Comey, in Interview, Calls Trump ‘Morally Unfit’ and ‘Stain’ on All Around Him

ABC News interviewed James B. Comey, the former F.B.I. director, as he uses a publicity blitz for his memoir to raise alarms about Mr. Trump.

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  1. He's got his ratings, which is what he wants.
    The Truth? Who cares?

  2. You are talking about Trump, right?

  3. First, the Democrats loved Mr. Comey for being a BHO pal. Then, when he looked at HRC, he was the enemy.

    The Democrats really need to make up their minds.

    IMHO, Comey was out of control. He was acting like judge, jury, and executioner .. a law unto himself. He needed to be stopped. And he was.

    HRC lost because she refused to campaign in the Midwest, despite spending 200 percent more than *Not Hillary.* It is her fault and no one else.

  4. Are you suggesting that the former FBI Director is a liar? That's pretty far fetched if you ask me. Jim Comey had a very impressive career in the US Attorneys Office before being appointed FBI Director. His integrity has never been questioned.
    You can possibly say that he has grandstanded on occasion, but a liar, no way.
    On the other hand, Trumps reputation for truth telling is somewhat different, and that is an undisputed fact.

  5. Oh, how I wish our POTUS would grow up. How can one man have so many problems? Could it be that HE is the problem?

    The truth will set you free Mr President. Or not?

  6. I vote for not. Lock him up! Lock him up!

  7. I have never observed a pathological narcissist 'grow up.' The rest of us will be picking up the pieces for a very long time - even here, in europe.

  8. Alas immaturity isn’t trumps problem it is our willingness to allow our fears our anger and our scapegoating of others to have a manipulator divert us while he and s dominant class greedily feed at the trough

  9. All out war? Like me squishing a bug on the kitchen floor? Trump is the most powerful man in the world. Comey is this weeks salacious gossip topic. This is what people will remember about Comey: extremely careless = gross negligence = a felony.

  10. Unfortunately I have to agree with you re your assessment of the power of Trump v Comey. Also unfortunate that someone as unqualified in character and ability as Trump was elected to such a position of power. Trump has much hiding in his unsavory past. Hopefully it will be brought to light by the SDNY in their case against Cohen. Legitimate business people do not need a “fixer.”

  11. @J from San Ramon. You wrote that "Trump is the most powerful man in the world". No sir, you are wrong. The power of the Presidency derives from legitimacy of the office holder and the support of the people of the United States.

    This president has neither and is losing more each day as the truth about his character and the likely collusion with a foreign adversary becomes known. Notice how more Republicans with integrity are distancing themselves from him? Notice how many of the others are distancing themselves?

    The power of the president depends on a united country. This president has done everything to divide it. In his mind you are either for him or against him. Because of that, the power of the presidency is diminished and with it, I may add, is the power of the United States abroad.

  12. Trump is Speaking truth, media's fake , people has no right to look into his past life. All we want from him is to make America great again and Democrats don't want this to happen .

  13. Trump and Comey are both engaging in a lot of mudslinging and it's all to the detriment of the nation.

  14. There's mud, and there's toxic sludge. Comey told his story under oath. Trump is a serial liar.

  15. To be fair to Mr. Kurz, someone simply stating the facts about Trump's behavior could mistakenly be thought to be "throwing mud." But that's the facts' fault, not the speaker's.

  16. Sounds like both sides are the same.

    A favorite argument on the immoral right.

  17. “Donald Trump’s presidency threatens much of what is good in this nation”


  18. Donald Trump is a dangerous man and there are no more adults in the room to restrain him. McConnell and Ryan's willful obliviousness to this trajectory has ultimately negated an already self-weakened Congress. Our country has been completely destabilized.

    Republicans can not be counted on to right the ship, they have only become more extremist. In November, vote them out.

  19. Hello? Where are the so-called party Leaders...Ryan and McConnell?

    AWOL again!
    They are cowering in the shadows, hoping that no one will ask they "Who do you believe?"

  20. Cruzio from California...Republicans had integrity and honesty when Lincoln was President, then again when Ike was President. But that was the last time they had anything involving integrity and honesty.

  21. McConnell, Ryan and the rest of repulsive repubs in congress, who tried to obstruct President Obama during the 8 years we chose him for president, seem immobilized now that they have one of their own in the White House. They have obviously forgotten their oath to protect the country against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Hopefully, they will be replaced one by one as we slither through the nightmare they so richly deserve.

  22. I long for the days of old, meaning when President Obama was president. The current occupant of the White House, prone to daily outbursts of testosterone and adolescent tantrums, has degraded the office of the presidency so significantly, it is depressing to open my bookmark for the online New York Times every day, with the Buffoon In Chief having yet another melt down.

    If there is a God (who knows?), if anyone out there of higher intelligence is listening, would you please make this man go quietly into the night. Failing that, if he goes yelling and screaming, that works too.

  23. On the one hand, I’m all for trump getting whatever comeuppance he is due. But this particular conflict is just another step into the muck of trumpian politics, practices, and perversion. For better or worse (probably worse), Comey has decided to engage trump on trump’s terms.

    Although trump’s retorts and responses are juvenile and unimpressive—appealing only to his adoring base and assorted opportunists—they do serve to further tarnish America. trump’s fondest wish is coming true: reality TV has come to the Oval Office. Sarah Sanders has eagerly taken on the role of his Apprentice lackey, as strident and as ugly of character as her boss.

    And sadly, even if, by some miracle, we are soon rid of trump, he will never disappear. He will carp and snipe from his perch on Twitter, unless that’s not possible (is it allowed if he winds up in prison? No matter—if he can’t, Fox will).

    This is now America.

  24. Yup. And interesting that we haven't heard a peep from Melania....

  25. By the time we get done putting Trump & his minions in prison Fox will have lost what little claim to credibility they still have.

  26. Frank Bruni agrees with me: “But Comey is playing Trump’s game, on Trump’s terms.”

    I know people want Comey to be another front in the war on trump, and many are giving him a pass on his methods. But this approach, in my opinion, involves the same blinders trump’s fans and apologists are using.

  27. Comey should begin civil legal action against Trump (not as the POTUS, but in the guise of as a private citizen) for slander and anything else he and his lawyers can think of.

    Trump is truly an odious, truculent, very spoiled, and rich child.

  28. It is because of Mr. Comey we have Donald J.trump as the President .
    Now Comey is stooping to the level of trump by talking about prostitutes and trump a little I heard on his ABC interview about when he has no record as being the truth.
    The damage has been done and now we have an unethical, congenital liar as a President and we all suffer for that thanks to Mr. Comey.
    No I will not be listening to his interview tonight as I have a good book to read.

  29. Well, Comey has completely redeemed himself in my estimation. He's the ONLY REPUBLICAN who has had the guts to actually stand up and call out this despicable President.

  30. Although the peepee jokes are entertaining, the real story here will be the eventual uncovering of financial crimes that most Americans would find at odds with our values and abilities to pull off. I think the Mafia Don persona will be the one that sticks most thoroughly to this president in the decades to come, more than the label of serial philanderer or golden shower enthusiast. People can imagine the sex stuff more easily than the fraud, but that’s because most people don’t have any idea how a pack of lawyers ready, willing and able to bury treasure in hidden accounts actually goes about doing it. Being remembered as a fraud and a crook is a better reward for his actions than the fallen playboy persona he may actually prefer.

  31. It is so obvious who is telling the truth and who is running scared but we still have Sanders out there, lying to the American people in her grating self-righteous tone.
    Does she know that her boss faked being another person in order to "leak" false details about himself to the press.

  32. Donald Trump's lawyers need to tell him to stop acting like a guilty man and stop lying all the time. Oh, and they need to delete his Twitter account.

  33. Has no one told Trump that his tweets come across as written by a 12 year old?

    Yeah, I guess we have.

    I guess we have a 12 year old for a President too.

  34. I think you're being unfair to the average 12-year-old. I know several pre-teens who have better impulse control and more knowledge of civics than our president has.

    President Trump has already exhausted the pantheon of failed former presidents as a comparison group: Buchanan, Andrew Johnson, Harding. To find appropriate peers, we have to go outside the US: Rob Ford, Idi Amin, Kim Jong Un, Robert Mugabe. Compared to them, Trump is . . . in his element.

    But I don't think you can compare him to typical junior high school students.

  35. They are not that mature. And even if from a child, that kid would be diagnosed with Oppositional Defiant Disorder (Quick to lose one's temper
    Being argumentative with authority figures
    Refusal to comply with requests or rules
    Deliberately annoying people
    Blaming others for one's own mistakes or misbehavior
    Vindictiveness, spitefulness and having a tendency to seek revenge)

  36. Trump will do his best to spin what Comey is saying but he will not succeed. The majority of Americans don't believe when Trump speaks or tweets. The truth must come out and Trump must be thrown out of office.
    He is the one that is a disgrace to our country.

  37. If there is one action President Trump will never be accused of, it is taking the high road. While I recognize his mantra is when hit, to hit back ten times harder, he is out of the Trump Organization now and is the president of the United States. Clearly the job requirements are well above his level of competence. But, he could at least try to act the part. If he spent half as much time on learning as he does on delivering Twitter insults, his Administration wouldn't resemble Camp Runamuck.

  38. Can't we all just get along - without Trump?

  39. Trump's response to any criticism was developed in elementary school: "I know you are, but what am I?!"

  40. Like the middle school boy our President is stuck being, forever, the best he can come up with as a counter punch is labeling and name calling.

  41. As an American, living in the United States, under the Trump Administration, I feel like a member of a conquered people.

  42. Our duty: rise up and vote.

  43. Agreed. We are under occupation by an administration hostile to the interests of everyone in the US who is not wealthy, white, and male.

  44. It’s sad, but “conquered” is the exact term that came into my mind the day after the election.

  45. Trump will make the history books, hopefully as an outlier of vulgarity and insipidity among the panoply of a long line of presidents. Comey will be a footnote, one that will say he kept an uber competent long time public servant who should have been this country's first woman president from achieving the highest office in the land.

  46. What will the history books say about him, I wonder? Parts of his story are too vulgar for schoolbooks. That says a lot.

  47. I have a fantasy of future history books referring to this grotesque interlude as "The Great Aberration", his presidency having been declared invalid, rendering his judicial appointments illegitimate. Hey, sometimes you need dreams to keep you going......

  48. Trump thinks he’s having a public spat with some
    real estate guy from Jersey who’s muscling in on his turf... or a guy from another frat who wants his girlfriend.

    He has no sense of proportionality.

  49. Two things I have noticed amongst the general public since The Joker And The Thief became president:

    1) The truth, about any- and everything, has become incredibly cheap; and

    2) Out here at least, there seems to be a general attitude that obeying the law, any law, is for chumps.

    It seems rather clear where they get their cues from. Ladies and gentlemen, civility has left the building.

  50. Mr. Comey's assertions ring true. They comport with everything we know about the low character and self-serving deceitfulness of Donald Trump. The President's assertions, by contrast, sound like the retorts of a fifth-grader (with apologies with fifth-graders everywhere!). For those who care to see it, there is a world of evidence indicating that Trump prizes loyalty to himself more than loyalty to the Constitution, that he can't abide the thought that his election reflects anything other than his own magnificence, that he is deeply corrupt, and that he has obstructed justice by interfering with any attempt to get to the bottom of what happened in 2016.

  51. I’m more hopeful than I’ve been in a months, that there may finally be light at the end of this political nightmare tunnel. Thank you Mr. James Comey.

  52. Comey's bleeding heart will forever be suspect for his comments re Clinton in the days before the 2016 Presidential election. He'll never get around that blatant irresponsibility nor should he.

  53. No matter what folks are saying, thinking, or feeling about Comey, I am glad that there is someone who stands up to him and is willing to say the truth. Along with Stormy, those are the only two who have the guts to call it the way it is.

  54. I'm with you there...Thank you Stormy Daniels, and I also have no problem cheering Mr. Comey on in his battle. They both are speaking truth to power, which is way more than most Republican lawmakers are doing.

  55. Trump has no one to blame but himself on this one. It's his treatment of others and poor decisions that has brought him to this point. If Trump doesn't like bad news, then he ought not create it.

    Every single person working with and under Trump has his/her own story. Just wait until the others start writing their tales of this fellow. Comey's story will become nothing in comparison.

    And, they'll all make money off Mr. Trump.

  56. It's only fair that Mr. Comey should have an "out of body" experience, since he is partly responsible for the "out of my mind" experience that is the Trump Presidency.

  57. I used to feel sorry for those that believed Trump. No longer. My daughter and granddaughters will have to live among HIS wreckage. Willful ignorance is deadly for everyone, not just those that embrace it.

  58. I never felt sorry for them. I reviled them.

  59. Certainly, if someone still thinks Trump is doing a good job, is a good president with coherent policies, that person is lost - and vile.

  60. Comey, in his career as a prosecutor and at the FBI, has stared down bad actors more fearsome than Trump. Comey isn't just about to be intimidated or outwitted by the Tweeter-in-Chief.

  61. And he has, thanks to Trump, nothing to lose, does he?

  62. Who? Who is more fearsome than Trump? I can't think of anyone.

  63. He has, indeed. But courageous?

    This is a man who was more fearful of being the personal target of Republican wrath -- for potentially allowing Hillary to become an "illegitimate" president -- than he was of enabling the unspeakable to happen to this country and the world.

  64. Let's hear what the evangelicals have to say about Trump starting holy Sunday tweeting foul name-calling, rage, and easily disproved lies and smearing our country's law enforcement. Waiting.

  65. Who cares about the hypocritical evangelicals? They have no more moral authority than anyone else. Their votes can no more or less than yours and mine.

  66. For if we were looking for Moral guidance,
    what better place to look than
    to those dedicated to a just and moral planet?

  67. Yeah....still waiting for those who profess they "believe in the teachings of Christ" to step up and do the right thing. Every day I'm less hopeful as more and more evidence of their hypocrisy is revealed.

  68. I honestly believe that James Comey was cost Hillary Clinton the presidency and this country it's soul. That said, he can help make up for it right now.
    Anything he can do to help give control of Congress and the Senate to Democrats, who will stop Trump from appointing Racists and Bigots to the Judiciary, will wash away his sins.
    Trump must be exposed for the crook and liar that he is every day until November 6th.

  69. Comey helped (to some degree) put Trump in power, so I'm glad he is helping to remove him from power by speaking out so boldly. I wish others who have been fired or have left of their own accord would do the same. There are still many Americans who needed to be educated about why Trump is such a danger to this country.

  70. I completely agree. The commenters here complaining about Comey's revelations need to wake up! These are not ordinary times. These are dangerous times, and we need MORE people from the inside speaking out like Comey.

  71. At last, a real American patriot.

  72. I condemn Comey for helping Trump get into office, but there's just no comparison between him and Trump. Trump's dishonesty and corruption are absolutely epic, and his petulance and ignorance make him a danger to the planet, not just the nation.

    Trump's motives here are pretty clear. Besides not kissing Trump's, er, ring, "Mr. Comey seems likely to be the star witness in any obstruction of justice case brought against the president." So Trump is trying to poison the jury pool, and couldn't care less about the collateral damage.

  73. Comey must be more than "mildly nauseous" by now for what he set in motion. He can't undo his error, but he can redeem his name and even mitigate the damage by refusing to leave Trump unanswered.

  74. Trump could not have done a better job of driving home Comey's point that Trump operates like a mob boss, not like a president.

  75. If anything, I think Mr. Comey's interviews and book are trying to warn the American public of that very fact: Trump does operate like a mob boss. Surely, as the man who pursued, successfully nabbed,and jailed a few mobsters in his long and distinguished public service career--Comey knows what he's talking about.

  76. Well if it is a war, Trump has lost to Comey's bombshell of a book (which is written far above the President's reading level), and Trumps tweets are all duds. It is like watching a college student debate a pre-schooler.

  77. Every time The Times reports on tweets by Trump, the line between this newspaper and The National Enquirer gets thinner. He is using you and he will continue to use the mainstream news media all the way to re-election if you let him.

  78. When state and federal prosecutors flip Trump's fixer Michael Cohen and he starts revealing the squalid and illegal dealings of the Trump crime family, Trump will no doubt hasten to call Cohen a "slime ball" as well. In this instance, the insult will be both deserved and delivered by a man soaked in it himself.

  79. NYT: `James B. Comey in his new searing tell-all memoir portrays President Trump, who fired him as F.B.I. director, as a danger to the nation.'

    With all due respect to Mr. Comey, we didn't need a book to confirm the National Embarrassment is a `danger to the nation'.

  80. Where's David Dennison when you need him?

  81. Who do you believe? An ethical, honest man like Comey or a proven serial liar like Trump whose main goal in life is self aggrandizement.

  82. Comey has sunken even lower than he did with his 11th hour revelations. There is something very wrong with this man - it goes beyond simple arrogance. Even if he truly believes these things, it is not in the best interest of our country to say/write them. Being obnoxious and slimy are not impeachable offenses for a president. Comey is an ego maniac.

  83. No comments because this leaves you speechless and shaking your head while the civilians in Syria are living in a state of terror while they wonder when more very smart bombs will hit in the middle of the night.

  84. Comey made Don so mad that he decided to bomb Syria. The late, great United States of America. Now, the laughing stock of the world. Bigly sad.

  85. I am so sick of the continual spewing of outrageous self serving grotesque lies day and night trashing everyone in sight, all supposedly inferior to his imenseness. A double horror that I then have to read each one in all newspapers, hear on radio etc. Can no one bring this slow motion train wreck to a close

  86. Comey is not without flaws- none of us are. He is self-aware enough to grasp that and to second-guess some of his own decisions (i.e., his nausea comment). That's what makes us human. None of this does or should diminish his service to the nation. On the other hand, we have the Russia/NRA/Koch installed mob boss who has no sense of humility- a man-child who dirties everyone and thing he comes into contact with.

  87. A must-see TV doubleheader tonight: "Homeland" at 9PM (all about a turbulent time in America caused in part by Russian spycraft and cyberwarfare), and at 10PM James Comey tells us what most of us already know: we have a manifestly unqualified and unethical man sitting in the Oval Office who may be compromised by the Russian government. The plotlines are eerily similar.

  88. It is a real kick in the teeth that Homeland is the most relevant thing on TV these days ... better than most of the news.

  89. My thoughts on this who issue ... basically who and what are the dangers to the country are that most of the top levels of our public and private sector are not serving the vast majority of Americans, and that the majority of attention and resources goes into sucking more and more money up to the top few people and their supporters or the military and American adventurism abroad.

    Both Comey and Trump are and represent forces that are crushing average Americans as compared with citizens in the rest of the developed world.

  90. This headline uses the phrase "All-Out War" to describe Trump's relationship with Comey. Are we entirely sure that this is an accurate description?

    Is this appropriate language given that less than twenty-four hours ago the Times front page was enthusiastically covering, as breaking news, US-led missile strikes on Syria, with some speculation about whether or not those missile strikes would lead to an all-out war with sponsors Iran and Russia?

    If Trump is in an "all-out war" with Comey, how many soldiers have been mobilized? Where are they stationed? What is the objective -- do they intend to capture Comey, to deliver him for rendition in a CIA black site overseas, or something else? Is this copy editor's language appropriate given the circumstances?

  91. Just think: if everyone fired by 45 were to write a book or article criticizing the Moron-in-Chief, he wouldn't have time to do anything other than to tweet-rage against his many critics. "Executive time" would last 24x7.

  92. Trump's panic grows daily. The louder he whines, the more desperate he is. No amount of troll-fare can save him.

  93. McCabe fired for just cause, committing the same "crime" as Flynn. Same for Comey who was fired for incompetence and possibly similar crimes.

    Both are trying to rehabilitate themselves, but are coming across as petulant whiners.

    Trump is also whiney and petulant, but he is draining the Justice Department swamp.

    Along with Pruitt draining the EPA swamp, Trump = winning. Ergo, US citizens = winning.

  94. Actually, it is Mueller who is draining the swamp brought to Washington by the Trump White House.

  95. Viewers and onlookers will observe a remarkable contrast .. in Comey, erudition and sophistication .. in Trump, ignorance and puerility. And, the electorate .. in opposition .. will line up accordingly. And little will change.

  96. Given Trump’s constant and consistent lying, I would certainly believe Comey over Trump. In fact, I would likely believe anyone over Trump and his aids in the White House.

  97. The silver lining? Trump is an incompetent villain. A blustering, truth-blind, ego-besotted, proudly ignorant, weak-kneed villain with a flimsy arsenal of insults.

  98. The title alone of Comey's book is beyond Trump's comprehension: distinguishing truth from lies, leadership from bullying. Not to mention that loyalty is neither a one-way street, nor given to one person instead of to the nation.

  99. Truly, an act of Contrition, but the fact is, Director Comey and three other former Republican federal prosecutors helped Trump win. I'm not surprised that Comey's interview is on ABC, which ran the original FBI television series for years.

  100. You reap what you sow, Comey. You owe us a big one for unethically contributing to the election of Trump. You are no hero.

  101. Auntie, you’re being unfair. If Clinton had not had Loretta Lynch’s or his own plane straddle at the airport that day it would have been different.

  102. Comey is more of an anti-hero than hero, but Trump is an outright villain.

  103. NYT is adding fuel to all this nonsense. Didn't we have enough of the Trump tweets during the campaign? I realize this is "news", but a lead headline?
    Is this really what's happening in our world, when there are chemical attacks, shootings and inner city turmoil?
    I realize you need to catch eyeballs, but treating Trump and Comey as anything but a inner fold story seems to be Enquirer garbage.

  104. Comey has achieved something that no politician could do during 2016: he's branded Trump. From now on, all actions taken by Trump will be seen as those taken by a dumb mob boss.

  105. The well-known GOP politicians Gort calls "no politician" chose their rut for a reason and not because they were unprepared. One and all feared a dumb mob boss. GOP is weak against mobs top to bottom. Was before. Was then. Is.

  106. Advice for November:
    Leave your vote, take the cannoli.

  107. And his nickname should be, "The Don."

  108. "The presidency doesn't change who you are, it reveals who you are." - Michelle Obama
    The problem is that when you reveal who Donald Trump really is, it is UGLY.

  109. "The presidency doesn't change who you are, it reveals who you are." - Michelle Obama

    Except that we didn't need Trump's presidency to reveal who he is. If there's anything good to say about Trump, it's that he never tried--or perhaps simply wasn't able--to hide who he was. Anyone with functioning eyes and ears during the campaign could see with absolute clarity who he was, if they didn't know already: a mean, petty, uninformed, uninformable, narcissistic blowhard who was perfect for trash TV but hardly for elected leadership of anything. Yet that's who millions of Americans looked at and said, "Yes, this is the man who should be leading the free world."

    They knew who he was and yet, for whatever twisted reasons, they chose him over a flawed but undeniably competent, reasonable, and well-prepared candidate. And today, roughly 40 percent of the American public consistently approve of him. With all the things during the last couple of years to be depressed about, that is the most depressing thing of all.

  110. also seems to be revealing who the GOP & conservative Christians are.

  111. Nothing Trump has revealed wasn’t obvious before he was elected. The thinking that the office would somehow change him was the ludicrous wishfulness. Only way to predict future behavior is to study the past.
    The voters who brought him in need to vote him out.

  112. Thank goodness for a man of character who is dedicated to upholding the constitution. Can you guess which man I mean?

  113. Trump, for all his claims as a man who can run an organization ("hire and fire"), is absolutely terrible with people. He cannot charm them, he cannot read them, he cannot understand their interests. Trump has, in his interpersonal relations, continuously blown himself up.

    That's why he's stuck with Jared and Michael Cohen, his two half-witted fixers, I mean, wreckers. Whether it was advice to fire Comey or creating traceable LLC's for hush money, Trump has surrounded himself with the "Worst and the Stupidest" (the name of my book coming out after this is all mercifully over.)

  114. Fascinating, isn't it? Trump and the WH reacting to Comey's book exactly as they reacted to Wolff's "Fire and Fury" which over time, the information contained therein proved to be accurate. So Trump and Sanders, go ahead and tweet your hate about Comey - it will make no difference as truth and honor always win and y'all are standing on the wrong side of both. Seriously though, y'all should be more worried about the book Cohen will be writing from prison.

  115. Sanders? Bernie Sanders? What are you talking about?

    Why in the world do you think that Sanders and Trump are anything at all alike?

  116. Sorry - I'm sure you meant Sarah. Just goes to show me how the demented character of our national politics these days is catching.

  117. Comey can sleep well at night.

  118. Can any publication address Trump’s failures and crimes without quoting his tweets?

  119. Mr. Comey is telling the truth about his interactions with 45. We must remember he kept notes. 45 does nothing but fly by the seat of his pants. Since all of us know he hasn't uttered a word of truth in anything he has ever done, and as Mr. Mueller is likely to prove, is more corrupt than any of us could believe, I think we should believe what Mr. Comey says in his new book.

    Mr. Comey is standing up for both himself and our country. 45 is trying, once again, to direct the narrative away from his criminality with the prestidigitation of his tweets.

    Things are heating up in the world of narcissistic bait and switch, and will likely not turn out well for 45. Two thirds of our country would like to see the cloak of invisibility engulf 45.

  120. How is it that Malanias pet project as First Lady is preventing cyber bullying, but her own husband is about the biggest most childlike cyber bully around? What kind of grown man tweets derogatory nicknames for anyone he does no like. Its like he is 8 years old.

  121. OK, both have large egos. That is a given for anyone who has climbed to the level each has attained. The issue is not ego, the issue is credibility and reputation for truthfulness OR LACK OF IT. Looks like a slam dunk from here.

  122. Yes, this is a "remarkable assault" on a sitting President, but mainly because the Democrats have not engaged in this assault themselves, with all the provocation Tantrump has given them.
    We have only ourselves to blame. We voted him in.

  123. Not I. Not a majority of the American people.

  124. This and other recent republican horror movies may well be a product of voter fraud. I.e. the ever present "red-shift" that has been happening thru electronic polling done by machines created by arch-conservatives. See the 2012 Harper's article. . .

  125. The image Trump projects is that of an orange/red-faced madman lurching around the White House spewing angry and deluded insults.

    Resignation, impeachment or indictment can't come too soon.

  126. Trump is the most powerful man in the world? That's a good one! He's a best a joke and at worst, and most likely, a criminal.

  127. The most dangerous part of the Trump presidency is not Trump himself but the supporters that put him in office and keep him there.

    I was prone to say that the more unhinged trump becomes the bigger the chance he will make a huge mistake that will bring himself down. Unfortunately to distract the attention from himself he is more likely to start a real war because starting these always help the approval ratings - no matter how ill conceived they are.

  128. President Trump behaves and speaks often in a manner unbecoming of any president. Mr. Comey was a good FBI Director but some of his recent comments are beneath the dignity of that office as well. Public figures in the past were reluctant or unable to criticize J. Edgar Hoover because of what he knew or more simply had on then. Mr. Trump in many ways without a valid reason has attacked and fired both Mr. Comey and Mr. McCabe. To be perfectly blunt Mr. Trump is about to find out what the FBI has on him and some of his family.

  129. Trump belongs in a straight jacket, period.

  130. This must it must have been like to be on trial as a black person in the south many years ago. A sterling background in law enforcement and a history of oath driven honesty up against a man of dubious character and astounding dishonesty and the FOX viewing population will still be unconvinced of the veracity of the one or the dis-ingenuousness of the other. Trump isn't the greatest threat to our nation, his followers are.

  131. Clearly, a psychiatric examination is necessary. Read the recent tweets,
    he sounds like he is functioning with an emotional intelligence equivalent
    to a child, 8-12. He is not normal. I do hope the White House Staff and the cabinet are fully aware of this.

  132. His cabinet and staff are having a weekly Bible Study meeting.

  133. "functioning with an emotional intelligence equivalent to a child, 8-12"

    You've nailed it: in my Canadian Oxford dictionary, one of the definitions of a moron is "an adult with a mental age of about 8-12".

  134. They are the same--remember it’s a daycare.

  135. If I were the White House, I would avoid using the term ‘leaker’ to describe Comey, given the salacious and unverified accusations contained in the Steele dossier

  136. Back in the '50's and '60's - when Americans got their daily news dose primarily from the network news (Huntley and Brinkley) - literally toilets all across America used to flush when there were commercial breaks.

    Have a hunch this will happen tonight. Trumpelstiltskein cannot be happy that Comey towers over him by 6 inches.

    Sad; so very sad. What a world we are leaving our children and grandchildren. T is accelerating the end of the American Empire. Those on the bottom are hurting already - will only get worse, far, far worse.

  137. Comey's book should not have been released until after the Special Counsel investigation reached its conclusion. The political climate is too volatile and there are too many unknowns at this point.

  138. Trump should also stop commenting on the same matters.
    When Trump attacks men such as Comey and Mueller, he ignores the consequences of his words. How could anyone attacked by Trump receive a fair trial?
    I know Comey would not be charged, apart from not having committed a crime, as all his defence would do is show Trump's tweets to undermine any case against Comey.
    Who is running the nation when Trump is so engaged in attacking individuals with petty, juvenile insults? Everyday Trump shows he is not a leader, yet tens of millions still cheer his showmanship which is no substitute for substance.

  139. His publisher thought he would beg long forgotten by then, and totally irrelevant...which is probably a good guess.

  140. Between Trump and Comey, I think most Americans know who has more credibility - but both men are flawed and the fake news gives us never-ending false equivalency. Comey had tough decisions that he did not make well in the last election and because he is standing against Donald Trump now, we cannot forget what the FBI's role in this has been. The media fell down as well in hyping Trump with so much coverage. Our institutions need men who will support and build them, not tear down the country, and between the two Comey comes out as the responsible one. Americans must carefully guard against being played back and forth between personalities and losing sight of what our country needs.

  141. "...Comey comes out as the responsible one. "
    Comey was "responsible" for putting a torpedo in HRC's election.

  142. Well, Clinton did win the popular vote.
    The President ought to be elected by the population vote since the President is representing all people, not any specific group.

  143. James Comey is as big a narcissist as Trump.

    At least Trump knows it.

    Comey is in complete denial.

    Comey takes credit for "dismantling" the Gambino crime family as US Attorney in the Southern District. But this must come as a big surprise to Rudi Giuliani who actually dismantled OC in NYC, and as mayor cleaned up Times Square, so NYT employees could get to and from the Port Authority safely.

    Jim Comey lied to the American people when he stated that the FBI would not recommend charges against Hillary (which of course was not part of his job but belonged rather to the DOJ).

    Comey, who now admits that he "expected Hillary to be President" (that must play well with his new Dem friends following his unilateral sinking of Hill's presidential ambitions), clearly violated any semblance of neutrality and integrity of his FBI directorship.

    Jim Comey comes across as not only narcisstic and self-righteous, but with an undeserved confidence in his own "inviolability of conscience."

    And this guy sent thousands of young black men to prison for dealing the cocaine so beloved by white suburbanites, probably with the same degree of self-righteous conviction with which he now portrays his interactions with Donald Trump.

    Good riddance to Comey. And no, I probably won't buy your book.

    But I'll trade you for "The Art of the Deal."

  144. Enjoyed your post - gave me a good laugh. You can keep “The Art of the Deal” although I don’t blame you for trying to get rid of it.

  145. At least Comey wrote his own book.

    Art of the Deal was ghostwritten by a man who now regrets it.

    But don't worry.

    Trump never reads, so you can find out how he'll evaluate Comey's book by saying whatever Fox News tells him to say.

  146. Comey was a Republican and no friend of the Clintons. He is no liberal tool. But he is not just about to look the other way while a president tries to sweep his wrongdoings under the carpet. If it takes ego from Comey to take Trump on, so be it.

  147. Reading this article makes me think of the words of Thomas Paine, which ring just as true know as when he wrote them in 1776: THESE are the times that try men's souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman.

    Thank you, James Comey.

  148. Trump is a desperate and pathetic man. Soon he will have to have a rally in some dilapidated town in West Virginia or somewhere where is the only place on the planet he can feel respect. Everywhere else, he is rightly recognized as a dangerous, narcissistic buffoon.

  149. He will surely schedule a rally where Trumpsters can cheer whatever he says very soon.

  150. Personally, I think he's just jealous of JFK because he never got to have an affair with Marilyn Monroe. I know I am.

  151. Whereas I do believe Mr. Comey speaks the truth and I do agree with his judgement of Mr. Trump, it seems to me there is some irony in that both men have hurt themselves and us with oversize egos and misplaced pride. The error Mr. Comey made in respect to the Clinton emails discovered on Weiner's computer seems to me to have arisen from his desperate pride to prove his uncorruptable nature to the point of doing a blatantly wrong thing with consequences beyond his anticipation.

  152. Comey has a lot to answer for, not the least is his succumbing to pressure from the NY FBI office to effectively put Trump in office. He had no business discussing FBI findings -- they should have been addressed by AG Lynch. Having said that, I don't believe Comey to be a liar. On the other hand Trump is a habitual liar (some 2,400 misstatement chronicled by the Washington Post) and probably a Russian stooge. Comey's accounts of his meetings with Trump ring true, and his warnings should alarm every American.

  153. You are right about the NY office of the FBI being against Hillary Clinton. I don’t know if they forced Comey to discussing, yet again, her emails days before the election.

    It is an office dominated by Republican leaning folks - so how damning against Trump is it that they open the investigation against Mr Cohen, Trump’s attorney last week. The evidence must be convincing.

  154. Very much doubt that historians will condemn James Comey as the "WORST FBI Director in history," but I'm pretty sure I know who will go down as the WORST PRESIDENT in history!

  155. Maybe, when we vote all the GOP out and start getting the country back on track, we could collectively decide to call Trump something other than president. He's so bad, so far below bad, so much worse than any previous "worst president in US history," we need to find some other term for him entirely. Like just "worst mistake."

  156. I would put him in the bottom three, but not the worst, at least not yet. The worst one was the one who put us needlessly into a war with Iraq that has cost $2 trillion, 4k American lives, and 25k casualties plus he also crashed the US financial system. The other candidate is the one who allowed the country to fall apart just prior to the Civil War.

  157. Must remember J.Edgar Hoover...

  158. As much as Comey may be raising valid points about the character of the president, his own self righteousness is wearing a bit thin. Even worse is his insistence upon a public spectacle at this particular point in time. It may help his book sales, but as a key witness in any effort to hold Trump accountable for obstruction of justice, he is destroying his own credibility. Perhaps he is trying to atone for his unforced error that helped bring Trump to power, but at the same time he is showing himself to be a deeply flawed human being.

  159. It seems to take a public spectacle to fight a public spectacle ... what else can Comey do? Trump pardoning people as a way of sending messages to his underlings to stand fast, and name-calling every day. The norms do not seem to apply now, as wearing as that may be. I want to live in a country where I don't need to follow or worry about every move the illustrious leader makes, or where it is all going to end up.

  160. Count on it, anyone who comes out of an experience like he has had, has a story to tell, and it is certainly his right to tell it. We have, I'm sure you've noticed, that we have a "deeply flawed" President. He could, yet, destroy as all. The man is criminal, may even be a traitor, and is the strangest sexual predator we've ever had in the White House. (I am aware that we had others with unusual sexual habits.) I will buy Comey's book, just so I can participate in the books sales.

  161. It's all about book sales.

  162. Unhappily, the NYT is treating this as reality television, a "feud", a sports rivalry.

  163. What was James Comey to do?
    Fired ignominiously after a lifetime of service to his country, he cannot and should not agree that the only permissable 'facts' surrounding his firing are given by the people responsible for it.
    We deserve to hear Mr. Comey's side of the story. He is telling us. We can all make our own minds up.
    When you consider that Mr. Comey served faithfully under a Republican and a Democratic President, neither of whom he could possibly have agreed with on every single issue, and he served with dignity and diligence, with grace and aplomb and with honor and rectitude, I know who I believe.
    Mr. Comey's remarks, as frank and damaging as these are, are the result of consideration, focus and reflection. He is in print on his observations and is willing to be questioned on, and defend, his views.
    Let's not make a false equivalence here with someone reacting thoughtlessly, spitefully and rashly, indulging in an orgy of name-calling and character assassination.
    The two approaches have nothing in common.

  164. I have written this more than a few times in recent days; if I needed to trust someone with my home, family, accounts, cash, collections, papers, cars, all of it, for an indefinite period of time, I'd pick James Comey (or anyone he'd recommend) everyday of the week and twice on Sunday, and I'd sleep like a baby, because it would all be there safe and secure. That's what he does.

  165. All that is right. But as a human being he also made fatal mistakes.

  166. That's why he's commenting on trumps hand size and tie length ect.
    Comey is acting like a child , he is starting to embarrass himself, lost all respect for him

  167. The president is a liar and a thug. G-Man Comey is pretentious and holier than thou. They’re very different but, in their unlikability, deserve one another. However, what did we do to deserve them?

  168. Comey's higher loyalty is to himself, as is evident from his books and his "interviews".

  169. Show me someone who would believe an unrepentant serial liar like Trump over Comey and I'll show you someone who deserves to be called a deplorable.
    But I hope Comey doesn't stoop to the 8th-grade rhetoric of the "president." As Michelle Obama said: when they go low, we go high. Keep the high ground, Mr. Comey.

  170. I don't believe either one of them, but I don't intend to reward Comey by purchasing his book.

  171. Ricky...the standard you set is for ladies and gentlemen...with Trump that is not the case. I think Trump is more concerned about the Porn Actress that Comey because he had met his match with Stormy.

  172. It’s difficult to polish a turd.

  173. "Do I look like a guy that needs hookers?" trump said. Absolutely.

    Does Comey have "clean hands?" No. But trump is such a monumental liar, I think Comey is much more believable.

    This is only the second book outlining what a "disaster" this president is. More will surely come. We also have the Russia investigation, the just-started state-level Cohen investigation and the general criminal mind-set of trump and his minions--I don't see a good ending.

    At some point, even his deplorable supporters will realize they are supporting a crook.

    VOTE in November.

  174. Mark, Trump’s supporters are not stupid. Trump’s supporters are a gang. The point you “forecast” occurred before the election. Those supporters knew what they were up to and whom and why they were supporting him. It was not “the economy” smokescreen. Trump is tearing down the economy. They are not hiding behind a curtain but speaking as plainly as Trump’s autograph. You might remember McConnell’s deep-sixing Obama no matter what Obama did. In 2018, the GOP has given Trump a blank check. No matter what Trump will do, and I paraphrase a wise person, gangsterism will be deadly for everyone, including those who embrace it.

  175. I wish I could believe that, but his supporters are so invested in proving themselves right that I can't imagine them abandoning him.

  176. No they won't.

  177. Michelle Obama during election: “When they go low we go high.”

    Trump, always goes lower. You thought this week was bad? Wait for next week and the week after....

    Trump is literally a crazy person. He rants and raves like someone who needs to be taken to a hospital for a 72 hour lockdown to figure out what is wrong with him.

    Trump is not just crazed on Twitter for a President. He is crazed on Twitter compared to crazy people. If a friend or family member tweeted like Trump you would be scared for their mental health. You would be worried they might hurt themselves or others. Trump has the nuclear football and is the commander of the greatest military in the history of mankind.

    There is no way to understate how bad this situation is. Anyone not acting to stop this is a traitor to the human race. Not just America. Looking at you GOP senators and congressmen.

  178. James, I really appreciate your point here - We are so numbed by DT's insanity over the last 2 years that it's hard to remember that indeed we would be alarmed if anyone we knew was acting like he does. That the GOP permits the country to be endangered by this madman is beyond belief.

  179. And if Trump was a pet, he'd be off to the vet for de-worming and a rabies shot.

  180. @Mark Shyres: How do you know whether the former 1st Lady is donating or not? Her personal affairs are not public record.

  181. Mr. Comey does speak American English. Mr. Trump does not speak American English or any other dialect of English that would qualify for any public voicing anywhere on the planet.

  182. While Comey has made some mistakes in his career. Especially recently, grandstanding a bit here and there. Up against a Trump, who is all grandstand all the time...Comey wins the integrity game.

    Trump has done exactly what in his career? Built, remodeled and "ran" some buildings. And due to many mistakes made doing that, he was forced to sell his brand.

    While Comey has led a life of civil service in law enforcement. His resume full of laudable efforts to protect and serve.

    Trump is the guy who has to tell us he's smart. That he's a thinker.

    Comey shows us he is those thru his lifes actions, not his self-aggrandizing statements.

    And even if Comey treads the line of being a bit petty in his book describing Trump. So? Is that the failure of the man, or this hyper insult driven environment, that Trump has inflicted upon the nation, and our social discourse?

    I will always side with a man like Comey over a not-man like Trump every day. Period.

    Trump and his WH staff of apologists simply lack any credibility. They, like too many voters chose to side with an immoral, ethically deficient, self-aggrandizing, narcissist ONLY to win the WH. Not to serve the nation with the best man possible...just the guy who by an anomaly of our election system managed to "win". Didn't want to truly win, didn't expect to actually win, but did - due to an anomaly.

    Comey pursued his life's work for reasons a man like Trump could not fathom. Ethics and respect for laws and the institutions.

  183. there's a lot in what friendly critics of comey call his "overthinking". those passages when he talks about what a leader does, what leadership is. i think the word is telling, and has to do with his pride issues. i don't think what he's talking about is "leadership". it's about what being a [hu]man is, ecce homo, as opposed to being a not man. your immortal words, not man. thank you.

  184. Comet is acting just as bad as Trump, petty remarks about hand size, tie length, ect. He should have stopped while he was ahead, he's making a fool of himself

  185. Q) "Trump has done exactly what in his career?"
    A) Elected President of the United States.

  186. Ask yourself this simple question:

    If you were the President of the United States who was without guilt and confident that you made the right decision to fire him, why would you waste a single tweet on the former Director of FBI?

    First, you do so because you are not guiltless and, second, because you fired him on something other than the merits.

    With every tweet, Mr. President, you reveal yourself not only to be petty and vindictive but guilty of criminal conduct, including but not limited to obstruction of justice.

  187. "If you were the President of the United States who was without guilt and confident that you made the right decision to fire him, why would you waste a single tweet on the former Director of FBI?"

    Ding. Ding. Ding. He gets it.

  188. Go to the head of the class, sir. You nailed it: good thinking.

  189. I believe Comey!

    More than that, I don’t believe a word that Trump says.

    I pre-ordered Comey’s book just to help make it a best-seller. Now I am actually looking forward to reading it when it comes on Tuesday.

  190. So did I. And I'm especially happy that it is being shipped by Amazon through the US Postal Service.

  191. Doesn't take an G-man to recognize Trump as a danger to the nation. Anyone with common decency, a moral compass, sense of history or a decent upbringing is able to figure out a character like Trump isn't any good to anyone.

  192. The more the truth encircles Trump the more frightened he becomes, his risk of legal and amoral public exposure is now at the nth power and his back is against the wall.

    The greater his fear the more juvenile and petty his name calling becomes on Twitter, not to mention the demonstrable lies contained within or the grammatically incorrect pre-school paragraphs filled with absurd capitalization's, as if capitalizing words makes them more important then they actually are.

    But Trump knows the best words and knows the best people, he's told us so, believe me.

  193. It is remarkable that as Trump is backed into a corner, he calls others by the names that now identify him.

  194. In defense of Mr. Trump, he capitalizes words as a convenience to his illiterate followers, so they can more easily pick up on the most important words.

  195. I hate to say it, but there are at least 2 grammatical errors in your 2nd paragraph, which criticizes the president's grammar. Needless to say, I myself value good grammar on some level, but I also feel that championing it smacks of the elitism that Trump's base so loudly protests -- and can easily backfire. Regardless of the message, a writer or speaker can communicate quite clearly without the benefit of good grammar. Perhaps we need to focus on the weightier issues at stake here.

  196. I think this quote defines Donald Trump's incredibly vindictive mean streak.
    “when someone attacks me, I always attack back...except 100x more.”

    I do not care for James Comey and his bewildering comments about Clinton right before the election played a big part in getting Trump into office. Instead of destroying Clinton's chances Comey as head of the FBI should have looked into Russian collusion.

    The fact that Donald Trump is using his bully pulpit to attack Comey shows how little Trump believes in the rule of law. It's definitely not presidential to say the least.

  197. Trump belongs in a federal prison!

  198. Well, we may have to settle for Sing Sing, but I'll take it. Trump can pardon federal crimes, but not state ones. That's what he and Michael Cohen have to fear the most now.

  199. When I read these articles in which the NYT gives Trump's tweets even wider dispersion....I always get mad. Can't the NYT article provide more criticism and reality to these tweets...or better put them in place by stating something along the lines of the former Director of the FBI has written a coherent and well-reviewed biography which will stand in history...and the current President of the United States wrote a bunch of incoherent, typo-ridden, half-truth and outright lies into a small mobile device while guzzling a Diet Coke on the toilet....imagine if a respected scientist, author, artist or educator prepared and gave an articulate speech and articles written about that speech gave equal space to the rants of some disgruntled audience members.....without any criticism of the actual audience members' rants...

  200. I get why a lot of people voted for Trump, it was more that they hated Hillary.
    But at this point I cannot fathom how anyone with half a brain still supports Trump. He is an ongoing disaster for our country.

  201. Trump should resign--NOW! Anyone who supports him for cynical and self-serving political ends is beyond contempt.

  202. Trump's non-stop gusher of bilge is simply disgusting, so much so that we have become numb to just how reprehensible he is. What's next, spitballs?

  203. From his undergraduate thesis:

    "The purpose of this thesis is to give full hearing to the theology and political philosophy of each [Jerry Falwell and Reinhold Niebuhr], allowing both men to answer the question -- Why should the Christian be involved in politics? An analysis of the way in which Falwell and Niebuhr use the scriptural tradition they both contend is foundational for their theories will provide a sound basis to be followed by elaboration of their thought. The fourth and final chapter will be a comparison and contrast of Niebuhr and Falwell focusing on the issue of nationalism which plays a major role in Falwell's thought."

    Mr Comey concluded that Mr Falwell was not a good person. Reinhold Niebuhr was a great theological thinker. Here is an excerpt from an interview with his daughter:

    "ELISABETH SIFTON: He wrote somewhere that rich princes always imagine that they are wise. They imagine that they think they're wise because they're powerful and at the top of the heap, and it never occurs to them that they're only there because they're - they have all the money, not because they are wiser than anyone else. So he inveighed constantly against the powers that be that he felt were unjust and indifferent to suffering."

    Mr Comey is an admirer of the theologian, but I doubt that Mr Trump has ever heard of him. Mr Trump serves one god: money.

  204. What a mess.

    The opposition to candidate Trump, and citizen Trump, from the Obamas to the Bushes was to go high when he went low.

    Look where that got us.

    At the same time if Comey had stayed away from name calling -- was it really necessary for him to comment on the size of Trump's hands? -- he wouldn't have weakened his argument against Trump.

    As children we all grew up with bullies, as Comey plaintively writes about in his book, but what do we do when the bully is the President of the United States?

  205. The "slimeball" to use Mr. Trump's expression is none other than Mr. Trump.
    himself. Mr. Comey has shown himself to be ethical and a loyal government employee over many many years in the most difficult of circumstances. Mr. Trumps presidency if you can call it that is a shame on America and its good people. It's time for Trump's removal.

  206. Why won't more Republicans speak their mind re: Trump? He is all those things that Comey says he is.

    His demeaner is a danger to our security. We are vulnerable with him in the White House. Our enemies know this.

  207. I think the President doth protest too much. Comey in his statements and counter statements is measured and cool not saying that Trump did or did not do what Steele said he did, but is only reporting that the statements were made. This is the role of an honest law enforcement agent. That Trump reacts with such vileness only makes it look like the Russian claims are true.

    An honorable leader does not react with epithets such as 'slime ball and does not kill the messenger. Comey reports these things to us as he communicated them to the president. It is not privileged information as Comey was never Trump's lawyer or employee, but a servant of the people. Trump brought this on himself the moment he fired Comey and no longer acted like an honorable man much less a president.

  208. Trump thinks that tweeting and speaking slurs marks him as a macho man tough fighter. Instead of a weak, intemperate and insecure juvenile delinquent.

  209. Fact: Where is Michael Flynn now, and why?

  210. Hannah Arendt pointed out that one of the first moves that totalitarians make is to claim there is hidden "purpose" or "bias" in any criticism of them; this effort by Trump from the very outset of his presidency to claim that the entire law enforcement, national security agencies, et al., were "against" him and on the "side" of his political opponents was already a very ominous sign of his totalitarian leanings--or else his mob boss tactics.

  211. "Mr. Comey says in the ABC News interview that Mr. Trump denied the allegations that day, saying, 'Do I look like a guy who needs hookers?'” Someone should tell the 71-year-old "stud muffin" the obvious answer to that question. General Kelly? Mr. Pompeo? Kellyanne?

  212. Uhm...he's married to one.

  213. Comey will surely be prosecuted and jailed once Trump appoints a competent Attorney General.

    The former FBI director disgraced himself with his lies and sanctimony.

  214. If your man Trump is so smart, why didn't he appointed a competent Attorney General in the first place?

  215. Umm, who appointed Jeff Sessions as Attorney General? If Trump is dissatisfied with Sessions, Trump need not look beyond his own nose. And as for Trump's complaint that Sessions should have warned him he would recuse himself, what does it say about Trump's own culpability that he wanted an AG to protect him personally? Honest presidents don't turn the Justice Department into their own apparatus.

  216. Prosecuted and jailed for what? Criticizing Trump?

  217. Trump, the master of distraction, misdirection and deceit, will thrive in the war of public affairs and punditry, while Comey, a novice at this kind of warfare, might not handle the scrutiny well. As Trump wages his war of public opinion, the bombing of Syria and lack of strategic planning for what comes next, the Mueller investigation, the Cohen investigation, Trump's inner circle of toadies and suck-ups, etc will go unnoticed during the dust up between these two. Americans deserve better than news coverage of this so-called all-out war. We need leadership in foreign affairs, competent cabinet members, and some semblance of honesty and integrity in the executive branch of our government.

  218. maybe they are both correct- Trump of course is a danger to the nation and world and globe - and Comey helped that happen - and now is having buyer's remorse. He is not any better. It's the kettle and pan name calling scenario

  219. No, Comey and Trump are not equals. Comey is flawed, Trump is a would-be autocrat, unhinged from truth and reality, and a danger to the survival of the republic.

  220. I have grown frustrated with people blaming Comey for helping to put Trump in the WH. Really. Voters were unable to evaluate an unfit, unqualified, narcissistic, misogynistic, pathological liar.... It all came down to the handling of emails by the Director of the FBI. Please.

  221. If I could recommend your comment fifty times I would happily do it. Comey didn't lose the election for Hillary. Voters in key states swung the election with the assistance of an arrogant and totally tone deaf DNC and candidate.

    This was not about Comey...this was about voters' choices from which the DNC failed to adequately defend.


  222. Of course you are right that it was the voters. But Comey certainly did help Trump, albeit perhaps unintentionally, and even in his interview last night defends his actions. Many things influenced the election and Comey's decisions on the emails was one of them.

    Comey is clearly a thoughtful and it seems very decent man. And there is no doubt that in any argument between him and DJT he is the one I'd believe. But he hurt the country by those decisions. I think that's a fact.

  223. TOTALLY AGREE! And - while I get people's frustration with Comey's "grandstanding - he would not have had the decision making power he had without gross missteps by many: 1) HRC and home server 2) Bill boarding Lynch's plane 3) Obama's foot dragging on telling the American people what was going on 4) Weiner 5) FBI NYC field office leaking etc.

  224. To all those supporters of Hillary Clinton who questioned James Comey's judgment and personal integrity in handling the investigatory finding that classified information in Clinton emails had ended up on Anthony Weiner's hard drive: who's your best friend now?

  225. The man who's trying to atone for the colossal mistake he made.

  226. This whole thing is so obvious. Trump is clearly the slimeball. Except 100x more!! #RememberInNovember

  227. I wish that Mr. Trump would realize how boring his tweets are becoming. They are used way too often to be as effective as he would like. His adjectives in the tweets are grade school level. All in all, a stupid tactic.

  228. I guess Mr. Comey didn’t accept $130,000 for an NDA.

  229. To protect us from "a serial liar who" [is like] "a mafia boss" [like] "a forest fire that is incinerating the country’s important norms and traditions."

    The real story is about the Republican party: the Silent Majority who sit by and watch our government be disintegrated from within while taking no actions to curb the destruction of the very institutions that guide our democracy.

    Meanwhile, trump is nothing more than a bully who uses his power and authority to intimidate others here (Sessions, Rosenstein, McCabe, McMaster, etc.) and abroad (Qatar for not granting Kushner a loan).

    Comey, while capitalizing on today's events, will enumerate the behaviors of trump who is clearly out of his league - except for the criminal parts - and over his head.

    Regardless of party affiliation, I trust Mr. Comey's assessment versus trump's attacks.

  230. Except that the Republicans aren't a majority. (And they certainly aren't silent.) Remember, Hillary won the popular vote?

  231. I think Trump is terrible.

    That being said, when your first briefing with the head of the FBI includes a widely disseminated dossier Comet called salacious and unverified, it's not difficult to understand why you'd want some of the worst parts proven untrue.

    I have little to no trust in much of what Trump says. But this is a clash of the titans' egos as well as anything else.

  232. After almost two years can we at least agree that Comey was a factor in Hillary Clinton's defeat and not the proximate cause and that Comey is a necessary evil in order to unseat Trump?