Live Updates: Trump-Kim Summit Ends With Promise to Suspend Military Exercises

President Trump said “war games” on the Korean Peninsula would stop, catching the Pentagon and South Korea off guard, after meeting with North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong-un.

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  1. Please...I, for the most part, can't stand Trump
    We just held joint military exercises there-none were scheduled to follow, near term. They have never produced any useful effect, and can be re-started quickly, if progress is not forthcoming.
    Give this approach some time to bear fruit.
    Nothing we've done in the past 60+years had made anything better-in fact it's gotten much worse over the Clinton, Bush, and Obama's years in office!

  2. I’d prefer NK not having any nukes which would go a long way to avoiding the war this making the need for joint exercises unnecessary.

    They can be restarted quickly if need be.

  3. Bless you Mad Max for taking the trouble to point this out. I've felt annoyed and disgusted by Trump before, but now I'm just plain scared.

  4. Conventional war still exists. The North Koreans are working hard on improving the range of their missiles. Those missiles don't have to carry nuclear warheads in order to damage our country or bring death to our allies.

  5. I like the part about the fact that the U.S. Armed Forces brass were unaware and were not told about this decision. And this is the guy who has access to the nuclear codes?

  6. In the far better world inside my brain, the top brass foresaw this and gave him a fake suitcase to play with. A responsible grownup is now holding the real one. And please don't anyone out there burst my bubble on that. It's how I get through each day.

  7. The importance of the joint military exercises, besides the obvious training and coordination benefits, was that they were a tangible symbol of the US commitment to defend the South.

    With Trump in the White House, that commitment is now questionable. Kim and the North have won a major concession at absolutely no cost.

  8. These exercises can be restated immediately. Nothing lost on our side but maybe a chance at Kim moving forward with eliminating his weapons.

  9. That is such an insane idea that you can stop training people and then later just snap your fingers and retrain them immediately.

    What if we're attacked? Do we wave a white flag and ask our enemy for a time out so that we can retrain our military?

  10. Utterly insane.

  11. Yippee... or something.

  12. I do not understand those who would make negative pronouncements of any sort at this early stage. The very fact of the meeting, the release of hostages, the destruction of testing facilities, the suspension of joint operations all speak to progress. It took Mr. Obama and his associates over three years to achieve the Iran agreement. It was only weeks ago Americans were honestly concerned with receiving a nuclear strike on our west coast. We have seemingly come quite a way in a short time.

  13. The Iran agreement included inspections by outsiders. There's nothing here but US concessions. And we tipped Kim off that the testing facility isn't adequately heat shielded. He can fix that and continue testing. Haul out some equipment and Trump will hail it as proof the facility has been destroyed. Build a better heat shielded facility elsewhere, move everything and blow up the old one. A win for Kim.

  14. How about if we cancel medical school and let doctors treat patients without training? We can always restart training doctors later. Just be careful to stay healthy in the interim. If you can arrange that.

  15. Could one of you explain how the threat of North Korea has diminished?

  16. We traded them for nothing. Trump, the art of the steal.

  17. This is insane. He doesn't even inform our military first. This just keeps getting worse. We're going to be attacked. He's crippling our defenses and alienating our allies and we're going to be attacked. And we won't be ready. Disaster.

  18. I for one am hopeful that this opening leads to a formal end to the hostilities on the Korean Peninsula. However my expectations are not that high given the regimes track record in these matters. It seems irresponsible, disrespectful, and wrong headed for South Korea, and the US Military to be blind sided by anything in these negotiations. That said, it is Trumps M.O. completely. At some point I would expect him to walk back or deny the things he has said, and that too unfortunately is his M.O.

  19. Cadet Bones Spurs knows all about the Military. He has tremendous experience in a military boarding school, AKA a reform school for obnoxious, uncontrollable teenage males. Guess what, it did NOT work.

  20. Somebody better call the Pentagon. Oops. Better call South Korea, too. Who is on First? Howe is Home? Where's Laurel and Hardy, and Abbot and Costello when you need 'em ?

    Oh, sure, I'll ... (de-nuclearize a Nation/pay you some money/clean up the garage ...), but ... WHEN? That, legally, is called Specific Intent. It is a REAL good idea to have that in the Contract.

    And now, the United States is going to provide Defense for North Korea ???
    This is one bad hamburger. "Show me the beef", or there IS no deal.

    Just when you thought things could not get any more weird or vague, we get this. Stay tuned for the next exciting video from "our" Commander in Tweets.

  21. Several years ago, one of my 5th grade students was sexually harassed and terrified by a middle-school student while on a tour of the middle school.

    I insisted that the principal come and explain to our 5th grade students what the consequences of this assault would be. The middle school principal said she had talked to the harasser (don't label children!!!!) and that he said he was sorry. (This was by no means the first incident with this middle-schooler - who had been my student a couple of years before - sigh.)

    One my students commented, "That's what they ALWAYS say."

    And that is exactly where we are with North Korea. Everyone will just be nice from here on out. That was so easy!

  22. Trump continues to undermine our great country. We put ourselves and our allies in the region at risk to any challenges from North Korea, Russia or China.
    Making America weak again.

  23. What is striking is the thoughtlessness. Trump cancelled exercises without first consulting South Korean allies, who also participate in the excercises, and the Pentagon, who use the exercises as part of their mission preparedness and strategic planning. Why does anyone, therefore, believe there is a “next step” or a “Plan B”? Trump is making things up as he goes along.
    He’s not even thinking tactically. All he wants is good coverage for the next couple of news cycles.

    I assure Kim is not just making things up as he goes along. This is why Kim
    Got a major concession plus international credibility and Trump got... what? A Photo Op? The applause of his base?

    In a battle of wits our guy went in completely unarmed.

  24. If you don't practice together, you're not ready to defend yourselves together. Pretty simple.

    That looks like what Trump's abandoning.

  25. It's good to halt those military exercises. Now let's try doing the same in Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Somalia, Poland, Latvia, Estonia, the Philipines, Columbia, Niger, Cameroon, Australia, Japan, Afghanistan.

    Have I left a few out? If so add them to the list. Readers might note that there is no other nation that has a globally deployed military.

    They carry out these exercises supposedly to "protect American interests." But our politicians never seem to have an open discussion about what those interests are, who determined them and why they justify spending nearly a trillion dollars a year while we can hardly afford to fill a pothole?

    It's one thing to fulfill our treaty obligations. It's quite another to be the global cop of American capitalism.

  26. We still haven’t had the discussion of the value of the exercises. Kim wanted them ended and that’s what happened.

    Notably, if I want to get rid of my beater car, I don’t give it away if someone wants to pay me $1000 for it. We gave away the exercises and downgraded SK for nothing when NK would have given us value.

    Then, Trump says he’s looking forward to US troops leaving SK, too. Something else NK will let us give away.

  27. It’s good because a military presence does not deter military intimidations intended to control the sea lanes of the Western Pacific. Only the capitalist imperialist U.S. would do such things, not peace loving China.

  28. Remember Pearl Harbor.

    And we're in Afghanistan because we were attacked by terrorists who'd been trained in Al Qaeda terror training camps welcomed into Afghanistan by the Taliban government.

    It's not inconceivable that we could be attacked again.

  29. Kim Jong-un 1 - Trump 0

  30. Trump first words were “I feel a LITTLE great”....0
    Kim Jong-un used a metaphor to illustrate the concept of leaving past differences behind....1

  31. Much of the news in this article is updates of summit events reported on in earlier Times articles, but what was new to me is the news about the video montage created for Kim--or for Trump's base--not really sure which since I haven't seen it and so cannot comment on the content. But I can comment on the montage as PR gimmick for an audience that can be swayed by slick video. What a 21st century TV tactic, to use the kind of promotional trailer used in movies and in election campaigning. Trump truly is the TV President and this whole stunt in Singapore the ultimate in Trump's expertise in reality TV. Slick Willie is at the top of his game but can he put one over on country bumpkin Kim with this video? My sense is not.

  32. So there’s an agreement to agree on something at some later date. The only thing that has happened is that the US has to demonstrate its willingness to stand down from SK defenses today, and praise Chairman Kim as a trustworthy partner in peace.
    Why would China or Russia continue sanctions if Kim is being vouched for by the US?

  33. The barbaric dictator is "smart"; the Canadian Prime Minister is " weak" and "obnoxious". There's something very wrong in those assessments of foreign leaders. Americans, we have to act to remove Trump from the Presidency, before we're too late.

  34. Do you think Ludlow's heart attack was coincidental? Mr Art of the Deal gave away military exercises in exchange for an empty promise of denuclearization - a promise made and unkept since 1952.

  35. Underwhelmed is how the Chinese describe it. This went as predicted, smiles, handshakes, and a nice walkabout.

    The 'Did it My Way' president has had his day in the sun; staked a claim in a few NK beaches for more hideous towers, and then surrendered, giving up the security of an ally without consult.

    Trump and his great day out!

  36. I don’t see how any officer can have anything but contempt for this president after this move.

  37. This man presents a clear and present danger to the survival of the United States of America.

    Anyone who tweets with #MAGA or wears that hat --- this is how we make our country great? By thwarting our military, leaving our military out of the loop and not allowing them to train for something that could actually happen in the future?

    I'm a child of the antiwar sixties. Vietnam never attacked America. They never even made such a threat. But North Korea is a different story. Our military needs more than just money. They need practice and that's why they conduct these exercises Trump just promised to end.

  38. Don’t worry. Trump reneges on his promises, unless they directly benefit him. If Kim Jung Un lets Trump build some hotels on North Korea’s many great beaches, worry.

  39. South Korea must be thrilled.

  40. Not wise to just give this concession. The exercises are defensive and both North Korea and China know this. They dislike them because it constrains their options, not because they fear invasion. China in particular wants the U.S. to let the Western Pacific be their exclusive sphere of influence. They want the U.S. to stay out. This concession is a step in that direction. Trump has no idea what he’s doing.

  41. I figured, as did probably many, that an immediate maneuver by Trump would be to suspend joint military exercises with South Korea — because that’s easy window dressing.

  42. This can't be.

    The Branch Donaldians online are saying this concession would only be made by Trump if Kim denuclearized first.

    Because surely the Deal Artist wouldn't just give Kim something for nothing.

    THAT would be losing.

  43. I am rooting for the US but this looks like game, set and match to KJU of NK.

    This is what happens when you regularly skip the Presidents daily briefing to watch Fox & Friends!

  44. The lesson for Canada is clear: get some nukes. (In case there's anyone out there who thinks I'm serious, I'm just kidding, of course.)

  45. Canada has the scientific talent to develop their own nukes at any time. They're just too polite and sane to try.

  46. The scarier part will be when Mr. Trump finds out Kim Jong Un lied to him. As he said before...he’s smarter than all the generals.

  47. The first words spoken by President Trump when asked “how do you feel about the meeting” were,
    Kim Jung-un’s first words included a metaphor that illustrated the concept of leaving past differences behind.

  48. How does one "feel a little great"? That's like saying "I'm a little pregnant".

  49. This deal is not meant to be good for the world or the States. It’s meant to be good for Kim Yong Un and Donald Trump. Both leaders will look good at first supposedly reducing the threat of nuclear war which most likely will get both of them a Nobel Peace prize. Kim will gain financially from the Americans both in money and lifts on the blockades. Plus he will gain status among nations and the UN. Trump will also gain financially on what he has already started in America with big businesses. By previously removing regulations and taxes he has open the field for the second phase. He started at home by increasing the States military budget considerably which I am sure made the military suppliers happy and richer. Now by pulling American troops out of Asia he will be removing the protection umbrella that keeps other Asian nations such as South Korea and Japan feeling they need nuclear deterrence. These nations will now approaching the States to build up the armed forces and possibly wanting nuclear capability also. I have no doubt that Trump is also in bed with these military suppliers and intends to benefit greatly. As Mueller is doing re the Russian investigation, it’s about time the American news media started following the money trail.

  50. I'm more than willing to give Trump kudos if this really works out, much as I detest the man. But, we'll see....

  51. I remember, as a small child, seeing my brother at the breakfast table after he returned from Korea, having served 13 consecutive months on the front line in the Korean War. His hands shook so much that he was unable to get his coffee cup to his mouth. Later, we took a car trip, and when a car near us back-fired, my brother was almost out of the passenger window before being pulled back.

    He didn't have a physical scratch on him. He never talked of his war time experience.

    So when I see the cowardly, mendacious Trump standing in front of a line of almost intertwining Korean and American flags, clueless as to what he is giving away militarily to Kim Jong-un, a brutal murderer, and Trump seeing only the possibility of a "great condo at the beach" on the peninsula, I become viscerally ill.

    There is not a negative adjective that has not been used to describe and analyze Trump, so I will not be further redundant.

    Instead, I would suggest wrapping him in one of those Korean flags, and making him crawl through the mud, bone spurs and all, carrying an AK 47 with the sound of gunfire over his head.

  52. Just wondering, who benefits the most because of this ‘dummit’?
    China or Russia?
    Actually, its a WIN for both!

  53. The only reason this meeting took place is because putin wanted it to.

    DJT works for putin not the American people, so it’s easy to understand his disdain for the G7 but he meets with one communist dictator (Un)
    and proposes that another (putin) should be readmitted to the G7.

    His actions are treasonous and his very words are not close to believeable! DJT has no interest in the well being of this nation and its people

    I will support any and all candidates that seek his removal from office.

  54. Trump totally ignored the issue of "human rights" in NK, which is and always has been an American value. Kim Jung Un assassinated his half brother and uncle. He has been recommended in a report by a UN commission in 2014 for crimes against humanity and was recommended for accountability for these crimes by the International Criminal Court. But Trump said he purposely didn’t bring it up.

    But Trump closed Cuba to Americans due to "human rights" issues after Obama had opened it up in order to allow US business opportunities to compete with Russian influence. So now Russia is investing in Cuba and has a geopolitical advantage.

    The point is......"human rights" is really not important to Trump.

  55. In addition, Otto Warmbier's parents were on CNN today, recounting the horror of having their son returned to them as a deaf and blind vegetable. "I think about Otto every day," his mother said, "I think about Otto every minute of every day." The idea of Trump inviting his new pal to the White House is sickening.

  56. So, what's Trump's NEXT move with the military going to be? Training to invade Canada?

    It's shocking that a president would just fling away such a vital aspect of our defense posture as military training exercises with our ally. What kind of foreign policy is this? Breaking up with long term democratic allies and going all kissy-kissy with despotic and murderous adversaries?

    Don't cry for me, America! For I've elected Trump as my Loathsome Leader.

  57. Based on trumps actions toward our enemies vs our allies, it seems pretty clear that Russia, China, and NK coordinated this dog and pony show for maximum effect. Alienating friends and dropping military readiness in S Korea is something all three of our new best friends would welcome.

  58. If I was in Tokyo or Taipei, I would be seriously nervous.

  59. Trump: unprepared in 2016, unprepared in 2018.

    What did 18 months of presidency teach Trump? Nothing. Bad teachers? No, bad student.

  60. One con man meets another.

  61. The U.S. is unilaterally dropping South Korea’s largest assurance of peace on the peninsula. Without warning. Do you want a nuclear armed South Korea? Because, Mr. Trump, this is how you get one.

  62. Trump has accomplished 4 significant things:
    1. Demonstrate to the world that there is a payoff for developing the capability of hitting the United States with nuclear weapons, never mind if there is any possibility of actually using them without committing suicide. The "crisis" thus created in the U.S. will lead to a shower of free goodies. Iran is no doubt taking notes.
    2. He has exchanged for a vague promise by NK to give up nuclear weapons which are militarily worthless because they are not usable for offensive strikes (as every nuclear power already knows) for giving NK for free a specific promise by the U.S. to eliminate its most important real military deterrent against it, namely maintaining battle-ready troops on the Korean peninsula. The deterrent value of 30,000 U.S. troops in SK is much if they are not allowed to maintain combat readiness by performing joint exercises with SK troops.
    3. He has brought Kim one important step closer to his overarching goal of dominating the Korean peninsula through conventional military means.
    4. He has pleased China, which has long wanted American forces removed from the Korean peninsula, or the next best thing, rendered unprepared for combat.

  63. Reasonable concerns are expressed here, but let's keep it all in perspective. The S. Koreans have long wanted to reunite with the North. President Moon is part of that school of thought. The S. Korean President was already working around the U.S. and undermining our efforts. There is no stomach in S. Korea's admin to take a hard line with Kim. Trump's action may help S. Koreans decide what they actually want.

    Trump may have done more to bring down the N. Korean gov't by engaging it. Kim has thrived in a hermit kingdom, but once in the real world he may find coping a lot harder.

    As far as nukes are concerned, Trump is obstructing nuclear proliferation--a laudable goal.

    Regarding China, if Korea is drawn closer to the U.S., then it will be that much further from China--a future competitor.

  64. Extra, Extra, Trump sells out South Korea!! Read all about it.

    Another Republican Victory!

    Oh wait- this is a Trump deal. It may or may not be real. Only Kelly Conway knows.

  65. I have a bad feeling about this episode of OUR DAILY REALITY SHOW.

    Maybe because the the 2 who signed this meaningless agreement are lying dirt bags with hidden agenda's, one is a brutal but clever Dictator and the other is a grifter conman who would sell his mother for a nickel.

  66. Did the video included a pitch for Trump Hotel in Pyongyang, or a Trump resort in the mountains?

  67. Trump is a fascist. I'm sure the CIA and FBI have had secret meeting in case this does not end well. And it won't.....for anyone.

  68. Sure sounds like an appeasement concession to Kim.

  69. Trump made a “promise” - Big deal!

    Two dictators met. Both liars. What’s new?

  70. " The Presidential Apprentice: Dictator Summer ". A VERY special episode.

  71. This made for Fox News summit is as phony as everything else about Trump.

  72. It was a mighty fine show, The Kardashians could have not done much better. Well, maybe they could.

  73. Trump would have done better not to mention Otto Warmbier, who was detained, tortured and died at the hands of the North Koreans. This bogus agreement is bad enough without reminding us of the cruelty and ruthlessness of the dictator he was playing pals with.

  74. Sure, North Korea will give up its nuclear weapons.

    I've got a bridge that I'd like to sell to President Trump.

  75. If Trump wasn’t afflicted with those nasty bone spurs of his, he could have gone to Vietnam and made a 5-Star hotel out of the Hanoi Hilton and changed the course of history. It can’t get any easier than that. Just like the kids game of Monopoly - not much thinking, roll the dice, hope you land on the right spot, buy more hotels till you get tired of winning.

  76. “Stick with me, Kim baby, and you’ll be driving Cadillacs.”

  77. I suspect this will diminish America’s clout in the region, and it’s the second time in less than a week we sold out our allies.

    North Korea will likely pull out at the last minute, benefitting from easing sanctions while preserving nuclear capability (it wouldn’t be the first time North Korea reneged).

    Japan and South Korea will likely no longer depend on us for protection, and to hedge their bets, they may directly reach out to North Korea and China to make their own agreements.

    Trump should have prepared.

  78. With regard to selling out our allies, they were already selling us out. Trump merely retook the momentum. The concerns regarding S. Korean and Japanese security would be valid if the President had not worked to regain momentum. I wish folks would stop attacking everything about this President and not put me in the position of defending him. Attack the substance. Here we really don't know how things will play out.

  79. You can't make this up. Key quotes - the remarks about the condo prospects. Always an angle, Donnie J. Seriously?

    When you think about it, that's his orientation to everything. Not surprising, really. He should just go live there and never come back.

    It's 'his peeps' he is developing, lately - a real band of bro's - Donnie and the World Crime Mob with Zhynah, Pootin, and lil' Kim... 'World Toasted', their upcoming No. 1 hit...

  80. A potentially important event. The meaning of it is still to be seen. Apparently, the U.S. has agreed to suspension of exercises, which isn't as much of a giveaway as it seems. Asking for de-nuclearization while engaging in wargames at their border is a tough sell. Holding back on that this long was a good move. If N.K. shows ill will, it will be easier to resume military exercises. Sanctions remain. The test now is whether N.K. is serious. Trump has removed objections without compromising the main things. Now we must wait to see if Kim is not playing games.

    As much as legitimacy for the N. Korean gov't this action also brings them out of the shadows. Again, we will see if the N. Koreans are serious. If they aren't it will be on them, not us, not Trump.

    This could even work against China. Who knows? I'm willing to see what happens and not bash Trump in knee-jerk fashion.