‘They Were Abusing Us the Whole Way’: A Tough Path for Gay and Trans Migrants

As they seek refuge from violence at home, L.G.B.T. migrants from Central America often encounter discrimination and exploitation.

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  1. What is the answer? To let all LGBTs of the entire world who may feel persecuted into the US? Along with anyone who may be domestically abused? Is this possible to do? There would be many, many millions. We can't be the world's answer for all of the ills and problems that exist.

  2. Yes, why not?

  3. Of course we can.

    We can do so by championing human rights throughout the world.

    We can do so by increasing our foreign aid budget so that countries can fight the poverty that reinforces ignorance.

    We could rejoin UN Human Rights Commission and actually lead it.

    We could sanction our corporations when they turn a blind eye to human rights abuses in the countries where they do business.

    We could engage with the world in ways that build communities intent on solving problems rather than in ways that promote naked transactionalism.

    Great nations can and should work to address the problems of the world.

    Reigniting the flame of hope in the world is truly what is necessary to make this nation great again.

  4. Yes, all LGBT people who suffer government sanctioned death threats, beatings and long incarceration should be allowed sanctuary in the US.

    We're better human beings than you think we are.

  5. All of them are always welcome in Canada

  6. You are very heartily welcome to them. I'll even chip in for transportation to the Great White North, so long as they do NOT come HERE.

  7. There's a rather large parcel of land between the Mexican and Canadian boarder that makes getting there a wee bit difficult.

    Maybe, instead of a wall, there should be a big bridge that connects Canada and Mexico!

  8. You're wrong. Canada has a "meritocratic" immigration system. If these folks are well-educated, they're in. Otherwise, maybe not.

  9. I you refuse to admit migrants, how do you justify admitting LGBT ones, or battered women, or anyone as an exception. The issue is to deport the illegal ones here., not prevent those with justified claims of life endangerment from getting refuge. We have to get the 11 million here out ASAP and not give amnesty no matter what. The migrants and DACA kids broke the law staying here and cannot benefit by the lawlessness. As for new migrants, let them in as necessary but do not open the flood gates to all the criminals and welfare cheats that will enter.

  10. How much do you suppose it will cost to deport 11 million people and how much of an economic impact will their departure cause? Forget the humanitarian aspect (if it ever mattered to you), consider this in terms of dollars.

  11. The article repeatedly cites "lawyers and activists" as though that is an unbiased source of information.

    Also: “Why would we accept a person like you in our country?" seems like a very valid question. What does she bring with her? I did not see any mention of skills or talents of any kind in the article. Is being trans all she has going on for her? I understand that things are tough for her, but there are literally billions of people in the world who are living is worse conditions than they would have in America. We can't take them all.

  12. They need to stay and fight for change in their own countries. If they leave, nothing will change.

    That's how it works.

  13. There are millions of stories in the naked city, or border crossings for that matter, and none are particularly noteworthy, nor compelling. Including this one, which follows the"Netflix Pattern" of highlighting, championing, and extolling the lifestyles and plaints of this most micro of micro-minorities. Try being Christian in a Muslim hell hole. Try being a Jew in Iran, or France for that matter. Try being a sane libertarian around anarchist proto-humans. Senor Del Real has his crosses to bear; millions of others have theirs.

  14. Note that gangs, rapists, etc., make their lives miserable but that the hostility of ordinary family and friends make it far worse. Changing one's gender is dismissed by conservatives as a fad, or confusion, or depravity. Consider what these people are sacrificing in order to live authentically. We don't need to fully understand the motivation behind transexualism to know these people deserve far better.

  15. LGBT migrants from Central America MUST denounce the Roman Catholic Church in their home countries and abroad.

  16. Why? Do we require Muslims or Jewish or any other migrants to denounce their religions or countries of origin? Maybe they want to settle down and lead their lives in peace and quiet.

  17. Why?

  18. @ nytimes
    I wonder why the nytimes continues to print anti Catholic and anti Chistian comments?

    @ LA
    So your solution is 9 lbgtq as member's?

  19. These are heartbreaking accounts of assault and terror visited upon LGBT people and other immigrants who have legitimate asylum claims in the U.S.

    These asylum-seekers' claims transposed on the face of homophobic and vengeful Trump, Sessions and Company should front-and-center for voters this November.

    The bottom line question is: are we a nation dedicated to the rule of law and compassion or the cold, corporate autocracy of Trump and Company?

  20. “Leaving my country was such a hard decision,” she said. “I’ve seen a lot of friends die in this fight, at the hands of the government, and people being beat and tortured. And this is happening at the hands of police officers. It’s sad, and it’s difficult, but you have to fight.” If this is not a reason to leave one's country and seek asylum I don't know what is. These same things happened in Nazi Germany and we refused to grant Jews asylum for some of the same reasons we're using now. Have we learned nothing?

    America may not be the best place to live as an LGBTQ individual but at least our government hasn't gotten to threatening the community with death for its gender preferences and sexuality. No one, no matter where he/she lives should be afraid for his/her life because of religion, sexual preferences, gender identity, or politics. And no one should have to live in fear of being murdered or imprisoned for refusing to join a gang, pay protection money to a gang, or attempting to raise a family.

    It takes courage to run away from one's home country. These people will try to make a good life for themselves and most will contribute to whatever country grants them asylum.

  21. Wrong. It doesn't "take courage to run away from one's home county." Actually, it takes courage to stay in one's home country and fight for change.

  22. "These same things happened in Nazi Germany and we refused to grant Jews asylum for some of the same reasons we're using now. "

    Aside from the major factual inaccuracy of this statement, to equate this situation with that of Jews in Germany in the 1930s and 40s is...very, very wrong.

  23. In the case of traveling to the US from points south, it takes cash a goodly amount of cash, effective coaching and a working smartphone. It has been found that asking for asylum is an effective tool to gain entry into the US.

  24. History is overflowing with instances of cruelty towards various groups, but the hatred of the LGBTQ seems unique in its endurance. That's not to disregard the suffering of other demographics (such as my own black ancestors). Just about every group has stared down the barrel of some genocidal campaign. Some of these instances, like the Native Americans, are well known. Others, like the Ainu, are barely mentioned.

    But the animus towards the LGBTQ still seems unique in its constancy. The LGBTQ have been around long before the acronyms, bathroom bills or hormone therapies. They're not some neo-liberal fabrication. And the timeline of their persecution is essentially unbroken from earliest records up to this very second. It just NEVER. STOPS.

    And what serious person can claim that the LGBTQ enjoy equal protection under the law? The present administration has made multiple attempts to hamper even tracking their victimization in government surveys. That's not to mention the myriad pieces of political and/or legislative bigotry attempting to deny the LGBTQ community legal recourse when discriminated against in the workplace, housing, marketplace, etc.

    Some places are worse than others, but the sad fact is that humanity in general oppresses them out of sheer petty cruelty. The rationalizations for it are, in each and every case, absurd. The world (in the aggregate) just enjoys their suffering for reasons I cannot even begin to understand.

  25. Categorically false, this is a modern animus.

    Caesar was known as the “Queen of Bithynia” for his homosexual relationship with its king, a client of Rome. The emperor Hadrian had his teen lover’s likeness sculpted so frequently that his face is one of the most recognizable in antiquity statues. These Romans were “men’s men”.

    There are a multitude of gay men who did not conceal their sexuality throughout history.

    I’d argue that the brief period of 1940 - 1995 was an aberration where anti-gay sentiments were widely accepted. We’re back near solid ground of accepting gay men.

  26. I have never thought of America as an LGBT friendly country. It falls far short of many Western democracies in protecting the civil and human rights of LGBT people. Canada has identified LGBT people as a specific group of refugees/immigrants who require protection and consequently has accelerated admission of applicants who are LGBT. It's the decent thing to do - all refugees are fleeing unlivable situations in their home countries and as compassionate people we must do what we can.

  27. You are correct - the US not an LGBTQ friendly country. We have made strides, but not enough.

  28. How unbelievably awful for these people! They have been traumatized and rejected repeatedly and by so many different factions. I certainly don’t have the answers to their host of problems, but simply providing a safe space for them while they seek asylum/wait for lawful entry into the US shouldn’t be all that difficult. That is if we saw them as human beings of equal measure as ourselves and cared enough to protect them. It seems that we don’t. Man’s inhumanity to man is never ending.

    I must admit that when I read the title of the article, I said out loud, “Wow, I’ve never even thought about those people.” Shame on me!

  29. "but simply providing a safe space for them while they seek asylum/wait for lawful entry into the US shouldn’t be all that difficult."

    We already do that. If someone applies for asylum legally, they are given temporary accommodations at the border until their application is processed. This girl in the story has never applied for asylum.

  30. Accelerating admissions for LGBT people sounds nice in theory, but in practice what's to stop every single border crosser from claiming they're gay or bisexual to take advantage of that system?

  31. Instead of endless and pointless war in the middle east and Afghanistan, perhaps the US should focus its strength and resources toward straightening out the violent and corrupt countries of our own continent. The best way to control immigration is to reduce the powerful forces which drive it.

  32. El Salvador will only get worse, while Costa Rica and Panama continue to attract tourists and expats who decide to retire there, because they are nice places to live.

    What is the safest path for transgender people is an unknown, no matter what country. So everyone is safer getting out of El Salvador than staying there another five minutes. There seems to be a disconnect from Mexico to Central America for funding human rights. It is hard to fathom how many hundreds of thousands of dollars of education and training each one of these migrants would have to have to be successful in the new country of their choosing. The momentum of support from a church would go a long way, and that does not exist, while this is reduced to survival of the fittest. Cruel world.

  33. We could invest money with strings that say:

    “Hi, we’re going to work to make sure you don’t bleed-out citizens into your neighbors by spending the money we would have spent on our walls and police in the form of aid and education. Big but, if you take our money, you are committing yourself to 20 years of being culturally mentored by us. Your problems are not racial and they are not biological: they are enculturated, learned problems. We are committing to cultural mentorship for the next 20 years with direct aid to build institutions to help you eradicate your cultural issues, namely corruption and prejudice, a lack of personal integrity that causes people in power to take money that isn’t theirs or to demand special treatment they don’t deserve. The only way this is changing is for you to catch the next generation and train it out of them.”

    Conservatives would never go for it because they are penny wise, pound foolish: they will be so ideologically offended that they have to subsidize another people’s problems they won’t realize that in the long run, the money is worth less than the benefits of that work to fix the source countries.

    Liberals would never go for it because they confuse a culture having any problems with having no moral authority at all. This is patently false: god knows we have our problems, but we are still the culture people want to get to, and that is saying something. We are in a position to mentor cultural stability, even if we have work to do, too.

  34. I can see the "America First" types who made sure the US did very little to help Jewish refugees from the Nazis are alive and well in this country, in the end the US took in a paltry number of Jews when there were serious and documented attempts by the Nazi government to let them migrate. I read some of the posts here and much the said was said about the Jews, where would we put them, what would they bring the country (HL Mencken had a particularly sharp response to that , went something like "you mean why should we let immigrate to the US a group of people who are hard working, dedicated to educating their young, when we have a large population of boobs who have neither, how could they compete?"

    The answer is the US is supposed to be better than that, and bringing up things like "try being Christian in a Muslim hell hole" is basically saying "why bother helping, when "our" people are persecuted, too is simply trying to deflect from the here and now. I wonder if in central America Pentacostal Christians were being targeted , if we would see the same thing, or would it be "those people should be in the US, they are suffering for their faith (which tells a lot about why LGBT asylum seekers face what they do, Middle America is just as bigoted and mean as what they faced at home).

  35. "The US is supposed to be better than that." Baloney. The left has been preaching the evils of this country for decades. Sorry but you can't have it both ways.

  36. My sympathies lie with political (not economic) refugees fleeing physical persecution. Welcoming (and integrating) migrants with a specific and justifiable fear of violence (think of the Yazidis of Iraq or the Rohingya of Myanmar) is the correct goal of U.S. immigration policy. Opening the doors to everyone who "identifies" a LBGTQIA+ is a recipe for abuse.

    More broadly, the NYT needs to re-evaluate its policy of promoting LBGTIA issues as aggressively as it has. There are a million other causes that get ignored but the liberal mullahs of the NYT can only see one variety of grievance. This is why the current administration will win in 2020.

  37. OK, so I had just gotten used to the LGBTQ whatever but what do the I and A mean? Seriously if you aren't covered by Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender or Queer perhaps something is wrong with YOU??!
    And, you are exactly right - this is why the reprehensible GOP will win in 2018 and 2020 because "normal" Americans look at this alphabet soup of decadent degenerates and say, NO, this is not what I am voting for our society to look like. For all the criticism the LBGTQIA??? open borders crew throw at America, go to another country and try this nonsense and see how welcome you are! Trouble makers and ungrateful reprobates . And they call US bigots and deplorable. Good grief.

  38. I'm sure that the millions of the American LGBT community would disagree with you. In many places in the USA you can still get fired, denied accommodation or even government services (hello Kim Davis). Second class taxpayers. How does that not bother you?

    In the 1980"s Canada added sexual orientation to our Charter of Rights and Freedoms. There was a bit of angst over it, but the country moved on, and you'd be hard pressed to find someone with anti-gay views today.

    In 2006 an organization called Rainbow Railroad was formed to assist LCBT people to leave countries where their lives were in danger. They've helped thousands in danger to relocate. I've met a few of them, and aside for being so thankful to Canada, they can now live their lives honestly and open.

    I suggest you read in today's Times the opinion piece by Larry Kramer. Things are getting worse for the LGBT community in America, not better. For a country that screams "Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness", it
    seems that's off limits to the gay community.

  39. Really? Fascinating. Too much coverage of the LGBT community by the NYT’s you say?

    I hear the LGBT community complaining that they are being overlooked because the black community is sucking all of the oxygen out of the room. I hear the same sentiments from the LatinX community RE: racially motivated violence being seen as solely black and they are ignored. I hear similar complaints from the financial refugees our brutalist capitalism has created across the land.

    Or, perhaps, all of these communities should stop fighting each other for attention, band together, and acknowledge the violent oligarchy of a few dozen families in this country who are rich beyond the dream of avarice who play each against the other while further feeding their lust for more.

    You are arguing for attention and exposure because you have been convinced that anyone getting exposure is you not getting exposure. That is how aristocracies create social Darwinism in all other classes, and have them fight each other to such great effect.

  40. more crimes against humanity. It is just heartbreaking. Is the cruelty and violence because of climate change, propaganda or is someone putting chemicals in the water tables? I just can't understand the inhumane, evil behavior taking place so frequently today. Why the uptick in violence and hate now? What is driving it? I'd love to see some studies about what has occurred and why and what we can do to stop the cruelty and collective psychopathy happening in American and abroad.

  41. It's because Donald Trump has emboldened people who are hateful and intolerant with his words and actions.

    Hate crimes are way up since he's taken office. He's more than happy to incite hatred, bigotry and intolerance.

  42. I am not sure how they got in/ If they entered through our land borders, they should have been asked to plead for asylum from the Mexican or Canadian authorities.

    Or are these people who have over-stayed their visas?

  43. "In Central America and Mexico, “almost everyone is Catholic, and so the machismo and religious sensibilities provoke attacks against people who break gender norms.”"

    I know I am not the only who notices the irony of the Catholic Church - which has been at the forefront of irresponsibly encouraging "asylum seekers", illegal immigration and amnesty for one and all, no matter what the economic or sociological costs to the US - has also been responsible for driving LGBT people out of Latin America with its built-in homophobia and ignorant superstitions. What a sorry joke.

  44. So exactly what proof is there for your claim?

  45. we already poor millions into those countries

  46. Get in line- they have been doing it to women for centuries now! We have gay priests. We still don't have female priests.

  47. If people didn't flaunt their sexual orientation or whatever unusual gender identification trip they were currently into, perhaps they would stand a chance of getting into the USA. Sexual orientation should be a private matter, not one that is so visible and in everyone's face that it compels people to deal with it politically. Not to mention the problem of HIV that no one wants to import into the USA...a little common sense should enter into the very serious business of changing one's country of residence.

  48. Sometimes my dress showed a little bosom when I was dating a rally nice guy. No one accused me of flaunting my sexuality.

    For many simply being or existing is flaunting. Just look at the treatment of women in Muslim countries.

  49. 1) I agree with people flaunting their sexual orientation - please cancel the Bachelor and the Bacherlorette immediately. And no more shows like the Newlywed Game! No more public marriage proposals.

    2) One has a greater chance of getting HIV in the rural south than just about anywhere these days.

  50. Do you have a spouse? Biological kids? Do you talk about them, ever? Congratulations, you're "flaunting" your sexual orientation.

  51. What makes this even sadder, is that even if people are granted asylum, they face the prospect of discrimination with no legal recourse due to the lack of federal anti-discrimination laws and the fact that anti-LGBT discrimination is still perfectly legal in many states. This country has a long, long, way to go. Wanting to come to the U.S. ought to be prima facie evidence of extreme desperation.

  52. "Wanting to come to the U.S. ought to be prima facie evidence of extreme desperation." - Fred

    No, that's crazy. Billions (literally) of people want to gain US citizenship. We let in more immigrants than any other country. When is enough considered *enough*?!

  53. Something tells me it’s still better for them in the US than at home.

  54. The Trump administration has this exactly right – they have tightened the policy as it was intended – before all of the abuse - they do not consider gang violence and domestic abuse as qualifiers for asylum, but LGBT migrants still can request asylum on the basis of persecution for their special interest group membership. Trump is being rational and real. He deserves much credit for this stance – for cracking down on the abuse of those without a claim as well as keeping the system open for those, such as LGBT migrants, who seems to have a legitimate claim.

    If only the migration advocates (and MSM) were as rational.

  55. "rational and real" are two words one doesn't associate with Trump unless preceded by "NOT"

  56. I CARE

  57. Are there as many transgender migrants as there are victims of domestic abuse applying for asylum? I'm guessing there are fewer in the transgender group. Given the number of people who want to come to the U.S., we can probably identify several special interest groups. We have large "special interest" groups already here, aka the unemployed and underemployed.

  58. These cases of transgendered migrants seem to be what the asylum laws had in mind – individuals persecuted by the government because of their affiliation with a special interest group. The vast majority of migrants do not fit into one of these groups, but transgendered people seem to meet these criteria.

    It is sad to say but all the rampant abuse of the entire dysfunctional system by other claimants that do not have a legitimate claim are ruining the chances for the truly legitimate cases – the cases that lack merit are souring many Americans on the whole dysfunctional process.

    Liberals and advocates want it all- asylum for all – transgendered individuals as well as parents with children and unaccompanied teenager and basically everybody – even though the overwhelming majority of migrants are not members of a minority group that face persecution by their government. If the advocate were reasonable and were only advocating for legitimate claimants, then I think that most Americans would accept that. But this is far from the case, and thus many American are getting migrant fatigue.

  59. transgender*

  60. Asylum for all. Open boarders. These are simply lies of the fear mongers at the right wing talking point generators.

  61. "For Many L.G.B.T. Migrants, North of the Border Is No Refuge"

    If The Onion did a parody of the New York Times this might very well be their headline

  62. Sexual orientation has zero to do with immigration.
    Whatever you are apply for citizenship legally
    America grants over a million legal citizenship’s a year.
    Stop the nonsense!

  63. Just because some people don't care doesn"t mean that it isn't newsworthy and shouldn't be reported.

  64. Sir, sexual orientation has zero to do with being transgender. Also, the subject of the article is an asylum seeker. She is not attempting to enter the country illegally.

  65. There are some pretty intolerant comments here regarding what's probably one of the most vulnerable groups of people in the world.

    Things change when you actually know someone who is transgender. I suppose that's the problem.

  66. Wait! This is a major news story? Frankly, 99.99% of readers don't care.
    A more important story would be the approximate 11% of illegal aliens that are left-handed.
    They will be two-time losers as the United States ignores the plight of those in a right-hand world.

  67. 99.99% may be a tad low...

  68. Transdender women are often the victims of violence.

    This is true in the U.S.and certainly in countries south of the border because of their culture.

    Based on the comments here, it seems that many straight men are just afraid of anyone who is different than they are.

  69. I wish the NY Times would stop using "LGBT" when they mean "transgender." This article is about transgender people, which is fine, but has nothing to say about gay men and lesbians. The stories and struggles of transgender people are important and need to be covered, but the headline should not indicate it as about the rest of the LGBT when it is not. Ny Times should really review their editorial policy about using LGBT and Transgender synonymously.

  70. We are a country of laws, and a country of human rights and potential. Our amnesty laws say that these people have the chance to plead their case. Our humanity says these are our brothers and sisters. Welcome to America!

  71. Why has the subject of sexuality become so dominant in liberal media? Living is made up of many parts, of which things that revolve around sex should play a small part. Sex is primarily for reproduction. If that were not the case then there would only be one type of animal or human and we would reproduce by dividing, like bacteria. Let us concentrate on the issues that really matter. Whom we choose to mate with or rather we feel masculine or feminine should be a personal issue and not shared.

  72. Gender and sexuality are two different things. The topic of assault on people identifying as various genders on the spectrum is something we all need to deal with because this is a human rights violation.

  73. I feel the point of this article is to shame Americans into believing people escaping violence and persecution are worse off in America. Which is absurd because at the same time they tell us these people must come here to escape violence and persecution.

  74. Steve makes an excellent point, which many of us have been making for years: If --- as the NYT insists --- the US is such an evil country, then why encourage "migrants" to come here in ever-increasing numbers. The sensible solution for them is to try to find a country where their treatment would be better than in the US.

    Good luck finding such a place.

  75. I'm with all the other commentators who believe that only people I sympathize with should have their treatment labeled as abuse. There are so many sad stories in the world, ,sympathy must be rationed to those who are deserving of it.

  76. Our American LGBT Organizations MUST unite and fight the horrible news in this article.

  77. Correct me if I am wrong, but there are many LGBT people living happily south of the USA. Are we to believe that immigration laws do not apply to any LGBT people? What other large groups could be substituted for LGBT? How about the Dahlits of India? Surely, virtually every African person is eligible for asylum too, would that be correct? I just don't get the premise of the article, which is why I am looking for clarification.

  78. Re: described humiliation by guards

    Little people will be tyrants. It's wherever they know they can get away with it.

  79. I assume, then, that Mexico doesn't recognize trans women as women. Surely that's a human rights violation.

    Becoming transgendered is a medical procedure. Human beings have a right to health care.

  80. Most Americans welcome legal immigrants, but not illegal aliens. US laws allow foreigners (aliens) to seek entry and citizenship.

    Those who do not follow these laws are in this country illegally (i.e., illegal aliens) and should be detained and deported; this is policy in other countries, too.

    We cannot afford to support our own citizens: the poor, the ill, elderly, disabled, veterans, et al. It is therefore utterly impossible for US taxpayers to support the millions of foreigners who would like to come to the US.

    The cruelty lies not in detaining and deporting illegal aliens, or forcing those who wish to enter the US to wait for processing. What is cruel, unethical and probably illegal is encouraging parents to bring their children on the dangerous trek to US borders and teaching migrants how to game the system to enter the US by falsely claiming asylum, persecution, abuse, etc.

    Abolishing ICE makes sense only to advocates of open borders, a policy no nation will ever approve. We will lose the mid-terms and 2020 elections if open borders becomes part of the Democratic platform.

  81. How frightening it is to be reminded of "man's inhumanity to man." For all our alleged social evolution, education, and religion, in some instances we behave even worse than rabid animals.

  82. To all the commentators who don't think that these transgender women should be granted asylum, I have to ask: did you even read the article?

    If you did read it and still feel the same way, I think you're afraid of transgender people.

  83. This story doesn’t make sense. Why are they not going to Guadalajara, Mexico where it’s the San Francisco of Mexico with legal gay marriage and is quite gay accommodating. Many American gays vacation there because of its reputation as being so gay friendly and its gay life. Merida, and even Mexico City is very gay friendly with lots of resource for LGBT as well. Why come all the way to the U.S. border?

  84. I don’t think your status as a migrant seeking asylum should be affected by your being LBGT, for or against. That being said, if I were crossing the border, I wouldn’t bring it up.

  85. Honestly, I am not sure that things are going to be much better for them here. The hetero community is so against them and so many in the Gay and Lesbian community have been radicalized against them here as well. I have seen so many Gays and Lesbians expressing such trans-phobic remarks recently on the gay sites and trying to force them out of the community, look at what happened at the London Pride Parade and it really makes you wonder. It breaks my heart a little more every time I see a member of the gay community denigrating trans people. It seems to me at this point in time politically we need to band together stronger and instead we are fragmenting more and more.

  86. "In Central America and Mexico, “almost everyone is Catholic, and so the machismo and religious sensibilities provoke attacks against people who break gender norms.”"

    What a peculiar assessment. Would you say that about Ireland, another predominantly Catholic country? Or Italy? Or Australia, or Canada, or New Zealand, all of which have large Catholic populations? It sounds to me like a lazy sectarian slur that ought to have been challenged by the reporter.

  87. That's not true. Canada has strict immigration laws.

  88. When liberals stop demanding open borders in the name of Christianity then they can complain about alleged anti Christian bigotry.

  89. When the Isrealis oppress the Palestinians I don't see the left proclaim the solution is for other countries
    to absorb the oppressed Palestinians. They demand Israel up their game, and use public shaming and
    serious denouncement to help it along. I hear so much hatred towards that country and Jews in general
    which the poor treatment of Palestinians is used as an excuse. Any reason why when Hispanics, blacks and
    Muslims oppress people there is so little judgment, demands and anger and the oppressor but instead the
    west is supposed to take in the oppressed people? It's ironic people bellow about "white supremacy" but the
    solution to poor human rights among non-whites is always to burden whites with the problem not to demand
    better behavior from the oppressor. There is also shockingly little judgment on the oppressors and their culture, unlike when the oppressor is white.