F.B.I. Agent Defends Actions in Russia Inquiry in Contentious House Testimony

Peter Strzok, the F.B.I. agent who led the investigations of Russian interference and the Clinton emails, was hauled before the House but came out swinging.

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  1. Mr. Strozk has infinitely more credibility than Mr. Gowdy. That’s all I have to say about that.

  2. The GOP members are All Grandstanding to protect trump. What a FARCE!

  3. And to soil the reputation of the FBI in order to discredit the Mueller investigation.

  4. Did you ever think that you would ever see Democrats trying to protect someone who is clearly guilty of treason? This is a soft coup and they should be immediately be taken into custody.

  5. Did you ever think that you would ever see Republicans trying to protect someone (DT) who is clearly guilty of treason? Absolutely, we have become accustomed to nothing less. Their politicized hearings of the past, what, 20 or 30 years? leads us to expect such political theater. It would be hilarious if they weren't wasting millions of our tax dollars.

  6. Agreed. The man said he intended to use government resources to prevent the election of a presidential candidate. It's a serious crime in my view, and his invoking the bogeyman Putin is a cheap deflection.

  7. Like the president, you have no idea what constitutes treason.

  8. Wait, he already did testify before the House. This is simply another GOP trick to try to get this man to slip up from his previous testimony in any way so that they can nail him.

    This isn’t American exceptionalism, it no longer exists thanks to Paul Ryan and Mitch Mcconnell.

  9. Ryan and McConnell? They are bought men. Their ideas are given to them along with the money, but in a separate envelope.

  10. Republicans will not be satisfied until every FBI agent takes a loyalty oath to the GOP and all the rest resign or are fired.

  11. It is outrageous that Congress would disparage a citizen's First Amendment rights for political grandstanding. No one in America loses their right to have an opinion, regardless of their job.

  12. I’m with you but “we’ll stop it’ is not an opinion.

  13. In Citizens United the Supreme Court essentially found that the most important protected free speech is political. “If the First Amendment has any force, it prohibits Congress from fining or jailing citizens, or associations of citizens, for simply engaging in political speech.”

  14. All of this is absurd. Are the creatures in Congress ineligible to conduct their investigations when they issue their blankent political statements?

  15. Knowing what he knew, Strzok was right to want "we" to stop it -- even if the "we" alluded to was the FBI. The FBI is suppose to stop corruption. The election was corrupt. Yes, FBI please stop it. Why is saying "we will stop it" such a big deal when the evidence pointed to historic corruption of our democracy. The FBI needs to stop Putin's meddling in our election to favor Trump. Right?

    Furthermore, Trump had said he liked to grab women. He lied about Obama's birth. He wanted to deny the Central Park Five justice. The FBI should stop that. Lies, misogyny, racism. We will stop that.

    As Seinfeld said, "who are these people"? Who are these people grilling Strzock for showing "bias" against real corruption?

  16. There is no evidence of any vote tampering .. any changed or missing votes.

    I hope we do get a full understanding of any Russian money and propaganda .. so far it's spotty and not clear.

    Please remember -- we do the same thing and have done for years. We meddled in both Syria and Egypt -- and look what it caused.

  17. Strzok explained that the “We” referred to the electorate. A sadly misplaced trust. But then the voters didn’t know about the Russia investigation and had been misled on the significance of the email server. Comey gave the election to Trump.

  18. Well stated.

  19. Nunes et al are dt’s tools and so without integrity.

    Apparently if someone has an opinion that differs from the dt line they are enemies of the state.

    Hmm, wonder how dt’s performance appraisal w Putin will go?

  20. It doesn't matter what Strozk says, the Congressional committee has repeatedly demonstrated that its only goal is to shill for Trump. To date their behavior has been an embarrassment to the country and a caution to any patriotic belief that our democratic system is capable of functioning.

  21. Republicans and the president are grasping at straws in a desperate attempt to show FBI and deep state bias towards this administration. Granted, posting their personal feelings about the GOP nominee wasn't very smart but millions of Americans felt and feel the same way about this president. These agents committed no crime but their faulty judgment is a convenient defense against the Mueller investigation. Agent Strzok apologized for his momentary lapse which is a lot more than the president ever does.

  22. It’s nice to see a real man who is capable of apology. Trump is neither.

  23. Point of clarification: neither agent “posted.” These were personal text messages between two individuals.

  24. They didn’t “post”, they texted. Speaking of which, let’s investigate all the texts and emails of the trump faction within the FBI.

    The republicans are a disgrace.

  25. Talk about bias....Can Trey Gowdy's remarks on so many issues be considered anything but bias.?

  26. Come on we Dems need a 'Ollie North' moment.

  27. How does an opening statement that "turns the tables on the GOP"? Wishful thinking in light of the facts?
    He was fired by Mueller, did you forget?
    He was criticized severely by the Inspector General.
    His text clearly show his bias and indicate he's going to act on it.
    Further in the article, Gowdy takes his statement apart.

    The headline is foolish and only shows the continuing lack of objectivity by the

  28. So the hearing has already devolved into Republican shenanigans. They are threatening contempt - unlike Bannon and Lewandowski who refused to answer same questions. Hey, no problemo! But the FBI guy? He is in contempt!

    Also, where the heck is the parliamentarian to tell these jerks how to conduct a hearing instead of all this quibbling? America is just becoming laughable. A banana republic.


  29. Our democratic system stopped functioning when the electoral college rubber stamped Trump's election. Our Founding Fathers established the electoral college to protect us from frauds and incompetents such as Trump as they knew someone like Trump would eventually come along. We've taken our system of government for granted too long and the result is Trump.

  30. Mr. Strzok is being made a scapegoat by people who are not fit to shine his shoes.

  31. Let's not insult people who shine shoes!

  32. Mr. Strzok hass guts! I guess in The Right Wing Trump World, anyone who works for the Government cannot have a political position and certainly can't express it to a friend. Let's be realistic, if there was a secret group of high ranking FBI agents who wanted to defeat Trump's election, Hillary Clinton would be President, not Trump.

  33. "Mr. Strzok hass guts! I guess in The Right Wing Trump World, anyone who works for the Government cannot have a political position and certainly can't express it to a friend."

    I guess this is what TDS in extremis can result in.

    You realize, of course, that Strzok was chief of the FBI’s Counterespionage Section and number two in the FBI’s Counterintelligence Division? He led the team of investigators in the Clinton classified email probe and led the FBI investigation into alleged Russian interference in the election. He was involved in the controversial anti-Trump “Steele dossier” used, in part, to obtain multiple secret wiretaps. He was the one who interviewed Trump adviser Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, who pled guilty to lying to the FBI only to later learn that agents reportedly didn’t think he’d lied. And Strzok was the “top” FBI agent appointed to work on the team of special counsel Robert Mueller to investigate alleged Trump-Russia collusion.

    So, yes, having a "political position" in these circumstances makes a mockery of the principle of blind justice. Only those with advanced TDS could fail to notice, or fail to care.

  34. Excellent comment. The "deep state" hasn't been too successful so far. Surely if they were so conniving and expert they would have tripped up the President by now. Instead they have allowed him to run amok. They haven't managed to ruin Trump's rallies which they could surely do if they tried. Maybe they don't exist.

  35. Oh the irony. Joe McCarthy would be astounded by the GOP today.

  36. I am watching the testimony.

    Committee chairman goodlatte and member gowdy remind me of fascist interrogators of ww ii and the soviet union.

    Their badgering and failure to follow procedure, including trying to prevent the witness from getting advice from counsel are among the lowest, filthiest, most disgusting actions I have ever seen from government. They are providing their own testimony in place of the witness.

    Our democracy is at risk and this session of the judiciary committee is the prima fascia evidence.

  37. Hey that could be a pretty good slogan: Russian Republicans. Repeat it at every opportunity. Remember how well Trump did with his slogans. Little Marco. Lying Ted. Build that wall. Lock her up. I know, mindless slogans are not what Democrats do, but fire with fire. We gotta win the next one.

  38. The Latin-derived term is "prima facie," meaning "at first appearance." Your spelling may be a mistake, but it can be read as an interesting pun referring to the apparent rise of fascism in the U.S.

  39. More than once they made derogatory statements at him allowing no chance to respond. Fox News called him “smirking” and “trump-hating” Agent. I can see how much they want to get at the truth.

  40. Turns tables? He's not answering any questions because...well, I guess he has something to hide.

  41. You're talking about Trump, right?

  42. Nonsense. He has answered all questions and has NOTHING to hide.

  43. Another patriotic American steps up to call out Benghazi-Russian-Republicans who are hellbent on Gaslighting Over People and letting Czar Trump continue to shred the country, its ideals, its democracy and any forward progress.

    Peter Strzok represents the truth, the separation of powers and the rule of law, something the Grand Old Patriots completely abandoned a very long time ago.

    This is a fight for America, and Republicans are thrilled to support a Russian stooge as long as they get their greedy tax cuts, rape the Earth and force women to bear their unwanted sperm.

    November 6 2018

    Register to vote.
    Donate to democracy.

    We have met the enemy, and it is Russian-Republican.

  44. Trump is lucky that so far the only thing he has "heard" from the FBI are a handful of text messages saying what the sane among us know, that he should not be president. Of course, when Mueller shows the evidence he has collected it will be labeled a conspiracy by Trump. He will go down kicking and screaming like the little punk that he is.

  45. I agree. I would guess that mulluobs if emails exoressing sinikar sentiment were exchanged between democrats and republicans

  46. Strzok was our main defense against Russian interference in America. He broke up multiple Russian spy rings ; worked hard to defend us; and deserves our respect. GOP/Trump is destroying FBI at a time when America needs the FBI the most. Russia loves what Trump/GOP is doing to FBI; our first line of defense. Why did GOP go to Russia on July 4th? Why is GOP attacking FBI? Vote out GOP to save Democracy in America. Ray Sipe

  47. Putin must be ecstatic that the USA is not criticizing its own counterintelligence officers.

  48. Extremely poor judgement on the part of Mr. Strzok. Electronic communications are routinely backed up and archived, you should always assume it will be around forever to be read whenever. He should certainly have known better.

    Between this and the backflipping agent who's gun fell out and fired, injuring another bar patron, you really have to question the basic common sense of these elite law enforcement professionals.

  49. None of that indicates the overall quality of the FBI and it has nothing to do with the shameful words and actions of Republicans and Trump.

  50. Can I have the private emails of the Republican-leaning members of government? No one should object--after all, a conservative never says anything disparagingly in an email.

  51. I was thinking a similar thing: I'd love to see the private texts from the same period of these GOP members haranguing Strzok.

  52. Ask the Russians. I'm sure they got them when they got the DNC emails. The difference is that holding onto the GOP emails has proven to be very good leverage for TrumPutin.

  53. Private texts read in public? A man running for president doing and saying despicable things with high level people in his campaign connected to Russian people/companies/ investments + evidence of Russian election meddling. Not everyday stuff. One might forgive him for noticing and commenting on his off time to a friend. Who among us would like to have their private messages to friends exposed this way? Presumably the FBI makes decisions based on facts collected by a group of investigators, meetings to discuss where evidence is leading, etc. not making overreaching decisions based on the opinions of one person. It is a bureaucracy after all.
    Yes, let's see what was said privately about Hillary.

  54. Mr. Gowdy said later, “That is prejudging guilt. It is prejudging punishment. And it is textbook bias.” Ha, that sounds like how Gowdy conducted all of his inquiries.

  55. Another disgusting display of bias by Republicans on the Committee. Trey Gowdy deserves special rebuke. The led and participated in multiple investigations of Hillary's emails. Those Republican controlled investigations all concluded that Hillary could not be charged with any offense. Gowdy showed special bias and acted upon his biases then and now. Gowdy is very familiar with the investigation of Hillary's emails, the committees' findings and the Inspector General's findings. Regarding Mr. Strzok"s role in leading that investigation "The inspector general’s report was unsparing in its criticism of Mr. Strzok and Ms. Page, but found no evidence that their personal views had affected prosecutorial decisions in the Clinton case." Gowdy knew that before this latest hearing but criticized Strzok over-and-over for bias, which was private expression of his personal opinions that did not affect the investigation. Shameful behavior by Gowdy.

  56. The cowardly Gowdy reversed position from last month, when he said the Mueller investigation should be allowed to continue. Even though he's leaving Congress, someone obviously got to him- perhaps threatened him with loss of a lucrative lobbying job or a spot on Fox?

  57. "The inspector general’s report was unsparing in its criticism of Mr. Strzok and Ms. Page, but found no evidence that their personal views had affected prosecutorial decisions in the Clinton case."

    The IG did not investigate the acts Mr. Strzok took against a duly elected President. He suggested impeachment.

  58. I'm listening to Gowdy at this very minute. Please forgive me when I say that, in appearance, I've believed him to be a living breathing "Conehead" a la Saturday Night Live, for a long time. All the while not meaning to insult the Coneheads; they're much much nicer and more intelligent.

  59. This testimony will go down in U.S. history as one of the more bizarre moments of our republic. The partisanship here is naked, raw, and sublimely outrageous

  60. The opener of Colbert last night was just play-by-play on these hearings, and it was both hilarious and breathtaking. (And tragic.)

  61. He was actually a pretty decent Circuit Solicitor (what the rest of the country would call a District Attorney). And then he decided to run for Congress, and this is probably the most conservative district in a conservative state - so he tacked ever further to the right.

    You're not going to like his replacement much, either.

  62. Absolutely outrageous that Republicans attack true American patriots like Peter Strozk and others at the F.B.I. and C.I.A.. Never will you find more honorable and dedicated Americans than at these agencies. Wake up America! The house is on Fire! Vote Democrat in November!

  63. Another trump inspired Republican with hunt. They didn't seem at all concerned about Mr. Strzok when he investigated Hillary Clinton.

  64. The GOP needs to be voted out in November. The only thing they do is hold one expensive and fruitless investigation after another.

  65. Strzok is before Congress today because of the written record he created on FBI phones. “I understand we are living in a political era in which insults and insinuation often drown out honesty and integrity,” Mr. Strzok said. Strzok was drowned by his own written insults and insinuations.

    The Justice Department’s inspector general is now working for Putin? This man is unbalanced. I hope they have taken away his service revolver.

  66. It is weird that the IG let himself be used. Very strange as he has a sterling reputation. I think I'm trying to be hyper-fair, he went a bit overboard.

  67. News flash: 1. Public employees have opinions (which are protected by the First Amendment). 2. Many people find The Donald Loathsome.

    This is "way worse" than a sitting president using campaign funds to pay criminal operatives to burgle Democratic Party Headquarters for the purpose of installing illegal wiretaps, then using said funds to attempt to buy the silence of the conspirators, as well exerting Executive pressure to obstruct an FBI investigation into Executive misdemeanors, how?

  68. Breaking news: 1. Public employees have opinions (which are protected by the First Amendment). 2. Many people hold the opinion that The Donald is a buffoon, a charlatan and quite possibly, a traitor.

    "Way worse" than Watergate? Worse than using a campaign slush fund to hire operatives to burgle opposition party headquarters in an attempt to install illegal wiretaps? Worse than conspiring to obstruct an FBI investigation into the operation? Worse than conspiring to buy the silence of the perpetrators, all the while lying to American public about the affair? Really?

  69. The GOP must protect likely traitor Trump at any cost. If Trump is found to have conspired with Russia to undermine our democracy then their "brand" will be in the sewer.

  70. It's already in the sewer, and headed for the swamp.

  71. How ironic is it for Trey Gowdy, of all people, to say, "He thinks protecting the country from someone he hasn’t even begun to investigate isn’t bias. He thinks promising to ‘stop’ someone he is supposed to be fairly investigating from becoming ever president isn’t bias.” That sounds like a reasonable description of Mr. Gowdy's behavior in every Congressional investigation into HRC he's been involved in. Talk about hypocrisy!

  72. How much Russian money has Mr. Gowdy received? How much Russian has the Republican party received? Let's follow the money!

  73. I can only add one simple logic to this; If Strzok and Page were biased against a possible major criminal, is that so bad as it inspires them to fully investigate that individual versus being biased in favor of that individual and looking the other way regarding crimes committed?

  74. The GOP reps will be reviled by history. McCarthyism in the service of s Russian agenda to hurt our country.

  75. FBI, like any other US governmental organization, is made up from the US public. And, if the US election popular vote is any indication, the majority of Americans do not like Mr. Trump.

    So, is it a surprise that there are FBI agents who dislike Mr. Trump? It shouldn't be. It, however, would be a surprise if these agents let their dislike of Mr. Trump become an obstacle in properly conducting their duties.

    For a FBI agent, there should be no test of loyalty to Mr. Trump. If there are tests for the agents, it should be with regard to their loyalty to American people, to the US constitution, and to their assigned responsibilities.

  76. Here here! In my personal experience, the vast majority of US DOJ agents are conservative and vote republican. No big surprise. What is unusual and heartening is two professionals have "betrayed" the idiot Gowdy speaking truth to power. FBI, March on!

  77. Gowdy et al absolutely REEK of desperation.

  78. About time someone called out these Collaborators. Please proceed, Sir.

  79. Trey Gowdy is tres Putinesque. Reading Timothy Snyder's recent book makes it clear that Putin meddled in the election with a strategy that counted on people like Gowdy to put undermining electoral integrity ahead of American interests.

  80. This is a show trial. Members are practically shouting "Lock him up"

  81. What the Republicans seem to suggest is that anyone who didn't support a political party or candidate cannot be fair to someone of the other party.

    So where does that leave Mr. Gowdy and his Republican colleagues who seem unable to be fair to Mr. Strzok?

    Clearly, people may act objectively and professionally despite personal political views, especially when their work is tested and reviewed by levels of management.

  82. What a circus displayed by Republicans. They follow no rules and badger the witness to no end forcing him to disclose Bob Mueller investigation. This is on the day when Trump will privately visit with his boss Putin.

    Our republic is seriously damaged. I am worried the November elections will be damaged seriously by Trump and Putin colluding.

  83. The ironic thing is that he also said negative things about Hilary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. I would think it would be natural to let off steam this way in private. And as far as using a government phone, a mistake, but what horrible invective the President tweets everyday, and apparently not even from a secure phone. God help us all. Someday justice will prevail. Keep the faith.

  84. Conspiring, not colluding.

  85. "No Collusion!"

  86. Gowdy, Nunes, etc. are carrying Putin's water.
    Strzok is an American Patriot who has worked hard for U.S. interests his entire adult life. I trust our FBI far more than I trust our House Judiciary committee. Trey Gowdy is retiring from congress so is free to act irresponsibly, and he is doing so with abandon.

  87. While I believe this is a real witch hunt and the republicans’ inquisition-like actions are reprehensible, a statement such as “we’ll stop it” is very incriminating. How can someone who works in intelligence, presumably to defend our country, be so careless? What a waste of someone with good intent who should have known better. Now, can we focus on the true traitors in congress and the White House?

  88. Daniel B, oh come on. Are you telling me that you have never confided in a friend by email or text with some message that would embarrass you if made public??? FBI agents are entitled to their own personal opinions. And any thinking person who was watching the Trump campaign was thinking, and maybe saying, much worse than what this agent said. I shudder to think of my having to sit in a hearing like this, answering for some of the things I said and wrote during the campaign. It is unfortunate, yes, that this agent chose text messages to communicate with his friend. But also totally understandable.

  89. The "we" in Peter Strzok's "we'll stop it" comment referred not to the FBI in any investigative role, but to the American public, in its electoral role. Mr Strzok was merely expressing confidence, shared by many, that voters would reject Trump in the coming election.

  90. The R's in Congress (even the Senate now) are at the point of being beneath contempt. They have the unbelievable nerve to say that Strzok has a bias while without irony try to seem as if they don't. I am sickened by what is happening. And if you need to be even more concerned, look into who the Senate confirmed yesterday as the Head of the Criminal Division -Justice Dept.

  91. GOP are collaborators with "Trump" to take down our republic. It's painfully clear.

  92. More patriots like Peter Strzok should come forward and loudly protest the highjacking of our democracy.

  93. Completely ridiculous that the Kremlin is permitted to question an FBI official, even if they are ostensibly acting through their stooge and lapdog, Traitor Trey.

  94. More evidence that Republicans are traitors to this country. Vote them out in November.

  95. Peter Strozok’s opening statement is right on target: the GOP, along with Trump whom they will defend at all costs to their country, have, indeed, put another notch on Putin’s belt.
    However, we need look no further than Trump’s caustic comment to Angela Merkel, his lies which Macron had to correct, and his overall swaggering bullying attitude towards our NATO partners to see that Strzok is correct in his assessment of the GOP’s witchcraft.
    Wait until Trump goes to Helsinki to meet with Putin on Monday to witness his wholesale delivery of the U.S.A. to our adversary, who smirks in delight at Trump’s traitorous actions.
    I truly admire Congressman Adam Schiff who is a true leader in seeing clearly and informing us of the dangers of Trump in our White House.

  96. Gowdy is the fool who wasted millions trying to frame Hillary Clinton and came up empty. His allegiance to his oath of office is nil. He is a partisan hack of no repute.

  97. So the Republicans have another Benghazi moment to spotlight a nothingness to denigrate the FBI. Republicans are doing Vladimir Putin's bidding by propping up Putin's Puppet in the White House instead of supporting an investigation that may save our democracy. My question is that the REAL STORY of FBI agents affecting the election lies with the New York Office feeding Rudy Giuliani information on Hillary Clinton before the election. That is what there should be hearings about.

  98. Strzok was investigating both Clinton and Trump. One case was about careless use of emails, something that happens quite frequently. The other case was about whether Russia was working along with Trump to undermine our election.
    Hillary's emails have been investigated completely. Trump possible collusion with Russia ( a much more serious matter) has not.

  99. trump has negligently and deliberately done absolutely nothing to stop the Russian cyberattacks. This is collusion, in plain sight. And again involves much of the GOP in Congress. For all the talk on wingnut radio and cable news, it's the GOP that is becoming a real and credible threat to the nation.

  100. "Careless emails"? Dave, she had an ILLEGAL SERVER! A server that left OUR Governments secrets open to every country in this world! Hillary Clinton knew what she was illegally doing. When she was caught, she destroyed the evidence with bleach and hammer!

    You can have your on this corrupt, bias FBI Agent, but how about using a bit of honesty with regard to Clinton and how she is getting away with her scam!

  101. Mr. Strzok quite forcefully established the vast gulf between the two inquiries: Ms. Clinton's email kerfuffle was a relatively trivial mishandling of classified material, while the Trump campaign's involvements with operatives of a hostile foreign power was a direct threat to our national security and sovereignty.

    Attempts on the part of House Republicans to equate the two investigations are misleading and inappropriate!

  102. Mr Gowdy, Have you no shame sir! Yes the quote is specifically applicable.

  103. Unlike Trump who will disclose all our state secrets to Putin and continue with the collusion.

  104. You want a definition of a witch hunt? You're looking at it!

    The unmitigated loathing for, posturing and downright badgering of the witness is something I expect to see in a banana republic, not here.

    What an amazing display of bad manners and preconceived conclusions, as well as a colossal waste of taxpayer dollars.

    All Goodlatte and Gowdy are doing is securing video material for the midterms.

    How far we've fallen as a nation.

  105. Chaos is the weapon of war in a Sun-Tsu conflict.
    Waging war by shredding civility until there is nothing left to believe in.
    When that happens, institutions have no power because they no longer have effective authority.

    When that happens, only will will matter, and only psychopaths will prevail for all the rest will be chaos
    because language will be meaningless when our experience says so.
    Rules of Order are intended to prevent chaos.
    Where is the order?
    Where is our defense against chaos?
    Will weariness cause us to capitulate to tyranny.
    Is that Putin's goal?
    Trump is a very effective weapon of war.
    A war we don't know we are fighting.
    A war Republicans insist is imaginary as they wage it.
    War where the victim does not recognize the threat, but one where the aggressors also do not recognize what they do.
    "Forgive them father, for they know not what they do."

    "Evil is the Structure of destruction."
    Evil is what the FBI is investigating with its Russia probe
    as Trump fights to degrade every residual shred of the credibility and decency that allows responsible government to function.
    "Have you no shame!!"

  106. They are not securing video material for the mid terms. They are auditioning for a gig on Fox.

  107. Sorry to break it to you, Christine, but we're already deep in the Banana zone. A short checklist:
    - Huge and growing income inequality
    - Broken electoral system granting power to oligarchs against the will of the majority of voters
    - Incompetent president with dictator envy, surrounded by sycophants
    - Heated xenophopic rhetoric and increasing anti-immigrant/anti-minority abuse
    - Blatant corruption at the highest levels of government
    - A constant stream of disinformation and lies
    - A government propaganda outlet masquerading as a news channel

    I could go on, but it's too upsetting...

  108. America, “Pay Close Attention”
    to these hearings!

    EVERY RULE of procedure and
    parliamentary law, are being cast
    aside by Republicans in what is
    the real partisan “Witch Hunt”!

    Wake up people!

    This is in no WAY the DEMOCRACY,
    we’ve put our lives on the line!

  109. Trey Gowdy -- a useless piece of trash who can't leave Congress soon enough. His Benghazi "investigation" crashed and burned when Mrs. Clinton exposed him as a buffoon. His Clinton e-mail investigation was another charade and now we have two FBI employees being questioned because they sent e-mails to one another expressing how much they loathed Trump.

    Mr. Strzok has more integrity in a fingernail than Gowdy and the rest of the Reps in Congress have in their warped, traitorous, grifting, greedy bodies.

  110. There's a Russian 5th column in our government, the Republican Congress and President.

  111. Russian-Republicans

    November 6 2018

    Vote !

  112. Where did they dredge up Gowdy? Even by Republican standards, he is a public embarassment.

  113. he got dredged up from the swamp.

  114. Are you referring to Trump or Hillary?

  115. Gowdy and his buddies are the nakedest kind of grandstanding puffballs. The guy that persecuted (yes, not prosecuted) Secretary Clinton for years and turned up NOTHING has the gall to say Agent Strzok was pre-judging and therefore biased. These hypocrites must be called on their partisanship which is unquestionably BIAS. This disgusting line of argumentation, that any professional can't objectively do work despite their personal beliefs is like some Stalin-esque pre-purge statement. It must be rejected out of hand, and these stupid attacks must be stopped. Every single person pursuing these arguments could be questioned the same way, and be under investigation for having personal beliefs. Congress, do something about your boss and quit persecuting people that are doing their jobs.

  116. It is sad to see so many people who have dedicated their lives to public service have their reputations torn apart for some sound bite.

  117. You do not know about anyone's reputation unless the dark aspects of one's life is revealed. In any country, if you want to find injustices or bad reputations of powerful people, check the little people's voices.

  118. Representative Trey "Benghazi" Gowdy of South Carolina, the Republican and squirmy weasel once again reveals the massive hypocrisy he is capable of. Where were the Democrats? Hiding behind their desks no doubt. And of course there's no FBI Republicans texting their foul opinions. The hypocrisy and irony are gobsmacking though worst of all is apparently not one public American has the guts to stand up and tell the truth. Talk about a witch hunt! Additionally in my view the press has some responsibility here where, as usual it plays conflict for its own advantage.

  119. Did anybody see the way Rachel Maddow told this story last night? It was brilliant.

  120. I did and it was--which is why I'm mesmerized (not in a good way) by this alleged "hearing."

  121. I am a huge admirer of the FBI; and appreciate the work that they do. However this guy is a is an embarrassment. His poor judgement and arrogance made Bob Mueller's job harder. There is no doubt that the Russians interfered in the election, among other things, they hacked the DNC. Yet, the DNC refused to turn over their servers to the FBI; and of course HRC wiped hers clean. The FBI did a very poor job protecting the integrity of the election; this fool is one reason why. The investigation was going nowhere until Mueller got involved.

  122. I honestly cannot believe the circus currently being broadcast on my TV. The GOP majority is interested in absolutely nothing except derailing an investigation into a foreign adversary interfering in our most recent national election.

    The functionality of the US government has basically crumbled to a point where it barely even exists.

    I'm incredibly ashamed for my country.

  123. Mr Strzok's remarks that ". . .today’s hearing is just another victory notch in Putin’s belt and another milestone in our enemies’ campaign to tear America apart[,]” appear to lend more credence to the theory that trump is a russian asset.

    Vote in November.

  124. The show matters to Americans. Strzok might be smart enough to know that but not know how to be in the show. For example, he could say, "Senator, you are correct that I prejudged President Trump before he was even elected. As you know, he is a classic buffoon, a flim flam man, a total con artist who stiffed people who built his properties, failed at half his big business ventures, used his money to have lawyers intimidate anyone in his way. The 'we' I referred to who would see that he was never elected turned out to be full of resentful Sanders zealots (the 9% of Trump voters who call themselves socialists) and uninspired black and Latino voters who simply didn't show up. You can bet that they will this year because they do not appreciate having a president who is Putin's lapdog."

  125. This is Brnghazi II. Much ado about nothing.

  126. The IG's report could not have been more critical of Strzok, and the bias of this man could not be more flagrant. His investigations of Trump and Clinton are worthless. What was needed was integrity and we got the opposite. Strzok has hurt this country badly by undermining what should have been unbiased work. And, then former director Comey made it even worse with his announcements as to Clinton, which might very well have influenced the election. McCabe also did damage to this country. The FBI needs a house cleaning. Maybe we can recover from our present political crisis. Maybe the mid terms will bring relief. Regardless of who is in charge, the FBI should not be used for political advantage, and it clearly was here.

  127. What about all the obviously biased Republicans that ran the Benghazi investigation?? None of you Trump supporters seemed to have any problems with that.
    People have opinions. If Strzok had wanted to hurt the Trump campaign, he could have leaked what he knew, but he was a professional, and he DID NOT.

  128. It's odd that you, in your first sentence, cite the IG's report for support of your opinion on Strzok, and then in your second sentence completely ignore that report's conclusion.

  129. What was needed was integrity and we got the opposite.

    And we'll continue to get noting but the opposite with Republican leadership.

  130. Our government is broken. The man was thoroughly investigated. They found he made no errors based on political bias. But, these congressmen in the GOP continually distract from the critical investigation of how and who deligitimized our election. And it is two years later and Nunes, Jordan, Cruz, McConnel, Ryan,..... have continued to choose party over country and have failed to live up to their role as a check on a president run amok and in fact might be the impetus behind the destruction of our way of life.

  131. Peter Strzok, a true American patriot, will defend our democracy and call out the gaslighting of Americans by the Republicans in Congress.

  132. Speaker Ryan is permitting this travesty and it is Speaker Ryan who must be held accountable. It has always been true that unsuitable, power-hungry, ignorant people are elected to the House. It is the job of the Speaker to rein in the worst political excesses, but Ryan fails in this regard.

    Gowdy is absurd. We can only hope that his ridiculous accusations, and the ridiculous charges of others in Congress continue to roll off the backs of the wonderful public servants of the FBI, CIA, NSA, and other security agencies.

  133. So nice to actually hear what the majority of Americans are actually thinking: "...today's hearing is just another victory notch in Putin’s belt and another milestone in our enemies’ campaign to tear America apart.” Thank you for printing that, NYTimes. It's about time.

  134. Pam Burns,

    You are proving Malcolm X was 100% accurate when he said the following:

    "The media's the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that's power. Because they control the minds of the masses."

    "If you're not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing."

  135. Do I believe Democrats would believe he was biased if Clinton's name was the subject of messages? YES!

  136. Just subpoena all of the texts of all FBI agents. I guarantee you they would be anti-Clinton 9:1. FBI agents are generally conservative Republicans.

  137. Gowdy has been haranguing relentlessly about how unnecessarily prolonged the Mueller investigation was dragging on. His own Benghazi investigation ‘dragged on’ more than twice as long, and ended in nothing ... no indictments, no charges. no plea bargains, no guilty pleas, no sentences, no jail time ... nothing! Talk about the kettle calling the pot black! On this one point alone, Gowdy has no credibility ... nothing..

  138. No Alice. The people defending this agent objectively observed this hearing and plainly see visceral partisan attacks on the agent. And have seen countless other manifestations of this in last 18 months. I'd agree the agents judgement was bad when putting his personal thoughts into text/email messages to a colleague -- this is orders of magnitude different than Russian trolls putting targeted fake news into social media for many months ahead of the election to get a Russian-friendly puppet into the White House.

  139. Having listened to much of the Benghazi hearings on Clinton, not only were the attacks on her unwarranted but the high level of ignorance of Congressmen about the State Department and how it operates was appalling.

  140. Gowdy might want to brush up on history a bit. The Watergate investigation took approximately 26 months from the discovery of the break-in (June 1972) until Nixon’s resignation (August 1974).

    Patience, Trey. Mueller will not disappoint you.

    VOTE. 11/6/18.

  141. The first 45 minutes of the hearing before the Joint House Committees clearly exposes the corruption that predominates in this process. Pure partisan animus.

    The persistent filibustering that Rep. Gowdy employed, apparently to provide audio & video recordings that could be edited to distort the intent of Mr. Strodz's attempt to testify, was a disappointing display of democratic process at its worst. Creating B-roll media that can be expertly edited by the Freedom Caucus and Fox News to appear to mean whatever advances their partisan objective.

  142. I've been watching this. Trey Gowdy is trying to make a name for himself by grandstanding. Fortunately the FBI agent just told him off royally. They are voting now. This is all so insane.

  143. I don't know why the Democrats are choosing to participate in this mockery.
    I seem to remember Stuart Symington walking out of the Army-McCarthy commit in protest of McCarthy's tactics with McCarthy shouting at him as he was leaving that he was going to get him.
    The Democrats should have come and then walked out en mass demonstrating that this hearing was a real witch hunt that has no desire to get at the truth but simply to give Republicans an opportunity to claim conspiracies all over the place while completely ignore the real one of Putin's desire to fix the election and continue attempts to destroy democracies wherever he can.

  144. If the GOP is going down this rabbit hole about their texts, then I say lets see all the texts of every FBI agent during the 2016 election. I have a feeling many of them - especially in the NY Office who love Ruskie Rudy - wrote the same type of thing about Hillary. And Bernie. And a whole bunch of other public officials. Come on!

    The hypocrisy of the former Republican Party, now the Trump Traitor Club, is mind boggling.

    Trey Gowdy should look to himself and all the money and time he wasted trying to score points with his unfounded hearings about her email.

    I'm so glad this man isn't going to take their abuse. Pathetic.

  145. Mr. Goodlatte and Mr Gowdy are shamelessly furthering the interests of Russia in undermining the American political process.

    This is not politics, folks. It is evil.

  146. Republicans need to be investigated by an independent agency for this hearing.

  147. It is my learned opinion that Trump and the Republican Congress conspired with Russia to win monopoly power they are now defending with attacks on investigators and I anticipate that Trump will disband the investigation by Mueller and others once Judge Kavanaugh is is confirmed and is an associate Justice of the Supreme Court that would reliably rule in favor of Trumps future firings of investigators.

  148. The only way to hold Trump, and Republicans, accountable is for Democrats to win control of Congress in November. Vote like your life depends on it. It just might...

  149. The GOP new McCarthy era begins and nothing will stop them from upending America. Agent Strozk works for the FBI (and Trump) and is under direct supervision/orders to (not speak about investigations). However, Congressmen are simpletons and cannot understand that they are on quicksand.

  150. “Suppose you were an idiot. And suppose you were a Congressman. But I repeat myself.” Mark Twain

  151. As I write this, I am watching the hearing, with GOP Rep. Trey Gowdy acting as an absolute street thug and hardly allowing the witness to answer. After a procedural vote, we now have the more mild-mannered Democratic Rep. Elijah Cummings, who seems to be asking questions that actually support Gowdy. I guess this is his attempt to be reasonable in a body where that kind of behavior gets you nowhere.

    This is why Republicans win.

  152. Trey Gowdy is almost as stupid as Donald Trump. This whole hearing is one more notch in Putin's gun toward upsetting our democracy. This repeated scenario makes me begin to question the true patriotism of the Republican Party.

  153. The hostile power to the integrity of the US election was Hillary Clinton's friends in the FBI. Watching Schumer and Pelosi's scowling faces while they once again trot out the dead duck Russian interference charge, while Trump makes hash of NATO, with the idea that somehow it has any effect on the US electorate or Trump. Pathetic. Trump continues his feckless self amusing antics against NATO. Strzok has done the democracy in this country a tremendous disservice aiding abetting the Clinton election debacle and vaulting a wretched human being to the presidency.

  154. To watch Strzok's Jessup moment was somewhere between astounding and eerie...Paraphrasing:

    Jessup: "You can't handle the truth"

    Strzok: "We will handle the truth"

    All of the time-consuming and inept and incorrect grandstanding and points of rule and order - just a smoke screen...

    I can understand why Trump evokes the emotional reaction he does from his opposition - it isn't that much different for his more centrist supporters...

    What they cannot and will not ever understand is how that emotional reaction has affected most every other action and action they've had regarding Trump...

    This is a replay of the fifties, but with inflection points reversed...

    There, things stopped, when McCarthy was called out for having no shame...

    Here, things started, when Trump got involved - with the mindset of having no shame for anything the opposition threw in his direction...

    You all flamed Mitch Daniels - so, a decade later, you got hyper-Mitch and mini-Mitch as the presidential ticket...

    You're about to flame a decent and capable judge of modest means - whose biggest apparent vice is baseball tickets...

    You're going to cite Strzok's treatment as part of the excuse for treating Kavanaugh samely...

    And - you're going to do it on TV...

    Except most people will be watching on the Internet...

    The mainstream media doesn't fear Trump, as much as it fears lack of influence and relevance...

    It is American passenger rail - as America builds out its cars and roads...

  155. "I am worried the November elections will be damaged seriously by Trump and Putin colluding."

    Who knows? Maybe Mueller will report evidence of collusion before then. No evidence of collusion reported so far, of course, but it's been only 14 months since Mueller was appointed, and he's only "flipped" half a dozen witnesses or so. Still plenty of time.

    One thing for sure: The longer Mueller goes without disclosing any evidence of collusion, the more such evidence he has. (I THINK that makes sense -- doesn't it?)

  156. We always hear of the integrity of Justice Department employees as if they are robots and have no opinions. It was stupid to exchange these type emails on company time. All that said it is very possible to conduct an unbiased investigation especially when the trump campaign made guilt so easy with it’s lack of ethical comportment and stupidity.

  157. The committee would have been more effective if they threw Mr. Strzok in the Potomac. If he sank he would be innocent, but if he floated he would be guilty.
    Their essential insinuation is no government employee can perform their job if they have political views [in opposition with the ruling party] because that creates a bias.
    That is wrong and un-American. Americans of all political parties serve their country in the armed forces, local, state, and national government. Why because in the past we were a government of ideas not men. His crime was to express his opinion to a coworker that the men/women running for office were not the best. That's hardly and overstatement!
    The clear purpose is to ruin his credibility and the credibility of the investigation. Did the committee show factual evidence of bias in the conduct of his work? No. All the FBI actions prior to the election benefited trump. Did the committee show were he was negligent in his duties that would result in a violation of the presidents constitutional rights? No.
    The assumption that the party in power can only be treated fairly if their supporters run the bureaucracies of government should scare all American. We would be left with witch hunts and kangaroo courts.
    Gowdy misses the point. Most prosecutors and investigators work from the assumption of guilt. They are investigating or bringing to trial a person they believe guilty of a crime. The questions is can the prove it.

  158. Hark how the GOP representatives somehow expect that FBI agents have no political leanings, but when it comes to nomination hearings for Kavanagh they will, no doubt, refuse to ask questions about his pre-conceived ideas, biases, and political/religious views concerning abortion, LGBTQ issues and so on.

  159. Strzok is turning them them all into mincemeat. This is what happens to ideologically sclerotic toads whose loyalty is not to the Constitution or our institutions of law and justice, but to their prevaricating, dishonest, treacherous President. A foolish choice on their part for which they are now paying the price.

  160. Coming from the same crew that gave us Benghazi investigations that came up empty, why would I believe Gowdy? Strzok made an unfortunate choice of words. As a former public servant myself, I would NEVER have committed those thoughts to writing (speaking, yes, but nothing discoverable). Nevertheless, an investigation shows his actions were NOT influenced by his personal beliefs. Keep telling it like it is, Mr. Strzok.

  161. The lawful private communications of individuals are not mistakes. Abusing power to snoop in those communications is a mistake.

  162. this hyper-loyal , deep-state , clintonista FBI agent/political operative will gladly risk contempt charges to stay out of the CLINTON BODY COUNT political graveyard. last one buried: seth rich!

  163. Please stop with this nonsense about Seth Rich. His family has suffered enough.

  164. Conspiracy theorists abound and eat up this nonsense.

  165. Joe McCarthy would be proud of the Republicans on the Committee.

  166. Regardless of anyone's judgment about Strzok's bias, the GOP is proving, again, that they only care about the law when it can be used to their advantage. They are pressuring an FBI agent to discuss an ONGOING investigation and threatening him with contempt charges. The GOP is off-the-rails in their attempts to consolidate power. It's an utterly corrupt party at this point.

  167. Since when in America are you supposed to seize having political views because you work for the government? That only happens in undemocratic nations. The Inspector General's report cleared my Strzok. These hearings are all about providing cover for Trump when the Muller report is released. Shameful.

  168. Our Mad King is trying to destroy modern American social and economic programs, and our alliances with other democracies, while two FBI agents alarmed by him exchange on government email accounts their worries about what's going on in this country.

  169. Gowdy is like a poor player
    That struts and frets his hour upon the stage
    And then is heard no more. It is a tale
    Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury
    Signifying nothing.

  170. Gowdy is such a loud idiotic Trump toadie. The GOP thinks that they have the smoking gun of a comedown of Mueller and his investigation. What they have is a Nothingburger to use a Trumpian turn of phrase.
    Peter Strzok is their whipping boy who they hope to bully into revealing a deep state conspiracy which will bring down Mueller.
    The GOP exposes themselves as partisan hacks too desperate for Trumpian approval and too desperate to stop an investigation that they fear will reveal a damaging truth.
    What do these GOP sycophants know that causes such fear in them regarding any Mueller investigation findings? We the people only speculate based upon media crumbs from a tight lipped Mueller. Of course we can imagine all such manner of Trump malfeasance but we know what we don't know which is most of it. Gowdy's and the GOP's desperation matches what Trump smells of - knowledge that they want to bury.
    Since the GOP is in control, they will have this show today. Mr. Strzok comes across as sane and certainly much more in command of his duties versus personal feelings than the Goodlatte inquisition.

  171. I wonder how deep Mueller will discover the criminal behavior goes? Perhaps this explains the behavior of those Republicans such as Gowdy.

  172. In 1865, Lewis Carroll created Wonderland, the fantasy novel where Alice had her adventures. The Wonderland described in the story is a place where logic and rules and reality are turned upside-down. Fast forward to Trumpland, a new fantasy world creation, where a multiple-bankrupt, misogynistic, racist vulgarian has convinced a good number of Americans that it is HE who should be the trusted moral compass of the nation, not men and women who have dedicated their lives to collaring bad guys. Comey, Mueller, now Strozak -- they are the people to be feared in this new fantasy land. Yes, the reality TV star who became President has turned the world upside down.

  173. Given his position, Mr. Strzok should not have sent those messages. However, let’s not ignore the fact that everything he said was true.

  174. In his PERSONAL life?!?

  175. Ignore Trey “Benghazi” Gowdy remarks about biased political investigations, Mr. Bias himself. Great that he’s not returning to Congress but knowing SC he will probably be replaced with someone worse.

  176. Gee, I wonder if there are any private anti-Hillary text messages among the ranks of FBI personnel.

  177. Me too. There was the Giuliani anti-Hillary faction in the FBI that pressured Comey to publish his infamous letter 10 days before the election... I think there were lots more anti-Hillary texts than there were anti-Trump texts.

  178. Peter Strzok is right, but the Republicans are now the party of Putin in America, enabling his man in the White House Trump, and covering up for him in Congress. That's why Republican Congressmen were in Moscow on July 4, most likely to firm up Russian support prior to the mid-term elections. Treason and corruption seem normal now for 90% of Republicans, groomed by Fox News and Russian propaganda in the last couple of years.

  179. Testify alongside Ms. Page? Does it even require an imagination to figure out how a picture of that will be used in the Fall campaign?

    Believe me, plenty of civil servants think Trump is a disaster. Know what we do every day even given this fact? Out jobs...period.

    For what reason would I believe Gowdy was not biased against Hillary Clinton? Probably none.

    The Trump idiocy is a disease, a contagious disease. My TV is screaming this fact to me right now.

  180. A comment on the process: once again HYPER-PARTISANSHIP (it reeks), not investigative, is the rule. A waste of tax money! Amazing that the Chairman, Mr Goodlatte, is not even well informed on a basic fact for starters - inaccurately stating that Strzok is under subpoena. He had to be corrected.

  181. This constant Republican babble of misconstruing people's words and trying to pin down and vilify dissenters against this creepy regime is becoming bacterial and soon no antibiotic will be able to treat it.

  182. The world will be in a worse place when Peter Strzok retires from public service. The world will be in a better place when Trey Gowdy retires from public service (and that includes a courtroom). The sooner he retires the better. This showboating only serves Putin's interests.

  183. Reminds me of nothing so much as the HUAC investigations of the 1950's with Rep. Trey Gowdy joyfully filling in for Tail-Gunner Joe McCarthy. The only thing missing from this picture is Roy Cohn bent over whispering in Chairmen Gowdy's ear. Shameful and hugely unAmerican.

  184. Republicans are wasting their time and our money with this show trial. First, they won't change any minds. Their acolytes are already true believers. This guy is smart, volunteered to testify, doesn't appear to have anything to hide and is answering questions in a straightforward way. Republicans aren't going to get any hot sound bites for Fox out of this.

  185. How can anyone not have been biased against Mr. Trump as a presidential candidate before any "Russia" investigation had begun? Surely anyone with two working neurons realized that Donald J. Trump was unfit and unqualified to become POTUS long before before he was selected by the Electoral College. Simply listening to Trump's public speaking should have been enough for everyone to decide he was not someone we would want as the leader of our country. Unfortunately too many voters in 2016 must have been out to lunch when Trump showed us just what a buffoon he really was. Trump is the 21st Century tragedy that America may never be able to overcome.

  186. I worked for years in the construction business. It was well known not to waste your time bidding on Trump project. Unless you didn't want to get paid.

  187. Russia must love the internal conflict it has sown. Witch-hunting Republicans attacking a dedicated American patriot. Disgusting.

  188. so the Rs threaten an FBI agent w/ contempt and he responds by accusing the entire R party of aiding and abetting the russians in their attempt to 'TEAR AMERICA APART' from the inside.

    FINALLY - the real story of russian meddling is taking shape.

    kudos agent strzok! keep telling the TRUTH!

  189. Let's remember something:

    These Republicans are fawning all over themselves to praise Brett Kavanaugh -- a staunch Republican through and through -- and Ken Starr's investigation.

    Let's remember that Ken Starr was CHOSEN to investigate Bill Clinton because he was a lifelong dedicated Republican. Let's remember that many of his helpers -- like Judge Kavanaugh - were chosen specifically because they were part of the Republican establishment.

    So it is beyond hypocritical that the Republicans demand all investigators be staunch Republicans but if there are any who are not rabid Republicans they must be fired.

    Did the Benghazi investigation purge every Republican from their committee? If not, these House lawmakers should be asked why the double standard? Were the Republicans who helped them investigate corrupt, too?

  190. Oh, the irony that the F.B.I. may be biased against Trump having knowledge of serious crimes while the entire ranks of Republican Congress people not only look the other way, but aid Trump in covering up possible serious crime and helping Trump derail an investigation vital to our national security being conducted by our sentinels of freedom and sovereignty.

  191. I'm shocked, I tell you, to learn that gambling is going on in the "Oversight" Committee! Gambling, that is, with America's future.

  192. Mr. Gowdy's Mother would be so ashamed of his abhorrent behavior toward a great public servant.