Opposition to Breast-Feeding Resolution by U.S. Stuns World Health Officials

Trade sanctions. Withdrawal of military aid. The Trump administration used both to try to block a measure that was considered uncontroversial and embraced by countries around the world.

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  1. Shame, shame on this fearfully cruel administration for putting the interests of a few companies above that of mothers and infants. How has America come to the point of sacrificing the well-being of infants for the profits of companies that are already wildly profitable?

    Decency abandoned.

  2. This isn't about formula and corporate gain - that's a side benefit.

    This whole charade is an exercise to paint the US as threatening, backward, and anti-human rights while Russia steps up to appear as a peacemaker, reasonable and pro-human rights. To give Russia more credibility and power globally while we give up ours. So, why would we knowingly do that???

    I think it's Role Reversal orchestrated by the Kremlin and the White House. Russia First. US...becomes russia. This is treason led by trump who lives for himself and knows no allegiance but to himself.

    Do you think our WHO reps could unilaterally be this ridiculous about a resolution while at the same time Russia takes the opposite approach unless it is choreographed and directed by the White House and Kremlin? Is there a counter example?

    We will see more of these role reversal efforts of our global reputation while Russia seeks to raise it's profile - despite continuing to kill political opponents of Putin in the shadows.

    This is very, very dark. No, it's not about formula.

  3. Most moms would choose breastfeeding if they have a nursery by their cubicle in the office or can find someone to work their shift while they take the one-hour drive to the nursery. I would have with my third child, but couldn't as I was working full time. Got an occasional teasing complaint from her, but she is a working mom now and knows why I couldn't.

  4. For the Trump administration, there is no bottom. Only descent.

  5. Each day I get up I say to myself it just can't get any worse. Wrong. The best thing a new mother can do for her baby is to breast feed. The baby gets the right neturients and immunities from the mother. Its is also a very important bonding time for mother and child. Nothing but greed is behind this stunningly​ evil watered down resolution. NYT, publish the names of those who ok'd this horrific policy. We want to see NAMES.

  6. It is great to be able to breast feed. But not many can do that, and the UN should focus on stopping war and making peace instead of micromanaging lifestyle issues. They can demand mothers to breast feed when men can breast feed. Otherwise, don't make women guilty of "not doing it all". I didn't breast feed my third child, and she is just fine. The first two cost me a lot because I had had to work part time.

  7. Yes I too would really like to see the list of names who approved this shocking decision. Of course Melania trump has said nothing at all....so much for her being an advocate for kids and mothers.

  8. You can start with Trump, then add the entire republican party.

  9. So Trump and his cronies can grope them, but babies shouldn't nurse from them. Got it. Draining the swamp--right into the mouths of infants.

    What more do we need to convince voters to hit the polls this November and in 2020?

  10. Nursing spoils the shape, don't you see? Breasts are for men not babies!!

  11. Everyday I am horrified & embarrassed by my country. We have to turn this around in November.

  12. I'm not sure I can survive this til 11/6

  13. We must trust our government.

  14. This is fascism, plain and simple. There's nothing here to trust.

  15. Well, if you are really "in front of fox TV," go on and trust our government.
    Don't let the facts get in your way.

  16. Why? I’m sure there has to be some specific reason as to why we “must” trust Trump, but I’m not sure what that is. Please elaborate.

  17. This is stunning. How do you argue against breastfeeding? Threatening other countries? What is wrong with you people? It really is incredible to read that our country is resorting to threats and bullying in our name. There are no words to explain this despicable behavior. its just sickening.

  18. Well, to DJT, breast feeding is disgusting. Breasts have only one purpose—for the entertainment of so-called adult males.

  19. Here here.

  20. Sadly, threatening and bullying have been in the US playbook forever. And always in the interest of corporations and the 1%.

  21. Horrific, we fallen so far.....

    NYT please publish the names and photos of the US representatives at the WHO meeting. They deserve our scorn. They clearly have been bought by the manufactureres of baby formula.

    Don’t let hide as faceless bureaucrats.

  22. Per the HHS website, the secretary of Health and Human Services leads the US delegation to the World Health Assembly. Currently that's Trump appointed Alex Azar. (Attorney and former pharma company executive)

  23. The value of mother's milk is fake news. Go Trump!

  24. I want to trace the chain of responsibility for a policy of threatening other nations with economic sanctions.

    If the House of Representatives acquires a Democratic majority this fall, we could have some investigations in 2019.

    Too bad everybody's favorite lampreys, Trey Gowdy and Jason Chaffetz, won't be around to share in the phun.

    But maybe Jim Jordan can wrestle the truth out of this sorry mess. Baby-faced witnesses, like Rod Rosenstein, seem to bring out his killer instinct.

  25. Is there no depth to which this administration will sink? Being, essentially, against motherhood if the corporations don’t get a payoff? Really? What has our country become under Trump?

  26. “We were shocked because we didn’t understand how such a small matter like breast-feeding could provoke such a dramatic response,”

    Because in Trumpland, disloyalty and less than 100% blind allegiance are the most grievous sins one can commit.

  27. This is depraved - much worse than calling ketchup a vegetable.

    As much as I support families who use formula for various reasons, it is obvious that the WHO should advocate for breastfeeding. Encouraging the use of formula among people who do not have a reliable source of good water, or among families who cannot afford it is immoral.

  28. That ketchup nonsense was Regan.

    Now, if memory seves me right, the same Regan Administration voted against a similar infant formula initiative, this involving Nestlé.

    Yes people, the above is monstruous, but how can you be truly astonished?

  29. “Family Values” at their finest

  30. And so the capricious corruption of the trump regime snakes its way onto the world stage, to ruin lives it has no interest in, or moral right to affect. Revolting.

  31. It seems the Trump administration is perfectly fine with dead babies as long as someone makes a profit in the process. Pro-life indeed.

  32. Against abortions but against breast feeding. For incarcerating children in cages and denying the poor ones Medicaid. Whatever these conservatives are drinking needs to be jettisoned into outer space.

  33. The movement should be renamed "forced birth" as that is apparently what they are concerned about.

  34. If it weren't already abundantly clear, this move by our country's administration to damage the weakest of us to enrich the strongest should make one hideous fact glaringly incontestable: our beloved United States of America has been hijacked by savage beasts.

  35. Thanks Ric, always appreciate your perspective!

  36. Savage beasts is the word for it

  37. This did not occur to you when the US attacked Iraq in 2003 and directly or indirectly led to the deaths of more than 2 million people?

  38. There is no consistent randomized trial data showing the superiority of breast feeding. It is all retrospective or prospective cohort. I know this is an article of faith for nytimes readers, but there is no good evidence that formula fed babies are at a disadvantage.

  39. Just google "Nestle kills babies" and you will get all the evidence you need.

  40. There are no "consistent randomized trial data" because it is considered unethical to experiment on human babies by assigning them randomly to be breastfed or formula fed. The existing evidence is plenty good enough.

  41. Well Fred, if you bothered to read the article, you will see that scientists hesitate to experiment with the health of actual babies with "randomized trial data" on breastfeeding. However, that does not mean there is not good evidence that breastfeeding is the healthier option for babies, and it certainly is in places where clean waters scarce, and where mothers low incomes tempt them to water down expensive formula to stretch out the supply.

  42. Can this administration make any policy that advocates what's best for children over what's best for industry profits & political interests?

  43. Thank goodness for Russia. Why are we bullying countries over breastmilk? Is it because Trump is trying to undermine the women's movement?

  44. “Thank goodness for Russia.”??
    Please don’t ever say that. The Russian government has taken advantage of Trump stupidity (and whatever else it is he’s done that they know about) to maneuver themselves into the position where other countries and now Americans(!) are moved to thank Russia!

    Please! Do not fall into Putin’s trap and bring credit to this murderous, anti-democratic, Government Mafia that would kill 100,000 babies in an instant if it served their criminal or geopolitical interests.

  45. Money. Maximizing profits.

    I doubt that they are even thinking about the women’s movement except as an afterthought.

  46. Shocking is the least reaction to this latest attempt by the administration in the race to the bottom. In addition, perhaps a “corrective action” in regard to Abbot and Nestle seems appropriate. How about it, consumers?

  47. Welcome to the New World Order.
    Russia is now stepping in to protect the rest of the world from the US behaving as a rogue nation using threats, bribery and extortion overtly as Standard Operating Procedure.

  48. America has certainly played into Russia's hands with this one. Which country so you think Ecuador etc will now turn to when they need assistance?
    Well played Trump and Putin in successfully alienating America from yet more countries.

  49. If true, then this is the sickest story yet about the Trump administration's pro-business bias. I'm all for capitalism, but trying to get between a baby and breast milk? In order to sell more formula? Honestly, what is wrong with these people? They aren't human, as you and I understand the term.

  50. This IS capitalism.

    Unbridled capitalism.

  51. Thank you, Jack, for those great thoughts. It's not often that we get to hear men speak paternally! Listening to Trumpet and his orchestra, breasts were created for groping, not for nourishing. They are demeaning; you are ennobling!

  52. There appears a frightening pattern of our administration - from separating families at the boarder to withholding the best agreed-upon food for newborns and babies. And that to developing and poor countries, exploiting vulnerable populations. No shame? Only profit maximization?

  53. Don’t underestimate the streak of sadism that runs through this administration, starting at the top.

  54. Sell our souls for some campaign contributions? Sure, we're easy, but not cheap.

  55. So now mother’s milk is in the administration’s crosshairs. How can Republicans possibly defend this kind of craven, morally bankrupt behavior? I’m ashamed to be an American.

  56. The domestic tariff on breastfeeding comes after November....

  57. This is truly one of the most repulsive actions of Trump’s team, for two reasons. First, he is opposing the world’s nations and the world’s of science that all agree hat breast feeding, when an option, is best for children. So one enormous offense is )(what’s coming to be a Trump specialization) unnecessary damage to the health of children. Second, the manner in which Trump opposes this: “do everything I say or you lose aid and military support”. In other words, no matter how small the issue, or how obvious the reasons for doing so, Trump will have his way or else. This is a very blatant case of his frequent thuggery. He wants to be The Godfather of the USA, served by everyone. Even those he thinks he benefits know that it is only by his generosity, which, we know, he would remove at the blink of an eye. One motivator: pettiness attached to a brittle, tiny ego. The only “respect” he understands is fear. We should all despair over the Trump world view that’s so damaging to the world.

  58. On top of it all, the Russians were the "good guys" and got the motions passes because, of course, the trump-ites would never hassle them. Disgusting!

  59. And this is how our reputation is shifting in the world and how we will be played by Russia, China, and anyone else you can imagine. We have become the bully on the playground. This is particularly upsetting because it is done in the name of mothers and while asking for evidence based research on breastfeeding , even as the CDC last year was working on removing the same expression from its budget. Hypocrisy, thy name is Donald.

  60. So we make policies that effect the wellbeing of everyone at the expense of a few. These kinds of polices are made in our name by our government. Capitalistic and their cronies in government at work on your behalf.

  61. Shameful. Disgusting. But look at the upside for Trump: when he meets - all alone - with Putin, he can praise him for managing to look as though Russia has become more health oriented, and compassionate than the US.

    The companies pushing junk food - and charging too much for medicine - will still owe Trumpco for representing their interests over all else.

  62. Now the US doesn’t support breastfeeding because formula company lobbyists are powerful enough to persuade the US to threaten other countries with trade sanctions? At the expense of infants’ health?? Is the US the new mob?? The hounds of Hell have been unleashed by this administration with the intent of harming our children, killing the environment, crushing the Constitution, snuffing out our civility, morality and kindness all in the name of filthy lucre. And the guy at the top is so corrupt and morally bankrupt that he and his minions won’t stop until the greatest nation on earth is left in a smoking rubble. All the while our Congress does NOTHING and thinking people are wringing their hands. Get this mob thug and his slimly posse outta here in November before it’s too late! Vote like the future of the world depends on it because it really does!

  63. @MF Thank you! Your words state unequivocally the reality & ugly truth of the current administration's mean spirited and self serving policies.

  64. Trump called a Time cover "disgusting" for picturing a mother breastfeeding her infant. This guy is sick.

  65. As ridiculous as it sounds, that may be a clue to his attitude towards the Resolution - along with following the money.

    He sees breasts as sexual objects, - women likewise. Then there are hints that his relationship with his mom was poorly developed and it has been proposed that this may have made him an "avoidant personality" - so the picture - and the idea of breastfeeding - could trigger a show disdain for neediness and connection in others, rooted in his own past deprivation.

  66. You think that's bad? Wait until he decides someday to go past a magazine cover and actually read what's inside.

  67. How much hate resides in people who fight against a resolution to reduce infant deaths by hundreds of thousands? How evil are politicians who threaten small, poor countries if they support a resolution to reduce infant deaths? How greedy are national leaders who value profits for corporations more than infant health? Are these people human?

  68. Would it surprise anyone if it emerged that the Trump organization is benefiting via transactions with these corporations the Trump admin is trying to favor/protect?

  69. Meanwhile the Democrats are focussing on abolishing ICE and harassing administration official in public. Great strategy!

  70. Most people, Democrats included, have the ability to multi-task.

    This would include harassing administration officials in public, working toward reforming/abolishing ICE and protesting arbitrary policies such as discouraging breastfeeding worldwide in favor of the usage of formula.

  71. What does that have to do with this?

  72. Meanwhile Trump and the GOP are bankrupting the country further with their tax cuts, alienating our allies and enabling and pandering to Putin and other despots, destroying healthcare for Americans with pre-existing conditions, tearing down our institutions and enlarging the swamp, turning the base against the Justice Department, the FBI, national security members and the free press. You support a proven liar, sexual pervert, and a truly disgusting person while your cowardly majority in Congress looks the other way.

    As for harassing liars in the administration, I remember the tea party spitting on Democratic members of the House as they were off to vote for the ACA and Republicans in the House cheered them on with thumbs up! Hypocrites!

  73. Every time I think this administration can go no lower, some new horror presents itself.

  74. We are officially the United States of Corporate America.

  75. well, we wouldn't want mothers to feed their babies with good breast milk, for free would we ? Not when they can keep American baby formula companies in business until the baby is weaned, anyway. Has anyone checked to see if Trump and his cohorts have stock or investments in these companies? I would hate it if they missed such an opportunity.

  76. GOP = Greedy Old Profiteers. Profits before people, profits before planet. The almighty dollar trumps the common good. Vote for the common good and common decency in November.

  77. Follow the money. Lather, rinse, and repeat until January 2021 or impeachment, whichever comes first.

  78. Breast-feeding is known to encourage continued bonding between infants and their mothers and mothers and their infants. Devaluation of natural motherhood, including breast feeding, encourages further sexualization and commodification of women's breasts and reproductive systems. And, that is on top of the loss of human specific nutrients and protective microbiota provided in mothers' milk. Of course, formula should be available, but as a back up plan.

    Conspiracy theory for consideration: in a Handmaid's Tale world, infants can more easily be extracted from natural mothers for "family building" elsewhere if everything about motherhood is denatured in the interests of commerce and ideology.

  79. I find it interesting that Russia finally introduced the reasonable resolution and then we dropped our objection.

  80. Not quite as simple as that. Once the resolution was introduced, it had to be discussed. The US was able to get rid of some parts of the resolution, but not able to gut the entire resolution as they wished -- since at WHA every country has a voice and a vote. The original countries who proposed the resolution fought hard to keep it intact.

  81. Everything that reminds this administration that women's bodies are for more than mens pleasure will be controversial. I'm disappointed but not surprised.

  82. C’mon Mr Pence... it’s 2018, not 1943.

  83. Ok so the goal is to increase childhood mortality, unhealthy outcomes and obese people who then have to pay exorbitant amounts of money to the formula manufacturers and the pharmaceutical companies to address their growing heath issues. And if you don’t go along with those options then the USA will threaten your poor country with withholding needed funds. This is the most reprehensible immoral policy. I am thoroughly disgusted to say the least.

  84. Is there any country (other than Russia) that the Trump administration hasn't bullied? It will take a long time for the U.S. to regain the trust of the world.

  85. We are so numb from the antics of Trump that none of us are surprised when he does something stupid!

  86. or evil

  87. As with many articles about what the administration is doing or planning, I have difficulty finishing the reading. Blackmailing Ecuador over breast milk. For God's sake, who are these people? Did they just crawl out from under rocks? I am convinced that no decent person would work for this administration.

  88. Decent people don't work for this administration.

  89. I think there are many good people working for the government and trying to keep what is positive in the hopes that we will get through this. However when the US was the only country in the world to vote against the Code of Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes in 1981, two high officials of USAID resigned in protest. Perhaps that might have happened again if the position had prevailed, but ultimately the US, supported the compromise resolution, or at least didn't openly reject it.

  90. Again the Trump Administration shows itself to be a bunch of heartless thugs and "gangsters". Every time one explores the background of Trump's actions the New York real estate mobster steps out. On stage at rallies he's a populist; behind the scenes he's a ruthless thug.

    This egregious act of denying the health importance of breast feeding and enforcing it by threats is nauseating and unthinkable. What happened to Trump's populist promises? All lies. He's for big business at all costs. Trump would have most of us living in Favela -- the slums of Brazil -- to be exploited by the rich to get richer.

    Similarly, Trump, personally responsible, separated immigrant toddlers from their parents and deported the parents. Now they are having trouble reuniting immigrant children and parents because their enthusiasm for threatening more immigrants overrode their humanity or interest in keeping records.

    These are also the "art of the deal" gangsters in heavy handed negotiations with North Korea. The goal? Trump wants his Peace Prize just like Obama. Next, he'll be threatening Sweden with trade sanctions unless he gets his award.

    VOTE in the next election to get rid of the Trump lackeys and minions in Congress and in 2020 to dump Trump.

  91. Trump's administration is a criminal corporate cabal. Tragically, his supporters continue, in spite of evidence like this (and the tax cuts), view him as on the side of 'ordinary people.' Who knew Nestlé was an ordinary, hard-working American?

  92. Wow, just wow. Every time I think this administration has hit rock bottom, they find a different way to surpass themselves.

  93. "I'm sorry. We are not permitted to discuss matters we find unpleasant or threatening to our political preferences."

  94. Has it ever been sadder to be an American?

  95. It was sadder from the time the first slave was brought ashore in Virginia and kept getting sadder until the sadness peaked with the Civil War, but that's a very high bar. We can not reach that peak of sadness but yet still be very sad indeed, and so we are. (Really, I should say that it stayed sad all through the 1870s when the Western Indians were being killed.)

  96. We've had other events in history that we are or should be ashamed for allowing. But until voters cast ballots with their conscience and not along party lines, we are stuck with a wrecking ball destroying a nation built on immigrants, a hard day's work, faith, tolerance and trust. Hopefully, 2020 will bring us a POTUS who will reinstate these ideals!

  97. Maybe during the civil war.

  98. How can this be reconciled with a "pro-life" stance?

    And how can the US government descend to "diplomacy" by threat?

  99. This is so wrong , I tried to suppress my laughter at the utter (udder?) folly of the US position. The end of this administration can’t come soon enough.
    WARNING: The policies of the Trump administration are hazardous to fetal health.

  100. So, now we are ceding the high moral ground to the Russians. When will this stop?

  101. Unfortunately I support Abbot Laboratories by using their Depakote mood stabilizer for my bipolar condition, after a cheaper generic caused adverse effects, likely due to ingredients in the binders and fillers that make the physical tablet. I may try switching back to the generic in order to boycott CEO Miles White's greedy and socially irresponsible company.

  102. Have these people forgotten the purpose for which breasts were originally designed?

  103. Trump thinks they were only designed for groping against a woman's will.

  104. From separating children from their asylum-seeking parents, to putting the interests of corporations above the health of infants, this administration shows that it cares nothing about the well-being of children. That is, of children once they are born.

  105. Don't really care about the well-being in utero either, unless I am missing some amazing women's health initiative for pre-natal care.

  106. I agree! I'm convinced that this administration is more concerned w/ trying to dictate what women do w/ their own bodies than they are with protecting the lives and interests of children. I can not comprehend how anyone, especially conservatives, can support his agenda. It just seems like they are so fixated on pissing off Dems, that they're willing to compromise their own morals & values to get the job done!

  107. Melania's jacket says it all: I don't really care, do you?

  108. This is so discouraging and so not surprising. It sounds exactly like an action the Trump administration would jump on board for. It helps powerful businesses at the expense of women and child health and bonding. Money and power trump the needs of newborns and new moms every time...

  109. Interesting idea about 'bonding'. I wonder if there's any correlation between bottle fed children and people who murder later on, due to poor bonding. Someone should do a research paper on it.

  110. This is more about giving power to russia and ceding moral ground to weaken authority of the US. The guise for the trump admin's temper tantrum over this resolution of simple corporate corruption (more money for formula makers) is, sadly, a smokescreen since blatant treason looks worse (conspiring with a hostile foreign government).

    The more the US acts like a bully, human rights denier, and threatening jerk on the global stage - and the more Russia can be seen to step in to create peace and seemingly be seen to care about and uphold human rights - the more the shift of global power will slide from the US to Russia.

    It's diabolical, really. Without that quote from the unnamed russian delegate reported by the journalist - I wouldn't have noticed this instance. Look for it everywhere.

  111. How did this man with the faux blond hair color become President of The United States of America?
    May God save our children and nation.

  112. US loses. Russia wins.
    Thank you, pro-life movement.

  113. No one has the right to surprised at this administration's actions in this matter. This is not not an American action, this is a Trump action. There has never been any doubt that that our current government officials are heartless, ill informed and greedy buffoons. There can be no hindrance to corporate profits or radical religious beliefs. Their next actions may solidify and codify their horrible immorality in shaping the Supreme Court. Health and human welfare be damned. The environment is merely their toy to advance short term profiteering. For those of you you who decided in the past that your votes do not matter, welcome to Trumpland, your gift to all

  114. It's not a "Trump Action" - it's a "Capitalism Action"

  115. Unspeakably monstrous behaviour of Trump and his Republicans, trading favors with infant formula companies at the expense of our babies. Trump and his Republicans are not only greedy, but moronically mean in their willingness to harm us all, even our babies. How is it his base, the minority of our population, consider the U.S. is moving in the right direction under Trump? He's harming them, too. It defies understanding.

  116. For those of us that read the NYT, didn't vote for Trump and would like to be rid of him asap, every time Trump calls the NYT "failing" or "fake news" or whatever, we understand it means the NYT is doing accurate and thoughtful reporting. On the other hand, the people that did vote for Trump and continue to susport him hear the same slurs and either because they never read the NYT or found it too difficult to negotiate believe those slurs and turn exclusively to Fox News or Breitbart or some such other right wing propaganda outfit and entrench themselves. It doesn't defy understanding, it merely defies common sense, self-preservation, decency and honesty. But why quibble?

  117. I don't think they care. Some of them are so angry at perceived unearned benefits (health care, education) that other unworthy people (immigrants, people of color) get that they will cut off their own noses to spite their face. Others are worried about "moral decline" read women's rights, black lives matter, abortion, that they are willing to burn their house down too. It's hard to understand.

  118. How is it his base, the minority of our population, consider the U.S. is moving in the right direction under Trump?

    Answer: Fox News.

  119. I feel those who made any of the threats should be named, so the American people can hear their excuses. No hiding behind "government officials" .

  120. Personal anecdote:
    We are in the last stages of adopting a child from a ME country. This child was found by the side of a road and weighed less that 2 kilo. They never knew their mother's milk or the milk from any woman.
    Now, 9 months later, this child who has been raised with formula from a bottle at an orphanage is strong and healthy and ready to ROCK. If I could, I would show you their starting point and where they are now. (Sadly, the US has not been held in very high regard, internationally, when it comes to caring for adoptees, so I can't share anything for legal reasons.)
    Having said that:
    Why on earth should the US endorse a thing that excludes the avenues available to provide for a child?

  121. They aren't excluding formula. They're encouraging breast feeding. That the two are not mutually exclusive should not be a difficult concept to grasp.

  122. Folks, don't be surprised by this behavior- a pro-business stance coupled with threats has been known to many in the international community since the 50's. And I'm at capitalist, but with a moral center- and a patriot!
    I do agree that the NYTimes should name those US officials who were at the WHO meeting. It's time to shame these schmucks back into their cave where they belong.
    Ecuador, I understand and respect your decision to back down after being threatened. The next time you suspect the U.S. will attempt to strong arm you, I suggest you encourage your neighbors in the Southern Hemisphere to join as a group, and tell the U.S., that if you are ever threatened again, China and Russia are prepared to step in and assist with military and economic programs- and state this in public. Believe me, the U.S. will think twice and respect you as a partner, not as a child.

  123. Brest feeeding is the gold standard - endorsed for decades - another woman’s right guided curtailed by big money. As long as we are not jailed for our choice (see Trump’s campaign speeches). To women who support his policies - shame on you.

  124. Endorsed for decades? More like the entire span of human existence (or really, mammalian existence). Save for a brief blip when corporate interests convinced many that nature's way was bad.

  125. Still more from the Trump Gangster Administration.

  126. Honestly, I don't know what is more alarming:

    - Trump's administration was blatantly bought by baby formula manufacturers,

    - Religious conservatives who tout family and children (and want to force children and women to carry fertilized eggs to term with their SCOTUS pick) are dead silent on this issue that clearly impacts children's health and mortality, or

    - The US backed down immediately when Russia barked "Heel!"

    It all stinks to the high heaven.

  127. We share a planet with billions of people and other living creatures that is slowly decaying and with millions of people in deep poverty who are struggling to survive. There is no intellectual or moral excuse for the United States government to undermine attempts to assist and encourage women worldwide to do what is best for their children’s health – to breast feed them when possible. There is no excuse for the United States government to act like a mafia thug and threaten other countries to take political and economic positions that place infants in danger of illness and death.
    After 1 ½ years of being a subjected to an administration that actively and intentionally pursues policies that poison our food, soil, water and air, limit access to health care and prescription drugs, undermine political alliances formed to protect our world against future wars, and undermine the effectiveness of a United Nations that was created to promote world peace and the health of people on this planet, I cannot fathom how any G-d fearing or moral human being can support this government any longer.
    Write to the president and to our ambassador in the UN and tell them that you condemn, in the strongest terms, what they have done and what they are doing in the UN. And, yes, it is time for caring people to take to the streets to demand a government that takes its fiduciary responsibility to citizens seriously.

  128. Excellent comment. Also, your description of the administration is also an exellence definition of the word "Patriarchy."

  129. Not just fiduciary responsibility, but moral responsibility.

  130. Your reply should be the democratic platform. Stop with the impeachment drumbeat, it only serves to fire up Trumps base. Instead let’s talk about what government should do to protect the people of this great nation. It worked for Obama and can work for candidates who can appeal to our better selves.

  131. Fred Funk, as an adult who was wholly formula fed and mom of 3 who I breast fed as long as I could, but who are more than 50% raised on formula....no , formula isn't going to outright damage a kid. But breast feeding is FREE, it is an indescribable bonding experience, and should ALWAYS be the way to go as much and as long as one can. You can't just walk away and formula feed then go, nyah, I think I'll go back to breast feeding. once you stop, you are as hooked in as any addict until that kid is on solid food. To chose, solely for the increased profits of the formula industry, to try to enforce and promote the money sucking reality of formula fed babies.....that shows the hollow of what at one time had been the soul of this nation.

  132. Good comment

  133. Mother's milk won't put dollar bills into any CEO's pocket.

  134. The lack of respect for scientific findings displayed by our current administration is alarming, frustrating and stupid, especially when pertaining to human health and the environment. As a nation we cannot possibly compete in the long run if we do not apply science to our own economic development and our people can not hope to enjoy improved health and wellness if our government treats science like a nuisance instead of one of our most powerful tools. I am excited to vote for candidates who see a brighter future for our country, where we operate optimistically within the constraints of reality instead of throwing our weight around, demanding that the world conform to our delusions until the drama and damage of our thrashings bring us to completely avoidable and painful end.

  135. Dear Americans, could you please vote Democrat in November? Thanks, the world.

  136. Time too boycott baby formula companies and sell their stocks.

  137. I'll do my part.
    Counting the days...

  138. We're working on it. God are so many of us working on it.

  139. As a second upset - this administration never steps back when it can sucker punch another country or disrupt any attempts at international cooperation. While I do think that Trump Co is ignorant about health maters - we've seen that demonstrated in the comments about how good the children separated from parents have it in the refugee detention centers for minors - I think Trump gets off on doing damage to others. If they are helpless, all the better. He'll turn it into a rally joke.
    It isn't this one action - it's the unending list of mean and destructive decisions. He is, if anything, getting more cocksure that he can get away with anything-- as he boasted early on.

  140. Is nobody here bothered by the missing piece of the puzzle, actual language of the resolution the US was opposing? Without citing the actual resolution, this is nothing by hearsay from numerous ANONYMOUS sources and one guy from Ecuador.
    This article so far is a sham with no facts. Let me know when we are able to read the resolution fully quoted, so I can make an informed decision about condemning the actions of this administration, instead of just trying to fan the flame of hatred and outrage toward the current government.

  141. I'm betting it would not take a lot of effort on your part to Google the wording of the actual resolution. Then you could make the informed decision you are seeking.

  142. Think about how dangerous this is. We have a government that threatens dire consequences to smaller countries that dare to support a sane, healthy way to feed babies. What next? Where do we stop? Is there no shame?

  143. Pretty much zero interest in the health and well-being of the 99%

  144. Now they they’ve gone after mom, I suppose apple pie will be next. Despicable.

  145. This is good. I hope that the US continues to make itself more irrelevant and less dominant in such world decisions. Let other countries have a bigger voice at the table. Why should one country be allowed to bully everyone else? If they are being swayed by all these manufacturers, then it just shows how corrupt they are. Breastfeeding advocates don't have any big pharma money behind them. The research and evidence is proof enough. And many women have difficulty breastfeeding or continuing to feed after the first few months. I also believe that the good quality alternatives should be made available to them.

  146. The U.S. became relevant when it tried - even when not always successfully - to live up to its ideals. As Lincoln said, the last best hope on earth. If it comes less relevant it will be because of behaving like was described in this article. The U.S. and the world will be poorer for it.

  147. Quote from Patti Rundall, from the British advocacy group Baby Milk Action, this morning on NPR:

    "They would do things, you know, you'd never rely on them for doing something good, but you'd certainly wouldn't get this really harsh approach we're seeing in the last year or so."

    She was talking about the United States.

    "...never rely on them..."

    Says it all.

  148. Well, in the sense that the US is rapidly becoming one of the most regressive and stupid countries, becoming more irrelevant is a good thing on the whole. What a way to do good! By example, as shoals and reefs throughout the sea are littered with shipwrecks.

  149. Pro life, but anti baby.

  150. Pro fetus. All bets are off after birth.

  151. Is this what it means to make America great? Shameless.

  152. Thugs! Disgusting administration.

  153. A Google search for “Breastfeeding Fox News” today shows top result as “Breastfeeding May not make your baby smarter” and then “Dad breastfeeds baby after Mom suffers delivery complications “.

    I wonder out of the many people who take conservative propaganda outlets for news are even aware that something this heinous is being done by US government right now.

  154. There's no level of depravity to which these people won't sink if it involves money. None.

  155. This is a shamful act on behalf of corporations that have only interest in profit similar to American efforts to encourage Tonacci industry to promote cigarettes sell with no regard to enormous cost to life and health in poor part of the World . The Americans who are involved in shameful act should be named.

  156. Formula only works if you have safe access to clean drinking water, which many people across the world do not have. This administration is disgraceful.

  157. That's just the half of it in poor countries - women given free formula in a hospital if her baby is born there cannot afford to keep on using formula after they go home, so they dilute it in half and worse. . . we went through all this with Nestlé some decades ago. Breast feeding is the best for all babies whether the mother lives in poor parts of Africa or America. If mothers who cannot do it have access to formula and can afford it, that's fine too, but Nestlé was trying to hook 3rd world mothers on their products in hospital instead of breast feeding, thus interrupting the natural process long enough to stop the mother's milk from coming in properly. I stopped buying Nestlé products years ago.

  158. This is atrocious! Who are these supposed delegates who "represent"us? They aren't representing me or all the evidence based science to support breast feeding. And then to make threats?? That is totally unacceptable! Please print all the names of these "delegates"

  159. As an adoptive mother of two, I was unable to breastfeed. However, I am appalled by this story. I never felt stigmatized or had trouble obtaining formula. My daughter was colicky and sick from day one, due to her reaction to milk based formula. If I could do it again, I would participate in a breast milk sharing program, which wasn’t widely available some thirty years ago.

  160. Bless you for adopting...have to agree about the value of breast mild sharing programs. These should be government funded and supported. I myself felt bad about how much was wasted when my very healthy 10 month old was ready for sweet potatoes and ground lamb but I was still producing lots of milk. I would have gladly frozen and supplied it to another mother.

  161. Oher countries can rely on Europe and her allies rather than the U.S. for aid and trade.

    I live in France, where, while people are convinced Trump is a "clown" or an "idiot", they, in general, get starry-eyed about the U.S., it's grandness in size and beauty, and a cockamamie belief that everyone is rich and believes in Democracy.

    That is the illusion the U.S. puts out there. While we've always acted in our best commercial interests on the world stage, we were for a time, during and after WWII, the good guys, and few were inspecting the harm of tobacco, firearms, pesticides, even though the manufacturers knew them.

    Now Trump is bullying other countries to bend to the U.S. will with trade threats. These countries seem not to know that the European Union is the second largest economy in the world, after China, and that the US is in third place.

    Europeans tend not to publicize the fact that they can help other countries, any time Trump threatens. Europeans don't brag and market so much --- it's not their habit -- but the world needs to know there's another super power out there, allied with Canada and Mexico, and good trade relations with everyone.

    That breast-feeding is best for babies is undisputed. While I understand US companies not wanting to lose their share of the baby food market, it's once again, a choice of money over health.

    The right chooses money every time. No wonder Americans live in fear ... their lives are absolutely worthless to those in power.

  162. We agree with you and 70% of the rest of our voters do too. 15% think he shakes things up and the other 15% are imbeciles

  163. This is wrong in so many ways:
    1. We are going against scientific research.
    2. Our government is acting on behalf of commercial (read campaign donors) interests rather than the health of babies.
    3. We are acting like a schoolyard bully.
    4. We are getting involved where we don't need to be.
    5. The USA via our administration has embarrassed themselves and by extension all of us.

    Are we tired of winning yet?

  164. Next week or so the MAGA mantra will be.............
    My Attorney Got Arrested.

    Then the REAL fireworks will begin.

    CAN"T WAIT!!!!!

    God Bless Mr. Rosenstein
    God Bless Mr. Mueller

  165. HE promised that we would be tired of winning, but who knew that he would deliver so soon? As he likes to say, "Promise made. Promise kept."

  166. We;re so great, we can hardly stand ourselves (and no one else can stand us at all).

  167. Dear President Trump, please do not disclaim the medically, scientifically and maternally proven best way to feed infants: breastfeeding. I and many other mothers implore you not to market and promote formula infant food in this fashion. Your suggestion to promote infant formula over breastfeeding is a grave injustice to our children, and will be to future generations, who will be plagued by illnesses and immune diseases. Please help. Please reconsider. Thank you for listening

  168. Well good grief. Is there anything - and I mean anything! - that the Trump administration puts before the almighty dollar? Doesn't look like it. And given the current and ongoing trauma experienced by children recently separated from their parents at our southern border, we already know how Trump feels about "post-born" babies, particularly if they're not white babies, right? Sheesh.

  169. Appalling...but hardly surprising.

    Anything for a buck.

    Just sleazy...

  170. Time to organize a breastfeeding protest at the gates of the White House. Thousands of mothers and a national, natural protest right in Trumps’ face. Of course Ivanka will be there supporting mothers rights to natural and healthy child rearing.... right? I mean, she did breastfeed...right?

  171. Welcome to the fascism of Trump and his heartland tumpkins. But they back off when Russia speaks:

    “In the end, the Americans’ efforts were mostly unsuccessful. It was the Russians who ultimately stepped in to introduce the measure — and the Americans did not threaten them.”

    Now world health takes a hit from Trump’s henchmen. Trump voters are destroyimg our democracy and ruining international relations.

  172. Disgusting.
    The actions of our government become ever more disgusting.
    For God's sake.

  173. I wonder if Veep Pence will attempt to defend this...Add this to the crazy long list of nonsensical ways to line corporate pockets.

    The Trump Administration has a penchant for abusing the rights and well-being of the defenseless.

  174. The thuggery in the Oval Office has seeped down into the State Dept. This sounds like another effort to exert control over women's bodies; this time in the interests of the infant formula industry, which boils down to paying homage to monetary gain.

    The Trump administration is totally destroying not only relations with other nations who have been allies but the common decency America has long stood for, to say nothing about he is doing to our democracy. Misogyny, xenophobia, hate, uncivility are the traits exhibited by Trump, his administration, and his supporters. Intelligent communication has been upended by insults and elementary school-age language uttered by Trump who doesn't deserve to be addressed by 'president'. He has and continues to sully the title. Corrupt officials who know no shame are appointed, then forced to resign are lauded by Trump. He pays tribute to nepotism - the daughter and husband team contribute zilch to American values.

    That Russia was not threatened by the American delegation when it intro-ed the measure speaks volumes!!

    I beg of Mueller to finish his investigation and get rid of this whole administration that is ruining our nation.

  175. Thanks to Mr Trump for being against breast feeding, I wonder what he'll be against next.

    Hot dogs? Charities that aren't in his Political viewpoint? What next?

  176. Father, forgive them not, for they know precisely what they do.

  177. This illegitimate regime is now the #1 axis of evil in the world. This policy will kill more innocent children than Al Queda and ISiS combined.

  178. Case studies have been written about how the marketing of infant formula put the lives of babies in third world countries in jeopardy. Impoverished mothers were convinced by aggressive marketing campaigns that foregoing breastfeeding was the right thing to do but absent enough money to purchase adequate supplies of formula they stretched what they could get by mixing it with water, a huge problem given the quality of the water supply. No surprise that the children ended up dying of diarrhea and other diseases. That anyone from the Trump administration could think that a return to these practices could ever be warranted is criminal. Sadly, the fact that Trump has staffed US departments with people with no knowledge of the past isn’t all that shocking. Who knew that making America great again is really a return to the days of the ugly, or should I say ugliest, American.

  179. Can the rest of the world please just carry on with their positive messages about breastfeeding and ignore the U.S.A. during this unfortunate time in our history? I'm embarrassed for the United States.

  180. When we forget our history, we are doomed to repeat it. I am surprised that no one has mentioned the Nestle infant formula scandals from the 1970s that resulted in the deaths of millions of babies from malnutrition. Mothers from developing countries, with limited education, no money, and no access to clean water were encouraged by US companies to use baby formula instead of breast milk. Because of the cost, mothers tried to stretch the supply and diluted the formula with contaminated water. Millions of infants died. Making America Great Again seems to mean making the same mistakes of the past over and over again.

  181. true, but nestle is not american

  182. This action was taken by an administration that is supported by the religious right, backed by people who believe in traditional families with the woman in the nurturing role, and led by politicians who quote the Bible on a regular basis. But somehow, they feel that the needs of the baby formula industry outweigh the welfare of babies and young children. In many countries where formula is aggressively marketed, children have been adversely affected because their mother was convinced, but safe storage or clean water to make the formula was not available. Then there is the problem of the high cost of formula for families already struggling. This is concern for all life?
    Then the people who represent our country in these international negotiations, instead or doing anything remotely decent, decide to press for not labeling certain foods that just contain sugar, salt and fat, because then people might not buy as much. And please don’t tell me you are a decent, right-to-life, god fearing Christian who just happens to support the pharmaceutical industries efforts to restrict access to affordable medications in poor areas of the world. The hypocrisy is breathtaking.

  183. Kathy, the Alt-Right Evangelicals know their bible. It says right there in Mammary I 13:17, "Thou shalt not use the vile flow from a woman's breast when the more natural combination of sawgrass, goat's milk and jingsing weed is at hand."

  184. Good lord - bullying and threatening poor countries and backing down when Russia steps in. Nope, no collusion - none at all.

  185. Please, we need to fire him!!! What’s next? The earth is flat?

  186. This policy is arrogant and completely dishonest. If GOP women voters had any sense, they would voice their displeasure in November, or stay home and not vote for trump acolytes. I cannot think of a more asinine concept from the trump administration that this.... other than arguing global warming is fake.

  187. Who wants to bet that Donald Trump finds the idea of mammary glands being utilized for their intended use to be totally gross? Or that any one of his five kids was anything other than bottle fed? Which is fine, by the way, but apparently there's some insecurity about it. Just saying.

  188. A remarkable example of what Trump has done to our standing in the world. While the vote against breastfeeding with our badgering South American states, threatening to cut aid to them, was winning, Russia steps up and saves the day! Not so long ago, say, prior to January 20, 2017, I remember a proud nation with a stateman for our president, who was respected worldwide--except by Putin. We're playing the Titanic without rearranging a single deck chair.

  189. "In the end, the United States was largely unsuccessful. " In the end, the rest of the world will not kowtow to trumpian bully tactics. The U.S. will be on the outside looking in, while the rest of the world functions without it.

  190. One more example of the Trump administration siding with industry against the best interests of the health and well being of the American people, and babies and young children everywhere.

    Dollars are always good regardless of their source. Babies? Well they can fend for themselves.

  191. This administration and the people who put them in power are disgraceful. Karma is coming...

  192. The glaring issue here is many mothers in developing countries do not have access to clean water or money to purchase enough formula. Formula often gets mixed with contaminated water, or is watered down to stretch it.

    This is not about a guilt-trip for moms that cannot or choose not to breastfeed. Breastmilk is free and sterile, provides immunity benefits, and in many countries is the safest food for a baby. To not support this on a global stage is shameful on the part of the US.

  193. While it is ridiculous that threats were made to get this resolution stopped - major over kill in my opinion - I do have some issues with the resolution, and I can see why the U.S. may have wanted to amend it (although, likeI said, threatening economic sanctions is abhorrent.) Of course breastfeeding is ideal, but there are many women, including myself, that tried breastfeeding and wasn’t able to do it. There are a bevy of reasons why women choose not to breastfeed. Of course in some countries - typically Third World countries - women don’t have a choice, and infant mortality is much higher. In this article, it says the resolution states “mother’s milk is healthiest for children and countries should strive to limit the inaccurate or misleading marketing of breast milk substitutes.” What caught my eye was the last part: “inaccurate marketing of breast milk substitutes.” I don’t agree with that. I believe milk substitutes are a heathy alternative to breast milk. They are highly regulated in the U.S., and have been for a long time. Many of us were weaned on formula, and I find it a bit extreme to have a resolution claim that formula is detrimental to the health of my child...because without it...my child would have died.

  194. I think the issue is that historically formula was marketed as superior to breast milk rather than as an alternative to it. Obviously it's best that babies are fed well, no matter how, but it would be easy (and has been) to trick women with less education into thinking their breast milk is nutritionally inadequate in comparison.

  195. I also had to use formula for my kids, first to supplement my undersupply of breast milk and then exclusively when my supply disappeared. That said, I have seen examples if formula being “inaccurately marketed” in developing countries. The message implied is basically that formula is superior to breast milk. I agree that such marketing is wrong.

  196. Not only have we willingly given up our role as world leader in so many areas, it seems we are now actively working to make ourselves a pariah state, increasingly unfit to participate in civilization.

  197. "It was the Russians who ultimately stepped in to introduce the measure — and the Americans did not threaten them.".
    Well, that settled that. When the godfather calls the griftfather then any discussion is over.

  198. I want to know the names of the US officials who made this policy, and the names of the US representatives at these meetings who threatened US retaliation!
    This is a unbelievable and unconscionable policy, and everyone connected to it deserves to be held account in public!

  199. Dear young moms, it's okay if you choose to not breastfeed. I chose to formula feed my daughter and she is a healthy 6-feet tall. I personally know of instances where newborns failed to thrive when attempting breastfeeding yet grew healthy and strong after the physician recommended formula which is fortified with vitamins. The average westernized adult woman has accumulated so many toxins in her system, why would anyone immediately feed a polluted substance to their newborn? You don't have to pump at the office any more. Get some sleep and don't let "health" officials bully you or make you feel guilty. You have enough on your plate.

  200. Happy that it things worked out for you and that your child is healthy. But this story is not about whether or not it's possible for a formula fed baby to be healthy. It's about coming out in support of breastfeeding, which evidence overwhelmingly supports as a healthier option. Cows have just as many toxins as humans.

  201. Even for the shockingly low ethics Trump administration, this is a new low. Poor women who cannot afford the vastly inferior formula will be intimidated into using it.

    They don't care. Do they?

  202. When I was in high school 60 years ago, we were already boycotting Nestle on this very issue. After decades of progress on American values and human decency, when we had every reason to be proud and hopeful Americans, our world has been trashed in 18 months. I wept over this horror story at breakfast, then I heard an NPR report from Phoenix about little children being held for 3 weeks in an office building leased by a long-term government contractor a month before the Trump/Sessions "zero tolerance policy" was declared. They planned enough to cage the kids; just not enough to return them to their families. Probably no profit in that, unlike the millions of taxpayer dollars being raked in for warehousing seized children. North Korea describes the Trump administration as behaving like gangsters. May be the only thing NK is right about. Meanwhile, Russia seizes the opportunity to show sense and decency. Russia! While Trump acts as doorman for corporate ravagers and conjures the budget-neutral conditions required for his tax-cut payoffs by threatening to withhold health care from millions of Americans. I hope we'll have something left to save by November.

  203. I hope the shock of U.S. favoring the formula industry over established health guidelines for feeding infants goes viral. Where are defenders of the unborn child when babies are denied the breast and when they are separated from their mothers at the Mexican border? This administration is ruled by a man who champions artificial looking breasts instead of supporting the natural functions of nursing mothers. Likewise it is a shame that American workplaces are not congenial places for new mothers.

  204. Once again, the Trump administration inserts themselves into women's and children's health 'issues' (how is this even an issue?) to the detriment of everyone involved. When are we going to start seeing some equivalently ridiculous men's health issues be defunded for no good reason? Yep, that would be never.

  205. This report says that my country, headed by DJT is against breastfeeding? How is this possible? If I weren’t crying I’d be laughing my head off to think that some country could possibly be against mother’s milk. This tops even Pruitt’s phone booth and Zinke’s evisceration of Bears Ears. America, for shame! Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan and Republicans, it is time to think about what you are doing to destroy our country. Just imagine the headline: “American government takes stand opposing breastfeeding, says formula is better”.

  206. The rejection of science, truth, and humanity, all for the love of money. Welcome to Trump's America. It's for sale. I didn't think they could go much lower. It seems this adminsitration enjoys the limbo.

  207. This is so shocking and horrible!

    Ivanka Trump, where are yo?, Haven't you said you were going to work for women and children? Study after study says that breast milk is the best for infants, and it's basically free !

    It is getting harder and harder to read or watch the news. What is going to be left of this country once Trump is done with destroying our principals and reputation as a nation?

  208. Remember, she doesn't care. She said so herself.

  209. So, are we claiming breastfeeding is a security threat and that's why we're against it?