Hunt for New York City F.C.’s Stadium Site Is Back Where It Began: the Bronx

The proposed New York City Football Club stadium would sit amid a multibillion-dollar development that would include a park, hotel, conference center and affordable apartments.

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  1. Why do we need to build a new stadium? Let them go play in the Meadowlands. We should not give the team one nickel in public funding for this project. I think we have other problems in NY: crumbling infrastructure, public housing in disarray and a crumbling mass transportation system. It has been proven time and again that funding these stadium projects is nothing more than welfare for billionaires.

  2. Except if you read the article, they're not asking for public money.

    The soccer stadium is part of the private development as a carrot offered to the Yankees, so they'll re-negotiate the baseball team's deal with the city. If the team agrees to fewer parking spaces than the original lease specified, then the city doesn't have to subsidize a failing parking garage backed by city bonds.

    In other words, seems like this deal will help save the city money, getting us out of a bad deal we shouldn't have signed in the first place. We can stop throwing good money after bad.

  3. Doesn't sound like Alicia Glen, deputy mayor for housing and economic development, knows that all the stadiums have already been shortlisted for the 2026 World Cup. They may build in the Bronx before 2026 but that new stadium would never be part of the World Cup. Can't really use that as a justification for building it.

  4. Umm, the article never states that she said anything about a new stadium being used for the WC. Just pointing out that it's coming to the Americas in 2016.
    In fact, the article specifically states that the new stadium will be too small to ever be considered for a world cup venue.

  5. I'm surprised they didn't mention jobs! jobs! jobs!, but maybe that's yet to come, probably from a stooge like Diaz. After Yankee stadium was built, it furnished about 22 full time jobs. Don't pay any attention to the construction unions, who are even more interested in short-term gain than the most avaricious CEO. They've managed to price their own members out of the city, many commuting from Jersey or Nassau county for the privilege of building castles for the wealthy.