He Sues to Discredit Climate Scientists. Now He’s Being Sued by His Allies.

David Schnare’s conservative legal group seeks to discredit climate science. But it appears to be imploding amid allegations of financial mismanagement, attempted extortion and faked documents.

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  1. "Free Market Environmental Law Clinic" is a front for coal industry billionaires hellbent on raping the environment and vigorously opposed to green energy.

    It repeatedly changes its organization name after its name gets publicized for the evil it commits against society.

    Its organization has advertised its mission in the past as "part of a broader network of groups with close ties to energy interests that have long fought greenhouse gas regulation."

    One of its predecessor organizations, the American Tradition Institute issued a memo by one of its fellows that advises how to build a national movement of wind farm protesters. Among its main recommendations, the proposal calls for a national PR campaign aimed at causing "subversion in message of [wind] industry so that it effectively becomes so bad that no one wants to admit in public they are for it." It suggests setting up "dummy businesses" to buy anti-wind billboards, and creating a "counter-intelligence branch" to track the wind energy industry. It also calls for spending $750,000 to create an organization with paid staff and tax-exempt status dedicated to building public opposition to state and federal government policies encouraging the wind energy industry.


    The organization represents Grand Old Pollution, Grand Old Profits and Gas Oil Petroleum.

    They happily do the devil's work for cash.

  2. Let's hope these people continue tying each other up in accusations and lawsuits, perhaps spending every last dime they have raised from their gullible and/or greedy backers. Then the rest of us can focus on actual science and solutions to climate change.

  3. Negative news against people you don't like wont change the fact that Climate Science is wildly speculative and is loved as a religion by the Left. The "science" uses models that predict a preconceived outcome based on a political view that government is the answer to EVERYTHING. Its a man-centered program to control as much of our lives as possible using fear and faith. Its ultimately a population control tool.

  4. There’s a lot of unsubstantiated claims in your statement. Care to defend your claims?

  5. Nice try. At this point, climate science is about as speculative as theories on gravity. Just remember, Mother Nature always bats last....

  6. Climate change true or is based on statistics on limited data. Gravitational theory is not based on statistics.

    Asking for data on unsubstantiated claims is what climate science lacks. Go to the archives of the Village Voice and look up Green Peace. Read about the green movement in 1920 and 30's co-opted by the Nazi's. Then keep reading.

  7. It would be nice if there were some karmic gravity for people who have used fossil fuel industry funds to ruin the planet, and wreck respectable scientists' lives along the way. Unfortunately, it seems like karma is broken.

  8. Another industry/oligarch funded propaganda outlet dedicated only to increasing the profits of its patrons.

  9. Either qualification would automatically exclude them.

  10. The only faked documents they found were not from climate science research, but from within the Free Market organization itself.

    Absolutely delicious!

  11. Aww, the poor filthy-rich lackey of planet killers David Schnare might not even have the billions he'd need to survive the climate Rapture of his bosses' making. Could'nuh happened to a nicer guy.

    Fortunately for us, his age of 70 is past half of even the longest lives. Unfortunately for us, that means he'll die before he gets to suffer most of the damage he's wrought.

    And of course the group that fights for the "free" (walled) "market" (cartel) of planet-killer reactionaries calls itself Free Market. The name actually goes quite well with the new "Justices" of their Court, as a lie of equal power.

  12. One thing to be a traitor to your country.
    These creatures are traitors to our life support systems
    There is no planet "B".

  13. I will take this opportunity to revel in the schadenfreude! Couldn't have happened to worse people. Den of thieves.

  14. Shameful. It seems as though David Schnare is an Alex Jones type of guy, a conspiratory theorist trying to deny science, based on empiric evidence; just as awful as Scott Pruitt.

  15. Glad to see these charlatans starting to feed on each other.

  16. dishonor among thieves.

  17. So, in other words, climate deniers are a bunch of frauds and used legal loop holes to obtain scientists' emails in the name of "transparency".
    Perhaps we should do the same to them. Insist that they fork over all documents in the name of "transparency".
    Alas, there is no honor among thieves.

  18. These fake scientists are paid liars working for the fossil fuel industries that have tried to suppress fact-based discussion of climate change for decades because they have profit margins at stake. Republicans like Scott Pruitt are part of the conspiracy of lies. The damage they've done to this country and the world is tragic.

  19. That'll happen when your entire movement's based on lies. Liars don't stop lying just because they are in room full of other liars.

  20. Mother Nature’s message to Mr. Schnare, Mr. Pruitt and those of their ilk:

    “This is what you’ll get
    This is what you’ll get
    This is what you get
    When you mess with us.”

    Karma Police

  21. Climate fraud? Legal fraud is more like it. And should be ascendant? Not anymore than Trump’s credibility which is in the garbage can.

  22. Of course, as Descartes says, you can doubt anything but truths known by the light of nature.

    We set a different standard for science, which is that we believe what the evidence tells us, which is that the climate change hypothesis is true.

    Well I'm glad these denier bozos are fighting among themselves.

  23. Reality does not care what you believe. Aristotle believed that a correct perception of reality rewards and a misconception of reality punishes. When you can't drink the water or breath the air the fossil fuel barons will be in their hermetically sealed communities with all manner of filtration and purification -- or they'll be dead and won't care.

  24. There's a hell of a lot money to be made on both sides of climate change. California with tax money and Texas with private money lead the country in renewable energy. Texas depends more on wind possibly but it's getting done.

    The "believers" have been indoctrinated from early on. The seventies scientist said there was a ice age coming or the world be a desert to hot for human survival. The "deniers" come up a few themselves. Volcanoes are melting the Antarctic ice shelf? Depending on the audience there's no shortage of people willing to be conned.

    Oil revenues are needed from all the way up in Russia all the way down to Argentina. The fossil fuel industry or the man as they were once described do a good job of as distributors of wealth around the world. They're evil? Think of what good Norway could do with the trillion dollars it saved from selling oil. Will they give it to the poor of the world or build themselves a paradise?

    Take a look at Green Peace. They don't care about economic growth of poor people. If climate change really does cause catastrophic warming they say no to water projects, fish lives are more important, they say no to GMO's, they'll give you cancer. They're playing a long con gaining more and more political power putting their philosophy of environmentalism over humanity. Their goal rapid reduction of human population.

  25. America's greatest enemy is ignorance.

  26. I'm shocked!

  27. Another corrupt group of professional liers from the failing Trump swamp.

    Is there no end to the corruption, lying, and hypocrisy of these “right wing” GOP connected organizations?

  28. Corrupt, second-rate clowns with a partisan agenda drive into a ditch. Haven't we seen this movie before? More political sewage in the age of trump.

  29. ''financial mismanagement, attempted extortion and faked documents.''
    The three pillars of today's climate denying republicans, led by their president.

  30. Ironic. This is a group that appears to be dishonest, and not just intellectually. But to pursue its agenda this group needs to get people it is searching for the truth and that scientists are dishonest, which is tough given all that science has done for humanity in so many fields of study.