Trump vs. Merkel: Blistering Salvo Meets Quiet Rejoinder

The president waged a harsh attack on Germany at the NATO meeting, saying it was “captive” of Russia. The chancellor, weakened at home, reacted mildly but pointedly.

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  1. The fact is, Germany gets most of its energy from Russia but it can get energy from other sources. Russia on the other hand, has no other option for the sale of its natural gas than Germany. Hence, Germany owns Russia much more than Russia owns Germany.

  2. Finally some objective facts. Thank you!

  3. Numerous countries import gas from Russia - from Poland to China. Germany is only a small %, as discussed in other posts.

  4. Actually, Germany is a leading innovator and user of alternative energy generating means like solar and wind power. Perhaps Germany still relies on Russian natural gas to a degree, but are on track to attain energy independence and should be viewed as a pioneer and world leader in that regard. Germany's dependence on Russian gas and Russia's dependence on German marks makes war between the two unlikely. It's called economic interdependence. We owe our peace and alliance with some Arab oil nations to that fact. Our alliance is mutually beneficial.

    It is we Americans who are public hostages to the fossil fuels industry as long as Trump and the Republicans hold monopoly power and support the fossil fuels use and sabotage alternative energy generating programs.

  5. Indeed, America is not evolving and Americans ARE hostages to the fossil fuels industry.

    Germany is looking ahead and working on other energy sources.Why should Angela Merkel even bother engaging with Trump? Why should any head of a NATO member state?
    They know what he is : an unteachable know-it-all with very serious malevolent personality disorders.
    You don't bother arguing with a person like that.
    You carry on with your own plans .You ignore and pass over the afflicted man.You wait for his time to be up.

  6. The German currency is the Euro, but other that, I agree with you 100%.

  7. German Marks?? Germany has used the Euro since 1990.

  8. Notice the hyperbolic choice of language about Germany. A serious leader, if they were concerned about any possible double standards from Germany, would lay out specific issues matter of factly - not to mention speaking with them privately about it first, before publicly making waves.
    But Trump is not interested in being professional or constructive, he wants drama, attention, and to be antagonistic.

  9. It is not that he is just not interested. He does not have the knowledge or desire to acquire it to be constructive or professional. Bluster is easy and has always worked well for him, but is unlikely to do so here.

  10. He’s as dumb as he looks and will end badly after having wreaked havoc over what was once an admirable democracy because a handful of half wits were dissatisfied with the status quo ... how do you like your status now?!? At least Stormy Daniels got paid for the mauling she endured...while the rest of us get to pay dearly for this sideshow we are being force fed as Putin’s plutocratic puppet profits profanely.

  11. The headline suggests that Trump attacked Germany to deflect from his own Russia problems. But the simpler explanation is that his attack on Germany is another act in furtherance of the Russian goal of weakening NATO. It is time to pay serious attention to the possibility - indeed likelihood - that Trump is working for the Russians.

  12. It's way beyond a possibility. It's almost a certainty. It is by far the explanation that best fits all the publically known facts. Any other explanation requires considerable contortions to account for everything that we know.

  13. Trump is a Russian agent. There. Seriously.

    He must be removed.

  14. Merkel has 100% European support. Trump|s bullying calms her: None of the European heads of state at the NATO meeting are on Trump's side. America is important. All 500 million Europeans know that. Their unity in opposing Trump is only reaffirmed by his often inaccurate diatribes. Trump reacts to Germany the way many far right Americans look with envy and dismay at the many German cars on US highways. Trump's emotions bunch together those feelings with Germany's trade surplus with the US, disregarding that most of those cars by far are made in Alabama and North Carolina by American workers. I think the appropriate response would be to improve American cars so Americans will buy leas German cars. Nordstream II was started for two overriding reasons: Russia's gas delivery disruptions on existing pipelines through Ukraine during high-use periods for political reasons. As Merkel correctly noted: Nordstream II will make energy supplies to western Europe more reliable. The other reason is the just emerging infrastructure of liquid US gas deliveries. Such deliveries are now far more expensive than currently available energy supplies, although that may change. All NATO politicians of course see Trump's Brussels comments and gestures in the broader context of his meeting with Putin later this month in Helsinki. If Trump bargains away Crimea sanctions for Russia's agreement to stop supporting Iran in Syria and through Hezbollah elsewhere, this will be crossing a red line..

  15. She has about 40% German support.

  16. It’s astonishing that a sitting American president would go out of his way to publicly humiliate a long-standing ally.

    Germany’s contactual agreement with Russia for natural gas is between those two parties. What is any European country supposed to do? Buy from us and, in addition to the exorbitant cost of transporting the product under the sea, potentially endangering sea life, interrupt other trans-Atlantic trade? As is usual with this toothache of a president, it’s all about him—“Hey, everyone!! Look at me!!”

    In any event, what a “normal” American president would have done in a similar situation would have been said in private. Donald Trump has apparently forgotten—or is acutely aware of—is that the entire global community is watching his every move and committing to memory his every utterance—about anything that this NATO agenda may produce.

    The president will end this hurricane of a trip with an audience at Helsinki in which he is widely expected to rush—with unseemly haste—to bend the knee to his sponsor, Vladimir Putin of Russia. This NATO bullying by Trump carries with it all the earmarks of a juvenile towel-snapping ritual with the breathless expectation of the Russian’s approval.

  17. The only one Donald Trump is humiliating is himself- and the U.S.

  18. I suspect that Trump's issue with Germany is and always has been about immigration. Trump has used that so cheaply with Merkel. And on that subject, the US is now a foil in a way that even Trump doesn't want - the administration was unable to meet this week's deadline of reuniting families, they show their ineptitude alongside their cruelty, and are now back to square one after being caught flat-footed. Strong leadership, huh? Trump thinks that the bullying talk compensates for how very weak he really is.

  19. Sox,

    What is really “Astonishing” is that the country that holds the center in the defense against what the NYT brands “America and Europe’s single greatest threat, is placing its economy in the hands of that “great threat” for cheap gas!

    As others have learned to their sorrow, Russian Energy comes with a price that can’t be paid in dollars but must be paid in blood! (Think The Ukraine here!)

    Does Germany have no shame? It’s former P.M. is the President of the “Russian” Pipeline Company that seeks to subvert German independence!

    History often repeats itself! Those who don’t know it often pay the price! Rome once had a German Leader who was their “great friend and ally” that leader and his great treachery are celebrated in Germany to this day!

  20. Most sentient beings know exactly who is “totally controlled” and “captive to Russia”, and it isn't the spectacular Germany economy.

    As far as I’m concerned, Donald Trump and his family business are captive to Russia.

    I think it’s something that a special counsel has to look at if America is to continue as a serious country.

    More Grand Old Projection from America's Matryoshka-Doll-In-Chief.

  21. See Jonathan chait in New York magazine, July 8,2018.

  22. See Jonathan chait, New York magazine, July 8, 2018.

  23. S,

    Most of those not a “thrall of TDS” know that Germany can not be the Center of NATO in opposing Russia while buying 70% of their energy from Russia! They know this because they have the Ukraine as an example of how (badly) that works out!

  24. I have never owned an American car. I stick to German quality.

  25. So, Trump is colluding with Putin and also trying to scuttle his energy deals with Germany?

  26. No. Trump is throwing red meat to his base. He is doing every thing he can, including lying, to make our allies look bad so his ignorant base will believe his other dishonest criticisms of foreigners. Wait! Sorry! I forgot. You guys say "ferners!", right?

    Putin's real goal is the dissolution of NATO and Donald Trump is being a good little puppet. Uncle Vlad is pleased as punch.

  27. If a former German chancellor can privately arrange a gas pipeline deal with Russia and then end up as head of a Russian state-owned oil company, it is entirely conceivable that a Republican US president and the GOP congressional leadership could sell out their own country and receive untold rewards from Putin, said to be the world’s richest man.

    Just sayin’.

  28. I suppose being captive to Saudi Arabia for oil isn't an issue for Trump.

  29. His accusations sound to me like he was trying to distract from Robert Mueller's investigation.

  30. Donald Trump is captive to Russia, totally controlled by Putin, and it's something our intelligence agents have to look at.

  31. Why do you consider this a preplanned attack on Germany? Germany's dependence on Russian energy was clearly meant as a compliment.

  32. I feel for Trump's support staff who sat there deeply cringing.

  33. On the other hand, there's the fact that they've compromised themselves by having agreed to work in his administration....

  34. Once again, Mr. Trump, with his comments about the relations between Russia and Germany, proves himself to be a case study in psychological projection, where the comments you make about others could well apply to yourself. It's really becoming quite stunning.

  35. We have a wildly malicious president who finds new ways in which to be gratuitously malicious with each day. I shut out most of what the president says, but still there is enough to worry simply because of the needlessness of the insults.

  36. Everything he did was for the cameras. Who benefits from this behavior?

    Angela Merkel is s villain but thugs like Purim are exalted. I am nauseous.

    I would call him pond scum, but that would be an insult to pond scum.

    This is what happens when institutional memory either doesn’t exist or is disregarded.

    And the advice of experienced staffers is ignored.

    When power is abused in this manner, our future is in doubt.

  37. What a foolish, ignorant man. I thank the Gods that he is not the leader of the free world.

  38. If we use Trump "logic", then the US is beholden to China for all the manufactured goods China exports to the US! Or any nation we hold a trade imbalance with we are beholden to. There is no logic to this assertion nor do any facts support it. Moron is beginning to be too generous a term to describe our national embarrassment, our current POTUS; played like a fiddle by Kim Jong Un. Chaos reigns, Nothing accomplished!

  39. I wonder what Vlad will tell Donny when they meet. "Hey, thanks for trying to tank our natural gas sales to Germany, Komrad. Good going! Don't do me any more favors."

  40. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!

  41. Germany is not captive to Russia, Trump is!

  42. It appears, Trump wants to rule Germany. He is of German ancestry.

  43. Trump got help from Russia. Why shouldn't Germany?

  44. Trump is partying like it's 1943.

  45. 1933

  46. Germany may be "captive to Russia" but our "president" appears to be beholden to Putin.

  47. The only country captive to Russia is us.

  48. Does that mean by the same logic that the USA is captive of Saudi Arabia, the country where most of the perpetrators of 9/11 came from?

  49. I don't know what Trump's motives are. Your suggestion sounds very plausible.

    Unfortunately Germany has been a consistent and important voice against increasing sanctions against Russia. In particular it has opposed sanctions that involve energy. Consequently, the NATO/EU sanctions have had very little impact on Russia's elite. Putin laughs it off and has no qualms about sending his goons off to murder another journalist, opposition leader or people in neighboring countries he wants to intimidate.

  50. Fear of slowing down Germany's economy, fueled in part by cheap Russian energy, is one big reason why Merkel has consistently resisted NATO/EU attempts to sanction Russia for its human rights and territorial rights violations.

    Merkel has been a consistent voice against sanctions on Russian energy imports, going well back into Obama's administration. This is a large reason why the current sanctions regime has had very little impact on Putin's violent behavior.

  51. If NYT buried the lede ("Germans argue only 9 percent of energy" from Russia), then they also buried the facts that are inconvenient to their political agenda. BBC: "Mr Trump is right that Germany relies on Russia for most of its gas imports. Eurostat estimates that Russia is responsible for between 50% and 75% of Germany's gas imports."

  52. Affordable fossil fuels have brought prosperity and health to billions around the globe.

    Alternative fuels like wind and solar are dramatically more expensive and, as shown by the large-scale industrialization of the California desert and mountain foothills, is environmentally destructive, as well.

  53. President Trump representing the United States of America on the International stage harshly rebuking our allies, while surrounded by light-weights Bolton and Pompeo, must have given the NATO members the vapors.

  54. I think the fact that Trump stayed a non-fact — Germany getting 70 percent of it’s Russia

  55. what does it matter where Germany get's it's natural gas? NATO is there to defend against a Russian military invasion. NATO countries don't have to be hostile to Russia as well. Peaceful trade is a good thing. Does t want his own friends in on the score instead of Russia? What is he saying ...everything is money to him! Look at the hypocritical fool he has business contacts with Russia too.

  56. President Trump today dealt a sharp blow to the very foundation of the post-WWII western alliance. By publicly berating Germany about its Russian-supplied gas pipeline, Trump killed two birds in one stone. First, he let his critics know that it wasn’t he who was beholden to Putin, but it was Germany that was “captive to Russia.” Second, he signaled Putin that he had just made their one-on-one meeting a little easier by effectively throwing Germany under the NATO bus with his “captive to Russia” reference.

    This is how the cookie crumbles. We are witnessing the destruction of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and the birth of the New American Trump Order, which could include a who’s who list of the world’s dictators including Russia’s Putin, China’s Xi, Turkey’s Erdogan, Philippines’ Duterte and, maybe, even North Korea’s Kim Jong Un. This might all seem facetious, but if President Putin greets our president at their Reykjavik summit as “Comrade Trump” – all bets are off!

  57. Meanwhile NATO member Turkey just spent billions of dollars buying weapons from Russia. From Russia, where’s the outrage ?
    So now we have to integrate Russian weapons with NATO ?
    What a joke.

  58. I was watching John Kelly during Trump's rant. Kelly was drinking a lot of water. I was wishing Kelly would take his glass full of water and pour it over Trump's head. Water ended the drunken stupor Stanley Kowalski was experiencing in "A Streetcar Named Desire." Water may have stopped Trump's belligerent whining rant too.

  59. He doesn't pour water over Trump's head because he's afraid of him just like all the republicans are afraid of him. OMG he might tweet something about them! How did we ever get this low?

  60. The flip side of the German gas deal is that Russia is dependent on Europe buying and paying its gas to keep the Russian economy and finances afloat. Since Europe is discreetly busy installing large swathes of windmills and biomass power plants, plus exploring the Mediterranean and Black Sea for new gas fields, things may change faster than it looks.

  61. I 'am really interested what the American public thinks about this matter. Does Germany rely too much on the US? Does the rest of the world really wishes for a strong German militarization? Curious...

  62. Well, WW-II was a long time ago and in reality, do you really think the German mentality right now would allow for such a drastic militaristic shift that would result in any danger to its neighbors? Especially since Germany has no nuclear weapons and France and Britain, not even mentioning Russia, do?

    No, I don't think this is a concern, but what concerns me is that Germany right now would be completely unable to defend its territory against an invasion by Luxembourg....

    We don't even need to discuss Russia.

  63. I was fortunate to spend several months last year in the small northern German city of Delmenhorst, which is reckoned to be economically disadvantaged compared with many other comparable German cities. Living there, I was constantly impressed with the quality of municipal infrastructure--parks, schools, public transport, and roads--as well as the racial diversity of people living there. So much better than comparable US cities.
    "Where, I asked myself, do they find the funds for all this?" --Oh yeah, they don't spend half their government budget on the military. In answer to your question, this American thinks that Germany is doing just fine. The best defense is a strong & healthy society.

  64. I've never personally known any Americans who expressed an opinion about the military spending of the NATO member states--not even since Trump raised this issue out of nowhere in the recent past. Friends and relatives who were assigned to bases in Germany during their U. S. military service and had positive comments about it. I deeply regret Trump's inappropriate behavior. The majority of Americans did not vote for him. His average approval ratings have never even reached 50%. The strange method of electing an American president has the rest of the world suffering along with us.

  65. Almost comical calling Germany a Russian captive when the same man refuses to admit that his buddy Putin was involved in the 2016 election.
    It's another example of psychological projection, a game DJT uses frequently!

  66. Yeah, that Russian click-bait farm certainly threw the election. Bombs away!

  67. The NATO allies had to sit through an explosive natural gas attack from the US president about complaints on an organization that has worked for 69 years. All he’s done as president is find fault with leaders abroad and at home. He didn’t leave his manners at home because nothing suits him.

    And the president is the last person at the NATO summit who ought to complain about Germany getting an energy pipeline from Russia because it was Russia who gave this unfit man the American presidency. That’s why he’s headed for Helsinki, so he can thank his benefactor in person.

  68. Yes, and breakfast heartburn!

  69. I just returned from a (fabulous!) trip to London where, for the first time in my life and my numerous opportunities to go abroad, I was reluctant to identify myself as being American and even being from New York. Trump has given both such a bad name! I thought George W. Bush was a poor leader and not up to the job, but not a low life and wanton liar like Donald Trump. I tried to apologize with my eyes and tone when I identified where I was from. No one was mean to me, but I have to separate myself from the administration. I am pleased that so many in the UK will demonstrate against him being received by anyone there. He doesn't deserve any courtesy. One can only hope that he will know of, if not see, the giant balloon of himself as a baby which will fly for him. He has been no better as a host or guest; his non-manners are all he has.

  70. Trump just managed, AGAIN, to make me embarrassed to be an American.

    When will this nightmare end?

    2018 elections, just in terms of throttling back this madness, are more critical than ever.

  71. I think Putin is determined to destroy our relationship with our allies c/o Donald Trump. Putin already has figured out how to control Trump and our Congress. You've got to hand it to that man. He got a lot of bang out of his buck. We have never been so vulnerable and in disarray.

  72. Yes, he's a very competent politician working to strengthen his country, unlike the ones we are offered who bomb away. Maybe we should figure out a way to elect decent public servants instead of easily corruptible sociopaths. Would require publicly funded elections, so little chance.

  73. The pro-Russia/anti-American behavior of Gerard Schroeder as chancellor and since is the definition of Russian collusion. He’s been almost Clintonian in his ruthless pursuit of personal wealth.

  74. 45 sneers at Germany, "... I think it's very inappropriate..."
    America is being ruled by a leader that wears no clothes at all and criticizes what everyone else is wearing to the ball.
    He is the walking-talking-chin-strutting epitome of 'inappropriate' and the whole world is watching as he continues to actively destroy America's standing and credibility. On pretty much everything.
    The longer this is allowed to go on, the less and less likely it seems that America will be able to claw back any credibility at all.

  75. It is always about him and he is always projecting. It is Trump who is captive to Russia for reasons not yet known.

  76. There is nothing this president can do or say now that will deflect from his over-zealous worship of Russia and Vladimir Putin -- and there's no doubt that this is sure to be substantiated after their meeting in Helsinki next week.

  77. Trump projects more than a Kodak Carousel

  78. Trump is most definitely trying to deflect attention from his love fest with Putin.

    He's also always more than happy to criticize leaders who are powerful women, or in the case of Trudeau, younger and more handsome.

  79. The question isn't why Germany spends less than it could, its why the USA spends too much.

  80. And the answer to your question Is because Germany spends less than it do a number of the other of our NATO allies....

  81. Trump showed where his real values and priorities lie when he castigated European countries for spending more on welfare than defence - which most of us would consider to be the right way round.

  82. I think you can rest assured that we can distinguish between ordinary Americans and the man who claims to represent Americans. If there's any anti-American sentiment around it's aimed mainly at the man himself.

  83. And what has Germany done for us as “one of our strongest allies?”

    High tariffs?
    Marked up BMWs?
    Buying most of their energy from Russia, instead of the US, or other allies?

    What, exactly?

  84. I didn't know that Germany, being in Europe, was proposing to buy gas from the USA. AND HOW does one propose it gets there? Another Airlift? A navy of tankers. A trans-Atlantic pipeline?

    In order to buy gas you need another who has it and is willing to sell it. If "other allies" were awash in natural gas, perhaps Germany would buy it from them, instead of Russia. Right now, Norway is the only viable alternative to Russia.

  85. And what has Germany done for us as “one of our strongest allies?”, you ask?

    Sent soldiers to fight and die in Afghanistan for America's "war on terror". No German interest there. Just did it for America.

    Joined forces with the US and other allies to secure shipping routes from piracy

    Other types of military cooperation of great benefit to the US.

    Serves as a major hub for the global infrastructure of the US military. Willingly. Even paid for it.

    Done much over the last several decades to strengthen the liberal international order which the US did much to create and has benefited from. Not sure this one convinces you though.

    Intelligence sharing to the point of self-sacrifice.

    For "The American Worker": German companies create lots of jobs in the US.

    Emigrated to the US in large numbers. Those Germans essentially built up much of what the US is. Though there are rumours that you are currently having some trouble with German Americans in the White House. We apologize for the inconvenience.

  86. Putin is playing the espionage game behind everyone's back and everyone knows it. It's all he knows. It's his own personal revenge. He's someone who knew nothing other than the USSR and the GDR for most of his life.

  87. Trump's remarks seem contradictory. Is he jealous that Putin and the Germans get along or is he trying to start a war so he can further line the pockets of his corporate sponsors? He certainly did his buddies a favor with his tax cuts. Of course, tax avoidance is one of his talents, along with rabble rousing, so what should we expect. More tariffs (taxes)?

  88. The only one Donald Trump is humiliating is himself- and the U.S.

  89. Donald Trump playing the role of bill collector in Europe is well at odds with his hard earned reputation as the Bill Dodger in Chief.

    This purported billionaire wouldn’t pay his bills due, his investors, lenders, or contractors.

    To hear him lecture the Germans on financial probity is hilarious. He offers our NATO allies mob protection- enough is enough from this steak salesman.

  90. Germany has a wildly successful economy, a much better import/export ratio than America, and fantastic social benefits for it's people - educational and medical. Instead of attacking Germany, Trump should be learning from them. Trump gives new life to the old "ugly American" moniker.

  91. By “learning from them” I assume you mean the US should shirk its agreed upon financial commitments to NATO to better fund its social benefits the way Germany does.

    I’m no fan of Trump, but there is so much hatred of him that people are blind when he is sometimes right.

    It’s mindboggling to me that no one has even tried to make an argument for why Germany and the others should not live up to their agreed upon financial commiments.

    Remember when the shoe was on the other foot and super rich Germany had no mercy for bankrupt Germany? I do.

    Merkel needs to stop the shuck and jive and live up to Germany’s agreed upon financial obligations.

  92. The United States currently spends ONLY 3.5 percent of G.D.P. on its military.

    What, 721 billion isn’t enough?!!

  93. I know, I about fell off my chair with the use of "only" too. Ugh.

  94. This was definitely a preplanned stance for Trump's visit--just as his criticism of Canada at the G7 Conference was. Trump has no idea what he is encountering at these meetings, but simply was provided with talking points. He does not prepare, does not consider the issues, and does not think about what he will say during the meetings in response to other leaders. He simply is told what to say and says it--without any thought to the implications and consequences for our country. We have a puppet as president and are being controlled by those who are pulling his strings.

  95. One of Newt Gingrich's longtime political axioms has been to claim your opponent (which is how Trump views Merkel) is guilty of the thing that may be your greatest vulnerability. So as President Trump heads off to Helsinki for his performance review from Putin, he assails Germany as the captive of Russia.
    So predictable. So sad.

  96. Newt's gangrenous MO seems to have engulfed the whole Republican Party.

  97. If it excites the crowds Trump stokes up at his rallies, he takes it to the world.

  98. It's also a classic propaganda technique-- the Big Lie that also deflects attention away from your own guilt. Rethuglicons use of propaganda, including the Big Lie repeated ad nauseum, explains a lot of America's decline the past 25 years.

  99. Germany is not captive to Russia but they do face a serious energy crunch since they decided to abandon nuclear energy and coal. The Russians could not supply enough gas to Germany even if they tried. Germany needs to import fuel from a variety of sources and it needs to start thinking hard about alternative energy sources. Their economy depends on it.

  100. Germany has made big advances in renewables, but yes more needs to be done. Much of Europe is making progress, much more than in the US. But that hurts Russia - their economy is dominated by fossil fuels.

  101. @Asher Guess what, Germany is already thinking hard about alternative energy sources. Surprise, surprise.
    Not only is Germany thinking, but also working very hard on this issue for a long time.

  102. Trumpty thinks that Germany is “captive to Russia."
    How telling, considering that he's "captive to Putin."

  103. Germany does get natural gas from Russia—so does much of central Europe. In spite of that, Germany has resolutely opposed Russian incursions into Crimea and Russian threats towards other NATO members. Germany has actively pursued renewable energy, and they use much less fossil fuel per capita than the US.

    Contrast this with Trump who pretty much owes his election to Russian interference and much of his financing to Russian oligarchs. Trump, not Merkel, wanted Putin included in the G7 meeting. Trump has threatened the foundation of NATO, not Merkel.

    Trump's statement looks to me like one his usual exaggerations and prevarications—a canard meant to divert us from his upcoming meeting with the boss: Putin.

  104. Trump as "Putin's puppet" seems truer by the day.

  105. German power sources.
    The smart thing for the Germans to do would be to order a few sacks of coal from the mines in Kentucky and Pennsylvania. They could then tout that they are reducing energy imports from Russia while at the same time supporting the current wave of deregulation going on in the US.

  106. Great idea, and they can move John L. Lewis statues to the Ruhr -

  107. Hey.... filthy, disgusting, dirty, polluting coal..... what a great 18th century idea.

  108. I've heard trump was sent off to a military school years ago. When I was young I new a lot of kids who were very mean and always getting into trouble, who would either end up at a reform school or get shipped off to a military school. Just saying.

  109. You are 100% correct. His father sent him because he hoped it would cure his love of starting fights. It didn't, and now the whole world is suffering the misguided wrath of this megalomaniac.

  110. Yup. You had to be a real problem to be shipped off, or just have parents who didn’t want you around. Or both.

  111. I´ve never heard Mr. Trump was allowed to prospective General Staff courses after graduating at the New York Military Academy - this is nothing but an "university-preparatory school with a military structure"

    I think his military instructors got it right then.

    If I were an American strategist graduated at a Command and General Staff College, cool blooded as Ms. Merkel and having a lot of operational experience I couldn´t sleep tonite after Mr. Trumps remarkable performance in Brussels.

  112. Trump accusing anybody of being "captive to Russia"? What a sick knee-slapper that is. This satire is too much.

  113. Projection is just another aspect of this pathetic creatures pathopysycotic ( not sure this is really a word ) nature . It’s true someone is controlled by Russia but isn’t Germany . I have a theory that the true story of the collusion is not very difficult to understand . Putin promised the idiot that he would make him as wealthy as he likes to think he is & since the idiot knows nothing of history & has no point of reference other than himself he will do whatever he is told to get his payoff .

  114. Oh, honey! I’m just wait in’ for Vlad to tell all...
    Could be juicy...!

  115. Not sure what point you are attempting to make. Nobody is holding a gun to anyones head to buy that BMW. Besides, it might be made in SC.

  116. Typical republican move...accuse others of what you yourself are doing. Karl Rove started it and the GOP has adopted it as a strategy ever since.

    tRump is a traitor.

  117. Trump to Angela-
    “Ms. Markel, tear down those pipelines!”

  118. This is what happens when a coward (heel spurs anyone) and bully is in charge. He’s just generating clips for consumption by the deplorables that watch the pathetic Fox “News”, passing time till he can hit Twitter - usually later in the day after a few glasses.

  119. Donald Trump is a dummkopf in so many ways, personally, socially, psychologically, mentally, physically.

    He has it out for Merkel. She’s a woman who is not goo goo ga ga over Trump and she’s not afraid to show it. And this irritates Trump to no end. He will hand it out to her mercilessly, make a fool out of himself. But he takes all Americans down with his behavior, and that is just wrong.

  120. By all means Germany should be dependent on U.S. for oil! Anything that means more $ for Trump and his buddies.

  121. Got to pay almost 3 bucks a gallon today. I’m sure that is Obama’s fault somehow.

  122. Looks like Trump is holding those dinner guests "captive" too while he shoots his mouth off at what should be a sociable, friendly occasion. Love the expressions on the faces of the woman to Trump's right and the man next to her.

    My mother always told us not to be "unpleasant" or "bring up problems" at the dinner table. She said it is bad for people's digestion and is rude and inconsiderate of others who want to relax and enjoy their food.

    Trump, considerate of the feelings of others?? Ha! The man is a hack and a worldwide embarrassment to our country.

  123. Germany gets 9% of its energy from Russia, not 70% as Trump claims. The man lies the moment he opens his mouth and his supporters love him for it, which about says it all. No class, no morals, no brains.

  124. As both a German and US citizen who spends a fair amount of time in Germany as well as in the US, I always continue to be impressed with Germany's use and production of energy as well as its fanatical attention to environmental preservation. It stands in stark contrast to the US, which is positively medieval in these respects. The train network is superb and serves a vast majority of the country. Roads are well maintained. Energy conservation in houses is a primary consideration. The landscape is dotted with windmills. People actually walk places and ride bikes. No plastic bags--everyone brings a reusable bag to the grocery store. And on and on. The United States could learn many lessons from the Germans' efficient use of energy.

  125. I completely agree with your assessment of Germany's pursuit of energy efficiency and environmental protection. Unfortunately, most Americans are ignorant about Germany and Europe (as well as the rest of the world) and are vulnerable to the anti-Europe/anti-intellectual propaganda campaign of the Republicans. This is the high price our nation has paid for prioritizing militarization and private profits over the education of its citizens. Republicans prefer to keep the American masses uneducated and in the dark.

  126. Trump is a classical case of projection...

  127. Trump is captive to specious reasoning; he is like the drunk uncle who slips down from the attic and steals the family's Cadillac and goes joyriding. And no one can stop him.

    Remember. Try to remember because it is already being discounted. But 3,000,000 more Americans voted for Clinton than for Trump. Putin put his crooked fingers on the American Election. So we are being served by a minority government, gerrymandered into place by an archaic electoral college. The Republicans do not represent the values of the majority.

    What to do? open up your wallets, volunteer in a purple state, make sure that you and your family and your friends get out and vote.

    Because this is only going to get worse when Trump works his magic on our economy, and presto, years of recovery go up in smoke. With the way Putin and Trump are engineering this, we won't have a friend left that cares, including our oldest allies like Canada and England. And who can blame them?

  128. Isn’t that like the pot calling the kettle black?
    Who is more “captive” to Russia than Donald Trump?

  129. Trump is diverting attention from his NK fiasco and Pompeo's dismal visit. It's what he does; pick a fight to obscure everything else. He'll fawn over Putin next to obscure the NATO fiasco. It's endless with him and the media fall for it every time.

  130. It was great to see XGen Kelley out in public again.
    Like the Lone Ranger needed Tonto,
    good to see Kelley doing his best Himmler to Trump's Chancellor.
    But the man looked like he needed a good Belgium waffle.
    He's doing a great job.
    He will be a prominent figure in the history of the Herr Trumps brief moment in history.

  131. If terrorism is defined as the fanatical, unlawful exercise of violence and intimidation against citizens and governments to produce political aims, then Trump is a terrorist.

    He is unrelentingly escalating ignorance, hate, and social, economic, psychological violence throughout America, and provoking discord around the world.

  132. Trump is owned by Putin. Period.
    If this were not true, Trump would have released his financials and his tax returns to the American people. Trump is hiding the evidence of his indebtedness to Putin. Also, Putin has attacked the U.S.A. and Trump has not responded to this attack like a true patriot would. Is Trump in competition for Putin's affection?

  133. I would ask “How dumb can he be?” but we are still exploring that.

  134. I had a lot of "smart friends" who voted for Trump. They are no longer my friends .... guess I am smarter than they :-)

  135. Anyone who could turn on our allies and slowly dismantle our decades old peace and security pact needs to be shunned from all Americans who support Europe and the long good history we have had with them. When you support China and Russia you reap what you sow and it will trickle down.

  136. I'm gonna have to wear hip waders before reading some of the stuff that comes out of Trump's mouth from now on. First, if anyone is captive to Russia, it's the guy who has played right into Putin's hands, and this performance at NATO and his ham-handed attempts to destabilize and sow discord are the perfect, most recent, example. Second, Germany has long been a leader in solar power production (the only reason the US looks decent is because of the pre-Trump era, before the White House began worshiping hydrocarbons).

    As usual, Trump is wrong on every count, in terms of truthfulness, but also in terms of his understanding of geopolitics, the environment, and logic. Not to mention inflicting harm on our closest allies while serving as Putin's puppet, or worse, asset.

    Americans deserve this nightmare, however, for electing a preening imbecile whose only friends on the international stage are dictators.

  137. The repulsive idea of increasing defense spending to 4% of GDP feeds Trump's fantasies of being a warlord. How about we spend a lot less on bombs and guns? Or at least stop wasting billions and billions.

    But the other big impetus for the diplomatic bombast is that he'd like to get Germany to buy LNG from the American fossil-fuel behemoths instead of piping gas in from Russia.

  138. Trump's captive to Putin so he's projecting again. How obvious does it have to be?

  139. We are witnessing the destruction of America's relationship with its allies, and for no good reason, or really for any reason at all. I don't know whether this is just another Trumpian spasm of idiocy or more evidence that he is doing Putin's bidding but it really doesn't matter any more.

    He must be stopped. Not just for the sake of the American people, but for the entire democratic world. The cowardly Republican party is not going to save the day and with flagrant gerrymandering and vote suppression, while the Supreme Court looks the other way, it will take a huge majority for the Democrats to even gain control of the House.

    This is not our darkest hour yet, but it is coming as surely as the turning of the earth. While much of America sleeps, or enjoys Trump's chicanery hard won freedoms are being stripped away, hatred and bigotry are being exalted, and Trump will soon control all three branches of government, a nightmare scenario for all decent people.

    I hold out little hope that American voters can stop this slide into tyrannical oblivion and there is nothing our allies can do.
    It seems our one remaining chance is the Mueller investigation, even as Trump is fighting furiously to smear it and add another Supreme Court Justice that will help him to avoid testifying. The reputation of Mueller, the very symbol of integrity, is now regularly soiled and threatened by Trump's henchmen. This is not the world I want to bequeath to my children and theirs.

  140. Thank you for your comments. The problem, of course, is multifaceted. The biggest problems are Mr. Trump's brain and mouth, which create and spout falsehoods constantly and alienate longstanding colleagues and friends; how much of this comes from his buddy, Vladimir, remains to be revealed. One day all the details of how he became President will be revealed and much of the country will be aghast.
    In the mean time, Mr. Trump flatters and bribes Justices to retire so he can pack the Supreme Court and create an America where no one but very selfish, very rich right wing buffoons will want to live, and FDR's soul is crying...

  141. Europeans have accepted Trump's bluster and just get on with their lives. Strange how much the NYT focuses on his appalling behaviour, but never says a word about how he wants Europeans and everyone else in the world to buy American military hardware. Like the formula for babies instead of breastfeeding. Arm-twisting is his method. Money money money...What else is new?

  142. Very well said. And sadly all too true.

  143. It is simply astounding that Trump can make up, from whole cloth, the statistical or quantitative support for his policies and political decisions. He is clearly unconcerned about the inevitable "fact check" that follows every statement. Trump is obviously confident that he will never be weakened by his dismissive attitude toward facts and his contempt for truth & honesty in public discourse. He has succeeded in disarming his opposition in their attempts to leverage truth and factual arguement.

    Attempting to persuade participants in political processes without an agreed upon reality to serve as the basis for understanding and agreement, leaves all parties without the philosophical compass needed to establish direction.

    It brings to mind the technique used by interrogators to break the will of prisoners. It starts by removing clocks, calendars and any opportunity to see daylight. The disorientation, the break with reality becomes increasingly powerful in terms of weakening the prisoner's existing sense of self and ability to defend their basic values.

    What effect might the systemic use disinformation have on the citizenry of a progressively weakening democracy? Probably not beneficial to the defense of democracy.

  144. Let's face it folks, we have an idiot for President. He is Vladimir Putin's property through and through.

    It'll be so interesting to see what Putin does to/with Trump after he is through with him.

    I hope I'm around to see the Donald thrown under the bus. What a monumental loser.

  145. What is Nordstream? One glimpse on this map - and you will get it immediately:

    The only purpose of Nordstream is: No other country - particularly Poland, Ukraine - wiill be able to to turn off the taps on the way to Western Europe any more (look at the branch to UK)

    In recent history Ukraine did it several times before the gas could reach "Transgas".

    That´s all. It´s not about capacity.

    So forget all this American Con think tank´s blabla. It´s just to cut out any actual blackmailing potential of Eastern Europe "gas transit" states.

  146. More lies. BBC site fact checked and clarified that gas is less than 20% of Germany's energy mix of which around 9% is Russian .smh

  147. I hope people will not jump down the rabbit hole of trying to explain the 47 ways in which Trump has his head where the sun doesn't shine in making these claims.

    They're not supposed to make any sense. He's very consciously trying to blow smoke to cover the obvious conclusion that he's in cahoots with Russia.

    This completely counterintuitive charge that your opponents are guilty of the brazen crimes you're committing against them is a favored tactic of authoritarian bullies. Putin does it all the time. See this piece from TPM from 2016, quoting someone who knew Trump in New York real estate, for Trump's own long history of doing this.

  148. Trump is laughably consistent in projecting his own flaws and faults upon those he deems enemies. His psychological makeup is so superficial, and devoid of self-awareness that this is a predictable result.

    So it is no surprise he accuses another of being precisely what he is: being a captive of Russia!

  149. Once again, anything Trump accuses someone else of doing, you can be certain he is guilty of doing that exact thing. He accuses the press of lying, because he lies constantly; he accuses others of fostering and encouraging violence, because he fosters and encourages violence; you get the idea. Because he is in debt to the Russians (both for help with his campaign and for actual money loaned to him), and he is doing their bidding by throwing NATO and other alliances into chaos, he must accuse the Germans of being "captive to Russia".

  150. I never thought I would live in a time period where the president of the United States is such a dangerous threat to both the security and reputation of our country. If any other president at any other time in our history said these things about our allies, members of Congress from both sides would voice their outrage. This is shameful. I fear for our standing in the world.

  151. The spoiled son comes to his parent's home for a big family holiday dinner. He brags about all his accomplishments. Feels he owes no credit to his folks for funding all his advanced education. He brought no food or gifts, but insults the cooking and the gifts he is given. He makes no effort to help clear up after the meal, instead naps in Mom's recliner. When he leaves everyone is relieved that he at least didn't burn down the family home.

  152. This is an all too familiar Trumpian tactic: Accuse others of what you are doing.

    Any such accusation by Mr. Trump should be seen for exactly what it is, and admission of his own guilt in the matter.

  153. There are very valid concerns and questions to be asked about former German chancellor Gerhard Schroeder and his sinister links with Russian's Gazprom, the Nord 2 pipeline that will make Germany further dependent on Russian imports, German companies breaking sanctions by shipping goods to Crimea, etc. Yes, we all hate Trump but there are very sensitive geopolitical issues at play there.

  154. Peter, "sinister links"; how are they sinister exactly?

  155. This is Trump stirring up trouble and like always he doesn't have his fact right.

    Also if there is a country that shouldn't throw stones, it's us.

    We might not import energy from Russia but we do import it from everywhere else, never mind all the other things we do import.

    Today it's a world economy, which is good because a country that's doing business all over the world doesn't want a war.

  156. Sorry to bust the bubble of the many NYT commenters who are convinced that Mr Putin spends all day working to undermine the West, but this is simply about pushing the northern EU to import US fracked natural gas rather than from Russia. Probably, given how manipulative both of these countries are with sanctions, the northern EU would be safest buying from both. However, the US would lose because pipeline gas will always be cheaper than LNG. And those who point out how Germany leads the world in renewable energy sources should look at data on how often fossil fuels and nuclear must back up those sources in the cloudy north and the past costs. Even excess wind from Denmark and nuclear power from France will be stretched when German nukes and coal power plants shut. So, NG it is.

  157. German economy is by far the largest exporter of electric power worldwide. Even in front of Canada. The process of moving from fossile energy towards renewables is still running and gas is just an interim solution.
    To double the military budget would make Germany the strongest military force in Europe and advance their political independence from the USA.

  158. ... or nuclear

  159. "And those who point out how Germany leads the world in renewable energy sources should look at data on how often fossil fuels and nuclear must back up those sources in the cloudy north and the past costs"

    Well, check your facts on this topic. The cloudy north is very windy here. Germany generates more wind energy than it can (atm) hand off to the southern regions. The country exports electric energy in large scopes.

  160. Let's just accept the by now obvious fact that Trump is a Russian asset.

    By attacking Germany he's undermining both NATO and Merkle in Germany both Putin goals. It's that simple.

  161. Maybe not a too thoughtful comment but I just wanted to assure you Americans that we are very well aware that Trump only speaks for a ver tight (if any) majority of US citizens. We'll get over it.

  162. I hoped someone would recognized this. Thank You.

  163. I just read the Washington Post article about this very real event. It appears to me, Trump being the self dealer that he is, would not hesitate to leverage USA capital for his and his families benefit. I think you are on to something; either he's paying off debt or securing a cozy future in the orbit of Putin or both. I think this makes him a traitor.

  164. Exercising a significant in the formation of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization was a Republican member of the US Senate.

    Arthur H. Vandenberg of Michigan, who served from 1929 until 1951, prided his role as an isolationist. Most notably, he opposed the entry of the US into World War Two in the aftermath of Pearl Harbor.

    Eventually Vandenberg departed from his longstanding isolationist orientation when he supported US entry into the United Nations, the US role in Europe's postwar reconstruction via the Marshall Plan, and ultimately the US role in the establishment of NATO.

    My hunch is that President Trump doesn't have an inkling about Senator Vandenberg's transformation from isolationist to internationalist.

    A coda to the foregoing involves Dwight D. Eisenhower, the first Supreme Commander of NATO.

    When Senator Robert A. Taft of Ohio -- also an isolationist -- sought to forestall the American role in NATO, General Eisenhower found that disturbing.

    This prompted Eisenhower's decision to seek the Republican presidential nomination in 1952. Campaigning as an internationalist, he swept the nomination away from Senator Taft, who remained dedicated to limiting the US role in NATO.

    Of course, Donald Trump surely knows little or nothing of this.

    Indeed, he might find comfort in Henry Ford's foolish nostrum that "History is Bunk."

    And this is the American president who shamefully tars his predecessor as "terrible."

    I know "terrible." It isn't Barack Obama!

  165. So, what is hard to understand is if Trump is publicly accusing Germany of getting 70 percent of it's energy from Russia, and the real figure is 9 percent, why doesn't Merkel shut him down on the international stage with this information first thing said? We make our own decisions is not a good comeback. Isn't the EU sanctioning Russia over the Ukraine, spy poisonings, election tampering etc? Just saying, why not? Are we sanctioning Russian fuel? Or the 4% gdp stuff-why wasn't he immediately corrected in a very public manner if it is true? What rate are the other wealthy countries paying-are those facts compelling or supportive of his argument? Leaders everywhere should have numbers in hand when they meet with him because he just repeats random numbers to suit his ideology and are easy to parrot in an aggressive, accusatory way by his pundits. Leaders should come prepared with figures by guessing what he will harp on-which is easy since he tweets and rants publicly constantly. On the spot fact checking during these high profile meetings would be good.

  166. Not everyone has the wit of a Winston Churchill in the ability to give a sharp and biting retort to this disgusting, unhinged bully we are stuck with as our president (for now). Her polite and civil response showed class as the only rational, mature adult of the two of them.

  167. I think European leaders should stand firm together and ignore the insults of this man. Perhaps this will help to make him qieter

  168. The reason Merkel doesn't respond is that Trump is more right than wrong. The 9% figure is totally bogus. In fact, other European countries have recommended against Germany's pipelines
    And in 2014 the amount of gas coming directly from Russia was 40%
    And in 2016 Germany stopped reporting by-country imports for "privacy reasons"...
    The CIA might be the best source for the truth not the NYTimes.

  169. Germany certainly buys natural gas from Russia, but Russia - having an underdeveloped economy dominated by the energy sector - is probably more dependent on Germany's money than Germany is dependent on that natural gas. But in any case this just seems more of Trump's deflecting, heavily laced with lies. After all, it was Merkel that was acting as a mouthpiece for Putin at the G7 summit. It was Trump.

  170. Correct ! It's all about the hard currency. Things haven't changed that much from the time you were required to exchange 25 deutschmarks for 25 mostly worthless ostmark at the checkpoints in Berlin. At least you were assured of ice cream before you went back to West Berlin.

  171. Trump picked two facts, 1) European countries are neglecting their militaries and 2) Germany is making itself energy dependent from Russia, and he is making the most of it to deflect from his own submission to his puppet master Putin.

    Nonetheless, it is good to have this out in the open, that makes it much more likely that these significant weaknesses are being addressed. Europe now has to decide which way to go: give in to division and bickering, then Putin wins, or bite the bullet and draw the consequences from Trump's lecturing, which is psychologically difficult to do, but rationally the right way to go.

    Even if the truth was delivered by an elephant in a China shop....

  172. "2) Germany is making itself energy dependent from Russia...."
    No, that´s not a fact, that´s wrong. Like always Trump doesn´t tell the truth.
    Germany uses a mix of various energies, e.g. solar, wind, hydro power, biomass; coal, still some nuclear power, mineral oil .... Only a small part of our energy comes from gas, and a part of the gas is imported from Norway. Russian Gas overall covers only about 9 % of our energy.
    And, by the way: These days I´m not sure if it´s better to depend on Russia or the US. Both ways it sounds frightening. The percentage of Renewable Energies is increasing, that´s the right way.

  173. in thrall of Russia.... the irony is so thick it fairly drips. does he really believe he has a 'great" "good" relationship with Germany or any NATO country.
    The deal was that members had until 2124 to reach 2% In classic Trump behavior, he had decided that he doesn't like the deal and ignores it.
    Over and over on this development deals he signed contracts and made pledges only to break them when it suited him. If you didn't like it he would say sue me and hundreds did. But he has a flock of lawyers dedicated to tying up and deflecting claims. they can hold out until the contractor or origination goes broke or gives up.
    The man has no integrity and now neither does the US.

  174. How clever or cunning to point out German dependence on Russia for gas. Clearly, the meeting in Helsinki should be monitored and above board. It is obvious that the Trump-Putin connection is suspect. Does German dependence on Russian gas mean it is OK or perfectly normal for a secret, private meeting with Putin? Any meeting with Putin should include representatives from State and Defense to keep the session honest and above board. Sunshine is the best disinfectant!

  175. Depends where the sun shines from !

  176. "...wasn't he immediately corrected...?"
    Simple. European leaders don't want to emulate a boisterous, brash & thoroughly annoying ignoramus.

  177. and money!

  178. Trump supporters are a minority of our citizens. They consist of two major groups. The uber wealthy, also called the "1%", determined to amass as much riches as possible. Second major group are average income whites who believe the con that Trump will bring back manufacturing or coal jobs and will return us to the societal norms of 1950. I sincerely apologize for both.

  179. Yet the majority of Americans, who say they are against everything Trump stands for, have not brought the country to a grinding halt by rising up in protest and demonstrations and marches and acts of peaceful mischief, day after day, to try to force some sort of disruption or repudiation of the Trump regime.

  180. I think its actually the 0.1% of which many are a problem. We must not defame all as many are super progressive and run fair and wonderful organizations.

  181. Germany does get about 60% of its gas reserves from Russia, but its gas reserves only comprise about 20% of its energy use. Germany is aggressively pushing renewable energy -- lots of windmills everywhere -- and it has plans to permanently shut down its nuclear power plants.

    While it may be of concern that Germany gets that much gas from Russia, 60% of 20% might not be something to raise such a fuss about.

    But, then, it might be if the purpose is obfuscation.

  182. Obfuscation.?!...... Donald45 doesnt understand the lines if conflict/developement in the 21st century.... we reconstruct our energy supply net , navy and army..... and all in the consciousness of history of those men and women who gave their lives for our freedom in and after WW2. (send Donald45 to tje WW2-Museum in New Orleans and he might understand a bit more).
    His baby child manner opens the door for china who is preparing for energy supply net overtake on every continent known.
    He -Donald45-does not read books.
    Not sun tsi about war.
    not Clausewitz about war as a extended political way of acting.n
    Nor the list H.R. mcMaster has lectured in WestPoint as published at
    This man is pitiable.

  183. Trade built empires, guns are just means.
    Trump don't understand trade, for him a deal is about bullying. He don't understand that the power of germany is mainly founded on trade. And for reasons germany avoids the bullying option.
    Already now, Putin can afford to annoy Trump without Trump having much leverage for retaliations, with Merkel i wouldn't be that sure.

  184. He keeps trying new distractions. Mueller keeps his lasar focused. Putin visit is a great diversion, smoke screen. Trump knows he's cornered. And we all know what cornered rats do! Lets all stay focused. Squeek! Congress is finally dialing in. Slow your roll Chump! NATO is our answer to dislocating Trump. Cornerstone of US and world security for 70 years. If it works don't try to fix it, Lump!

  185. When I see this picture of trump shooting off his mouth and exaggerating Germany’s dependence on Russian gas from 9% to 70%, all I can think is - what an ignorant embarrassing boor he is. The Shame of American Voters.

  186. Europeans were fools in the first place to set up a major gas supply pipeline from Russia. How dumb can one be ?
    Do the Europeans think for a second that Russia would lose any sleep if they shut off the gas supply ? Of course not.

    The Germans made a very big mistake to shut down their nuclear and goal electricity generating plants. Now electricity costs two to three times what it does in the US.

    Cliches are always true - in this case, it is "Guess you can't fix stupid"

  187. The President of the United States should be standing shoulder to shoulder with our NATO allies and criticizing Russia's sponsorship of Assad and the Iranian Mullahs.

    But if the President is a Russian asset we'd expect to hear what Trump is saying today on the world stage. What a disgrace.

  188. Putin doesn't mind Trump trying to curry favor at home by criticizing Russia with utterances as silly as today's because nobody who matters could possibly take it seriously.

  189. People in glass houses don't throw stones.

    The demagogue Trump is accusing Germany of cozying up to Russia while he is a de facto spy for Putin.

  190. Did Trump suggest holding Europe hostage to American natural gas suppliers instead? Does the guy just sit around dreaming up bombs to drop, or does he have any ability to lead the group to a different place? Leadership generally involves deep knowledge in situations like this, and Trump does not have the ability to develop deep knowledge. So dropping bombs is all he has left to do. Useless.

  191. We (i.e. US) will buy energy from where ever our energy companies feel give them the best deal. I'm sure that Germany does the same. Why would you tar the Germans for using the same market forces that we laud in the US.

  192. Trump is asking Germany to buy their gas from other allies and not transfer billions to Russia, which would have a severe negative effect on their economy. Yet somehow liberals still believe that Putin owns Trump? Go figure.

  193. Since there are no repercussions to doing so, European countries should start hacking our elections and start now. Dems will take care of our national embarresment once they control both the House and Senate.

  194. Oh wow.....Germany is a wholly dominated Russian state.
    Does that mean our military bases are surrounded by enemies on all sides.
    70% of Germany is captive of Russia because a pipeline is going to carry no more than 20% of it's energy supply.
    Does that mean that the Fatherland is captive of China?
    The Homeland is now captive of CANADA???

  195. Saying that Germany is a captive of Russia is the tail wagging the dog.

    Russia's economy is very very heavily dependent on energy exports -- its entire economy would be all but collapse if Germany and a couple more EU partners would shut down gas imports.

    This would be the Rooseveltian big-stick or last-resort escalations -- the ammunition you want to keep around as threat that things can get a lot worse (eg in case of a full blown Ukraine or Baltic state invasion).

    So although painful for all sides, Germany would have a lot more options than Russia if sanctions on gas would become a necessity. It has three times the GDP of Russia, far more diversified (energy) industries, and is far ahead in renewable energies of most other countries. (Returning to coal and nukes or buying super-expensive liquid US gas will, of course, not happen and can only be suggested by a moron completely ignorant of progress in energy policy in Europe).

    The eruption of Trump in Brussels resembling that of a someone regular Joe Blow blowing of steam in a bar after 3-4 beers too many and having consumed conspiracy theories on Breitbart some such internet outlet.