Dying Organs Restored to Life in Novel Experiments

An unusual transplant may revive tissues thought to be hopelessly damaged, including the heart and brain.

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  1. wonderful potential.

    At Mitergy, we identified the "aging" protein that robs mitochondria of its bioenergetics in chronic disease. Newly developed mitochondrial therapuetics against this protein has finally prevented Parkinsonian cell death in the substantia nigra and in separate studies, hearing loss due, both due to mitochondrial dysfunction.

  2. Great article! Instead of blaming DNA or genes for our illnesses, we can be responsible for our own good health by keeping our mitochondria in good health. Not as hard as one thinks. I especially love the fact that healthy mitochondria go right to where they are needed most! Wondrous body!

  3. Great breakthrough.
    Awesome to actually repair the damaged hearts of these babies.
    Hope it isn't long before the research and the technique get perfected, and become widely available to repair many damages, including Parkinson's.

  4. It is a wonder of wonders that our own cellular components lurking within our corporeal construct could be commandeered for the betterment of remedial redesigning of our physique. Kudos to the two dedicated medicos for having unearthed such a bounty of curative bonanza for universal betterment.From this, attempts have to be made to harness the secrets of cytological storehouse to combat scourges and fell diseases such as carcinoma and its diabolic scheme of metastasis from the human bodies.Hearty congrats to the researches ,who admittedly could perform under the broad canvas of scientific freedom operating in the United States.

  5. This is exciting research. Might mitochondrial transplantation work to rescue the ailing heart of a republic, too?

  6. Only if it successfully restore the ailing brains of its citizens.

  7. Perhaps this heart treatment will work, and the baby will grow up to lead a healthy and reasonably strong life.

    However massive problems with the infant's heart mitochondria suggest widespread health problems with the whole child.

  8. This is very exciting, and kudos to the doctors whose creativity led to this solution. I'm not a medical expert, but it seems to me this type of solution has promising future applications for other organ repairs. We now have an FDA that supports fast-track research, and I hope they provide all the support this team needs for research.

  9. wow!!! Science is cool.

  10. This is amazing!

  11. This is a brethtaking discovery and the two physicians who are continuing their great work on live,active mitochondrial transplant deserve congratulations and félicitations.
    In case they succeed in treating adults on mitochondria impaired disorders,it has potential to save many young lives and be a boon.
    It demonstrates wonders of this tiny organelle ,mitochondria,present in each cell and générâting energy through ' proton pump' acros its membrane.
    Proton pump chemiosmotic mechanism of ATP synthesis was discovered in 1961 by Brirish biochemist, Peter Mitchell that got him Nobel Prize for chemistry in 1978. It had revolutionized the field of 'mitochondriology' .Proton Pump is found universally from Amoeba to human and is as widespread in biology as the ' genetic code'.
    Mitochondria continue to unravel the wonder of nature and mitochondria infusion to a dying heart in a newly born child , reviving damaged heart is no less than a Nature Wonder.
    Scientists could do this in America because the academic and research freedom that American scientists enjoy without any prejudice and hindrance,that is sadly denied to score of scientists elsewhere.
    America is already great Nation.America does not need a demagogue, narcisst, science denier like Trump to make it 'Great'.

  12. kris:

    Mitochondria is also genetic material--it's maternal in nature.

  13. good! now i can life forever.

  14. Wow! What next, restory brain function after a stroke?

  15. I think on the street these men would be called Gangsta

  16. More medical science spending. And lots less military spending. Vote Democrat.

  17. Astonishingly good news for just about everybody. This may be real "regeneration" for the first time ever.

  18. Mitochondria are not small structures. How do they pass through the cell membrane when injected?

  19. Very interesting research finding, indeed. But the first question that came to my mind when I read this article was about how the organelle taken out of skeletal muscle cells through lysis, are able to get back into myocardiocytes without any help, when the mitochondria are injected directly into damaged areas of the heart or when introduced directly into the coronary arteries. I have pulled out some original articles the principal investigators have published in 2017. I am hoping to find out more information in them, but it would have been better if the author of this science section article in the NYT had addressed this question of mitochondria ‘migration’ for the general reader as well.

  20. Amazing story and scientific advancements. Put a smile upon me face (especially with all that is happening around us) I hope all now live healthy and happy lives.

    I envision that after the trials are successful, that even more advancements will come to fruition.

    I envision pit crews of doctors/technicians (possibly with advertising labels all over their lab coats) becoming even more proficient in the process to bring it down from 20 minutes to a mere few.

    Such is science.

  21. Awesome discovery! Can’t wait to hear about more applications.