C-Sections Not Tied to Overweight Children

Within families, mode of birth had no effect on body mass index in children.

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  1. It makes sense that older, heavier mothers might be more likely to require a C-section, which would explain the earlier observation that their children seemed to wind up heavier. Glad to see that C-sections are off the hook!

  2. Only one thing makes people fat: eating too much food. No matter how many people try to point the finger at something else, the result is clear: We have to take personal responsibilities for our actions when it comes to obesity.

  3. My kids were born C-section and they are healthy, lean, and very fit. However, I couldn't disagree more with your statement. Obesity is complex, and there is a real science to nutrition, with research continuing to unravel its mysteries. With all due respect, "calories in and calories out" is a very outdated way of looking at this great American problem.