Documents Show Promise, and Letdown, Around Trump Tower Meeting

The records, part of the Senate Judiciary Committee’s inquiry into contacts between the Trump campaign and Russians, produced few major revelations.

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  1. The McClatchy article you linked to doesn't say Russians funneled money to the Trump campaign and Republicans via the National Rifle Association. Its says "the FBI investigating whether a top Russian banker with ties to the Kremlin illegally funneled money to the National Rifle Association to help Donald Trump win the presidency. There is no allegations the money was funned to the Trump campaign or to Republicans. And of course, this is note related to the topic of the New York Times article, which is the Trump Tower meeting.

  2. Rushing to review and publish important (germane, incriminating, revealing, relevant) parts are the usual suspects.

    And you believe:

  3. "The second session never took place."

    According to who? 'The second session, so far as anyone knows, or is saying, never took place,' would have been more informative and not left an unwarranted impression of certainty with the reader.

  4. I’m wondering what I’m missing as this article doesn't draw what seem like obvious inferences from these two reports:

    "The following January, Mr. Goldstone reached out again, this time touting his connection to a Russian social media platform, VK, and suggesting that Mr. Trump use to appeal to Russian-American voters. In follow up emails, Mr. Goldstone shared a mock-up of a VK page that he had the company create for Mr. Trump. Dan Scavino, the campaign’s social media director, eventually responded, encouraging Mr. Goldstone to 'send me whatever you have on this system! I will share it with the team.’"

    If that response from Scavino exists, isn’t it proof that a senior member of the campaign team intentionally solicited Russian-owned resources to influence the outcome of the election?

    "At one point, Mr. Kaveladze testified, Mr. Kushner asked why they were there and 'listening to that Magnitsky Act story?’ Mr. Goldstone, who said he expected Ms. Veselnitskaya to deliver a 'smoking gun,' testified that on his way out the door, he told Donald Trump Jr: 'This was hugely embarrassing.’

    Don't those remarks indicate that the purpose of the meeting, in the minds of the key participants including the candidate’s son and son-in-law, was to obtain Russian-owned information, again intentionally to influence the outcome of the campaign?

    I understand that "collusion" is not a legally meaningful term per se but, whatever the applicable word is, it sure would seem to apply here.

  5. It is not unlawful to solicit or received disparaging or incriminating information about political rivals from foreign sources or foreign governments. This is what the Clinton campaign and DNC did when they commissioned the Steele Dossier. The difference is that the Clinton campaign and DNC paid for the information and the informants delivered.

  6. After spending four years and millions investigating four American deaths in 'Benghazi' in the Libyan outback, Russian-Republicans are remarkably incurious about four American deaths in Niger and the serious meddling in America's democracy.

    Don't let the Grand Old Patriots be rewarded for their champagne and caviar behavior.

    Vote on November 6 2018 in record numbers to demonstrate what America is really all about.

    Send a message that tyranny of the corrupt minority is fine for Russians, but is not acceptable for Americans.

    Hit the voter eject button for this traitorous, swampy Russian-Republican Congress.

  7. Socrates, what is the website you mentioned in a previous post that aids getting out the vote?

  8. "Hit the voter eject button for this traitorous, swampy Russian-Republican Congress."

    I agree with the sentiment -- but it is 50-50 that Trumps gets re-elected at this point. Impeachment seems legally unlikely. Socrates, your comment is mostly wishin and hopin. Trump is a nightmare of a president but I dont think you see the darker larger picture of USA politics.

  9. The Senate Judiciary Committee's release of the documents and transcripts of testimony related to the Trump Tower meeting should end speculation that any unlawful collusion transpired during the meeting. Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya did not offer Donald Trump Jr. incriminating information abut Hillary Clinton. She testified that she didn't recall Hillary Clinton's name being mentioned. He goal was to win Trump's support for a repeal of the Magnitsky Act. He told her he wasn't in position to help her. She regarded the meeting as a failure.

    The documents and transcripts are online at

  10. And you take all the testimony at face value, even when it was given by people trying to save their skins or was later contradicted by the witness herself? You need to insert the verb "claimed" before each purported statement of fact that you draw from this testimony.

  11. But it doesn't end the speculation that the Trump campaign solicited assistance from foreign nationals. They went there with the expectation of campaign dirt, the fact that they didn't get any doesn't change the intent.

  12. For those going from cell phone to large screen, the documents (unusually pretty for committee released, then, again, I’m used to stuff that looks like it came from a typewriter:—circumstances-surrounding-trump-tower-meeting.

    Peculiar, on such an important subject, the committee interviewed, apparently without subpoena, only 6 witnesses, and allowed Jarad Kushner and Paul Manafort, to “decline to appear, but the former to send a “prepared statement” and the latter “Notes from the meeting...” Natalia Veselniskaya sent “Written responses to committee questions.”

    With subpoenas, at least the first two could have, and should have, been held in contempt of Congress.

    There’s only going to be one way to break the stonewall surrounding the WH, the Capitol and the Tower, and we won’t get a chance to start on that until November, with luck, wall removal to begin in January.

    It amazes me that the FBI, not wanting to beat up the loser and predicting a Clinton win based on polls, may well have reversed the outcome of the election. (NYT,Comey, Clinton)

    SHAME ON THEM - Trump could have saved himself a lot of trouble keeping Comey on place.

  13. Comey could have saved himself a lot of trouble if he had kept his mouth shut about Clinton, or stated that the FBI was also investigating Trump. There was a hidden FBI anti-clinton contingent; Comey got played. He now knows what a crook he helped to get elected.

  14. "Have you and your father ever discussed the FBI's investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election?"
    "No, not that I remember."

    Beyond comment.

  15. To believe that any of the twisted Trumps will tell the truth is, to my way of thinking, beyond being naive. None of them would know the truth even if they fell headlong into it. Every time the psychopath Donald opens his mouth a lie spews forth and it is doubtful that he even knows what's true or not anymore.

  16. Thousands of pages of transcripts are released and there is nothing there, zilch, niente. It is all in the eyes of the beholder with an agenda--Robert Mueller. It is high time to close this probe.

  17. The probe is just getting started:)) It should go on at least as long as Ken Starr's investigation and the never-ending cry of the Republicans - Benghazi.

  18. You've read them all, thoroughly?

  19. It is all about intent! Every one of those people showed up to that meeting with the intent of getting information helpful to their campaign from a foreign adversary. Sorry they were all bored, but I don’t believe that legally obsolves them from a their obvious, and in juniors case stated “I love it”, intent.

  20. So was Clinton when she hired Steel. Same intent!

  21. "Democrats offered a starkly different assessment, repeatedly asserting that the investigation had been ”limited” by Republicans more interested in accusations of F.B.I. misconduct than Russian interference."

    Just how many elected or appointed Republicans in Washington are conspiring to obstruct justice? Would it be easier to just list the ones who are not?

  22. A few oligarchs can spread their money a long way. But even the Republicans, if there are any, that haven't been corrupted by Russian money recognize that if their brethren that have been corrupted are exposed, their political party is likely to become extinct.

    Their silence amounts to a choice of party over country.

  23. Bravo for that bit of Midwestern sense!

  24. So, we go from "If it's what you say it is - I love it- especially later in the summer" to "I don't know" - "I don't know if it alarmed me, I don't know who I talked to on the phone, I don't know if my father uses a blocked number."

    Is Donald Jr. just another "coffee boy"?

    The Logan Act makes it very clear that unauthorized negotiations with foreign governments outside of the current administration is illegal. We have one Presidency at a time. Regardless of what was discussed, the Trump Tower meeting itself was a crime. The cover-up of the meeting was a crime. Lying about the meeting to federal agents was a crime. Failing to disclose Russian contacts on federal forms- including security clearances- is a crime.

    The Trump campaign was actively working to not only undermine the campaign of Hillary Clinton but also the Russian policies of President Obama. Despite the Republican party's attempt to excuse away the activities of the Trump campaign and administration, these are severely criminal acts.

  25. The Trump administration has turned over 1,000s of pages of records on the so-called Trump Tower meeting. That’s good; it shows that the Trump administration is cooperating and abiding by a discovery request. These actions stand in stark contrast to those of Hillary Rodham Clinton, who destroyed evidence, specifically email, in response to a discovery request from the House Select Committee on Benghazi. By doing that HRC obstructed justice, violating specifically 18 USC 1505, obstruction of congressional or administrative proceedings. The website below describes in detail the Clinton crime.

    I hope people read the information above. I support the President. I support Trump. Thank you.

  26. And when there is evidence that Trump and his campaign destroyed emails sent by Papadapoulos you will denounce your support for him, right?

  27. My seven year old also plays “whatabout?!?” when things don’t go her way. I’d invite you over for a playdate since you’re clearly on the same level, but unfortunately anyone who supports Trump fails our family’s character test... biggly.

  28. Clinton's emails have nothing to do with this article: it's about a group of Trump insiders meeting a Russian lawyer attached (perhaps loosely) to the Kremlin. It points to a willingness to accept the help of a hostile foreign government in fighting an election opponent. It doesn't matter that the Administration responded to document requests. Perhaps you are too close to what has happened. In the outside world, it's very clear that Russia meddled in your election to get the demagogue Trump elected. Take a look at various national magazines and newspapers (der Spiegel springs to mind) if you don't believe me.

  29. Interesting that the Trump family has entrusted most of its business dealings to Don Jn. who seems to have memory problems about various events and other issues like whether or not his father has a blocked cell phone number.

  30. Rev. Berube - You're diplomatic to say "memory problems" but I'd like to call it as it smells: outright lying.

  31. Yeah, the Junior braintrust really inspires confidence in the whole enterprise, doesn't it?

  32. For Trump supporters the fact that his campaign colluded with the Russians just proves that they didn't.

    Interesting how that works.

    It's the same logic that tells you that Benghazi was one thousand times worse than the Iraq War. Assuming they even remember that war.

  33. This investigation is dragging on for so long that many Americans (myself included) are concluding that there is indeed nothing to it. If something illegal or clearly wrong had occurred, we would know by now. If there were offenses that could warrant impeachment or legal action, let’s get it out in the open and proceed. Otherwise, wrap it up and stop wasting time and taxpayer dollars.

  34. A Washington Post article published on October 10, 1972 covered the FBI's suspicion of Richard Nixon's linkage to the Watergate break-in. Investigations and legal wrangling continued through the end of July 1974, and Nixon resigned on August 8, 1974.

    These things take time, because they are complex and the stakes are high. You refer to the impatience of many Americans; while many may complain of impatience, all will benefit when justice is done. Even the willfully blind, though they may initially protest it.

    I won't pretend to speak for others, but I for one am tired of shameless corruption and lying. Perfectly happy to wait for justice, though.

  35. If a murder investigation does not result in an arrest or indictment in six weeks [or six months] does that mean that the murder didn't happen ? It's an INVESTIGATION !! Facts are being collected, testimony is being heard, records are being examined ... you, like Pence are impatient not for this to be concluded but for it to be terminated. Have patience.. the wheels of justice are turning and the truth will be revealed.

  36. Please google how long Bill Clinton's investigation went on, and how much it costs. For a failed land deal, that ended up with an impeachment for lying about consensual sex. Many years, many $millions.
    Now the Right says this is too much. If goes on twice as long, it will equal the time the GOP spent on Benghazi (2.5 years).

  37. Congressional Republicans are not fufilling their Constitutional duty to provide oversight.

    They didn't do a thorough investigation and kept the American people in the dark as to what actually happened. Now they're refusing to connect the dots because it'll implicate Trump and his campaign. ("Here are 2000 pages of our incomplete investigation. You decide!")

    At least during Watergate the GOP put aside partisanship and respected the rule of law. Today's Republican party is corrupt, morally bankrupt, and hopefully will be held accountable for conspiring with Trump in covering-up any wrongdoings.

  38. Actually, during the Watergate hearings Republicans did try to protect Nixon (e.g., Sen. Baker), but eventually most (but not all) accepted the preponderance of evidence. Those Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee clearly anguished over their decision to vote for impeachment. It was a different time, pre-Gingrich.

  39. Only ONE answer for anyone who care about the USA - throw all Republicans out.

    Senate Republicans led by Senator McConnell illegally (to me) denied the rightful Presidential responsibility of naming a Supreme Court seat suddenly made open a death. Voters didn’t make them pay. Democratic voters didn’t care and Republican voters were delighted.

    Hopefully all voters will care and work to bring some start to returning respect for the Constitution and the rule of law to Congress

  40. Manafort's notes sound like a description of a possible scheme to pay off Trump with shares from the sale of Rosneft for lifting the Magnitsky act that sanctioned Putin's Oligarchs.

  41. Will this ever come to anything? I have my doubts.

    The collusion is so obvious, but no one in Congress will do anything.

  42. No one thought the GOP would ever leave Nixon's shadow. But they did. Be patient. Even this gang of dishonorable lap dogs has a line that cannot be crossed. That said, they do make the Nixon loyalists look like statesmen.

  43. Change congress. Your chance is coming this

  44. Not this Congress, but wait for it, we have elections coming up....unless Russia pulls another attack.

  45. It’s pretty clear with the blocked call coming in between the two calls to Agalarov and then candidate Trump’s announcement that he would be making a "major speech" the following week "discussing all of the things that have taken place with the Clintons" that Trump Jr. did indeed tell his father about the meeting.

    So we now know for a fact that Jr. tried his utmost best to collude with the Russian government and that Sr. gave his blessing.

    Of course they all say the meeting turned out to be about Russian adoptions. If so, why would Manafort’s notes reference “RNC” and Cyprus?

    I think the meeting was about exactly what Ms. Veselnitskaya said it was going to be about: the Russian government’s support of Trump, the dirt they had on Hillary, and from the looks of things, how to illegally funnel money to the Trump campaign.

    That makes a heck of a lot more sense than adoptions.

  46. The Magnitski Act infuriated V Putin and he stopped the adoption of Russian children by Americans. If the Act goes away, adoptions can begin again. The talk of adoptions is just code for rescinding the Act.

  47. Isn't "Russian adoptions" street language for sex-trafficking?

    I do not think I have ever heard of people like Madonna or Angelina Jolie adopting Russian children. I had no idea it was such a topic. And I find it hard to believe that anyone named Trump is at all interested in adopting children.

  48. These papers again reveal what kind of people are in this administration. The behavior of these actors cannot be rewarded, and in fact, must be punished. America has Truth, Honor, and Respect for Country as some of its highest ideals. This administration has no interest in any of them. They must be held accountable for their actions.

  49. So they all coordinated their stories by the time they talked to the Senate intelligence committee, and those stories have no relationship so the notes tapped on his phone by Manafort during the meeting.

    Manafort's notes, reflecting what looks like money laundering transactions, say it all. it also sounds like Kushner was angry that he had fallen for the ruse that this was to deliver campaign dirt on Hillary Clinton and not a setup for how they would help Trump get elected in exchange for ending the Magnitsky Act.

  50. If Republicans want me to determine for myself the extent of Russian involvement in the Trump campaign, then give me the power to subpoena and hold people accountable for their testimonies.

  51. ...but take your time Mr. Mueller.
    Its not like getting these pampered russia agents out of the White House is important.
    Keep fiddling and ignore that burning smell!!!
    Its just our Democracy going up in smoke.

  52. It is very important, and that is why he has to take his time and build his case, carefully, and completely.

  53. Be patient, I believe there's a mountain of evidence and with our nation as divided as it is, Mueller must be very careful to get it right.

  54. What my take away is, why the continual denial and obfuscation if the meeting was harmless? How could the Gang That Can't Shoot Straight act anymore guilty?

    There is more to this meeting than reported here, and trump is scared to death about it coming out.

  55. "Illicit" is the only word in English that begins with the letter sequence of "Illici"...

  56. At this juncture house republicans have gone from partisan, obstructionist hacks straight into treason.

  57. This is not News. No one cares. The President may be brash, noisy, and a jerk at times, but he has not broken one single law.

  58. "We'll see what happens..."

  59. The use of the singular here is accurate, as it appears the contravening of legal structures is indeed plural. He has not broken a single law. But perhaps actually - probably - many.

  60. The Emoluments Clause is meant to stop a President from profiting from his office; he is supposed to divest himself of financial assets. Trump turned over his finances to his immediate family, not exactly a divestment. He also kept his Trump Hotel in D.C. which rents out suites to foreign dignitaries who are here to do business with the Administration. Trump settled 25M in Trump U fraud. He refuses to release the tax returns which would show 250M deposit laundered through two foreign banks, money originating with Russians in London. Putin owns Trump; he has those loan records.

  61. If it looks like treason, sounds like treasons, undermines the nation like treason, then it's treason. Unless it's the republican party doing whatever it takes to remain in power.

  62. Well it probably sounds like treason to you because you want it to be treason. If there isn't evidence of treason after this investigation then there likely isn't any. Most of the wrongdoings related to charges brought by Mueller on Trump associates have nothing to do with Russian election collusion, but rather undocumented and illegal money flows. That isn't the sexy smoking gun Libs are looking for, but let's see until end of the investigation.

  63. Not even condemning, let alone retaliating, against a long time adversary that our intelligence unanimously agree interfered in our elections, is treasonous.

  64. As much as I despise the current President, and eager as I am to find some way to remove him from office, no, it is not Treason under U.S. law. Treason is defined -- and very narrowly -- for all purposes under U.S, law in Article III, Section 3 of the Constitution, which states, in pertinent part:

    "Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. . . ."

    Whatever Trump may have done, up to and colluding with Russia to influence the election, it may have been illegal but it was not Treason, because Russia is not currently an enemy of the United States. It is a geopolitical adversary, to be sure, but unless there is a state of declared war between our countries, Russia is not an enemy.

  65. I couldn’t help but notice that NBC’s logo was on the sponsor board Miss Universe and Trump were standing in front of in Moscow. Perhaps Mueller might want to consider expanding even further. And who knows whose can’t be been in that photo. Ask Australians about throwing boomerangs, Rachel and Donald.

  66. It seems to become clearer to me that the Democrats are riding the wrong horse. They have invested all their energy in the attempt to prove that Trump has colluded with the Russians or that Russia manipulated the US-election in favor of Trump. Now the Democrats seem to have shot their bolts. What is clearly missing, and what the world has been waiting for, is a powerful Democratic alternative to the absurd politics of Trump. So where have all the classical US-Democrats gone?

  67. The Democrats I don't think are pushing this as much as the media is - even during the campaign, HRC had a lot of decent enough ideas to improve the country but it got lost in the Trump circus. The media likes Trump since people who both hate and love him tend to read it. At what point do people end up with Trump fatigue?

  68. It appears clear that the Trump campaign colluded with the Russians at least on some level and they are no longer really disputing that fact as they have, for example, admitted to have arranged the Trump tower meeting to hear dirt on Clinton. The Russians also actively supported Trump with their misinformation and cyber warfare campaign because they rightly recognized that his election would be a huge embarrassment to the US.

    Having said that, collusion apparently is not a crime and does not really amount to treason. It is left to the people to decide if they want to punish Trump and the GOP for this. It is clear that GOP voters are not going to and some independents are also returning to the president, according to the latest approval rating polls.

    Ultimately, the American people have to make a choice about who they are and what kind of politics that want to support. The president should under no circumstances be removed from office or impeached. His supporters and many others would cry foul for decades to come, and they amount to 40% of the population, which is a large number. Instead, Trump and the GOP need to be defeated in the upcoming midterm elections and finally in the presidential election in 2020. That should be the focus of the resistance instead of Russia or any other investigation.

  69. Trumps supporters will cry foul for decades to come no matter what happens—all defeats, electoral or through impeachment —will be attributed to the conspiracy between the Deep State and the Fake News Media.

    Trump has solidified his hold on a market of customers that demands grievance against, retribution towards and generalized fear of women, gays, people of color and Muslim bogeymen. Expect that to continue for the rest of his life. Even the disgraced Nixon continued to have loyal supporters for years.

    As for the investigation, enough disturbing facts about the cluelessness, incompetence, venality and self-dealing weasels , criminals and Putin’s agents should persuade any voter that Trump is a disaster who needs to be voted out.

    As to whether the investigation itself concludes that Trump is a criminal actor—neither you nor I nor the media knows until Mueller reveals his findings.

    It is then up to Congress whether or not “high crimes and misdemeanors “ have occurred.

    It’s a simple matter for Democratic candidates to pin their opponents to Trump merely on the basis of the skein of his scandals, lies, despicable behavior, crumby policies and sheer incompetence. That 40% you speak of will dwindle much more because of the increase in Democrats coming out to vote in higher numbers than because the Trump base is persuaded that their idol is false.

  70. "It is left to the people to decide if they want to punish Trump"

    Actually no.
    The people will have no voice to impeach or not. Congress decides.
    You are naive to think that the people of the USA are the decision-makers in this debacle.

  71. What if this meeting was a trap set up by Steel's Russian contacts hoping and trying to catch candidate Trump into something? Everything is possible.

  72. Do all Russians look alike to you? The Russians at Trump Tower were clearly connected to the Putin regime and advancing the regime's agenda. The Russians who talked to Steele were doing just the opposite.

  73. Everyone is sticking to their story. It was about adoptions and a big nothing.
    There are so many other questions to be asked and we have to hope that Mueller is asking them and getting the answers.
    The GOP propaganda is in overdrive on the 1 year milestone of the investigation. Given the years and millions spent investigating you know who, the GOP ought to settle down. It's their turn in the hot seat and of course it's "unsettling" but I for one don't care.
    I want the truth. Definite answers. I don't want Trump impeached.
    I want the truth. THAT seems to be the most difficult request in the present. I don't want one party's version or Trump's. And I don't want the GOP Congress to hide the findings. I want to know what happened and then the rule of law can come into play if need be.

  74. Do you expect the truth about Trump from a GOP Congress which just passed a permanent tax gift to large corporate donors? The cover was the chump change given to the middle class due to sunset in 2027. The revenue loss from the corporate tax reduction will leave us with a large deficit. Who will pay for that? The middle class and the working poor. Corporate financial attorneys and accountants have that covered.

  75. The Trump camp writes off the meeting because it was, frankly, a distraction to the campaign. They gained nothing and got lectured about the Magnitsky Act. Thus, no collusion took place. One point of view.

    Americans caring about protecting our democratic institutions, such as elections, see the meeting as an attempt by the Trump camp to gain whatever advantage was being offered by the Russians. Just taking the meeting feels ethically wrong to us. It shows that Trump's campaign would stoop as low as needed to get dirt on Clinton.

    Mueller's opinion is the only one that matters legally.

  76. It also sounds like Jr., Kushner and Manafort could be complicit.

  77. Don, Jr. knew what he was doing was not kosher/legal. He asked the Russian operative for a back door which could be hidden from the public.

  78. It seems to become clearer to me that the Democrats are riding the wrong horse. They have invested all their energy in the attempt to proof that Trump has colluded with the Russians or that Russia manipulated the US-election in favor of Trump. Now the Democrats seem to have shot their bolts. What is clearly missing, and what the world has been waiting for, is a powerful Democratic alternative to the absurd politics of Trump. So where have all the classical US-Democrats gone?

  79. Where have the real Democrats gone? Into hiding, driven there by the far left...

  80. "Sure, we tried to rob the bank. But we didn't actually get away with any money. So there's no crime, right?"

  81. Trump just started a press conference ranting about immigration (our economy is "so strong" more people are coming to "get a piece of the action"). Once again Trump hauls out his "great hit" from his campaign rallies to deflect from:
    - having been played by N. Korea;
    - his being bribed/manipulated by China with a $500 million loan;
    - his financial disclosure showing him to be, once again, a liar;
    - the Senate's release of documents showing Don Jr. to be anything but truthful in his testimony;
    - and Tusk's speech on behalf of the EU, given today, with nothing good to say about Trump and concluding that "with friends like him who needs enemies".

    Trump talks about immigration so Fox can report on it and ignore all of the above.

  82. Clarification please... How does Donald, Jr., manage to call a blocked number? By its very nature, a blocked number is unknown.

  83. He routinely receives calls from that blocked number and it’s always his dad. Just because a number is blocked doesn’t necessarily mean the recipient doesn’t have the number. It just means he has to dial it rather than do a call back.

  84. I voted Democrat but I don't understand why Trump's meeting with the Russian lawyer who may have promised dirt of HRC is considered treasonous and is causing such a stir, while the fact that HRC hired a British spy to hire a small army of Russian spies to find or compose real or imaginary dirt on Trump is considered to be fair play?!

  85. It was the Republicans who commissioned that dossier, let's not pretend otherwise.

    And there's some difference between working with Russian government spies and working with people who spy on Russia.

  86. I tell my friends the easiest way to spot the fake comments is when they start with: I'm a Democrat or I'm not a Trump fan and then go on to defend him no matter what the article is about. You might as well put a foreign flag on it.

  87. may of trump's lies are going to be exposed *this* time?

    Folks keep telling me he "shakes things up". So does a drunk on the highway.....I can't help but think that both are more of a real danger than people realize.

  88. I think what we are finding out is that Donald Trump, Donald Trump Junior and the rest of the Trump family are some of the biggest liars that we have ever seen, and Donald Trump himself may be the most corrupt man to ever step in the Whitehouse ever, and that is something history will record.

  89. Time for Whopper, Jr. ™ to face justice.

  90. "I don't know". Of course you do Jnr, you just won't reveal the truth. Corrupt and scheming swamp family.

  91. Sounds like the meeting with the Russian "contact" led to nothing. How is this treason? How do we know the Trump campaign would have used it against Hillary? Maybe they would have just sat on the info. All plausible deniability.

  92. Collaborating with a foreign government is illegal. What they gained or did not gain is inconsequential - the act of attempting to collaborate is the crime.

  93. Just taking the meeting with who we now know was a Russian operative instead of reporting the attempted contact to authorities showed intention to conspire. Repeatedly LYING about the contacts till they got caught and firing Comey to stop the investigations was obstruction. Telegraphing future email dumps the night after the Trump tower meeting by Trump sure shows they got something or else how would they know the illegally hacked emails were about to be released. Trying to set up secret back channels to Russia to avoid monitoring by American officials in the Russian embassy by Kushner sound legit to you Mr. 1%??

  94. You all need some legal education. The criminal act would have been to obtain the information on Hillary from the Russians AND subsequently use it against her. They never obtained the information to begin with. This is very different from walking into a bank armed, demanding money and finding the vault empty. That's a very simpleton, incorrect analogy. By your guys' rationale, Hillary and DNC are guilty of treason for funding the Steele dossier. The dossier was never used against Trump, and all of a sudden fell of a truck after the election.

  95. Republicans in Congress are either getting rich over this, or they are simply guilty of neglect and should all resign

    Do your jobs.....provide oversight for the mess at the White House......

  96. They are doing their jobs: they are profiting themselves and the elites they serve. There is no duplicity here, they serve them and not us or the US.

  97. I"m sorry, but if one more person writes that this investigation is "dragging on so long..." Regular prosecutions of defendants for murder can take several years before they go to trial. Give me a break. Keep plugging, Mr. Mueller. I'm ready to come and help-I'll be a coffee getter if you need one.

  98. The Ken Star investigation took nearly five years.

  99. It is amazing that Mueller has never even talked to the Russian Lawyer. He seems to have his heart set on tilting windmills.

  100. P McGrath, Mueller may be waiting to get some other information before he does that. Maybe she has not been back to the US so he can subpoena her.

  101. How do you know he hasn't?

  102. Marines are not known for tilting at windmills; Mueller is a former Marine. He is methodical and honest. He will eventually "take the hill".

  103. "Democrats offered a starkly different assessment, repeatedly asserting that the investigation had been "limited"by Republicans mor interested in accusations of FBI misconduct than in Russian interference."

    What I will never understand is why the Republicans are turning a blind eye to the obvious, that there was and will be Russian interference in our democracy!!! Republicans, are clearly refusing to protect our country and system of government from Russia. There is plenty of evidence that Russia interfered what more do they want?! Of course, it doesn't matter to them as long as their guy ...won!

    History will not speak well of Republicans. I hope that when Mueller shows his "cards" it will be so devastating that they will live in shame because Republicans did not stand up and defend democracy nor the Constitution!

    I suspect Putin has dirt on all the congressional Republicans! That's why so many are not running for re-election!

    Country over party.

  104. In the near future, could you please list a score card of the number and types of explanations regarding the Trump team speaking to the Russians and how many times those explanations changed. You could throw in the times when the Trump team seemed to anticipate the next wiki leak target and how often Mr. Trump publically asked the Russians for help leaking Hillary's emails.

  105. Don Jr. can’t remember who he spoke with during a four minute call to a blocked number right after the infamous meeting. Uh huh. Try telling that to Bob Mueller.

  106. "Try telling that to Bob Mueller."

    Then to Mr. Mueller's Grand Jury. Under oath.

  107. The Senate report is quite a contrast compared to the dubious House report. Clearly, the Russians wanted relief from the Magnitsky sanctions in return for providing the dirt on Hilary Clinton, and assisting the Trump campaign.

    Thanks to the Senate Democrats and Senator Feinstein for revealing the details of this blatant effort to interfere in the election.

  108. Natalia Veselnitskaya did not offer any dirt on Hillary Clinton. She had no dirt to offer. She testify she can't remember Hillary's name being mentioned. She offered to provide proof that the Magnitsky Act is based on false testimony. Donald Trump Jr. told her he was in not position to help.

    What do you think Hillary did that was incriminating?

  109. To me, "I don't recall/remember" always suggests something to hide unless the person is very old (no offense meant).

  110. Trump has multiple versions of every story. It's hard to pin down which one he told when.

  111. If it was an innocent unrelated person he was calling, he'd make the effort to remember what it was about and clear himself.

    Naturally he is lying and it's pretty obvious why.

  112. And the United States will allow Trump to meet with Kim Jong-un?

    With this hanging over the risk/safety of the country, even if North Korea would want to meet, this cannot take place.

    Obviously Donald Trump et all represents a loose cannon of this country.

  113. I think we need more drills about steering loose cannons overboard.

  114. The released documents nd transcripts support the Trump campaign that no unlawful collusion occurred. The two parties went away empty handed.

  115. And he's about to punch a few big holes in the side of the ship. Below the waterline, I expect.

  116. If anyone believes that Don, Jr. was the mastermind and solely responsible for making contacts with Russia, and his father remained on the 26th floor in Trump Tower while a meeting with Russians occurred on the 25th floor, I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.

  117. It's difficult to avoid the impression that Don Jr. doesn't have mind enough to master much of anything.

  118. If Donald Trump had met with Natalia Veselnitskaya at Trump Tower to discuss foreign policy, it still would have been legal. It is not unlawful to discuss foreign policy issues with foreign nationals. Both candidates met with foreign heads of state during the campaign to discuss foreign policy. Both Clinton and Trump met privately with the Israeli prime minister. Trump flew to Mexico City to discuss NAFTA and border issues with the president of Mexico.

  119. If you succeed in selling that bridge, you should apply for a job with the Trump Organization. They seem to value that kind of expertise.

  120. The fact that this meeting occurred, with the anticipation, and expectation, of bringing down the Clinton campaign, indicates "collusion by intent". And, if the GOP, Trump, and his campaign, knew about this meeting, before it was to take place, they are "accessories to the fact". Not "high crimes and misdemeanors" yet; but, it is getting very close.

    Also, there is Trump, Cohen and a slush fund, which has deposits made by Russian sources. And, this money is being declared a non-political contribution, even though part of it was used to pay off at least one portion to keep silent ahead of the 2016 election.

    There is much more to this story, considering the report came from a GOP dominated Senate. Also, we do not know if any members of the GOP leadership was involved with any of this or not.

    We are seeing more dots getting connected and they all lead to Trump, and his family.

    Thus, another reason to wait for Mr. Mueller's report on what he discovered and uncovered.

  121. Yes, yes. Once again, "There is much more to this story," Except, there never seems to be. Instead, we are still stuck at the shocking news that a political campaign jumped at the chance to get some ready-made dirt on the opposition—as opposed to the Democrats, say, paying Steele and Fusion through attorney cut-outs to have it manufactured.

  122. When you refer to "Ms. Veselnitskaya’s translator, Anatoli Samochornov," I believe you mean to say "interpreter." "Translation" is the term used for written work, while "interpretation" is used for spoken work (simultaneous or consecutive).

    It's quite possible that Mr. Samochornov also acts as her translator at times, but in the context of this article (when discussing in-person meetings), he would be acting as an interpreter. Professionals in the translation and interpretation fields are always having to correct this, and the Times should be promoting the correct terminology.

  123. You might want to correct the half a dozen dictionaries that I just checked because they do not back up your statement.

    "A translator is a person whose job is translating writing or speech from one language to another." Collins Dictionary

    ": an act, process, or instance of translating: such as
    a : a rendering from one language into another; also : the product of such a rendering" Merriam Webster

    And the most defining of all is that Captain Kirk never used a 'Universal Interpreter". He always used a "Universal Translator" when speaking with the Klingons :)

  124. If you have ever watched/listened to a U.N. meeting; there are translations accompanying the foreign speaker, either via voice, or written on screen, simultaneously.

  125. According to media reports, Trump brings up the FBI investigation about 20 times a day. The White House gardeners, chefs, telephone operators, cleaning staff, and on and on have likely heard the Donald wail about the inquiry, but we are supposed to believe that the topic never came up in conversations with Junior. Next thing you know, Junior will be telling us that Trump's inauguration crowd was the largest ever.

  126. None of this matters. The same people will vote for him again, or at least someone like him.

  127. Yes until they die from lack of health care or starve.
    Keep shooting themselves in foot (feet)--I traveled through there last year, nice people but NO news, all Sinclair and Fox and a similarily owned newspaper once a week reporting same things.
    And god forbid I mentioned in conversation that I had (many) college degrees, even one, and was moving back to West from East.
    They are as prejudged against me too.

  128. Vote more...get out the vote!

    they are a lost cause

  129. It is the intent of the meeting, and not the outcome that is important here. Trump, Jr. met with an emissary of a foreign government (with whom we have a dispute) who was seeking influence to undermine the Magnitsky Act in exchange for information that would help sway the election for Trump. Trump, Jr. did not have permission from the U.S. government to have the meeting. That is a clear violation of the Logan Act. It is a felony.
    However, even if Trump, Jr. is tried and convicted of violating the Logan Act, his daddy will most certainly give him a presidential pardon. Hardly seems worth the effort. I am beyond cynical anymore. I entered the Twilight Zone of politics on November 8, 2016.

  130. Diana, you can't give up. It's true that historians in 200 years will shake their heads over Trump's election, and perhaps will trace certain events (America's decline) to his election, but the fact is that this is our time, this happened on our watch, and we owe it to the idea of what America can and should be to hold our noses and keep going.

  131. A good day, after over a year of frustration and anger. Cpngratulations, the courageous mainstream press corps, both in the USA and abroad, the Senate, the Mueller team and all other agencies for the truths that have been covered up, and distorted by the criminals. God bless America.

  132. The Trumps claimed that the President was not involved in the meeting with the Russians and was not updated about the negative outcome of said meeting. Even though the meeting took place one floor below then candidate Trump's office, they claimed he had nothing to do with it. This article clear states otherwise. Is this article inaccurate or are the Trumps caught again in a lie? I'll wager on the latter.

  133. ''The disparaging information about Mrs. Clinton amounted to no more than allegations of fraud in Russia by several obscure Democratic donors...''


    All those that started the chant of ''lock her up'' were on a search all around the globe to create or find ''evidence'' of a crime they wanted to manufacture.

    All those that were gullible enough to believe these fictitious allegations, then went out and promptly voted for the true criminals that make up this administration.

    The ''evidence'' is starting to mount up and they will get their chance in a court of law to prove otherwise.

    Do we start chanting something now too ?

  134. The GOP are rotting at the core and their is no decent people left in that party or supporters that i feel know right from wrong. Today’s big win in elections in Pa. and several other states should speak volumes.

  135. The fact that the House Intelligence committee was so very different from the Senate Intelligence committee in its report on the Russia intervention is evidence that some Republicans in the Senate are interested in the truth and therefore not "rotting at the core." The House Republicans are led by radicals and liars and they should all be thrown out on the streets after this November's election.

  136. It is fantasy to believe anything occurred on the Trump election team that wasn't first hand knowledge to the Donald , or reported to him. The reports during and immediately following the election by team members were to the effect that Donald Sr. really had hands on direction of everything.

  137. Mr. Putin may have been enraged by the Magnitsky Act, but its major impact on him was financial rather than emotional. It would cost him and his minions millions, if not billions, of dollars.

    He coldly schemed to get around the Act using an asset, Donald Trump, that he and his cronies had been developing for a period of time.

    I would not attribute Putin's actions to emotion. He's a sociopath if one ever existed.

  138. Remember, it's rarely the crime that fells the culprits, it's the coverup. No collusion, but persistent acts of stonewalling and obstruction - all pointing to guilty conscience, at a minimum.

  139. Contrary to what Trump says, I’m quite sure all gang members of MS-13 are all very delightful creatures. A real asset to this country they will be. Step it up Bob, our nations safety and welfare is at risk as long as Trump is still president.

  140. It's going to be really interesting to see if Trump Sr. will throw Trump Jr. under the bus to save his presidency.

  141. The investigations should proceed for the integrity of our republic, but I've said time and again, Trump won't be removed from power by anything other than an electoral victory from an opponent in 2020. And the path to that victory is only going to come by Democrats presenting a viable and inspiring policy alternative to Trump/The GOP, rather than relying on being the "Not Trump" party.

    There is far too much complacency in the Democratic party heading into the mid-terms and beyond, and they are allowing themselves to be framed by Trump/The GOP, not taking it upon themselves to clearly and concisely communicate what their policies are, and why Trump/The GOP have inferior policies.

  142. I suggest paying closer attention. There’s real life out there in Democrat land.

    And that is what the GOP is really really worried about.

    With good reason.

  143. No doubt in my mind that someone in the Campaign had contact with Assagne. Not sure Junior, or Kushner has the brains to do it on his own; however, his ally Manafort could have arranged it. There is enough to implicate both of them

  144. My money is on Manafort, maybe Stone, but it's equally likely that Manafort did it and Stone just needed something to sound important about.

  145. Trump was right about one thing. The election was rigged.

  146. I'm not sure what appalls me more, the blatant arrogance and disrespect of our elected officials by this so-called POTUS, or the willful ignorance by the GOP elected representatives to this obvious abuse of power and disrespect of WELL OVER half of the US citizens represented (in large) by the left.

  147. I don't understand why all these Trump people were meeting up with Russian officials. I don't remember hearing that past presidents of either party surrounded themselves with persons with an interest in Russia. Manafort, Page, Papadopoulos, to name a few. Please explain!

  148. Kushner’s venting about the meeting being a waste of time just shows what a naïf he was when it came to Russia. Velnitskaya was there to give him the price and he was there thinking he was going to get the goods for nothing.

  149. The Trump team talked with a Russian lawyer, so what, who cares other than conspiracy minded "progressives". On the other hand the Clintons helped arrange the sale of uranium mines to Russia. B. Clinton received millions for talking with Russians.

  150. The Trump team talked with an agent of the GRU to discuss a quid pro quo - dirty election meddling in exchange for foreign sanctions relief. Our foreign policy is an American asset, it's not something to be traded to line the pockets of members of Trump's oligarchy. If selling out to the Putin doesn't bother you, consider moving to Moscow.

  151. So, I believe that I read in the NYTimes that if anyone was to approach a campaign with a 'story of interest' especially from a foreign country that they should immediately report this to the FBI. Jr. did not. If Comey and the FBI were reluctant to 'interfere' because they assumed that HRC would win, then had she won, would they have just allowed this kind of interference fade into the sunset?

  152. when the Trump campaign was warned by the FBI and the CIA that Russians would be trying to make overtures, they didnt say a peep about the 50 different Russian nationals connected to Russian intelligence and to Putin that they were already actively communicating with.

  153. Trump's whole life is based on lies, deception and rip offs. He is a business man who inherited his wealth. He owes no one. That's how he operates. Above the law. Do we have a country of laws or not? If he doesn't pay the piper, then Democracy is over. I hope I'm wrong.

  154. You never know in our crazy world. Maybe there is some evidence that we haven't heard indicating collusion (which, apparently, is not a crime). But, right now, this continues to be just one of the silliest major investigations ever, a complete waste of money and a disastrous way to run a justice system. And few things are worse than the puritanical and hypocritical attacks on politicians because they had - gasp, sex. As if D.C. isn't a hotbed of extramarital activity. I know virtually every D felt that it was a terrible waste of time in the '90s. And almost every R felt the opposite. The reverse now, of course. I felt this way during Whitewater and Clinton's impeachment (lots of indictments and convictions there) and I feel that way now. After impeachment, I didn't vote for Rs for a few years. I'd like to say that I wouldn't vote for any Ds at this point except, I really can't stand voting for either of these two power hungry, wasteful, reprehensible parties anymore to begin with. So, no leverage.

    I know where I'm writing. Lots of people cannot bear to even hear that Trump is anything short of the devil and you must be a crazed conservative to think otherwise (some of my best friends feel that way). Not a conservative and certainly didn't vote for him (nor your unsuitable candidate either). Imagine how many people could have had health care for the money they wasted on this exercise in futility. Or winter coats. Or money to help defend our allies. . . .

  155. ...or even more golf trips for Trump, or laws passed NOT with America's best interest in mind, but rather as a means to line this grifter's pockets even more. Imagine all the conniving and scamming we could miss out on if we allow Mueller to do due diligence with regard to investigating Trump and company COLLABORATING WITH A KNOWN ENEMY STATE.

  156. What you seem not to understand is that Trump is the result of four decades of Republican lies. Those lies are spewed daily by Trump, Republican politicians, and Fox News. Those lies have decimated the tax base and undermined the health and safety of all our citizens for the benefit of corporations. Those lies have made you think that Hillary is as bad or worse than Trump. Those lies are rotting our core institutions. And yet people like you seem blind to the lies even when the actual transcripts and evidence of lies is before you, as it is today in the Senate transcripts and Trump’s filing. So we need Mueller to do what you won’t. Expose the rot so even you cannot turn you head or claim that they all lie. Because they don’t.

  157. You voted for him. Ridding ourselves of a threat to our democracy is not a waste of money.

  158. If Trump is so concerned about illegal immigration, why haven't they moved against one of the participants at the meeting, Rinat Akhtneshin who is an American citizen even though he covered up his membership in Russian State Security when he applied for citizenship.

  159. Only in America could a short meeting generate thousands of pages of documents for Congress to release.

  160. It’s hard to believe that a man who can barely read would generate that much paper for one meeting.

  161. Yes, it does smell like treason. It looks like treason. And are you telling me senatorial report that the son did not give the essence of these discussion to daddy? Give me a break.
    We have a diverse polity in the USA and no prospect of one person one vote. From the West Coast the radical Right and gun freedom and cut down the forests and salvage logging community speaks and is intertwined with the evangelical Christians and anti-vaccination and science denial movement. So, let's get out the message that coal is not coming back. Possibly the Donald and his ilk would fund retraining for former coal miners?

  162. As far as I'm concerned, when Trump jr. et al sat down with Veselnitskaya, they were colluding with a foreign agent to sway the election. Period. Guilty.

  163. Not having read the 2000 pages, it seems Russia’s opening price for the hacked email was Magnitsky repeal, and Manafort negotiated the price down to a Russia friendly Ukraine plank in the Republican platform plus money laundering that benefits both sides.

    Kushner and Trump jr. seem not to have realized a price negotiation was going on.

  164. So far, there have been 3 Congressional investigations, a 6 month FBI investigation, a special prosecutor investigation that's lasted over a year, and God knows how many Democrat Media investigations, and all they've come up with is a 10-minute meeting between Don Trump Jr and some Russian woman who wanted to talk about America's adoption policy.

    Has anyone calculated what all these investigations have cost American taxpayers?

  165. You ask if anyone calculated what all these investigations have cost American taxpayers.

    Do you mean in contrast to the cost of the investigation of HRC's emails, over $20 million, or Benghazi, $30 million for the house select committee (that does NOT include the cost of the 8 other congressional committees on Benghazi)?

    Although the investigation of trump is the biggliest of any investigation ever in the history of the world. Just ask him...

  166. Jack, you're forgetting all the indictments and the guilty pleas that Muller has gotten.

  167. What a wild ride this is. Trump desperately wanting to collude and the Russians provide nothing cause they didn't trust him.

  168. Love all the arm chair quarterbacks that say the investigation has gone on long enough an d there is no case here. The folks that say that are either getting nervous or have no historic context to realize that when there is obstruction of justice investigations take longer. Particularly when you're dealing with not one crooked individual but possibly dozens of them.

    Took two years to take Nixon down. Strap in kiddies. This ride is far from over.

  169. Bryan, Yes but even if obstruction is found AND bears legal weight -- what will actually happen to Trump and Trump Jr and Kusher. I strongly suspect there will be some published to the world "censures" of some sort, no actual jail time of course, and LOTS of press for 3 months about it -- and then that's it.

  170. So everyone his Dad calls from home and it says blocked caller when his iPhone lights up he doesn’t notice?

  171. The idea that you could have some shady lawyer with Kremlin connections show up in your dad's tower and hand him the election in a silver samovar showed how lame, gullible and corrupt the Trump crew was.

    If you think this investigation is out of proportion to the offenses, remember that it never would have grown to such massive proportions if they hadn't covered up and lied about its purpose, participants, and agenda.

    If Trump and son had come clean and admitted they’d been had, the story would have blown over quickly, lost among dozens of other scandals. Of course, the odds of that happening were exactly zero; it’s not in their DNA to admit the truth about anything.

  172. No one will see an indictment sadly.

    As I suspected, this is the first of a lot of "I dont recall" statements in a court of law -- which will ensure that Trump Jr and Kushner do not see any criminal charges whatsoever.

    It absolutely works to do this, so of course these people will say they do not recall.

    One side note: If a phone number is blocked there is NO record of that number anywhere, even by the NSA that collects everything?

  173. No NSA needed - the phone company knows the blocked number. The Republican majority on the committee refused to subpoena the information.

  174. Donald Jr. has "amnesia." The questions he did not answer were loaded. "Do not recall," is code for "If you knew what actually happened, I'd be in trouble." So will the Committee do its job and drill down?

  175. Very bad idea to meet with Russians. If approached, it should have been reported. We need a law that prohibits such conduct.

  176. Love how the trump-ettes responded: We got nothing, so no law was broken.

    Except for the pesky fact that by even *taking* a meeting with a Foreign Government, for the purpose of influencing an election, is on its face, Illegal.

  177. Do people not realize how subjective they are when it comes to political party wrong doing?
    Democrats on Clinton Investigation: "What difference at this point does it make?"
    Democrats on Trump: "Investigations take time, it is only been on year it is actually moving at light speed!"
    Republicans: Vice versa on what democrats say given said situation.

  178. It doesn’t matter. You saw the NYT piece today Re no indictments of course. If accurate it’s no surprise. Then they pass the findings on to Congress.
    However in my opinion if the magnitude of the findings are egregious, obstructive and criminal enough then it might trigger an impeachment proceeding.
    I also believe Mueller would have a “legal opinion” and comments attached to the findings. Perhaps a recommendation in relation to Constitutional law. Broaching impeachment’ would be a long encumbered process fraught with partisan special interests and chaos.
    What a mess. Trump won’t care at this juncture. His growing base on illegal immigration and border security ignored for decades and further propelled by the idea among illegal immigrants that if you got here you should stay and the border should be open. We will have Trump a long time. What a mess.

  179. If the conclusion that Russia had interfered with the election and that Mr. Putin ordered the interference has been proven why isn't the Congress of the United States doing nothing about it?
    Is it because the Repubicans in Congress are hoping that the Russians will also fix the November election for them?
    The only honest brokers regarding Congessional investigations seem to be the Senate committee. I guess the House is more corrupt than the Senate.

  180. It still boggles the mind to realize that the mere fact that the Trump campaign was trying to dig up dirt on the opposition with the help of a foreign government doesn't shock people and is apparently not prosecutable? What, because they didn't get any juicy information it isn't a crime?
    Donal Trump really must have made such a great deal with Satan because he never, ever seems to get his comeuppance. Maybe that is the "Art of the Deal" that he really means when he talks about his great negotiating skills...

  181. What’s forgotten by many is the fact that Donald Jr. lied about having ANY contacts with Russians before WAPO revealed the e mail where he relished getting dirt on Clinton from RUSSIANS. Then what’s also forgotten is who attended the meeting. He (and Kushner) can proclaim it was boring and nothing but adoption but why did all these people attend: a former Russian intelligence officer, a Russian implicated (but not charged) in laundering Russian money into US real estate, a Russian lawyer with admitted ties to Putin, and her “translator”. Donny Jr. lied about this meeting it’s clear there was more there there. The most suspicious attendee was the money launderer since there is lots of evidence about Russian money poring into Trump Sr. coffers. But again, the Trump campaign conspirators all claimed no contact with any Russians. When people lie like this you know there is something nefarious going on.

  182. What a waste of time! Had the Senate and House committees pursued hearings with learned psychiatrists and psychologists about the negative impacts of having a president debilitated by malignant narcissism personality disorder we might actually be on the road to impeachment.

  183. So like... attempted collusion is okay though, right?

  184. The law is one thing, but this what I know about Donald Trump, from his own words:

    "He doesn't have a birth certificate. Or, if he does, there's something on that certificate that is very bad for him. Somebody told me that where it says 'religion,' it might have 'Muslim.' And if you're a Muslim, you don't change your religion."

    "I have people that have been studying Obama's birth certificate and they cannot believe what they're finding. If he wasn't born in this country, which is a real possibility, then he has pulled one of the great cons in the history of politics."

    "People do not think it was an authentic certificate. His mother was not in the hospital. There are many other things that came out. And frankly, if you would report it accurately, I think you'd probably get better ratings than you're getting."

    "An 'extremely credible source' told me that @BarackObama's birth certificate is a fraud."

    "Amazing. The State Health Director who verified copies of Obama's 'birth certificate' died in a plane crash today. All others lived."

    "Who knows about Obama? Who knows, who knows? I have my own theory on Obama. Someday I will write a book. I will do another book, and it will do very successfully."

    From his own words, you'll find everything you need to know about the real Donald Trump.

  185. Question: Who was on the other end of those before and after calls to the blocked number? Answer: I don’t know.......

    Yeah right. Was it Ghostbusters?

    Trump Jnr is a bona fide twit if he thinks his answer was sufficient. I guess he is always phoning random blocked numbers without a clue who he is speaking to; it’s the only explanation.

  186. I just have one question, can Mueller find out who owns the private number Donnie Jr. called, or maybe he already has. I like most Americans feel confident it was to daddy dearest. There is nothing that goes on in the trump circle that trump himself is not informed about. If someone chooses to believe something different than they aren't looking at the real picture. The smell is so bad at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave its going to have to be burned to the ground and re-built, after this foul bunch are forced out. There is no amount of industrial air freshener in a 100 gallon drum going to help that place.

  187. The June meeting never happened. No wait, it happened but it wasn't about the campaign. No wait, DT Jr. arrives at the meeting and asks "What ya got for me?" Now it's "they don't got nothing." Stay tuned.

  188. These documents seem to pretty conclusively reveal that Hillary Clinton did not collude with the Russians.

  189. Imagine the Republican outcry if representatives of then candidate Obama had participated in such a meeting with Bejing operatives in 2008. Or, assume arguendo, that this good-hearted Russian lawyer had provided DJT, Jr. with a bag of very useful information that could be used to trash Sec. Clinton, her husband or the Democratic party. Does any rational person believe this would not have been used? Give the devil his due: Russian intelligence is, to be certain, evil, subversive and at times effective. They know where to find the turncoats and how to woo them.

  190. "Thousands of Pages on Trump Tower Meeting Are Released...
    part of the Senate Judiciary Committee’s inquiry ... were not expected to produce major revelations."?

    In simple English, this whitewash "report" was preformed and intended by "Republicans, who control the committee" to provide squid-ink obfuscation of the REAL investigation being done by Robert Mueller and REAL investigators!

    This is NOT news, but instead PR, smokescreen disinformation full of double-speak and double-talk!

  191. One wonders how much about these matters Trump Jr. revealed to his estranged wife. Is the Mueller Investigation awaiting their divorce before issuing a grand jury subpoena to Jr.'s ex?

  192. Dear Jr.,

    Please commit a crime for me. Take a meeting with a GRU asset, whose government is planning on hacking our upcoming election.

    Work with them to get political dirt on Hillary and tell them we'll sell out America's foreign policy after victory is secured.

    This should be fine, since the GOP will be complicit in covering this crime. I'd do it myself, but I'm off to Mar-a-Lago to meet up with some "actresses".

    Call you from my blocked number to discuss later on.



  193. Donny Con Light made calls to blocked numbers. He said he never talked to the Big Don. Is there a connection? Just asking.

  194. Senior members of the Trump campaign met with officials from a foreign rival, in order to get foreign intelligence they could use to smear the opposition. That is treason, plain and simple.

    Other news outlets have spent today squabbling about details -- when did Jared leave the room, what did Don Jr mean by 'I love it!', was the meeting really just about the Magnitzky act -- but the details are not important. The only thing we need to know here is that the Trump campaign committed treason. Traitors do not belong in the White House. Traitors belong in prison.

  195. We will soon see whom the real "Animals " are. Don't be distracted by other news that he uses as a distraction.

  196. High ranking members of the Trump campaign, up to Jared and Don Jr EAGERLY and KNOWINGLY met with Russian representatives who promised ‘dirt’ on a US election.

    I know poor Don Jr has problems with his memory (among many other problems) but it’s pretty clear that Trump Sr knew about the meeting - imagine that call “Hey, Dad. Guess what - we’re going to get real dirt on Hillary. Yup, I call right af term the meeting.” Also pretty clear that he did call Daddy.

    Whenit was going to blow up on them, then President tried to concoct a lie to cover it up - lying is his thing, after all.

    It happened.

  197. The reported time of the meeting was about 20 minutes The documents about the meeting took 2500 pages. That is 125 pages per minute. 125 for hello. 125 for goodbye. We have known for a year the Russian lawyer wanted to talk about the Magnitsky Act. We also have known that she never had any dirt on Hillary and even if she did, none was used. nothing was leaked and nothing was illegal. But the DNC and Hillary hired someone to reach out to his Russian friends to get dirt on Trump and the part that was released was salacious and not confirmed Steele credentials include his time at British intelligence for several years during which they assured Bush that WMDs did exist in Iraq. But this collusian, which was to stop Trump from getting elected, is treated as business as usual. Something is wrong with that equation. Someone goes to a meeting to hear if there is dirt and leaves. Another pays $100,00 to go dig up dirt with his Russian pals. In the meantime the NSA promised some Russians $1,000,000 for information including anything they could dig up on Trump. They broke it off after they made the first payment of $100,000 for what they saw as unconfirmed and fabricated. The truth is, Trump didn't need any help from Russia, Lichtenstein, or even the presbyterians. He had Hillary herself to help him win.

  198. I am interested to know if there is any way to indict Devin Nunes on obstruction charges. Any attorneys that want to weigh in on this, please do.

  199. The documents showed no collusion of course. It has become clear that the entire Russian allegations were a political plot by deep staters and the DNC to commit treason and nullify a legal American election. This is the biggest attack on our democratic Republic since the civil war. The people who engineered this illegal and treasonous act should be arrested and tried including any DOJ or FBI officials involved.

  200. Before, during, or after this infamous Trump Tower meeting with these Russian agents, attempting to peddle their sabotaging information, not one of these involved Americans notified the F.B.I., New York police, or any other law enforcement agency. If there ever was an unquestionable display of criminal intent on their collective part, this is it.

    Hopefully, the Mueller investigators will be successful in establishing a linkage between that felonious intent and the violation of one, or more, federal laws with the resulting indictments of Trump Jr., Kushner, Manafort, and others. The propensity toward secrecy, masking unethical if not illegal conduct, is simply ingrained with these disciples of Trump.

  201. The documents provide even more proof that there never was any collusion between President trump and Russia. After one full year of limitless power and a limitless budget, 100% of the evidence proves that there never was any collusion. The whole collusion lie was Fake News, made up by the liar tyrant Obama, the bitter angry loser liar Hillary and a lying propagandist media that never once dared to question any of the lies Hillary and Obama were feeding them.

  202. Why is Mueller stalling on handing his vaunted evidence over to the Russians he indicted? Was Mueller lying when he indicted them? Is he furiously now making up the evidence that he has been ordered to turn over but still hasn't? What is Mueller hiding?

  203. All Americans must be extremely careful during this dangerous time for our Democracy. Mueller has given himself unlimited power and unlimited resources to investigate anyone endlessly for anything. If Mueller even thinks you might not support Hillary and the Democrats with sufficient fervor, he'll get your bank records, your taxes, your credit card bills, your medical records, a list of what you watch on TV, the websites you visited, your emails, he'll track your movements, and tap your phones forever until he decides you might have committed the crime of being a Republican. There'll be no warrants, you'll find out when you're presented with transcripts from the hidden microphones the FBI placed in your home and car. Of course you're free to defend yourself in court, if you can come up with the tens of millions of dollars needed to counter Mueller's limitless resources.

  204. "The records, part of the Senate Judiciary Committee’s inquiry into contacts between the Trump campaign and Russians, produced few major revelations."

    So what is this article about?

  205. Could we please have an objective investigation that actually investigates what it was told to investigate - was/is there a conspiracy between Trump and Putin (or Trump and Russia; same thing)? This investigation is wearing thin, especially when I see the price tag - hundreds of millions of dollars. Spent on what and by whom?

  206. The documents released by the Senate Judiciary Committee make one thing clear: There have been attempts by the Trump campaign to collude with Russians. Only further investigation will establish whether actual collusion took place and whether Mr. Trump knew about it.

    The Republicans on the committee will be doing the biggest disservice to the public and to the Constitution of the country if they close the investigation at this stage. They owe it to both to find out what the Russian lawyer, Natalia Veselnitskaya, who offered to provide “dirt” on Hillary Clinton and at whose instance the Trump Tower meeting was arranged, is still holding back; and what the phone number that Donald Trump Jr. blocked from the phone records is.

    A continued investigation could ultimately lead to the truth. The truth may as well be that President Trump knew all along what was going on.

    Is there a Republican member on the committee who has the guts to ask, a la the late Republican Senator Howard Baker, “What did the president know, and when did he know it?”

    As we all know, it was the investigation conducted in pursuance of that question on the infamous Watergate scandal that brought down the Nixon presidency. Is the fear of such a fate befalling another Republican presidency that is prompting the Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee to close the investigation now?

  207. Certainly if the Russians had anything at all on Hillary they would have given it to the Trump campaign. The only logical conclusion to draw is that they in fact don't have anything on Hillary at all. No $145 million dollar payment for Uranium One as Trump continues to falsely state to his 'sophisticated' minions.