Conceding to N.R.A., Trump Abandons Brief Gun Control Promise

After a made-for-television moment in which he appeared to embrace expansive gun control, President Trump completed his reversal on Monday.

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  1. Did anybody ever think the Dumpster would mean it when he said he supported raising the age to buy guns? He said that because the kids and their parents were staring him in the face. He is owned by the NRA, beside everybody else,including his boss putin. he knows the GOP is not like the GOP in 1973, and will not put America before their corrupt party. So more children and adults will die, until the GOP no longer has a majority.

  2. Yes, stuckincali, and as I posted in a separate comment, "It's more important than ever that every single person who values true democracy in America - and believes we have a right not to be gunned down in public places - MUST march with the student and educators across America and around the world on Saturday, March 24th. Sign up below:"

  3. This reaffirms that the N.R.A. owns Trump and the G.O.P.

  4. It is up to America now to change all that in November.

  5. Trump versus the NRA
    Trump CHOKES

  6. Coward-in-chief. Watch him run, predictably, in the other direction.

  7. Trump doesn't make promises, he only tells lies.

    Putting the NRA above the nation's children is disgusting. Shame on them all.

  8. From the moment those "giddy" Democrats looked at Trump lovingly as he declared his position to be in favor of gun control, the majority of the American public knew how this was going to end.

    Democrats in Congress: stop listening to him, stop trying to work with him. It'll never happen.

  9. Democrats, stop being played.

  10. Whenever I am tempted to agree with or take heart in something he has said, I remind myself that this is the guy who for 8 years accused President Obama of not being born in the U.S.

  11. You still believe in the Democrats? We need a whole new political party, my dear. I was a Democrat until I realized exactly how feckless and useless they are.

    Still not getting it?

  12. I can hardly contain my surprise. Who didn’t see this one coming?

    I don’t want their thoughts and prayers.

  13. Anyone who thought he wouldn't waffle, cave and reverse himself needs counseling.

  14. Somewhat amazing that Trump would confront an armed shooter (even if he himself were unarmed), but he is afraid of the NRA!

  15. Thanks for the headline, NYT. Just the facts!

  16. Why am I not surprised?
    Just when people in France were ready to say "Look, he's doing something good, laudable, even necessary". I said, "Wait until the wind changes."

  17. Funny, everyone I know in France recognizes a fascist when they see one.

  18. Kim Jong-un is watching.

  19. I oppose the idea of arming teachers also, not because I'm against guns but because teachers might tuck tail, cower, run and hide like the cops on duty did.They're no guarantee to confront, repel or kill a shooter, they're regular people who may find themselves in a deadly situation armed with a handgun against a high powered rifle and that's just not a situation they should be put into.

  20. Stop the war and send the soldiers to protect schools. I am hopeful all the loving people in Congress and all the virtue-signaling talking heads will see that solution.

  21. Anyone surprised? He is such a wimp. If he was going to make some political or financial gains he would sell the NRA up the river. So how do we get beyond this failure of a president? Vote in November to make sure he no longer has the majority in Congress, either or both houses. Help assure that all eligible voters register to vote and then vote. And keep working to make sure he gets ousted and/or completely stonewalled during his WH stay. He is an incredible embarrassment to this country, along with all those phony lapdogs. LOCK THEM UP!

  22. WOW! We didn't see that one coming!

  23. The NRA has far too much political power. Americans need to start using the same tactics the gun lobby uses, i.e mobilizing and calling their representatives in Congress to demand change.

  24. Sure, Paul. Strikes work too. Count me in.

  25. You forgot to include buying the politicians.

  26. What would our funding industry be? The NRA has arms manufacturers. Can’t rely on bake sales for this one.

  27. "Fix NICS" is just a deflection, since actually fixing such complex data collection systems is extremely difficult. 17,000 police jurisdictions, 100,000+ schools, ??? hospitals, ??? social support organizations, etc.

  28. Our democracy is, on one side of the face, prompted by note cards the president reads to show empathy. The true side of our democracy, on the other side of the face, takes place on Wall St. and with lobbyists that already have access via money. Let us not be fooled by the superficial facade, which is what Trump symbolizes and manifests daily.

  29. Yeah, but compare his infant reading out loud to Obama's. Say no more.

  30. Trump is the biggest purveyor of fake news. I treat everything he says as a lie.

  31. Which makes sense, since it is. The man is a daily example of the art of projection.

  32. I don't even listen anymore. The minute his image comes on the TV or his voice on the radio, I turn it off.

  33. Well, he does have the patent on it.

  34. Total lack of leadership in the White House. Trump is a coward of the first degree. He will go down in history as America's most spineless president.

  35. Who are these 2-3 despicable republicans that are blocking this bill? This is an absolute disgrace and should have people out in the streets. Too bad America seems to have both the attention span and the principles of a gnat.

  36. Ask yourself: since when does political support trump public support?

  37. Another flip-flop at the top from the failed Presidency of Donald Trump. One can ignore nearly everything he says and miss nothing...

  38. I think most Americans are getting the picture. Send me anything you guys cone up with on immigration and I will sign it because I feel so deeply about the dreamers. Guess not. I’ll take the heat. Guess not. We need to do something about guns. I just spoke the the NRA guess we can’t do anything. This guy is not a leader. He takes us nowhere. It is all about generating a headline for the moment. I look forward to talks with North Korea.

  39. Oh yes, as they scramble together a script, we'll have Playboy President admiringly saying that Kim is a great guy! Anyway, whatever he says, it will be vacuous.

  40. Direct from the Liar-in-Chief, another one.

    Who didn't think this was going to happen?

  41. Issues often become important to people who have a negative experience with a particular issue.

    Perhaps Donald will have a bad experience sometime with a firearm, and will change his pro-gun stance.

  42. We've lost our country. Our government is working for anyone that can buy them. It is as clear as day.

  43. You must fight back any way you can! Emails, March, bumper sticker on the car, VOTE and get others to vote as well. Do not give up or in!!!!!!!!

  44. Exactly, Slim. If only 45 himself had gotten the mental health treatment he seems to think is the magic elixir to stopping gun violence... I am counting the days until we can have a mentally stable person in the Oval Office again. I never thought I'd have to say that.

  45. We began to lose our country decades ago. It's been a slow, highly organized death by a thousand cuts. The conservatives have been strategically inserting their cancer upon society and now it has metastasized. The only answer to restoring Democracy is to cut out this GOP cancer by voting.

  46. Interesting that even though Trump had no GOP support for the tariffs put in place, he still made it happen. Now he uses this as an excuse to bow to the NRA.

  47. The tariffs, which Trump has already walked back for certain allies, were intended to benefit Carl Icahn who likely lost money when he invested in Trump's casino business.

  48. Is anyone even remotely surprised that the Liar In Chief went back on his word?

  49. What an incredible coward we have as our so-called "leader". The only one being led here is Trump and that's by the NRA and by his nose. What a disgrace he is and what I feel like so many others here is you can't take anything he says seriously and coming from our Chief Executive that is downright scary.

  50. NRA done called him out on the floor and give him a tongue lashing-and then his marching orders.

  51. I watched that 'listening' meeting (the one with the notecard reminding the President to appear empathetic). I hope those kids at least got a souvenir from the White House. You know, something like an "I Visited the White House a Week After My Classmates Got Shot and All I Got Was This Lousy T-shirt" t-shirt.

  52. Don’t get rid of the guns. Improve metal detectors and bulletproof windows. Oh, that makes me feel much better...

    Let’s face it—this country is sick in several ways and its love of guns is one of the very bad diseases it has.

  53. “In a meeting with a bipartisan group of lawmakers on gun control on Wednesday, President Donald Trump dinged a member of his own party, telling a Republican lawmaker that his fear of the National Rifle Association is hampering the effort to pass gun reforms.
    The comment came during an exchange Trump had with Sen. Pat Toomey (R-Pa.), who is the co-author of a bill that would expand background checks.
    Trump asked Toomey whether his background check bill includes a provision to raise the age to purchase assault-style guns to 21.
    When Toomey said the bill does not include that provision, Trump responded harshly.
    “You know why?” Trump said to Toomey. “Because you’re afraid of the NRA.”

  54. Well I guess the 30 million that the NRA gave to Trumps campaign is paying off. Arming teachers sounds like a great idea as well. Disgusting

  55. I never believed it for a second, anyway.
    The real question is how can we keep the last mass shooting from being swept under the rug like all the others?

  56. And yet, the media keep covering all of his rallies and hang on to his every tweet. All designed to distract from the real story: Russia.
    No lessons learned.

  57. Remember how Trump said that there had been no progress on gun control before because he had not been the president before?
    What a cruel joke.
    The notion that Trump was going to be a hero by standing up to the NRA is no less absurd than his professed belief that he would have run, unarmed, into that school under attack.
    Trump talks big but he is gutless.

  58. Hopefully, the NYT will re-print the transcript of Trump's telephonic conversation with the President of Mexico when he (Trump) begs Mexico's President to refrain from saying that "Mexico will NOT pay for the wall!" Ideally, there would be NO press coverage of Trump's "study" of sample "walls" on the Mexico/California Border, but if there must be coverage, then, at least make it clear that Trump lies about who will pay for the wall -- we all know that it would be our children and our children's children.

  59. K Henderson, over 140 million gun owners who are NOT members of the NRA, are also made up of Democrats, Libertarians, Constitutionalists, etc... Trump garnered votes fro all political spectrums. You have been lied to by the media. I am one of those Democrat gun owners. Here in Oklahoma, 90% of registered voters are Democrats and almost every home has at least one gun. Also there is that stickler called the constitution, congress cannot make unconstitutional laws. I am also a Vietnam era veteran and served to protect and defend the CONSTITUTION from ALL enemies, both foreign and domestic. All elected officials take the same oath and you are telling those elected officials to disregard their oath. SHAME ON YOU!!!

  60. More self-serving, but gutless as well.

  61. One wonders what the NRA has on Trump to get him to flip so fast, but given how interested Russia has been in the NRA recently it wouldn’t be to hard to figure out where they got it

  62. I think we should send Trump out on some school visits to see if he is still the chicken he was in the 1970s.

  63. What I find most incredible about Trump's statements is that a large number of people actually believe what he says,

  64. Disgraceful but not unexpected from this President. Of course the support is there from we the people, just not from our Republican elected officials and some Dems. It is POTUS job to use the power of his office to ensure this support. All of us who are interested in meaningful gun control legislation must keep up the pressure on our elected officials, attend the local marches on March 24th, and work tirelessly to take the influence of money out of politics. This barbaric killing has to stop.

  65. Trump can’t afford to disobey the NRA.

  66. The NRA is a white racist Christian Terrorist Organization. Clearly and simply FACT.

    Trump, our first fascist President (he is now virtually transparent about this - look at his ex-buddy Steve Bannon who appallingly suggested that the National Front wear their racism and antisemitism proudly!!!) is in full collusion with the NRA , fellow billionaires and corporate America in spite of and in full ignorance of the rest of the world, much less school-age folks.

    Trump is a monster. And worse yet he's a proud monster. Lets hope the dumpsters arrive soon to remove this particularly noxious piece of garbage from the oval office.

  67. This news comes as a surprise

    to absolutely no one!

  68. Did anyone really think he would keep his word. Oh, please.

  69. Another gut-less American politician who bows not to the people’s expressed will but to the gun manufacturers and retailers showing that, like memberships in his country clubs or anything else branded with his name, Trump is himself for sale.

  70. Dear NYT,
    People vote, not polls. Polling numbers generally show strong support for gun control measures such as universal background checks and an assault weapons ban. But, most Americans think that additional gun control measures won’t reduce violent crime. Most Americans don’t blame guns for these tragedies. The NRA derives its power not from money but from the millions of individual and the millions who support its efforts: Laws and regulations alone cannot produce a civilized society.

  71. Not according to polls. Since everyone seems to rely on public polls so much as a value of political theory, it's a fact that most Americans think that additional gun control measures won’t reduce violent crime and also don’t blame guns for these tragedies.

  72. Dear SC,

    The NRA's prime financial supported is from arms manufactures.

    NRA membership is lower than 5 million and shrinking. The actual number of members can be found online. The NRA often claim more than the paying members, assuming outside support.

    Regulations have produce a lawful and safer atmosphere when driving a car, for instance. Licensing of vehicle operators, driving tests, both written and those testing driving skills, perimeters concerning safety features of the vehicle, and so on. Your vehicle must be insuredGlasses are required if your eyesight is poor. Blood alcohol levels are checked if a driver seems drunk. If you on many pain killers that impairs your responses, your are prohibited from driving. One is lawfully required to wear a seat belt when traveling in a vehicle.

    I'm grateful for these regulations. Licensed gun owners would be a welcome requirement.

  73. Dear S C,
    The people voted for the Democrat. You know, the one you claim will come after your guns. And you have no proof of your assertions, not even polls. What's up with that?

  74. And this is a person that thinks he can convince Kim Jong Um that he can be trusted? Just ask the kids of Parkland.

  75. Reality check we are what we sow in life. Turn on tv is full of sensationlizing violance an death to sell millions of services an products in comercails. Think agun if your for real . Stop violance then stop the violance on movies an television end of problem.

  76. As he plays Musical chairs with staff he proves to the world what a ignorant soul he is! He won't be able to handle this conversation without loosing his temper and making threats! Professionalism is not in his Psych. Makeup!

  77. @ richard, Guil "And this is a person that thinks he can convince Kim Jong Un that he can be trusted?"

    You kidding?
    Kim -- like every other tinpot dictator and wannabe around the world -- will be playing Trump like the proverbial fiddle.
    We'll be lucky if we wind up not supplying the North Koreans with newer, better nuclear arms, to the massive profit of several of Trump's bigger donors.
    Recall the line [probably mis-]attributed to that OG, A-list Communist, Lenin, "The capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them."
    If he had said it, it would obviously be Trump he was thinking of -- prescient guy, that ol' Vladimir Ilyich.

  78. Newtown.
    San Bernardino.
    Sulphur Springs.
    Las Vegas.

    Nothing to see there; right, Mr. “President”? Oh; I meant Mr. LaPierre.

  79. Note that like 45*, Wayne LaPierre also dodged the draft in the Viet Nam era. Deferment for wetting the bed or something similar...

  80. March for Our Lives on March 24; Washington DC. Be there and support our kids or join a march in your nearest town or city. Our children are more important than the gun manufacturer's profits. Let our current spineless leaders know how you feel this election.

  81. Duh. Is anyone actually surprised?

  82. The entire Republican Party is controlled 100% by corporate fascists. Trump just does what he is told. The American people are not part in any way shape or form of the Republican/Trump equation.

  83. Regarding denying the right to purchase a gun to adults under 21.....

    It is impressive how the Times can be so dedicated to get Constitutional protection for gays to force bakers to make them wedding cakes, but at the same time support denial of the protection of the Bill of Rights to adults purely on the basis of age discrimination.

  84. Where in the Constitution does it say that individuals have the right to bear arms? A “well-regulated militia,” yes, “regulated” being the key word.

    Using your analogy, guess it’s okay to go back to when blacks were denied service at lunch counters.

  85. Wedding cakes don't kill. 'Nuff said.

  86. Everybody should have the right to an assault weapon, tank or nuclear warhead? The Supreme Court long ago upheld the right to regulate guns.

  87. A very reasonable compromise would be to let 18 Y.O. purchase rifles that were not semi-automatic (i.e. single shot, bolt action, lever action) but only in rim fire calibers such as .22s commonly used for small game hunting, plinking and target shooting. Prohibited purchase of any semi-automatic rifle and ALL centerfire high power rifles til age 21.

  88. And if you are already serving in combat arms? This will not stand.

  89. He's not so much a leader as a shill for hire with a giant megaphone.
    Want a piece of the USA? What kind of money can you offer Trump? Anything left for the rest of the GOP? Even better...hand it over and we'll make policy.

  90. In a meeting on February 28th, 2018 with Republican and Democratic congress women and men Trump accused Republicans who refused to include any kind of gun control measures in proposed bills as being, "Because you're afraid of the NRA," Trump said.

    So who is afraid of the NRA now, President Trump? You are, of course.

  91. He was always going to walk back. That live meeting was just for show for the gullible public.

  92. All the meetings with a large crowd (mostly kissing up to him) are for show. Nothing comes out of any of them, because five minutes after they end, he has changed his position.

  93. Until the American people agree to a tax to cover the cost of our public elections, getting the money out of politics, there will be no peace in America. Citizens United, an easy target, is the current elephant in the room. But ours has been a democracy founded on patronage since the Founding Fathers, and the system is, by design, rotten to the core. We can continue throwing our votes away until public elections become truly public, but in the meantime, VOTE. And I urge us all to listen to National Public Radio, not just commercial media. In fact listen to both. But NPR is as close to fact-based as we have at this moment, and does meticulous bi-partisan research, no matter what the Fake News sleaze-bags say. I firmly believe NPR essential to our democracy now. Under the current administration, though, and, god forbid, the current Supreme Court, we had better protect it with our lives.

  94. Vote paper ballots with an audit for every election. You said Democracy Now. Democracy Now! rivals NPR for an alternative to lame stream news. Only 45 or so NPR stations have the innovative spirit to air Democracy Now! news with Amy Goodman. Ask you station to host.

  95. Cowardly, despicable, deplorable.

  96. That's our Donnie!

  97. The true face of Republicans.
    Hypocrits and Liars.

  98. Polls seem to suggest that citizens want to see some sort of gun control legislation, at least in states where Democrats prevail. But most of the country, as we know, is controlled by republican legislatures as is Congress. Republican voters do not want to see students slaughtered, but not at the expense of "gun control". That is why Trump can't do it. His personal constituents are gun rights enthusiasts and would clearly frown on any effort he makes toward a rational gun control policy. I'd like to blame him, but clearly both he and the Republican Party are responding to the will of republican voters who keep them in office.

    Yes, the NRA has most politicians in their pockets, but the people are not powerless. Find the candidate(s) who will vote for rational gun control laws, and vote for them. Otherwise stop with the whining . The only recourse is street protests and/ or voting.

  99. For a President who is supposed to be unpredictable, he sure is predictable.

  100. All he needs to change his mind is to watch the next episode of Fox and Friends, then he knows what to think.

  101. He has been playing us -including the press- all along. He is predictable. He'll say anything to achieve his objectives. False equivalencies here again. He was not, is not and will never be 'presidential'- capable of effectively functioning as POTUS. It's the Apprentice -White House edition. Liar-in-chief.

  102. LOL! I mean literally laugh out loud funny. And sad, so sad.

  103. Lock him up. And guard him with the many guns that he allows.

  104. In gun controlled Australia some school children are currently protesting about the sacking of a teacher over a haircut. In gun soaked USA students are protesting about others being killed at school after the shootings in Florida a few weeks ago. Says a lot about the civilisation of Australia and the USA as societies. The danger of a haircut verses being killed at school!!

  105. $30 million buys a lot of Trump lies . . . and a lot of Trump about faces.
    $30 million is what our so called president charges for continuing to endanger American lives.

    I wonder what the Mercer's gave him and for what?
    I wonder what the Koch's gave him and for what?
    I wonder what the Russians gave him? We know the "for what" on that one.

  106. We should never expect any different behavior from this two-faced guy who needs to be lived and to be seen as a winner. He is all about marketing, not performance. And he does not care ONE BIT about the people who elected him.

  107. Trump is a political marshmallow. He talks tough, makes big promises, then backs down if it's bad for someone's business. A few dairy farmers complain, put a tariff on Canadian milk. Coal miners out of work, gut the Clean Air Act and open National Monuments to mining. Corporations complain about the cost of doing business in the US, cut their taxes. More cost effective products are available from Asia, put a tariff on steel and aluminum. But raise the age for gun sales, no, it's bad for the firearms manufacturers. The kids lives don't contribute to the GDP.

  108. I hope someone, e.g. the democrats, are saving the video of all of Trump's statements that he then reverses. They could make some awesome commercials that could be very confusing to his supporters. E.g, what if they aired his brave statements about taking on the NRA in some of his strongholds?

  109. Trump has his photo/video sessions with survivors of the Parkland massacre. Then he had his private sit-down with NRA lobbyists -- and learned, to his shock, that if he supported any gun laws that NRA opposes (which is all gun laws), he would lose his 100% NRA approval rating. NRA presumably wouldn't even let him call or meet with any Congressional leaders to push for gun control. So he didn't.

  110. The only thing worse than a liar is a coward. The only thing worse than a criminal is a person who turns a blind eye to justice, when children are being slaughtered. Whether you support the 2nd Amendment or not, it’s morally incomprehensible to simply do nothing, and pour salt on the wounds of children.

    There is a special place underneath Hell for a person like you Mr. Trump!

  111. Any law that forces a state to honor another state's concealed carry license should be vehemently opposed even at the risk of getting no measures whatsoever. You want to carry your gun in another state? You should have to comply with that state's laws. Otherwise you would be leaving people no safe haven, no state to choose where they can feel safe. I don't want the risk of every untrained Tom Dick and Sally carrying a gun around on the street, on the freeway, in the grocery store. I want people who carry concealed weapons to be screened, trained, insured, etc. It should be a really high bar because they are risking my and my children's life and limb. If they make a mistake I die, or my kid dies, or someone is crippled for life. This is is serious stuff and you can't trust states that hand out permits so easily to be doing the type of screening necessary to keep the public safe. So if they want that risk in their own backyards that's their business and God help their citizens. But don't bring it to other states where the citizens have chosen not to live this way.

  112. 5-Star Coward. Medal of Dishonor awaits.

  113. It boggles the mind that the GOP and their ilk consider guns to be some type of grand achievement of civilization.

  114. Walk-back or flip-flop.
    What's the difference?

  115. So...Trump is afraid of the NRA, too.

    Why isn't anyone suing the NRA for for their threats and intimidation of the public in their ads?

    The NRA needs to be sued for: threatening the media, threatening elected officials who oppose them, and threatening the safety of the public to go about their daily business without living in militarized zone.

    They deserve a huge hit in their pocketbook---I hope some entity can swamp them with lawsuits, just like they do to the average citizen who simply wants to live in peace.

  116. I am hopeful that the kids at Parkland will, again, show their incredible bravery in rising up to collectively rid this country of NRA supporting candidates in November. You have shown us that protesting can indeed still be effective and with social media as your voice, please do not falter, do not give up. Continue to show America that you will not allow the mentally ill occupant of the White House to keep you from your goal.

  117. The liar/crook in the WH boasted that "he can do anything to women". Seems he can't. Let the students now teach him that he can't do ANYTHING to them either.

  118. He'll take care of the DACA kids, stand up for workers, replace Obamacare with something great....but hey, if there are influential Republicans against it, what difference do his promises make?

  119. Leadership!

    His leadership, now, is taking us into the wrong direction, a direction the is setting us back.

    No leadership here.

  120. What a man! What a hero! What integrity! or..., what integrity?

  121. We have the power to do something: Vote every single one of these cowards out of office.

  122. Totally agree- become a one issue voter. Or if you are a woman/parent become a two issue voter: Women's rights and gun control. The students at Stoneman Douglas have more sense than the President. And they were so right- their tragedy is beginning to disappear from the daily news. Neveragain

  123. So by your logic, if Hitler was on the ballet then we should vote for him because he supported banning guns from the general population?

    Voting for someone based on one thing only is not a wise strategy. How many conservatives do you think voted for Trump only because of the Supreme Court? If those same conservatives who were single issue voters had more nuance in their thought process then Trump might not have won.

    Just some food for thought.

  124. Once again, Trump proves himself an unmitigated disappointment.

    As for SHS saying, “you can’t just decide you want laws to pass," that too is a lie. A brief look at Trump's Executive Orders shows that when it comes to rolling back clean air and water protections, and protections for women's equality in the workplace, or Muslim-bans-he-calls-travel-bans that courts later deem unconstitutional, or repealing DACA, sometimes he does indeed "just decide" he wants laws to pass. He just doesn't want laws to pass that displease his pimps, er benefactors, in the NRA.

  125. Like most other politicians trump suffers from 'slinky disease' , he was born without a spine when it comes to dealing with the NRA.

  126. In my mind this isn't even news because at this point I have given this guy over a year of my time waiting for him to keep his word on ANYTHING. I feel sad for anyone who still holds out hope.... not going to happen unless it benefits him monetarily directly. Trump occupies the WH but he's Not my President!

  127. When I was growing up my Grandfather taught all the neighborhood kids to have the courage of your convictions. Being WW2 volunteer really elevates ones credibility. Since Mr. Trump's only conviction is to himself, cowardice is not a surprise.
    Those of us under 40 grew up with Columbine, Newtown, and Virginia Tech.In the 50s children were taught bomb drills hiding under desks. The lock down drills of today are reminiscent of the drills and their ultimate futility. What is the price of dead children?

  128. The NRA, of which I am a reluctant Life Member, says that guns don't kill people; people kill people. How about, "Guns don't kill people; people WITH GUNS kill people." It is astonishing to me that someone can say, with a straight face, that more people packing heat will reduce violent crime. And they want to arm teachers? How long will it be before some loosely-hinged teacher goes rogue and shoots up his classroom? It would surely happen.

    The only effective way to reduce the shooting sprees that are invariably done with an assault rifle is to completely ban those weapons. There is simply no practical justification for these semi-auto rifles to be in civilian hands. We also have the technology to gather and provide data that would largely keep all guns out of the hands of known violent people. We could solve this problem if it weren't for the obstructionist Republicans who fear the gun lobby. We are the laughing stock of the civilized world for our ineptitude in solving problems.

  129. How does one become a “reluctant life member” of the NRA? Please explain. Then cancel your membership with these foul people.

  130. I used to do a lot of competitive shooting when I was working for Dick Kienast's Sheriff's Department in Aspen, CO. (Google him.) The NRA, at that time, was involved with hunter safety training and firearms training for law enforcement. They also sanctioned the shooting matches. Their focus has, unfortunately, changed, and now it's an angry mob of right-wing fanatics. Hey, the GOP used to be reasonable, too, but that train has left the station. At this point, I don't contribute anything to the organization, or even receive their magazines. They would consider me a turncoat, and I'm fine with that.

  131. @Bill McGrath: "The NRA, of which I am a reluctant Life Member.."

    Bill, you said the above; so how about demonstrating your "reluctance" by sending a letter as strongly worded as your fine post above to the NRA -- cc'd to Wayne LaPierre, of course -- giving up your Lifetime membership? Do you have the courage to do what the cowardly "obstructionist Republicans" fear to do? AND you'd be taking a second step toward truly embracing -- and living -- your clearly-stated values.
    We know the NRA doesn't care what most of us say, but if more of those five million members like you (more than 70% of which want stricter gun regulations) spoke up with their wallets, who knows...? As someone else noted in these Readers' Comments, both the Suffragette and the Civil Rights movement started in the face of the word "impossible."

  132. There is a special place in the 10th circle of Hell for the NRA.

  133. Trump continues to be the same spineless guy that claimed he couldn't be drafted because of "bone spurs." Is anyone really surprised. It was the first time since this nightmare of a presidency began that I was willing to say something supportive about him. All bluster, and no substance - EVER!

  134. Those kids from Parkland now have two stories about an encounter with a sociopath who didn’t care if they lived or died.

  135. Best comment of the day here. Sorry to have to say.

  136. I think you have your definitions confused, a sociopath mainly has antisocial characteristics marked by lack of conscience, (yes, clearly Trump). A psychopath is essentially a sociopath who is violent enough to kill you.

    Trump, allowing a psychopath to be armed with a semi-automatic weapon clearly puts him into the, "violent enough to kill you." category.

    Plainly speaking, Trump, is more then willing to allow crazy people to arm themselves, and yes, eventually kill American citizens. What political calculus gives this plan a logical bases? Trump, is a psychopath.

  137. Nothing new here folks, same old clown show---sick sick sick

  138. As if we needed another example of his big talk.

  139. All talk and no action. All show and no go. All brass and no polish. All hat and no cattle.

  140. Basically the President has decided to put politics above people's lives and what a majority of the American people want. Sounds about right. So much for the Art of the Deal. More like being scared to death of the NRA.

  141. Fine. We don't need his flipped opinion on this endangerment of our citizenry and youth in the pursuit of education.

    Those millions and millions who want a reasonable approach to citizen arms know what to do at this point.

    This man does not count as the leader of our nation.

  142. Absolutely predictable. Absolutely despicable.

  143. Finally, Trump and the Republicans have come to the same way of thinking as the National Rifle Association - the only thing that stops a bad student with a gun, is a good teacher with a gun.

    Since the GOP and Trump are not banning assault rifles, like Australia did in 1996 with the result of zero mass murders since then, they better arm the teachers with AR-15’s.

    We won’t be safe until we’re ALL armed and dangerous! Hospitals need to arm all nurses and doctors as well. Finally the GOP is getting smarter with Trump and his very good brain as their leader.

  144. Guns for Toddlers!

  145. Don't forget the ministers, the concession workers at the theater, ushers at outdoor concerts and housekeeping staff in hotels. Might be too soon to get the retail staff at the malls, but let's not forget them.

  146. I only worry that your sarcasm might be a tad too subtle for some readers, sir.

  147. No surprise here. Donald Trump has always been an awful human being.

    How is that the minority NRA, gets to dictate the safety of our country by scaring Americans with the "socialists want to take your guns" and believing that if everyone was armed we would all be safer. We are no longer living in the wild west with bandits, outlaws and the posse.

    It is a fact that over 70% of Americans want better gun safety laws, but the minority NRA blocks common sense measures. 30 years ago the NRA were the keepers of gun safety, but somewhere along the way a man named Wayne La Pierre hijacked the NRA with his second amendment scare tactics and convinced a group of common sense gun owners and hunters that "those people" want to take away your guns. Now look where we are?

  148. 5-Star Coward. Aiding and giving comfort to the enemy. Treason. Traitor. Giving away state secrets. Hiding when the enemy approaches. Desertion of America. Refusing to return fire. Disobeying orders. Sedition. Verdict: Guilty. Leavenworth is too good. It’s time for the cigarette and the blindfold.

  149. It just shows , that underneath it all, Trump is a coward.

  150. This should be a stark reminder to all that the Pretend King Trump is a joke. All flash and no substance, this includes his minions the GOP Congress. Students around the country should take note on how these "elitists" who perceive they own the country think of Americans who cannot vote in the next election. They never see students under age 18 as the future of our nation but as fodder for whatever profit gaining scheme they have up their sleeves. Our children are being lost to gun violence, black white whatever color. Yet our leaders do not see them. We should all be marching with our children not only to support them but to bear witness to the vile inhumane NRA stance and Republican cowardly inaction.

  151. And this is the man who bragged he would have run into that school unarmed to fight that gunman and save those kids?


    Make gun control THE No. 1 issue in November and going forward. It’s “We the People,” not “We the NRA.” Enough of that group’s stranglehold on this country, our safety, and our lives.

  152. Surprise, surprise!!! I’m shocked Trump hasn’t kept his word. Seems like an honest guy.

  153. I'm sure the Study Commission will be packing.

  154. I'm surprised it took him this long to walk it back.

  155. Our very own paper tiger. Weak as water.

  156. Note to the not-Fox cable news channels: don't cover Trump's made-for-TV events, either the phony cabinet meetings, the tone-deaf listening sessions, or the inflammatory, never-ending election rallies. Report the news, but don't give this reality TV personality any more free air time, president or not. Be brave!

  157. Every day, Trump demonstrates that his primary motivators are weakness and cowardice. I don’t believe we have ever had a president who was such a coward.

  158. Okay, cue Sarah Sanders for her spin on what Trump really meant when he said he favored raising the age to 21.

    The White House version of Baghdad Bob

  159. The "tough guy" crumbled again. He's so predictable and weak. That anyone should be proposing arming teachers and that it is being discussed as anything other than madness, is evidence the NRA and the armaments manufacturers have already won.

  160. In addition to being a liar, our President is a coward.

  161. But we knew this with his first draft deferment.

  162. And all the good hearted Americans are supposed to feel guilty that we see the Trump followers as "deplorables"? To say anything else is to say the kids at Parkland are worthless.

  163. Trump seems to have adopted a strategy of staging events for television where he pretends to be leading senators and representatives in constructive, bipartisan debates. Then, when the cameras are turned off and the room has emptied, the constructive, bipartisan solutions dissolve into the ether and Trump slithers back into the swamp from whence he came.

  164. That is exactly his strategy. He treats the WH and his job like his very own reality TV show, all smoke and mirrors. What he stages for pubic consumption is different from what goes on in private. He's a fake and a liar, a con man. That was well known prior to the election, that is if anyone had done his/her homework, or been paying attention for the last 25 years.

  165. The very definition of 'reality tv." It's all for show.

  166. Trump models his behavior on one of those WWF villains.

  167. It takes a guy like Trump to make a guy like Rick Scott look wise, sensible, caring and honest. And that's no small feat.

  168. At least now we know what that thing is on top of his head -
    "You're afraid of the NRA", DJTrump.

  169. Shocked, I am just so shocked, that the President lied.

  170. Is there anyone that didn't see this coming as soon as the words came out of his mouth?

  171. NRA political donations are more important than the lives of innocent school children.

  172. Trump ran on a platform of "not being beholden to no one" and he also claimed to be "self-funded" with respect to campaign costs. What a liar

  173. Pandering and cowardice.

  174. So much winning!

  175. Hillary was wickedly smart and slimy... Trump is just plain dumb and outright crooked.

  176. A giddy Diane Feinstein was an embarrassment if she or anyone else thought for one minute Mr. Trump would change our gun laws. We have to do it without him. It is he, of course, who is the true embarrassment--he is too weak and too afraid to stand up either to the NRA or his "supporters," who ironically love him anyway. And somehow, he gets to call himself President.

  177. What did he say about being afraid of the NRA... It's impolite to say what he really is.

  178. "Domestic policy can only defeat us; foreign policy can kill us", as Kennedy would say. The world is watching the weaknesses in his conduct at home and taking careful notes.

  179. weak, trump, weak.

  180. Guns don't kill, the NRA kills...

    The NRA kills common sense legislative proposals to control guns that would draw upon everything from best practices worldwide to virtually useless age limits on the purchase of AR15s and similar military style weapons.

    The NRA kills research into and discussion of the horrific damage done by America's proliferation of guns.

    The NRA kills GoP (and even some Democratic) legislators' consciences and common sense appeals to constrain arms. It kills by threatening primary challenges from pro-gun pols, mobilization of small but vocal pro-gun types and killing off the goose that lays the golden eggs that finance Republican campaigns.

    The NRA will continue to kill by supporting--and allowing the President and GoP to support--legislation that will result in more gun sales for TEACHERS and more concealed carry. It is not enough, apparently, that 50% of the world's guns in private hands are in American hands.

    And lest we forget, the NRA has already killed children in schools, police officers doing their jobs, random adults --30,000 a year including orders of magnitude more mass homicides than any country in the world.

    Guns don't kill, the NRA kills...!

  181. Chris Parel: Amen! And, the original credit goes to Supreme Court Chief Justice, John Roberts, Associate Justices Kennedy, Thomas, Alito, and Scalia (deceased) whose 01/21/2010 Citizens United decision approved the concept that "Money is equal to freedom of speech". Thus selling our electoral system to the hugely wealthy One Percent, and transforming the tenet of "One Man, One Vote" to "One Dollar, One Vote". Mountains of money poured in to buy politicians of both parties and gave tremendous power to, in this instance, Gun Manufacturers and their Marketers, the N.R.A. 'Merchants of Death'. Their "Cash Crop" is Military Type weapons with only one purpose, to kill as many people as possible as fast as possible, and not by just puncturing human bodies, but by tearing them apart. The only solution to this horrid problem is to ban all MT weapons, with severe penalties, from civilian possession. But, the politicians avoid a ban with the most ludicrous and hypocritical "solutions" imaginable. Because, simply, they hate to give up N.R.A. 'blood' $$$$$! Trump has received $35 to $55 Million, Senators McCain, AZ $7.74 M, Burr, NC $6.99 M, Blount, MO $4.55 M, Tillis, NC $4.42 M, Gardner, CO $3.88 M along with 100's of others, Senators, U.S. Representatives, Governors, and State Legislators. These people aid and abet fear, terror, and murder nationwide so that parents are afraid to even send their children to school. We need to rid our nation of these greedy creatures, actually Ghouls.

  182. See, I suspected that televised meeting Trump had with some of the members of both parties a couple of weeks ago, would turn out to be just another dog and pony show.
    He has more flip flops than Jones Beach on Labor Day weekend.

  183. The National Terrorist Association, Guns Over People and our gutless Choke-Artist-In-Chief have a message for Americans:

    “Drop dead !”

    Register and vote November 6 2018