An Underwater Photographer Documents a Meditative World

In her underwater photos, Michaela Skovranova captures the poetic beauty of an atmospheric marine world.

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  1. Stunningly beautiful pictures of a world most of us will never see.

  2. Those are some of the most beautiful photographs I've seen recently. In some cases, like the humpback whale and her calf in Vava'u, they're almost hypnotic. I found myself staring and wondering how we can be experiencing the earth in such a completely foreign way to these amazing beings who live in the oceans that we seem hellbent on knowingly poisoning.

  3. this series of photos is sublime. seeing the one of the iceberg at night, i could feel a wave of...i don't know what – awe? grief? gratitude mixed with fear at seeing something so beautiful but so surprisingly vulnerable? – bubbling up from the depths of me. it turned itself into tears.

    thank you, ms. skovranova.

  4. Amazing dark images from a white continent. Like soothing sounds, these are soothing images. Beautiful!

    Nature is a gallery of priceless artwork to be left untouched to avoid harm and unbroken.

  5. These are so beautiful, they’re almost painful. We’re at so much risk of losing all this.

  6. Breathtaking.

  7. Amazing photos of underwater. These are the best photos which i have ever seen till now. Hope we won't lose all these in future.

    Thank you Ms. Skovranova

  8. Absolutely Mesmerizing.
    I can't put my feelings into words.
    These pictures explain the beauty of the world without humans.
    May humans don't reach in water kingdom.

  9. Glorious.

  10. These pictures stood out and really encapsulates the beauty of the world underneath the water's surface. So much of our planet is covered by oceans, yet we barely know anything about what lies there. You hear on the news and on social media about the pollution of our planet's oceans and new ways to reduce it. from newly designed plastic reusable bottles, to innovative floating trash cans, the world is constantly coming up with new ways to heal our oceans and protect its wildlife. The images captured by Michaela Skovranova are breathtaking beyond compare and show the untapped serenity of nature. From the underwater shots in Antarctica to the picture of a humpback whale and her calf to images of sea lions in Australia, Skovranova's photos shed some light on the beauty of the world under the surface of our planet's oceans.

  11. I thought this article was interesting because photography is something I like to do. The thing that made this article better than the others is how it was taken underwater. It gave a new view of nature, and you could see animals in their natural habitat. It gives a new perspective of life of the world that most of us don't see up close, because most of the underwater animals are kept inclosed in zoos. When you get to see them in their natural habitat and swim around freely is when the photos look their best. The pictures that Ms. Skovranova took were deeper and darker than most photos because of the location and time. Since she still took the photos since the Alege was making them blurry, it made the pictures even better. What made the pictures stand out more than most of them was when it made the pictures crystal clear. If you got a waterproof phone and stuck it under water the picture wouldn't come out as cool as the other ones. If you have a really good camera like a Canon or a Sony the picture will have better and clearer picture to show, The pictures that In a sense they kinda give a message to people who are inspired of her pictures. The message shows, no matter what happens in life don't let it get in your way or stop you from doing something you love. If you don't like what comes in life, then reflect off of it. The article was a well-written text and if showed her challenges and her successes.

  12. I find this article interesting because I am a kind of amateur photographer, and this article displays a type of photography that is different and creative. Ms. Skovranova uses an underwater perspective that is unusual. Normally underwater photography has vibrant colors, tons of light with brightly colored coral and fish. Ms. Skovranova's pictures are very dark and contain very few elements. This makes them look amazing. They appear clean and crisp. They feature very dark waters with an animal and some bubbles. This creates a very crisp picture. One picture I found particular original is a picture of the whale in the dark where there are bubbles right up at the lens and then there's the whale and a solid dark navy blue background. These pictures give a window into the ic home of sea dwellers like the humpback whale. To take these pictures she had to use a very expensive and extreme camera to survive underwater and still take crisp photos. The pictures she has taken and shared with the world are truly beautiful. She has shared a bit of nature with everyone, so people who can't see it first hand, still get a glimpse.