So, About That Treadmill Desk in the Newsroom

For Nellie Bowles, who writes about tech culture for The Times, the most crucial tech tool for doing work isn’t portable. But it keeps her on her toes.

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  1. Since we're talking products here, can Nellie please tell me what kind of sneakers she's wearing? Love how low-cut they are

  2. I love my treadmill desk also. Takes some getting used to. Key thing is NOT to use a running treadmill—they are too big, noisy, and geared wrong so they surge and/or burn out the motor. Not in any way affiliated (except as a customer), but I thought iMovr was a bit quieter , smaller and more stable than Lifespan so went with that company.

    No matter what, be ready to be a seven day’s wonder with lots of office gawkers. People can get used to anything.

  3. IMHO, what would be more interesting .. video of Ms. Bowles, keyboarding/writing a story. That is, for those old duffers who think mental focus is required for writing ..

  4. love my treadmill desk as well - I'm curious about the stand. It looks more well thought out than mine. Might I get a name?

    I'm going to try graying out the screen, too


  5. Treadmill noise? Constant pacing? Pretentious statements like this about something so minor, pointless and First World as changing the colour on a smartphone: “It gives me a sense of control over something I felt had too much power, and that is a small daily satisfaction”?

    I would move as far away in the office as possible - another desk, another floor, another room. Anywhere! Irritating office colleagues are to avoided at all costs, especially those who by their actions are subtly demanding to be the centre of attention.

  6. Is it still really work may I ask?
    I’m skeptical. I don’t judge but I know I couldn’t do it.

  7. I can't believe that a person is as productive while running on a treadmill.