North Korea Threatens to Call Off Summit Meeting With Trump

The news from North Korea injected sudden tension and uncertainty into what had been months of warming relations on the Korean Peninsula.

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  1. How anyone can consider N Korea backing out of talks with South Korea a “surprise “ is beyond me.

  2. How anyone can consider America changing its' mind with North Korea a "surprise" is beyond me.

  3. @Vanessa Hall, Millersburg, MO: The Times didn’t post my comment two hours ago but my take is that Kim is rubbing Trump’s face in the cancellation of the Iran deal. And Kim’s supposed to have his boxers in a twist because of joint South-U.S. air exercises that have been going on since, oh, 1954? Spare me the false indignation. Kim was never serious about Singapore. He played both Trump and Moon Jae-in to the nines!
    Nobel peace prizes and winning. Not.

  4. Well, no Pulitzer Prize then I guess.

  5. Don't count your Nobels until they're won.

    While it's by no means sure it means June 12 is off, one thing is certain: Kim Jong un is as mercurial as Donald Trump.

  6. No. The military exercises are much too provocative and the timing!! I'm with Kim on this one. We are sabotaging what could be a productive conversation.
    And if tomorrow for argument's sake the US weren't here, don't you think we'd be a lot closer to world peace?
    Just think: the doomsday clock is now two minutes before midnight. With us out of the picture the time would shift back to 11:40.
    In several years people would say, "Let's recycle this timepiece. It serves no purpose now".
    Ironic given our heroic WWII intervention and the Marshall plan.
    What a role reversal!

  7. And smarter.

  8. Certainly Trump is more invested in negotiations, and next Kim’s move may be extending the hand again. If only to hear “Nobel” chants again. He just wants some sanctions to be lifted before the meeting, or at least be acted on right after the meeting.

    Otherwise this “negotiations” charade is over.

  9. North Korea has shown some goodwill by releasing three American prisoners and dismantling nuclear test facilities. Why can't US postpone military exercise with South Korea? Conducting war games during the lead-up to the summit doesn't bode well for peaceful resolution.

  10. Softly spoken.
    It is ridiculous, scandalous and purposeful sabotage of any chance for peace.

  11. N Korea did not dismantle its nuclear arsenal. It was destroyed in a weapons test.

  12. Sure, if by goodwill you mean releasing kidnapping victims. That's like an arsonist asking for praise after he put out his own fire after it's burned most of the building. Goodwill? I don't think so.

  13. Kim has been successful in raising his profile internationally, and remains in the driver's seat with regards to narrative.

  14. Perhaps he has been studying Michael Avenatti instead of the Art of the Deal....

  15. Maybe Daycare Donnie can move the US Embassy in South Korea from Seoul to the “truce village” of Panmunjom on the North Korean border so he can hasten peace on the Korean Peninsula.

    It worked out great for the end-timers on both sides of the Israeli border.

    The Art of The International Powder Keg®

  16. I can't believe I am at the point where I am admiring the political prowess of the leader of North Korea.

  17. Why stop at the DMZ? Move the Embassy to Pyongyang. That is certain to promote peace and stability, right?

  18. I would think the US and S. Korea could have suspended the military drills that have now been used as an excuse by Kim.

    I mean, were they THAT important right now?

    But let's not forget this-
    Trump broke the Iran agreement only a week ago. Can you trust someone like that?

    A week for Kim to wonder if this "dotard" has all his marbles.
    Combine that with the military maneuvers and that doesn't build confidence.

    Boy Donnie… thinking… always thinking.

  19. One could see this coming a mile away. With all the puffery from the Trump administration, no doubt Kim Un knows how important success of the summit is to the massive ego of Trump himself. Trump has also signaled success was needed to help his position in the mid-term elections. So a few ploys by North Korea to increase its position going into negotiations is clearly predictable by anyone who has even a basic understanding of history. It is truly sad that our elected President obviously does not read nor understand even the basics of foriegn policy.

  20. Nor even the basics of “The Art of the Deal.”

  21. Kim will twist Trumps tail until just before the November mid terms. If he's going to give anything it will be then.

  22. You hit the nail on the head there J.D.

  23. And so it begins...

  24. Now we'll see how Chaos Donnie deals with being on the receiving end. No doubt he'll be customarily cool and rational... Sleep well, but hold the Nobel.

  25. Kim realized that dealing with Trump is a mistake after he pulled the United States out of the deal with Iran. The military drills were a perfect excuse to walk away from any further agreements.
    China must have made him aware of Trump's grifter ways after he made a $500 million deal with them in exchange for helping their telecom company. The company stands accused of cyber espionage but Trump needed the money for his hotel and gold course in Indonesia.
    It is amazing how none of these things came up during his meeting with the GOP senators this afternoon. We are well on our way to banana republic status, it is just a matter of time.

  26. "It is amazing how none of these things came up during his meeting with the GOP senators this afternoon. We are well on our way to banana republic status, it is just a matter of time."

    Amazing? Hardly. We're already there. Read up on the GOP since "The Great Communicator" turned the citizens of the US into anti-government hystericals, and handed the reigns of voter brainwashing over to Rush and Sean. Trump is only a symptom. The real culprits sit in the House and Senate on Capital Hill... glad-handing their base.

  27. On our way to a banana republic? We've been there for quite a while though it is being exposed bit by bit.
    And Trump will be permitted to continue in his corruption for as I have noted on many occasions.... We have had no functioning government. And the people are passive. Trump with 42% approval rating.

  28. We are already there. Smell the banana burning on this slippery slope?

  29. I'm not surprised in the slightest.

    That said, I'm also a little shocked (seriously) that our generals thought conducting drills while we are working to get to the peace table was a good idea. It's like we are gift wrapping an excuse to leave the talks and handing it to them on a silver platter. Now all of a sudden, North Korean can paint us as the bad guys and actually have some logic behind it.

  30. Do you seriously believe the generals with whom 45 has surrounded himself want peace on the Korean peninsula?

    Or that the all-powerful military-industrial complex that has had charge of American foreign policy since World War II is smiling on the prospects of peace just about anywhere?

    If you do, please tell me: are you in the market for a bridge?

  31. Generals helping a peace agreement along? Just the opposite.

  32. Large scale war games like the upcoming ones the USA and South Korea will be holding are in the planning and preparation stages for years. The idea that they can simply be cancelled at a moments notice because Kim, a proven and repeated liar, is talking about maybe talking about improving relations is ridiculous

  33. The guns need to be removed from Kim Jung Un's head, if we expect any concession from him. The meeting between Trump and Kim may end in abysmal failure, especially with Trump involved in them. I can't imagine Kim will agree to give up his nuclear weapons or his program to develop or built them. Too much effort and treasury was invested in obtaining them. The best we may be able to achieve is a moratorium on testing in exchange for economic assistance. I don't expect too much from this so-called summit between these two implacable foes/ potentates. Some means of averting war 'tis a consummation
    devoutly to be wished.

  34. Our rivals and opponents need only encourage Trump to hurt us. But KJU, so far, has shown himself smarter and more wily than Trump

    Trump's claim that releasing the prisoners, without reference to who imprisoned them in the first place, was a "victory" for him, is typical of the dumpster fire of vanity, who only sees his own shallow benefit at any and all times.

  35. There is absolutely nothing surprising with this announcement: it underscores that North Korea is not serious about de-nuclearization, and is continuing its decades-long nuclear weapons program as a means of extracting economic and financial concessions from South Korea, the US and others.

    For NK, nukes have never been about self-defense and have always been about coercion and blackmail. They are superfluous for defense because NK has for decades deterred invasion and regime-change by reason of its thousands of heavy artillery pieces arrayed along the DMZ, armed with chemical and conventional warheads, capable of destroying Seoul and surroundings in a matter of hours. SK has thereby been held hostage for decades.

    NK wants nukes to hold the US hostage from coming to the defense of SK, and to coerce the US to withdraw its forces and to lift sanctions.

    NK is expert at playing this game: they threaten to rain destruction on the US, then they offer to dismantle their nuclear weapons testing site (which is no longer needed) and profess a willingness to de-nuclearize, only later to impose conditions which the US cannot meet.

    There will never be a solution to this crisis as long as the NK Regime remains in power: the choice has always been limited to catastrophic war or kicking the can down the road. NK is well aware of this reality, and is convinced that the US will always choose to avoid war, meaning that NK will keep its nukes and will continue blackmailing the West.

  36. You prefer hundreds of thousands dead in Japan and South Korea, right ...

  37. Kim likely won't simply back out of the negotiations - he'll do it in a manner that makes it look like it was Trump's fault, raising Kim's status in Asia, undermining the U.S. alliance with South Korea, and making the enforcement of sanctions much more difficult.

    So much winning (by our enemies)!

  38. Yet another erratic leader who can't remember what he said a few days before.

  39. Who knew that international relations could be so complicated?

  40. Based on what we have seen of Trump's diplomatic skills and adroitness with the Israeli situation, this too should have a very predictable and tragic end.

  41. Even a "little button" can release great power.

  42. It was reported several times that Kim stated he had no problems with these exercises going ahead and they wouldn't interfere with the summit. Is this seeming about-face coming from Kim or elsewhere? Is Kim in charge or is there another NK power center in play here?

  43. Maybe it is miscommunication, or wilful obfuscating of the situation. From the article - "There was some ambiguity about whether Mr. Kim had dropped his objection to all joint exercises, or merely the ones that were underway at the time that he opened a dialogue with Mr. Moon. When Mr. Kim met with South Korean envoys in March, he agreed to meet with Mr. Moon despite a round of joint military drills that were about to be conducted.
    South Korean envoys quoted Mr. Kim as saying he understood that those exercises must continue. But those drills are over. The new round of annual United States-South Korean drills began last Friday."

  44. I find it not at all surprising that the U.S. wouldn't even bother to reschedule its air force drill during potential peace talks.

  45. Moral of the story, it's bad form to further the goals of dictators. Are we really surprised to witness a dictator acting like a dictator? Predictable and sad.

  46. Well, I would just agree to delay any further military exercises, as they will only make it harder for Kim-Jong Un to comply with other conditions.

    Call it a reciprocal gesture for the release of the three Americans. Onward!

  47. Ummm, why kidnap Americans in the first place?

  48. It sounds impulsive on Kim's part, but it could be a deliberate move to keep the other side off-balance, a strategy Trump favors. Both men have the option of acting according to their gut instead of seeking a consensus among their learned advisers.

  49. Ah HA! Surprise, surprise!

    The unconditional talks now come with conditions. Has the World's Best Negotiator been had, or what? Just what other conditions might materialize?

  50. I'm no brainy diplomat but even if KJU "understands" the "necessity" of the joint military exercises, common sense would tell you to delay the exercises until after the diplomatic process has gotten off the ground. KJU released the 3 Americans last week in a similar diplomatic gesture. This is not a heavy lift.

  51. The only ones surprised by this are those in the White House, especially Trump, because he doesn't read or bother to learn about the rest of the world.

  52. Is it really a "surprise" when this sort of posturing is par for the course? The surprise is that it had been going relatively smoothly.

  53. This is shocking. Shocking, I tell you.

    Only the three other times they've done this could have prepared us for such a move.

  54. Actually, it is a surprise to no one. Does anyone actually think words from a ruthless dictator can be trusted?

  55. I'm surprised that the New York Times would report this action by North Korea as a surprise. There have been some foolish things written in regards to North Korea lately, like accepting North Korea's "shutting down" of its unusable nuclear test grounds as a positive move towards disarmament. trump said he wouldn't be played by Kim Jong Un - trump has already been played.

  56. I think Chairman Kim would not survive if his country was opened up...his people would learn the truth about the Kim family and it would be curtains for the young Kim.

  57. So wait. Is the North-Korea/Iran deal off the table?

  58. I don't understand why media outlets are calling this development a "surprise". This was totally predictable, we've seen this movie (or some version of it) at least twice before. DPRK seems conciliatory and open to fruitful discussion, then starts with the demands. Guess we haven't heard the last of the childish "Little Rocket Man" name-calling.

  59. Because of the military drill? Or because Trump walked out of the Iran accord, suggesting that negotiating nuclear arms deals with the US is a waste of time? Or both?

  60. I’m so shocked. Not.

    North Korea not being sincere in their overtures. Shocking.

    But, given that trump just withdrew from the Iran deal, why would N Korea be interested in negotiating?

  61. point, set, match

  62. I don't think we have any persuasive proof that DPRK was not sincere in their overtures but we have a lot of evidence that Iran-agreement-destroying Trump cannot be trusted.

  63. Kim needs to go into the hotel business (branding, anyway) and start a university.
    He's got all the required qualifications.

    Bone Spur surprised again.

  64. Q’elle surprise! The Art of the Spiel is not a negotiating strategy.

    Didn't Trump say the North Koreans would NOT object to the Joint Exercises and then gave Kim public praise for that "concession"?

  65. No apostrophe in "quelle", s'il vous plaît. Merci bien.

  66. Expect Kim to start creating confusions and anxieties on the International stage. Trump and Moon are nothing but props for Kim's good will show. N. Korea has perfected those techniques in the last 68 years.

  67. If something looks too good to be true, then it probably is.

  68. We will continue to go ahead and plan the meeting between President Trump and Kim Jong-un,” [Ms. Neurt] said.

    That is, Ms. Nauert, if Mr. Kim is still willing to meet. Meanwhile, as today's Guardian informs us, "Seven governors write letter to Nobel committee praising Trump for ‘transformative efforts to bring peace to the Korean peninsula.’"

    Only in America?

  69. Surprise?

    That NK would pick this particular issue was unpredictable. That NK would disrupt the process was hardly a surprise.

    Most likely, the summit will still happen (NK has wanted it for 35 years). But NK is going to see how much they can make us dance to get them there.

    If our administration actually accomplishes what they say they will — unilateral nuclear disarmament by the north — that will be the real surprise.

    (To pre-empt claims that NK is already disarming: The nuclear test site they are ‘dismantling’ collapsed and became unusable last year. This news was widely reported last year, well before any talk of US-NK summitry began, and roughly around the time Kim called our President a ‘dotard’)

  70. In all fairness to Trump, who could have predicted that Kim would be unreliable.

  71. Surprise? I'm surprised it took him this long.

  72. It follows directly from Trump pulling out of the Iran agreement. With Trump, everything is him first or bust.

  73. nk is suddenly emboldened, why? could be that its benefactor china has secretly eased up on sanctions in response to toning down the rhetoric for a few months and a realization that trump wants this so bad that they now have more leverage.

    nk and china are playing trump for a chump and rightly so as it's a pipe dream that nk will denuclearize in any way resembling what the u.s. wants.

  74. It should be no surprise that Kim Jong-un wants all joint US / South Korean military exercises to cease. He's always wanted that.If Trump acquiesces then we will be giving up far to much just to start negotiations with NK. Kim has always wanted to meet with the US unilaterally and we are doing so.
    Until Kim Jong-un really gives something tangible on his side we should consider it business as usual and error on caution as a tiger never changes it's spots.

  75. I know this sounds snarky, but tigers have stripes. Leopards have spots.

  76. "This is simply a distraction. Pay no attention, Charlie Brown. Just kick the football."

    I guess we will find out how badly Trump wants the Singapore spectacle. His poll numbers are up based on the warm and fuzzy wise peacemaker image. A cancellation and return to sabre-rattling will bring them tumbling back down again and make him look like a chump. Trump needs the Singapore show to stay on schedule. Will he make concessions to keep it on track?

  77. Ah, a glimmer of what we may have to give up. I hope the administration doesn't scale back verification measures in whatever agreement is reached, because the signs point to our being asked to downgrade our military support of South Korea in return for Kim's giving up nukes.

  78. In the back of my mind, I always knew Rocket Man would revert back to his true colors. This man murdered his own advisers including his uncle. It's time to ratchet up the sanctions.

  79. Because sanctions have worked so well for everyone in the past, both starving his people and still giving him the means to produce nukes and ICBMs. There is only so far sanctions can go, and enough countries are willing to not cooperate with Trump on sanctions.

  80. Everyone wants peace in Korea and everyone (with perhaps one rare exception) knew it would be complicated. Lets pray for the best, but hold off on the Nobel for now, okay?

  81. With Trump and his war mongering behavior i am not surprised the NK postpones the talks. Trump has said many times he will walk out of the talks and ready to bomb. The SK need to detain him and his group to insure he wont send the missiles. This should serve a notice to all our allies we will defend you but you can’t move in with us and share our land. Your new home will be on boats on the ocean forever. Is our protection worth it.

  82. And when the whole thing falls apart you can rest assured that Trump will take zero responsibility for the outcome.

  83. Agreed. Who will Trump blame? Those North Korean's decived me!

    Guess you are going to have to send back that Nobel Prize.

  84. He'll blame Hillary and Obama.

  85. Some pesky adviser must have brought the unreliable nature of Trump-Bolton team toward international agreements to the notice of young Mr. Kim!! North Korean leader might have also received a phone call from the supreme leader of Iran, being old partners in nuclear technology transfer and development;' for your own good, don't trust these guys!!'

  86. Kim Jung-un, come on, man! You gotta have the meeting, sign the docs, make it official before you can act all shocked about military practice. This makes you look two-faced, duplicitous, and sketchy. But we already knew that.

  87. Same can be said about Trump

  88. How much money would we save by not having the drills? Not to mention burned jet fuel.

  89. Color me not surprised. As a Korean-American my family and I have been jaded to Kim's behavior, and viewed this year's peace talks with great suspicion.

    When peace talks have advanced in the past, North Korea has always found a way to derail them with schizophrenic behavior or ridiculous demands, all to demand more food shipments or relaxed sanctions.

    We were waiting for the first sign of that classic North Korean unpredictability, and I think we just witnessed it.

  90. Kim sounds a lot like someone else we know—also classically unpredictable, incomparably unqualified and tremendously clueless.

  91. Do you think that all of this can be marked down to North Korea's "unpredictability" alone? Really? What about the foolhardy unpredictability of our current president? Who set talks with one country about nuclear weapons and just weeks later pulled out of a painfully negotiated apparently effective agreement with another? And who evidently agreed to go on with these war games just a couple of weeks before the talks with the DPRK? Another thing - what do you have against food shipments? Sanctions only hurt regular people and food shipments to North Koreans sound like a humane idea and not ridiculous at all.

  92. Hmm, maybe that should be our Trump wall. Looks far cheaper and I bet the Koreans have made it quite effective. They’re motivated.

  93. The immovable objects are heading for a stare-down and it's not clear whether any irresistible force will come into play.

    And all America was figuring that Trump would petulantly wiggle out of the meeting . . . Kim Jong-un appears to have Donnie's number.

  94. The North Koreans are probing for signs of weakness and a lack of resolve. They are doing this with China’s blessing and likely encouragement.

    The appropriate U.S. responses at this point are:

    1. Add another 100 planes to the Max Thunder exercises

    2. Suspend any discussions of sanctions waivers for ZTE and consider expanded tariffs on Chinese goods, until/unless discussions with North Korea move forward.

    3. President Trump should inform the U.S. public that peace discussions are in jeopardy and that the next steps are dependent on North Korean willingness to move forward.

    Any hint of weakness by the U.S. will be met with ever increasing demands by North Korea/China. As with any negotiation, the U.S. must be prepared to walk away from the table if necessary and move on to Plan B.

  95. trump has no plan "B".

  96. Of course none of this has occurred to dt and merry band of fools.

  97. better response would be to find out if there is room for trump and family to live in nk

  98. It takes two to tango and Kim is learning from Trump's behavior: 1 step forward, 2 steps back, another one sideways, always keep them guessing.

    Let's see how Trump can handle that. I don't think it will turn out well. Kim is WAY smarter than Trump and he has already figured him out.

  99. And he has been in close conference with Xi Jinping, who definitely knows how to play our own great leader.

  100. Trump thinks he is the king of chaos. Mr. Trump, may I introduce you to Mr. Kim. School is in session.

  101. @Bruce -- I think the president is going to get played by Kim Jong-un and be embarrassed on the world stage. The North Korean leader is toying with his "fire and fury" tormentor.

  102. No surprise here. Evidently Kim Jong-un caught wind of the fact that the U.S. wants North Korea (and everyone else!) to disarm, while it increases its own nuclear arsenal...Looks like no Nobel Peace prize for Trump after all.

  103. Trump will walk if Kim stalls on complete denuclearization.

  104. Memo

    To: Donald J Trump, President Of U.S.A.

    From: Concerned Citizen

    Re: Your Meeting With Kim Jung-un

    If you want North Korea to abolish its nuclear weapons program AND its inventory of nuclear weapons, offer them special concessions on your Trump branded project in Pyongyang while U.S. sanctions are in effect for North Korea.

    This art-of-the-steal worked for ZTE in getting sanctions removed after approval of a Chinese loan of U.S. $500 million for your Indonesian project. Hope this helps.

    Don't forget to write (from prison).

  105. This is a surprise move? Maybe the reporter should watch Charlie Brown try to kick a football. The only thing we didn’t know is when the football would be taken away.

  106. By scheduling this "summit" with a murdering tyrant who starves and enslaves his own people, we have already legitimized Kim's status as a nuclear power. Previous presidents were reluctant to do so because Kim's father and grandfather did not keep their promises. Now he will test how far he can take this before we balk, but don't be confused: it was his nuclear and missile tests that got him here, and he's not going to surrender the only leverage he has.

  107. Did Trump really imagine that he was going to get away with mocking Kim as "Little Rocket Man," and that Kim would then allow Trump any triumph, any peace prizes? This has looked like a clever trap set by Kim from the beginning. It would be great if there was any possibility that Trump might learn something from this experience. Anyone holding their breath?

  108. I think Trump is literally in capable of learning.

  109. When one king of fake news goes up against another king of fake news, the only thing I would be willing to bet on is a lot of flabby chest-thumping.

  110. I wonder how the empty-promises shoe feels on DT's other foot. I bet it pinches.

  111. "The North’s move was surprising partly because Mr. Kim had earlier shown flexibility toward joint military exercises between the South and the United States even though the North had used those drills in the past as a reason to avoid talks with the South.based on past."

    The president and his admiration not the sharpest knife in the drawer...conducting annual joint-force exercise a risk that should have been spotted a mile away.

  112. They come to the table and we start military exercises? A surprise and not really making sense to you? Maybe, just maybe, our massive military-industrial complex is not agreeable to where this may be heading.

  113. This North Korean "surprise" is but a prelude to how Kim will stretch out, raise the ante and, in general, strategically play the Fake President. Now the world will be able to observe how Trump is "all hat and no cattle". The Nobel Prize? No, it will be more like the booby prize for our famed deal artist. Next, will be a request to partially reduce American troops stationed in South Korea as a good faith gesture, in advance of the summit.

  114. I can just hear Trump complaining to his aides right now:
    "Who ever knew that diplomacy could be so hard. It is just like health care, only now the whole world is watching."

  115. Is this really a surprise though?

    Trump media was making this into his crowning achievement.

    N. Korea has done this in the past.

    Trump/his cadre did what they do best. Gloat over nothing. And Korea did what they do best. Punch you when you aren't looking.

    Now what?

  116. President Trump was right . . . .

    I'm so sick of winning . . . .

    Can someone make it stop?

  117. With Bolton trying to shape any deal, who knows what could ever come of the "summit" if it ever takes place? He is responsible for N. Korea even getting nukes to begin with when he persuaded the Bush administration to get rid of the deals then in place. Maybe Kim is agreeing to a summit to see how much more he can get out of Bolton this time around?

  118. I’m shocked, SHOCKED that Chairman Kim is throwing a wrench into the talks! I mean, he’s been so excellent up until now, honorable even.

    Yup, a real smart cookie according to our fearless leader.

  119. The absolutely surefire way to get a man to give up his weapons is to walk around outside his house with an AR-15. This is lunacy.

  120. I suspect Kim has met resistance from the military commanders concerning his pace of reaching out to the US and south Korea. It is hard to belief that the North Korean military leadership of hard-liners would let Kim defang their major military weapon system and render them essentially impotent.

  121. It would be nice at times like this to have an ambassador, wouldn't it?

  122. Unfortunate, yet no surprise. If it hadn't been Kim, it would have been Trump - weren't we just waiting to see who'd go first?

    Both relish the drama and tweets that lead to their perverse sense of personal aggrandizement, but not the arduous diplomacy that leads to peace.

  123. A good reason to always purchase travel insurance. You never know when you’re going to have to cancel - weather, illness, assassination attempt by U.S. dictator.

  124. Kim Jong-un is playing chess while Trump plays musical chairs. I'm sure Trump will throw Pompeo under the bus if the summit never happens. The meeting with Trump is pointless since Trump keeps no promises and takes credit for whatever others do that gets good press. I hope the entire charade falls through and attention goes back to Iran and the rest of the world trying to hold that agreement together despite Trump pulling the US out.

  125. I thought Putin would be playing the tune to which Donnie would dance. But it turns out to be Kim and Netanyahu.

    There's still time Vladimir. But the stage is getting crowded.

  126. Before anyone goes running to the defense of Mr. Kim, as is the sad reflex of so many readers, consider that he has planned this all along. The military exercise which suddenly seem to horrify him ( and his sympathizers here) were planned long in advance and were well known to Kim.
    Yet, for some reason, he chose to bring this up just now.
    I don't know what he's up to, but he is being totally dishonest.

  127. Nobody is "running to the defense" of Kim. Yet many already thought that Kim, one who was actually educated at excellent schools in Switzerland, and despite being a ruthless tyrant has been outfoxing the dumbest man ever sitting in the Oval.
    Trump called him "little Rocket man", threatened with "fire and fury", etc, etc, and then called him "excellent" for having released three imprisoned Americans.

  128. Yes, but our Great Negotiator didn't seem to see this coming.

  129. I’m so confused. Has anyone been running to the defense of Mr. Kim?

  130. Nothing about this surprises me. Kim is going to throw a little weight around to see how far Trump will grovel to get his deal. Pathetic that the DoD and WH fell for this con job by NK. But con a con is still a fun game (if the consequences weren't so dangerous).

  131. I never believed this meeting would actually take place. The reason is simple.

    Trump cannot be trusted. He's a liar. Kim knows this. The whole world knows this.

    Why would anyone ever consider making a deal with this president? Not to mention the global importance of such talks.

    And especially after Trump pulled out of the Iran deal. What confidence could Kim possibly have?

    None. None at all.

  132. Both Kim and Trump are in it for the photo ops. They don't care if they make a real deal, or actually bring peace.

  133. Obviously Trump didn't read Kim's book, The Art of The Switch. Sauce for the goose, sauce for the gander.

  134. The DPRK negotiators have been practicing for many decades. Why would anybody be surprised by this jockeying? But, for once, let's not give DPRK anything unless it gives us something of verifiable value. Do you think you can do that Donald, or will your desire to brag cause you to give away the store?

  135. I do not think Kim was open to the full disarmament the administration has been crowing about.

  136. I am wondering how much of this posturing is related to the ZTE sanction. It is hard to serve two masters

  137. Kim Jong-un is doing what President Trump does every single day……promotes deception and lies to everyone. Trump wants America first and Kim wants North Korea first leaving no happy medium in between. Both are two birds of a feather that will never flock together because of their tremendous egos.

  138. So now DJT must capitulate on the military exercises or there is no meeting with Kim. This is highly unlikely so it seems Kim never really intended to meet. What it does show is that he masterfully is manipulating DJT's ego and is clearly in control of events.

  139. So, as expected, the other shoe drops. You may now want to alter your bet on the Nobel...

  140. It seemed more likely that North Korea wanted leverage over the US and South Korea more than they wanted friendship.
    A breakthrough is not yet off the table, but North Korea should not be allowed to strong arm anyone.

  141. Kim Jung Un took a page from Trump's playbook...

    "We'll have talks.....NO Wait!!!! No we won't...!!!!!"

    Just like Trump:

    ZTE....They HURT the USA, so sanctions...NO WAIT!!! too many jobs lost!!! We need to HELP Chinese workers (who took American jobs during my campaign)!!!"

    Iran Deal "We'll see....maybe we WILL and maybe we WON'T ...NO WAIT!!!! We're gettin' out!!!"

    TPP..."horrible deal, terrible for the US....No Wait!!!! We want IN now!!!!"

    DACA..."I'll approve anything and take the heat....NO WAIT!!! DACA's must leave NOW!!!!"

    " I choose ________ for the office of, brightest, smartest, most qualified.....NO WAIT!!!! I fired him/her by tweet!!!!"

    "I didn't have an affair with Stormy and I don't know about money...NO WAIT!!! Ask my lawyer who I reimbursed money to for an affair that didn't happen....."

    "My new lawyer Rudy will end the Mueller probe nonsense in 2 weeks.....NO WAIT!!!!! He has to come up to speed on the "facts"....!

    "I LOVE American businesses...NO WAIT!!!! Jeff Bezos MUST BE STOPPED!!!!!"

    ANd on and on and on it goes.

  142. Spot-on. Seems that symptoms of "personal Vietnam" caught up to the dotard—and Kim doesn't mind taking advantage.

    Bezos must be stopped, but for vastly different grievances—stealing copies of (ironically) 1984 and Animal Farm from its paying customers' Kindles, mistreatment and underpayment of its workers, and the patent of the blatantly unpatentable 1-Click among them.

  143. You summed up the entire Trump existence. he's addicted to the headlines, he says anything for attention, not caring about what he just said so he contradicts himself. the only thing I would add is he likes to actually follow through on the grimy stuff, like moving the embassy to Jerusalem and pulling out of the Paris Accord

  144. Love your comment! So true!

  145. Oops...

  146. One wonders how much conflict there is over recent developments within the regime in the DPRK itself. Treating countries as "black boxes" or "billiard balls," even dictatorial ones like North Korea, is never a good idea. Every country has internal political disputes whether they display them publicly or not. I'd be shocked if there aren't powerful opponents inside the regime in Pyongyang to any sort of deal with us or the South Koreans. They may be flexing their muscles here.

    The same criticism applies to the Iran deal. That country is riven with conflict among the mullahs, the "moderates" like Rouhani, and revanchist elements like the Revolutionary Guard. The Obama Administration seemed sensitive to these issues during the negotiations over the JCPOA. This Administration paints all of Iran with a single black brush.

    Treating foreign adversaries as unitary actors is easier to explain to the public than a more nuanced, but more accurate, portrayal of foreign nations as complex entities with internal political conflicts.

  147. The Grifter-in-Chief just got outgrifted.

  148. Appears that this President is being played like a violin by Kim-Jong-un.

  149. Kim played Trump like a fiddle. Trump sucked up to him, and legitimized the North Korean regime. North Korea has zero intention of giving up its nukes and knows Trump is a shameless liar who can’t be trusted to comply with any agreement. (See, e.g., Iran).

  150. Golly gee.
    Does this mean that Donnie might not win the Nobel Peace Prize?

  151. Kim is as nuts as Trump, but a lot smarter and cagier. Does anyone really think he's going to give up his Nukes?......especially after what just happened in Iran! With Trump, the US is no longer seen as an honest broker which is very sad. Don't worry, China will move in. Why don't we learn? Ha ha......hope he makes a total chump out of Trump, who wants his "man of history" moment and his Nobel peace prize. What a joke.. They should do a reality tv show together.

  152. Oh gosh, there goes the Nobel Peace Prize....

  153. Awwww ... what happens with Trump's Nobel Peace Prize now??? After the disaster in Israel things aren't looking good, are they?'

  154. So now Mr. Trump has to knuckle under to a tinpot dictator or admit he couldn't get the job done. Either way he looks like a failure. Well played Mr. Kim.

  155. Kim Jong-un is going to eat Trump for lunch, chew him up and spit him out.

    Wait and see.

  156. Hold that Nobel Peace Prize for Trump!

  157. And there it is! Welcome back North Korea!

  158. The Art of the D..oh!

  159. Hey wait. Let's get that Nobel Prize first!

  160. Nobel Peace Prize postponed.

  161. Yep, here we go, our clown gets played by the Little Rocket Man.
    Anyone surprised?

  162. And who thought that this all was going to go smoothly? I am waiting for Kim Jong Eun to punk Donald Trump. Nothing would surprise me in dealings with North Korea.

  163. Your wait is over. It Just happened.

  164. Obama did not get Punk'd by Kim Jong-un. LOL

    Make North Korea Great Again.

    Wait till Mexico hear about this postponement AKA Cancellation summit

  165. Nobel! Nobel! Nobel! Oh, wait....

  166. So Doofus won't get the Nobel Peace prize? BooHoo

  167. This is clearly Barack Obama's fault.

  168. Not Hillary's? What is the world coming to.

  169. And Hillary’s.

  170. When are Obama and Hillary going to stop running against Trump for President. Don't they see it is making him nervous to think their crowds on the Mall might be larger than his?

  171. tRump better award himself that peace prize really fast, or was that a piece prize?

  172. Kim III is just as unpredictable as Kim I and II. Is this sort of shenanigan a surprise? Anyone that thinks so is as much an idiot at the Dotard.

  173. But Trump wants the precious, he needs it..!! (Nobel)

  174. response to Winston Smith.
    "...wants the precious..." sounds like a "sweet" tribute to the Golom in Lord of the Rings. Love it!
    (in my mind's eye, DJT crawling around on all fours looking for "the precious")

  175. Surprise narcissist rocket man saw through the game of a unreliable narcissist orange straw hat man...there goes the Nobel.

  176. So will Trump have to give his imaginary Nobel prize back?

  177. Give it a few months, and Trump will be saying he won the Nobel, but the 'fake news' won't acknowledge it.

  178. Oops! Hold that Nobel Prize! LOL LOL

  179. No matter 'Trompo' may receive the (never before awarded) "Nobel War Prize" for the Jerusalem embassy fiasco.