?

  90. Never a trace of sympathy or empathy. Ever.

  91. Maybe he thinks the death toll only includes Democrats, so that's why he's not counting them. It's about time Mr. Trump started representing the entire country, not just his base. Shame on him!

  92. Are there no depths to which he can sink? To simply lie about the death toll and blame Democrats for inflating the number as part of an attack on HIM? Of course, it's always about him and no-one else. In his lack of empathy, disregard for the truth, and all-consuming narcissism, the man is a sociopath.

  93. Unfortunately, President Trump was correct when he joked that he could shoot someone on 5th Avenue and his supporters would still back him. In fact, I'm convinced he could shoot someone on live television in front of the world's press, and he would then say that the video is fake and doctored, and blame the Democrats and a deep state conspiracy. Every fascist leader knows the power of the "big lie" - just say outrageous lies over and over and over and over again, and a certain segment of the population will (eventually) believe you.

    President Trump is very much like a Category 5 hurricane: mindless, amoral, unpredictable, blowing huge amounts hot air that you pray will stop, and leaving a wide path of destruction wherever he goes.

  94. The question is why such obvious deceit is paraded in the media. It seems like the media helps Trump legitimize his many deceitful utterances by covering them as worthy news or debatable points. This is not informative, but legitimization and enabling of lies and intolerance. It’s not journalism, its enabling.
    When is the media going to exercise some ethical responsibility by recognizing that it is not “informing” but “promoting” and enabling his intolerance when it claims to cover such utterances “journalistically.”
    This is how the Nazis were able to rise in Germany. The media covered them with the misguided notion of informing the citizenry. But to the Nazis who had no publicity at all in the beginning, any mention they got was better than nothing! It only legitimized them and made them worth a second look. What the media is doing is not “informing” the citizenry or doing “journalism.” The media is aiding and abating and enabling and providing a megaphone for these lies and intolerance under the misguided notion that it is “informing!”
    Any mention of these lies, especially their presentation as “news” only legitimizes them!! The question is why the media continues to do this.

  95. Fools behave better than trump. What does he have to gain from all his lying?

    Is trump merely the public face of a failing political party, a group of misfits that have failed governance? A booming economy is NOT the same as good government.

  96. Trump's disconnection from reality worsens each passing day.
    This is becoming scary stuff!!

    His refusal to recognize the death of 3,000 American citizens is totally increible.
    And then: to call it a political lie is nothing short of repugnantly disgusting.

    Trump is not fit to be a dog's flea catcher...much less the leader of the world.

    Where is Congress? Oh, I forgot---Paul Ryan is looking for a new house back home and McConnell is mum as a mouse; hoping for the whole mess to go away...

    Vote on Nov. 6th---there is no excuse to not vote!

  97. America’s Deplorable-In-Chief spits on the graves of more Americans.


    November 6 2018

  98. @Socrates

    if only we could also IGNORE

  99. Is this dude for real? Seriously.

  100. I'm sure the present occupant in the White House (I refuse to acknowledge him as the President of the United States) is waiting for the latest hurricane to hit so he can go throw paper towels to the devastated residents in the area. What is it going to take to get rid of this buffoon who got FIVE deferments for "bone spurs" and yet ironically now occupies the most important position in the United States. He has never "served" his country. His only service is to himself. VOTE!

  101. Why does Trump make comments like this? Because the base LOVES it. Puerto Ricans are de facto foreigners as far as they are concerned and are a kin to murderers and rapists. This shouldn't surprise anyone.

  102. The bottom line is that Trump views everything from the perspective of himself and how it affects him, his reputation, his ego. It is not new, nor a surprise anymore.
    I believe what is finally happening, is that more people are finally coming to realize is that you can't believe anything he says. That includes many of the people who voted for him.
    Even when he does the unusual, and says something that is true.

  103. @Jane K You are correct Jane but he does have a core fan base that believe anything his says no matter how outrages to them their are two news sources they believe Trump and Dean Hannity of FOX News

  104. "Mr. Trump said that the toll was only six to 18 dead after his visit following the storm ..."

    Could it be: A.) tRump don't count so good? B.) When the populus observed tRump's attitude and behaviour toward them, they off'd themselves C.) tRump don't care D.) All of those choices and more.

    Your answers, please.

  105. Actually, the number the Trump administration is responsible for is the number who died if the Federal Government had responded more forcefully. There would have been people dying because of Maria even if FEMA had come in with all cylinders running.

  106. He's got a point. Many of those deaths were caused by his administrations horribly botched and lax response to the destruction of the hurricane, the lack of power, water, medical care - as opposed to the storm itself.

    I don't think that fact makes him look any better - quite the contrary. And in every hurricane, those killed by the effects of the hurricane are always counted in the casualty list.

  107. Why can't the NYT say that he "falsely accused" and "lied" in the headline? Talk about burying the lede.

  108. Must be fake news from P.R.'s fake rural areas and fake old feeble people who are lying liars...
    One thing most of us agree upon: The storm was responded to by a fake FEMA.

  109. Americans, please remove this incompetent, ruthless liar besmirching the highest office of the USA now. Impeach or invoke Section 4 of Article 25 of the Constitution! This man is not only a disgrace but an acute danger to the nation and the safety of its citizens.

  110. @T. Clark It's gonna take time, a whole lot of precious time, and plenty of money, uh huh, to do it, to do it, to do it, to do it right now!

    But we've got our minds set on Trump, we've got our minds set on Trump.

  111. Appeal to congress, not Americans. Everyday Americans have no power to remove him. Only the rich, greedy, men and women in office can do anything but they don't. They too want to b re-elected. Like the twitterer, their own well being is their 1st concern also.

  112. I am sure, aside from the gross incompetence and chronic lying, that moderates and independents are getting sick and tired of the Trump Charade....

  113. "This was done by the Democrats in order to make me look as bad as possible..."

    Trump is being so uncharacteristically modest here. As he has proven time and again, he is perfectly willing and able to make himself look "as bad as possible" without any help from the Democrats whatsoever.

  114. Why worry about governing when you can just lie your way out of every situation?

    It works great--right up until it doesn't.

  115. This is just the latest evidence that we have a Denier-in-Chief, rather than a Commander-in-Chief, who has been revealed as incapable and incompetent to perform the duties required to serve and protect all American citizens like those who perished in Puerto Rico on his watch. To try to cover his malfeasance by blaming it on Democrats is just a further immoral insult when we're confronted with another deadly hurricane. And it is criminal that FEMA has denied all by 75 requests for burial assistance of the thousands on Puerto Rico who've applied for it. It all adds up to callousness, coverup, and criminal neglect that may well befall those in the Carolinas as he's reallocated nearly $40 million from FEMA and the Coast Guard just when they're needed to save lives; all to support his equally cruel policy of interning innocent children. Florence may be an out-of-control "monster," but Donald Trump's actions are equally monstrous.

  116. This is the scoop. Trump doesn't and didn't care about Puerto Rico. He makes up lies about the casualty rate. He is amoral and doesn't care about anything or anyone except himself. closely, he will spend a gazillion dollars on Hurricane Florence because it is hitting one of his biggest bases. Just watch what a savior he will become. Meanwhile, Puerto Rico is still trying to recover.

  117. Those dead actually travelled back in time, to Trump's inauguration, and populated the empty space, making it 'the biggest inauguration crowd Ever. Bigly" Its hard to think of other people's misery when you are building a monument to yourself, all day, every day.

  118. Surely this false claim by Trump is no different to Alex Jones suggesting the deaths at Sandy Hook were a hoax, just on a far larger scale? Let’s hope he is barred from all the social media platforms as a result, starving him of the oxygen of publicity that he craves.

    Of course, if any of the alt right “media” (Fox, Brietbart etc) repeat his ridiculous and false claims in a supportive manner, they should also be barred.

  119. If I am to understand the President's 'logic' correctly, then my sister's brother-in -law's tragic death early this year was caused by smoke inhalation, NOT by the house fire because when he was pulled out, he didn't have any burns.

    Got it.

  120. I was initially shocked to learn that 3,000 people died in Puerto Rico as a result of the hurricanes last year. Reliable, first-hand accounts of the devastation and reporting on the human tragedy that was unfolding over the last few months were incredibly vivid and seemed so real.

    Now, I am so relieved to learn, directly from the President of the United States, that “3,000 people did not die” and am honored to learn that he “was successfully raising Billions of Dollars to help rebuild Puerto Rico.” That’s great news!

    But, sadly, as we know, this man is very sick and practically anything he says, to borrow a popular term, is “fake news.

  121. "This was done by the Democrats in order to make me look as bad as possible"

    Nobody needs to do anything to make Donald Trump look like a callous fool. He does that all by himself, every day.

  122. How dare more people were found dead after he was there...

  123. You know who else lied about disasters resulting in many deaths? The Russians.

  124. Adding insult to injury on a daily basis seems to be the ONLY thing Trump can do. He is literally, perhaps, the most useless talking head in the country.

  125. We have a number of things going on with this assault on humanity:
    1.Trump is a self involved monster who would walk over dead bodies claiming they were actually a carpet that needed cleaning and he was justified in stiffing the carpet cleaning service.
    2. Trump has no understanding of statistics, the scientific method or epidemiology and yet is free to denigrate each and replace them with whatever lies spew from his mouth.
    3. Will his “base” ever come round to realizing he would BBQ and eat them just as sure as shoot them from his limo as it cruises up Pennsylvania Ave.?

  126. Presidents who politicize the deaths of innocent people and lie through their teeth while doing so should not be president. America, what is wrong with us to put up with this??? It's so shameful and humiliating.

  127. Let’s see.....the Russians are hacking into our elections and infrastructure, the Chinese and Russians are collaborating economically and militarily, and Syria and the Russians are slaughtering the Syrian people; and DT obsesses with the death count for a hurricane a year ago because it might make him “look bad.” Is this joker really our president?

  128. Trump politicizing death tolls from Maria in 2017? Just when we thought he couldn't lower the bar any further. Shame on him. And some of us even expected Republicans to speak up against his latest blame-grenade. Is the entire GOP asleep?

    Vote them out.

  129. The nearly 3,000 souls who died in Puerto Rico are nothing but a conspiracy prop for Donald Trump, who holds the office of President of the United States but commands the respect of no one.

    No honorable person would say such an evil thing and hurt the families of the dead, humiliate our country before the world, shame and bewilder Americans who can't believe this horrible man occupies the most powerful office in the history of the world.

    Did Trump say this because he's insane? Did Trump say this because he's so evil he sensed a political advantage by making this claim? Should we still concern ourselves with why?

    Not one person in the GOP came forward today and said this was indecent, abominable, hideous and that Trump must resign immediately. That was what was needed to end this nightmare. But even this wasn't enough to cause them to speak out, to say enough is enough, that Trump is unfit.

    My heartfelt sympathy to the families of the deceased, my fellow Americans, whose memories were today dishonored by the President of the United States as having no value to him except as pawns in one more obscene twisted political reckoning.

    I'm surprised he didn't accuse the dead of secretly tapping his phones....

  130. Anyone who reads this "tweet" (on a day when people are beginning to fight for their families & property on the east coast) or the first ones of the day 2 days ago (on 9/11) who does not think this guy is unstable, hyper-narcissistic, and off his rocker is not living in the real world or concerned for the welfare of the nation. Shame on them and the GOP "leadership" in congress.

    Meanwhile, Xi & Putin are having bilateral talks right now, planning how they're going to replace the leadership vacuum the U.S. is leaving.

  131. Had enough? Can’t wait until November!

  132. This man clearly does not possess a shred of human decency. There is no bar too low that he can't comfortably slither under it. All he can talk about is how great his administration did; meanwhile some parts of the island just got power back.

    I don't know if you know any Puerto Ricans, but I do, and they have had an absolutely hellish time. It is a stain on our nation that our fellow American CITIZENS have been treated with such low regard.

  133. This cruel assessment could only come from someone who prevaricated hundreds a times a week.He can not even be trusted to tell the truth about whether the sun is shining.He declared it shone on his inauguration when everyone else had umbrellas for the rain.No wonder his lawyers will not let him talk to Mr.Mueller.He is a congenital liar without the sensitivity to mourn the loss of life of American citizens.

  134. What is a fact?
    Defending Alex Jones, who claimed no children were actually shot dead at Sandy Hook, his lawyer asked the reporter if he had actually seen the dead children in the morgue. No, the reporter said. Well, then, Jones's lawyer replied, then you really do not know if Mr. Jones was right or not.
    Facts are stubborn things, John Adams said, but not if you demand a standard of "only if you see it happen yourself can you claim you know."
    By this standard, Mr. Trump can say unless you were on Puerto Rico when the hurricane hit, you cannot really KNOW who was killed or how many by that storm.
    Good bye journalism.

  135. If you voted for this guy, please, I beg you, take an election off and reevaluate what you hoped then vs. what you've experienced since.

    Many people died in Puerto Rico as a result of Hurricane Maria. Their grieving relatives deserve comfort and a commitment to do better. Instead, as the waves rise in the face of Florence, Trump can't get out of ignorant-bully mode.

    Our democracy requires an educated voting public; a compassionate and level-headed public, to steer it in a healthy direction. Bullies like Trump, and their minions, destroy everything for everybody, including themselves.

    Vote intelligently, I beg you. Or take a basic civics class. Start by looking up 'demagogue' on wikipedia, and the tools they use to manipulate people.
    Hmmm...check, check, check.
    Yep, that's you.

  136. Trump accuses the Denocrats of every act of incompetence and criminality that HE commits. TRUTH! He NEVER takes responsibility for ANYTHING, and there is an awful lot for which to answer!

    The difference between 16 and 3000 lives in Puerto Rico is due to the pathetic, incompetent response of the Trump Administration. From the onset of Maris, the Mayor of San Juan hit the nail on the head, but got nowhere due to the incompetence of the Giovernor of PR and TRUMP. 16 - a joke. All the other AMERICANS diet as a direct result of failure to provide life-saving post-storm essentials like food, water, disease control and power.

    Puerto Rico is an ISLAND. It's citizens had nowhere to go. They could n to flee for safety on the mainland. Their roads were washed out, their power grid destroyed, no fuel, no food. Trump has the ENTIRE ATLANTIC FLEET that could have been mobilized to help PR. Did we see anything? Of course not. PUERTO RICANS CAN'T VOTE.

    I have toilet paper with Trump's picture on it. THAT is what he should have thrown to the victims - he certainly did not throw aid.

    GET RID OF THIS DISGRACE AT THE MIDTERMS. VOTE anything but Republican - they're all in it together.

  137. People die of natural deaths. What I want to is what was the death toll during the same period the year before when the weather was not a factor. Then, with a little math we can figure approximately how many additional deaths can be ascribed to the hurricane.

  138. @MIKEinNYC Ummmm, the statistical estimation of PR deaths did exactly that.......

    If you read the article it mentions that death were 22% over the expected number of deaths, and cites the actual number of deaths as roughly 14k

  139. @MIKEinNYC. Again, the study took all of that into account. Read it.

  140. @MIKEinNYC It is my understanding that is exactly how the studies were conducted.

  141. I can't say I'm surprised that he's acting like a sociopath on Twitter again. And I won't be surprised when republicans use the economy and whatever else as excuses not to fully criticize their guy.

    "Those aren't the words I'd choose, but in my neck of the woods people don't care much about that stuff. They care about the economy, and tax cuts and funding the military."

  142. How difficult is it to admit that earlier death-estimate of Maria-savaged Puerto Rico was way-off reality? If the President were to admit this simple fact, probably, just probably, people would have appreciated their POTUS with reverence that a stupendous fact such as this naturally summons at its wake. Making errors is always possible, making judgmental errors in a situation where a nation is challenged to its core is even more frequent in our daily march of living – but to redesign such issues, to change them to suit political relativism ignores the basic tenets of humanity: compassion to all who suffer.

    If President Trump were a malfunctioning mechanical robot, one could take his current comment and ignore it. But the 45th President is not a robot; he is being seen supporting and openly canvassing for a lot of Republicans in their campaigns currently running in this midterm election. How do these candidates personally deal with such an unnecessary distortion? Take Ted Cruz, for example. He has openly criticized the President for distorting the fact while he is also ready to use the President actively in his campaign. Is it not a going to be walking disaster for him? How do the rest GOP feel?

  143. I'm surprised Trump hasn't said that the Democrats caused Hurricane Florence because it's targeting red states.

    I think Trump is really worried about what the aftermath of Florence is going to be and whether there will be any criticism of the government's response. If it's bad, he'll probably blame it on the NC governor who happens to be a Democrat. If it's good, he'll praise himself and the SC governor who is a Republican.

    He always makes everything political and if he can find any way to blame the Democrats for it, he will.

  144. It would be lovely irony if the Puerto Rican transplants to Florida were the ones the turned the November election for Democratic candidates. For governor they have a choice between a rabid Trump supporter or a progressive mayor. I hope they all vote.

    Beyond that, yes, getting aid to an island with a marginal infrastructure shortly after two other hurricanes challenges resources and emotions. But excoriating the death toll of people, many from families who spent a year without basic services, is just cruel.

  145. @Kathy
    We have the best rapid response military infrastructure in the world. There is no question more could have been done in a timely manner. Lives would have been saved.

  146. All of this has some of us wondering, as we have for several months, whether Puerto Rico would like to become a Canadian protectorate? We would happily provide health care, education and, we hope, stable government in exchange for a warm place to spend time in winter. And we promise not to lob more bombs at Vieques. Canadians did look longingly at the Turks and Caicos a few decades back. The citizenry was in favor, but politicians failed to act when the time was right. Maybe now we could establish our Canadian dollar (the loonie) in some winter haven that is fed up with D.C.?

  147. @Barbara Bond - At this point we would all like to become a Canadian protectorate!

  148. Is it true that President Trump, in his imagined role as emperor of our planet, has issued his first edict? He has cited the faculty of George Washington University, those who worked to determine the number of deaths in Puerto Rico from Hurricane Maria. He decreed that number is a Democratic Party trick and that henceforth the academic institution's name shall be changed from George Washington to Benedict Arnold University. Can this be true?

  149. I think it was the same person that counted the people at his inauguration.

  150. Are there no depths to Trump’s insensitivity and empathy, for the thousands of Puerto Rican’s who last year, were killed by a devastating hurricane?
    There must be a significant minority of Republicans who no longer can support this President, who spreads fiction and pain on a regular basis.

  151. Democrats don't need to try and make Trump look bad. Trump does that very well himself.

  152. This is where we need real journalism. Let's read the stories of the people who died due to the hurricane in Puerto Rico. Tell us where, how and why they died. If he is lying to the extent it appears, it should be ridiculously easy to refute the death toll statistics Trump gave today.

  153. When will the lies ever become too much for the 80% of Republicans who approve of Donald Trump?

  154. @cort Never: PDT can do no wrong.

  155. I suspect that trump might view Puerto Rico as a success because it eliminated 3000 Puerto Ricans.

  156. @L.S.

  157. On a daily basis President Trump continues to show his incompetence, irrationality and lack of fitness for his position. He is truly a danger to America and the world given the levers of powers he controls and that he can operate without proper judgment. I truly hope he vacates his office before he does something that even his babysitters cannot prevent.

  158. So what are you folks doing about it? It's up to you!

  159. Trump never apologizes and he never admits to any blunders and he does this because he thinks that doing so is a sign of weakness. Instead when confronted with the obviously sound facts that contradict what he has said, he says it's fake or untrue. Now why cannot he see that when he does this that he appears inane, not strong?

  160. @Casual Observer...when trump sees the word "inane" he thinks anime Japanese comics and considers: "that would be a good addition to my presidential library of comic books and Playboy magazines."

  161. @Casual Observer The rare times he does admit to doing something wrong or incorrectly, it's for his immediate convenience.

  162. @Casual Observer Maybe because of his supporters that seem to not care one whit whether he lies as long as he sticks it to black, brown and poor people.

  163. This may be some of the most damning evidence of Trump's racism and narcissism yet. To deny the documented deaths of so many American citizens, and to view this occurrence as having anything to do with himself, is outrageous. That Trump knowingly lies may no longer be noteworthy, but thank you to the NY Times for continuing to report the President's falsehoods.

  164. Trump, Putin's sock puppet, doesn't need anybody's help to look as bad as possible, he does just fine by himself. Besides he never cared about Puerto Rico since its citizens cannot vote for president & are mostly Hispanic. Also its likely that until his staff pointed it out to him he didn't even know they were American citizens. (neither do many of his supporters & apologists who still like to claim that they arn't legitimate citizens) Sad

  165. Trump is all about show and PR.
    I feel he is truly a sociopath who lacks even
    an iota of empathy and compassion.
    Who would want to debate the actual death total from that catastrophe?
    A real leader would commiserate and do whatever is possible to deal with the next disaster more competently and with legitimate concern for the suffering of our fellow citizens.

  166. If Trump wasn't so dangerous , he would be laughable.He is either insane or living in a fantasy.

  167. Dear Mr. President, no one has to make outrageous statements to make you look bad. You do a terrific job of that all by yourself.

  168. Trump and the Republicans who support him are untrustworthy.

  169. His lips moved and he lied.
    What a surprise.

  170. This is a disgusting lie besmirching the tragic deaths of thousands of Americans in the aftermath of a national tragedy.

    Why doesn't the GOP call for his resignation right now?

    Why isn't this horror enough?

    What will be enough for the GOP if they think even this is nothing?

    How long?

    How long?

  171. @fast/furious This GOP is a spineless lot with not an ounce of integrity. They'll continue to bite their tongues until it becomes politically expedient for them to do otherwise.

  172. What piece of news are we missing today while everyone ponders the latest idiocy coming from the White House? How many immigrant kids are locked up now? How many have been reunited? Asking for a caring America.

  173. What is wrong with this man? Nothing is true and everything, everything is about him. Is this a mental issue? How did this man become President?

  174. Be very afraid of this person that got into our White House. Soon he will find a conflict that will allow him to declare marshal law. Then once that occurs he’ll get those higher ratings. It all has to do with him andyhat hateful base.
    Now is the time for all good women and men to vote him and his dispicables out of our congress and government.
    He’s following orders from his Russian keepers. Confuse and lie and denigrate with no caring or empathy for any of us. .

  175. It's always about him, isn't it ?

  176. "The Democrats are trying to make me look Bad ". No, Sir. In that regard, you're an entirely self-made " man ". Seriously.

  177. “This was done by the Democrats in order to make me look as bad as possible...”

    Hey Trump. You don’t need the Democrats or anyone else to make you look as bad as possible. That is the one and only thing you excel in doing all by yourself.