What’s So Funny About Orthodox Judaism? This Comic Has One Answer

The British stand-up Ashley Blaker attempts the balancing act of making religious and secular audiences laugh while poking fun at the devout.

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  1. These "comics" are soggy. I'll take Lenny Bruce anytime. One of the great commentators on the stupidity of religion. No "balance," just reality.

  2. Mr. Blaker is hardly the first "ultra" Orthodox comedian. How the reporter could have missed (or at least failed to mention) Yisrael Campbell is beyond me. He's been doing standup around the world for quite a few years and is the subject of the 2008 documentary, "Circumsizse Me." It's Mr. Campbell who deserves credit for "breaking the glass" ceiling!

  3. One of the many problems with orthodox judaism is that it takes itself much too seriously. Good for him!

  4. This article gives a remarkably (for the Times) vague impression of what Ashley Blaker's comedy is like. Best to watch him on YouTube and judge for yourself. Most of the humor derives from the skewed intersection between ultra-orthodox-Jewish and Western-Christianity-based norms. I find it funny, and weirdly educational, but it becomes repetitive, and leaves me wondering what his next show could possibly be.

  5. What is it about belief is it that I don't get?

    Why can't I accept an invention of my fellow man as being the origin of the word that I and others should follow throughout our lives?

    What is wrong with me that I should actually consider myself able to think?

    Why am I bothered by such questions? Why can't I just accept myself as being less than the guy leading the charge?

    Why am I so dumb?

    All these questions.

    May be if I pray to the invented god I'll get an invented answer and all these simple questions asked by my simple mind will be answered to my simple satisfaction.

    I think I'm beginning to get it.

    I'm just too dumb to be smart. Probably born that way and in need of salvation.

    Thanks to missionaries such as Mr Blaker and his tribe, I 'm beginning to see the light.

    Whoever the lord may be, praise him, as a woman could never be so smart.

    Funny, huh?

  6. I read this to see how he would handle the sexism that all religions cleave to, Judaism no less than ISISic Islam or Evangelical Black-Letter Christianity.
    Didn't take long. "And he did have a nice ox." Wink. Wink.
    And segregating seating.

    Shades of apartheid.

    And the turning off the lights gig.
    I remember back when Al Gore was running for President that Time Magazine had an article where it explained that on Friday afternoons when the Senate ran late, that Gore would have to turn out the lights in the office of Joe Lieberman, his choice for his Vice-President. The article pointed out a half dozen other religious restrictions that Lieberman followed, the most shocking: not answering the phone on Sabbath.
    Now, for a nice religious guy, that may be okay.... but for a potential President?
    In a secular nation???
    What if North Korea declared war????

    Now we have the same problem: Pence isn't Jewish - he's fundamentalist Christian... (you know, the ones who DON'T feed the hungry and think they own every woman's womb (Sorry, Pence - you only own 'Mother's'.)) Blaker may laugh at that not shaking a woman's hand - but Pence won't even be alone in a room with one. I suspect it's because she might suddenly scream, "RAPE!!" like all those women do.... and that's according to Trump, who we all know, never lies.

    Is this guy funny?
    I suspect he is... but only if you are a man.
    Not so much.
    ...now, George Carlin on religion?.....now, HE was funny.....

  7. The most amazing thing about our miracle working ultra-orthodox rabbis is that they go into the water and come out wet.