Deadly Storms Sweep Through New York Region, Stranding Commuters

At least two people were killed by falling trees — one in the Hudson Valley, the other in Danbury, Conn. — as thunderstorms passed through the area on Tuesday.

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  1. Tornadoes were spotted in Carmel and Saugerties, as well.

  2. And Bethany, CT

  3. Grand Central looks even more majestic when flooded with the sea of humanity.

  4. What a tough time the folks in this area have had in the last 3 or 4 months.

  5. Storm intensity will continue to increase as the planet warms. Global warming, climate change...I hope that the next administration has the courage to admit that this is happening, we are contributing to it and we can make a difference.....for the sake of future generations.

  6. Alan -- there is no evidence for storm intensity increasing. Hurricanes haven't in frequency or intensity and neither have tornadoes. IT"S A THEORY. But unfortunately, like so much of climate theory, it can't be falsified because the evidence lies in the distant future.

    And here's some data from the well known source of fake climate news, the NOAA.

    Note: No increase in the annual number of tornadoes since 1954 and a decline in the frequency of F3 + tornadoes.

  7. Grand Central looks wonderful with all those people. The design works! Also, it looks like Madison Square Garden for a rock concert. I know this is heretical, but it looks like party time!

  8. I was there and it was no party.

  9. If you commute on the LIRR to Long Island through Penn Station, it looks like this all the time even without the storms.

  10. Astonishing images. NY Times has the best photogs in the world. How do you get all that light & detail?

  11. Walked through GC around 5:30/6. Wow, what a tinderbox and it was "stuffed!" Good thing Subways were not affected! Give Credit to NYC peeps for holding tight; for not going MAD and for those who trooped it home - some as long as 4 hours! NYC Warriors!

  12. This is climate change.

    Mass transit not running. Thousands stranded.

    All lanes of traffic on 1-84E stopped for 2 hours because of a tornado -- in CT -- in mid-May -- made a tree fall across the highway.

    But climate change is another one of Trump's hoaxes.

  13. OH Dickey.... you don't think there were ever ever any thunderstorms before? This was the first one? CT averages roughly 2 tornadoes a year based on past history. Most of the time they are small ones -- and May is a good month for T-Storms. And they aren't even sure it was a tornado.

    I think the issue is mass transit infrastructure that can't stand up to bad weather.

  14. Sorry about the bad weather... but as a long time commuter (thankfully, out of that mess) metro north and other regional train services can't handle any bad weather. All the wires are above ground. Trees can fall on them, etc. I rode for 20 years and it was never reliable. Still isn't. That is a problem that requires fixing. People wouldn't take the train if there was any other way to get to work. The first time I rode the train, it was delayed due to a fire in the tunnel. And after that -- I can't count the number of times there were problems due to something. Not enough to necessarily interrupt every round trip -- but certainly enough to make you nervous when you headed toward GC at the end of the day knowing that there was a reasonable chance of a delay.

  15. Least they could do is bring back the bar carts, or concession stands as they called them. Union rules are so tough that they had to get rid of them and furlough all the people who sold beer because some servers stole (which takes some nerve given that they were getting high salaries, benefits and tips). Ohh well. I bet the Oyster Bar was full.

  16. All systems and people are at risk as our planet warms and infrastructure spending is the last thing on anyone's mind...