House Hunting in … England

The housing market in South West England has been steadily improving since the 2008 financial crisis, but the high end is still below its 2007 peak.

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  1. What an amazing "home!" As large as it is, I can't see it as a one family residence. What would it be used for? What would be allowed?

    In any case, it is beautiful.

  2. I've been to and stayed in numerous towns and villages in the Southwest—Lyme Regis, Fowey, Penzance, Holne, Portreath, Port Isaac, Exeter, Dawlish, Lynmouth, Marazion, etc.—and my impression is that these places are usually far from such amenities as shopping, rail service, and other amenities.

    In short, suitable only for the 1%; unsuitable for anyone else.

  3. Wish there were more information about the practical realities of taking a large estate with a historic manor house and dividing it up into separately owned private residences. How much of the pictured structure belongs to the "home" that is for sale? What are the other "homes" in the building like? How is the surrounding land parcelled out to the various residences? To what extent can owners make changes to the land attached to their residence?How is governance and management of the entire estate handled?

    I'm genuinely curious about the redevelopment of such a property.

  4. Why would anyone, let alone someone with a million to invest, want to live in England today? Brexit will doom the economy, their National Health service is going to pot as the non-English doctors and nurses who kept it afloat are fleeing, again due to Brexit and the Nationalist anti-foreigner climate; the youth have nothing to do but binge drink. What little culture there was is gone. Finally, anyone investing in real estate today will lose a lot tomorrow as the prices tank, again due to Brexit.

  5. For the pleasure of spending $2 million, you get what is just an apartment in an old manor house...when I observe the photos of the rooms, what I see is: brown, dark and depressing...the kitchen is downstairs, how very Upstairs Downstairs and Downton Abbey...and then there is the depressing weather in any rate, if someone is dead set on Britain, one can find many single family homes for that price and many at a much lower price...

  6. For 1.5 million pounds (if I had 1.5 millions pounds) I would buy the home without hesitation. Where some posters see dark and gloom with the wood panels, I see stately and inviting. This is an English manor after all and the interior design stays true to the era in which the manor was built. I thought the home was absolutely fantastic.

    Personally, I wouldn't want to own the entire manor, as upkeep would be overwhelming (and expensive). It would take a crew to keep everything pristine (especially the grounds - mowing the yard would be a full time job in it's self). Owning a slice of heaven would suit me just fine.