An Underwater Photographer Documents a Meditative World

In her underwater photos, Michaela Skovranova captures the poetic beauty of an atmospheric marine world.

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  1. Stunningly beautiful pictures of a world most of us will never see.

  2. Those are some of the most beautiful photographs I've seen recently. In some cases, like the humpback whale and her calf in Vava'u, they're almost hypnotic. I found myself staring and wondering how we can be experiencing the earth in such a completely foreign way to these amazing beings who live in the oceans that we seem hellbent on knowingly poisoning.

  3. this series of photos is sublime. seeing the one of the iceberg at night, i could feel a wave of...i don't know what – awe? grief? gratitude mixed with fear at seeing something so beautiful but so surprisingly vulnerable? – bubbling up from the depths of me. it turned itself into tears.

    thank you, ms. skovranova.

  4. Amazing dark images from a white continent. Like soothing sounds, these are soothing images. Beautiful!

    Nature is a gallery of priceless artwork to be left untouched to avoid harm and unbroken.

  5. These are so beautiful, they’re almost painful. We’re at so much risk of losing all this.

  6. Breathtaking.