South Sudan Forces Killed and Raped Hundreds in Brutal Campaign, U.N. Says

An offensive this spring was intended to terrorize villagers to such an extent that they would never return to the opposition-controlled villages, United Nations investigators said.

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  1. This is a situation where the various neighbors of the South Sudan should step in and say no more. This is a regional problem which requires a sensitive regional response. Africa has enough stabile democratic countries to stop these atrocities on their own.

  2. Despite millions of Africans taking refuge in the US and Europe nothing is better. Despite 50 years of independence Africans are worse off today than 50 years ago. Perhaps consideration of recolonization of Africa by developed nations with rule of law might make sense for a defined transition period. During that period basic services of housing and agriculture and self sustainment could be instituted. Compare the history of Singapore or Korea over the last 50 years to the history of anywhere in Africa. Now South Africa seems to be following the same self destructive course. Perhaps it might make sense to think about the root causes of the masses of Africans fleeing over the Mediterranean rather than argue about whether they should be in Poland or Hungary. Maybe the west needs to take firm steps to free Africa from their despots. To eliminate fears of white domination black administrators could be sent.