Architect of Cuomo’s Buffalo Billion Project Is Convicted in Bid-Rigging Scheme

Dr. Alain E. Kaloyeros, who was a key player in Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo’s signature economic development initiative, was convicted Thursday of wire fraud and conspiracy.

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  1. For the money that has been squandered on this project, each Buffalo resident could have been given $6,000 in cash, which he or she could have sued to move to a state with a more friendly business climate. Nixon is right that Cuomo is either corrupt or "spectacularly incompetent," though she of course would be much worse since Cuomo at lest had a famous father while she has no relevant experience in anything.

  2. And Cuomo knew nothing about any of this, the "favors" given to some of his large contributors? Please. This guy also needs to go to jail.

  3. I am having a very, very hard time finding a way to believe the governor( a known micro-manager)did not know, yet again, what was transpiring under his nose. The number of trials, the scope of the corruption exposed and the closeness of the convicted to the governor is quite telling. What I find even more telling, is that this state is set to re-elect him. For those who would criticize Ms. Nixon for her lack of experience should take note of what our "experienced" elected officials are doing to this state.

  4. Oh, what a shock! Another Cuomo confidant headed off to jail!

  5. Plausible deniability, right Andy?

  6. This will be known as Cuomo's "Bridgegate".
    So wave goodbye to any national dreams, Andy.

  7. Hey Shectman
    Best practice: have your client cop a deal before the ship goes down.
    This isn't a Manhattan jury. And this isn't Liu.

  8. Isn't it too late to state "no tolerance" towards these criminals? When has Cuomo ever practiced it? After all he was our AG.