As Migrant Families Are Reunited, Some Children Don’t Recognize Their Mothers

There were heartbreaking scenes at the court-ordered reunions of migrant families that had been separated for months. The government said hundreds of families wearing monitoring devices will be released into the United States.

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  1. Somehow the advocates for this "cause" have totally misread or refuse to believe that illegal immigration was the issue to secure Trump's election. He started to fade in the polls until he came back to it as they fail to recall. Every time they hi-light the action restarted by Jeh Johnson under President Obama to attempt to control the overwhelming use of kids by the illegal alien population it does them no good because it reminds many that illegals are perfectly willing to use their children during long, dangerous journeys as bargaining chips for acceptance into this Country with the effect of our citizens paying all their upbringing expenses which they cannot afford. And re-energizing the support Trump had to win the election, not engender sympathy for their own choices no matter how many times they spout "just trying to give their children a better future" while ignoring our own they seem to deem below their care.

  2. Mike if you remove the lie from your comment - the lie that our safety net will be supporting undocumented immigrants for life - what are you left with as reasons for your anti immigrant stance? It is not pretty!

  3. The people who are ignoring American children are the Republicans who are rapidly dismantling the social safety net, defunding schools
    & undoing decades of progress we've made toward clean air and water. What they are doing on the border is what Romans emperors did in the Coliseum -- distracting their base from government mismanagement and channeling their bloodthirst toward the vulnerable and powerless. I'm sure that spending millions of dollars to carry out brutal reprisals against TODDLERS is pleasing to some part of the American population, just like a sizable part of the German population took pleasure in seeing Jews beaten and humiliated on public streets every day. Inhumanity has often been popular. That doesn't make it less vile and immoral.

  4. As a US citizen living in Australia, I read with horror and sadness about President Trump's cruel policy of separating children from their parents. Regardless of what the parent might have done in crossing the border, these children did not ask to be born, and most are young enough to have to do what their parents have them do. But I guess this is all to complicated the President, he is too busy pardoning arsonists. It is really hard to explain this to my Australian friends. They are gob-smacked about this mean-spirited policy from the President and can't believe a trusted ally like the US would treat children in this way. Shame.

  5. P.Gorman — Most of these parents that were jailed and had their children separated from them had done absolutely nothing wrong.

  6. Have your Australian friends read about Nazi Germany to understand how this happens - and have them take those lessons to heart. It can happen anywhere. In the US we were warned - we were warned - but we were not vigilant enough.

  7. Your Australian friends are displaying a classic example of cognitive dissonance if they are "gob-smacked" about this as their nation has led the way in harsh treatment of migrants including the separation of families and indefinite detention of migrants in third world conditions as has been well documented:

    Trump's actions are unduly harsh and he should be held to account, but all countries should be held to the same standard on this issue but it seems that you are applying one standard to the U.S. allowing your Australian friends to ignore the actions of their own government.

  8. Judging by the attention it has gotten, separated children is the story of the century. But you must admit it is somewhat melodramatic. After reunification it is front page news that two of the lmany separated children didn’t remember their mothers Meanwhile, dozens of children were murdered in Chicago, St. Louis, Detroit, an New Orleans. But there was no space for that.

  9. The U.S. government is doing this to these families.

  10. Yes, dozens were probably killed in Chicago, STL, Detroit during this time. This was also the result of Republican gun policies. NYT has reported amply on this other Republican created crisis as well.

  11. This administration isn't doing anything to help those folks either...pobably because they're mostly poor and the wrong color for Sessions and friends, so it's equal opportunity neglect and civil/human rights violations.

  12. Why does this have to be so dysfunctional?
    Are all these parents actually related as bilogical parents of the children they claim to be theirs? Are the no “paper children”.? Do any have documents, such as a passport?
    How many ‘parents’ will cut their ankle bracelets?

    Why not adopt the same policy that Mexico, or any developed nation, uses to counter illegal immigration? Perhaps we need to end automatic birth citizenship? But to have hordes of families roaming around the nation with bacrlets and no visible means of support - give us a break.

  13. Hordes? It's ~0.02% of the population. It's not a large number and in general the problem is more visa overstaying than I think crossing the border illegally that's the problem.

  14. Given that DNA is being used to reunite families, it seems clear they are related.

  15. Hordes of families roaming around the nation..., like what, the dust bowl days? Give me a break.

  16. This situation is abhorrent - entirely meant to be punitive to the parents while disregarding the health of the children - and the data indicate that only a small, single-digit percentage of adults are attempting to cross the border with children who are not their own.

    That said, I would simply like to ask, hoping that my question is answered entirely satisfactorily, if it is normal, even under these circumstances, that children old enough to speak would not immediately recognize and be drawn to their natural parents, regardless of any "toddler-Stockholm-syndrome" bonds that may have been established in 1-2 months. In other words, has the identify of the children been documented through paperwork or DNA testing?

    We can enforce our borders without inflicting pain on the children and innocent parents, violating international and U.S. law regarding refugees and losing the moral high ground we have in the world, despite our many domestic flaws, newly re-exposed to the light of day, and serious foreign mistakes, inconsistencies and self-serving, Machiavellian policies over the decades.

  17. What a bungled mess, and sadly, I believe, deliberately so. The outspoken advocates of family values turn out to be monsters. How any USA citizen or government employee could have advocated for or been part of this policy boggles my mind!

  18. "The outspoken advocates of family values turn out to be monsters." As usual. They're particularly fond of 'tough love'.

  19. THE INFANTS AND TODDLERS Who do not recognize their birth parents have been profoundly damaged by the torture they have suffered at the hands of the sadistic, amoral monsters, Trump and Sessions. In order to survive, they became attached to the caregivers they came to know. But unconsciously they still recognized their birth parents. It will take awhile, because the normal healthy formation of primary emotional attachments has been severely disrupted, due to the ignorant, brutal, animalistic, heartless, unconscionable actions of Trump and Sessions, who have subjected these innocent children to such profound shock that they do not feel safe to reattach to their biological mothers and other biological family members. History will look back o this episode as one of the darkest, most evil, cruel and destructive chapters in US history. It is a stain the character of our nation. THIS IS NOT WHO WE ARE! As Obama would proclaim. But it IS who Trump and Sessions are. Inhumane, sadistic, racist, Nazistic, xenophobic, chauvinistic, monsters, who have turned the US into a pariah among the community of civilized, humane nations of the world. What we are witnessing in these tortured, tormented children, is the results of inhumane treatment: profound emotional child abuse knowingly perpetrated against innocent parties whose parents sought refuge in the US, having survived, in some cases, as the last persons alive from their extended families: A toddler was taken from her abuela!

  20. The fault here lies with the parents for trying to illegally enter the US. We are not the social safety net for Central America.

  21. No, they are economic migrants.

  22. As many others have pointed out here, who is responsible for putting their families in this situation willingly? Parents

    The fact that this is a better alternative from where they are coming says a lot and should inspire some compassion, but we can’t just have an open borders policy.

    If you want to welcome families, do what you can to sponsor or support one financially.

  23. Remember traumatized children barely speak. We must speak for them.

  24. I'm not buying it.

    They've been separated for a couple of months, what child won't recognize their mother in that short of a period.

    Typical hyperbole. Not that they're reunited they can go back to their country of origin and apply the proper way.

  25. Those of us with extensive experience in child development will tell you that is absolutely believable that a child 3 years and younger may not initially recognize someone last seen over a month ago, even a parent.

  26. That is not hyperbole; that's the reality of early childhood. Infants and young children react to prolonged separation as if it is a loss. They have no way to tell the difference. They react by a sequence of responses that hide the acute pain inside.

  27. In this country in the 1950's, women were hospitalized for 5 days for a normal delivery. The story in my family is that my then two year old brother stayed with our aunt while my mother was in the hospital having me. When my mother was discharged and she went to pick up my brother, he cried and clung to my aunt, refusing to go back with our mother. And that was only 5 days separation! (Note - he got over it and re-bonded with our mother.)

  28. I think every sensible person on both sides of politics opposes separating young children from their parents.
    The difference is that Republicans attempt to stop the illegal immigrants from coming while Democrats believe hand-wringing is the best solution.

  29. If republicans truly wanted to legislate immigration they could. But they don’t because it provides them something to talk about for mid term elections.

  30. So if the aim is to stop illegal immigrants coming to the US, why is there no move to prosecute those who employ illegal immigrants?

  31. @Mark @Jorma

    All these immoral actions by the Trump regime aren't going to solve the problems of:
    - not enough good paying jobs for American
    - low pay for Americans
    - flat household income for decades

    Root cause analysis reveals that it is NOT immigrants and illegal immigrants who are responsible for those problems.

    Root cause analysis reveals that the financial sector driven by activist investors literally squeezes corporate management to keep profits high or they'll tank the stock.

    The easiest way for management to keep earnings high is to squeeze workers even as productivity increases.

    So the Board of Directors squeezes management and management squeezes employees and suppliers.

    We could build the wall, or eliminate all immigrants, and guess what - investors will still squeeze management ......and wages and good paying jobs will not increase.

    Who will Trump blame then?

  32. Reading this article was shocking and tragic. Of course these little children who are taken away suddenly from their parents who have been with them through a treacherous journey from Central America to the US border are going to have serious and significant mental and emotional trauma in response to being abruptly taken from their parents.

    Those that take these children provide them with many 'amenities' that their parents, who often only have the clothes on their back, cannot.
    It's evil to break the primal bond between these children and their parents. It's evil to not tell the child or the parent what is going to happen. It's evil to ship parents and children thousands of miles from one another. It's evil to not permit any contact whatsoever between parents and children. Familial bonds are being broken. DHS isn't providing sufficent consideration of the importance of maintaining intact family ties in the midst of what are in most cases legitimate refugee circumstances.
    Most who cross illegally seek amnesty due to fleeing violence and risk of death in their home countries. When this is their first attempt to cross without proper protocols, this is misdemeanor offense. Removing a child of ANY age, but ESPECIALLY a child under age 5 from a parent in these circumstances is heinous indeed. and unfathomable to me.
    We need to face reality: The majority of those who are coming from Central America are refugees.

  33. these are not hordes -a disgusting characterization—
    but as a lifelong Democrat and fervently antiTrump I do believe most of these folk are economic migrants endangering their kids on a long journey and using them as pawns. STOP family separations. But we DEMs must get real-if we go open borders we will lose at the polls insuring increasingly worse policies. Lets get real: we cannot fix the social problems of central america with an open borders policy. Even Canada dies not have that...

  34. In the current upsurge, most are seeking asylum. Undocumented immigration is way down.

  35. No, they aren't otherwise they would not be sneaking into the US. They would ask for asylum. The majority are economic migrants looking for a better job. Since they have do not have a viable claim for asylum, they have to sneak in. But I agree, separating kids from parents is wrong. We should have many more administrative judges so that a person is given a hearing within days of being apprehended and then immediately deported is the asylum claim can't be substantiated. Actually, the better way to do it is to hold court in the country of origin where all the evidence is located. Then there won't be a sneaking across the border or long, dangerous trips through the jungle.

  36. The solution is don’t cross the border illegally.

    The left just can’t figure this one out.

  37. Please stop the bludgeon approach of lumping all asylum seekers with all who illegally cross.

    Let's stay in touch with our own history and recognize that in EVERY era, people who are victims of massive organized rape as a weapon and people who experience systematic beatings and killings of relatives flee to America, hoping to find safety.

  38. The solution is keep families together and deport together if they do not have legitimate grounds for asylum. And spend the money to get enough judges to process the cases in a reasonable amount of time so we do not have to house everyone for years. We created this entire nightmare ourselves because yet again Trump rolled out a deliberately cruel policy with absolutely no planning or forethought. We are right back where we started in terms of keeping families together and not holding them but we have added in a humanitarian crisis and managed to break up families in some cases probably permanently. Oh, and we have added another black smudge to our international image and fueled the acrimony and division amongst our citizens. A hugely harmful policy all around that has had absolutely no positive effects except to garner a lot of media attention for Trump.

  39. Seeking asylum is not illegal. If trump wants to make seeking asylum illegal he can propose and sign the legislation necessary to overturn current asylum legislation. Then once again the US can turn away refugees at the borders as you want, as was done to Jewish refugees fleeing Nazi regimes prior to WW II.

  40. Shame on the United States!!

  41. If, and most agree, there is a primal bond, then the lack of recognition might indicate the kids were used as a "smoke" screen to enable illegal immigration. Just a thought!

  42. Please educate yourself on the effects of early childhood trauma before making statements like this.

  43. As a matter of survival, children will attach themselves to whichever adult has been caring for them. Three or four months is a very long time to a three year old. The kids who consider themselves siblings have probably been in foster homes or shelters together. I assume they have used DNA to match parents and kids. That’s what they had been planning to do. The kids and parents shouldn’t have been split up, though that does not mean they all should be allowed to stay. If they don’t qualify for asylum, they need to be sent home quickly with their kids.

  44. Children that young don't understand what the separation is about and think their parents are punishing them for something they have done. When they see their parents again, they conclude more punishment is coming their way.
    Just an alternative theory.

  45. Do those who consider this separation acceptable think they would be fine having their children taken from them?

    Would they accept the platitides of "don't cross the border illegally"

    Would they be unable to "figure this one out"?

    We the people of the United States through our representatives brought about the destabilization of the very nations these refugees are fleeing. We supplied the arms to their suppressors.

    I'm not thumping my chest just stating the facts.

    Why are we so afraid of anything which doesn't drip of "free enterprise"

    Could it be we are brainless consumers who don't even know our own children?

  46. When did we last invade Mexico? Nicaragua? Dominican Republic?

  47. That's because many children didn't arrive here with their parents. They arrived with someone who used them as a prop to gain entry to the US - and now some have forgotten who that "parent' is supposed to be. We, including our government, are all dupes in this ugly business. No children should ever be reunited unless identities can be verified through DNA. It is irresponsible to allow this human trafficking to continue.

  48. These are very young children who have been traumatized, and they interpreted separation as parental abandonment. To refer to them as props is dehumanizing and cruel. Yes it is important to make sure children are reunited with the right parents, but sadly that will not be enough to heal a very deep lifelong wound.

  49. Yes, needless to say, if they were abandoned by their parents long before arriving in the US, they would indeed have abandonment issues, especially if they were being forcibly reunited with strangers.

  50. They are conducting DNA tests.

  51. Two wrongs don't make one right. Had the pols come up with a compromise - during Bush era, if they don't like President Obama - to improve on President Reagan's, this would not have happened.

    There is no question some of these migrants are genuine asylum seekers but many more are not. But the rejectionists over estimate these people's aptitude. One has to wonder if there are agitators who stir up this migration move in their home countries. And why?

    Of course, instead of interdiction, it may be cheaper to supply these countries with foreign aides. At a faction of the cost, the U.S. can be the friendly influencer to these countries and their citizens have a means to subsist. Who want to leave if they don't have to? They may even look up to and respect America. Winning all around.

  52. agree foreign aid

  53. common sense all the stories ate the same. what about the victims of domestic violence from Asia etc who cannot get here

  54. Children who have been traumatized or abused usually appear passive or afraid when reunited with loving parents. They have no other way to express depression, which may be long lasting throughout life, a psychiatric knife wound. Can't we, as a nation, love living children? Perpetrators of abuse rarely feel guilt due to their own narcissism. The effects of abuse are not well understood by the legal system, either. Our family courts many abuse legal residents, too. Lawyers know too little about the emotional lives of young clients, and this filters up to Congress as lawyers are elected to Congress and then appointed to the Supreme Court. It is little wonder that Mr. Sessions thought so little about the consequences of his plan, because our legal systems thinks so little of living children. The Religious Right will holler about not yet alive reproductive tissue, but say nothing about the abuse of living children, some starving within our own borders. We should be grateful to those few Judges, those outliers on a increasingly conservative court who can see past their own noses and help these babies escape from abuse. This is yet another example of the Great Republican Myth that we, as the public, should stop swallowing. Immigration reform was needed many yesterdays ago. Republicans are responsible for the decline of the middle class, war, crumbling infrastructure, poor health care, and now, the abuse of children.

  55. These children were traumatized BEFORE they made it to the border.

  56. Perhaps that's why their parents made the long, dangerous trip.

    I think that as long as children are with their parents, they feel safe.

  57. That is probably true and we have made that trauma infinitely worse by breaking their attachment to the only figures of safety or comfort they have ever known.

  58. History will judge Trump and his administration very harshly as the worst ever. The zero tolerance program is just one of many reasons. The overriding reason is that Trump by his words and deeds has shown himself to be evil incarnate.

  59. Shame on the Times, its reporters & editors for casually using the term "catch and release" to describe a federal policy. You "catch and release" fish, not people. Yet the reporters use the terms three times in the report (only once in quotation marks), & it's part of the URL. This kind of reporting is dehumanizing the very people the report highlights as victims of the Trump administration's policies & practices.

  60. Very food point! I noticed his too! I also noticed them at the Tines refers to Stephanie Clifford as “Stormy Daniels” without quotes - what gives?

  61. Thank you, Marie! I noticed the same thing and feel the same way! I also made a comment (and a tweet) expressing my displeasure. Glad to see I’m not the only one.

    It’s absolutely infuriating to see the New York Times using the administration’s dehumanizing propaganda.

  62. The headline supports the argument that many of these poor children are not related to the adults claiming to be parents, and were used simply as pawns to get into the country. That idea cannot be ignored.

  63. No, this phenomenon of small children forgetting their parents is well documented in other situations.

    I once knew a foreign-born academic who left her 3-year-old daughter with Grandma in the Old Country while she herself was scrambling for tenure. When she went back to the Old Country during winter vacation, her daughter didn’t recognize her. That was September to December in the custody of a loving grandmother. Add the trauma of impersonal detention, and this phenomenon (forgetting parents) is almost inevitable.

  64. Yes, it can. It's a right wing, cynical lie.

  65. No it does not! First of all, the delay in reuniting the families was partially caused by the exhaustive amount of proof our government required, including DNA tests, to prove the relationship. Secondly, the children’s behavior is consistent with documented cases where children are separated from parents for months at a time. It is hard to see ourselves as citizens of a country that has committed a human rights violation, but unfortunately the children’s’ behavior does not prove that we were right to separate them, it proves how very psychologically damaging our actions were.

  66. I woke up at 4:45 this morning and couldn't get back to sleep. I had a dream that my children and I were separated in detention (I have no idea why we'd be in detention, but that's dreaming for you) and they were bringing my son to see me. We met in some kind of room that looked like a DMV. In the dream he hugged me quickly and began immediately looking for his sister and became irate that she wasn't there. I was told they'd been kept together and apparently they had been separated from the beginning. We had no idea where she was and neither did any of the officials. They didn't even know he had a sister. How do you lose a 10 year old girl?

  67. Trump is a criminal and should be made to pay for his harm to these children and parents.

  68. Ankle monitors are not equivalent of catch and release as the device is used for house arrest and parole and here to guarantee return of alien to court.

  69. For anyone jumping to conclusions or beginning to swallow any theory that the kids must not belong to the parents if they reacted with rejection, I suggest going to youtube or wikipedia and learning about "the strange situation." This is a procedure introduced in 1965 to assess attachment styles and level of secure attachment in children. What is happening with these children is predictable - it is well established scientifically. They have been kept from their parents long enough to have their attachment broken. In other words, the United States of America has inflicted trauma on these children that without treatment, will last the rest of their lives and negatively affect all of their relationships.

    America has become a monster.

  70. When my son was one year old, I had to go to a 13 day symposium. When I returned my son didn't recognize me for a few minutes. It was heartbreaking. I can't imagine what these parents are going through.

  71. When my daughters were two and three, i had surgery. They didn't recognize me ten days later. They were with their father, in their own home, etc. That is how traumatic it is to separate parents from children. This is outrageous and shameful

  72. We along with the rest of the world should call this what it is, A Crime Against Humanity and both Pence, Trump and Sessions are guilty of it.

  73. If and when children of illegal migrants recognize their mothers, their sadness and pain will be in proportion to the degree to which they realize how their parents neglected, abandoned and abused them by their illegal actions; "All for their own good."

  74. Neglected, abandoned, and abused, eh? How so? And how do you know? You're speaking for thousands of people.

    A family flees their home under threat of violence. The son was about to be forced into a gang, or the daughter into prostitution or similar. They arrive at the border but are turned away by CPB, told — falsely and illegally — they have no right to asylum or just that there's no one available to talk to them.

    Just by the way, that violence wasn't spontaneous. It has roots right here, in our gun and drug trade.

    They cross the border anyway, illegally, prepared to face US justice rather than suffer the chaos and violence back home.

    Explain to me where is the neglect and abuse. Who was abandoned?

    You seem to judge them by their one infraction, breaking a single law. You're willing to extrapolate from that act that they're ipso facto bad parents, neglectful and abusive. I offer you different words: protective and desperate.

    I could be wrong. Every family has its story, some noble and some doubtless ignoble. Fortunately we, you and I, don't have to decide. We have judges for that. Why don't we let judges judge, and save our prejudice for something else?

  75. Most of these parents undertook this very difficult voyage specifically so that their children had a hope of safety, adequate nutrition, The US taxpayer cannot be the sole provider for the poor of Central America. The belief (somewhat erroneous) that we are being asked to fill this impossible economic role is understandably upsetting, however it shows a complete lack of empathy or understanding to suggest these parents are not dedicated to their children’s wellbeing. I say that the belief that we must shoulder a huge unending economic burden is probably erroneous because many studies show that immigrants eventually make positive contributions to the economy and society that outweigh the initial cost.

  76. James, part of this concern is because the gangs are looking for repayment of debt that was taken on to finance earlier attempts to sneak into the US. Those "coyotes" are not cheap. If an economic migrant can't repay his debt the remaining family gets squeezed for the money.
    The situation needs to stop, it isn't going to stop by allowing more economic illegal immigration.

  77. As a child of 4 or 5 I was left with a family while my parents traveled around Europe for the summer. I distinctly and still remember that when my mother came for me, I did not want to return to her but preferred the dear little Tanta that had taken care of me all summer. It was short lived but I remember clearly. Children adapt quickly as a survival.

  78. This entire situation is reprehensible and barbaric. These detention camps are nothing more than concentration camps. The precedents being set are chilling and terrifying. United States Immigration personnel, especially those in management positions, should be arrested and jailed for what they have done. Donald Trump's hatred and xenophobia caused this to happen, and it needs to stop now. This so called president is dangerous and extremely unqualified and unbalanced.

  79. The GOP could stop this if they wanted to...they completely control all branches of government now, as well as provide funding for ICE. Newly increased funded in fact.
    Call your representatives, hold the GOP accountable for these atrocities. Vote them out in November.
    Attachment research tells us these actions are traumatic and long lasting. Have we no decency anymore?

  80. Sorry, no, the objection is apt. Go visit a concentration camp before you compare anything to one.

    There are cruelties worse than separating children from parents. In fact, our own courts ruled 25 years ago that NOT separating them — keeping them in detention with their parents — was crueler.

    No one is being starved or shot or gassed. There's no forced labor. No one is being experimented on. No citizen is being detained because the records show her grandmother was a Jew.

    The administration's policy is unforgivable. No one in the administration will be able to remediate the harm already done. It is unnecessary to exaggerate their villainy. Just because they haven't done worse doesn't make what they have done acceptable.

  81. James. Have in fact visited several. Six in fact. I stick to my statement.

  82. Hey, Ivanka. Let’s try an experiment. Have a stranger keep Theodore for a few months. Then we’ll see if he recognizes you and wants to go back to you. No harm done, right? Cool.

  83. Keep the politicians kids out of it.

  84. Ummm...the court order was to reunite families whose children were under five years of age. What’s going on with the older children? Does anyone know?

  85. The deadline for reunification for 5-17 year olds is July 26th, one month after the ruling.

  86. Chances are, absolutely nothing. They are doing all of this as slowly as possible in order to make it look like they are complying when actually they are not....

    Lots of $$$$$$$$ in it for everyone involved.

    I've also heard rumors that one of the objectives is to permanently separate some of these kids: Lots of $$$$$$ in setting up kids for adoption, too. (Ask Betsy DeVoss). I didn't believe that at first, but the longer our country stays hostage for this government, the more likely the impossible seems to be.

  87. Mark, so torturing children is a reasonable way to stop people from requesting asylum?

    You are trying to justify the indefensible.

  88. I understand the outrage, but I feel like those of us on the progressive left should also feel heartened by this.

    Because we’re clearly making progress! Right now, migrants traveling with children are able to make it in. And while this may be a return to the status quo, as more come north that 80,000 number who are currently out and free - albeit with ankle monitors - is only going to grow larger. Same too for the 800,000 who are awaiting asylum adjudication. And as these numbers swell, it becomes increasingly harder for the government to inhumanely deport them.

    Basically, we’re winning. We’re making this country more diverse. Next steps should include abolishing ICE, and discontinuing the hateful use of ankle monitors to track these people like cattle or criminals. And after that, we can focus on the people who were described as having to wait for days in the hot sun at the Mexican border to enter.

    Perhaps with President Obrador, and after impeaching Trump, we can develop an easier way for more people to come north.

  89. Are you seriously promoting illegal immigration? I don’t understand why liberals don’t respect the rule of law. FOLLOW THE LAW and we’ll welcome you with open arms. What you’re promoting would negatively affect our country, U.S. born citizens, and LEGAL immigrants. Embarrassing.

  90. It's not winning. It's colonization by default.
    When do we get to say we want to keep our culture?

  91. We don't welcome people with open arms. That's the point of why they come illegally. No other timely and affordable option is available to them. We had largely open immigration until the 1920s. One was checked and questioned at entry but didn't need pre approval and only 2% were denied entry at Ellis Island. Then quotas and rules were put in, largely out of fears and xenophobia. Most of our ancestors came very much the way these come.

  92. These children show classic symptoms of deep attachment wounding from their enforced, involuntary separation from their parents/families. Horrendous for little kids. As painful for them as physical pain is; attachment research over the past decades shows again and again. Shame on the U.S. for inflicting these kinds of cruelties on defenseless, young toddlers, infants. Heartbreaking. Shame on feckless immigration and refugee managers who enforced this policy.

  93. Take that criticism and shoot it all the way up to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

  94. After President Trump proposed while on the campaign trail to kill the families (including the innocent children) of the ISIS terrorists, I knew then that Trump had no boundaries as to what he was willing to do to achieve his goals.

    Therefore, I honestly was not surprised at all that Central American parents were being deported back to their dangerous home countries without being allowed to take their children back with them and with there being no plan in place for them to be reunited back with their children.

  95. Mothers, your children recognize you. They are rejecting you because they are angry that they were left without you. It will pass rather quickly. Most of all, they need to know that you are there and will continue to be. They have experienced fear, loneliness, panic, and the anguish of loss. Patience and love are what they most need. No, they will never forget what happened even if they do not have words for it now. One day, perhaps years from now, your child will sit in your arms and cry and tell you what she experienced. Your role at that moment will be to comfort and accept the sad, scared, and angry feelings. Healing is possible, but undoing is not. My heart goes out to all of you and your children. This was a trauma that never needed to happen. The separations were not for our safety. We were never in danger. The separations were for spite and to make a weak and frightened man look strong, but strength is not cruel. True strength is tender, compassionate, and protective. I am so grateful to the army of lawyers who are putting aside the temptations of greed to serve justice. They are our heroes now. Bravo to the ACLU and all the other lawyers fighting for justice in this cruelest of all injustices, visited on vulnerable children. Thank you a thousand times for showing the true face of this country of immigrants.

  96. Thank you, Nora for your intelligent and heartfelt comments. I have struggled to articulate how many of us feel about this terrible situation and you said it perfectly! Thank you, thank you!

  97. There is no evidence in this article that those children didn't recognize their parents. On the face of it it would appear they PREFERRED the life they've been living since they were separated from their parents. They PREFERRED their caregivers to their parents.

  98. They got beds, food, tv, no chores, even some medical care and education. Makes you wonder about their life at home.

  99. You need to read about separation and trauma in young children. You could remove a two year old from wealthy loving parents in a big cheery home, place him in a situation in a grim, poverty stricken home with a constant caregiver and after several months you would get this same reaction- they would avoid the parents and cry for the caregiver.

  100. Illegal Immigrants is the key word left out by the NY TIMES.
    If you do not want to be separated from your kids , do not come here illegally . ILLEGAL is a word you can use .

  101. So, because they cross the border ILLEGALLY, they lose all rights as human beings? Why don't we save time, and pile the whole lot live on a bonfire each night? We can televise it in Spanish, the better to warn any who might follow. That'll show 'em!

    What? That would be cruel? You think?

    OK, then we're in the realm of how to treat human beings who broke a law. How we treat them says nothing about them or what they did, or why. It reflects only on us.

    I say to you that imprisoning people unnecessarily and separating child from parent JUST TO MAKE A POINT is cruel. I do not want it done in my name. I expect better of my government, my country, and my fellow citizens.

    What kind of country do you want?

  102. I understand why the white supremacist administration is using the term “catch and release” unironically to describe alternatives to detention, but why is the New York Times following suit? I expect better from this publication.

    That phrase is propaganda. We’re talking about vulnerable human beings here, not feral animals. DO BETTER.

  103. I am almost lost for words that this is happening in the U.S.; under such heartless treatment by low lives in the G.O.P.. If this had happened anywhere else in the world these same people would have been howling about human rights abuse; and how shameful it all is. And they would be right to do so. Yet because Americans are "always" the good guys; that wold never happen in the U.S.A.! Yeah right.Trump and the rest of these morons will never live this down.

  104. If it's Wednesday it must be another sob story from the border. All of this anger at big bad government, and POTUS and Pence. To the bleeding hearts here, these kids were forcibly taken from their homes in Honduras, Mexico etc by their "parents" trekked across a desert escorted by coyotes and entered our country by breaking our laws. Why do you blame OUR government? How about directing some of that towards say the governments of each of these countries that can't/won't take care of their own?

  105. We blame our government because our government is responsible for its policies.

    Just the other day, the Supreme Court decided a man couldn't be forced to pay dues to a union that bargained on his behalf but that he didn't support. Well, I'm paying taxes to a government that is wasting money on cruel policies specifically for political theater. Sessions and others have said explicitly that by making an example of these people, they'll discourage others.

    The only crisis here is of the administration's own making. Instead of $900/day, and untold harm to children, we could spend $36/day with equal effectiveness by hiring case workers to supervise them. They could live at home, go to school, and await their trial. No harm done.

    Whatever you may think about these "'parents'" (so you say) tearing their children from their homes, it is incumbent on our government not to compound the harm. Else, who are we?

  106. We, the empathetic among us, know that it’s a hopeless task to try to convince some people why it’s important to care about people. It’s what makes them deplorable, an incurable condition. For them ‘rules is rules’, and the consequences of law violations don’t need to be considered. Well, consider this: Auschwitz was legal and helping anyone to escape was illegal.

  107. Whoa. My bleeding heart breaks for your heartlessness.
    And for someone with such strong opinions it would be wise to be better informed.

    Most all these detained immigrants are seeking asylum, which is perfectly legal in the (once-great) United States.

    Most of the recent immigrants are NOT Mexican as you erroneously state, but from gang-ravaged Central American countries fleeing severe DRUG GANG violence fuelled by OUR unprecedented illegal drug use. Survival instinct is 'flight or fight' -- how is a young mother and child suppose to fight gangs running rampant with U.S. weaponry, no less?! Follow the money -- U.S.drugs and guns.

    And our current government is at fault for hastily, cruelly, without any real plan, changing the protocol for handling asylum seekers and immigration at the borders, creating this heartless (expensive!) chaos. Typical of our No Leadership Leader and his Gutless GOP.

  108. When will the NYT start saying illegal immigrants?When will the NYT blame the parents for the inducement of their families problem?When will the the law abiding Central Americans waiting for visa in their home countries will get more sympathy then lawbreakers?

  109. Oh good lord. We don't punish children whose parents commit tax fraud, do we?

    Ya think these people were following Trump's tweets and internal DOJ memos to keep apprised of how exactly this administration would choose to handle illegal immigration and consciously made the decision that they were okay with being separated from their children?

  110. I had forgotten that, Kay. You're right that this cruelty didn't come from nowhere.

  111. This is the Trump team in full gear. They planed to do the most damage possible to make those brown and black people stay away from us. It was a very deliberate move and there was no need to allow for reunification. It may seem cruel and sad to most of us, but to Trump and his confederates, it was a way to stop the influx of vermin. No more, no less. Now they are supposed to do something they had not thought about and they can't handle it----reunify. Why should they, reunification means being a little nicer to the refugees and that will not do. You can't run them off that way.

  112. You forgot to capitalize Confederates. The term is especially apt for Jefferson Beauregard Sessions. (I guess his parents ran out of room on his birth certificate to squeeze in JEB Stuart, Robert E. Lee and "Stonewall" Jackson.)

  113. Except if the Trump administration believed they were animals, they'd be afraid to take babies from their parents. Most mother and (and sometimes father) animals, particularly birds and mammals (humans are mammals) can be ferocious if you get to close to their babies. The parents must have been terrified not to fight tooth and nail when ICE took their kids. The other possibility is that the Trump administration contains sociopaths who were once cruel to animals and have moved on to people.

  114. I can tell you from first hand experience that what these children are going through can and does happen. I have two sisters who were born 13 months apart. I am about 2 years apart from my middle sister. My mother was so worn out from taking care of me and my second sister that she had a hard time devoting care to the youngest one. One day, we went on a family trip to Korea when my youngest sister was 12 months old. My grandmother who lives in Korea, saw that my mom was struggling to properly care for my youngest sister. My grandmother (who was my mother’s mother) offered to take care of her for a month. After some convincing, my mother reluctantly agreed and she went back to the US with me and my second sister, and left my youngest sister in the care of my grandmother and extended family. Even in the care of a close family member, that month long separation was traumatic enough for my youngest sister that, when my mother went back to Korea to take my youngest sister home, she reacted the same way these immigrant children did. My sister did not recognize my mother, constantly cried for my grandmother, and did not play, speak or go to my mother for a few weeks after they were reunited. To this day, my youngest sister has a strained relationship with my mother, and generally has problems in all her relationships. And my mother continues to carry enormous baggage over that separation.

  115. This good news. Now get them back to their own countries.

  116. Attachment theory 101.

  117. Thank you! It’s this kind of intellectual laziness that perpetuates racist and xenophobic ideology. It’s infuriating to read.

  118. I teach American citizens in the inner city; all of my students are African American and all have experienced trauma, some severe. Every single one of them has at least one relative in jail (in many cases because of drugs, a ludicrous, deeply harmful law).

    I have yet to see even a single article - not to mention a barrage - of photos & articles about my students traumatized by years of separation, not recognizing their parents, ripped from their arms.

    Why do progressives care far far more about illegal immigrants than about American citizens? These 'migrants' wouldn't have their children taken away if they didn't try to break into our country. Furthermore. American citizens can prove their parenthood--child smuggling/rape/slavery is a *real* issue that this very paper covered a few years ago (in the Obama era).

    In my experience, this beating of the breast is done almost solely by those who aren't impacted by the illegal migrants and who are never around actual real life poor people. It truly disgusts me. To those who might counter, "well, I have to start somewhere," yes, you do--with American citizens. Do that first. Actually care about the African Americans you say you care about; actually care about the poor people you say you do, & the working class. Stop using them as convenient props as a way to make yourself feel good about yourself.

  119. If you look at the history of immigration, you can see a pattern of turning a blind eye to illegal entry or of increasing the amount of immigrants let in legally just when African-Americans are starting to get ahead. It's also been used-- as in the case of Reagan's amnesty-- to increase the number of workers in the labor pool to drive down wages.

    Nevertheless, what people object to is the inhumane treatment of children, some of whom will be damaged for life.

  120. d, I also teach in the inner city (Bronx) and have to warn you that you are falling for a classic ploy. There is room enough in my heart to care for my American students and these immigrant children. And there is money enough in America, the richest country the world has ever seen, to address the problems plaguing both groups. When we bicker among ourselves, the rich and powerful get what they want: a stranglehold on our government and economy while we fight over the crumbs that drop from their table.

    I'd also argue that the NYT writes about inner city kids a lot. Here's just one that I remember for the article as well as the visuals showing people how stressful life in these neighborhoods is:

  121. Darly and Carmen look like they are in shock in these photos. It might just be the angle or the captured moment, but I believe that it is more. Our government has put these children in harm and shown no remorse at all about the trauma inflicted on them and their parents. Trump's administration treated these desperate immigrant families like mere chattel, animals to be shuttled off, divvied up, so his connected fellow henchmen in the prison industry could collect their filthy lucre. I will not forget the cruelty of these people, our government's brutal "leaders". I will remember the looks on Darly and Carmen's faces, in November, and well beyond. This destruction of families and children's psyches is a human rights crime.

  122. Words cannot express how monstrous Trump’s child separation policy has been! I sincerely hope he experiences emotional pain at this level at some point in his life. Sadly I don’t think he has the ability to feel such pain except over blows to his own properties and self image.

  123. "... release hundreds of migrant families wearing ankle bracelet monitors into the United States".

    This is a ridiculous, terrible formulation. Tellingly, no one in the administration was quoted using those words.

    The reporter and editors may consider: are the detention facilities in the United States? If not, where are they? If so, how could they be released from the United States "into the United States"?

    "Release ... into the United States" implicitly accepts the administration's inhumane phraseology, "catch and release", as if migrants were fish, is if fish released back into their wild habitat have a duty to appear at an immigration hearing.

    They are, as one official is quoted, released back into the community. They are released on an electronic tether. They are freed subject to their hearing. They are not released unconditionally. They are not released into the wild, as fish. They are not released into the United States. They are in the United States. Our laws, and our paper of record should regard them as humans. They seek asylum. Their cases should be heard.

  124. I would like to know how the officers that took these very young children away justified their actions to themselves. “Just following orders” has not always been deemed a sufficient excuse for committing atrocities. Can they be held criminally liable for following such orders?

  125. Trump wins again. This whole debacle illustrates that the Democrats are solely responsible for the breakdown of our immigration system as they forced catch and release and encourage more exploitation of the immigration loopholes. Records have shown few of these "undocumented" will ever show up for their court hearing for deportation but will instead disappear into the USA only for their children to reappear years to request DACA like amnesty. Now the Dems own this and Trump will make sure the mid-term voters will mobilize to vote out the Dems.

  126. Dems are solely responsible? WOW. That's some pretty warped thinking. Republicans have had majorities in the House and Senate for how long now? Why haven't they completely fixed the immigration issues? You can stutter and shuffle all you want trying to come up with excuses.

  127. Actually records show 98% showed up for their hearings.

  128. How disgusting our country has become. I do not know how Trump and our government can look at themselves in the mirror?

  129. "Catch and release" -- not as bad as 'infesting the country with vermin' but still a neat attempt to dehumanize asylum seekers. Are they trout, or people? I suppose if an organized gang was trying to murder the family of a GOP Congressman or a cabinet member, and the government offered no effective protection, the politicians might flee for safety with their kids . Pity those politicians haven't got enough empathy to think themselves out of their cushy police protection and imagine what it would be like to NEED asylum. Why do people elect such trash?

  130. You are not uninformed; you are misinformed. Children do remember, even very small ones. They simply lack the language to convey their experieces. I know this two ways: It is my profession and my personal experience with my child who was hospitalized for six months as a two-year-old. The hospital had a policy that parents could only visit on weekends and assured me that such a young child would not remember the experience. They were absolutely wrong. He rejected me when I visited, and he relived the experience many times as he grew and developed the capacity to express his experience. He is an adult with a family of his own. We still process that trauma from time to time. It never is forgotten.

  131. I was 5 when I spent 6 months in the hospital, again with hospital policies that limited visits. While I having loving friends and family, I never married. It wasn't until I saw my nieces at that age that I fully realized why I feared attachments. Sadly, these children will bare the scars of forced separation. Shame, America.

  132. How broken our immigration system had been for decades has only become fully apparent only after something is being tried to fix it. Congress continues to be incapable of reforming the immigration system that has been broken for decades.

    We are a country that welcomes legal immigrants, native Americans, Americans born in the USA and naturalized Americans. Enforcing the immigration laws and preventing illegal entry of people by the thousands should not be discouraged all the while keeping families of illegals together. It is a tall order and a complex situation but there are happy endings and hopefully the reunion of families will be ultimately achieved.

    Another positive sign that the illegal migration from failed central American countries will be reduce in the future came from the secretary of DHS Kristen Neilsen meeting with central American country leaders. It is this sort of a multi-pronged approach that will resolve the crisis that has culminated from decades of beating around the Bush and getting nowhere and kicking the can to the next president.

    Finally there is a president who has in his own way making sloppy mistakes along the way taken the bull by its horns while the congress continues to flounder and some in congress making an absurd call to abolish ICE without knowing what is it that ICE does.

  133. "Records have shown few of these "undocumented" will ever show up for their court hearing for deportation but will instead disappear into the USA"

    Do you lie by nature or only in service to Trump?

    By the way, one of the first things Trump's folks did was disband the program that had achieved a 98% court-appearance rate. They broke the system on purpose to inflict needless pain on innocent families. It's evil, and history will judge it so.

  134. I have little confidence that a chat between the DHS Secretary and the Central American leaders will do anything to reduce this issue.

  135. Children who are separated from caregivers at a tender age can develop attachment disorder and PTSD. One symptom is that they appear friendly and loving, but will go to anyone, especially if they are offered something. They can fail to bond throughout life. This means difficult relationships with family, friends, and employment colleagues, and future spouses.

    There is a large research literature on this for children who have been in and out of orphanages or foster care. Apparently, no one in our government or HHS or the WH read about this before they developed this stupidly heinous policy.

  136. The bleeding hearts would rather not have this problem either, but are unwilling to abrogate our basic humanity for twenty pieces of silver, or electoral votes. The fixes to this are expensive and complex, but the U.S. has the chops to implement them if there's an interest. Fewer vets would be homeless and families broken if we had a moral compass as a country and followed our better angels, but turns out it doesn't work to treat one group like vermin and the rest like gold. It only works when you recognize the humanity of all and use your gifts to make things better for others. We're at full employment, and those old white people screaming along with Fox News are going to need a home health aid and some yard work done. Don't fret.

  137. They (HHS, WH) do know, but they do not care.

  138. Even if they read it, they could care less.

  139. Josh, I am sure there is a small army of people who are telling you and the rest of the mid-west and southern crowd this story to make what was done look reasonable. However, anyone who believes this is very mistaken. Children have feelings they are not able to express verbally. Rejection of their parents is a way to express the terror they felt and the anger they have for not having been protected by their parents. I am a trauma specialist. I know that what is happening in the reunifications is normal, to be expected. The children know only that their parents left them. They have no idea why. Children need consistency. It is the bedrock of trust. Their trust has been damaged and needs to be rebuilt. The tragedy is that it should never have happened. Don't kid yourself about it. Our government callously, cynically used these children as pawns for your votes. You are as guilty of child endangerment as Sessions and Trump are because you were praising them for it. This is moral rot, not security. Shame on us all.

  140. Hey Nora,
    There is plenty of accurate reporting in the Midwest, reporting just how bleak and bizarre Trump is acting.

    Please don't play the game of claiming citizens who live in the Midwest are idiots.

    Many are like me, from West Coast, or my husband, from NYC, who recognize that we can afford a vastly higher standard of living with the lower real estate costs, excellent symphonies and museums, abundance of natural beauty in Great Lakes, and some of the most efficient international airports in USA. (Our relatives still in Seattle, L.A., Miami and NY do not have as much disposable income left as we do to extensively and regularly travel the world.)

  141. Utterly heartbreaking.

    By the way, “Catch and release” is a damaging phrase meant to dehumanize migrants. These are human beings, not fish. To continue using this language in news reporting is to endorse the ideology of the immigration hard-liners who chose to alarm and divide their audiences by applying the term to US immigration practices. Can The Times please figure out another way to describe this process?

  142. How about "arraigned and released on their own recognizance"? Or Applied for asylum & awaiting hearing?

  143. Do not forget the cowards Kelly, Miller, Bannon, Conway, Giuliani, and pretty much everyone else in this administration.

  144. The concentration camp's origins was in South . African during the Boer War (1900-1902), where women and families were interned. The camps were originally called "refugee camps," but as the Brits interned more black South Africans and white Boer families, the concentration camp names was adopted. Over 25,000 women and children died in these camps, as unsanitary conditions led to disease outbreak. We've seen these horrible acts before; the comparison is a fair one. Dr. Arthur Conan Doyle of Sherlock Holmes fame documented the horrors of the South African concentration camps. He was fiction writer, and a truth teller, too.

  145. America doing what America does best: terrorizing the poor and defenseless. Time and time again, America has viciously attacked nations that did not threaten americans in any way and were too weak to respond. I will never stand for this flag nor honor the military that has caused so much havoc worldwide. As for its political leaders, with very few exceptions, may they all rot in hell.

  146. This sadistic, inhumane policy of separating children from their parents will scar many of these children for the rest of their lives and be a permanent stain on our country.

  147. Re: Nothingbutblueskies:
    This separation from their parents will result in permanent scars on these children for the rest of their lives. Anyone who knows about child development knows this. When children become pawns in a very cruel game, many will never recover from being torn away from their parents.

  148. The TRUMP Administration displays their incompetence and cruelty every chance they get. Eagerly ripping children away from their parents, but cautiously returning them lest rapists, kidnappers, and murders claim the tykes instead. (We're protecting them from our heartlessness and incompetence!)

    "Trumps Toddlers" languishing in limbo, kept in cages to deter desperate migrants from seeking asylum.

    As we walk deeper into the woods, the light of liberty gets dimmer and dimmer. Scared Americans close their eyes to the banality and brutality oozing up from the depths.

    It's called Fascism.
    And we're already knee deep.

  149. I find the juxtaposition of ankle bracelets in the headline and "hands being tied" in the body of the article interesting. Perhaps ankle bracelets should have been used to "tie the hands" of all the border officials BEFORE they began separating children from their parents.

  150. Imagine the fear and confusion these little children have experienced. Their parents were unable to protect them.
    U.S. Government mandated trauma. There is no excuse for this.

  151. I am ashamed and disgusted by our government's actions. Thankful for the federal judge who is doing the right thing.

  152. Great photographs. Talk about pictures being worth a thousand words! The Reuters/Loren Elliot photo in the print edition is even better; that's the one of Mr. Melendez and his son having lunch. It is Pulitzer Prize worthy. (I'm a prof of art history, so I have seen a lot of pictures!)

  153. When America has about eleven million illegal immigrants it is a problem long overdue for action. But the way in which Trump has tackled the problem is unforgivable.

  154. Maybe so but when reagan pardoned the millions of illegals in the 80's the GOP whom has controlled Congress since 1980 regardless of whether or not they had a majority did not act to create a rational immigration plan. They eventually came up with the system I can't even think of the name for but basically they left it to employers to check or have people fill out forms.

    They don't want to fix the problem because exploiting illegal labor is still very very lucrative especially once they figured out that you needn't incur the expense of taking care of a slave when you could work a "free" man just as hard then steal his wages. After all the crime this nation was built on and is still the largest crime committed here to this day, "Wage Theft" is still a very lucrative way to make money.

  155. I was on a debate in college many years ago, in the late 1970's- early 1980-s. We debated the Illegal Immigration problem as it existed then, and at that time our working number for illegal immigrants in the US was around 12 million. It does not change.

  156. NOT in MY Name. Stop this atrocity. No more Kidnapping, no more Baby Jails. Shameful, horrific and un-American. PERIOD.

  157. Deport them all now!!! There are maybe 1% here who really deserve asylum, the rest are just gaming the system. A system corrupted by years of Democrat catch and release where the illegal never shows for the court date. Enough of this nonsense, deport them all and seal the border. These articles in the NYT have nothing to do with lawful entry, but have everything to do with democrats trying to create a new future voter base that they will control. The NYT is complicit in the deception because of it totally biased non-news positions.

  158. James in Houston: Call it karma, call it the Golden Rule. For the love of God, try just for a minute or two to put yourself in their position. None of can be sure we won't have to run for it at some point in our lives. A war (not so inconceivable as you might think), an environmental disaster, communal violence, a communist or fascist takeover -- these are the sort of things that can happen anywhere, at anytime. I sincerely hope for your sake that you'll never have to run for it, but that if you do, you'll receive a more compassionate welcome than you were willing to extend yourself. In the meantime , I invite your attention to Matthew 25:36-40.

  159. So, our immigration policy is that if anyone from anywhere in the world, shows up at our boarder with children, they are released into our communities on the honor system. Call me what ever names that you want, that is a crazy policy!

  160. Absolutely 100% YES! they are phonies, and the lefty media is duplicitous in pushing open borders and massive illegal immigration....just today, a couple of articles about how we have to permit massive illegal immigration, of virtually everyone in Central America! if they have a bad marriage, contentious divorce, unpleasant neighbors or local crime!

  161. Border, not boarder.

  162. Barry: the Republican Party NEVER takes action against business, no matter the crime. From big bank fraud to dumping toxic waste into rivers and skies, this is the republican program. You will note that all GOP SCOTUS picks must be pro-corporation/ anti-labor. Corporations are people when it comes to expressing their religious and free speech rights. Actual people, not so much.

  163. These sob stories from illegal aliens could be easily remedied and eliminated if the law breakers simply did not enter America illegally. Is that too much to ask, or does the law not apply to illegal immigrants?

  164. What part have you missed about Democratic and Democratic Progressive support of better funded education (including pre-K), affordable housing funding, healthcare for everyone, increased minimum wage and advocacy for minimum income? (You do realize that Trump's tax revision eliminates deductions for those teachers who have had to purchase supplies for their classes.)

    In my experience, people who beat their breast boasting of their own perceived good deeds while demonizing others' efforts at helping are narcissists.

  165. The immigrants are coming here to escape a situation that we are partially responsible for.
    We should do two things at once: try to remedy the situation in their homelands and treat them with with kindness and respect when they come here.
    To those sneering, chest-thumping “lock-em-up” types burning up these comment boards: Have a little empathy. Be a mensch.

  166. About 80% of "asylum seekers" never actually claim asylum once they are released into the US awaiting court dates. Most who apply don't qualify.
    They have been taught that using asylum claims is an easy way to enter the US illegally.

    The US has an Embassy and 9 consulates in Mexico where anyone can claim asylum without the dangerous trip through Mexico or crossing the border illegally and risking being detained. They still cross illegally because that is their actual goal.

  167. This solution was obvious from the beginning. If it was good enough for Paul Manafort (until he violated his terms of pre-trial release), it is good enough for people charged with less serious offenses. It is so much cheaper than custody, not to mention more humane. The statistics I have read show that with bracelets and monitoring over 90% of immigrants show up for their immigration hearings. That's not catch and release. That's smart.
    I regret that even good reporters adopted the binary approach espoused by the administration -either lock 'em up or never see them again. This best choice has been available from the beginning and should have been discussed in press.

  168. Cynthia: you have it backwards. 90% NEVER show up. They simply cut the ankle monitor off, and then blend into the huge illegal communities in blue sanctuary states and then "adios illegals aliens" -- we can never round them up again.

  169. The stories of children not recognizing their mothers are so sad. The little ones will appear to readapt quickly, but for most the trauma will never go away. As adults, they may not even realize the roots of their anxiety and insecurity.

  170. When Democrats say there are 11 million illegals already in the country they are lying. A study from Yale says that its between 25 and 30 millions.
    So for the liberals, that's not enough? How many landscapers does America need? How much should US citizens spend for their healthcare, food stamps, section 8, schools for their kids? I am sick and tired to hear what a plus they are for the US. I am also sick of wherever I go or call, I get asked to you want to be spoken in English or in Spanish.
    Simple solution: deport them all.

  171. And are tou familiar with how long this policy has been in place?That Obama did nothing to curb this policy? What are your opinions on those two pearls?

  172. That they are false. Under Obama, families were processed and released to await their court date to plead their case. Well over 90% showed up on time. The children seen in centers then were from that wave of truly unaccompanied children and teens and they were quickly processed and released to family members in all cases where could. This new policy of immediately separating patents from children apparently with very little tracking and accountability and often with cruelty was announced by sessions THIS SPRING.

  173. Trump wants to take credit for a good economy - one that he did nothing to start the ball rolling, it was Obama's policies that helped our economy. However, when it comes to this zero tolerance policy and separating children from families and this cruel treatment of those seeking asylum he then blames dems and Obama.

    You Mr. President are incompetent and embarrassment to our nation.

    VOTE in November!!!!

  174. Has America taken a sadder, sicker action than this since my father and grandmother were put into a California concentration camp during WWII?

  175. They tried to sneak in illegally too? I notice you're still here, by the way. Give America credit for something. People's personal resentment and hysteria is getting to point where many are going to even begrudge Trump for not wanting to reintroduce gas chambers, that's is how irrational most of these arguments sound to me. No one has any real solutions to real problems, they just want to criticize and bawl about how life is so unfair.

  176. Well, it’s messed up when the state interferes with a family unit. That’s true. Happened to my kid. They took him, he came back afraid of the dark, eating nothing, drinking only meal replacement drinks, and scared/distrustful of everyone.

    That said, these aliens got caught with their hands in the cookie jar. They had been told, they came anyway. Their entire plight and that of their families is their own problem. Maybe if Mexico had its stuff even remotely together and patrolled its *own* borders, this hot mess would not be in *our* lap.

    And then there are the bleeding hearts, here in America, dying to rally to these kid detention sites for their virtue signalling selfies...Let me bust out an inconvenient fact: we have been doing this family seperation bit since before Obama, during Obama, and since Obama. Yeah. And Obama headed a lil pet project called Fast and Furious, which supplied current generation military weapons to people south of the U.S. So the likelihood is high (being that criminals were chief among recipients of these weapons) that a lot of the legitimate asylum seekers are running from people wielding Obama’s gifts.

    But regardless of whether it is a desire for safety or just an urge to suck the taxpayer teat, they were all told about it being a crime to cross the border illegally. So, it’s stupid for any here *not* to be upset with these childrens’ parents first and foremost.

  177. Just maybe the difference between President Obama & trump is that trump is a racist & a liar and President Obama is a man of truth & morally uplifting. So comparing just the act without the motive is disingenuous.

  178. Well I am relievednthat they are kind of going back to ankle braceletes instead of detention.
    Thank you!!!!

  179. How come is it that there is such an intense focus on the southern border and not on the northern border? I would be very interested if The New York Times would do an article contrasting the two. Thank You.

  180. The liberal media is trying all tricks of the trade to turn the tide against Trump.Trump is protecting US, period.Your borders are out of control.Earlier, it would be Hispanics and Latinos jumping the border.Now, the ranks have swollen to include people from China,Pakistan,India,Eritrea and many other countries.Why is NYT not writing about this rabid violation of law?The legal way of dealing with illegal aliens is expensive and time consuming.How many anchor bracelets will taxpayers be funding ?How do you monitor millions of people released from captivity? Please recognise that USA, like all other countries, has borders which need to be respected.A way out of this problem may well be these migrants forcing their homeland governments to bring changes.That may include summary execution of suspected gangsters.Most of these illegals cite gang violence as the cauuse of their illegal journey.Radical solutions need to come from their motherland governments.Right now, they are choosing the path of least resistance, which is to cross over to USA.American taxpayers cannot and should not fund such choices.

  181. “Summary execution of suspected gangsters”??? Don’t bother with trials, evidence, due process or actual justice?? You might want to live in that kind of world- but I sure don’t.

  182. The info you cite is from a working paper coauthored by Mohammad Fazel Zarandi, with a high end estimate of 22.8 million illegal immigrants. Why the need to exaggerate by millions? Also, have you read the paper? Are you in a position to comment on the statistical assumptions and approaches used? I was unable to locate a copy of the working paper to review. Educated people (I have a PhD) understand the need to do the above. Why can't the Right be intellectually rigorous, or at least intellectually honest?

  183. @ michjas Children all over the world and in this country face daily horrific abuses and injustices. The difference, and why the separation of families makes front page news, is that in this case it is US government sanctioned child abuse.

  184. Judges ought not to intervene in this particular problem of reuniting families within a time constraint that may interfere with assurance that migrant adults are reunited with their legal children.
    Unlike anti-administration reporters, our Justice Dept. Officials familiar with migrants to “El Norté” from “El Sur” well know that Central American countries have an inability to prevent many kidnapped children accompanying the adult migrants. Often the kidnappers, either male or female, claim to border officials that they seek refuge or asylum from domestic or political persecution when they are in fact fleeing prosecution for kidnapping. And when the child is a toddler who speaks an indigenous tribal tongue instead of Spanish, only DNA testing and analysis will indicate any family blood relationship between the adult and the child.
    Based on DNA ties, the reunification process may take more than 21 days for Immigration and Border enforcement to determine legitimate family ties of the kids to the adult migrants.

  185. I live outside the US and everyone almost everyone in my world finds this separation issue utterly sickening and shocking, right up there with serious war crimes. An appalling stain on the USA and this Ogre of a president and his enablers.
    Completely tragic and unnecessary with lifetime trauma and damage.

  186. You have no idea what you are talking about Hectoria. We have a 2,000 mile long border where thousands of unskilled, uneducated illegals a day pour across it to take our jobs, money, and sometimes our liberty and lives.

    Each week, illegal aliens murder, rape, and steal in the USA and most Americans are sick of it. But you will never read about it on these pages. Just last month, June 27th, Victor Martinez was convicted of the heinous murder of a woman in my home county in California named Marilyn Pharis. He is a five time deported illegal Mexican. He and his anchor baby accomplice, Jose Villagomez broke into her home and they tortured, raped and beat her to death with a hammer. This is just one incident. This is what we are talking about Hectoria.

  187. I am reading this story and I find it difficult to believe. Children as young as thirteen months taken from their parents? That can’t be right. Do we do that here, in this country?

    It isn’t the same, but images keep running through my mind of the forced separations in Paris during the war, at the Vélodrome d’hiver and elsewhere. Is this really happening here, is it just possible that we have become this callous?

  188. Yes - and unlike Paris, this is 100% preventable. Solution: either stay home or stop and stay in Mexico rather that traveling the full 2700 miles to reach USA for asylum. 120 million people already find Mexico a suitable place to live.

  189. If criminals were a nation, or the illegal aliens were from ONE country, your rage post would actually make sense in the context of the article’s scope of discussion. Sadly, it does not on either account.

  190. The only immigration crisis is the phony one that Trump invented to stir up his base.

  191. The courts have done their job, stopped the government from its genocidal ambitions. Some will say “see, the system works”. But I am still profoundly ashamed.

  192. I am convinced what we are witnessing never would have happened to these families if they had been Caucasian.

    'People of Color' have targets on their backs. Yes, there are those who will be cherry-picked by individuals like Trump, meat packing plant managers, farmers and ranchers, basically all those who have been part of a pipeline that suppilies laborers for positions most 'whites' have wanted no part of for decades.

    But these families we are seeing today-those who heard about the welcoming words emblazened on the Statue of Liberty, they have become fodder for Trump to dangle in front of his 'base', examples of what immigrants can expect in the future as Trump supporters wave placards at rallies stating, "Promises Made, Promises Kept".

    And all of this horrific behavior on our part is a long way from the memories many in Europe have from the days right after WWll of their looking up as seeing tiny parachutes descending with little American Flags attached and accompanied by pieces of candy. Boy, is this not the America we are showing to the rest of the world under this abominable Trump Administration.

  193. The ignorance about child development displayed in some of these comments makes me despair. Why do so many Americans have no intellectual curiosity?

  194. Do YOU know what ICE does? It was created after 9/11 and is NOT our only form of immigration enforcement.

  195. Please stop using the phrase "catch and release." Along with "chain migration", this fishing term is a product of clever marketing used to make fascism appealing and dehumanize people.

  196. Yes, it's all in the liberal marketing.

  197. Only if illegal aliens aren't constantly referred to as 'immigrants' or the new founded 'migrants'.

  198. Honduras and El Salvador have the two highest murder rates in the world and no operative death penalty. Obama bombed ISIS as her monsters climbed a mountain to kill more Yezidi families. That or something similar should be done to criminals who extort houses from the poor in Central America. In Quatemala, a gang member gets on a bus and tells the driver that he will be donating to the gang from here on in or he will be killed in a country that convicts 4% of murderers. At least those three countries need to be wards of the UN or of the USA. Without using Trump’s vulgar term, such countries are a dangerous joke.
    Stop migration at the source. Bring factories into their poor areas with tax benefits and arrest every gang member and shoot any involved in murders. Or let China take over the worst three countries....China, whose murder rate is about .28 per 100k...lower than Europe but with millions of poor people. China not only has executions but does them before the inmate gets grey hair....the USA oddity.

  199. Regarding the bringing of factories. Back in the late 80s to mid 90's a major US based sewing house that manufactured clothing for everyone from Wal-Mart to DKNY closed the majority of its US locations and sent all the work to Central America. They simply loaded massive shipping containers with all of the cloth and trimmings to make the clothes, had the clothes made at the cheapest labor cost possible and brought the finished goods back to the US tariff free. That was fine and dandy until it became "too expensive" to produce garments there and everything was sourced to Bangladesh and China. Central America will never be a massive manufacturing center. Poverty, corruption and violence don't have some easy panacea. That's why these people are fleeing.

  200. If Trump is so serious about "zero tolerance" then he needs to have draconian punishment for the employers that attract these people. Then after a couple hundred white evangelical employers end up in filthy jail cells, the attitudes towards migrants might change. We need to have a compassionate and welcoming immigration policy. The folks at our southern border are overwhelmingly decent, gentle people with strong family values. They value the American Dream more than the smug native born. We need them and their values desperately to make America shine again.

  201. Most of the people fleeing from El Salvador, Nicaragua, etc., are fleeing the results of U.S. meddling in their politics. The last thing we need to be doing is to meddle in an attempt to undo our previous meddling—I just can't see that going well for anyone who's not currently in power in those places.

  202. "In some cases, he said, “If we had just reunited kids with the adults, we would be putting them in the care of a rapist, a kidnapper, a child abuser and someone who was charged with murder in their home nation.”"

    What about the fact that by denying those requesting asylum they are being condemned to death in their home countries once they are deported back? It's ironic to see that there's so much concern about reuniting children with "bad" parents when there was no concern about taking them away from said parents.

  203. Identity & relationship should be confirmed before anyone is admitted or reunited. This is the norm throughout the world - usually in the form of a passport. Try entering Canada with a niece or nephew with a different last name - or no ID at all - you will be separated, detained, and depending on how the child responds to questions, possibly imprisoned.

  204. And that HHS official had zip, zero in ways of stats about the frequency that his claimed event happens.....weak propaganda attempt to justify this behavior.

  205. these are the entirely expected results of a forced separation. Children adapt to survive as best as they can , even though these adaptations often prove to have long lasting effects on relationship building and future mental health. Whether the powers that be asked what would happen to these children or didn't, it is clear that there was never any concern for these children, as being brown and from outside the US made them "less than" other children. Shame on us for electing a group with such total disregard for fellow human beings. and spare me "they were breaking the law" stuff; imagine your child being taken from you at a young age because you were speeding in your car, or made a mistake on your taxes.

  206. If we build the Wall, there will be no more heartbreak. Families can enter legally together.

  207. Many of the families who were separated presented themselves legally and requested asylum at designated border crossings. The separation was planned by design to discourage families from coming and requesting asylum.

  208. Perhaps this is reason enough to run the DNA tests to prove the child is that of the parent. There is child trafficking. It is better to be certain that the child is that of the parent.

  209. Everyone believing the Trump claim that there is massive kidnapping of children involved should realize the following:

    The cost of paternity testing will range from $69 to $399, depending on the test and lab used.

    (And I bet it will go to a lab owned by a big Trump donor, so cost us the max.)

  210. We need to stop calling Trump cruel and heartless. His supporters LOVE how mean he is to people of color and foreigners. He's their alter ego.

    We need to battle Trump solely on the numbers:

    - There were fewer unauthorized immigrants living in the U.S. in 2015 under Obama than there were just after the end of the Bush administration in '09. There was NO immigration crisis when Trump came into office.

    - And speaking of people coming in from out of country, Trump's private club Mar-a-Lago is trying to hire 78 foreign workers for menial level jobs (and although the club doubled its initiation fee to $200,000 because Trump going there a lot is a tourist attraction - the $13/hour below poverty level wage for cooks is lower this summer than it was before the club started making so much more money. I wouldn't want to eat the food there!)

    - And speaking of wages going down under Trump, weekly wages were down at year-end 2017, and, for good measure, the US Chamber of Commerce predicts that 2.6 million jobs will be AXED because of Trump's tariff war. Trump is NOT the jobs president, he is the layoff president.

    And speaking of layoffs, Trump has golfed 125 days of his presidency so far (his next golf trip is in a few days to his golf club in Scotland) - and his golfing has cost the United Statestaxpayers tens of millions of dollars in security and transportation.

    Stick to the numbers on Trump. Just like with his 6 bankruptcies, the numbers never lie about Trump.

  211. Trump should be giving those jobs to the American citizens of Puerto Rico, who are struggling to survive-- not transporting cheap help from former Communist bloc nations.

  212. CommonSense-Thank you for a large dose of reality-you are right- numbers don't lie although Trump does!

  213. Speaking of sticking to the numbers, I'd be very interested in those tax returns we still haven't seen.

  214. Such a dark time in our history. What kind of representatives do we have that allow this? The calls that I have made to my representatives in Congress have fallen on deaf ears and souls with no conscience. Why do they allow this administration to run wild?

  215. PLEASE! most of these families simply presented themselves at the wrong place to ask for asylum. and the reason they went to the wrong place is that this administration has reduced access to the correct place. Imagine your children being taken from you because you went to the incorrect voting booth, failed to properly register your car, were arrested for jaywalking.

  216. There are 50 legal ports of entry in the US along the Mexico - US border. Those would be the right places to go.

  217. Check your facts. The teacher tax deduction is still in place for 2018.

  218. Trump has done a great job of positioning to his base that these people are law breakers.
    They are not. You have to be a citizen of this country to break the laws of this country.
    What they are, are people comming from places where they have lost hope, looking for somthing better. They still believe in the "American Dream" even though "Trump's America" does not.

  219. Foreigners also break laws--if they steal, run red lights, drive intoxicated, etc. And we have laws about foreigners needing to identify themselves when they want to cross our borders.

    But showing up and asking for asylum is NOT breaking a law.

  220. I agree with your sentiment, but your assertion that non-citizens are not subject to our laws is completely false. If this were true, there would be no foreigners in anyone's jails, and no movies like Midnight Express and Brokedown Palace portraying these situations.

  221. Imagine, if you will be fair, how children manage to run into the arms of their mothers and/or fathers who have served overseas for a year or two. Aside from this separation there are 2.7 Million children with a parent in prison. These things happen all the time and no one in the Press has cared This problem of the border has needed fixing for decades.. It's high time to fix this border immigrant problem with logic.

  222. But unlike immigrants, these other families still are able to keep into contact with each other through phone calls (military parents) and visits (jailed/imprisoned parents) etc.

  223. Children who have a parent serving overseas usually also have a parent who is with them at home, talking about Mommy or Daddy, showing photos of the missing parent, etc. If both parents were somehow serving at the same time while leaving a child at home (a completely unlikely scenario, I know, but one I'm putting forward to make the situations comparable) with a stranger who did nothing to reinforce that child's bonds with its parents, then you would see the same outcome we're seeing here.

  224. Perhaps the difference is the children of military families you describe remain in a stable loving home with one parent and support family and friends, continue their stable lives through school, activities, friends etc, are able to Skype, facetime, text their absent parent while these children were forceably separated from one or both parents after a traumatic journey, housed in a detention center with bars and locks, were not allowed any communication with anyone they's not really the same thing. It's inflicted trauma. And we can argue all day long about why it was done with the same result...innocent children are being hurt because of a government policy poorly conceived and horribly mismanaged.

  225. This crime, Trump's crime, goes unpunished. We saw no real reaction to this barbarism. And the time was then, not now. Now we observe our cruelty, our brutality. Who we truly are.

  226. People who present themselves at U.S. borders are allowed to claim asylum. A Homeland Security agent interviews that person and if they determine the applicant has a "credible fear" of returning home, they are allowed to make their case before an immigration judge.

    That is not the same as crossing illegally and being CAUGHT!

  227. In a previous administration, this would be true. But while you enjoy paying GOTCHA!, it simply isn't true anymore. Families seeking asylym are being arrested as a matter of course, because they are systemically turned away at ports or entry.

  228. Asylum seekers were being denied the right to enter as potential aslyees. If you've come to seek asylum and are denied the possibility of doing so, what are your options? They are: (1) enter illegally OR (2) go home and be killed by those from whom they sought asylum. I know which I would choose...especially if I had children.

  229. If anyone finds it hard to believe that a child may not know their parent after few weeks' separation, my mother was ill and away for few weeks when my little brother was 2 or 3. When she came back, he did not know her: he led her to her own picture, to show her his Mom. It broke her heart for a while. This happened when he lived with my dad and me, his older sister, in our house, very well loved, and a brilliant child. I only mention this because some may think his disorientation may have been caused by some problem of his own.

  230. Anyone who votes for the GOP and professes "family values" is either a hypocrite, or has been living under a rock for 40 years.

  231. Where is Super Mom Ivanka Trump on all this? How about Barron's mother?

    So far, crickets.

    But - hey - Ivanka: big time congrats that your schlock line of clothing and shoes will not be subject to Chinese tariffs.

    You go, girl!

    NOT my president

  232. Policy is a good topic of discussion, the families of politicians should not be a part of this.

  233. There has got to be a special place in hell awaiting Trump for what he has done here with/to these people. These children will likely have psychological problems forever. He has no humanity, no compassion, no ....nothing. What an awful heartless individual he is.

  234. Apprehend, Detain, and Deport ALL illegal border crossers.

    Build the wall.

    Support ICE.

  235. And put every single employer that hires an undocumented person in Federal Prison for 10 years.

  236. Allowing asylum seekers to declare themselves as such and enter at the border crossings, as has been traditional, would have gone a long way to avoiding this mess of DJT's making. Once he disallowed asylum seekers this option, they were left with only two choices: (1) enter illegally or (2) return home to nearly certain death. Which would you choose for your family?

  237. The NYTimes sure loves these human interest pieces. Never mind the fact that they're here illegally and we've returned to a broken "catch and release" method that essentially means open borders after some paperwork. This whole ordeal tells me that
    nothing's more dangerous to the law than a constant stream of pictures of crying babies and liberal California judges.

  238. Calling them migrants seems to miss the point that they are fleeing life threatening violence. They are asylum seekers. Why else would you leave all that is dear to you with only the clothes on your back and your child on your chest?

  239. My country did this, created a situation where babies don't recognize their mothers. I am heartbroken that people who came here asking for mercy and asylum instead had their children taken from them. For a misdemeanor. Refugees, migrants, displaced people fleeing civil unrest, violence, and war--all situations the U.S. helped create in Central America and the Middle East. The U.S. helped create these problems and Trump wants NATO nations to pay more? They already are by accepting the refugees created by U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East. The U.S. should be paying them for helping to solve a problem we created.

  240. Amen to that, dlb!

  241. I do believe the children should NOT be separated from their parents.
    Read that again.

    The silver here, is the children were obviously very well taken care of if they bonded so deeply. At three years old too. One to even 18 months I understand more, but three years old they have far more memories according to multiple studies, of those they've bonded with.
    I hate this seperation happened. I'm glad the interim caregivers took such loving care.

  242. Service men and women leave their children for months, even years, yet that child is there with open arms when mommy or daddy gets home. Heck, I had a dog recognize me after not seeing him for over 2 years after I moved away...

    I think this is a beefed up story to tug at the heart strings of America.

  243. American's kids and Americans in general do not matter. It's all about the illegals, DACAs, immigrants and refugees.

  244. "He said that means the migrants will be given ankle bracelets “and released into the community.”

    This is precisely the problem; these folks should be sent home at once.

    Flores needs to go. That one thoroughly political BHO USDC judge can make immigration policy for the nation is utterly outrageous. The Clinton administration's dive on this issue should not be permitted to bind subsequent administrations which actually care about enforcing the law.

    These families should all be reunited, in whatever country they came from.

    In the interim, they should be closely watched, and if they even so much as burp without asking pardon, should be immediately sent home. No work. No driving. Nothing.

    We should be clear and unequivocal: if your government has not targeted you for oppression, you are not eligible to asylum, and must go home. Not tomorrow. Now.

  245. Once again, one sees that Trump is correct - the USA has a failed immigration policy and law that is impossible to execute and which has resulted in some 11 million illegal immigrants living in the USA.

    Of course, this is acceptable to many Democrats, who do not believe in the rule of immigration law.

  246. Unless you're Choctaw or Ohlone or Potawatomi, etc., you are an immigrant or the descendent of immigrants. This was not a barren land just waiting to be filled by white people and, eventually, their slaves.

  247. If parents do not want to be separated from their children they should not attempt to enter the United States illegally. So simple.

  248. Another gut-wrenching day here in the New York Times reading room. From the comfort of our desk chairs at work we get to experience real life suffering in our own imagined ways and effortlessly proclaim out virtuosity with something as self-sacrificing and demanding as a post. A real testimony to the triumph of the human spirit and the deviousness of technology. My thoughts are with all those tireless civil servants who have had to deal with these poor moms and kids and sort this whole mess out. They're the ones who should be credited for having to had change and feed these kids all this time. They're safe and now mommy is good until the next changing is due.

  249. As Migrant Families Are Reunited, Some Children Don’t Recognize Their Mothers Or Even Know Who Their Fathers Are

  250. Look at these infants and their parents.
    How many of these babies were dragged through the desert as their parents pursued financial gain? Think of the risk to these children.
    Then, too, think of the Indian and Pakistani children shown in coal mines (NYT magazine article a few years ago) or "sold" to be domestic and sex workers.
    In too many third world countries children are currency for their parents.
    Only the most sheltered in our society can fully believe the stories of parental angst at being separated from these children when there is some anticipation of financial gain, they do not share our values.

  251. You do not believe that parents try to escape from violent gangs ?
    Think back to the 30th when people did not believe Jews in Germany were in danger.
    Do you know your own family history, why they came to America?

  252. You are mistaken. These people are fully western, you do know that Spain was the EUropean power that set up each and every state south of our border?
    They are more US american than most of the Americans I grew up with and have more respect and decency as well.
    Example; few if any of them could be as callously dismissive of someone they do not know as you are in this post. Most could not even conceive of what you say is taking place. BTW the real problem is not so much the parents pain it is the actual injury being knowingly and intentionally inflicted upon the children.

  253. If you're not legal, don't come here. How parents can put their children through this is unforgivable. So, if you didn't understand before- again... if you are not legal, don't come here.

  254. from another commenter:
    Sec. 208. (a) Authority to Apply for Asylum.-

    (1) In general. - Any alien who is physically present in the United States or who arrives in the United States (whether or not at a designated port of arrival and including an alien who is brought to the United States after having been interdicted in international or United States waters), irrespective of such alien's status, may apply for asylum in accordance with this section or, where applicable, section 235(b).

  255. No one should ever, ever forget that it is the Trump administration that caused this. Vote out every elected official who did not speak up, who did nothing to prevent this from happening in the United States.

  256. I will remember his efforts as I vote for our President Trump's second term. The job he's doing on immigration and the economy is far beyond this former Democrat's expectations.

  257. It's called "Trauma". All for nothing. What they did was not illegal contrary to what our well-read "president" said. INA: ACT 208 - ASYLUM 1/

    Sec. 208. (a) Authority to Apply for Asylum.-

    (1) In general. - Any alien who is physically present in the United States or who arrives in the United States (whether or not at a designated port of arrival and including an alien who is brought to the United States after having been interdicted in international or United States waters), irrespective of such alien's status, may apply for asylum in accordance with this section or, where applicable, section 235(b).

  258. Are there no immigrants entering from the northern border seeking asylum? Are there any detentions along the northern border? Probably not.

  259. Ask yourself "why not?" Because no sane Canadian would want to come here! They're better off where they are!

  260. Very young children ripped away from their parents and not recognizing them. Classic kidnap trauma.

    The Trump administration could not even reunite 102 kidnapped children with their families. They seized around 3,000 children from their parents. When taken, often ICE takes all the belongings, and sometimes people are deported with only the clothes on their backs -- any documents they had brought with them in thousand mile journeys disappear, one reason this reunification process is dependent on DNA.

    Losing children, losing property, and losing their souls -- this is the Trump regime and all those who support it. This is a dark chapter in American history, and it is not ended yet. How many orphans did the Trump administration just create? Virtually all the children suffer trauma for the rest of their lives.

    Shame is too mild a rebuke to the heartless, cruel officials and Republicans who support this.

    Vote all mean-spirited Trump Republicans out in November and in every future election.

  261. You describe the very heart and soul of the republican party since Nixon was Veep at least.
    Vaguely recalling some of FDR's fireside chats which I have heard in documentaries where he counters their arguments suspiciously the same today as they were then, I'd say they have been soulless cowardly evil scum for the better part of a century.

  262. Even so, her world is much better, for the moment, as she will discover when she and son are sent back to where they came from. It seems the only message that will get through.

  263. During WW2, when children were separated from their parents in England, J. Bowlby said they experience: protest, despair, detatchment. Fast forward, to the toxic stress research at Harvard by J. Shonokoff. Small children's developing brains basically fail to develop in healthy ways because of stress and no secure attachment (a parent). Young children must have a steady, ongoing, secure relationships with a caregiver for healthy development. We are a morally bankrupt nation to have done this to innocent children regardless of their parents' choices.

  264. And what about the children of Americans who are in the military or get went off to prison for whatever reasons?
    Do they matter? As well as the millions of homeless children in America today?