Ashlee Simpson’s New Reality

The pop-rock songstress and MTV star gave up celebrity in 2008. Now she has a whole new famous family, and they’re coming for the Kardashians’s time slot.

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  1. We don't need more reality shows. We don't need to "know" your family.

  2. Do I wish Ashlee Simpson success? Sure!

    Did I miss her? How about dem Yanks!?!

  3. I met Ashlee once and she was very nice, they seem like a decent couple with interesting families so I'll tune in to check it out. Hopefully the music's as good as it sounds considering the collaborators involved (Diana Ross and Verdine White? Like WOW).

  4. "This fall, she will release a new album, launch a clothing line and star in a reality show for E!"
    None of the above has yet shown to be interesting of having any redeeming quality.
    Her track record of lip syncing when pretending to sing live (SNL anybody?) is not exactly a promising calling card.

  5. I firmly believe that when humanity finally collapses, the origins of the fall will be traced directly from the airing of "The Osbornes" and "Newlyweds" with Jessica Simpson.

  6. Don't forget MTV's Real World.

  7. These people need to get a real life away from the reality tv game. Mr. Ross(needs to use his mommy's name? really) needs to create a real career not using his family, and Ms. Simpson should work on her own music, and not shill it on a cheap tv show. Considering that reality tv has resulted in the destruction of our government due to Trump, the last thing America needs is another fake tv family show.

  8. Maybe he was raised solely by his mother.

  9. Coolest. Mother-In-Law. Ever!
    It also greatly helps that both sides of the family actually know how to sing and dance! The Rosses (Diana, Tracee, Evan) all know how to act onstage and on film, too!
    So, will we be listening to Diana aptly sing "Home" (from "The Wiz") in this authentically multi-generational & multi-cultural family series?
    So many creative possibilities for this series, where everyone was already actually working in real entertainment careers famous way before people resorted to sex tapes or family ties alone to get viewer interest.

  10. Diana Ross should have her own reality show. Her son and daughter-in-law are not interesting. The idea that Ashlee has a new album is laughable given her failed performance on SNL. A professional singer should be able to continue his/her show in the face of technical problems, doing a hoedown and running off stage is for amateurs.

  11. Wow, Lynn, think of all of the art, sports, inventions, etc we would have missed if their young creators and performers gave up after one mistake. I have never watched a reality show but might try this one.

  12. Riding on coat tails of Ross?.....we don't need more reality tv.

  13. Omg. You have endless amounts of money, a great family life, nice homes, your health, why would you go on reality TV and ruin all that? Because no couple ever lasts on reality TV.

    Nick and Jessica. Done
    Jon and Kate plus 8. Over.
    The Little Couple. Splitsville
    More than half of the Real Housewives! No longer wives!

  14. This article struck me as quite tragic. Ultimately, a reality show is nothing more than entertainment and it neither Ms. Simpson-Ross nor Mr. Ross seem to grasp this. When one's life--including one's intimate relationships--is displayed for someone else's amusement or serves as a distraction or background noise, there's a psychological price to pay. And, if one needed validation the validation of "viewers" to start with, I suspect the cost is even greater.

  15. Diana Ross will never simply be known as “Ashley Simpson’s mother in law”. That’s a footnote in history, at best.

  16. Maybe he's vying to be ambassador to Norway.

  17. soooo very many words on such a verrrry small subject

  18. The snarky undertow of the author's tone felt jarring and needlessly unkind. So another celeb couple has decided to commodify their couplehood. They seem sweet enough, the music sounds good enough (at least the snippet heard in that IG clip), and if they manage to entertain some people and 'broadcast happiness', more power to them. What's it to us?

  19. I thought the article was well written and they seem like a cute couple. I love their backstory and the joining of their families. Obviously I missed the writer’s snark, intended or not!

  20. I'm very excited for this music. Ashlee's been missed in the music scene for a long time now. Thanks for bringing them to light, NYT.