Independent New York Prosecutors Pose Potential Risk for Trump

The office of the United States attorney for the Southern District, which is overseeing the Michael Cohen investigation, is known for nonpartisanship.

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  1. At this point, Cohen's goose is thoroughly cooked and all that remains is properly carving it up.

    The Stormy payment now has a source of 'income,' a payment, made by two people ON THE RNC Finance committee, the facilitators of the payments, and a stated PURPOSE for the payment that was contrary to what was said publicly vs. what was communicated privately.

    First off, from an investigation standpoint, having ALL of those elements gives you one very solid case. Not having to make a jury guess or assume the motive is a huge deal in a trial.

    If they admit the payment was to silence the story in advance of the election in those recordings - you're looking at bank fraud and campaign finance violations.

    If the payments somehow were involved in OTHER RNC payments or something, now you're looking at how some of these other Republicans have become involved in this scandal.

    Either way, there is a big bright light at the end of this filthy tunnel.

  2. Hopefully the light represents the train that will crush these criminals!

  3. When different streams of dollars flow in and different streams flow out, the dollars don't have labels on them individually. You can't associate a particular source of funds with a particular use of funds unless a purposeful correspondence is stated by someone exercising the sourcing and disposition. Suppose the RNC can suggest the funds were for some other purpose. Do we know that can't be done credibly without asking them?

  4. What has made America work for so long and so well is it has run on the principle of rule of law, even if the wheels of Justice sometimes turn slowly. Watching and waiting for the Russia probe to yield an outcome is sheer torture akin to watching a silent film where the heroine is tied to the railroad tracks as the train approaches. Cohen’s case might be another matter - hard to say - but if these truly evil and corrupt men get away from the grip of justice then there will be no America left to defend and we will be lost.

  5. Rule of law? You should mention that to the descendants of polio-stricken, slaughtered like buffalo Native Americans and lynched African Americans. Also the Vietnamese whose country was dosed with Agent Orange. And to Iraqis whose country was ravaged, just because the US could.

  6. I hope you're not going to claim the English would never do such things.

  7. It is an imperfect place, some horrible decisions (slow on civil rights; slow gay rights; foolish, genocidal, wasteful misadventure in SE Asia, Middle East etc.,; lots of injustice too, but in the context of the article, the relevant take. I don't know your country of origin, but there is nary a government that can claim to be free of similar mistakes. the relevant point is to know what is good and bad about your country and strive to make it better and live up to a higher standard.

  8. To Trump: now is the time to resign, in disgrace. And when you do, your name will surely be in lights. Bright lights. And that’s all you ever wanted.

  9. Wrong DSS

    He will board a helicopter that will take him to a Russian Aircraft Carrier sitting off Long Island Sound...

  10. My bet is that Putin would no longer want anything to do with Trump.
    Putin has seen how much of a bumbler Trump truly is.

    Of course, there would be a certain Justice achieved with that Russian aircraft carrier offshore. It could possibly take Trump to a Siberian gulag, the crime: Trump being a moron & a useless tool.

  11. You make a good point: Trump has the opportunity to go down in history as the president with the BIGGEST list of indictments, and the MOST ASTOUNDING period of time before having to leave office, considering his crimes. Maybe he could also be the FIRST impeached president to be convicted and removed from office. And his departure would definitely MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. Can't happen soon enough.

  12. I don't know why Trump and Cohen are fighting so hard to suppress seized documents. After all, as we were repeatedly told during by Trump and the G.O.P. during the campaign in reference to HRC, "If you have nothing to hide, just release the emails." Typical Republican hypocrisy.

  13. The president of law and order?
    We forgot to ask which laws and what order.

  14. but she didn't release the emails, did she?

  15. Children's drivel "Jonnie got away with is so why can't I?

  16. What powers does Trump potentially have to fire Mr. Khuzami? Does he have any? It would be extremely comforting to know that at least one legal figure has nothing to fear from our 'President' as he tries to bend the justice system to his will. Information on this point would be greatly appreciated...

  17. Sessions can fire him.

  18. Unless that $11 million Duetsche Bank payday came with Russian Oligarch strings atrached.

  19. He didn't earn the $11M at Deutsche Bank. Read the article.

  20. The Republican Party would be well advised to stop ignoring this president's failings and get on board with the facts that is the worst of all Presidencies and a "stain" on all those that come close to Trump. Maybe now we can talk impeachment is a serious way and forget about the GOP agenda to remove all entitlement programs to pay for tax cuts for the rich.

  21. I found Rosenstein's decision to spin off the Cohen investigation incredibly shrewd. The Mueller investigation is safer for his action. Trump might still retaliate against Mueller, Rosenstein, or both. However, the action is post facto. Trump would hurt himself more by attempting to hurt them. The central question now, for the time being at least, concerns Khuzami's investigation. I have a thought though. Since Rosenstein spun off the Cohen matter to a state district, what authority does Jeff Sessions have in overseeing the investigation? He's theoretically no longer recused from the Cohen investigations. I wonder if Trump may attempt to hinder Khuzami indirectly through Sessions.

  22. All United States Attorneys ultimately work for the Attorney General, as administered by the Executive Office of United States Attorneys.

  23. At this point, for getting rid of Trump, it really doesn't matter if the Mueller investigation shows any conspiracy between the Trump campaign and the Russians. The New York investigation of Cohen and Trump's finances is where we will find the high crimes and misdemeanors by the President. "What did the President owe, and when did he owe it?"
    The Mueller investigation is where we will find out what the Russians did, and how we can keep it from happening again. In the end, this is really more important than getting rid of this corrupt and incompetent administration, although the New York investigation should take care of that.

  24. Sessions has already tried to resign at least once. I think he might chafe at the way Trump has been treating him. After all, he is a former US Senator. Say what you want, but some people still have a notion that regardless of politics that is still deserving of respect. I'd bet that Sessions is old school like that.

    et tu, brute?

    I wouldnt expect any salvation from Sessions at this point.

  25. Trump will soon be twittering to discredit Khuzami.

  26. It's those who believe the tweets who are the problem.

  27. Michael Cohen and the president are desperately trying to prevent payment to porn stars as hush money inducements from coming to light, which could lead to all sorts of financial irregularities such as money laundering, campaign violations and wire fraud that could tie into to Paul Manafort's murky and muddled overseas financial dealings.

    A thorough examination of this corrupt financial centipede may begin to explain why the president has refused to release his tax information. The irony here is that his own attorney's financial malfeasance may be the key that unlocks this mystery once and for all.

  28. Who'd a thunk ? Over 60 million people knew this guy was a snake, but decided it was better than electing a Democrat.

    Full stop.

  29. So many ignorati who put more thought into what to order at Burger King or Walmart than who they're sending to the White House. And they are replicating themselves faster than the sane, educated, non-superstitious factions in this country. So we're pretty much doomed even if the feds, the Big Macs or the state cops take rump away.

  30. You have it wrong. A substantial majority of voters elected Hillary Clinton but the Electoral College, based on the number of electoral votes the South has, based on slavery, selected Trump.

  31. Hillary won the popular vote by 3 million.

  32. You know Cohen taped Trump and conversations in furtherance of obstruction of justice are not privileged. So we are witnessing a slow motion train wreck.

  33. It is ridiculous, prima facie, to suggest that the President and his lawyers should have an opportunity to filter through evidence before an elite, non-partisan public corruption unit does so. It is, at least, in a country that is still ruled by law.

    Our President has seemingly always felt that he should get to play by his own rules and he has done whatever he could to tilt the board in his favor. It will be interesting to see how far that board was tilted, and how he fairs when he has to play by the same rules as everyone else.

  34. When asked for emails, the lovely Ms. Hillary had a team of lawyers peruse her list. They hit delete thirty-three thousand times and to me, a liberal, this is the same kind of thing only Hillary was able to get rid of anything that looked bad for her.

  35. Sounds like the political class. Unlike Trump (only meaning he wan never voted into political office before), we keep voting them in. Do not deny that as Comey confirmed this in his interview. His investigation of Hillary was altered because he thought by the polls she would be the next POTUS. Sorry but I dislike both parties and each party supporter only sees the wrong doing of theother party. I see similar things in both parties "all the time"! You have to stop being afraid of voting them out in the primary, so we can get new bold in the general election.

    Truthfully, you have to hold YOUR party up to the highest standards and then you can comment on the other party.

  36. After reading this article about Khuzami's political donations to numerous Republican candidates dating back to the 1970s, his speech endorsing Bush at the Republican National Convention, and his decision not to prosecute Wall Street bankers, isn't it a far stretch for the NYTimes to claim that his appointment as the lead investigator in the Cohen case is an indication of the investigation's "independence" from politics?

  37. Maybe, but if he is leading the charge despite his history that is telling.

  38. I encourage readers to check out the informative article written by Jill Wine-Banks. It can be found at the following link.
    Personally, I am thankful that there are journalists hard-at-work who are more interested in trying to uncover the facts of this horrid saga. Many Americans are sick and tired of our inept President who communicates on Twitter as if he was a 3 year old in bad need of a nap and the soap opera treatment that FOX NEWS and frankly ABC presented last night during the Comey Interview. I believe that most Americans regardless of the political party they align with have stronger critical thinking skills than most media reporting gives them credit for. Talk of Pee Tapes and the size of hands are inconsequential. The key questions remain: Did Putin & Russia interfere in the 2016 Presidential Election? Was Trump directly involved? Are money laundering and bribery destroying the sanctity of our government? Have the American People been consciously lied to and manipulated by the current President? Senators? FACEBOOK? Google? And the 2016 Presidential Candidates? We all need to stay focused on the real issues and challenges we are facing.

  39. What has been the central focus of Hillary Clinton's career, from the beginning?

    If you can't answer that, then you don't know Hillary Clinton.

    Too many bought into the right-wing smears flung at Clinton by double-teamers Sanders and Trump.

  40. If you don’t like being treated with contempt and outright lies, why did you vote for Trump exactly?

  41. When did her career start? As a Goldwater Girl, or sitting on the Board at Walmart?

  42. This president has zero legal training, education or background. Even worse he has zero regard for truth and law. WHY would he get any right to review what is relative?

  43. Not quite the situation Cohen faces in NY, where using his own assets to
    cover a contractual agreement's explicit payment by his client is cause for disbarment. Cohen the Fixer's alter ego as Cohen the NY lawyer faces several charges that are likely to see Cohen the Lacky facing criminal state and federal charges and probably disbarment in NY. The criminal charges are felonies, so watch while he tries to keep his profession intact - conviction fraud charges would mean he'll need a new job. He's smiling but won't be next week.

  44. Attorney/client privilege does not apply to criminal activity. Thus, no attorney/client privilege for trumpie/Cohen.

  45. There is the CRIME-FRAUD exemption, which you fail to mention. Not surprising: as an adherent of the methamphetamine addict Ayn Rand, you would be for the wholesale rejection of the rule of law.

    Which is directly contrary to the Constitution: Our is "A system of laws, and not of ["Libertarians"/ anarchists]" -- John Adams.

  46. Trump and company-Jared, Ivanka, Don Jr. etc..- have used the RNC and the executive office of the presidency, as a vehicle to accept and expedite bribes, money laundering, self-enrichment at the expense of local businesses in the D.C. area etc..When the¨dust has settled¨ and the investigations conclude we will find the most corrupt, tainted,amoral and unethical President and Cabinet in the short history of our nation!!

  47. Trump Hotel at the Old Post Office. That enough evidence for you?

  48. Jareds unusually large business loans after the lenders came to the white house, kelly-ann touting ivanka's women's ware. Foreign influencers staying at trump hotel in washington. You're right jon, there has been no self enrichment

  49. Imagine if Jeff Bezos had built a Whole Foods at the Old Post Office:)

  50. Trump calling an investigation "disgraceful" -- that´s a laugh.

  51. Donald Trump sure doesn't act like an innocent man.

  52. Mueller has nothing on the Russian collusion. So how to get Trump out of office? Target his personal attorney. This is treasonous and will cause a civil war between the supposed elites and the supposed deplorables. While you believe that you can win, take a look at the 2016 election map by county. We, those who cling to the Bibles, their guns and their religion, control everything you eat and the fuel that powers the United States. If we go on strike for even one week, you will be starving and begging for us to feed you. Good luck.

  53. I’m hoping that if 45 gets indicted by the State of New York, he can just be asked to resign. Then we won’t have to rely on the Republican Congress.

  54. I think Jon is about to go "Galt." And not a moment too soon.

  55. I really like the part about the second rate fantasy novel.

  56. Trump has nothing to hide... except the truth.

  57. The level of (apparent) corruption in this administration is mind boggling and scary. I remember wondering if Nixon would declare martial law over some cockamamie excuse to escape his predicament. Now, 40+ years later, I'm wondering the same thing about 45---and Nixon was an experienced politician but 45 is an experienced con-man.
    No one is above the law, and one thing Comey said last night that strikes home is if our rule of law goes, we are toast...paraphrasing of course.

  58. Our rule of law is already gone

  59. I think many of us have suspected that Trumps NY business practices via Cohen were always a stretch of the law and ethics. Certainly the favorite son lost hideously in his Manhattan backyard.
    It would appear that the pattern Trump set has followed him to the WH and now the State of New York will be the iron fist that will punch his arrogant lights out,
    The GOP has sold its soul to this truly vile anti democracy faux president and if the nation is still too stupid to act, let the prosecution of justice take place in a blue state,

  60. I wish he was being indicted at the state level. Would a pardon be considered obstruction? I just hope we get the truth. GOPers in Congress, any real patriots??

  61. Trump cannot issue a pardon for a criminal conviction in state court. He will not be able to pardon his way out of this criminal conspiracy.

  62. Nope, no patriots..

  63. I have concerns that Mr. Khuzami - who spent a number of years as general counsel for Deutsche Bank - may have his own conflict of interest in possible prosecutions involving the lawyer for Donald Trump.

  64. Great evidence that the "inoculaton" was a success. Smart move, Rachael. Thanks.

  65. Hopefully, Khuzami's Deutsche Bank experience has left him with knowledge of where all the money-laundering bodies are buried.

  66. "After leaving the Southern District, Mr. Khuzami joined Deutsche Bank, where he ultimately became general counsel for the firm’s American arm." Uh oh. If I were being investigated for money laundering and other financial crimes, this is not a man I would want investigating me.

  67. Khuzami also made 11 million dollars in two years with a private law firm just after retiring from the Securities Exchange Commission. Talk about a revolving door, and the swamp filling up.

    Though Berman had to recuse himself for an unknown reason, I am not sure Khuzami is without a taint; Deutsche Bank had to settle a money laundering indictment with a sizable penalty. This same bank has a history with Trump and Russian oligarchs.

    We have to trust that Khuzami isn't tainted from his representation of the bank; otherwise, he would have recused himself as well.

  68. Jim. Correct. Unless you were a bankster on the sub prime mortgage fraud. We all suffered but the banksters were never charged. The laws are only for the little people. If there truly was justice half of the WALL ST community would be serving time with their assets seized. Let's face it prosecution at every level in this country is political.

  69. I would hesitate to speculate about the various purposes involved in the recent confiscation of Cohen's files. The US Attorney for the Southern District of New York has done this type of raid before, and with 55,000 attorneys in New York well know, there is a crime-fraud exception to the privilege and the SDNY office has already set up a "Chinese wall" regarding privileged documents. Trump's blustering about a "criminal act" not only criticizes the FBI which was not directly involved in the seizure, and not only criticizes the US Attorney for the Southern District whom he appointed, it shows he knows nothing about the law despite having had legal problems for 30 years.

  70. Trump isn't making this an issue of law, so what he knows about the law is immaterial. He's making it about himself, his popularity, and the mindless passion of his followers. If he can hold the issue in that court instead of the legal one, he knows he can win, the maw be damned.

  71. I question whether Comrade Trump can legitimately claim privilege concerning the Stormy since he claims he never communicated with Cohen concerning that matter. As for the privilege argument the judge could solve the problem by reviewing the files himself and deciding what, if anything, is privileged.

  72. That's the process. The "taint" team examines all the material seized, and determines that which is protected, and that which is not.

    Their results are then reviewed by a Federal judge. Then, if it passes muster, the materials are given to the prosecutors.

  73. I am not a lawyer or a judge and do not know how these things work. If the taint team finds evidence of crimes not covered or addressed in this warrant, do they hand that off to yet another prosecutor? Or do they just hand back incriminating evidence and say, my bad.

  74. All these roads, Mueller and Khuzami's investigations, lead to Donald. I predict it will be revealed, after reviewing Cohen's documents and tape recordings, a treasure trove of crimes by Donald and Mr. Cohen. Cohen will be indicted and will be given a deal: testify against Donald or go to jail. Cohen will flip. Even if he is pardoned, that will also be another nail in Donald's coffin of the counts of obstruction of justice that will surface at Donald's impeachment.

  75. Impeachment is not the only route: Trump is also subject to all the laws to which we the faceless masses are subject.

    Can a sitting president be criminally indicted? Of course -- he is subject to all the laws to which we are subject. If he "went off," and began shooting and killing people in the White House, we wouldn't wait for Congress to decide whether to impeach.

  76. Trump cant pardon him of state charges.

    Let this be a lesson for anyone that thinks the DOJ will just roll over and show you their belly. I assure you their bite is worse than their bark.

  77. There is very little point in these threats of Federal prosecution against this gang, since Trump has announced, via his pardon of Scooter Libby, that he intends to pardon anyone who is loyal to him and refuses to cooperate with the Feds. But the presidential pardon power extends to Federal crimes only- the only salvation for this nation may be if State prosecutorial agencies, such as the New York State Attorney General, pursue all available state charges as well. And they do exist, but will need some ferreting.

  78. Can’t pardon a NY felon!!!! And Trump is a NY felon

  79. I'm very glad this office has a reputation for independence. God knows we could use more of it from our judiciary.

    I too would be interested in knowing why Berman recused. I'm wondering if it was simply his support for the president and the work he did during the transition, however brief.

    If the Trump legal team thinks this investigation is more serious for the president, then I'm glad it's safely outside Washington and all the politics of that venue. It means, that should the unthinkable happen and Trump decide to fire the special counsel, the work of this jurisdiction can still proceed.

  80. Even if Trump does fire, or otherwise constrain Mueller, there appears to be an option/precedent for the judge in the Grand Jury setup by Mueller, to step in and appoint her own social counsel to continue with the investigation using all the evidence collected by Mueller and his team.
    An obscure option and one that hopefully will fly beneath the radar of the Trump administration. We really don't want them to be forearmed, do we? I believe that often the media, with its access to highly experienced experts have presented Trump's team with solutions to his various legal dilemmas.

  81. The NYT says it is "an office known for independence." I would like to think so but lets look at the facts. Mr. Khuzami, the lead prosecutor, has often contributed to GOP candidates, including Trump. and personally spoke at the GOP Convention in 2004. He also worked for Deutsche Bank which has been a serial offender of money laundering laws for which it has been convicted and paid billions in fines. Not to mention that Deutsche Bank was Trumps own go to bank as well as that of several of the Russian oligarchs some of whom were involved with Cohen in loan matters. Khuzami has also failed to seriously prosecute many of the Banks that caused the US billions in bailout funds. I would like to think he is a neutral "independent" prosecutor but this sound like this is the case to you?

  82. No. My ex-wife is a card-carrying witch of the Solomonic order and this is no witch hunt. This is a criminal investigation involving serious crimes which is why the F.B.I. keeps raiding Trump associates. Javanka will more than likely get a visit someday especially considering how many times Jared has lied on his security applications.

  83. Richard. Right on He is neutral like I am a jet pilot. NOT

  84. Don't worry about those Republican donations and speeches. Thirty seconds after Mr Khuzami releases his first set of indictments, all of that pro-Republican activity in his past will cease to exist and he will be re-labeled by Fox et al as a mere shill for the DNC.

    Remember, Mueller and Comey were both life-long Republicans too -- and look what happened to them.

  85. The headline is quite misleading. Promoting these prosecutors as independent, then details of how they participated in the SEC Wall Street revolving door economy. This needs clarification. Independent from Trump, possibly, independent of monied interests, certainly not. Have the monied interests finally turned on Trump?!

  86. Since Trump and his allies criticize the Mueller team and - laughably - the FBI as being some sort of hotbed of Democrats, it will be interesting to see how they criticize the Southern District, which appears to be a hotbed of Republicans. Including a Trump Republican at the very top, no less.

  87. If the propriety of Mr. Khuzami's heading the Cohen investigation were judged by the standard applied by Trump allies to the Mueller team, he would be disqualified due to his contributions to Republicans and his having spoken at the convention. Of course, disqualifying him on those grounds would be absurd.

  88. The amount of pressure on Khuzami is enormous: pretty much Cohen's whole future and Trump's presidency rides on his judgment. The fact that Team Trump is being so aggressive to limit the scope of the investigation implies there is much to hide. I pray that Khuzami remains diligent and impartial to the facts wherever they take him. From the timing of the silencing of his multiple mistresses, to his unwillingness to release his taxes, to his myriad conflicts of business interests, there is a significant amount of circumstantial evidence suggesting that there has been much crime, cover-up, and fraud committed, not just in relation to the silencing of his mistresses, but with the entirety of his business career. The future of our democracy depends on the thoroughness of Khuzami's investigation.

  89. And what about those tax returns?. Trump said in one of the Presidential Primary debates that he could not make his taxes available because he was being audited. I wonder if the audit is over by now--or at least soon--and we will finally have a look at Mr. Trump's tax returns. And what prevents a prosecutor from obtaining the returns even if they are still under audit? This is, after all, a cdriminal investigation.

  90. Dear PTNYC,

    Actually, I suspect Mr. Khuzami is relishing his role. This will be the most high profile case of his career so far. I agree, I hope that he will keep his own ego in check and do a thorough and complete job. From his past work it sounds like he is very competent.

    Since Mr. Mueller and Mr. Rosenstein wisely put this part of the investigation outside of Mr. Mueller's own investigation, I think it will be hard for anyone to effectively pressure Mr. Khuzami.

  91. How can Trump claim attorney-client privilege for conversations about payments that he says never happened? The only logical conclusion is that they did happen. As a compulsive liar, who lies about virtually everything, maybe he will be hoist on his own petard. One can only hope that in the end, it is something utterly sordid that brings him down. It would not be a surprise.

  92. Cohen looked fairly relaxed on Friday as he chitchatted in a cigar-smoking sewing circle on a patio on Park Ave. A circle of men that included a Deutsche Bank executive, smirking at the cameras. He looked like a guy who knows a pardon is coming his way.

    But not so fast. Apparently Cohen has been under surveillance for months and no one knows yet what conversations were picked up.

    Trump needs a top shelf criminal lawyer and quick, the Cohen investigation is leading directly to the Oval Office.

  93. Posturing for the cameras is one thing. The administration has no power to pardon NY State charges. I understand the state charges are fairly serious.

  94. Unfortunatley, the Southern District is a federal court. I do think he expects a pardon—and maybe more than that in the long run.

  95. I wouldnt worry about a pardon -- that will only help with federal charges. If Cohen is guilty of anything you can be sure that its also illegal in NY state jurisdiction too.

  96. I don't know whether I am more astonished to see lefties who're astonished to read that hey, a lot of successful New York lawyers worked on Wall Street and made money, or righties who drone on about how, if the law and the courts are allowed to work and reach fair decisions and verdicts, they got all the guns and all the oil, so look out commies.

    Seriously, folks, it looks like the Federal prosecutors are doing exactly what they were put there to do without fear or favor, so what's yer beef?

  97. Robert: As a "Lefty" I completely agree with you.

  98. This is the guy who knows where the bodies are buried because he buried them. If he loses today, for Trump, it's game, set and match!

  99. Again, Trump's flock will need to convince themselves that this seasoned team of experienced prosecutors and investigators, comprised of differing political persuasions, are all conspiring to get Trump without any evidence of wrongdoing. There's deluding yourself and then there's deluding yourself.

  100. I defer to the NYT detailed reporting here, the reputation of SDNY and Mr. Bharara. Go get them people.

  101. I can't wait to see Trumps lawyer in jail and then Trump. Trump should be impeached after Mr Comey said it was an obstruction of justice in asking to drop charges on Mr. Flynn. Of course the GOP supporters who are as bad as Mr Trumps with moral issues will turn their heads and deny how bad he is. Very sad.

  102. Trump should immediately replace the U.S. Attorney who is allowing this fraudulent and corrupt "investigation" to proceed.

    Attorney-client privilege is at stake.

  103. There is no attorney client privilege when a crime has been committed. And Cohen's only client is Trump.

  104. You're kidding, right? Attorney-client privilege is a common-law rule that you're making sound like a Constitutional right. Anything that is not subject to the crime-fraud exception to that privilege will remain protected. Replacing the U.S. Attorney to save Trump's skin, on the other hand, would count as obstruction of justice -- a genuine wrong and a threat to the legal order.

  105. I've been an attorney for about 30 years. Attorney-client privilege does not apply to a conspiracy to commit a crime. Besides, Cohen is claiming that his client, Donald Trump know nothing about the Stormy Daniels payoff. Since Cohen calins that his client didn't know about it, then no Attorney-client privilege applies.

  106. What are we going to do about the attack on reality-based free press? FOX is largely responsible for the condition of the American electorate. Their kind of "news" is illegal in Germany for a good reason.

  107. This is complete hogwash. The "Contract With America" didn't change the First Amendment!!

  108. Read the First Amendment to the US Constitution. Even Trump and his support4d are covered by it.

  109. Sometimes the high road is a hard road to travel. I'm not ready to throw away the first amendment to get rid of Fox. We just need exercise our freedom -- dont support companies that advertise on Fox. Dont do business with people that support Trump. I refuse to talk to them at this point. I can handle a lot of character defects -- hypocrisy isnt one of them.

    Its always been about the money.

  110. I believe the legal term for this is that Trump's team fails to meet the "giggle test."

    How they can even make the request with a straight face speaks to their unbridled arrogance.

  111. President Trump has called the F.B.I. raid “a disgraceful situation” and a “total witch hunt.”
    It's a witch hunt alright, and they're finding plenty of witches in the swamp.

  112. THIS will be Trumps downfall. His Collaborators in Congress will never, ever sanction or impeach Him. They have proven without a iota of doubt that it's Party over Country, no matter the circumstances. Fake Representatives of the People, and Fake Patriots. VOTE THEM OUT. ALL OF THEM.

  113. The fact that payments were made to porn stars and centerfolds is only the smallest part of the story. There have been charges of mail fraud and wire fraud. Does that include violations of the Bank Secrecy Act, 31 USC 5311? Were all the IRS Forms 8300 properly filed? For all of Trump’s girlfriends? (And how many more will this investigation discover?). What were the sources of the various payments? Cohen, Trump, Russian oligarchs? What’s the money trail? Did Cohen, et al, attempt to conceal the money trail? These are questions that will go far beyond the salacious stories of the Trump girlfriends. It will involve real estate financing, political payoffs, campaign financing. It goes to the very core of how Trump and Cohen have built their financial empires. Follow the money. Hold your hats.

  114. I guess we need to be ready for Trump to fire more people and to issue pardons. I think Trump will not hesitate to throw his super loyalmattack dog Cohen under the bus.

  115. "Andrew C. McCarthy, a former Southern District prosecutor who is now a conservative columnist ..“President Trump now has real legal peril” because of the Southern District inquiry"

    LOL - Classic USAO SDNY attitude - no worries about a prosecution headed up by a former FBI Director but if the SDNY is involved now the A Team is on the case

  116. In principle Mueller can be fired or at least his jurisdiction and reach challenged. None of that applies to SDNY.

  117. Michael Cohen may be "Trump's personal attorney", but that is in name only. I believe Michael Cohen is the "details person", the holder of the chits and records, knower of the in's and out's of the criminal deeds and the skirting of laws, and the economic hit man who will stiff people and swindle on behalf of his boss, Donald Trump.

    Cohen is Trump's canary in the cage, and I proffer Cohen has a very long list of details from the association with Donald J. Trump, any which would be immediate grounds for legal actions, jury trials, and incarceration. Trump tells his supporters, "I have no knowledge of that matter." Ah, a bald faced lie because I believe the facts will show Michael Cohen is the person (he may have an associate or two in the US, or abroad, who helped out) who took Trump's general command or wish and translated into action and details, payments and routing, the cover-up, the laundering of monies, the quieting of the scandals and payment to individuals to shut them up. In Trump's world, there are no ethics nor morality - it's all transactional and everything has a price. Agree to a price, then stiff the other side when you've suckered them into an agreement. "The Art of the Deal"

    Criminals in the White House supported by illegal conduct emanating from New York. Our nation's political process has devolved into utter chaos run by financial thugs propped up by spineless politicians (Republicans) and religious zealots (Christian evangelicals).

  118. You know that this is a serious problem for Trump when the National Review's Andrew McCarthy (and stalwart Trump defender) attests to the Southern District of New York's integrity and writes that the Cohen investigation represents a real threat to the President.

  119. Or they could just be setting up a defense for the law organization when they find that no crimes have been committed and Trump and Cohen are off the hook. So they will be able to say, "An independent investigation found that while there was questionable activity, no crimes were committed." And Trump will be able to tweet Witch Hunt!

  120. "The office of the United States attorney for the Southern District, which is overseeing the Michael Cohen investigation, is known for nonpartisanship."

    Unless it should happen to side with a Republican then the NYT will condemn its partisanship. Please!

  121. Obviously the Times is neither praising nor condemning this office. It is reporting a verifiable fact: that the office is known for nonpartisanship.

  122. I’d be soooooo nice when this all comes to a head. And it should come as no surprise that someone so amoral as Trump would go down in this manner. He’s a cesspool in need of a filtration system.

  123. Hope Mike enjoyed that cigar. The biggest, most worst, terrible time, ever, in the world, really bad, is just about to fall on top of him. Sad.

  124. Back to NY! Hooray for Giuliani's Guys. They fix the whole thing.

  125. Lawyer is the kindest word for Cohen. And he is barely one - Coole, his alma mater, is not even ranked by US News & World Report.

  126. Trump has real fear of NY AG, who is currently investigating Trump Org and Trump Charity Foundations. Trump also fired Preet Bharara, after confirming he would remain in his position, once Bharara successfully prosecuted a pal of Trumps. Trump doesn't want good, great or honest prosecutors - he wants to surround himself with those who will wink, nod and look the other way. Trump has skirted the laws of many states and countries his whole life, he knows no other way to conduct himself and you can't teach that old dog new tricks, never mind transfer any morals, values or ethics to he or those who conduct business or or on behalf of Trump. Trump's request is laughable - trying to prevent DOJ from records that will incriminate him. Sure, wouldn't all criminals like to have that ability!!

  127. Justice in America for the rich and powerful has less to do with the law than politics and money. I am reminded of a thousand octopuses, tentacles thrashing about wildly, spewing ink for cover and concealment seeking to reign supreme.

    Help us that we have submerged ourselves so completely in this sucking slime.

  128. Obama was wrong> The "JV" wasn't ISIS. It's the assistant US attorneys at DOJ SDNY.

  129. NY prosecutors "known for their independence"?! Don't make me upchuck! They're Democrats and certainly not "independent" when it comes to Trump. And FBI raids on the office of the President's personal attorney is just another example of the Swamp fighting back, miring a President they despise in as many legal entanglements as possible. And that's the way it will be viewed by Trump supporters.

  130. Trump supporters have shown the truth doesn't exist for them, so why should we care how they view anything? Remember their shouts of "Lock her up" even as they planned to vote for a known scofflaw for president? More than one Trump voter has commented that any crime by Trump is okay because "Hillary would be worse."

  131. It's important for Trump supporters to blame everything on Democrats and to see them behind every problem he has. But for the rest of us, who have paid attention to his 35 years of scamming and deceiving and philandering then using lawyers to hammer his opposition and cover his profound errors none of his current troubles surprise us. He IS the Short-Fingered Vulgarian.

  132. In nearly every case, the chief federal prosecutor (US Attorney) is appointed by the current President and is of the same political party as the President. So while most New Yorkers are Democrats, the current US Attorney for the Southern District of New York is a Republican. He was personally appointed by Donald Trump. The reason that so many lawyers and other well-educated people despise Trump is because Trump is a despicable human being by any fair measure. Trump supporters will no doubt view the entire issue through the lens that lowers one's I.Q. by 20 or so points.

  133. Clearly Trump hires lawyers to skirt the law, rather than to make sure his business ventures follow the law.

    What happens if the "taint team" finds questionable things relating to Kushner's New York businesses?

  134. Good question.

  135. It is very likely that a federal judge will determine that a significant portion of these documents and purported recordings are not privileged or that an exception to the attorney-client privilege exists. The only question is whether Michael Cohen acted within the law in all his business dealings and efforts on behalf of Donald Trump. For now, only Mr. Cohen and Mr. Trump know the truth to that question, but SDNY prosecutors have been investigating Mr. Cohen for some months, and had to convince a magistrate judge already that Mr. Cohen had probably engaged in criminal conduct. In short, we will all know within a couple of months the answer to this question.

  136. This Administration,WHY and Trump himself can deflect all they want, soil other's integrity left, right, centre and deflect all they want, because THIS very situation won't go away. They might attempt to discredit Mueller's investigation etc BUT this Stormy-Daniels-triggered migraine won't go away...and frankly,I am very content with that!

  137. If the Justice Department special counsel has solid proof (reports indicate that they do) Cohen was in Prague during the late summer of 2016, everything else is academic.

    The Stormy Daniels/McDougal payoffs, etc., are just the cherry on top of the ice cream sundae.

    The "FIXER" possibly meeting with Russian operatives, after he vehemently denied being in Prague, could be the smoking gun. Cohen reportedly tapes a lot of his conversations. He has been under surveillance the last few months. This could be the big break.

  138. Funny this is the second post by a different person that is word for word the same.

  139. Attention Jack Dancer: What you said regarding Ny judges has no substance, no proof to support it. Your words are twitter hearsay from Trump. Where is your documentation? Check out the truth.

  140. When are the offices of Bernie Sanders’ lawyer and ‘fixer’ going to be raided? Oh yeah, that’s right, honest politicians don’t get the nomination.

  141. So the Liberals go after Trump while Hillary still has her nose in the air walking around running her big mouth. They have nothing on Trump and everything on Hillary, Uranium one, emails, Server scrubbing, and what do they do? Spend Millions trying to frame a sitting President. This is close to a overthrow of a President. Liberals are relentless yet their own people are proven criminals.

  142. Rangerdoggy, I will try to be balanced in my questions:
    Are not many of those investigating Republican appointees and/or Republicans themselves and not known as "Liberals?"
    Can you tell me what specific proof, proven in a court of law, there is that Hillary is a criminal?
    Finally, who are the "they" that are spending millions?
    Thank you

  143. Rangerdoggy,

    Sounds like you've got a terrific outline for a work of fiction. I advise you find an agent and contact a publisher immediately. Maybe Hannity can prebook you for a future show. Cheers!

  144. Hillary: off-topic, irrelevant, changing the subject, talking points...

  145. To all the gleeful NYT commentators:
    You're missing the forest for the trees. Exactly the way Mueller wants it.

    If this investigation is allowed to proceed, you can kiss your First Amendment rights goodbye, starting with the "privileged" communications you use in your personal and professional life.

    Gone. Up in smoke. Forever. Are you still smiling?

  146. Yes, at this stage, if you have people spewing the nonsense that Upside has been doing, they are either a) A (Russian) Troll, or b) fully engorged by the propaganda machine at Fox or Sinclair, where they do NOT report on anything that has been going on since he was unfairly elected. Where do you begin with a person who does not get their news from anything besides Trump sycophants and apologists? Facts cannot penetrate when people are mesmerized, in denial, or just don't care.

  147. Nonsense. Your silly fearmongering betrays a total lack of knowledge about what "privilege" means, legally.

    Is this the latest alt-right, faux news talking point?

  148. You're missing the forest and the trees. Stop watching Fox News.

  149. I really want to see if Trump ever reimbursed Cohen and if he didn't, which would be par for the course, how has he kept him sweet all this time. Cohen may be ready to sing that's probably why Trump is sitting on pins and needles.

  150. In New York, the old-money and nouveau riche crowd abhor Trump, due to his crassness and sharp business practices. Having few friends is bound to hurt Trump when it comes time to defending himself. Who's going to vouch for his character? Nevertheless, he'll still be treated by the courts with the respect due any citizen. Of course, from Trump's perspective, this means that he's being treated "unfairly" since he feels he's entitled to better treatment than others.

    Donald Trump:
    Racist? Probably.
    Elitist? Definitely.

    Neither characteristic is wholesome for anyone, especially the president of the United States.

  151. What reason does he have to feel elite? He's rude and crude and has the vocabulary of a junior high school troublemaker.

  152. Politics and money, politics and ethics... like trying to walk through a minefield!
    Trump and Cohen seem to be antithetical to the American concept of ethics and justice, but The Southern District of New York will sort that all out in good time.

    One would be hard-pressed to find a more decadent, less truthful, or worse embodiment of American values than Donald Trump. Yet the Republican wagons remain circled for more than a year, defending abomination after abomination and lie after lie. Un-circle the wagons and facilitate the inevitable, to do otherwise will only prolong the nations agony and condemn your Party to further ignominy.

  153. What is the right always telling us re: law inforcement? If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to worry about.

  154. Does anyone else think it odd that our president has a "fixer"?!

  155. I've lived in Manhattan for many years now, and are you kidding me, Independent????? When the New York Times has to specify that NYC prosecutors are "Independent" that means they are definitely not! I voted for Bernie, but even I've got to laugh at the mere thought NYC Prosecutors are independent when it comes to anything Trump!!!

  156. The office prosecuting this matter is headed by Trump appointee.

  157. If Cohen went to Prague, the house of cards will come down. If he didn’t, get used to 2.5 more years of Trump.

  158. Glad to hear that the court is independent. If Cohen is innocent he will be able to walk away. If he isn’t things will go sour. But there must be justice. Coverups won’t do.

  159. To most commentators:
    You're glee and rage are misdirected.
    Once the temporary glow of scheudenfreude wears off, every one of you will find yourself standing legally naked, stripped of your First Amendment rights too.

    Is your fleeting satisfaction worth the consequences to the Bill of Rights, and your personal privilege rights?

    If you want to rage against the machine, focus on Mueller, Wray, Comey, the DNC, HRC, DC and Khuzami. Compared to them, Trump is your last best hope for Free Speech.

  160. Nice to hear from your Bj. Especially from DC, where you drank the Kool-Aid from a collective, bottomless, trough

  161. Yes because Trump is such a proponent for the media and First Amendment. Please note sarcasm.

  162. By allmeans, take Mueller with my blessings. And while you're at it take Wray, Comey, and McCabe. The acorn does not fall far from the tree and thus America's last best hope is squirrels.

  163. Based on the article it appears that the NY US attorney's office staff are competent and will work to get at the truth. Mr. Cohn and his attorneys will not be able to threaten or fool them. In the end Mr. Trump may earn an important lesson. Attorney-client and attorney workproduct privilege only applies to communications between client and attorney where the attorney is providing legal service. Communications and documents where Mr. Cohn was acting as a business representative for Trump are not protected under the these privileges. Also there is no privilege where the evidence and documentation was part of the performance of a crime. The evidence of criminal behavior can not be shielded by an attorney under these privileges.

  164. So the President, being a party of extremely great interest in the Michael Cohen investigation, wants us to believe he has any sort of legitimate and unbiased claim to review seized materials that could well implicate him or members of his entourage in criminal activity?? I am constantly rendered speechless by this man's assumptions of how stupid the American public is.

  165. Re Photo_Caption: "...Federal prosecutors in New York are investigating President Trump’s longtime personal lawyer and fixer, Michael D. Cohen..." (Credit Justin Lane/EPA, via Shutterstock)

    I couldn't help, but notice the 'sidewalk closed ahead' sign in this pic; the 1St thought that came to me was: BOTH Cohen and trump are about to find, out their 'get-out-of-jail, free' cards are as inoperative as that street!

  166. I guess the buck stops here. When Mr. Comey felt threatened he leaked information that lead to the appointment of the special prosecutor. When Mr Muller felt threatened he sent the main aspect of this "matter" - err - "investigation" to the "Sovereign" err- Southern District. And both the AG and DA recuse themselves.
    You cannot make this up.
    A perfect novel so far and the ultimate twist - the dreaded tape is in Moscow!

  167. Comey "leaked" nothing. It wasn't confidential.

  168. Karma, one way or another, will eventually get you.

  169. Cohen now says he has had three clients in the past year: Trump, Broidy and an unnamed mystery client he does not want to reveal. Let's guess: Vladimir Putin?

  170. No mystery any longer, it's Sean Hannity.

  171. Let's see there's David Dennison, John Miller and John Baron. That's three more.

  172. "NY prosecutors "known for their independence"?! Don't make me upchuck! They're Democrats and certainly not "independent" when it comes to Trump."

    When I saw this Comment, which is 180 degrees opposite of what the article states, and which is 180 degrees opposite of all other Comments I saw in response to the article, I can only assume that the writer either did not bother to actually read the article or perhaps there is another version of the NYT out there, an alternative NYT that printed an entirely different version of the story than most of us are reading in "our" NYT?

  173. Follow the money all the way to Deutsche Bank? Not if the "real money" rears its ugly head. I wonder if the assistant USA will also recuse? There has got to be a conflict around Deutsche Bank . Like, being paid 11 million in 2 years after working for DB. Inoculation indeed.

  174. Read the story again. He made the $11 million at Kirkland & Ellis.

  175. Many apparent posting today who have no understanding of our legal system and keep bringing up Hillary’s name?.. one should acknowledge at a minimum that attorney client privilege is not absolute, does not apply to documents other than communications and finally the collection of documents and data was done pusuant to a valid search warrant as required by the Constitution.

  176. Even though I appreciate the thoroughness of the several investigations so far, I am surprised that there is no conclusion to the pretty obvious drama. The main culprit is the President and he has to be called in front of a court of law sooner rather than later. Getting Cohen and other two-bit abettors should also be trivial given the type of characters they are and their paper trail. Let's move! It is tax-payers money and the majority of this country's voters to get this pathetic episode in the history of the United States.

  177. Mr. Khuzami is a lifelong political hack attorney, a perfect example of the revolving door between the Federal government and Wall Street and its toxic effect on the American people's trust in our institutions. It would take a NYTs more honest and independent than the one I'm reading to point out this basic fact about Mr. Khuzami in its reporting on this matter. Given the NYT's comfort with the corruption of the status quo, which stains both parties in our entrenched, non-democratic duopoly, it remains to several readers in the comments section to make up for this deficit. Independent journalism is dead in America.

  178. I think the NYT did an adequate job of providing background info that gives a full perspective on the prosecutor's judgment in corruption cases. So you're being unfair.

  179. Khuzami clearly has a distinguished academic record and, by all appearances, a distinguished professional record, starting with a clerkship for a Federal appeals judge, and deep experience as, as it appears, an effective Federal prosecutor. I get the revolving door is a structural issue that raises important questions, but how is Khuzami characterizable as a "hack?"

  180. Let's see, one of his three clients Cohen does not want to name.

    Any bets that the person has a Russian surname?

  181. Worse, it's Sean Hannity! His ignorant, vile spew is even more traitorous than the most anti-American Russian person.

  182. Trump can pardon Federal crimes, but not State crimes.

  183. There are no state charges, nor as far as we know, investigations, yet.

  184. For all the supposed independence of the Southern District in the past, those lawyers allowed Wall Street executives to escape any personal consequences for the greatest financial crime in U.S. history in 2008 and later. As this story suggests, most of those in charge of those investigations went onto very lucrative legal careers, representing some of those same executives and their companies we can presume.

    The question now is will Mr. Khuzami and his team be as "understanding" of any possible crimes by a President, his family and associates as they were of Wall Street a decade ago?

    Intense media attention on this investigation is vital, as are open Court proceedings.

  185. Thank goodness that these matters involving Cohen and Trump are being spun off to investigators and prosecutors at the state level that will make any conviction pardon-proof by Trump. As for any federal crimes, if Cohen or anyone else "flips" and is offered a deal in exchange for cooperation, is it possible to include agreements in those cases that they not be subject to any Presidential pardon?

  186. The US attorney is the Southern District of New York is still a federal prosecutor, so any charges coming from that office could still be pardoned by The Don. Hopefully the state will pursue charges too that cannot be pardoned.

  187. From the article:

    "...Mr. Khuzami was chief of enforcement at the Securities and Exchange Commission..."

    Are we talking about the same Securities and Exchange Commission that couldn't find anything wrong with Bernie Madoff's operation?

    One thing for sure - nobody will ever be able to "ruin" our democracy - the rich got there first.

  188. NYT JAN. 5, 2018:
    "Mr. Khuzami took the S.E.C. post in 2009 in the aftermath of revelations about Bernard L. Madoff’s $50 billion Ponzi scheme, when the agency was under fire for failing to uncover the decades-long fraud and for missing warning signs of the financial meltdown."

  189. Maybe he actually wasn't in Prague, but rather in the suburbs? So the question shouldn t be did you go to Prague? but: have you ever been in the Czech Republic?

    Also, the issue of a visa stamp in his passport documenting when he entered the Cz.Rep.: what makes you think he only has one passport? It's possible he s a dual citizen, and has another passport, other than his U.S. one, and an entry visa stamp into the Cz Rep might be there.

    Let s ask the right questions. This guy is more clever than he is smart.

  190. I understand Mr.Cohen has been a loyal employee and servant of Mr.Trump.
    It strikes me as odd to witness such public professions of loyalty. In the end Mr Cohen must look deep into his heart and decide if he should be foremost loyal to his father, his mother, his wife, his teenage daughter, to the truth and to his family's legacy. I hope he makes his family proud.

  191. With all this nonsense in the news, I'm baffled by the polls that suggest Trump's numbers have improved. Clearly while many people are reading this, and other zany stories, about what Trump and his gang are immersed in, others must not be.

    Gee, I hope the next election isn't another nightmare.

  192. That's proabably because he dropped some bombs last week. And we wonder why Presidents use war to improve their popularity.

  193. So Stormy showed up as well. This is turning into the world's worst reality show.

  194. After years of dismissing Trump and Cohen as two-bit operators and blowhards, New York dumped them in the White House. It is only just, not only in the Court of Poetic Justice, that New York be responsible for cleaning up the mess they chose to ignore.

  195. I think you're confusing NY with the South and Midwest. NY did not put Trump in the White House.

  196. How about protesting before he declared his presidential run. The corrupt schemes of Trump and his children were not born yesterday. For example, the fraud charges against Ivanka and Don Jr related to the Soho building mysteriously disappeared. Mystery solved after a campaign contribution.

  197. just for the record

    2016 Presidential election results for New York City
    Clinton 82%
    Trump 18%

    2016 Presidential election results for New York State
    Clinton 59%
    Trump 36.5%

  198. Judge just ruled that the "mystery" client must be named. What if it's Melania?

  199. mike should know whats in his files already.
    Don checked in over the weekend and was just wondering how much he had saved and if he was ready to do that favor he had promised his Don.

    Leave the gun, take the cannoli

  200. There is nothing good to say about the Trump administration except that through his personal behavior, womanizing, business dealings, government affiliations, bank loans, Russia connection, and legal dealings, a bright spotlight has materialized to show just how corrupt our system has become. It will be interesting to see if these so-called “members of government who do everything by the book” will continue to do so. I hear Deutsch Bank, Rudy Giuliani and “handpicked by Berman” and my knees go weak. One thing for certain, if the FBI had not raided Cohen’s office, home and hotel room, there wouldn’t be anything left to sift through. 

  201. By early evening tonight, Mr. Khuzami will be known as biased, socialist, and anti-Trump according to the fine investigating journalists at Fox.

  202. Gosh! It would be terrible if all the financial transactions between Sean Hannity and Russian TV, Russian mafia laundered money, and hush money for sexual assaults.

    America would cry for days!

  203. I remember Nixon's slush fund for dirty tricks: Committee to Re-Elect the President, aka CREEP. It's bizarre that yet another president would use party funds to pay for illegal activities. I guess some people have a learning disability...

  204. Why does Sean Hannity need Michael Cohen, a fixer specializing in NDAs for women associated with Trump and a Republican financier? As Hanntiy has been as shameless in promoting Trump as Conway and Sanders and recently denounced actions against Cohen, is it not a conflct of interest and perhaps a violation of journalistic ethics, assuming these exist, for him to share a fixer with Trump? Perhaps Hannity should be pressed to release from an NDA anyone whom he or someone associated has paid. If he refuses to do so, that is sort of indirectly admitting there is an NDA, right? Several other FOX people have appeared in the press as payers of hush money, and Hannity may be guilty as well.

  205. It is only fitting that 45 be brought down by Justice in NY. All who have had the immense displeasure of following this con man's antics over the years are undoubtedly excited to see him punished, impeached and hopefully jailed in New York. That will be a day for true celebration.!

  206. He IS a flight risk; they all are. I've never doubted that Plan B is a quick flight to Moscow and a quiet dacha in the country. Watch for the next time the entire family flocks en masse to Air Force One.

    Is there honestly anyone left who still doesn't grasp the full magnitude of this crime cartel's reach? Of how filthy, dirty it all is? Of how complicit they all are? If so, I have to bridge to sell, but I only accept rubles.

    This just went up on The Guardian: "Trump lawyers fight to keep seized Cohen files out of investigators' hands." Right. Because that's just exactly what innocent people do...fulminate, threaten, stalk, blackmail, whine, curse, throw hissy fits and tantrums, and concoct one diversionary tactic after another. Someone needs to tap these cretins on the shoulder and explain that innocent people do not go into paroxysms and hysterics when their paperwork is checked. Innocent people.

    It's surreal that that which was always in plain sight --hookers, porn, bad real estate deals, dirty money, illegal tax returns and all leavened by colossal ego and arrogance matched only by bad counsel—is exactly what is going to bring him down.

    DJT and his henchmen have met the enemy. And they are it.

  207. The plot’s better than I thought.

  208. BBB,
    Lol, who knew Hannity was already a supporting character?!

  209. I find it disturbing that each prosecutor brought in to review Mr. Cohen's and Mr. Trump's activities during the campaign has to establish his (and it is always 'his' not her) bona fides as a loyal Republican.

    One implication is that Democrats and independents are not capable of non-biased review. One even worse implication is that only Republicans have a right to judge Republicans. The Republicans never afforded that luxury to Bill Clinton--Ken Starr was (is) a dyed in the wool (radical) Republican.

    One of the major benefits of a two-party system is that each party keeps the other honest.

    It's as if only Republicans can be viewed by Congress as true Americans. But, as we have seen, if either party is disloyal to our country, it's the Republicans.

  210. Any time Ken Starr’s name turns up we are reminded that the Republicans were only interested in democratic consensual sex, not
    sexual assault.

  211. By the time this whole corrupt and criminal thing spills out on the courtroom floor there won't be anyplace for Cohen and Trump to hide. Hope they find themselves as cell mates.

  212. Just guessing. Could the third client be Robert Mercer and Cohen’s trip to the Czech Republic,
    stamped in the second passport,
    somewhere near Prague, was for
    a meeting with the Russian division from Cambridge Analytica?

    The plot thickens.

  213. Imagine if Clinton demanded prosecutors hand over the evidence to him for W hitewater.

  214. So ironic that Trump is swimming in gazillions of documents and emails putting him at risk. Remember him taunting Hillary about 30,000 emails accidentally erased before the company got the subpoena. They found something like 20-30 classified items in the Hillary emails, most of those were declassified when she wrote but later was classified. Remember Trump thrilled that all those DNC emails got released right before the convention, creating huge splits in the Bernie - Hillary voters. Remember Trump loving Wikileaks in October when it grabbed headlines away from his pussy remarks, even though Podesta only talked about spaghetti recipes. But it sure confused the public- boy, Hillary had surely done something wrong in all those emails people talked about ... even though DNC and Podesta had nothing to do with her security setup.

    Now here's Trump with documents and emails, facing risks of covering up Stormy Daniels and other information, making payoffs and bribes to keep things quiet ... paying off people to get sweetheart deals for hotels, colluding with Russians to get dirt on Hillary, making up dirt and coordinating dissemination, anything to get what you want. The scale is so vastly different between Hillary's handful of security violations and the Trump payoffs ... Wikileaks, where are you now? Would love to see it in October and put some nails into the coffin of the worst President the US has ever elected, a person elected by fraud, payoffs and scheming.

  215. So when exactly are the Russians going to start pulling Trumps strings? I mean they went to all this trouble to get me to vote for him and all.

  216. good to see democracy working, at last.... Kudos to the honest who uphold justice and freedom

  217. The article states: After leaving the Southern District, Mr. Khuzami joined Deutsche Bank, where he ultimately became general counsel for the firm’s American arm.

    The Deutsche bank has been found GUILTY of money laundering with people and issues connected to Trump--during Mr. Khuzami's term. How is this not a conflict of interest? How can this be a 'liberal concern' as the article claims. I am not a MSNBC watcher, much less inclined to entertain conspiracy theories.

    Isn't this a red flag?

  218. Seems like a red flag... but in many cases lawyers are practicing the law for the law's sake. If it is the lawyers job to counsel his or her employer to avoid the greatest harm to them, then so be it. If a lawyer now finds her or himself tasked with prosecuting, then she or he practices that aspect of the law to the best of their ability. Sadly, there were many reasons not to seek criminal charges against C.E.O's from the financial crisis. One if which there is no law against hucksterism, and giving yourself a bonus after a government bailout is not against the law either. Yet, our political leaders could have attached strings, but they won't to the wealthy donor class.

  219. “President Trump now has real legal peril” because of the Southern District inquiry, Mr. McCarthy declared. “Anyone potentially connected to it should be worried,” he added."
    Only if he has committed a crime or illegal act. If he is innocent of any wrongdoing he is in no `legal peril' whatsoever.
    The roar from Trump allies suggests they are well aware that Mr Trump, the president of the United States of America, will be found guilty as charged.
    The fear that he would almost certainly perjure himself if permitted to speak under oath, to anyone, also indicates that everyone around him believe him to be of such poor character that he will incriminate himself, or be incriminated in any situation.
    After all, if you haven't done anything wrong, why would you be afraid of exposure?

  220. I am not convinced about the super neutrality of the US Attorney's office for the Southern District. That was the past reputation of that office. We have seen too many cases of political types, like the Trump appointees that are in control over this investigation, caving under Republican pressure. Given the current Republican party, any attorney connected with the prosecution of Trump and his associates, does not have much of a political future. No doubt the current political appointees in the US Attorneys office for the Southern District have political ambitions, or they would not have left their big jobs for the US Attorneys office.

  221. Good to see this piece appear. It confirms what I have been protesting all along. The so-called 'FBI raids' on Cohen's home, office, hotel room and safety deposit box were in fact part of the DOJ investigation into Cohen. They were not 'FBI raids'. Yes, FBI Special Agents provided much of the manpower as is common in DOJ investigations. Somebody has to secure the crime scene, gather up the boxes of documents, computers, hard drives etc, and cart them away.

    Note further that while this detailed account sets out the names of the investigators, not one of them is an FBI Special Agent. In fact, no media outlet todate has identified by name one single FBI Special Agent involved in the Cohen investigation. Clearly it's now time for the media to stop referring erroneously to the DOJ Cohen investigation as 'FBI raids'.

  222. With this trifecta it is beginning to sink in precisely how this cabal evolved to the point where sedition was considered to be a patriotic act.

    McCabe conspired and misled, then was fired for cause. Rosenstein should have recused but appointed a ringer for an SC that almost immediately goes rogue, then flips the ball to the US Attorney SDNY when he ran out of gas, now Comey lies to the President, tries to use the Steele Dossier as blackmail and gets fired by Trump for his efforts. Then he creeps out the nation with his smarmy - clueless - interview like everyone knows how corrupt Prez is.

    And this is just the tip of the iceberg. We still have the former White House crowd, the Intelligence services and the Justice Department to prosecute.

    It really is the crime of the century and the funny thing is, the Left has convinced themselves they will win the mid-terms for no reason at all except Trump.