Kobach Says He Will Recuse Himself From Kansas Primary Vote Count

Gov. Jeff Colyer, who had been trailing Kris Kobach by 191 votes, called on his opponent to stop advising county election officials.

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  1. So the head of the now-defunct voter fraud commission is committing vote fraud. It just doesn’t get any more surreal. Oh, wait. It’s still early in the day.

  2. @Frau Greta-Indeed. According to an AP analysis, Kansas was among the states with the highest number of discarded votes in 2016 despite being 33rd in population. Under Kobach's purview, the state threw away votes at a three-times-to-one rates. Gov. Colyer claims some clerks have been provided incorrect information about "which ballots" to count--which should raise citizens' alarm. Every vote--whether cast in a booth, provisional, or mailed in--needs to counted. And Kansans need to demand that the state's vote counting regulations are is clear and accurately communicated and that counting is transparent, public and audit-able to prevent ballots from being thrown out for capricious reasons.

  3. @Frau Greta because it's Kansas.

  4. Well, he IS the reigning self-appointed expert on Voter Fraud, So he knows all about defrauding voters. So who better to apply those principles to the recount?

  5. @Bernie H- Kobach has been successful at disenfranchising thousands of voters. Only six states all among the top 10 in population "discarded more votes during the 2016 election than the 33rd-largest state of Kansas", according to data collected by the bipartisan U.S. Election Assistance Commission. Kansas’ rejected 13,717 ballots and has kept many legitimate voters of the roles....Secretary Kobach uses every trick that he can to make it as hard as possible for eligible voters to cast a ballot ” whether it is unconstitutional legislation, targeting immigrants or forcing more eligible voters to use provisional ballots,” said Kander, president of Let America Vote, a voting rights advocacy group. “He is on a crusade to stop people from voting."


  6. For all of Kobach's grandstanding over the years about voter fraud and failing to come up with concrete evidence on numerous occasions, perhaps he should take a good look in the mirror.

  7. This illustrates how essential integrity is in our elected officials, if we are to trust our elections. By successfully engaging in interference with our 2016 presidential election, and assisting a serial liar to gain the highest office in the land, Putin has dealt our democracy a major blow. I hope that people wake up to the critical nature of truthfulness in our elected officials soon. The chaos that follows lies is the path to destruction.

  8. @Kris K
    This has NOTHING to do with Russia. The Republicans have been suppressing votes since at least the 2000 election (with the 5-4 cooperation of the Supreme Court).

  9. Note to all voters this fall: Strange things happen when you put the fox in charge of the hen house.

  10. I don't think Mr. Colyer or Kris Kobach are representative of real conservative values now completely corrupted Donald Trump. Especially Mr. Kobach after running around the country insisting that massive, widespread voter fraud existed with no evidence whatsoever to support the claim. This man should not be on the ballot for trash collection let alone any relevant political position. Republicans in Kansas pretty much bankrupted the State, destroyed the education system and sold Kansas voters a bill of goods with the tax reduction plan that everyone on the planet knows doesn't work with Governor Brownback leading the charge. Republican leadership in the State is a dismal failure and like many other Red States, Kansas continues to vote against their own best interests.

    I guess they learn slowly, but when other policies on healthcare, wages, social security, medicaid and other dismal policies begin impacting them they'll most certainly get the message and wake up to reality.

    Someone, I think Winston Churchill, once said "American's always do the right thing, after they've tried everything else" and Kansas must have been on his mind when that statement was made.

  11. Trying to put these pieces together...1) R's claim illegal immigrant voter is rampant, 2) there are more R's in office that got there as a result of votes, 3) a logical conclusion is that most of the illegal votes are going to R's. If they believe what they say you'd think they'd be worried about losing. Of course blaming illegals is nothing more than a diversion from their own election fraud tactics.

  12. @FJR The claim of voter fraud begins with, you know, all of those illegals and bad hombres, that voted for Clinton thus taking away the popular vote from Trump.

    Trump played the fraud issue quite well with his loyal subjects, so, as a loyal courtier, Kobach must do the same.

  13. @FJR If Republicans didn't do all those tricks, they wouldn't win any elections ....The Dems and Independents votes would win. Some voters remember the Depression!

  14. I cannot understand how such an intelligent and well educated individual as Kobach can be such a low life but what is more disturbing is the people who are so easily conned into voting for him.

  15. @Dan Rodgers Perhaps he attracts the same voter who was conned by the grifter from Queens.

  16. @Dan Rodgers, he is no different than the accused representative from La, William Jefferson ? a few years ago, except for an (R) rather than a (D) behind his name. Because the people are so easily conned is why he is such a low life. Trump's buddy.

  17. Kris Kobach, one of America's greatest champions of vote suppressing and rigging the vote, would “be happy to recuse" himself.

    Given Kobah's reprehensible efforts at destroying American democracy.... and the fact that four months ago US District Judge Julie Robinson stated that the court found "clear and convincing evidence" that Kobach disobeyed court orders "when he failed to ensure that voter registration applications covered by the preliminary injunction order became fully registered," Kris Kobach should be recused from any form of public employment, representation, election or employment....let alone continue as Secretary of State.

    Kobach is the face of Russian-Republican corruption and tyranny of the corrupt minority....a Kansas crook who deserves prison, not an election.


  18. @Socrates

    That's pretty much the whole Republican dilemma right now. It's rule the world or rot in prison for all those guys. Tough choice?

  19. @Socrates
    Can we stop with the Russia connection. Republicans have been suppressing the vote since at least 2000.

  20. The only way that Kobach and his ilk can win is to lie, cheat, and gerrymander.

  21. I am sure he was moments away from discovering 3 million illegal votes.

  22. Kprbach, leader of the non existing voter fraud farce is spearheading voter fraud and suppression when his name's on the ballot...how utterly republican. Zero integrity and honesty.....there's a fool who needs to be thoroughly investigated.

  23. I'm shocked that an underfunded Republican state can't honorably complete essential democracy. Even their own party business looks corrupt and amateurish.

  24. If Mr. Kobach has indeed committed voter fraud with his actions to tweak the election results, perhaps he should endure the punishment he so relished potentially giving the 3 million illegals he falsely said voted for Clinton in 2016.

    It would be so ironic and so fitting if the man responsible for so much voter suppression to support the myth of illegals voting landed in prison for attempting to illegally pollute the vote in Kansas.

    That worm could turn sooner than later if the right parties sue the daylights out of this corrupt, self-serving Republican prig.

  25. @LAllen-The Brennan Center for Justice reports "Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, a longtime proponent of voter suppression efforts, argued before state lawmakers that his office needed special power to prosecute voter fraud, because he knew of 100 such cases in his state. After being granted these powers, he has brought six such cases, of which only four have been successful. The secretary has also testified about his review of 84 million votes cast in 22 states, which yielded 14 instances of fraud referred for prosecution, which amounts to a 0.00000017 percent fraud rate." Kobach was successful, however, in disenfranchising over a million voters in key battleground states prior to the 2016 election.


  26. Recusal? He should be indicted.

  27. Sounds about right. The man Kobach, leads a committee to investigate voter fraud, finds none then Commits voter fraud.

  28. The GOP was more than willing to suppress the vote of the “others”, but squeals like a pig when served with a small plate of self-suppression. Laughable.

  29. I wonder if anyone in Georgia is at all concerned that in the general election this November, the Democratic candidate for governor, Stacey Abrams, will be running against *that* state's secretary of state, Brian Kemp.

    Just as with Kobach in Kansas, Kemp in Georgia will be responsible for counting the votes.

  30. @Mark

    The potential conflict-of-interest has been duly noted here in the Peach state. We're watching.

  31. Kris Kobach has a well-documented history of playing fast and loose with the rules, including claiming a building constructed on his property was for agricultural use when it was a residence (http://www.cjonline.com/news/2015-06-04/douglas-county-keeps-mandatory-p... and ignoring a judge's orders to correct false voter eligibility information issued by his office (https://www.nytimes.com/2018/04/18/us/kris-kobach-voter-fraud.html). Governor Colyer is right to keep a close eye on the process.

  32. Voter fraud expert Attorney General benefits from miscounts in election he himself supervised. Republicans, admired by many for cheating to win against Democrats, now openly using fraud techniques on each other. What a country.

  33. Mr. Colyer said "some clerks had been provided incorrect information about which ballots to count, and he urged Mr. Kobach to appoint the state attorney general to handle future questions from local election workers." Kansas election laws need to followed to the tee by all districts and questions answered now and not be deferred to the future. Information governing vote counting needs to be made public so that no clerk or election worker operates from inaccurate of confusing information. Hopefully, the state's principled news media will keep these issues front-and-center.

  34. @Ann
    And just what would that "information about which ballots to count" be? Are we looking at another hanging chads situation? Why would all ballots not be counted?

  35. No sympathy for either candidate here. It's kinda neat to watch though, gives one the impression that it's one of those reality survival shows. Or a cannibalistic society, eating your way to the top.

    Good God, these people horrible!

  36. 'Those who vote decide nothing. Those who count the vote decide everything.'

    Joseph Stalin

  37. Republicans learn from the best!

  38. @Demosthenes cute phase, highly doubtful it came from Joe Stalin

  39. How is this even a question???

  40. I have seen the GOP idea of recusal. Means nothing.

  41. So, wait. Let me get his right. Kobach is the crusading "expert" bent on straightening out election fraud, and yet he is found supplying false information to local election officials responsible for the recount? Time to send him packing.

  42. @Dan Stevenson

    This appears to be standard operating procedure for Trump and Trump-aligned Republicans these days:

    - loudly accuse others misdeeds you yourself are doing

  43. He will recuse himself until he loses and then go to court to start a ruckus....... Please.

  44. “Kobach Says He Will Recuse Himself From Kansas Primary Vote Count”

    Kobach needs to be disqualified from running and put in jail for voter fraud. This is also the guy that inflated his ego by bragging he would be an advisor to DHS voter fraud investigations which never happened and thankfully so.

    It is obscene how cheating, lies and circumventing our laws have become the norm for the GOP.

  45. In Cambridge we use paper ballots(which are kept) that are electronically counted by pre-tested and certified accurate machines. If needed, a hand recount can be done.

  46. Mr. Kobach remains the GOP poster boy for voter suppression. Not only should he recuse himself but if I were Gov. Colyer I would check what computer company is employed to count the votes.
    Doesn't Mr. Kobach own and operate Crosscheck which is a company dedicated to wiping out names of 'others' from the voter registrars? What other companies and proprietary software is owned by Kobach?
    I wouldn't trust Kobach period. He represents the worst of the GOP when it comes to manipulating the vote. The good citizens of Kansas deserve better.

  47. @Elizabeth
    The "good citizens" of Kansas have been electing these criminals for decades.

  48. He says he will recuse himself. Let's see if he does and what that really means. His goal of voter suppression being used against a fellow Republican is , well, ironic. More and more counties in Kansas are reporting they sent one number to the secretary of state, Mr. Kobach, and a different number was reported. One or two is a mistake. This is a pattern. One of the counties is Wyandotte county, Kansas City Kansas, which would not be a Kobach friendly jurisdiction. This will end up in court.

  49. @Slr, Wyandotte County went for Kobach ... which in and of itself is interesting considering that one of the four school districts suing the state for a lack of education funding resides in Wyandotte County (KCK school district). Sedgewick County (Wichita Public Schools, also a plaintiff in the lawsuit) went for Kobach as well. I'm kind of getting tired to try to help people through my votes who aren't willing to help themselves.

  50. What I love about this story is the word "fiery." I'm so tired of Democrats, including Chuck Schumer with his half-glasses and monotone, talking but not having any fire in their bellies. Richard Blumenthal on Rachel Maddow last night said the GOP is blocking Democrats from getting documents on Brett Kavanaugh, and the Dems are having to file FOIA requests to get them. What?!!! Democrats should be out shouting this from the rooftops. We desperately need people out there all over the country standing up and giving speeches about this subversion of our democracy, in front of their constituencies, with news coverage to boot. Just because they tell it to a talk show host or CSPAN doesn't mean they're getting the message out. More fire, please! Get out there and make sure people know what's going on. Call out Trump and the GOP on every single thing they're doing. Get in the game, for God's sake!

  51. Mr. Kobach's "recusal" needs to be supervised, and Governor Colyer should be prepared to demand from the Kansas Supreme Court or the federal courts some Special Master to do the supervising. Kansas shares a great weakness with other states that the official count of votes is done by a politically partisan office-holder--who simply cannot be a judge in his own case, and certainly not a case like this.

  52. Kansas voters supporting Kobach's "anti-immigration" issues are very puzzling.
    The state population is 84% white (non-Hispanic), 6% black, 2% Asian, 4% Other, 1% Native American. 3% = 2+ races .
    None of the immigration ordinances that Kobach helped put in place still stand, and some of localities went bankrupt over legal costs involved in defending the statutes.
    Is critical reading taught in Kansas?

  53. More evidence that voter fraud is a nonissue, at least compared to the problem of poorly-administered election systems like the one Kobach is responsible for running.

  54. kobach should recuse himself from politics. typical Republican. more concerned with his own power than than the wellbeing of people he was elected to represent.

  55. The real story here is that even the nightmarish economic results from Sam Brownback's conservatism haven't stopped Kansans from wanting even more right-wing government.

  56. It appears that in Kansas you don’t have voter fraud you have a Secretary of State that likes to make fraudulent reports. Skews the votes in his favor. Kansas wants no taxes but wants the best of everything without paying for it. They will never learn. With Kobach in the state you can just write them off.

  57. Perhaps the reason Kobach is such an expert on voter fraud is that he practices it himself

  58. The only redeeming grace in this story is that the Russians did not interfere. But it sure points to the fact that there is something in Kobach's DNA that tells me that lying and cheating are par for the course for him. Sort of like his main supporter, Trump.

    Only Kobach got caught by a fellow Republican who called foul. So he had no choice but to recuse himself or be eventually indicted for "fixing" the election in his favor.

    Would that the rest of the Republican Party call foul on Trump.

    Even though Colyer, Kobach's opponent, called it out, as he should have, will he be the best person for the job? What has Colyer done to ensure that the citizens of Kansas will be well served. Is he another Brownback?

    I hope the Kansas voting population carefully examines what the Kansas State Republican Committee stands for. Are they "Party only is what matters" not the State of Kansas, like their counterparts at the RNC regarding Party over Country.

    If that is so, than Kanas voters need to look to the Democratic Candidate to make sure their interests are the only thing that matters to a Governor. How else can you run a State?
    How goes the States, so goes the Nation.

  59. Kobach is Trumpian, and out of his mouth come words of truth, beauty and love.
    Of course you can trust his minions to be fair, honest, and reasonable in the recount.
    And the FSB has offered to help . If they haven't already and their modesty prevents them from taking credit.

  60. “How they misread a four from a five, I don’t know,”

    Wonder if the people reading the numbers went through Kansas' decimated public education system with Brownback's cuts. Maybe that's why they can't tell the difference between a 4 and a 5!

    Republican math - it never adds up!

  61. Recusal? Have we lost our minds and forgotten what a "conflict of interest" means? Kobach should have resigned prior to running for office. He is being judge and party in this election.

  62. This Kansan does not believe for one second that the incorrect number errors were an innocent mistake by Kobach’s Secretary of State office. No way. It’s consistent with a pattern of dishonesty in Kobach and those that work for him hide behind “innocent mistakes” that always seem to fall in their favor.

  63. How unsurprising that wherever Kobach goes, accusations of voter fraud follow. Evidence of fraud, however, seems to depend on his proximity to the ballot box.

  64. Who needs Russia to hack in when a Trumpeteer can do it himself. The endorsement came with a note: "A little voter interference doesn't hurt. I got some myself." Much of the outrage about election interference, unfortunately, is coming not from the public in general but from journalists and politicians. The public does not seem to get how important the integrity of elections is. If they did, men like Kobach would be tarred and feathered and put in the stocks until after the November elections.

  65. When you watch Kobach spin, you can see how much he and Trump are alike. Who trusts this man? What are the people of Kansas thinking?

  66. @pb, who trusts Devin Nunes? Just about every state has their own Kris Kobach I'm afraid.

  67. Gee, the office of the most vocal proponent of voter fraud can't count votes in his own primary election? Shocking.

  68. Both candidates are bad news for Kansas. The acting governor is just less slimy. From a tactical point of view, Democrats should hope Kobach maintains his lead as they have a somewhat higher chance to defeat him in the general.

  69. what’s Kobach to do? His voter fraud argument has always been designed to disenfranchise Democrat voters, but since that won’t work in this primary he’s left with sending mixed messsges to counties and 'accidentally' recording the wrong vote totals. This clearly illustrates he never cared about the democratic process to begin with and cares about one thing only....power. The people of Kansas should demand at the very least a bipartisan solution to vote counting.

  70. Still, where are the Russians in all of this?

  71. Kobach is the poster boy of the GOP. Lie;cheat and use any method to win. Vote out GOP. Ray Sipe

  72. It's all about power.

  73. And whom did Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin direct Russian military intelligence aka GRU to support in this primary election?

  74. Kansas, they deserve gods wrath with every tornadoe that she creates. They are nothing but welfare squatters getting federal dollars to not farm. The soil has been depleted to mostly sand and without liquid ammonia nothing would grow, except hate.

  75. Koach winning primary is good for Dems;easier to beat at mid terms. Ray Sipe

  76. Koback "has built a national reputation for warning of widespread vote fraud." His rep is for warning of voter fraud while actually committing election fraud and voter suppression (using crosscheck to erroneously remove voters from rolls) himself. How is this not included in your reporting on this story?

  77. Congratulations to Kris Kobach on finding his first verified case of voter fraud! Kinda weird that it's himself, but still ....

  78. Kobach, the poster boy for willful ignorance. Please proceed, Kansas. Oklahoma is really rooting for you to take over as most ignorant.

  79. I understand the law firm of Clinton, Obama, Pelosi, and Schumacher have offered to act as special masters of the recount, gratis.

  80. @Lawrence

    Good idea. At least then you'd be involving people of principle who believe in the rule of law, even if it is a situation in which a Republican will be the winner.

  81. @Lawrence
    Who is 'Schumacher'?
    Also, note that this is Republican on Republican voting malfeasance, this has nothing to do with Democrats, angry or otherwise.
    Don't you get tired of blaming Democrats for actions initiated by Republicans? (Russia investigation, for example)
    We certainly are fatigued with hearing it constantly.

  82. News reports keep referring to Tuesdays election as a primary. Being Kansas, it is of course the General election.

  83. The vote is too close. What's needed: ignite a resiliency building movement. We need more than a march, a moment, we need momentum, one that grounds us by generating a sense of belonging, critical thinking skills, broader world views and pro social volunteering.
    I am advocating we take a college practice and bring it out into the public. Resilience building is both ubiquitous and not understood.
    Look at it this way, people who succeed without rank or privilege have it. Being part of a group, knowing how to think, and feeling like you matter through meaningful participation and community involvement create it.
    Take a look at an image of Urie Bronfenbrenner's Ecological Systems Theory and ponder the macro level influence on each of us. Where is the macro level pro social movement to counter the moral panics and anti social, Art of War style assault on our society?
    You wanna build a wave? This is how. And forget about just a blue one, let's go for purple - we can unite. This division is being perpetrated by callous, greedy power mongers conning and preying on the people they betray. Resilience isn't left or right leaning, it's about standing up straight.
    I recommend calling on the 1000's of SFSU grads who internalized the university's Community Involvement Center peer practice. We can start circling up at coffee shops, bars, libraries, and build an Army of Care made out of tiny community service learning troops. I am describing a wisdom movement. We can do this.

  84. I love Republican on Republican crime !

  85. Kobach's zeal in complaining about voter fraud is like Jimmy Swaggart's zeal in moralizing to the country about sin. And we know what happened to the Rev. Jimmy.

    You can't even count the number of times we've witnessed this phenomenon; we just saw it again today: our Hypocrite-in-Chief complains about chain immigration while his wife's family takes advantage of it.

    Of all the people to suspect would engage in voter fraud, look to the ones who shout the loudest about it. And lo and behold! Who's undercounting his opponent's votes?

  86. If Kobach has the greater chance of losing in the fall, I hope he wins the primary. Hey Kansas, how did things go with your last governor, Sam Brownback? Y'know, the guy who foisted an extreme economic experiment on the state by dramatically slashing services in order to cut taxes for the wealthy? Oh yeah, you ended up deep in debt with no funding to pay for the most basic elements of a civil society. We had our own version of that here in Louisiana under Bobby Jindal. If your state consistently ranks at the bottom of every metric that matters (as Louisiana does), why do you continually vote Republican?

  87. Look at that. the leader in claims of voter fraud on the part of nonwhite nonrepublican people is himself caught using his positron as KS Secretary of State to commit voter fraud.

    Let us start a new adage "If a republican shouts "J'accuse!", rest assured they are guilty of that offense themselves."

  88. As long as companies like Cross Check are involved in elections and Republicans like Kobach are in charge of election results, Putin needn't worry about troublesome free, fair and honest elections in the United States. They're not going to happen and the Republican Party will prevail.

  89. Kobach is a grifter, like his master in the White House, two liars, two con men. Trump sure has an eye for the worse, most vile individuals, Roy Moore, and now Kris Kobach. "Birds of a feather..."

  90. This guy should run for office in a Banana Republic. He'd fit right in.

  91. @GardelSeLaPerdio He is running in a banana republic.

  92. Gov. Colyer’s letter to Mr. Kobach was right on target. For NYT to call it “sour” was editorializing a news story. The governor wrote just what needed to be said. Give him credit for not cussing out Kobach as roundly as he may well deserve.

  93. If Kobach wants to find voter fraud he should look in a mirror.

  94. The shame is that an ethical public servant, facing a situation where they are in charge of something that could result in their benefit, would have announced long ago that they were OF COURSE recusing themself from handling the resolution of the process.

    But Kobach's ambitious, and not in a good way, and has made a name for himself by inventing narratives about voting.

    Crusade in his state to end the scourge of rampant voter fraud? Yeah, big publicity, big headlines. But about a fake problem. I conclude that because of his results. I don't know how many years of election results he reviewed in his crusade, but he got 6, that's s-i-x, convictions. For pespective, there were 1,194,755 votes counted in Kansas in the 2016 Presidential election. Either he's incompetent, or there's no massive fraud (among people voting).

    Kansas got rid of Huelskamp and a bunch of other ineffective Tea Party noisemakers. They've allowed Brownback's "tax cuts unleash" theory run their finances into the dirt.

    Time they voted for a better type of Republican (or maybe even a Democrat).

  95. "“How they misread a four from a five, I don’t know,” said Ms. Harms, a Republican." So, apparently, voter fraud is alive and well in Kansas - and under the control of Kobach until he was forced to recuse himself?

  96. The math here is simple:
    3.5 to 5 million illegal voters = Republican Secretary of State (KS)

  97. Talk about irony! So far the most important voter fraud has been committed by the commission member, allegedly. Getting caught led to ineffectual recusal, allegedly.

  98. For Republicans to get elected, they have to overcome the margin of cheating.

  99. Good thing Kobach doesn't have to report to Trump. Trump would have publicly ridiculed and "sessionized" Kobach for recusing himself from the vote count.

  100. Who needs Russians when you have Trump/Pence and the Republicans to cheat both legally and illegally, Legally by Gerrymandering the Districts, even though you have zip codes that could be used for redistricting and would be fairly neutral in setting boundaries. and illegally by misreporting or misreading. (Oh its just a human error!)

  101. Just when you think their hypocrisy and blatant, self-serving arrogance can't go any lower...

  102. Perhaps I misread the headline. Is that "recuse" or "rescue"?

  103. Kobach, a toady for trump, is rotten to the core. He's as phony as his voter "fraud" commission was.

    Kobach is a "loser" (to use one of the tweeter-in-chief's favorite vocabulary words.

  104. Beware of today's Republican party! They will do what they have to in their mission to remake this country in their image! White, male and fundamentally right-wing Christian extremists! Can't argue with them, after all, apparently their G-O-D speaks directly to them, the question however, who is the creature behind the mask? Kobach supporters love punishment because that is exactly what they are going to get, a 19th century economy, environmental degradation, dwindling fresh water sources, rising temperatures, impoverished schools, crumbling infrastructure, limited access to quality healthcare, just to name a few! I've heard it said, the definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over again but expecting the same results!

  105. Wow you could not make this up!

  106. When an election is "won" because votes are miscounted, or because a state has schemed to pass laws that will suppress votes for Democrats, or because of gerrymandering, then the U.S. has joined the ranks of the countries whose election results are routinely expected to be dishonest and illegal. My hope has been that, once the midterms are over, Republicans who no longer have to worry about re-election will begin to confront Trump's behavior and the illness he has spread. It is also feasible that many of them will feel emboldened to do yet more damage, having observed that in most cases, they can act with impunity.

  107. The wrong right doesn't suffer from any of their lawlessness. Until they suffer consequences of ignoring the law (as they do in dictatorships), this lawlessness isn't going to stop.

  108. Kobach is going to recuse himself?

    Why does even have a choice about this?

  109. Who'd have thunk. Mr. Voter fraud is up to his neck in voter fraud to tip the scales in his favor. Special times.

  110. How do you mistake a 5 for a 4?


  111. “I’ll be happy to recuse myself,” said Mr. Kobach—after initially refusing to recuse himself.

    Either way, if Kansans elect another Republican governor after the debacle of Brownback, they should be forced to secede for sheer stupidity.

  112. So Kobach is caught committing election fraud by providing incorrect information to election officials that could advance his personal campaign.
    I guess he was right about one thing - there is voter fraud out there. "Out there" meaning in the mirror.
    The Republican party has become the party of election fraud - it is the way that they are trying to cling to power.
    Gerrymandering, voter suppression, dishonest advertising - this is no longer the party of Lincoln.
    When Lincoln said that you can fool some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time, it was not an election strategy, it was a criticism of election practices.

  113. Kansas doesn't so much have a problem with undocumented immigrants as it has a problem with Kobach and Trump casting demonstrably unwarranted aspersions against an already vulnerable and woefully underrepresented minority with the intention of arousing resentments among the all too easily led and the hopelessly ignorant.

  114. It hardly matters which. Having watched the current Kansas state Executive administration and Legislature send the state's finances to hell in a handbasket on a downdraft of tax cuts and "austerity" all in the same breath, I hope the voters in Kansas will "throw the rascals out" and vote for a solid Democratic administration.

    More sensible administration can't be guaranteed, but there's an old saying: "You can't fall off the floor".