Fact Check: Corey Stewart, Republicans and the Fringe Right

Mr. Stewart, who lost a bid for governor last year, has long courted voters on the rightward fringes of his party, often by playing to anti-immigration sentiment.

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  1. Let me go out on a limb and say "deplorable".

  2. Even his picture makes my skin crawl.

  3. Trumpism meets the South, and the siren song of the KKK.
    Stay classy, GOP. Grotesque. Seriously.

  4. I'm sure Mr. Steward is just expressing the economic anxiety that "real Americans" are experiencing. That's what we're calling racism now, right, economic anxiety?

  5. Are the "real Americans" experiencing "economic anxiety" because Mr. Steward and his friends are trying to take away their health care? To give their Social Security to the big banks? To let corporations continue to wreck their representations in unions? To let the rich pay them as little as they can get away with?, To take away their right to vote, and if they manage to vote, to gerrymander away its effect?

    Just askin'.

  6. Republican claims that Trump is bringing peace to the Korean Peninsula only proves a lot of people went and bought the condo, all upgrades, including marble counter tops and self closing cabinetry for the kitchen, three inch faux wood baseboards and door trim, etc etc approved and paid for; and the very last thing they want to hear is they bought into a Trump scam -

  7. Great news! Let's hope more like him are nominated because most of them will be crushed in November and they are a stark reminder of the modern Republican Party platform of hate, fear and division.

  8. Bet you said that about Trump v Clinton. Be afraid, very afraid!

  9. This is a great nominee for the Republicans. It shows how big their tent is, embracing everyone from neo-Nazis to white nationalists. Senator Kaine should be lucky enough to face opponents like Mr. Stewart in every election.

  10. Gee, I wonder why the "establishment" GOP is so down on this guy? Seems to be a good fit for today's party complete with xenophobia, racism and more. Thankfully, the D.C. suburbs have most of the population to send this latest "deplorable" packing.

  11. If Mr Stewart does not know these white supremacists, they know him. Their endorsement of Stewart out of all the possible candidates for office shows they see Stewart as compatible with white supremacy. Virginia voters should take their opinion about Stewart seriously.

  12. He stands a very good chance of winning. The GOP has become the home of white nationalists and flat out racists. The only thing we'll find out is whether or not there are enough normal Americans to beat the numbers that hate speech will bring out. The one thing we have learned from the last election, is that being a vocal racist will no longer disqualify someone from the GOP, in fact it'll probably help.

  13. And Rep Steve King in Iowa just retweeted a known neo-nazi (again) with no rebuke so far from party leadership. The GOP is really allowing the worst elements to lead so they can get votes from freaked-out white people. It's not going to work. And the rest of us aren't going to forget what the party has become.

  14. Did we really need this "fact check?" Does a candidate actually have to be caught mid-lynching for us to be sure he's a racist?

  15. Why do they always leave out the word " illegal"

  16. Read Orwell's 1984 to understand the liberal narrative. That's what political correctness is all about. Changing language to support the narrative. An illegal alien is an undocumented migrant. It's all doubleplus good, comrade! Really!

  17. Illegal entry is a misdemeanor. So if a person who enter the country illegally is an illegal person, so is anyone who over parks or speeds or commits any misdemeanor.

    I would guess that accounts for all of us.

    We are all illegals.

  18. I thought it was right wingers getting their two -minute hate led by Fox News and Alex Jones, except all day instead of two minutes.

  19. Yes, and ‘half’ of the violence/killing in WW II was done by the Allied Forces which makes them just as bad as the nazis. Uh huh...

  20. Trump was endorsed by the KKK and the American Nazi Party. He has remade the Republican party in his image and they are now emboldened to run for office and get elected.

    And yet as Canadian I'm the one considered a national security threat

  21. Well Gerald, you have to admit that we could sneak across the world's longest undefended border and bring in some beaver tails and poutine.

    Heck, if we're really subversive we could sneak in with our famous stealth birch bark canoe, and sneak the occasional extra letter "U" into words.

    No wonder we're considered a security threat.

  22. Mr. Stewart -- Mr. Kaine is correct -- the GOP has in the last two years prove itself to be a racist body -- but the deplorables seem to love it, so give it your best shot. I'm hoping you all, not only get kicked out of office, but are ultimately forced to go live on (ha ha) peaceful Korean Peninsula.

  23. The fact that Trump immediately praised Stewart's win [Stewart being a proven racist and backer of anti-Semites] means, of course, that Trump is not at all racist.

  24. Republicans are nominating right-wing extremists all over the nation. I hope Democrats understand how important it is to call them out at every opportunity. We do not need a Congress that is even more racist, misogynist, homophobic and xenophobic than the current crop.

    Please, Virginia voters, realize that Corey Stewart is just one step away from the KKK. Reject him and all similar candidates.

  25. What's the last step he needs to take to actually be the KKK? Lynch someone? We need to call a spade a spade, today's Republican Party is just as racist and misogynistic as the Confederates ever were

  26. I thought being a racist xenophobe was a requirement to be a GOP senatorial nominee? I expected nothing less.

  27. A cruder Trump? How refreshing. (As Trump supporters put such things.) Who says Trump hasn't made this junk more pervasive, and normalized it? It will take decades to fix what Trump is breaking.

    * Mr. Stewart called the candidate for Congress Mr. Nehlen his hero.

    * Nehlen is a white supremacist and anti-Semite who wants to deport all Muslims.

    * Stewart was endorsed by Mr. Kessler who organized the Charlottesville neo-Nazi march.

    * Stewart has appeared at events with Kessler.

    * Stewart's denials are not credible.

    * The monuments that Stewart is protecting were erected with the express purpose of subjugating black Americans.

    * Stewart has protested the removal of such statues with Kessler.

    * Stewart said there are fine people on both sides in Charlottesville.

    Somebody else said the following which is the plain truth: Trump Republicans detest two things, (a) being called racist by elite Democrats and (b) brown people.

  28. Just because they endorse HIM, doesn’t mean HE endorses THEM...grow up.

  29. They endorse him because his values align with theirs. You could grow up a bit.

  30. Trump endorsed all of these White Spiters from the moment he surfed the Birther Lie to great political heights and descended his golden escalator to inform us that Mexico was sending us its rapists, skyfiber.

    Don't be so childishly naive.

    Trump is a racist abomination who has created safe space for Neo-Nazis, white supremacists and the bottom of America's intellectual barrel.

    Wake up.

  31. People like Stewart used to be found under a rock with the other vermin. Trump has enabled him and others of his ilk to crawl out into the sunshine.Promising to run a "viscious" campaign. I doubt we will be disappointed.

  32. Welcome to the 2018 Republican Party.

    The Official Party of Spite-Hate-And-White Supremacy

    Nice GOPeople

    (Sponsored by Donald Trump, Hater-In-Chief)

  33. Actually, a lot of the GOP aren't like that.

    Which explains why Trump lap dogs like Rush despise ANYONE, left, right, liberal conservative, and ESPECIALLY people like Sen. McCain, who don't fawn over and awe at Trump like he does.

    And THAT is sad, since he has about 23 million dedicated followers.

  34. Corey Stewart should look at Ed Gillespie’s anti immigrant plank that was a resounding failure in Virginia last fall. Virginians didn't take Gillespie's race baiting and gave him the gate.

    Stewart’s disavowals of white supremacists is self-serving. Even he knows he can’t win a Senate seat in a purple state spouting the kind of hate that comes from the lunatic fringe.

    Stewart has not distanced himself from the president, the father of present day insensitivity to political correctness. Stewart will run on hate and resentment and play to the fears of white voters that Virginia is being overrun by MS-13 gang mambers. Fear is what gave the 2016 GOP candidate traction in his White House run and Stewart will employ the same template. Count on it.

  35. Virginia is turning blue fast. This should be a slam dunk for Kaine who has no such history behind him.

    The more Trumpish the GOP turn the more the majority will reject them. Thus the dilemma for middle of the road Republicans.

  36. Middle of the road Republicans? They're actually called Democrats. There are no longer any shades of Republican; they're all the party of Corey and The Donald.

  37. Yeah, this is beyond disgusting.

    But northern Virginia is home to 3 of the 6 wealthiest counties in the country and 3 of the 6 most educated counties (where 30% or more of residents have at least a Master's degree). And we're the most populous counties in the state.

    Hey Corey Stewart - - Fairfax County, Arlington County, Loudoun County and the City of Alexandria are waiting to punch you in the face. Count on it!

    fast/furious; Fairfax County

  38. Oh, so aristocratic means liberal and progressive? I see. Like your local hero Robert E. Lee? You don't think your counties' commitment to income inequality and resource hoarding contributed to this, by any chance?

    The Confederate carpetbagger defeated a "libertarian" who blamed mass shootings on abortion and a homophobic minister who says yoga is Satanic. Some choice Virginia Republicans offered.

  39. According to the Washington Post, it was Fairfax County, normally a progressive region, that put Stewart over the top in the primary.

    I was rather surprised, especially since Stewart's antics in adjacent Prince William county are well-known to Fairfax voters.

  40. Despite national failings, the Democratic Party is alive and quite well in Virginia. Tim Kaine has won five straight statewide races including for vice president. Not a single Republican holds statewide office including U.S. Senate.

    Well-known "traditional" Republicans are already disavowing Stewart and the race-baiting, Confederate nostalgist from Duluth, Minnesota hasn't found much traction with recent sad stunts in Northern Virginia, the state's main cache for votes.

  41. Sounds like a helluva guy.

    Emphasis on "helluva."

  42. Welcome to the new GOP.

    (Actually, not so new. They've been pushing racism ever since the southern strategy days, just not as overtly. I guess we should call it the new face of the GOP, or the newly outed GOP.)

  43. Correct. This isn’t “anti-immigration.” It’s racism, pure and simple. Expel as many of current minorities as possible, put the rest back in their place and don’t let any more in (unless they are from Norway or some other white country). That’s the Trump base’s agenda. Nothing else matters.

  44. Let’s hope all the ASians, Indians and other immigrants come out in droves to banish this buffoon to the obscurity he deserves. It would be especially sweet if t is immigrants and their votes who defeat him.

  45. Just when you think the GOP can't possibly do any worse...

  46. There is nothing "conservative" about Corey Stewart. He is a paranoid, right wing fringe extremist, who has repeatedly embraced the worst white racists in our country. Now he's trying to backtrack on his own racist words and deeds, but he's fooling no one. The racists know he is their man, and fully support him. For the rest of Virginia he has nothing to offer. Education, infrastructure, economic development, available affordable health care are non issues for him. All he cares about is making America white again. Virginia can, and must, do better this November.

  47. Hear, hear.

    Tim Kaine will get the chance for which he has long prepared, to show his mettle in what has become an existential fight for the future of Virginia and the country.

    Corey Stewart will get to pander because that's what you must do and all you can do when there is otherwise nothing of substance, merit or nobility.

  48. Republicans have a long history of dog whistle politics, and so here we've landed. The complacency of the non-racists of the party is not sustainable. They're destroying their party.

  49. How to make a Nazi float? Pour some seltzer in a glass, add some ice cream, a little Nazi and a straw.

    The problem is, you can't find a little Nazi. It doesn't come in Light.

  50. The "fringe right" is now the mainstream Republican party.

  51. So he's no different from Donald Trump the Republican standard bearer.

  52. Interesting that the Times left out one word in its descriptoin of Corey Stewart. He is not anti-immigrant, not at all. He is anti-illegally resident foreigners. A big difference. But what do you expect from the self-styled "Paper of Record"?

  53. Please .... *rolling eyes big time*

  54. He can back-pedal all he wants, the base of his comments are still racist. And I don't believe all statues should come down... put up plaques stating the historical facts and that the confederacy was pro-slavery, and that was horrible. History is history, running from it doesn't help. Witness the GOP and All of Us during this administration. The immigration polices are inhumane, not to mention, un-American.

  55. Another GOP leader without quality speaks his mind. I am hopeful the voters are listening not only to his words but the ugly ideas they express. Virginia and the US Senate deserve better, much better.

  56. Jeff Flake and Corker are also on the way out because they took on Trump. A recent poll showed 70% of Republicans agree and support Trump. No wonder congressmen do not want to criticize the President. Trump's approval rate among all voters is much higher than when elected. But no left wing media is going to talk about it.

  57. Fivethirtyeight has the approval and disapproval rates from the inauguration on. At inauguration he was about 45% approval, now he's at about 42%. They aggregate polls, so it's a rough guide to many other polls.

  58. Oh my goodness, I can't believe it: his hero's grifter daughter and son-in-law are jewish. However, I'm sure these grifters will have no problem with him as long as he plays his trump card.

  59. "Normal" has really shifted in our political discourse...

    At one time, "White Nationalist" and all of its suggestions and implications wouldn't have ever entered the conversation. I don't think I had ever heard the term prior January 2017.

    We might have agreed to disagree as to immigration, quotas, guns, taxes, etc., certainly. But otherwise there was a seeking for common ground, and compromise.

    Now we're in this sort of "you're either with me, or against me" paradigm. A person can be an all-but-self-confessed crude and angry racist, and yet still have a very real chance at securing the highest elected office, and enact policies accordingly.

    These are dark times, and they're getting darker.

    We the People, are not going to be very proud of what's to come of this period in our history...

  60. I wish everyone in the press would drop the term “White Nationalism,” which is simply a way of making the term “White Supremacy” more palatable. There is not much, if anything, that makes any of these people different from the average, run of the mill KKK’er. They just have a lot more money and influence. Using “white nationalists” as a way to describe them only legitimizes their toxic positions.

  61. "He led an anti-immigration push in his county.
    In 2007, the Prince William County Board of Supervisors, which Mr. Stewart has led for more than a decade, voted unanimously to deny county services to undocumented immigrants. "

    Rhetoric. Just because someone is AGAINST ILLEGAL immigration, doesn't make them "anti-immigration" Please stop calling illegal immigrants "undocumented immigrants"

  62. Except that there is no „line“. Unless you qualify for a work visa or have an American relative you are pretty much out of options.

  63. Well they certainly aren’t PRO- immigration.

  64. The term is UNDOCUMENTED immigrant. People that call them illegal or alien do so to dehumanize them. Own it.

  65. "He has also been accused of supporting white nationalists, an allegation that he has denied yet may cost him support this fall even among other Republicans."

    It is not clear that a Republican candidate's affinity for attracting white "nationalists" matters much to Republican voters. Roy Moore came within a hair's breadth of representing Alabama in Congress and it was opposition turnout, not GOP morality that did him in. Republicans voters were actually prepared to choose a Trump-endorsed representative who is a twice-removed judge; who's bigotry, racism, lawlessness, and abuse of power are matters of public record determined by his fellow Alabama judges (not "liberal elites") and for which he makes no apology.

    It should give ANY party serious pause when their leader is enthusiastically endorsed by a hate group (such as Trump). Conservatives can point to unemployment all they want, but they are patently insane if they think any appreciable number of black voters are going to occupy the same political tent as the KKK, Confederates and "neo"-Nazis. And, unlike Stewart, most people outside the die-hard Republican base do not require someone to actually start burning crosses or throwing salutes before recognizing them as bigoted or racist. That Stewart and the president seem to have such a hard time detecting these such people, at best, speaks volumes about their terrible judgment and, at worst, reveals their own leanings.

  66. And impending political trouncing

  67. Given that the GOP wants to cut legal immigration significantly, they're anti-immigrant.

  68. Both the republican and the democratic parties are metamorphosing into completely new entities. The republicans are transforming into a nationalist-conservative party, like Putin's United Russia, Modi's BJP, or Erdogan's AKP. Pro-business, but also very conservative and nationalistic. This talk of Trump's about protecting America's workers is just empty rhetoric. If he cared about the workers he would be appointing pro-labor judges or pro-labor people the federal administrative posts.

    The democrats, too, are changing from a social liberal party, once one part social democratic, one part business-liberal into a pro-business, liberal internationalist party. Their social democratic characteristics have been ditched almost entirely to court the urbanized bourgeoisie. Macron, Merkel, and Trudeau would feel right at home in today's democrats. All of them would have been too-right wing for the democrats a decade ago.

    The big loser in all of this is the left. Their insurgency to take over the democratic party has stalled, and if they want to see any of their kinds of candidates elected to office they'll have to form a third party and risk splitting the non-nationalist vote.

  69. Don't forget the Democrats' additional part: fringe wing nuts who flirt with racists and anti-semites like Louis Farrakhan or Linda Sarsour under the cover of civil rights and intersectionality politics.

  70. Read Hillary's Platfor and detailed fact sheets to see how wrong you are.

    Here is a small sample

    "Prosecuting individuals when they break the law. Hillary would extend the statute of limitations for prosecuting major financial frauds, enhance whistleblower rewards, and provide the Department of Justice and the Securities and Exchange Commission with more resources to prosecute wrongdoing.
    Holding executives accountable when they are responsible for their subordinates’ misconduct. Hillary believes that when corporations pay large fines to the government for violating the law, those fines should cut into the bonuses of the executives who were responsible for or should have caught the problem. And when egregious misconduct happens on an executive’s watch, that executive should lose his or her job.
    Holding corporations accountable when they break the law. Hillary will make sure that corporations can’t treat penalties for breaking the law as merely a cost of doing business, so we can put an end to the patterns of corporate wrongdoing that we see too often today."

  71. The choice is: take over the democratic party machinery or start a new one. Sanders showed the difficulty of getting past party corruption. The systemic corruption within the party.

    I'm leaning toward starting a third party for economically oriented, structural issue oriented progressives. Ending money in politics. Universal healthcare. Guaranteed job. Decent minimum wage. Secure and robust safety net. Build a new sustainable infrastructure. Radically resurrect and expand the understanding of 'the commons'. Revise the meaning of corporations and corporate charters and put them back in the hands of the people. OK maybe that last is maybe getting into the weeds.
    If it doesn't suffer the crushing sanctimoniousness of the green party, it could be wildly successful. Universal health care is a very popular idea. Democrats aren't going to take it up because, well, they're corrupt. So, third party it is. We could call it the "T" party. "T" for third. that way we could peel off the tea party patriots that see big money corruption as the root problem as well as those easily confused by names and associated ideologies.

  72. Birds of a Feather...are we suprised.

  73. No. What would surprise me is if sanctimonious liberals start fessing up to and cleaning up their own dirty laundry starting with the various left-wing kooks on the extreme Democratic Party fringes -- not to mention an MSNBC show host here or there -- who have a history of flirting with odious racist and antisemite Louis Farrakhan ... that is when they are not trying to elevate a Hamas shill like Linda Sarsour in the higher realms of identity politics and intersectionality doctrine.

  74. I'm afraid this will be viewed like a free ad for Virginia GOP.

  75. I'm not aware of any immigrants among my ancestors in the past 150 years. So how would I prove my immigration status? If nothing comes up from such a check, will I be thrown into prison?

    Or do white skinned people get a pass on this?

  76. I still hope the Democrats will let people like this speak unto themselves, and focus on real issues.

    It is becoming clear that the hard core Trump supporters will not be swayed, but that a lot of Republicans, both voters and elected, are feeling threatened.

    If totally ignored, Stewart and his ilk will scream louder and louder, but their "audiences" will get smaller and smaller.

  77. I believe the RNC is not endorsing him. Besides he is a member of the party of Trump. Hopefully the people of Virginia will do the right thing.

  78. We will!

  79. I live in an almost entirely white community in northern New England. At least since my youth, I had never heard an openly racist comment until the election of Donald Trump, a racist sexual predator and serial liar. Even with all the attacks on Obama, most of the lies were couched in policy terms: "Obama's coming to take our guns." "Obama hates America". But now Trump has opened the gates and I hear my neighbors and business associates using the "n" word and primate references, among other racist slurs. In spite of the fact that their ancestors fought and died fighting the Confederates, suddenly lots of cars and cycles have Stars and Bars on them.

    Trump is always ready to attack any Black or Latino American citizens using vicious racist lies. But he is silent of course about all the murders and torture commissioned by Putin and now Kim. America will pay a terrible price for years to come for the vicious ignorant racism of Donald Trump and his supporters.

  80. From Berlin to Berlin--
    That is exactly what we, in Europe, perceive. The beast is real and thriving.
    Wondering when there will be serious demonstrations, protests, marches? Use that right, or lose it. Tyrants fear feet on the street.
    Mostly I hear of US friends who are responding by not reading the news anymore. Wow. That's a tough stance and really helps.

  81. Bring on the fanatics

    Then let’s vote

  82. It's amazing that, for Republicans, the excuse that "Nazis may endorse me because I do all the things that Nazis like, but just because Nazis endorse me and my day to day actions are indistinguishable from a Nazi, since I say I'm not a Nazi it's okay" actually works.

  83. I hope Virginians define themselves as "other than" this ranting hate merchant.

  84. Stewart has to sanitize, backpedal, and confuse. Otherwise his core White Nationalist, racist, anti-American self will be on full display. That will be a problem in Virginia where conservative voters are on to the demise of their traditional Republican party and the rise of the Trump big government, top down economy and disrespect for the rule of law politics.

  85. [[He has also been accused of supporting white nationalists, an allegation that he has denied yet may cost him support this fall even among other Republicans.]]

    That's funny..."EVEN among other republicans," whose tolerance for white nationalists presumably is higher than the norm.

    God bless us all.

  86. A rose, is a rose, is a rose.

    A bigot, is a bigot, is a bigot.

    This includes Stewart and 21 others running for 2018 office.

    This includes Trump, from birther Obama, to Muslim Gold Star parents, to his endorsement of the Nazi Party for President, to Charlottesville.


  87. If Corey wants to see some Confederate monuments, he should come look at the Confederate battle flags at the historical society in his home state of Minnesota. Minnesota was the first to send troops to the Union, sustained 82% casualties in a suicidal charge that turned the tide on the second day at Gettysburg and brought those traitors; flags home where they remain to this day. Guess Corey was missing on action for 5th grade when every Minnesota kid learns these things.

  88. Absolutely true. The Confederates were traitors for breaking away from the Union. They had their tushy whupped in the civil war. Robert E Lee would have been court martialed and hanged to death in any other country, but he was allowed to live a glorified life after the civil war in the US. Only in America a traitor, who lost on top, is glorified with statues. These monuments, that actually sprang up in early twentieth century to intimidate the black population are travesty of true sacrifice made by Union soldiers. It is time America woke up.

  89. Virginia used to be an enigma. No one was ever quite sure if it was progressive, or still aligned with its deep south neighbors. Then, over the past four decades, the freethinkers emerged, and the state has been cruising on progressivism.

    It appears that it took Trump, an expert at stirring up the nation's racists, anti-Semite's, and xenophobes, for Virginia to take a peek at its past. It would be a shame if Virginia voters decided to wipe-out four decades of progress, thereby returning to its status as an enigma.

  90. The fringe right controls the GOP. The lead fringe right politician is Donald Trump.

  91. Nope. That’s mainstream now.

  92. They are not the fringe right. This is mainstream Republicanism now. The few rational Republicans left are not welcome in the party.

  93. I am a Virginia resident and I cannot wait to vote for Tim Kaine in November. We rejected Corey Stewart-lite in November 2017 and we'll reject the full crazy this year.

  94. Quite the littoney of blind and willfully ignorant outrage and pearl clutching vis a vie Trump. The media is the lead in this preaching of the liberal progressive gospel to the choir...the problem for the dems is that most Americans have stopped believing the Them and the media. The dems are in a freefall. They hv almost no cash on hand. While Trump has an 80% approval rate with the Republicans. There is a reason the left has and will keep losing to Trump.....liberals are magical thinkers & not pragmatic problem solvers.

    All they have is a emotional outrage over everything and a momentary catharsis at the villainization of their fellow American citizens otherwise known as TDS (Trump derangement syndrome). We on the right can do nothing but enjoy the spectacle.

  95. I would not say it's emotional outrage, it's more like dumbfounded confusion at the support the great white whale is enjoying. #MAGA!

  96. Corey Stewart was on "Hearsay" (Public Radio) today. He sounded angry and quite frankly, deranged.

  97. "And where are the clowns?
    There ought to be clowns
    Well, maybe next year..."

    With apologies to Stephen Sondheim.

  98. Hearing someone from Minnesota say the Confederate flag is about heritage and not hate should certainly show the fallacy in that argument.

  99. “If somebody is here illegally and they commit a crime, chances are they’re going to commit another one. So let’s get rid of them.”

    It wasn't all that long ago in this country that considerable numbers of Southern politicians could be found who favored "getting rid" of blacks they feared would commit a crime.

    The more thing's change, the more they don't.

  100. The more things change ....

  101. I recall an undercover BBC team filming white supremacists giving an image of Trump seig heils while chanting his name at a conference. Trump disavowed the group, but I knew then America was in trouble. It stood to reason that this was one small faction of a gargantuan movement that would support and protect him, no longer subdued by political or ethical inhibitions. Charlottesville was the bonfire of Republican morality. Trump stood by and watched, smugly failing to impugn the evil in front of him, “good folks” on either side.

    Robert Mueller is now the most important man in America. However, assuming evidence exists, can he indict a man who commands a nihilistic anarchy in the shape of the Republican Party? No one loves Trump, except Trump, but elites and fanatics love the opportunities he represents at the cost of everyone else. How will they react if Mueller dispatches the FBI to the Oval Office to bring Trump in? It is clear the party will never permit simple impeachment. He is the physical embodiment of America’s vicious alter-ego, and, as such, he is protected by a developing dogma that justifies him in the minds of millions. His approval rating is increasing as people realise that feeble resistance is futile.

    Maybe Trump is the head of a new Confederacy and statues will one day bear his likeness.

  102. The “ fringe right” currently occupies the mainstream of republicanism and the old school republicans are powerless to stop it because it’s they who are out in the fringes

  103. Voter turnout was not particularly impressive in our primary statewide so it is actually more interesting that this was no runaway victory for the hard Corey fans here. Purple reigns.

  104. Trump's version of the far right has captured the republican party. Numerically it is relatively small. Far from a majority. It is inherently attractive to only a small demographic. Trump's cult of personality will be the party's undoing. This is karmic payback for the extreme gerrymandering. With that you get...extremism. These guys are going along with policies and ideology they repudiated for decades. When Trump is gone, they will be too.

  105. Why do you use the term white nationalist instead of racist white?

  106. I grew up in Minnesota at the same time as this racist clown and don't remember a single instance of anyone displaying the traitor slave owner flag.

  107. Non-Republicans are criticized for not listening to the Red State flyover people that make up the Republican party.

    Why? What more evidence do we need that the 87% of Republicans and all those who keep voting for fringe right candidates like Moore, Stewart and trump are the worst of the worst. Why should any of us have to listen to a racist, bigot, supremacists, hater, head in the sand anti-intellectual, cult believer, neo-Nazi preachers and worse? There is nothing to be gained, learned or understood. They dismiss the rest of us in a vindictive and vengeful way as demonstrated by their leaders' actions - look at trump et al.

    In the land of the free, you will still need to have your papers with you or be arrested and even deported - regardless if you are a citizen. Welcome to stop-and-frisk-and-deport era.

  108. So basically, he’s a normal American. Thank you, NYTs, for pointing out he’s not a racist, or “white supremicist” as was falsely described.

  109. Please, let’s not provide them legitimacy by calling them White Nationalists. Call them what they are.

  110. Just when we think our country can’t go any lower, nuts like this win an election. I wouldn’t vote for him for dog catcher.

  111. Based on the 2016 elections for the right the more racistand crazy the better. I think his racism makes him more appealing to republicans not less

  112. If statues are history, I assume he would not oppose a statue to Al-Qaeda fighters in front of the Pentagon

  113. Stewart is a cruder imitation of Donald Trump. Wow. There's a talented guy, outcruding the Donald.