Melania Trump’s Parents Become U.S. Citizens, Using ‘Chain Migration’ Trump Hates

Viktor and Amalija Knavs had a private naturalization ceremony in Lower Manhattan, after being sponsored by their daughter in a program President Trump wants to end.

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  1. The mainstream media have given the Trumps immigration story a total pass since he announced his candidacy - and it is outrageous. Mrs. Trump almost certainly violated her tourist visa when she came to the U.S. by working as a "model." The media should never have let that story drop until the Trumps produced proof that she did not. And given the Trump voter's penchant for draconian enforcement of immigration laws - and their love of defending all manner of reprehensible actions by saying "the law's the law" - if Mrs. Trump were in violation - she should have had her citizenship revoked and been deported - as so many have under Trump for equally minor infractions. Every story on Trump's wall and immigration policies should include his in-laws naturalization. It is essential to unrelentingly point out the hypocrisy of his words nad the bigotry of his actions and those who support it.

  2. @Dana
    I agree completely. The cautiousness with which this "First Lady" is still treated is very disturbing. Openness is needed - in these times more than ever. There is enough propaganda floating around as it is.

  3. @Dana
    Right, but the Left is not clever enough to do this.

  4. @Dana I agree.

    It seemed clear that she came to NY on a tourist visa to work as a model. Illegal!!!!

    The authors say she came in on an Einstein visa, but that was after she had already been working illegally and went back and forth to her home country to "renew her tourist visa." Illegal!

    If this is the case, her Einstein visa application was illegitimate. This then lead to illegitimate citizenship.

    I wish the authors would research further and report the full story.

  5. How convenient, the President should be proud.

  6. Prime hypocrisy as usual.

  7. I am livid.

  8. @Debbie
    Me too! I’m with you! I’m livid too!

  9. Ah the wonders of Geese and Ganders.

  10. So, this is the administration of George Orwell’s Animal Farm (“all pigs are created equal, but some are more equal than others”) as well as “1984”.

  11. @Jeff
    Correction "All ANIMALS are equal....."
    Napoleon was not a pig.

  12. The people outside Mar-a-Loco look from "covfefe" to putin, and from putin to "covfefe", and from "covfefe" to putin again; but already it is impossible to say which is which.

  13. @Jeff.
    You are so right. My husband who grew up in East Germany often uses this quote to describe the inequalities of the former times. Americans often think that all citizens of the former communist countries were all members of the party, which was not so. It was like being a member of the mob. Once you were in, there was no way out, so most ethical people avoided it to their own economic disadvantage. Melania’s family chose to be communists, and now they enjoy our White House which I find totally disgusting!

  14. It isn't Chain Migration if you are white or rich.

  15. @late4dinner
    Accurate statement. I think Trump would support most white (middle class and above) immigration regardless of the circumstances. However, any minority or poor people he would undoubtedly throw the "anti-immigration" book at them.

  16. @late4dinner: or a former communist.

  17. What a typically nasty, anti-Trump article. President Trump did not include the parents (the very closest of relatives) of an American citizen when discussing "chain migration". What he did not want was a horde of distant relatives coming in on the back of 1 newly minted citizen.

  18. Chain Migration refers the children, spouses, and parents.nobody else qualifies.

  19. @MCH
    When reporters report what Trump said or did, why is it his supporters consider it anti-Trump or nasty. His words, his actions are what is nasty so maybe your indignation should be addressed toward him. The story is news so should be reported. The son-in-law of the Knavs has a record of negative comments about the use of this type of immigration. He is the president so a story like this shows us another aspect of his complete hypocrisy . If it is objectionable, the person who said it or did it should be the one you consider nasty - not the report or those who did the reporting.

  20. Would someone in the news media ask the obvious questions to Mr. Trump? How did Mrs. Trump’s retired, uneducated in-laws made their ways to citizenship? Was is chain-migration? What contributions will they make to our country?

  21. @chouchou14 Unfortunately, the news media can't ask any questions of Trump. He does not do news conferences, period. Sarah Huckabee may deign to respond with "no comment."

  22. @chouchou14 Melania's parents help with baby sitting Barron when Melania is flying around the country in fashionable clothes to destract from whatever Trump has done that is just too over-the-top inhumane - e.g. separating children from their parents.

  23. They will never ever ask the right questions. They don't want to lose their beloved access

  24. Back on February 21, 2018, a NYT Article talked about her parents having obtained their green cards, though it wasn't sure when they obtained it. Here's a thing. You have to have been a lawful permanent resident on a green card for FIVE YEARS before you can apply for citizenship. I know this because I came to the US in 1998 and later that year was selected through the Diversity Lottery for a green card. It then took almost 3 years of background check, etc to have my citizenship go through. It would be interesting to know when they got their green cards.

  25. @Jonathan They're related to "Einstein" ?

  26. @Jonathan They were here, with a green card, the requisite five years. That is well documented.

  27. @Jonathan Yes that would be interesting but we may never know the truth of this matter. It took 5 years before my application to immigrate into this country was approved, 5 years to apply for citizenship and 2 years to receive citizenship. Something is rotten in this deal for sure. Of course, after that effort, ask me how I feel about the wet foot-dry foot policy.

  28. As it ever was, there is one law for the rich, and another for everyone else. And that is the golden law: them that has the gold make the rules.

  29. Amen, girl!

  30. Is anyone surprised at this? There is a law for the rich and a law for the poor in this country and we are seeing it used to extremes by the Trump administration. There might have been a "populist" revolt that put Trump into office but there is bigger revolt coming from the fair-minded, democratic segment of the population that will sweep these people into the gutter where they belong.

  31. Me surprised? No. Of course there's hypocrisy in the Trump/ Republican positions on so many issues...
    "Secure the borders! End chain migration!" (Except when it applies to our family members.)
    "Cut government assistance! Eliminate welfare! (Except for tax breaks for the rich, and corporate welfare.)
    "End government supported healthcare! (Except when it applies to all members of Congress and the Executive branch.)
    "End women's access to reproductive care and right end a pregnancy!" (Except when it happens to them - the rich will still be able to afford to resolve the matter "discreetly".)
    "Climate change is a hoax!" (When things get really bad - the rich will still have the means to relocate inland and upland/ hire more security.)

  32. i have no problem with Mr. and Mrs. Knavs becoming citizens. Assuming they met the legal requirements, they had the right to seek citizenship. What I do find disgusting is the fact that Mr. Trump loudly and frequently denigrates "chain migration" an as evil that must be stopped. If he believes this, does he believe his in-laws should be deported? I doubt it because at the heart of Mr. Trump's message isn't really to limit immigration, it is to limit immigration from certain parts of the world. Since Mr. and Mrs. Knavses are of European extraction, he would be unlikely to object. Let's be clear here - the Trump Administration objects to increased immigration of non-white people. After all, Mr. Trump himself bemoaned the fact more Norwegians aren't wanting to immigrate to the U.S. That pretty much tell us what he is thinking.

  33. @dairyfarmersdaughter
    I don't think we can assume they met the legal requirements, given the question of whether Melania earned money in this country before her visa status allowed her to do so. Her parents' status depends on hers.

  34. @dairyfarmersdaughter They were sworn in in a private ceremony. Why couldn't they have joined the many who are sworn in at a courthouse instead of this eclectic private ceremony. Are they are better than anyone else who received citizenship?

  35. You don't understand. Republicans do not experience shame or embarrassment and regard ethics as optional and negotiable. Pointing out their hypocrisy won't make them change a thing. They have weaponized it--that way, they can criticize people who do anything they don't like and then are completely free to do the exact same thing if it suits them.

  36. Since Melania's citizenship was granted under false pretenses, when does the deportation proceedings begin for her parents and son?

  37. @kj Exactly which "false pretenses"? She complied with the law, at every step.

  38. Funny how after all his talk about helping regular people so far he has signed a tax law made to help the top 1percent, a special tax cut for pass through business made to help him, gut the ACA so rates went up, deport green card holders who use the social safety net, have the Treasury change tax on Capitol gains to help him and pals and now have a two tier citizenship system to help him. Will his supporters ever learn?

  39. “Some people come in, and they bring their whole family with them, who can be truly evil. NOT ACCEPTABLE!”


  40. Donald Trump's mother and grandfather entered the United States through chain migration.
    His in-laws became US citizens through chain migration.

    Donald Trump on the topic:
    "End chain migration"
    "An END to the horrible Chain Migration"
    "Congress must end Chain Migration"

    Donald Trump's in-laws on the topic:
    "Too bad about the pre-nup, Melania."

  41. Nope, no end to the hypocrisy of the Trump family. These people are unlikely to make a positive social or economic impact, unlike working immigrants.

  42. The hypocrisy has no limits. Melania overstayed her original visa to the United States. That seems quite clear. Notice how the journalistic investigation into it was suddenly shut down during the opening months of the Trump administration. So, Melania should be deported and her parents should most definitely not be given a rushed job citizenship. That is by Trump's own rules. Welcome to Trumpistan.

  43. @bstar Wrong. Melania complied with the law, every step of the way. And their citizenship was not "rushed"; five years was required and fulfilled.

  44. It's completely consistent with his approach to governance. If a policy or action benefits him or people he cares about, it's good and permissible. If it hurts them, or benefits anyone else, it's a disgusting and dangerous waste of money.

  45. @MS

    And those that oppose either of those approaches are subject to change via executive order or other questionable fiat. Just like any "very stable" dictator would do.

  46. Well said.

  47. To how many generations do we tax payers pay for protecting and that too the in laws? just curious

  48. @Wizarat I believe they are on their own with protection, but who knows how trump will find a way to bend the rules for them.

  49. MCH- Citizenship has never been allowed for a “horde of distant relatives” under our immigration laws. How ironic that DJT wouldn’t even been born here if not for his immigrant mother being allowed in and his father ,the son of an immigrant. He would only have 1 child if not for his 2 immigrant wives. Yes, the rules are different for the rich. Oh, and let’s not forget all the immigrants that get the honor of being brought in to work at Mar-a-Lago and Bedminster N.J.

  50. I am sure that Amalija and Viktor will prime the American economy, bringing great prosperity and glory to the Homeland.

    PS: When does Melania explain her illegal working on her visitors visa?
    Did I miss the press conference?

  51. Trump's in-laws's lawyer on chain migration - “It stands for a bedrock of our immigration process when it comes to family reunification.”
    Trump on same - “CHAIN MIGRATION must end now!” “Some people come in, and they bring their whole family with them, who can be truly evil. NOT ACCEPTABLE!”
    More do as I say, not as I do. Such a hypocrite.

  52. What special skills do they have to offer to America? Aren't they too old to earn a living? Do they speak English? All the time? Are they going to sponge off of the government by using our resources?

    These are the questions that Trump would ask if these new Americans weren't his in-laws.


  53. It is nice to see families reunited in my country and why should only the well-connected have that privilege? How many of us are here in the US because our families came separately or together at one time in our history. How many of us were and still are contributors to society’s betterment. Mr Trump should not be allowed to get away with this kind of cruelty.

  54. No wall being built between here and Slovenia. But they are white.

  55. @S. Well, one doesn't need to build a wall when there are thousands of miles of ocean.

  56. I had thought former members of the Communist Party in any country were automatically ineligible for US citizenship?

  57. @Jason Galbraith, interesting point. There are exceptions; perhaps Mr. Knavs met one?
    e.g.: "ceased their membership or involvement ten or more years before applying for citizenship"
    "Can Communist or Other Totalitarian Party Members Become Naturalized U.S. Citizens?
    To obtain U.S. citizenship, applicants must prove adherence to the U.S. Constitution and commitment to orderly change.

  58. I have just sent the Knavs two dozen red American Beauty Roses with a dozen white roses, all tied with a blue bow. My card said: You are two lucky people.

  59. @morganinmaine - except, of course, in being related in any way to Donald.

  60. @morganinmaine What a thoughtful gesture.

  61. That Trump in all caps denounced chain migration as a way for truly evil people to enter into the country and ended with NOT ACCEPTABLE, he is the worst kind of hypocrite, making special allowances for his wife’s family, while shutting the metal gate in the face of the families of hard working citizens whose members would like to become naturalized.
    Receiving an Einstein visa herself, Melania relied on her good looks and physical stature as a model as an entry way to becoming a citizen. However, many who wish to become US citizens have their own gifts that could enrich our country.
    It is the worst kind of elitism for Trump to make special arrangements for his wife’s family while denigrating and denying others the same opportunities.

  62. @Ichabod Aikem "Melania relied on her good looks and physical stature as a model as an entry way to becoming a citizen."

    You've gotta be kidding.

  63. “CHAIN MIGRATION must end now! Some people come in, and they bring their whole family with them, who can be truly evil. NOT ACCEPTABLE!”

    But your current wife's parents just got citizenship through chain migration.

    "That makes me SMART!"

  64. So it is ok for his family to take advantage of "chain migration" but no one else? This is not right.

  65. No presidency in modern history has been built upon a higher mountain of blatant hypocrisy, purposeful immortality and outright corruption. That fact alone says an awful lot. Those who still choose to support Trump only succeed in revealing themselves to friends, coworkers and family members who still posses a moral compass.

  66. Arguing to keep his mother in law out is one of the most reasonable things Trump has done.

  67. My God! Does Trump has no ethics or common sense at all. If Trump allows his in-laws to be sponsored by "chain migration" then any American needs to be allowed to sponsor family members. Whats good for Trump is good for all Americans.

  68. Didn't DOJ recently propose that if an immigrant uses any public program they become eligible for deportation? I can't recall if that includes naturalized citizens. So I guess that means if Mrs. Trump's parent use Social Security or Medicare they become eligible for loss of citizenship and then deportation.

  69. @Chuckw

    No. The administration mulling denying citizenship to any green card holder who has relied on welfare. Immigrants are supposed to show that won't require welfare assistants,

  70. @Chuckw

    They are likely not eligible for social security or medicare because they probably don´t have enough work credits.

  71. It is the double standard of this administration. Those with clout get the royal treatment of getting citizenship. the membership in the communist party - get in .......

  72. Chain migration, the chain being that special Trump faux gold. Who could have thought that being the Parents of the THIRD Mrs.Trump would get you automatic citizenship ??? They must have extraordinary, genius abilities, RIGHT ??? Hypocrisy, of the Trumpian kind. The BEST hypocrisy.
    VOTE in November.

  73. Hmm, so an uneducated onion harvester and a traveling car salesman, both over 70 and not contributing to the economy in any way, are allowed to "chain migrate" their way into the country because their daughter sold her body to an old man in exchange for his wealth. Got it!

  74. @Allison-you got it, and your description is accurately dead-on.

  75. @Allison: that's harsh judement. Melania came to this country on an "Einstein Visa". Give her credit!

  76. Yes, but that only works for white people.

  77. “I got mine...pull up the ladder”

  78. Trump supports chain migration that is from all the right countries.

  79. So trump's hatred of immigrants doesn't apply here? Oh yeah, that's right...they're not brown and in fear for their lives.

  80. So, Melania got an Einstein Visa as "an individual of extraordinary ability." Er, as- what? What kind of "model"? Here the imagination runs rampant.

  81. @Ellen: What kind of model? The 'thong' kind of model. If you've never seen her 'modeling', just google away and it's all, unfortunately for poor little Barron, right there.

  82. @Ellen She was an internationally known model well before Trump. Your putting Model in quotes is shameful.

  83. @Ellen

    Melania "be best," don't-cha-know? That's her "extraordinary ability."

  84. This is very hypocritical when taking into account everything this administration has done against immigrants, illegal and legal, e.g., the denaturalization task force, new roadblocks to citizenship, deportations, children in cages, etc. I guess chain migration is only allowed if one is rich and white.

  85. Hmmmm.....

    "The Balkan route supplies illicit Afghan opiates to the following 32 countries/territory: Albania; Austria; Belgium; Bosnia and Herzegovina; Bulgaria; Croatia; Czech Republic; Denmark; France; Germany; Greece; Hungary; Iran (Islamic Republic of); Ireland; Italy; Kosovo; Luxembourg; Montenegro; the Netherlands; Norway; Poland; Portugal; Romania; Serbia; Slovakia; Slovenia; Spain; Sweden; Switzerland; Turkey; the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland; and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. For the purposes of this study they are collectively referred to as “the Balkan route” or “Balkan route countries”.
    UN Office on Drugs and Crime, 2015.

    Chain migration from drug smuggling countries, gee, I wonder if they have calves the size of cantaloupes?

    "I don't really care, do U?"

  86. Are they Norwegian?

  87. Well, of course they did — because their son-in-law is the HYPOCRITE-in-Chief.

    The question is, did they have to undergo “enhanced vetting,” by Homeland Security and the NSA, as they should have?

    And What, if any, were and are their ties to Russia and to the former Soviet Union?

  88. Well, now that Melania's parents have met "civic knowledge requirements," perhaps they can teach their son-in-law a thing or two about the Constitution—starting with, say, how the president is supposed to implement policies, not make them.

  89. @Iam 2 - what makes you think they met the "civic knowledge requirements"? I'll put money down they didn't even have to do it nor did they have to endure an interview. Just sayin.....

  90. Why couldn't he just give them H2-B work visa's and shuffle them off to Mar-a-Lago like the rest of his "immigrants"?

  91. Think Aretha Franklin, "Chain of Fools", only Melania's parents are no fools. Welcome to America Amalija and Viktor. Glad you could make in under the heavy scrutiny of your foolish son-in-law. Glad you passed muster under Donald's diligent gasp of immigration.

    I know where to look for a chain of fools. Unfortunately they were all born in America. I hear tell Donald is hard at work trying to kill the fourteenth amendment so maybe that won't work in Trump's future world anymore.

    So Donald, this one is for you. "Chain, chain, chain....chain, chain of fools." RAW

  92. Melania's parents, Viktor and Amalija Knavs are members of the Slovenia's communist party. Melania's husband, on orders from Putin - condemns Montenegro for joining Nato all the while clearing the pathway to American citizenship for her mum and dad. What can we do to stop this type of immigration ?
    Get out there and vote! Wait a minute Putin is a hacking our elections again ! Not only does Melania's husband have Putin's support "again" so do her parents.
    Come on Mueller. We the People are counting on you !

  93. Dont you have to wait five years from the date you received the greencard to apply for citizenship?

  94. @Pete Rogers - I checked this and found: "For immigrants married to U.S. citizens, from green card to U.S. citizenship will take around three years." And if your daughter's husband is president, it takes effect immediately!

  95. @Pete Rogers If a person is in the military, it only takes three years for citizenship not five.

  96. @Pete Rogers
    It says they did.

  97. Could you imagine if Michelle O had a parent who was formerly a card carrying communist! ?! Trump would have never let it go! Now his in-laws, former commies are American citizens & Trump is having this love affair with Putin. Praises the leaders of other Communist countries—-do I smell a conspiracy. Is the so called leader of the free world a closet communist? Where are we headed?

  98. @Elena Marcusi

    Better yet, what if Obama had brought in a batch of half brothers and sisters from Kenya and they rapidly obtained citizenship?

  99. @Elena Marcusi, sorry, #45 probably could not spell

  100. @Elena Marcusi"communist" is a loaded word. Putin the plutocrat is not a communist, just as the Chinese "communist" government officials who store their immense ill-gotten money around the world are kleptocrats also. The history of communism is largely the history of ruthless power seekers who were "communist" in name only.

  101. The president's father-in-law, a white "member of the Communist party". His wife, the supposed conscience of that family: "I don't care, do you?" While brown children were imprisoned in cages because they and their parents are "vermin, disgusting, animals". And white supposed Christian Republicans support this either vocally or by their silence. Very interesting. and SAD!!

  102. I am an American citizen who is married to a lovely Japanese woman and citizen of Japan. We have two kids, both of whom are also American citizens. We are in our fourth year of dealing with the bureaucracy of the US Immigration Department, having to obtain countless documents, translations from Japanese to English and now having to find the inoculation records of my 48 year old wife. Who, besides children, have their measles mumps and rubella records? I guess the parents of "Einstein visas" have all that information and are able to slide through quite nicely in a private ceremony. Congratulations to them. I wish I knew the "right" people.

  103. @Mike Standard. Add $15k in immigration lawyer fees and a couple more years to the five.

  104. If it’s all so difficult and frustrating, why don’t you go and live in Japan? I wasn’t quite sure either what relevance your wife being ‘lovely’ has to do with anything? Is that a criteria of her immigration application? Only ‘lovely people’ need apply.

  105. @Mike Have you gotten in touch with the ACLU, or investigated the options for getting a lawyer? I hope you have! (No guarantees -- pick carefully!), but sitting around waiting for the axe to fall, must be excruciating!

  106. "Chain" migration is a reasonable, humane way to keep families together, certainly when a lead member has made the effort to emigrate and become either a citizen or legal resident of the US. No one should be faced with the choice of abandoning his or her family by living here. My Italian ancestors did not have to do that.
    However, chain migration should be limited to immediate families, such as spouses, children, and parents. Allowing any extended family member in by chain migration effectively allows unlimited immigration. In addition, those who have been given the privilege to come by chain migration should not be able to establish their own "chain" , unless perhaps they become citizens.
    This is a highly reasonable way of managing chain migration.
    Yet, it will be opposed by those on the right who want to stop immigration, and those on the left who want no limits.
    So, since compromise is forbidden in today's world, nothing gets done.

  107. it is and has always been that way. only immediate family.

  108. Immigration on family reunification grounds IS ALREADY limited to first degree relatives: children, mothers, fathers, spouses--not extended family. And (unless you have connections as the Knaves do) it can take as long as 20 years. Family-based immigration is an exceptionally stable route to legal residency in the United States, requiring patience, and reinforcing family bonds. The dehumanizing term "chain migration" is designed to obscure this truth, and lay the groundwork for eliminating most LEGAL immigration.

  109. I have observed happy family photo-taking sessions after naturalization ceremonies in the auditorium of a branch library I frequent. But today in New York, there was no family present to congratulate the Knavs, celebrate the day, and take photos--although their daughter and son-in-law are vacationing in the neighboring state. It is truly impressive how the Trumps manage to combine hypocrisy, media savvy and spinelessness.

  110. @Tamara

    And NYC is grateful Trump didn't show up. Manhattan becomes a traffic nightmare when a President comes to town. It's the least he owes his home state.

  111. For Donald Trump, its about whether you win or lose, not how you play the game. So he does what he is confident he can get away with. Whether it is right, wrong or fair is a secondary consideration. We can't expect this to change while he has sufficient support from allies and voters.

  112. So Viktor Knavs replaced his Communist party membership card with an American immigration green card, and now has been granted citizenship.

    There goes the neighborhood.

  113. @KJ Can someone explain to me how retired people got a green card????

  114. Let's be clear: Trump doesn't hate chain migration generally. He hates chain migration by certain types of immigrants. And as it happens, those immigrants tend to have darker skin than his lovely wife.

  115. “Do as I say” not as “I do”. Hear that? It’s all the cheers for Trump’s immigrant in-laws because you know they are white so it’s ok. It’s not like they are escaping drug cartels or murderers.

  116. And they didn’t even get a chance to spend any time in our posh border summer camps?

    The nerve.

  117. On top of the lying, and racism, here we have hypocrisy. And that’s exactly what the right is about.

  118. Of course Trump hate chain migration but allows his in-laws to use it! Why shd we be surprised? When has he honored a law when he didn't like it? Never.

  119. So the card-carrying former Communist party member gets chain migration benefits despite his political background. Anyone else could be DENIED citizenship on that basis. Were they NOT his wife's parents, Trump would be busy slamming them in Tweets and rallies as Communists seeking to undermine american Democracy all while he was pocketing Putin's payoffs! Can you say, "hypocrite!"?

  120. To Trump and his fans, this is not hypocrisy. His racist definition of “immigrants” simply doesn’t include white people.

  121. So will the parents of all his foreign born wives be given citizenship ?? How many, or is it unlimited ?? Granted, there are just some jobs that natural born citizens won't DO, but this is unfair. And hypocrisy. Shocking.

  122. Family reunion for VIP? What about the rest of the populace? Trump is in every sense bipolar... division is his main goal.

  123. That is Putin's goal.

  124. Well isnt Trump talking about rejecting even legal immigrants?

    Maybe they need to be looked at again. The dad was in the communist party as well. He gets preference over our immigrant Veterans???

  125. When Loyalty Trumps Integrity Corruption Reigns.

    Remember in November.

  126. The American people were promised her "papers" since Trump has made such a contemptible issue in regards to others. That and the promised tax returns are yet to be seen. why does he act as if there is something to hide?

  127. @jaxcat'why does he act as if there is something to hide?', because there is

  128. Don't forget the kids we made orphans (until they are reunited) at the border. I will welcome all of them here whole heartedly.

  129. If this isn’t calling the kettle black.

    Very sad day in the United States. The president, who despises immigrants, that is, poor immigrants, underage immigrants, immigrants who fear for their lives and those that are already citizens who are threatened by Trump, are unworthy. But Melania’s parents are!

    This is really a foreign country, right? Not the one my dad and husband went to war to fight for......Not the United States of America. Our Lady Liberty has taken a turn - at the call of Donald J. Trump. Awful.

  130. Yet another example of Trump hypocrisy. Vote 2018.

  131. Oh now here's a surpirse: Trump living according to different laws than he wants to impose on the rest of the world. HE causes others to suffer. HE separates children from their parents. HE causes people who have earned and have a right to be here (members of families who are citizens - spouses, children) to be forcibly sent away. As a country founded and forged by immigrants and defenders of freedom and the oppressed, we should be ashamed of this president's self-serving and self-absorbed ways.

  132. @Paxinmano
    Trust me, the shame has over taken my soul. I grieve for America and for all those supporters who have allowed themselves to be conned by the biggest con artist of all time. Trump has conned many, but truly his latest reality show con job has been his greatest accomplishment.

  133. @Paxinmano- I am ashamed and embarrassed by this self serving clueless excuse for a President....every day.

  134. @Paxinmano We should also be ashamed of the White House staffers who thought up this situation, especially Stephen Miller. Miller styles himself the next Roy Cohn. As a Jew--and a human being--I find them both abhorrent.

  135. Just wondering if they are on Medicare. Under Trump’s about to be released guidelines wouldn’t that be disqualifying? Then again they are White, European and one time Communists. What could be better? Sigh.

  136. @George
    If the Knaves did not work and pay into the Medicare fund, they are not eligible, and cannot buy in.
    If Melania is covered under Donald's Federal Employee Health Plan, she might be able to claim them as dependent if she provides the majority of their financial support.
    Given the trump wealth - most likely the whole family has gold plated coverage on the private, for-profit market.

  137. And Ivana came into the US illegally, then worked here illegally as a ski instructor. This was after she had a marriage of convenience to an Austrian to get out of Czechoslovakia, and went on to Canada illegally before coming here.

    But I'm sure none of that counted,.

  138. @OLYPHD Totally false.

  139. What? Where were the tweets celebrating his in-laws new status as American citizens? If Donald wont say it. Welcome to America.

  140. Trumps typical hypocritical behavior. Absolutely no respect left for him...

  141. Wait. You mean you actually had respect for him at some point?

  142. Since no one is above the law and given the claim that citizens can be deported it stands to reason that Melania should be deported. Now if we could only deport Trump

  143. @Mark A Citizen cannot be deported unless they are stripped of their citizenship.

  144. @Mark A He demanded football players who kneel in protest be deported even though the majority are citizens.

  145. What's good for Trump is not good for anyone. Not surprising!

  146. I'm so delighted for them!
    Now that Melonia has gotten what she wants for her parents she can walk out on the Trumpkin.

  147. Trump's in-laws are granted "chain immigration," which he equates with being "truly evil." But somehow, he's fine with it when it applies to his own family.

    Trump's father-in-law is a Communist, which he denounced as "contributing to the continued suffering of the people." The entire Rightwing Media Cabal use "Socialist" as an even worse epithet than "Liberal." But they're all perfectly fine with it when it applies to Trump's family.

    The blatant hypocrisy of Trump and the entire Conservative movement is disgusting.

    Id like to see a Democrat candidate whip up their audience, and get them started in a chant: "Lock them up! Get them out of here! Take back our country!" Then watch the Rightwing Media Cabal go berserk....

  148. Well imagine that. What a hypocrite Trump is.

  149. Oh isn't this cute!!?

  150. Simple explanation for Knaves' becoming citizens:
    Chain migration for brown skinned people - Bad!
    Chain migration for white skinned people - Good!

  151. Could we see their birth certificates, SCP membership cards, and the playboy-esque photo of the first lady (sic) on the fur rug in The Donald's airplane, please? Just need some more immigration documentation to satisfy the need-to-know, public-minded American citizenry.

  152. The real question is how Melania got her visa that then provided her parents chain migration.

  153. @Susan
    On her back?

  154. @Susan Not just a Visa, an Einstein Visa for immigrants with exceptional talent.

  155. She got an Einstein visa (usually reserved for scientists, artists) for her modeling.

  156. Hmmm.... I wonder what Laura Ingraham has to say about this?

  157. @Hangdry Man Deplorables are all over social media defending this. They don't seem to have any sense of the hypocrisy.

  158. What else can you expect from Trump.

  159. Do as I say, not as I do. Typical hypocrites.

  160. Why is this not a surprise? Donald strikes again!

  161. Why are naturalized citizens allowed to maintain citizenship in their countries of origin?

    I know US does not officially recognize dual citizenship, but the government doesn’t prohibit it, say by requiring people to formally renounce their other citizenship the day that they are naturalized?

    If naturalized citizens later attain citizenship elsewhere, as numbers of born-citizens do, so be it. But if you are proactively seeking US citizenship, it makes sense that you should have to give up your allegiance to another nation’s government first (or, to avoid being stateless, concurrent with taking your oath of citizenship).

    And speaking of all this, the powers that be did make sure that Trump & Co. don’t themselves have citizenship in any other country/state, right? That should go for members of Congress as well. And, of course, the leadership of our military and intelligence services as well.

  162. Why nations grant and why individuals seek citizenship is a messy mix of identity, allegiance, and none-of-the-above utilitarianism. Which is it for the Knavs, I wonder? For a while, Belize sold citizenship. Post Brexit, many English with Irish forebears are now scrambling to file for Irish citizenship. Israel has right of return. And Italy recognizes jus sanguinis, which allowed many to escape Argentine dictatorships (and fatten Italy's tax base). I had considered this last option to escape MAGA-Gilead but see that Salvini & co. are aiming for MIGA-Risorgimento these days. Oh well.

  163. @YYY I immigrated to the US, legally, and became a proud citizen. While I can always return to my birth country -- Canada -- and do so with frequency, I must not obtain a Canadian passport, or I'd lose my US citizenship. While the US does not demand a naturalized citizen renounce a birthright citizenship, one must not use it. I enter Canada on my visits with my US passport.

  164. @ Texas Liberal. Not true, at least not for people from other places. For example, people who have both US and Israeli citizenship and were born in Israel must use their Israeli passport when traveling to/from Israel.

    And personally I think that if you still maintain allegiance to Canada and spend a lot of time in Canada, maybe you should not have gotten American citizenship. It certainly sounds like you didn’t need it, but maybe you were seeking asylum? Just one problem with maintaining multiple citizenship’s: which country to defend if war broke out, and if drafted by both at same time, to which do you report for service and which do you leave in the lurch?

  165. Not a surprise that Trump is against this, he has no empathy. He is guided by "what's in it for me" mentality and now that his in-laws are citizens, this type of citizenship path is of no interest to him.

  166. Do they still travel on taxpayer's expence by AF1?

  167. You should live so good with all their "freebies"!

  168. I wish them nothing but health and happiness, but the hypocrisy truly reeks. And I assume they were not escaping civil war, gang violence, ethnic cleansing, or famine.

  169. One thing he's right about: chain migration brings in the families of criminals.

  170. @John
    Thanks, John, for my belly laugh of the day!!!!!

  171. Tasteless joke.

  172. Chain migration and they get escorted by the police on taxpayers money? Shameless.

  173. So, will Trump’s brand-spanking-new-citizen in-laws receive Medicare and other publicly-funded benefits — to which they never, or at best hardly, contributes to?

  174. @Theresa
    And we'll be paying for their secret service protection too...

  175. Hypocrisy, thy name is Trump.

  176. @sophia Hypocrisy is a four syllable word, way beyond this so called president's comprehension. Not that he grasps the concept of hypocrisy at all.

  177. Disgusting that a former member of the Communist Party becomes a citizen while young immigrants serving in our military are being dismissed from the service. The only thing Mr. Knavs did was father a big bosomed, long legged, rather brainless daughter who caught the eye of an old lecher and ended up as First Lady. Me, I'll take that young man willing to serve even though he is not a citizen.

  178. Even in the United States, it was never illegal to be a member of the Communist Party, and percentagewise, many then- and former- members served loyally in the US military during the first two world wars.
    Despite that, the law placed people who were Communists, present and former, gays, and a whole bunch of others on the lists of those forbidden to even ENTER the US to attend or present research papers at academic conferences, etc.
    I despise Donald Trump. I despised him long before his candidacy and election. I despise his hypocrisy, bit what do you expect of a man who claims to be an Evangelical Charismatic Christian, but spends the Sabbath praying only that the little white ball he has sent flying down one of the 18 greens of his own golf courses will land in the hole by the flag.
    What do you expect of a man who has used the bankruptcy courts frequently when a sub-corporation has failed, though his alleged personal fortune would be hurt by a hundredth of a percent if he did the honorable thing and paid what was owed builders, suppliers and employees?
    What do you expect from a man who solicits donations to a charity for veterans and other worthy causes, and uses them as a slush fund to hide allegations of adultery, aid his campaign, snd buy a $10,000 portrait of himself to hang in a members-only golf club?

  179. @mfiori. Great comment!

  180. Very well said!

  181. Why is one’s naturalization process dates, such as when a green card was applied for and received, not a matter of public record? And why do some individuals who not defecting or victims of crime get to make their oaths privately?

    The exact date, time, and place of people born in the US (and thus “new” citizens) are all available in public records.

    Seems to me that there would be public benefit from the information not being a secret — including making sure no fraud or unwarranted special treatment has taken place.

  182. Most of the documents you seek are kept confidential because of the number of “nativists” (those whose grandparents came from, cleansing the President’s speech a bit, ‘cesspool nations’).
    Or some whose great to the nth degree grandparents came here, either illegally or before laws were established and engaged in the slaughter of the Aboriginal Americans - the first folks to set down permanent settlements - who still get called “Indians”.
    To get permanent resident status for my wife, who lived just on the Canadian side of Niagara Falls cost, due to the inefficient system, and a deliberate “loss” of papers, by a US official, (he and one of the few Canadian physicians licensed to approve applicants - who have to pay thousands of dollars out-of-pocket to prove they are free of diseases that take simple bloodwork, lost their jobs too thanks to New York’s senators), and four years - of which, during the final two, the US forbid her to enter the country, despite dozens of visits, and Ottawa responded by refusing me the ability to see her.
    She, and Every Other Canadian wishing to cross the border “permanently” must also travel to Montreal, only a $350 round trip TRAIN ticket from her section of Ontario, probably a $1,000 plane ticket from the Pacific coast.
    Every two years a “permanent” resident reports to Homeland Security to reregister and prove they remain married, employed, or one of the few other reasons a Canadian is allowed to emigrate.
    Should these people have NO privacy?

  183. Huh, that story, about Canadian immigration, does not sound at all like what acquaintances who emigrated from Asia and Europe. Your story makes one wonder if the Americans were suspicious of fraud in your case or if there were other factors at play, such as interpersonal violence or abuse.

  184. I agree that this policy should end. Heavily restricted, merit-based immigration is all we need.

  185. @Spook : WHY?!

  186. Really? With full employment, though though adjusted unemployment seems to be creeping up, how are we going to get people to work planting and harvesting our giant corporate farm crops?
    Many immigrant groups, from temporary farm workers, to the Chinese brought in as virtual slaves to build railways, and even Norwegians imported to work the lumber trade, are you going to get enough people so desperate to leave poverty and persecution that they will fill the brute force jobs, under intolerable working conditions for a few dollars and a chance, mind you a chance at citizenship?
    All those jobs no “Real ‘mericn” will take?

  187. @Spook And you are the person to determine worth? What "merit" did your relatives bring to our shores? Mine brought nothing but a need for a chance to survive and, perhaps, prosper.

  188. It is truly disturbing that President Bone Spurs’ perfidy will again go unchecked. However, I for one remain firm in the belief that this man will soon be confronted by the rule of law and removed from office.

  189. @JeffSBe careful what you wish for. Spence is worse. He is evil. And he knows the ropes. Better to muddle along with an egotistical imbecile for two more years than to have a religious fanatic who knows the ropes and can cause even more pain and horror than the present ego-maniacal, ignoramus who is now occupying the White House (when he's not in Florida or NJ, in his golfing headquarters).

  190. On view of their son-in-law’s strong views on this issue, why doesn’t he invalidate this event? Stay true to whatever principles he believes on??

    OR: does this set a good precedent precisely for this entire option for all people who are not related to Trump but fit the same profile and circumstances?

    That would surely be a better outcome of setting this precedent for Melania

  191. He doesn't pretend he has any objection to European chain migration so this is fully consistent with his grotesque inconsistency.

  192. Good for them! Without citizenship, their son-in-law would have had them deported.

  193. @The Mod Professor Not only that, but most people would do anything to keep their mother-in-law OUT of the country!

  194. Chalk up two more being added to The Swamp, and by 'Chain Migration' no less.

  195. Melania came over on an Einstein’s visa??? As a model? How is that an extraordinary talent? Before, it was reported she came over on a visitor’s visa! Let’s see her papers, please?! This issue is gigantic compared to the fake “birther” issue Trump used against Obama.

    Earlier reports indicated Melania violated the terms of her visitor’s visa by working as a model. If true, she should be stripped of her citizenship, and her parents sent home, not rewarded under “chain migration” her husband rails against. It’s fair for one, it’s fair for all.

  196. @Dawn Swink Melania interviewed under a visitor visa. Legal. She applied for and received an H1B visa under a rule promulgated by Congress adding modeling as an eligible category. Then she worked. Legal.

    Cite those "earlier reports" other than other ill-informed comments.

  197. @Dawn Swink

    She came on an Einstein visa not as a model, but as a "model."

  198. @Dawn a
    So saaad—-no one ever promised us fair or truth or morality. That’s why we have the SWAMP running our government now. Vote them out in November.

  199. I believe this policy should end and be replaced by merit based migration. However, it is ridiculous to chastise the parents of the FLOTUS because they took advantage of a program that has been in place for decades. Countless l000's have immigrated in this manner.

  200. However, it’s not ridiculous to chastise he president over this. He is the one railing against “chain migration”, while using it for his family. And his supporters think in this case it’s perfectly ok because he was “just taking care of family matters”, a right they want to deny to anyone Hispanic or Muslim.

    I don’t blame her parents. I blame him.

  201. It isn’t ridiculous. Not while the president denigrates everyone else for doing it. It’s called hypocrisy. Look it up.

  202. It's all about fearmongering fundamentalists for votes so the global super-rich, aided by their GOP service bureau, can rape America. It's that simple. The religious right needs to wake up to their victimhood, but they will not. We in the reality community must save America for ourselves, and for them as well.

  203. I wonder ,that since Melania’s parents are now naturalized citizens, she might feel free to reconsider her marriage to Trump. Probably not, but an interesting thought.

  204. What does FOX News, & Friends, and other mouthpieces have to say about "chain migration" today?

    Most likely ridicule the main stream media for even brining it up in regards to our fine president and these fine deserving people.

  205. This situation stinks, just like everything related to Donald Trump. If they received any special treatment, it is another potential article for impeachment. They keep adding up. The smell us getting worse.

  206. His in-laws were applying maybe that's why he is against it.

  207. I'm not sure how much insult can be added to injury at this point.

  208. What's the problem? Der Donald has shown quit often he and his are not bound by the behavior of mere mortals.

    He wears hypocrisy like it's a $5,000 suit...

  209. @European American

    Or a $15,000 ostrich coat. Oh wait that’s his erstwhile campaign manager, Paul Manafort,—birds of a feather...(couldn’t resist).

  210. Looks more like a $20. (Canadian) suit.

  211. Anyone willing to bet that neither FOx & Friiends, Hannity, Carlson, or Ingraham bring this up on their show?

  212. He's pathetic, but these two things could still be true.

  213. This is the height of selfishness and hypocrisy on one hand, and arrogance and cruelty on weak and poor on the other. But what else would you expect from Trump. He has always lived a life of leisure by stomping on on welfare of others.

    America makes what rich and powerful want legal, and what poor need illegal.

  214. Except for pointing out hypocrisy (nothing new there), why is this news? Why is this a "Top Story"?

  215. Why wouldn't it be a top story? I'm sure a lot of green card holders are interested.

  216. Because Trump used fearmongering to blanketly condemn all that enter the country through "chain migration" as terrorists, yet his family has just served up a prime example of how absurd that line of thought is.

  217. Who is surprised? With Trump up is down, and down is up.

    A pathological liar plays his white base like a thee string ukulele.

    Amalija and Viktor Knavs have a story that needs investigative reporting.

    Are we giving them Secret Service protection?

    Nothing would surprise me...

  218. @S B Lewis they live in the WH

  219. And will any one in the WH press corps ask Trump or Sara Sanders about his hypocrisy? I won't hold my breath.

  220. Are y'all going to vote this November? Remember all this when you are in the voting booth, if you take the time to vote!!!

  221. How'd this happen? A whole new birther conspiracy. Let's hope FOX picks up the story for the next couple of years.