Black Voters Have More Leverage in This Governor’s Race. They Mean to Use It.

Black voters could hand the primary to either Governor Cuomo or Cynthia Nixon. They are asking for something in return.

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  1. Other than my disappointment at his failures to address homelessness, Cuomo is pretty good on policy. He's just infamously petty and vindictive in his personality, or so his allies in many different constituent communities and elected positions report. Being obsessed with maintaining control has served him well in accomplishing things that are difficult in our dysfunctional state government, but it has also left a lot of angry people who would normally be supporting him. Have we all been offended enough and are we all mad enough to vote for the alternative? I haven't made my mind up yet.

  2. I am incredibly unhappy with Cuomo. If we as a community want to show our political strength then the best means of doing that is to vote in a new democratic governor. Nixon would not be in a position to ignore our needs. I will be flexing my muscle in September and voting for Nixon. I have made my mind up, of course, absent some revelation.

  3. After Cynthia Nixon's deeply insulting "pot" comments, she claims she misspoke. Which is insulting all over again. Misspoke how? How about offering an apology to the community you impugned?

    This is the kind of thing you get when you have a complete novice running for the top office in the state. One former TV star who rules over us is enough.

  4. As an AfAm voter, all I can say is it's about time. I'm eager to finally hear from our leaders.

    I just want results. Just results. Criminal justice reform. Charter schools. Home ownership loan programs.

    Just results. Enough with your promises.