California Today: A Start-Up Steps Up to Help Sweep Away Old Pot Convictions

A suspicious and deadly explosion in Aliso Viejo, U.S.C. admits fault over a university gynecologist’s inappropriate touching and a Tony-winning team reimagines “The King and I.”

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  1. All those people,..persecuted for nothing.
    Put in cages to suffer and rot for decades !!!
    Lives ruined by ill conceived, contrived laws, steeped in ignorance, and wallowing in prejudice. Just to placate the prohibitionist's addiction to punish and hurt people.
    What plant will prohibitionists go after now?
    Don't expect them to give up their addiction. Prohibitionists will find some way to hurt good folks, some way to satisfy their needs. They always will, as long as they can get away with it.

  2. Sadly, it was never about prohibition. It was always about race and politics.

  3. Living in a state where everyone is stoned gives me a valid excuse for never wanting to leave my house to go out into public. My reclusive Norwegian gene has now been liberated. Thank you Californians. Enjoy stumbling over each other even more.

  4. How can you be a male gynecologist WITHOUT being accused of inappropriate touching, by someone?

  5. Deciding state by state, western U.S. leads. How will this work in a highly mobile country?