Senator Does a U-Turn on Speed Cameras in School Zones

Martin J. Golden, a Republican who has held multiple positions on speed cameras, has urged the State Senate to return to Albany to renew them before the law permitting them expires.

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  1. Thanks for this coverage and please keep it up. The never-ending awfulness of New York politics can be an amusing topic. But raising kids, crossing streets, coping with reckless drivers - we must be reminded of the unacceptable cost of the indifference and the negligence of our leaders, including Mr. Golden, including Mr. Felder, including Mr. Cuomo.

  2. Albany is a cesspool of corruption and will never clean up its own act. Time to call in the feds.

  3. Problem is the feds are currently far, FAR worse.

    "covfefe" alone is the only reason you need to regret saying that, at least until 11/6.

  4. People don't want speed cameras because they do not want to slow down and they do not care who gets mowed down as a result.

    Virtually no one obeys the traffic laws, except to stop at red lights when no other choice is available.

  5. The "Albany" you refer to is a very accurate reflection of the human race, generally, and Americans, specifically.

  6. What's the argument against speed cameras in school zones?

  7. Why not speed cameras everywhere? What a pleasure it would be for pedestrians, cyclists, everyone....including other drivers. The police wouldn't have to waste their time dealing with speeders who are begging for mercy or outraged that they can't go 20 mph over the speed limit. People would adjust their schedules. Trucks would be less likely to terrorize. Sounds good to me.

  8. There is more to the Golden story than 10 speeding tickets. Why not mention the person who died? This man is plainly a menace behind the wheel as well as in the legislature.

  9. This is coming from a man who had a confrontation with a traffic agent while parked in a bus stop. He wanted his summons absolve because he was a big politician.

    Speed camera are another burden for tax payers. If they are really concern with speeding, why not put more speed bumps around schools?

    I personally don't like speeders, I think they cause needless accidents and deaths. Having more speed camera to generate revenue is just wrong. A gross abuse of big brother.

  10. First, why is Albany involved in NYC traffic control? Why should a state senator from, say, Corning, have any input on how traffic moves along Second Avenue in Manhattan?

    Second, even if a state law is required, why would it ever expire?

  11. The legal speed in NYC used to be 35 MPH. 25 MPH by comparison feels unnaturally slow. Such that I wouldn't be surprised if to avoid getting a ticket in school zones drivers spend more time checking their speedometer than looking out the windshield, and from a lapse of attention to where they're going cause more accidents, not fewer.

  12. If by "legal limit" you mean the speed limit in NYC where there is no other posted limit, it used to be 30 mph, not 35. 25 might seem "unnaturally slow" to some people, but the science and logic behind it is that pedestrians struck by vehicles traveling at 25 MPH are half as likely to die as those struck at 30 MPH.

    Prepare to be surprised. According to NYC DOT, "These jurisdictions showed 11-44 percent reductions in crashes involving fatalities and serious injuries in the vicinity of speed camera sites".

    If drivers paying too much attention to their speedometers are causing "more accidents", we're in more trouble than I thought. I somehow manage to obey speed limits (never got a speeding ticket) without being distracted by my speedometer. Hardly glance at it unless I'm on the highway. Going 25 on city streets becomes habit.

  13. Speed cameras: 1) Are revenue-driven devices supported by false safety claims (prove it to me that they make a difference); 2) Financially benefit the camera operator/provider (a private company, not the state); 3) Will spread like wildfire once the do-gooders latch onto them; and 4) Seem like an answer to a question no one asked.

  14. Question: If speed limits are not observed why bother setting them?

  15. Must be election year, yes? :)

  16. Speed cameras penalize drivers who speed, which is why so many drivers hate them.

    Speed cameras save lives. Shame on the Republicans for stonewalling this issue.