Senate Democrats Come Out Swinging in Long-Shot Fight to Block Kavanaugh

Democrats painted the Supreme Court nominee as an archconservative who would endanger abortion rights and health care and protect President Trump.

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  1. Mitchell, meet kettle

  2. Finally, the Democrats are learning how to play Republican politics. Nothing less than the future of America is at stake here. We have a Russian operative in the White House and his complicit political party in control of Congress. The Civil War for the future of our nation is indeed at hand.

  3. No, the Democrats have learned nothing at all.

    Any learning begins with a clean sweep of the Democrats in Congress. This has not happened because they are entitled.

    In the real world, after a massive loss you clean house because the oldsters never learn - they just make excuses and discuss possible changes down the road if necessary.

    By letting them stay on they know you're not serious - why should they change when there is no consequence to failure? Often they don't recognize their failure and their supporters make excuses.

    Whereas new leadership is always energized with the need to prove themselves and they know what will happen if they fail to perform.

  4. Why is Schumer taking about drilling down on Kavanaugh's views?

    Who cares what his views are!

    Every Democrats who does not obstruct Kavanaugh must be thrown out of office. These traitors do not represent us and never have.

    Get rid of them all!

  5. Mitch McConnell's hypocrisy is mind numbing.

  6. Let me think, who else comes to mind? Harry Reid maybe?

  7. Said the man shouting into the wind.

    The nominee is qualified in all ways. What more could you want for the future of our republic?

  8. Mitch McConnell. Wow. He has no concern how history will view him. Talk about a feckless hypocrite. The Democrats really have nothing to lose by relentlessly exposing this guy. Instead they seem afraid of him and his Koch backing.

  9. SCOTUS will not overturn Roe v Wade. But they will support state level restrictions on abortion which will effectively return the decision on abortion to the states where it belongs. The original decision was bad law. The court imposed an abstract definition of life on the population and found the right to abortion in a shadow, or penumbra, of the right to privacy in the 14th amendment to justify its decision. They should have left it up to the states then. After 40 years of dominating the political and cultural conversation, it’s time to end this divisive battle and move on.

  10. That's what the slavers said. I, for one, care about my fellow Americans in other states unlucky to be under the regressive bootheels of forced pregnancy and forced birth.

  11. The 13th Amendment was ratified by the states. Are you looking for a constitutional amendment on abortion?

  12. After having said “One of my proudest moments was when I looked at Barack Obama in the eye and I said, ‘Mr. President, you will not fill this Supreme Court vacancy,’” McConnell now has the temerity to admonish Democrats for declaring their opposition to Kavanaugh. What a two-faced windbag.

  13. Good one, Eric. The punch to this one is: " will not fill this Supreme Court vacancy" - I will.

  14. Mr. Anderson, I applaud you for your civility with language. Moi? I crossed that bridge a long time ago.

  15. You know, among all the craven Republicans who enable the bigoted misogynist in the White House, Susan Collins might be the worst.
    She is not dumb. She clearly understands how Trump's policies and judicial appointments harm women - and others.
    Yet, as this article shows, she continues to march in step with the other ultra-rightists.
    I thought she had a conscience. I was wrong.

  16. Are these the same Democrats who many supported him when he was confirmed to the Appellate Court? Ah, the hypocrisy.

  17. McConnell complaining about Dems premptive opposition. What a laugh. I suppose he'll show HIS fairness by agreeing to wait until after the midterms before hearings start.

  18. I love how Democrats shift blame from their own failure to the American people. Like WE can do anything to stop it when it's YOUR job to as our representatives.

    You are so inept at your jobs that Republicans consistently vote into low what is against the will of 70% of the public. Where is the democratic process when the minority dictates the laws and regulations to the majority?

    I can't blame the Republicans for being good at what they do. I am opposed to almost every conservative agenda because they are turning this country into a Plutocracy that gives corporations equal rights to people.

    That is why I am opposed to Kavanaugh, because he has a record of giving corporations person hood and he has been very public about his agenda to dismantle the federal government.

  19. Isn’t it the American people who voted in all the Republicans? Don’t the American people have ALL the blame for this situation?

  20. Where were we when republicans denied a sitting president his right to pick a nominee? We should have taken to the streets. The republican base has their legislators' backs, while we throw ours under the bus.

    Time for us to let our leaders know that we are the majority, and when due to gerrymandering, an arcane electoral college, a house cap, voter suppression we are unable to use the ballot box, we'll find other ways - at the very least, no republican will enjoy a peaceful public meal until this tyranny by the minority is over.

  21. I love how Democrats shift blame from their own failure to the American people. Like WE can do anything to stop it when it's YOUR job to as our representatives.

    Well said. YOU get one vote and can tweet, facebook, write letters , make phone calls and rent billboards but in the end, representatives seem to get to DC and have an agenda of which regular Americans are not part of. And then their constituents are blamed. I think Congress is just a grown up day care with better perks. Maybe they ALL deserve a time out.

  22. "Senate Republican leader, Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, excoriated Democrats .... for declaring their opposition to Judge Kavanaugh even before his nomination was announced"

    Senate Republican leader, Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, declared his opposition to President Obama's Supreme Court nominee even before ANY nomination was announced. The depths of McConnell's hypocrisy are mind-boggling.

  23. They wanted to do away with the Ethics Committee immediately after Trump won. Hypocrisy is just another day /deal in a Republican utopia. Better get used to it.

    And serfdom.

  24. McConnell will never accept what he is doing is hypocritical. It's a power grab.

  25. Impedent Democrats making sound bites for comsumption by their base. no one else is paying attention to these tactics.

  26. Yeah? If no one is paying attention why are you paying attention?

  27. Except, here you are.

  28. Republican senators refused to take meetings with Garland. So why are Democratic senators meeting with Kavanaugh?

  29. "The Senate Republican leader, Mitch McConnell, excoriated Democrats for declaring their opposition to Judge Kavanaugh even before his nomination was announced."

    That's a bit rich coming from you, don't you think, Senator?

  30. The pure chutzpah of McConnell saying that the democrats were 'fear mongering'. No one is more fear mongering than the entire republican party these days starting at the very top. This from the man who stopped Merrick Garland from sitting on the supreme court right now.

  31. Mitch McConnell excoriating Dems is laughable considering before Obama had crossed the White House threshold he vowed to make him a one-term president. Let alone the Garland debacle.
    It would appear that Kavanaugh is an elitist with his Yale pedigree and a member of the 'swamp' with all his time in DC. Where is Trump's base to denounce him?

  32. Dear Republicans,

    You started the fight. Enjoy our backlash.

    Best wishes

  33. I hope the backlash is FIERCE!

  34. David Johnson - But will the 'backlash' win us any more congressional seats in November, especially in swing districts where we need to get the seats from the GOP? It seems to me that is what matters more than anything right now.

  35. Richard - Obama managed to win over SWING voters in swing states, as has every successful president in decades.

    Back in April-May 2016 there were several polls done (the best by Quinnipiac) comparing a Sanders-Trump contest to a Clinton-Trump contest. In ALL the swing states Sanders had a wider lead over Trump than Clinton. In other words, Sanders connected better with the key swing voters that really decide our presidential elections.

    Clinton has no one to blame but herself for failing to win over these swing voters.

    The election loss wasn't about faithful Democrats supporting Bernie and then abandoning Clinton. It was about SWING VOTERS choosing Bernie first, the Trump when the Democratic Party blocked Sanders' nomination.

    Remember, it doesn't matter how the millennials in states like CA or NY vote, where DEMs had a very strong lead. 100% DEM turnout in those states wouldn't have added a single electoral college vote to Clinton. All that matters is those handful of "swing states", OH, PA, FL, NY, and a few others.

  36. What would be so terrible about allowing the people of each state to decide, through their elected state representatives, what abortion regulations they wish to have? It's called democracy.

  37. Because a woman's bodily autonomy is not up for debate

  38. Women's rights are civil rights, but no civil right is absolute. With regard to all civil rights, the states have been allowed to enact reasonable regulations. An example is gun rights, where the Supreme Court has allowed the states to impose limitations in the interest of public health.

  39. The cash value of leaving abortion up to the states is that anyone with the cash to get to where abortions are legal can get one. Much the same result could be achieved by taxing abortions, and women would not have to take a trip as well as pay. One could treat the matter in the same way that slavery was dealt with, which would mean that a woman would have to reside in a "free" state in order to get an abortion, and women from locations where abortion is considered a sort of murder would not be able to go somewhere else and perform a sort of murder.

  40. Mitch McConnell is upset that the process is being politicized. My irony meter shattered into a thousand pieces.

  41. Doesn’t matter. Fact is Dems didn’t control the senate when MG was nominated. Had they been doing the legwork necessary to keep control of the senate, we wouldn’t be here now. It is Obama’s greatest failure IMHO to stay above the fray..

  42. Mitch McConnell's ranting against Democratic opposition is the deepest hypocrisy I've ever seen. Recall that it was McConnell who openly stated his goal of making President Obama "a one-term president" and spent the eight years of his administration stonewalling and sabotaging him at every turn. Speaking of McConnell's sabotage, his blockade of Merrick Garland's Supreme Court nomination by President Obama was a unprecedented and unconstitutional abuse of power. McConnell has no grounds whatsoever to be outraged. He is the most craven and underhanded political actor in memory.

    With regard to judge Kaganaugh, his decisions will no doubt have disastrous impact upon voting rights, the environment, the influence of money upon our politics, and the rights and equality of people of color and LGBT Americans. With regard to women's rights, I have no doubt that Kavanaugh will work to either overturn Roe v. Wade, or to restrict it enough to make it essentially inert. Let's not mince words- if Roe is overturned women will die. Abortions won't stop. Safe abortions will.

    Given the judge's position on executive power, his confirmation would swiftly put us on the path to constitutional crisis, given that the Supreme Court will likely have to weigh in at some point over the special prosecutor's investigation of Donald Trump. Kavanaugh's partisan fealty to Republican Presidential power is no doubt why Donald Trump selected him.

  43. Wait until ginsberg retires. Dark times ahead.

  44. Fight? With what ammunition? What a small portion of the Democratic party are calling resistance ends up looking a lot like failure to outside observers. In the process of resisting words are spoken that further alienate less passionate voters. Democrats have to start focusing on November and stop picking fights lost from the start. The Democratic party leadership and the party message is broken. Fix it before the next disastrous self inflicted 'surprise'.

  45. AS, I totally agree with you. There are many people who would flock to a big-tent, less strident Democratic party. I think it would be better for the Democrats to say that as always they will give nominees a fair hearing, unlike the corrupt and morally suspect Republicans. Alienating voters who want less fighting and more governing is not going to bring the Democrats to power. As illustrated by the 2016 election, they will just stay home, or in the case of Presidential elections, vote for 3rd party candidates. After the hearings, where they should also be firm but less strident, they should cast their votes. The electorate is sick and tired of all this screaming and fighting.

  46. Before anyone even comments on Judge Kavanaugh's background and fitness for the position, word is that Justice Kennedy negotiated (dare we say gave away or sold) his SCOTUS seat for assurances that Judge Kavanaugh would be nominated. Certainly the timing is suspect.

    Whether, what and when Justice Kennedy, Trump, his Administration, GOP representatives & senators and/or even Judge Kavanaugh knew of this is the very foundation inquiry. The Senate Judiciary Committee is obliged to investigate this NOW.

    But their emails? Visitor logs? Phone records?

  47. I'm feeling like "Justice" Kennedy should be investigated for treason, along with his son.

  48. Justice Kennedy's son spent a decade at Deutsche Bank. Remember, that bank actually lent trump and his gang money when no other bank would. Sounds fishy to me.

  49. How is this different from McConnell saying no to Obama's pick before anyone even listened to him? McConnell is as much a con man and street fighter as Trump. I am not sure who is worse. They could care less about our country and our underlying values. Winning is the only goal, no matter who gets hurt. Both would sell their soul for a win and a dollar. I am sure McConnell is as proud as he can be to help force a GOP win for the Senate, even though he cheated to get there. Now he can take down Roe and the ACA while his constituents try to survive without health care. Way to go.

  50. I agree with you completely. However please use the language correctly. The phrase "couldn't care less" should be used instead of I "could care less".

  51. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConell is showing a lot of cheek in getting his back up about Chuck Schumer and the Democrats’ promises to throw up roadblocks to Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s Senate confirmation. I’m wondering if he’s at all considered how rich his wattled indignation is, he of the rape of Judge Merrick Garland’s nomination (by the black, “one-term president”) just a little more than two years ago.

    With nothing short of the near-future (and distant future) of our warped, fractured, ideologically-stunted judiciary; not to mention the quality of life in Great Britain’s old colonies at serious stake, neither political party can be seen to give the smallest quarter in the cage-match that masquerades as “strict constructionist” or “originalist” interpretations of the Constitution.

    It’s doubtful if Senator McConnell ever bothered to read the ancient script but he was greedily and dishonorably busy in prying open a Pandora’s Box in which all executive precedent in these matters flew out—like the four winds and all manner of evils to plague mankind.

    What conservatives are after is the gutting of minority protections guaranteed in the 14th Amendment. If they can find a word or a clause or a sentence or a paragraph with multiple meanings, they will pry it loose from the Constitution’s foundations so as to apply it as narrowly as they might, simply to arrive at an interpretive decision in which the powerless in America are steamrolled by mean ideology and monied wealth.

  52. Democrats: it's time to demonstrate if you are a political party who will fight, even if unsuccessfully, to defend the principles for which you allegedly stand, or if you are the Washington Generals of politics and exist only to provide the illusion of competition to the right-wing GOP.

  53. Not a single judge picked by Trump should be confirmed until Meuller's findings are released.

    If he is indeed guilty of conspiring with a foreign power or other high crimes, Gorsuch and other appointments should be reviewed and possibly removed.

  54. Democrats are right to try to block this nominee. The Supreme Court has become completely partisan. It has become just another tool of the Republican Party to do its bidding on issues like preventing regulation of pollution because it cuts into fossil-fuel industrialists' profit. Judge Kavanaugh would base his pro-corporate decisions on the purportedly neutral basis of "separation of powers" claiming that only Congress gets to decide what the rules are, but that principle is just a lofty gown covering naked corporate greed. Only those who have big bucks, slick suits, and massive lobbying operations determine what happens in Congress. The children with asthma have no representation in Congress. Our children who will be forced to endure suffocatingly hot summers in the future have no meetings with Senators. The average citizen can't afford to donate to their campaigns. Forget about protecting consumer from financial predators by the CFPB -- "separation of powers," Kavanaugh will say. Forget about regulation of pollution under the EPA because it is over-heating the planet -- "separation of powers," Kavanaugh will protest. When Judge Kavanaugh says he will defend "liberty" he means the liberty to prevent workers from organizing and suing their employers. He means the liberty to profit and pollute, come what may. He means the people, through their President are powerless, and only the powerful will decide our fate. It's suicide by conservative ideology.

  55. I voted for the Democrats but the guy, Kavanagh, seems to be an excellent choice, or at least a very good one, although dull. I wish the Dems will stop the bickering and fighting tooth and nail lost battles and start focusing on a positive and practical message instead, like what they want to offer to us to keep voting for them. I voted D. all my life but I fear I will no longer vote for the Democrats unless theys stop the hatred and focus on practical things to champion for the voters - medicare for all, etc, the entire Bernie agenda who ironically is not embraced by the democrats.

  56. I'm middle America and I agree with you about Roe v Wade. However, Trump is determined to overturn the ACA and so far seems to want to replace it with worse coverage. Environmental regulations are under siege and it appears non-Union workers can enjoy the same benefits Union members have under collective bargaining. Am I missing something? I think the Democrats need to investigate Kavanaugh
    until the cows come home. It's no less than Republicans like Mitch McConnell deserve.

  57. Democrats are ensuring that Trump will be elected to a second term in office with this type of behavior. Their political agenda is more important than what is best for the country.

  58. @Don-agreed. It always was.

  59. The Democrats have no idea how ludicrous they look to middle America. Judge Kavanaugh is unbelievably qualified to serve on the Supreme Court. However, Democrats would have Americans believe that Roe will be overturned tomorrow if Kavanaugh is confirmed. In light of Casey, it is highly unlikely Roe will ever be overturned. Instead, more limitations will be placed on abortion in certain states in keeping with the mores of those states. Science has progressed substantially since Roe, limiting the need for as well as the approval of abortion by most Americans as polls consistently show, particularly with respect to second or third term abortions. We now have the morning after pill; Plan B; safe and effective long acting birth control such as IUDs even childless women can use, patches, injections, and implants. Preterm infants as young as 23 weeks can survive and flourish. We live in a time qualitatively different from when Roe was issued nearly 50 years ago, and abortion rights is not the issue it once was for women of childbearing age.

  60. First of all, the states which will restrict abortion rights also restrict affordable birth control for those who need it. These are the same women who if they get pregnant, cannot afford to travel across state lines to get a safe, legal abortion. Many of these women will endanger their lives to get an illegal, back-alley abortion.

    Second of all, many Democrats reject Kavanaugh based on his past statements which indicate he will do what he can to protect Trump when he's called to appear before the Special Prosecutor, as well as protecting him when he tries to fire him.

    It sickens me that this man continues to get away with destroying this country for his own benefit.

  61. You must also think Mitch McConnell is ludicrous, having vowed to make Obama a one-term president before the man had even set foot in the White House. And you must have thought it was especially ludicrous when McConnell blocked Obama from appointing a highly qualified SCOTUS justice?

    The hypocrisy is so thick I could cut it with a knife and use it to anchor an aircraft carrier.

  62. Yes, except that middle America doesn’t understand what being qualified means, how many court members there are, or what the Supreme Court does. Most can’t name any members.

  63. McConnell indicate it was his goal to assure that President Obama did not succeed shortly after the 20008 election. He later prevented even holding a vote on Obama's Supreme Court nominee. Now he has the gall to criticize those who oppose Kavanaugh who has a clear record and who was appointed primarily to protect Trump.

  64. It's called the tyranny of Fundamentalism.
    (Likely you've heard of Sharia Law?)

    And it afflicts not only Christians.

  65. Sometimes, morality just cannot trump ideology.

  66. Perhaps it will be inspiring as well.

  67. Questions need to be asked about possible blackmail of Kennedy by Trump or shady deals. Kennedy’s son is global head of real estate with Deutche Bank. This bank has paid numerous large fines for money laundering and fraudulent practices. Trump has been able to secure loans from Deutche Bank when other banks would not. Currently the bank is under further Justice Dept. investigations, of which I am sure Trump is aware. Trump is also aware that he could have the Justice Dept pay additional attention to Kennedy’s son part in shady practices, if Kennedy did not step down.

    Is the media or the Democrats going to ask these tough questions or risk losing lucrative deals from this bank.

  68. You might want to start by asking some tough questions of yourself. Such as, "How can I be so poorly informed as not to know that Kennedy's son left Deutsche Bank in 2009?"

  69. "word is" ?!

    Well, that's convincing.

  70. Please don't confuse "backlash" with "speed bump."

  71. Dems should have gone after Mitch McConnell a couple of years ago with a vengeance when they had a chance.

    But as Bill Maher would say, it will remain the mommy party as long as they have a current leadership. Its time to bring younger aggressive leaders particularly from the South and the Mid-West

  72. Got a little News for you,Mr. McConnell: this thing is waaaaaaaay bigger than you. A sitting president, facing serious investigations into various possible crimes and misdemeanors (election fraud?!) is in no position to be having ANY nominations considered. Especially not, not with an election less than four months away.

    You told us elections have consequences, Mr. McConnell.
    Forgive us while we follow your lead. Thank you.

  73. McConnell is somewhere out there laughing at your comment. He is amoral, he is not going to be convinced. He cares nothing about the good of the country.

  74. It was Obama that first told us elections have consequences...

  75. Your quibble is with Hillary and her DNC Politburo's error in not carefully considering the Constitution and the heartland's bent for real change, not Obama change. 2020 is your next best "hope".

  76. The fight was won in 2016...the rest is theatrics.

  77. What fight? Oh the one where Trump lost the popular vote and probably colluded with Russia to rig the election? Yes of course you mean that one.

  78. The faux-moderates Collins and Murkowski will quickly fall into line. And then the red state dems have no reason to fall on their swords. The nominee will pass easily---way too easily.

  79. Mitch McConnell's criticism of Democrats for declaring their opposition to Judge Kavanaugh is rich; especially when you consider McConnell would not even giving President Obama's nominee a hearing.

    McConnell bastardized the supreme court nominating process, undermined the Constitution of the United States and politicized the Supreme Court of the United States. McConnell, by blocking Judge Merrick Garland's nomination for almost a year, abused the confirmation process the U.S. Constitution.

    McConnell's abuse of the U.S. Constitution was supported by all Republican Senators, including the ladies from Maine and Alaska. Consequently, you cannot expect the senators from Maine and Alaska to help seat a fair-minded judge on the Supreme Court of the United States; they already refused for political reasons to help seat Judge Merrick Garland, a better qualified judge than Brett M. Kavanaugh.

  80. They should fight this one. They let the Republicans get away with stalling on Merrick Garland and should not roll over this time. The younger generation did not vote for trump (no matter what he says or believes) and we are the ones who will be affected the most by this.

    We should never have gotten Gorsuch and this is a chance to push back.

    Few things to think about:
    - 55% of 18-29 year olds voted against trump, 37% for
    - 50% of 30-44 year olds voted against trump, 42% for
    - trump LOST the popular vote by 3M votes, for reference Obama won in '08 by 10M and in '12 by 5M
    - 61%+ of US do NOT want to overturn Roe v Wade
    - 44% of Americans want a MODERATE judge

    Hold your representatives accountable on their vote and do not let the majority to be drowned out by the extremes.

  81. Cite your stats

  82. "But the Senate Republican leader, Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, excoriated Democrats for engaging in what he called “cheap political fear-mongering,” and for declaring their opposition to Judge Kavanaugh even before his nomination was announced."

    Oh, that's rich!

    McConnell, who engineered the heist of Obama's Supreme Court nomination, accusing the Democrats of cheap politics.

    McConnell is a danger to democracy.

    Never forget: He stole a Supreme Court seat.

  83. Mitch McConnell blasts Democrats for opposing Brett Kavanaugh. But, two years ago, McConnell would not even give Merrick Garland a hearing! Similarly, McConnell blasts Democrats and liberals for being prepared to oppose whoever President Trump nominated, but, of course, the Judicial Crisis Network and other conservative groups were prepared in advance to support whoever the president nominated. Do they not deserve to be criticized as well?

    Sen. McConnell, in my estimation, is not merely hyper-partisan. He just plain does not play fair. With the possible exception of the president, he bears more responsibility than anyone else for our dysfunctional republic. When he retires from the Senate, I will uncork a bottle of champagne.

  84. Mitch McConnell calls Democratic opposition to this nominee "cheap political fear-mongering.” McConnell has no credibility whatsoever regarding any tactics used to block Supreme Court nominees. I am a young (millennial) voter and will NEVER forget the blocking of Merrick Garland's nomination, which was as close to a non-partisan pick as it gets these days. I fully support Democrats doing all they can to keep this pox of a man out of our highest court. Unless the parties change dramatically, this is the kind of situation that makes me certain I will never vote Republican.

  85. "...McConnell excoriated Democrats for attacking even before the nomination .." Huh? This, coming from the moral midget who held up Merrick Garland's nomination saying his qualifications, his views, his eligibility, nothing mattered in the service of *his* narrow partisan views? Politics demands you suspend your morality somewhat and be a hypocrite, but, man - the Republicons operate at some kind of a new level!

  86. “They wrote statements of opposition only to fill in the name later,” the ordinarily staid Mr. McConnell said, growing exercised as he delivered his customary morning remarks on the Senate floor. “Senate Democrats were on record opposing him before he’d even been named! Just fill in the name! Whoever it is, we’re against.”

    This from the guy who vowed to block anything done by a newly elected POTUS...and so illegally blocked that same POTUS from filling the last SCOTUS vacancy. Are Trump's supporters really not able to see this blatant hypocrisy? I'll vote for a Democrat every time, but I'm not fooled by the tendency to work for their big money donors, that many of our elected representatives seem to have. Bottom line for me is the knowledge that the only chance we have that anyone is going to look out for the least of us is the Democrat (or occasional Independent). I know the GOP has only the wealthy interest in mind with every action they take. And yet, 40% of my fellow citizens keep voting them into office. Demo's keep trying to work within the rules while the GOP knocks over the game board and announces their victory by default. Then we take the "high road" and wait for the next chance to vote. Takes a lot of nerve for this guy to cry "foul."

  87. He'll win confirmation easily. All the Democrats are doing is theatrics. To win their next individual races and build support for presidential runs in 2020.

    He's qualified, won't lose a single Republican vote and probably pick up two to three Democrats up for re-election in red states. He's a very solid choice and will be confirmed by the first Monday in October.

    Elections have consequences.

  88. especially when they are stolen.

  89. McConnell's hypocrisy is particularly rich considering how he led the Republican blockade of Obama's SCOTUS nominee from even having a hearing for a full 8 months. I look forward to the Democrats putting this weasel in his place once and for all come fall. McConnell is the single biggest threat to democracy in the U.S. right now.

  90. Democrats have been idle and need to assert their power. Mitch McConnell created this with co-opting the last Supreme Court appointee, and is a hypocrite for his rhetoric. We need to see an infusion of passion and power, like the new wave of progressives coming up in the Democratic power, as we have entered the Trump Era, which beckons no less now.

  91. "Battle". "Attack".


    Unless surrender and collaboration are part of the Democrat battle plans, there will be no fight. Republicans control the Congress. And the White House.

    ...and now the Supreme Court.

  92. Well, at least all the "principled" Millennial Bernie supporters ("Bernie or Bust") who could not bring themselves to vote for Hillary have learned a good lesson about politics and elections, i.e., elections have consequences. Unfortunately, the ramifications of the 2016 election will last for the next 40 years.

  93. Well, at least all the "pragmatic" Hillary supporters who could not bring themselves to vote for the stronger, more popular general election candidate have learned a good lesson about politics and elections, i.e. polls are real, and maybe nominating an elitist insider in a change election is a bad idea...

    Oh right, no one learned anything, as your comment makes perfectly clear. Sanders supporters, who voted for Clinton in the general election in greater numbers than Clinton supporters voted for Obama in 2008, apparently will be blamed for Hillary's inability to run a competent campaign for the "next 40 years."

  94. Democrats shouldn't spend one minute interviewing or preparing "gotcha" questions for this nominee who is certain to get approval. They should boycott the hearings in protest of McConnell's refusal to consider Obama's nominee and vote "Present" when the time comes to vote. Meanwhile, they should go to work electing Democrats in the midterms. Go on the road holding "rallies" for a Democratic legislative agenda, headlined by Medicare for All. Republicans have failed at replacing Obamacare. It is clear they have no better plan to cover more people with good coverage at lower cost. Use their failure to take back the House or Senate or both. Democrats have just four months to make their case and seal the deal. Don't waste time on a losing battle for the SC nominee.

  95. Nonsense. the inchoate Clinton program,. and the candidate's own demeanor, doomed her campaign. The "establishment" Democratic Party has ossified into a caricature of progress. The tragedy is that it has frozen the future, too.

  96. McConnell:
    "Senate Democrats were on record opposing him before he had even been named."
    --- which is exactly what McConnell did to Merrick Garland, who, unlike Kavanaugh's extreme right stance, was a centrist. No hearings. Case closed. I am sick of the way McConnell bends the rules to suit his partisan preferences.

  97. The irony here is enormous. Why don't Kentucky Democrats shame McConnell in his home state? Picket his house? Post billboards and signs? Bring attention to the irony. Don't sit back and accept it.

  98. It is inevitable. Get over it and find people to vote with you for change in 2018.

  99. “No president has ever consulted more widely, or talked with more people from more backgrounds, to seek input about a Supreme Court nomination,” A high number of years as a judge do not impress me, or lead me to believe that the person is highly qualified. We have to remember that the US has the highest incarceration rate in the world, by far. This is no coincident where it is very clear that the justice system is to be blamed for the dismal situation and the so-called highly experienced attorneys have yet to find a solution to the problem. This is obviously not lack of experience but lack of ability to judge the problem correctly. Having read a number of cases, and reflecting on the actual legal arguments, by attorneys, who have no shortage of experience, I just wonder how these attorneys made it through Law-school. Some of the argument are simply stupid and do not even quote the applicable law. One day a not so bright President may appoint these attorneys to the Supreme Court.

  100. Didn't the Republicans swear they would block any nominee of President Obama's regardless of who it was? I, speaking for the majority of Americans, am sick of their tactics. They seem to think they are Teflon-coated, and none of their actions will ever stick to them, but they all do. They should be tarred-and-feathered, and ridden out of Washington on a rail. Whatever they are guilty of, they accuse the Democrats of doing. They lie about everything. They do anything possible to retain power. The more desperate they are, the more dangerous they are. They care nothing anymore about democracy, only their greed and craze for power. They have returned politics to the swamp it was in the 19th century, and lowered the country in the eyes of the world to that of a laughing-stock. Well, we are not laughing. And revenge will be a bitter pill to swallow.
    They are quite predictable. The more votes they lose, the more illegal their actions will be to rig elections, to rig laws, to rig the courts and the media. They will constantly accuse the Democrats of those very actions, trying to force them into constantly being defensive. Well, government is NOT a football game! There are consequences. We are not willing to be their banana republic.
    But the Democrats must find their backbone and principles that can be upheld. The Left must learn to be pragmatic and settle for what can be attained, and let go of extreme demands. Young activist must listen to and learn from their elders.

  101. They won elections and that has consequences. Don't blame Trump or Republicans for the bad choice foisted on Democrats, Hillary, selected because she controlled the most money.

    Trump won a plurality in 30 states containing 56% of the population with 46% of the popular vote. Hillary won a plurality in 20 states plus DC that contain 44% of the population with 48% of the popular vote, not a majority. Bill Clinton won in1992 with 43% of the popular vote.

    Republicans have more than 50% of the governor seats and majorities in more than half of the state legislatures.

    The majority of Americans disagree with east coast liberals, who have always been in the minority.

  102. "But the Democrats must find their backbone and principles that can be upheld."

    "The Left must learn to be pragmatic and settle for what can be attained, and let go of extreme demands."

    Contradictory. Extreme political enemies call for extreme political resistance. That means more of the first, and none of the second.

    Give the GOP "pragmatic", and they take (and have taken) all three branches.

  103. Trying on Republican Lite is what got the Democrats where they are today. The Democratic Party was the progressive party, and stood for progressive policies. Progressive means changing with the times, moving forward, not status quo. The Republican Party was the conservative party, standing for the status quo, resisting change. The Trumplican Party is for regressive policies, moving backward to times when government took an active part in creating inequality among the population, benefiting some at the expense of others. I don't want that old time religion, I want equality for all even if it comes at the expense of some to benefit others. We, the wealthiest civilization in the history of civilizations, should not tolerate homeless, ill, and poverty stricken citizens in our midst. Our inequality of wealth is the equivalent of the immorality depicted in the story of Sodom and Gomorrah, if we refuse to change our ways we are going to have the same ending.

  104. What happened to being citizens first, party affiliation second? Seems we are identity first, party second, and Americans last.
    Declaring opposition before even having a person to oppose belies approaching with an open mind (at least a judge, and a qualified one at that, was nominated instead of some party hack or friend of the President); positioning this vote on the next Supreme as a direct vote on social issues is misleading and just agitates. If Congress (which has forgotten their role) would do their jobs, the current use of the judiciary to force social and economic change would not even be an issue.

  105. Seems a bit hypocritical of you, Kai, when you consider what Mitch McConnell and his feckless, unprincipled cronies did for the full eight years of the Obama administration. The last time I checked you still have the majority in both houses. so stop your whining as you experience a taste of your own medicine. And remember that the pendulum will swing, again. That's how it works here.

  106. Ask Mitch McConnell

  107. Citizens first you say? Mitch McConnell on the nomination of Merrick Garland after the death of Antonin Scalia: “One of my proudest moments was when I looked at Barack Obama in the eye and I said, ‘Mr. President, you will not fill this Supreme Court vacancy,'” He even refused to hold hearings on the President's nominee. What a disgrace the republican Party is.
    It's called hypocrisy, look it up.

  108. Sen. Schemur has it backwards. Confirmation will proceed because his particular flavor of legislative power has been rendered impotent for the foreseeable future. MAGA.

  109. Make America Goy Again?

  110. The chatter about the nominee may effect voter turnout in November. On the other hand, it's unfortunate the Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee will follow procedural norms this time and hold a hearing for the nominee.

  111. The left is in panic mode with regards to the nomination of Judge Kavanaugh, a man who checks all of the boxes when it comes to education, experience and temperament, because they are afraid of the separation of powers/checks and balances on which our system of government is based will be restored once again. So many in this country need to be educated as to what is the role of the different branches of government are and understand the genius of what our Founding Fathers created. The role of the justices of the Supreme Court is not to be un-elected legislators on the bench like the judges on the 9th Circuit but rather interpreters of the law. Thankfully, President Trump is restoring what was intended for this country.

  112. Perhaps you are forgetting the refusal of McConnell and his cronies to even entertain a conversation with ANYONE Pres. Obama nominated, before any such nomination was made. That the refusals continued and a perfectly qualified, moderate judge was denied a fair shot was a spit in the eye of democracy.

    The party above country mentality started way before this.

  113. Donald Trump clearly has no knowledge of, and absolutely no interest in learning about, the separation of powers. He considers himself to be the CEO of a country he thinks ought to be the CEO of the world. Rule of Law? A little matter called the Constitution? That's for losers. His idea of "governing" is whipping out a Sharpie and issuing Executive Orders about any and every thing that rattles into to his weirdly wired brain. His notion of "Advice and Consent" takes the form of "I Tweet, Now You Know What to Do." The Kavanaugh Consecration is meant to protect our Infant-in-Chief from ever having to hear "No, you can't."

  114. Which translation of the Holy Bible is the "correct" one? Which church or synagogue, which Pope, pastor or rabbi, interprets all the laws and teachings contained in it correctly? Interpretation of our Constitution, the intent of the framers, and its application to specific laws and questions is always debatable. A Republican-appointed SC justice is no less human and therefore biased in his interpretations than a Democratic-appointed justice.

  115. Perhaps the most important, among the many dangers Kavanaugh poses to our democracy and liberties, is his possible affirmative vote on the proposition that a sitting president can't be indicted, or even sued or questioned while in office — on the flimsy pretext that such constraints on presidential power would be too disruptive and the "American people" can't handle it.

    This opens the door to true dictatorship. Say a Democrat becomes president. He is openly corrupt — as Trump is — but no one can challenge him (or her). At the end of his term, he pardons himself (another SCOTUS decision coming down the pike), for all his crimes — or gets his successor to agree to pardon him, as Nixon did — and is never held accountable.

    Roman emperor, anyone?

  116. Yeah. If only there were something that Congress could do about something like that. Maybe they could call it "impeachment."

  117. There is a clear constitutional path to removing or disciplining a president, impeachment. It is a political rather than legal process.

    There is no president in the history of the Union who has not committed an impeachable offense, yet only one elected president has ever been impeached, and no member of his party thought his offenses were sufficient to remove him from office.

  118. There is no way the DEMs can stop this. It is far more important to retake the House and Senate. The DEMs need to use this to their advantage for the mid terms and if a red state DEM must vote for him to keep their seat so be it.

  119. McConnell has the unmitigated gall to say the Democrats are being unreasonable! He's the reason we're here and the reason the system is so broken.


  120. Once again the democrats are pushing too hard. This will probably backfire on them.

  121. Indeed, Senator McConnell. And while Democrats are busy forgetting about things, you surely hope they forget about Merrick Garland.

  122. Come on people, it’s so obvious ... trump picked Kavanaugh because of the judge's view that a sitting president cannot be indicted, to wit (his words) "the country loses when the President’s focus is distracted by the burdens of civil litigation or criminal investigation and possible prosecution.”.
    It’s a tacit assertion that the President is therefore above the law!

  123. Mitch McConnell excoriating Democrats for their actions around a Supreme Court justice nomination, now that's rich. Mitch McConnell, the man who refused to even consider the legitimate nominee of a sitting President. A man who has done more damage to democracy than any person in my lifetime, domestic or foreign. A man who has put party before country for years. A man with no principles, just the naked desire to hold onto power. A man who cannot possibly be trusted at any level on any subject. His rant about Democrats behavior would be laughable, if the consequences of his actions were less dire.

  124. The Republicans are treating this as a scruffy cage fight. I want the Democrats to do the same. I am tired of them being mild mannered and not fighting for us. This Supreme Court seat is the fourth or fifth one that will selected by a President who did not win the majority vote of Americans. How democratic is it then? The Court is therefore not reflective of majority of us. The backlash will come Mitch. I will enjoy it.

  125. Democrats need to immediately announce their plan to primary Collins in purple Maine with the most electable candidate they can find.

  126. The Democrats have only themselves to blame for not working together to elect their nominee for President last November. The Bernie or bust segment of the party helped ensure the victory of Mr Trump. The Democrats had their chance and blew it during the last election.
    Judge Kavanaugh has impeccable credentials and is a well respected judge. He appears extremely well qualified to sit on the Supreme Court. They should not go for the bait by attacking a well qualified jurist.
    The Democrats need to save their energy for the upcoming midterm elections. They should avoid staging a fight that they can not win. An ugly fight will only alienate voters they need to capture for the upcoming election. The Democrats need to recognize that they are being played.

  127. Question for the lawyers: could Trump's nomination of someone with Kavanaugh's views of executive immunity to investigation be construed as attempted obstruction of justice?

  128. This is everything that is wrong with the Democratic party. Members simply can't understand that it is not all about them, and that the purpose of our political system is not designed to perpetuate one set of views.

  129. Sure. The Progressives are think so much that they got behind Hillary and lost to the worst candidate of all time. Maybe they should focus less on the quantity of their thinking and more on the quality.

  130. Mitch should have reviewed Garland.

  131. This is a done deal. All Dems can do is make noise. I will be turning the TV off and enjoying the summer breeze.

  132. As yesterday's Op Ed penned by Akhil Reed Amar, entitled A Liberal's Case for Brett Kavanaugh, explains, Judge Kavanaugh is a well regarded jurist by all parties. He is extremely well qualified. There is no doubt that if Hillary Clinton had prevailed in 2016, she would not have nominated Judge Kavanaugh. However that is not the test for Senate confirmation. It is hard to recall that just a generation ago, Justice Scalia, whom everyone knew was extremely conservative, was confirmed almost unanimously. This sanguinary battle over nominations, with Democrats refusing to endorse any nomination, runs the real risk of damaging this country's institutions, including the judiciary. If Brett Kavanaugh cannot is unsuitable for confirmation, every nomination is suspect.

  133. Excuse me, you say it's the Democrats refusing to consider nominations? Recall that Mitch "the Traitor" McConnell refused to have any hearings for Obama's pick for 9+ months. Democrats have learned two years late that they have to fight back.

  134. Thank you Harry Reid for making this moment possible.
    Thank you Democrats for likely getting Donald Trump re elected.
    Progressives must stop and consider the long term consequences of there actions and speech.

  135. Why is it always Progressives who must stop and think? We've been thinking; it's why we're Progressives. Meanwhike, the GOP says the most outrageously racist, sexist, myopic, etc things and still get voted in. Trump says the first thing that comes to his mind however stupid, contradictory, or nonsensical and he's president. No, Progressives are done being told to sit up and shut down. The war is here and we will not lay down and watch as 80 years of hard fought progress is wiped out by oligarchs and the facist hangers-on who do their bidding for a modicum of power and wealth.

  136. Really? The GOP holds all the cards...and the votes -- how to proceed? Here is a thought:

    November 6, 2018. That's the date on which 33 senate seats, all 435 seats in the House of Representatives, and 14 governorship's will be up for re-election. Put it on your calendar now and be prepared to be an informed voter. If you are worried, concerned, angry, disappointed about the direction the government is going this is the most effective way to make a change, stop complaining and start planning. Remember the president is only one cog in the government machine, and you can make effective change through voting for your local and state representatives, this is the check that can balance this situation. Pass it on…. I was told to pass this on so this people is very important. Be prepared.

  137. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is a disgrace to the Senate and indeed to his Country. (Perhaps not so to his right wing base and the big money supporting that base.) McConnell displayed blatant disregard of tradition and fair play in denying the courtesy of a hearing, and a vote, on President Obama's nominee Merrick Garland.Yet McConnell now cries foul when the Democrats are preparing to question President Trump's nominee, Judge Brett Kavanaugh. Both Garland and Kavanaugh are distinguished and able jurists, and it is a travesty that both the former and now the latter are treated as political footballs. The security of our Nation depends in large part on the integrity of our courts. This Administration is more interested in short term political gains than the long term implications that McConnell and his GOP colleagues in the Senate seem insensitive to.

  138. While I'm glad to read that Democrats are "coming out swinging," I have to ask: where were these fighting Democrats (including Obama) in 2016, when McConnell was in the process of stealing a Supreme Court seat? THAT was the time to fight!

  139. Where are the strategic thinkers in either party? This reality TV tit-for-tat immediacy, to keep the viewers tuned in, is getting dangerously out of control.

  140. To those who are saying this is bad for Democrats, why? They aren't going to pick up red voters by acquiescing. They aren't going to retain core blue voters by caving (again). That leaves the mythical independent, who, after 2 years of Trumpism has almost certainly picks a side. No, the Democrats have to put up a fight, because 8 decades of progressive advancements in civil rights are on the line

  141. Battle is the word. Clash. Confrontation. Warfare.

    Wow. Everything a country should be, right? Exemplary of sound leadership, right?

    Someone posted yesterday on another site that the choice of Kavanaugh is God’s Word! An Evangelical in her own words.

    Some of the rest of us are just trying to find a quiet reprieve from the everyday production of battle, chaos, fiasco under this administration. But we can’t really rest in that reprieve because we know our future generations are in the hands of a man who is swayed by trying to prove his own popularity, that somehow, somewhere he is liked, even loved, and always followed with loyalty. And perhaps a choice in the US justice system may always assure him of his personal freedom, no matter what he’s done or been involved in.

    Gone are the days of right, rights, equality. Here are the days, yes, of battle.

  142. Trump's first legitimate Supreme Court nomination. There are now two Justices with 'the asterisk', just like Maris. And one Senate Majority Leader who will go down in history as abrogating the Constitution and the traditions and honor of the Senate for political power. Sad.

  143. No vote on the next Supreme Court Justice while the President is under investigation and he and his party are attacking the FBI and the President is attacking investigative journalists. Trump's conflict of interest is so public and evident he cannot make a believably independent decision. Of course he picked a candidate who has previously speculated that the President cannot be indicted while in office. The Supreme Court will be tainted by such a mockery of the Constitution, which specifies an independent judiciary.

  144. Once again, I fear the Democrats will be "too nice" and lay down to Republicans in the name of "civility," and the GOP will win, as usual. Why, why, why did Obama not stand up to them more over Garland?

  145. An open letter to Senator Mitch McConnell.

    Dear Senator,

    Try as I might, it is very difficult for me to give you any credibility as you rant against the Democrats for engaging in what you called "cheap political mongering." I guess you would have MORE credibility with me if you weren't such a blatant hypocrite with a fairly extensive track record of being an Obstructionist. You know, the old "we're going to limit President Obama to one term" thing, like right after he won both the popular and electoral college vote.

    But no point in dealing with trifles. Oh, I almost forgot - that Merrick Garland thing, where you parlayed your power as Senate Majority Leader to deprive President Obama, a duly elected second-term president, his nomination for Justice Scalia's seat.

    So it's difficult for me to get worked up when you claim the Democrats are playing politics. But do enjoy your majority status while it lasts these next couple of months. I predict you will be in for a rude awakening come November 6th.

  146. As a citizen it was an outrage that Obama's pick was blocked by the GOP. That was pure politics. Now a President under investigation by the FBI is politically attacking the FBI and calling the NY Times and CNN and any media that offends him "Enemies of the people". "Oddly", he picked a candidate who has argued the President cannot be indicted. As a citizen this is an outrage that has nothing to do with Party and nothing to do with the qualifications of Kavanaugh. it is an attack on the Constitution and the independence of the Judiciary. No vote on a Supreme Court Justice until Mueller is finished investigating.

  147. "Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, excoriated Democrats for engaging in what he called “cheap political fear-mongering,” and for declaring their opposition to Judge Kavanaugh even before his nomination was announced."

    Mitch--so upright, so principled. Don't attack before he's even nominated. Follow the Constitution...and refuse to consider him at all. That's the American way!

  148. Both major political parties and their supporters have begun to sound like "W" parties. Republicans=Winning; Democrats=Whining. I may not like it but that is what it sounds like.

  149. Sadly, yes. Unless and until Democrats can vote and show whether they do have a majority that counts, a lot of this is just whining. I'm more than tired of it - can't wait until November, '18, '20, ... the only times that seem to count any more. I

  150. I don't get it. What, exactly, do you think the Democrats could accomplish - now in 2018, and then in 2016? The Republicons have the power that counts, and they are using it. Yes, it is party before everything else, but them's the marbles we're playing for now, it seems

  151. Bravo. Except, please just substitute Merrick Garland for the name Kavanaugh. Thanks - that should do.

  152. Doesn't Mr. McConnell realize that emulation is the sincerest form of flattery? The only difference between now and earlier is that his denial of Obama's opportunity to name a judge was seditious. What the democrats are doing is mere futile grandstanding.

  153. If Justice Kavanaugh were to say anything about a future roe/wade case he would have to preclude himself from the case as prejudiced. Didn't whats his name, and whats her name justices just recently have to do that?

  154. A lot of political posturing, as expected, but as one who didn't bother to listen to the Showman's announcement last night, I already know what the outcome will be: Kavanaugh will win approval and assume his position on the Supreme Court.

    More important to me will be how Kavanaugh does or does not answer questions about a.) the integrity of the Senate hearings process after Gorsuch and his refusal to answer any pertinent questions about past cases and precedents, and b.) the integrity of the Supreme Court itself, which appears to be headed toward the same partisan predictability as Congress.

    Judge Kavanaugh, in other words, should directly comment on his thoughts regarding past court cases. He should also speak to the survival of the judicial branch as a viable "check and balance" as it was conceived by the Constitution. This in an age where the Court is being unbalanced by money and powerful partisans. This in an age where the successfully-place judges appear unwilling to show even occasional independence from the sponsors who place them on the bench.

    In other words: Is it going to be country or conservative groomers, Mr. Kavanaugh? Will you vote lockstep or conscience once you don those robes for life? This is what regular Americans care about, and would if the sides were reversed, too.

  155. By outsourcing to the Federalist Society the screening of candidates and by their shameful treatment of Judge Merrick Garland, the Republicans have turned the nomination/confirmation process into a political battlefield.

  156. Ulysses S. Grant was arrested on M Street in the District of Columbia, while serving as President of the United States.

    He paid a fine for his infraction of the law.

    In my opinion, Mr. Trump's curious legal notion that, as President, he can't be indicted, convicted and sentenced, is simply fantasy. In the United States, the President is not above the law.

  157. Pence is wrong to say that Mr. Kavanaugh is “the most deserving nominee to the Supreme Court in the United States today.”

    That distinction belongs to Merrick Garland.

  158. For those of you who are breathless over Kavanaugh, remember that it was Harry Reid who knocked the wind out of your sails. He declared 51 votes for SCOTUS nominees.

    CBS News: "So the Democratic Senate Majority Leader, Nevada's Harry Reid, decided to pull the trigger. The nuclear option was implemented for the first time, and the Senate rules were changed so nominees for cabinet posts and federal judgeships could be confirmed with just 51 votes. Republicans cried foul, despite threatening the nuclear option in the past, and Democrats who had been opposed to such a rule change quickly changed their tune. Then-Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said at the time, "You'll regret this, and you may regret this a lot sooner than you think."

    So why aren't liberals following Harry Reid to restaurants, causing scenes and demonstrating?

  159. Sorry, no, it was not Harry Reid who declared 51 votes for SCOTUS nominees.
    Read your own quote of CBS News: "So the Democratic Senate Majority Leader, Nevada's Harry Reid, decided to pull the trigger. The nuclear option was implemented for the first time, and the Senate rules were changed so nominees for cabinet posts and federal judgeships could be confirmed with just 51 votes."
    Firstly, please note the difference between 'federal judgeships' and SCOTUS nominees.

    Secondly, Reid was forced to use this option because Republicans were unreasonably blocking nominations for federal judgeships.

    Thirdly, it was the ever-scurrilous and craven Mitch McConnell who used the so-called nuclear option, for SCOTUS nominee Gorsuch, in order to get him confirmed for the seat on the bench that he brazenly stole from President Obama when McConnell refused to even allow Merrick Garland a hearing for 10 months remaining in President Obama's term.

    And yes, people are outraged.
    And there will be blowback.

  160. It always takes two to tango.

    Harry Reid decided to "pull the trigger" and use the "nuclear option" in response to unprecedented obstruction from McConnell & Co., who had been using the filibuster for virtually every appointment Obama made. Or do you not recall McConnell's statement that his number one goal was to make Obama a "one term president"? McConnell's obstruction began the moment Obama was elected, and continued through his refusal to allow a hearing on Judge Garland. He practically dared Reid to change the Senate rules. And when he gained control of the Senate, he quickly expanded the nuclear option to include all presidential appointments. The Senate then became a rubber stamp of a same-party president, not the deliberative body it was designed to be.

    Neither Reid nor McConnell were able to think beyond short term gain. The US Senate was created to be a place for hot button issues to cool - Franklin famously likened it to pouring hot tea into the saucer to cool before drinking, a common point of etiquette at the time.

    Today's Senate has, unfortunately, become as heated and as partisan as the House of Representatives, thanks to Reid & McConnell. Democrats have shown today that any vestige of the Senate being a place where cooler heads prevail has long been lost - to the overall detriment of our nation.

  161. Mitch McConnell did it for SCOTUS. Harry Reid left that one alone

  162. You omitted the word JUSTIFIED and no need to paint Kavanaugh as an arch-conservative, his record speaks for itself. | “Senate Democrats, facing an uphill struggle to reject the nomination of Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, opened a JUSTIFIED broad attack on Tuesday, painting him as an arch-conservative who would roll back abortion rights, undo health care protections, ease gun restrictions and protect President Trump against the threat of impeachment.”

  163. Kavanaugh's statement regarding his nomination that, “No president has ever consulted more widely, or talked with more people from more backgrounds, to seek input about a Supreme Court nomination,” sounded a lot like Trump's doctor' s statement that Trump would be the healthiest president in history. I am certain that, as was the doctor's, Kavanaugh's statement was dictated/written by none other than Trump himself as I find it absolutely stunning that a Supreme Court nominee would make such a pompous, unprovable claim! As a result, I have written off any hope whatsoever for Kavanaugh being his own man. He is a Class A suck-up, nothing more, nothing less. He stands convicted of his unfitness for the job by his own mouth.

  164. Sure. And none need worry about right-wing gerrymandering, voter suppression nor easily-manipulated voting machines. Oh and perhaps the candidate with the worst 'unfavorables' of any candidate in the race. It's all the fault of the first politician, in my lifetime, firmly on the side of We, the people, and a highly-motivated base.

    Keep thinking corporate Democrats and capitulation are the answer, and we'll keep getting our rear ends handed to us.

  165. The Republicans at the behest of their donors have successfully destroyed the country inside out and will use any means to keep it in their control including Russians and their trolls. The Federalist society now control the selections and the laws in this country. We've faced this before and is nothing new but do we have the strength to fight back and take our country back from the fascists? Voting matters as our lives depend on it.

  166. The commentary presumes the Court to have its largest domestic impact, but think of global business, rights, warranties, bankruptcies have frequently shown up in New York law, its law governs much of international commerce and finance. In a case that got too little media notice, Argentina lost a default appeal to Elliott Management and other private equity, forcing the President of Argentina to fly commercial for the UN opening, fearing Elliott, et al. would attach the national plane as they had tried to do with the DC embassy. Finally, Argentina was forced to pay, all caused by a legal loophole its advisers overlooked.

    Trump wants to shift trade decision-making from an fairness-for-all model like the WTO, to one that can be controlled through a single legal gateway, US courts, by US legislation. This pick/his credentials is the key appointment that will shape global growth, its legal controls.

    In the absence of TTP, the pressure to void or abandon (or rewrite) every other agreement means US courts would play a new, highly important role in world trade, its liability, its capital, its safety and wages. This pick will touch every worker in the world.

  167. Or other countries will want to either their own or use a third party country law's for trade. Just because a company is based in the US does not mean the contracts are governed under US law. Multinationals sign contracts every day using the domicile in which the work is being performed, not where their headquarter is. Yes, US companies do like NY law for business as it has very established case law and therefore precedent has generally be set. Individuals contracts for trade, if not done under a uniform set of rules like the WTO, will become an expensive headache for many individual business and farmers.

  168. He will be confirmed, and that will be the second-last nail in the coffin of American democracy. The last will be our own "Reichstag Fire" a terrorist attack most likely (and possibly a false flag event) that will provide an excuse to cancel the 2020 election. And then we may have the hot civil war that so many on the right seem to slaver over.

  169. Never mind that the guy he is replacing was a Ronald Reagan pick. I'm not sure what democrats expect to accomplish here as it is a fait accompli. At least it will be an impartial judge unlike that moron Sotomayor who "colors her judgements with her Latina experience". She doesn't know the meaning of impartial. And absolutely nobody is buying the fear mongering about Rowe/Wade and that other drive that the Times and Democrats are peddling. What tripe.

  170. McConnell is a con man, a hypocrite, and a true danger to democracy. It is clear that he would choose party over country every time . That pattern is already obvious.

  171. Do McConnell and the GOP think that we are stupid?

    Of course he does. And he would be right. We as a citizenry have never punished Republican lies, hypocrisy, and wholesale trampling of our political norms and traditions, all in service of their highest principle: Party First!

    Maybe 2018 will be different. But I doubt it.

  172. The New York Times terms of use prevent me from telling the "ordinarily staid" Mitch McConnell exactly where he can stick his faux outrage.

  173. In the photo I’m glad Schumer is losing the crazy schoolmarm half-glasses.

    It’s time to fight!

  174. This is about two different events, students.
    First, Chuckie Schumer USED to at least be original with his propagandizing of the poor little tools in the streets. He actualy used relevant terms and you almost believed that he meant it for a moment.

    But the Senator from the Wall Street banks was getting his message from the same place everyone else was last night, and none of it even made sense. You'd think with millions of progressive oligarch's dinari at stake they'd have a more coherent approach.

    But the second example from last night should leave you either laughing or in tears.

    The robotic dolts-in-the-street were sent out with blank places on their signs because no one was sure who the nominee was going to be, so you had stuff like, ''M- (fill in blank here) is going to end all human life on the planet!''

    The poor things didn't even know the gender of the object of their everlasting hatred until the call from Denver or whever came in.
    This is the approach of a political party that could ONCE show some coherence, even when losing. Not so much now.

  175. any chance rand paul's neighbor might drop by mcconnel's anytime soon?

  176. He's pure evil. Reject all Trump nominations. Only a 9th circuit justice is acceptable.

  177. If anyone doesn't think this country isn't at war with itself, I invite you to open your eyes and your ears. The barricades are calling, which side will you be on?

  178. Demo’s on the attack...T. God as the youngsters would say! Let’s roll!!!

  179. Anything Mitch McConnell says about the U.S. Supreme Court nominating process- is not worthy of printing. Please stop insulting us- NYT.`

  180. Wow, Chuck Schumer with his glasses off; he must really mean business!

  181. Confirmation is a forgone conclusion. Schumer well knows this and just needs to put on a show for the faithful. He also knows that the Supreme Court is lost for the foreseeable future. As a lifelong Democrat, I am tired of 50 years of political malpractice by the leaders of this party. I have switched my registration to Independent.

  182. Apparently, what's good for McConnell's goose is not for his gander. Was he fair to Merrick Garland? Nope. What a hypocrite.

  183. As Republican birthers claimed just a few years back, any appointments of an illegitimate president should be summarily impeached. They are a stain on the rule of law.

  184. McConnell, how the heck do you sleep at night. And how the heck can your family stand you. We certainly cannot.

  185. Looking forward to a hair on a Coke can with this guy someplace.

  186. This battle was lost years ago. At this point, if the Dems want to make a point, they should take a stand that they're stuffing it up to make a point about McConnell's shameless game playing to get the Gorsuch appointment. But, beyond that it's lost.

    As for McConnell being outraged -- who cares?

    The Democrats need to wake up and understand the game that is being played here -- the GOP, in no uncertain terms, has been organizing and demonstrating for years in action that nothing but results matter. Do anything to win. If you can pull it off, you win. And you'll be rewarded with money and power by the special interest backers.

    The GOP does not care about public interest -- sure, if 'the base' roars with approval, that's gravy, but they can be snookered in so many ways. It's all about results for their money backers.

    The Democrats seemed to think there are "norms" and standards, and ethics. There are not. If they ever want the pendulum to swing back to the left, they need to start playing the game the way the GOP is playing it -- do anything for the results.

    The backlash to Trump, McConnell and the rest will come - it's just a matter of how soon, and how much of our Democracy gets destroyed before it happens.

  187. Well said. The democrats have been showing up with a knife to a gun fight for years

  188. Exactly!! Democrats need to study and emulate FDR and LBJ who both understood and put into practice the fact that in politics sometimes you just do what you gotta do to accomplish your goals. I’m proud that Democrats are the ethical and mature party but too many of us are just too nice. As FDR said while explaining that he had not always been truthful and had often used his charm and deception to achieve his ends; a good man cannot be a great man. Sometimes that’s the inescapable truth. As in today’s politics and today’s totally amoral Republican Party.

  189. Mitch McConnell is the last person who should talk about "cheap political fear-mongering". He's the one who rewrote the Constitution to suit his own selfish political agenda two years ago by denying a hearing to Merrick Garland. Now he sounds like a man drowning in his own pool.

  190. Senate leader McConnell refused to consider Obama's supreme court nomination arguing that a year remaining in his presidential term was insufficient time. He also argued that a Clinton presidency would be treated the same way if she was still under FBI investigation. But he had no problem ramming through trump's nomination even though this president is under FBI investigation. There's something deeply appallingly amiss here.
    All you have to do to see where Mitch McConnell's priorities lie is glance at the statistics about the state he has helped govern since the mid-1980s. By any measure, Kentucky is a mess*. It is poor, unhealthy, under-employed, non-competitive, poorly educated, addicted, and despairing. While Mitch has been off playing tactician, his state has continued to sink. McConnell is a heartless, cold, ruthless man who is out for himself. Maybe the chickens are finally coming home to roost.
    * Kentucky:
    / #46 in Educational attainment..
    / #46 in Poverty.
    / #43 in Employment.
    / #43 in Medicare quality.
    But #1 in obstructionist politicians.

  191. Don't waste your time and energy on the Complicit Sisters. No matter how
    " concerned " or " thoughtful " they profess to be, watch how they VOTE.
    Women, get to work. November is coming. Finally.

  192. Surely there is at least one woman out there who was paid off by Trump to have an abortion. How I would love to see her emerge from the shadows and show everyone in the clearest possible terms how much of a phony this president really is. Of course, that would be wasted on the Trump supporters, because they would chalk that up to 'fake news.'

  193. It made me sick to see Kavanaugh grabbing onto his daughter in a bear-hold to show what a great family man he is. I kept thinking of all the young girls down the years who will be raped, and forced to bear the child in an America without Planned Parenthood, without choice. And somehow, after he gets Roe overturned, if that daughter of his ends up inconveniently pregnant, I have a hunch he won't make her carry the pregnancy to term, but will whisk her off to a private clinic for a discrete "procedure" only available to the rich.

  194. Scalia's body hadn't cooled before McConnell stated he would refuse any nominee Obama chose. Now he expects decorum? He's got some nerve.

  195. The monsters who made the monster, bludgeon their way, preening for the cameras, announcing their modesty.

    Isn't it finally their turn, just like in softball?
    Like how it used to be in America?
    Aren't they just bringing back fairness?

    Pence and McConnell feigning high values. Conservatives, republicans, who pretend that any act by Donald Trump is reasonable, when he can't be trusted to award the blue ribbon to a cow at a county fair.

    Conservative thieves and gluttons hijack the Court, under the pretense that any division is over cultural issues like abortion and burning flags, when in reality the impact of this nominee, will be about economics and power and democracy.

    How noble and peaceful and Christ-like, the decision for Citizens United. How American to ruin representational democracy.

    It's only fair for conservatives to have a chance for once.

    The press, even as it self consciously admits this failing, will treat this is a carnival! Trump was so well tempered as to avoid nominating a snake handler! Democracy in action! The fight ahead will be furious and fun, as though, short of hitting the nominee over the head with a tire iron, Democrats have a chance against kleptocracy.

    But lots of ads will be sold.

    Conservatives giggle in the cloakroom, insist that they are of a superior sort, when that dirty Trump boy says and does such awful things.

    They aren't like him at all. They only profit from his every bellow and breach of decency.

  196. The more facts that come to light about Justice Kennedy's conflict of interest due to his son's Deutsche Bank relationship with Trump, combined with both Gorsuch and Kavanaugh being Kennedy clerks just doesn't pass the smell test.

    It looks to me like this is truly Kennedy's plan and moment in history than Trump's. It is just too well laid out to be anything Trump came up with.

  197. That McConnell would dare to criticize Democrats for declaring their opposition to Kavanaugh "before his nomination was even announced" simply reinforces the facts that he's a massive hypocrite and has absolutely no shame. Though it's a long shot, the Dems need to return the treatment the Republicans employed in refusing to even consider Obama's nominees for over a year until he was out of office.

    While it's true that "two wrongs don't make a right", it's also true that not opposing wrong isn't right either.

  198. It is incredulous that McConnell is accusing DEMs for deliberately blocking the expeditious appointment of a new supreme court justice. McConnell is the one who perfected the art of full scale obstruction for all of the eight years of the Obama presidency. It's pretty clear to everyone that he deservedly owns the current persistent gridlock in Washington..

  199. Make this ALL about Mitch, and the stolen seat. November, November, and November. Seriously.

  200. Is fierce opposition to this nomination the most effective strategy towards winning the 2018 election? What response to this particular nomination will increase DEM's chances of gaining congressional seats?

    That's all that matters at the moment. DEMs should be functioning on that basis.

    Frankly, Kavanaugh is not the worst of the bunch Trump was considering. DEMs have very little likelihood of permanently blocking an appointment until 2020, or even to Nov. 2018. So does attempting to block this nomination do anything to help their chances of turning currently GOP congressional seats to the DEM column this November?

    I don't know. The answer to that question is what we should be discussing right now.

  201. The confirmation of Kavanaugh is basically a done deal unless something delays the vote beyond the mid-term elections. The Democratic Party will be on trial from this moment on to define itself to the nation and voters. Stop begging for money and begin giving a vision of new leaders and a path to recapture a progressive momentum around the US wherever it's possible to sow growth and reform. Stop playing "who's the next president" and start playing who's the next council leader, governor, school board, state legislator, etc. There is some grass roots momentum at this moment. What the Party does with this time might encourage or extinguish our hopes.