Despite Mueller’s Push, House Republicans Declare No Evidence of Collusion

House Intelligence Committee Republicans are ending their investigation of Russian meddling in the 2016 election, saying the Trump campaign did not collude with the Kremlin.

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  1. I guess there is nothing totally wrong with the R's investigation.... although it is remarkably suspec because it is so partisan.

    Nothing wrong with it because Congress role is to enact laws... and not enforce them. In this regard, they have a right to their opinion.... but it isn't worth as much as the opinion of the Department of Justice (DOJ) whose role is to enforce laws.

    I'll look forward to the conclusions of the DOJ.


  2. If the Russians meddled in the 2016 elections, why they were doing it? Why did Mr. Trump junior meet with the Russians that promised him dirt on Mrs. Clinton?

  3. They can smirk and finger wag all they want. When it comes Mueller's turn, they have zero power to end an investigation. ZERO.

  4. Nothing about the Steele dossier? We can assume it may be all true or just partially true. If Nunes was investigating Hillary, we would be approaching the end of the first quarter in this game. How many times has this committee interviewed the perpetrator? Trump needs a healthy impeachment to help MAGA.

  5. Anyone remember the Warren Commission?

  6. Republican Rep. Conaway of Texas agrees that Russia with the conclusion that Russia had interfered with the election, but disagrees with the narrative that they were trying to help Trump - comparing that "narrative" to a spy-novel.

    How convenient. He sounds like his almost name-sake Kellyanne Conway using proclaiming that "alternative facts are also facts", and uses the logo MASA - Make America Stupid again.

  7. Any single party-controlled report on something as important as this is totally worthless - which is the GOP's intention. Delay, obfuscate, try to create doubt.

    The Party Of Lincoln has become the party of liars. It is sad.

  8. Mueller's probe won't find collusion either or get any more significant indictments. There is no smoking gun or otherwise it would have been leaked by the many leakers on both sides. Trumps campaign team was not competent enough to do anything "majorly" illegal regarding the election.

  9. This...all of this, is our own fault. For years we have treated these lying legislators in the GOP (and Blue Dogs) as if they had a point, as if they had earned respect, as if they had a valid argument. There should have been outrage long before this, fiercely pointed out by the Democrats, by the media, and by us, the voters. We should have been loudly calling them out on their lies and their indecency. I've been watching this tumor grow since 1995, waiting for when these low characters finally go too far. Yet year after year, we just move the bar lower. We deserve this until we decide to change it.

  10. The foxes have been guarding the hen house for the last 14 months. What can go wrong?

  11. The GOP is complicit in Russia’s meddling with this sham and mockery of a finding, which is contrary to the country’s own intelligence agencies!

  12. The House of Representatives is beyond hope as a governing body, so it's just as well that they stop wasting everyone's time and money here. They're not in the truth business, so anything they will come up with can go right from the committee to a garbage can.

  13. There is no evidence of intelligence in the GOP in the House of Representatives. Ryan has repeatedly failed to hold Nunes accountable for his sleazy and unethical behavior. Nunes has repeatedly failed to uphold his oath of office. The Republicans on the Committee should all face charges of Obstruction of Justice as well as ethics violations. Throw them all out of office.

  14. I am so sick of this administration and this Republican Congress. They should all be drummed out of Washington, every last one of them.

  15. The House investigation, led by Mr. Memo Devin Nunes, was always the Sergeant Schultz investigation..."I see nothing". It was always clear this investigation was going nowhere and that the sycophantic, party over country Republicans, would never really probe Trump's collusion with Russia. We need to vote out all of the traitorous Republicans and elect progressive Democrats who will impeach Trump once he is indicted by special counsel Mueller.

  16. Republican toadies decide to back their man, putting party before country, and landing a blow to the constitution. Alarm bells are ringing. We have to do everything we can to get people registered to vote; help people get to the voting booth -- keeping an eye on the security of the voting process -- and vote them out! We need to make some noise and resist, every step of the way!

  17. Traitors. Cowards. Betrayers of the public trust. Every House Member that voted to release this "report" should never be allowed to hold public office again. Speaker Ryan and Devin Nunes should be tried, convicted and sentenced for conspiracy to obstruct justice. And the 2016 elections should be vacated. Remove all political appointees, including Gorsuch, and re-do the presidential election this November.

  18. Jim A.Now you and I would hit it off "bigly".I agree with everything you say and it's about time someone said what I've been thinking for 400 plus days.

  19. Did anyone seriously expect that the spineless cowards who constitute the Republican contingent in Congress would come to any other conclusion? As long as Trump mindlessly signs whatever regressive legislation they put onto his desk they will never challenge their dream President.

    From this veteran's perspective they all look like traitors to the country and yet our support the military voters continue to elect them. Shameful.

  20. What a joke.
    The house has not been privy to any of the GJ proceedings.
    They are as clueless as the rest of us regarding exactly what has crawled out from under the rrocks that the incorruptible Mueller has kicked over.

  21. Congratulations to the committee for forever besmeaching the reputation of its work, it’s members and its party. The American people don’t soon forgive treachery.... just ask Benedict Arnold how that worked out for him. It’s an insult to anyone with a low level reading ability to deny collusion. Junior’s meeting alone should have been cause for strong censure at a minimum.

    The die is cast and these folks will have forever painted themselves scarlet letter red.

    No honor. No courage. No patriotism. No motels.

    .....and all 10000% self inflicted.

    See you at the ballot box from here to eternity.

  22. To reach such a conclusion requires a willful - and probably perfidious - disregard for the facts and the abundance evidence that is there for all to see. It is a shameful display of cowardice and corruption.

  23. The craven partisans are going to look either stupid, compromised or treasonous or all of the above when Mueller proves a conspiracy against the United States to help Trump and obstruction of justice by the House Republicans and Trump.

  24. '... Conaway, the Texas Republican ... said ... the Russian did commit active interference .. and they will do that in the future.' This will be the GOP pretext to suspend future elections ( and turn is into a full dictatorship). This is where they are headed (as when they applauded at Trump's "joke" about Xi in China [ending his term limits] that we should try that here. GOP is angling for that).

  25. Maybe the Republicans are so inured to collusion they wouldn't recognize it if it slapped them in the face.

  26. If you are wondering why you should vote for a democrat in 2018 and 2020 this is it. Remember the witch hunt the GOP went on about Bengazi? This is much more serious and treasonous if it were to be true, and there IS evidence of Russia being involved in our elections - that part is proven. The part about whether or not Trump and his campaign colluded - well the GOP doesn't want that to be a fact, so they proclaim it's not. Nevermind the rest of the evidence that hasn't been scrubbed. They know the only way for them to hold on to power is to shine up their POTUS.

    Trump has not instituted the actual sanctions his own party has already approve in Congress! Doesn't that tell anyone something?

  27. Once again the House of Representatives proves why it is the junior house of Congress. All they did was waste time and money putting on a sham investigation led by a majority party who had already determined the outcome before they spoke to a single witness. The only shame is that now Despicable Donald can use this as cover against the more legitimate investigations. It also provides fodder for his gullible followers who desperately want to delude themselves that they didn't vote in the biggest conman ever and, quite possibly, a traitor.

  28. This is low, even for the House GOP. They truly have no shame.

  29. Nunes is an enemy of the truth and the American people.

  30. People keep phrasing it as they disagreed with Mueller. No, they disagreed with Mueller, the CIA, the NSA, etc. They disagreed with every reputable source we use to guard the safety of our country. Essentially they disagreed with reality as seen by everyone except themselves and Trump.

  31. It's a shame that honor is so rare these days. Mr. Nunes has been a lapdog for the so-called president, now Mr. Conaway is serving as a stooge for Mr. Nunes. We all know that Mr. Trump committed treason by getting into bed with Putin, and it's obvious that the Republican Party has been complicit by rolling over and allowing its platform to be corrupted while defending an administration that is proving so cancerous to our democracy.

    Please, Republicans - please read a book, watch a movie, stop by the Library of Congress. In our relatively short history as a country there are ample role models of men and women of courage, dignity and integrity from whom you can draw inspiration and direction. And please stop blindly supporting the deeply flawed, morally wanting current occupant of the White House. As the evidence mounts your anemic attempts to protect him are becoming increasingly pathetic.

  32. When is our vaunted congress going to have the guts to cut this guy off? Clearly a witch hunt going off the rails. Cut Mueller off.

  33. Freudian slip???? vaunted, really? Surely you jest.

    Mueller is a modern American hero. Still trying to wrap my head and visuals around a 'hunt going off the rails', not an association I would have ever made.

  34. This decision falls into the same category as climate change denial, "tobacco causes cancer" denial and "sugar causes ill-health" denial. All coming from the same section of society.

  35. Yawn. Is anybody really surprised by this? Just remember this in November.

  36. Actually , remember it during the Primary don't forget it come November.

  37. At least now with the House investigation shut down, Trump can offer his lackey Devin Nunes a job in the West Wing. In Trump's eyes, Nunes has earned it.

  38. Our government continues to chip away at its credibility (now with sledgehammers), and it becomes more and more disgusting discovering just who the elected representatives are representing. Will this republic live to 250 years? At this rate, should it?

  39. Would like to see headlines that state how the notorious gop failed to consult the Dems on their "committee" before coming to this premature conclusion. But it's always the same kind of headline. Might as well be about Hillary's emails.

  40. Then proposition that Putin, a confirmed Marxist, would prefer Trump, a confirmed capitalist, to Sander's/Clinton/Obama is unlikely . . It is far more probable that the Russians prefer to see a socialist (COMPARE THEIR RELATIONSHIP WITH CUBA AND VENEZUALA) t in the White House-their natural gravity is the Democratic party- I believe is that when Obama told Putin that he would have greater flexibility in his second term, he was referring to a "COLLUSION"-designed to advance Russian's global agenda and power- a natural alliance between socialist believing partners. Obama/Clinton/Sanders redistribution of wealth by taxation and social welfare programs

  41. “We disagree with the narrative that they were trying to help Trump.”



  42. I think “lickspittle” applies here. Nunes & Company have chosen to ignore the findings of every intelligence agency.

  43. It's amazing that of the 700+ comments that the NYTimes received when I read this article that none of them consider the possibility that there was no evidence of collusion between Donald J. Trump’s presidential campaign and Russia to sway the 2016 election.

  44. There are hours and hours of video from Kremlin-controlled news media referring to "our Trump," and even "our Trampushka" (applying the Russian diminutive suffix that is a universally recognized term of endearment). There is a video of the Russian Duma in special session as the vote count is about to be announced in favor of Trump, with Zhirinovsky raising a toast as all the Russian legislators present respond with reciprocal salutes, full champagne flutes in hand, to celebrate "our victory" -- something that has never, ever before happened in Russian history.

    There are no equivalent videos from Russia referring to "our Hillary" or using affectionate words to refer to her. (None for any other candidate, either, including RT-gala guest Jill Stein, who sat at the same table as Putin and Flynn.)

    The GOP imagines all Americans are blind, daft or senile.

    Vote the Democratic ticket in 2018 & 2020.

  45. Who are the House Republicans trying to fool? When history of this is written, Republicans will be on the wrong side of it.

  46. Trump's only crime was winning the election.

  47. Mueller is too slow and too nothing. Stop it - waste of money.

  48. The collusion was between the White House and the House GOP led House Intelligence (oxymoron) Committee. Nunes, Conway and Gowdy have shown their color. Gowdy knows what's coming and is stepping down. Nunes and Conway will soon be gone - 238 days.

  49. In other news, the Mafia - after extensive and impartial investigation - declares that John Gotti was innocent.

  50. If interference with our elections is an act of war, then aiding them is treason. I’d like to see Nunes in jail for it.

  51. The only recorse is to vote out GOPers everywhere. Start with Saccone in PA today and then continue this effort on Nov. 6. Only this action will help.

  52. We hear no evil, see no evil and therefore we speak no evil...

    After all the machinations from Kid Nunes, the Trump driven report that was released, their refusing to call and use the power of subpoena and only doing what Trump tells them to do...they are an embarrassment...

    The Senate report and Mueller will ultimately be remembered as what is actually true...Conaway should really be embarrassed that he is attaching his name to this report...but in the era of Trump nothing is embarrassing.

  53. Tomorrow they'll turn to truly urgent business: investigating Benghazi again.

  54. It's time to start thinking of the GOP as a gang instead of a political party. Form another conservative party, normal conservatives!

  55. Nunes and the Republican members of his committee have now joined the coverup.

  56. Republicans in congress should be tried for dereliction of duty after Mueller put’s Donny & Co. away.

  57. Time for Democratic patriots to start investigating the Republicans who have been compromised by Russians and Russian money.

  58. Devin Nunes and Mike Conaway aren't fooling anyone with their blatant partisanship that so clearly places party above country. Conaway pathetically spins that that instead of collusion, Trump's team possessed "bad judgment, inappropriate meetings, inappropriate judgment..." No, Conaway it's called spying, it's called cooperating with the enemy, it's behavior that only Benedict Arnold would have loved. Utterly revolting how these Republican false patriots ignore their duty to our nation.

    defend ls equally poor liars as they a(R-Texas), the lawmaker leading the committee’s probe, told reporters that the worst the investigation uncovered involved “perhaps some bad judgment, inappropriate meetings, inappropriate judgment at taking meetings.”

  59. Its fascinating how the Republicans all turn into Inspector Jarverts when they are investigating Democrats but morph into Barney Fifes when they have to investigate their own.

  60. When a republic rots and the hyenas lick their chops on the carcass, the people of conscience have a duty to fulfill, and, one way or another, we will.

  61. Gutless House Republicans! I can't wait for the 2018 mid-term elections.

  62. A duck is not a duck just because it quacks. But it is not a dove either.

  63. Robert Mueller is very close to putting the Republicans in the execution block.

  64. Devin Nunes and his committee did not look for Trump's collusion with the Russians, and they did not find it. Shocking!

    Never send a Nunes to do a Mueller's job...

  65. Well, the Republicans did it again. They've once again proven to the nation why they cannot be trusted to hold any position of leadership, let alone elected office. When provided with enough evidence to show that unequivocally two and two make four, for Republicans to come up with a scratch your head and wonder reply like, "I don't know about that" should tell the American people all they need to know about their judgement.

    We the people must set about to remove these Trump sycophants from office, the sooner the better, or otherwise face the perils of a republic run amok. Franklin stated "we have given you a republic, if you can keep it". Well, America? Can you?


  66. Let's call it a "Matter".

  67. Republicans in Congress have shown themselves willing to be played for liars and fools by President Stand for Nothing and his cronies.

    It's only 309 days until November 6 - the world is watching.

  68. The left says no WMDs, but Mueller’s investigation grows.

  69. That comment makes zero sense. Of course the investigation grows - they are finding new crimes that have been committed. That's the way these investigations work.

  70. Start looking for skeletons in Conway & Nunes' closets. Men like these always, always, have them. Just look at Gingrich & Hastert as examples.

  71. Treason, thy name is GOP/Trump. Expect Trump to move quickly on "his agenda". Or is really "his agenda"?

  72. After a year Mueller has expanded his investigation? Truly a fishing expedition. And a political hatchet job.

    Jim in Wilmette

  73. Are you saying that when Mueller finds wrongdoing in the course of the investigation he should not pursue it? That would be contrary to performing their duties to protect America. That is some pretty un-American commenting there.

  74. Takes a year to find anything? I repeat; a fishing expedition!

  75. Such embarrassing dishonesty. Please fellow Americans...we must remove all the lying, cheating, stealing K. Michael Conaways from both Houses of Congress. We must stifle the urge to begin hysterically laughing and focus all our energy on getting all intelligent and awake citizens to the polls.

  76. Republicans have zero credibility and this little group carries zero legal weight. All the republicans do by selling out our national security to protect a traitor and fraud is make me look forward to November.

  77. The Republicans desperately wanted to put a stamp of NOT GUILTY on their White House leader/puppet before Mueller unearths more criminality in the 2016 Trump campaign. As Shakespeare wrote, "Something's rotten in the state of Denmark." Rotten, and it stinks to high heaven.

  78. Lol at you people, it is truly sad. "No evidence of collusion" so you say "well thats it, he definitely colluded". Be honest, you want him to have colluded because, at this point, after all these months and years of saying it, you'd look like fools if it turned out to be false. And, really, when have democrats ever looked like fools?

  79. I think you meant when have Democrats not looked like fools.

    But most Dems, including me and the ones I know, are impatient with the whole thing of an apparent haste to come to a conclusion, when the real investigation is going to be Mueller's. And that is not finished and I am not looking for one outcome or the other, I want the truth. I personally hope he finds there was NOT any collusion, as I fear how that would turn our country upside down and inside out. Imagine the partisan warfare in THAT environment.

    I just look at the Republican efforts to get done, finished, wrapped, stamped, and sent to the storeroom as an unseemly partisan effort. Democrats on the committee are left with no option but to partisan them back. Sad, as the saying goes.

  80. Remember that the scope of the Mueller investigation is not just collusion. Do you really believe there will be no findings of wrongdoing at all? You are making some pretty bold generalizations and conclusions there. Let's see how the real investigation turns out.

  81. How about: "BECAUSE OF Mueller's Push, House Republicans......"?
    also, the embarrassment of Devin Nunes...
    and they didn't bother to inform the Dems on the committee?

  82. In the McCarthy era, there was a notorious House UnAmerican Activities Committee. Now, in the Nunez era, there's an UnAmerican House Actives Committee.

  83. The idea that the Committee could arrive at a dispassionate and objective conclusion without interviewing Manafort, Gates, Flynn, and Papadopoulos is absurd. Whatever the truth is about Russian interference, this maneuver is a brazen whitewash based solely on a political agenda. And they're not even hiding it well.

    Vote these lying, self-serving betrayers of democracy out of office!

  84. Someone should publish a study showing how little Republicans care about America.

  85. Side note: Really appreciate how the Times keeps Mr. Trumps tweets in all caps. Adds a lot to the narrative.

    Because, as everyone knows, if it is in all caps, it must be true. Yes people, that is the logic of our President.

  86. Congressional Republicans find the Donald - and his administration - totally free of any connection to Russian meddling in or before the election!
    I cant wait for the mid-term elections!!
    A New House, and a New Senate!!!

  87. After watching the Nunes circus perform for the past several months who really cares what this committee concludes. The Nunes show is a farce which has already been written off as a meaningless diversion from the real issue.

  88. The Republicans can always join the Venezuelan Supreme Court.

  89. Republicans turned facts and truth telling into a partisan issue, and that hurts us a nation. This is something that is done in lesser developed countries who's governments are in turmoil.
    Republicans, why are you doing this to our great country ? Get a good and honest person to represent your views - Control and power can still be had with honesty and integrity, or at least I would like to think so.

  90. P.S. The fact that this committee under the leadership of Doofus Nunes did not find that the Trump campaign colluded with the Russians attempts to influence the 2016 election is not evidence that there was no collusion. It's hard to find something you are not looking for. The absence of evidence is not evidence. The obvious politicization of the House Committee under Nunes' leadership gives their conclusion no validity in the eyes of most Americans who care about who runs this country. Obviously Trump glommed onto this but the rest of us will wait for a real investigation result under Mr. Mueller.

  91. They better be praying that Mueller doesn't find any hard evidence. If he does the GOP Congress will go down in history as putting the President ahead of their Constitutional duty.

  92. All the more reason to not waste any more money and just fire the man; witch hunts rarely pan out for anyone!

  93. You are talking about firing Trump, correct? If so, then good! Not sure how they could do it at this point but I'm open to ideas!

  94. Utterly predictable. Would we expect anything less from these people, whose silence over the course of Trump's disastrous presidency is so telling?

  95. "No collusion" is not the only standard by which Russian interference in the 2016 election should be judged.

    Even if there had not been collusion, what did Russia seek to accomplish? Did they seek merely to sow random confusion? Did they seek to tilt the election toward Donald Trump (House Intelligence Committee Republicans say "no")? Have Congressional investigations been thorough enough?

    These should be starting points – not end points – for discussion.

  96. Yes, "no collusion" have been the watchwords of Trump and the Republicans. I believe when Mueller's investigation is completed there definitely will be findings way beyond the collusion focus. I'm thinking obstruction of justice, money laundering, etc. will be the "end points" you describe. I'm sure the Russians did their part to influence things, but I believe it will be other illegal activities that will ultimately be the big findings of the investigation.

  97. Why did the Russian “parliament” applaud the news of a Trump victory then? Because they know that Trump will not do anything when Russia tanks are rolling over Poland, other Eastern European countries, and are heading back to Berlin and Checkpoint Charlie.

  98. Anything Nunes and his band of Trump stooges say is pure bunk that might just as well as been scripted by Trump. This was never an "investigation" anyway.

  99. Someday, the name of Devin Nunes will be as familiar to school children as Benedict Arnold was to my generation.

  100. Republicans also attack our Intelligence Agencies, our justice department, our courts, Mr. Mueller and anyone else not allowing them to get away with their crimes. They never attack Putin and the murderous KGB though.

  101. This emphasizes the importance of having an independent investigation. Thank you Robert Muller

  102. Too bad democrats just can't accept the idea that Trump won the election fair and square. They will have to think of another way to get rid of him and I'm sure their little minds are busily conjuring up other schemes. Get Adam Schiff on it. He'll surely come up with something brilliant.

  103. OK he won (not the popular vote though), but can't you come up with some new material? "We won, get over it" - seriously? Yes, if we could find out another way to get rid of him that would be good. Let's hope the Mueller investigation does that, or maybe the Stormy Daniels incident. If the results of the Republican "investigation" make you feel comfortable that Trump is clean you are seriously deluded.

  104. The headline might as well read "Vladimir Putin Found No Evidence Of Russian Collusion." They end the investigation without ever looking at Trump's tax returns. Really? Examining the tax returns would have been the first step in any credible investigation.
    Devin Nunes, Paul Ryan and quite a few other Republicans are, themselves, guilty of collusion to commit treason against the U.S. Government and are in as deep as Trump, Kushner and the rest.
    Nunes delivered on his promise to Trump that he made over a year ago to end this investigation. The entire episode is out of the Keystone Cops. A first year law student could convict this bunch. Mueller will be broadening his net for sure.

  105. By this report, the GOP (greedy old politicians) makes clear that its primary allegiance is not to our Country or her Citizens but to the band of oligarchs that buy them through bribes called political contributions.

    All true Patriots are disgusted by this abdication of duty.

  106. If the much more in depth Mueller investigation comes to a different conclusion then I think the members of this committee need to pay a significant penalty for creating a political opinion wrapped in the guise on an investigation. This playing politics while being paid to represent the needs of the American people needs to stop. Let's see what Mueller finds before we totally condemn this committee but it looks bad. Also, if this finding is used in any way to stop or discredit the Mueller investigation before it is complete, then the penalty paid by the committee needs to fit the crime of treason.

  107. At this point, the time is becoming more valuable than the money spent on this investigation. The fact that its' indictments have nothing to do with foreign meddling, let alone collusion, shows it's typical of every other partisan special councel created before it. As for foreign meddling of a sovereign state, well, is any develop country innocent?

  108. In case you haven't noticed from Fox News reporting, the special counsel has indicted over a dozen Russians for interfering with the election. As any parent knows, "everybody does it" is not an excuse.

  109. The fact that it's not over and it's the only thing in DC not leaking, I think your conclusion is ... premature.

    And the last argument: ok, we interfere in elections overseas. So we should give the Russians a pass on interfering with ours?

  110. The Republican committee agrees that they interfered with the election. The question arises, why? One answer That clearly makes sense is to create Civil disruption among Americans and to benefit the Russian billionaires who run their corrupt government at the expense of their citizens. It would seem obvious considering Trumps associates and confirmed meetings with the Russians and how the Russians interfered, social media post against Clinton, that they would benefit if Trump won. Compounded by the fact that Trump rarely criticizes Russia and has spoken highly of Putin. Birds of a feather flock together.

  111. I am saddened by the state of this country. It is obvious that at the very least Don the Con Jr., Kushner, and Manafort colluded, Don Jr. admitted it. Paul Manafort's presence in the Trump campaign is obvious collusion. It's so sad that there are enough Americans who will elect these treasonous stooges. Party over country. And its a party that falsely preys on people's religious and racist sensitivities. Just terrible. Democracy is no guarantee. We may be witnessing what Aristotle predicted as "mob rule" and Tocqueville called "tyranny of the majority." Wake up people!

  112. Bob Mueller is our last hope for our democracy.

  113. Last month Rep. Adam Schiff, the ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, listed what he said was evidence of collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign, but the list was spectacular unconvincing. In fact, the examples Schiff listed tend to support President Trump’s assertion that no collusion occurred. For example, Schiff cited George Papadopoulos’ April 2016 conversations with a Maltese professor who told him Moscow had “dirt” on Hillary Clinton and the June 2016 Trump Tower meeting in which Donald Trump Jr., Jared Kushner, and Paul Manafort and Paul Manafort met with lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya as evidence of collusion. These effort to obtain disparaging information about a political rival were lawful but unproductive. They raise the question: If Russia and Trump campaign was colluding with Moscow, why wasn’t it getting its information directly from the Kremlin? Why would the campaign rely on an obscure Maltese professor and a Russian lawyer who happened to be in the United States to defend her clients before a federal court?

  114. No. It is not illegal for a foreign government to influence U.S. elections. Most nations that perceive they are affected by U.S. foreign policy—which is to say most nations—meddle in U.S. elections. Russian meddling in the 2016 election was relatively minor. Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto compared Trump to Hitler. Mexico urged Mexican nationals residing legally in the United States to apply for U.S. citizenship so they could vote against Trump. Mexico Consular General Carlos González Gutiérrez said, “There are more than 600,000 Mexican legal residents living in Texas who have the right to U.S. citizenship. We have been instructed by the secretary of foreign affairs to promote aggressively the benefits of dual citizenship.” Trump flew to Mexico City in the middle of the campaign to ask Mexico leaders to tone down the anti-Trump rhetoric. Hillary Clinton asked the millions of Mexican nationals residing legally or illegally in the United States to make their voices heard. Waving Mexican flags, thousands of them marched through U.S. cities. DACA recipients—who are 94 percent Mexican—worked as Clinton campaign volunteers. They stuffed envelopes, organized rallies, conducted voter-registration campaigns, posted anti-Trump messages on social media websites, and made campaign speeches. They helped Clinton roll up her four-million vote margin in California, which accounted for her victory in the popular vote. And it was all legal.

  115. No Americans have been indicted for collusion with Russia to interfere with the 2016 election. No Americans have been indicted for anything they did as members of the Trump campaign or anything they did during the 2016 election. Papadopoulos was indicted for lying to the FBI during an interview conducted months after the election. He was not a member of the Trump campaign at the tome. The indictment against Michael Flynn, Paul Manafort and Rick gates are not related to the 2016 election.

  116. Most nations that perceive they are affected by U.S. foreign policy—which is to say most nations—meddle in U.S. elections. It's not illegal. Russian meddling in the 2016 election was relatively minor. Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto compared Trump to Hitler. Mexico urged Mexican nationals residing legally in the United States to apply for U.S. citizenship so they could vote against Trump. Mexico Consular General Carlos González Gutiérrez said, “There are more than 600,000 Mexican legal residents living in Texas who have the right to U.S. citizenship. We have been instructed by the secretary of foreign affairs to promote aggressively the benefits of dual citizenship.” Trump flew to Mexico City in the middle of the campaign to ask Mexico leaders to tone down the anti-Trump rhetoric.

  117. “The bottom line: The Russians did commit active measures against our election in ’16, and we think they will do that in the future,” Mr. Conaway said. But, he added, “We disagree with the narrative that they were trying to help Trump.”

    In another life I can easily picture Conaway and Nunes penning tobacco industry-funded reports stating there is no causal link between smoking and cancer.

  118. Muller helped to sale Iraq war to the American public back in the days.
    Now he tries to sale hatred towards Russia with possible consequences of an open conflict with that country, though consequences can be very different: Russia is not Iraq.

  119. I saw a squirrel the other day running around the yard, climbing into trees, hunting... The squirrel didn't find any evidence of collusion either.

  120. "Only Tom Clancy".... or perhaps Mueller could find evidence of conspiracy?

  121. Looks like we are getting to that magic moment where what matters is what you believe the definition of "is" is.

  122. How amazing: Don't compel testimony, attack the intelligence agencies that are trying to help you do your job, close your eyes, stop up your ears, and voila, you find NOTHING!

  123. From Canada: how can we help?

  124. Normally I might simply be speechless at such a brazen act of national treachery. Republicans are beyond the pale. Schiff is right, history will judge them harshly assuming we don't become a completely fascist society. But even Mussolini came to an ignominious end.
    Thank goodness Rosenstein validated Meuller yesterday. Maybe there are still enough people of conscience left to get us through this despicable nightmare.
    Now, today, Tillerson is gone and the new Sect of State is Pompeo, Trump's CIA Director. A real diplomat no doubt.
    You couldn't write this stuff and be believable. It's like a Vonnegut or Hiassin novel. But this one is real and dangerous to our republic.

  125. The Republicans admit that they were used by the Russians but were too stupid to realize they were being used. Hence no collusion.

  126. Having lived through the Kennedy assassination, and multiples of others, how long did it take to unravel the truth?

  127. What's up with the charade of " bipartisan committee?"

  128. The Republican led House Committee was a fraud and a Trump protecting dog and pony show. This is what one would expect from a banana republic, not from the USA. Shame!!

  129. History will treat the hacks like Nunes and Connoway badly, as it will Trump. Compare Trump to Theresa May who just told Parliament Putin has engaged in state agression and state-sponsored terrorism and will be announcing severe sanctions on Russians. But the GOP and Trump refuse to even acknowledge Russia and Putin have done anything really bad. After all there is a big difference between meddling in the election system to create disorder etc etc, which is what the GOP are saying, and colluding with a candidate to get him elected. But let’s face it, the GOP know very well what Russia actually did but are putting their greed before honour. At the end of it there reputations as dishonest liars and enablers of a corrupt President will follow them into private life.

  130. K. Michael Conaway has a great Democratic opponent in the November election, Jennie Lou Leeder. Unless Leeder gets lots of campaign contributions, she has a huge hill to climb in our district that tends to vote 70% Republican. Perhaps this betrayal of America will help he defeat Conaway!

  131. After Nunes antics, did he not recuse himself,chairman or not?

    Forget this committee,Congress,other than your usual disinterest is doing your jobs as usual,absolutely NO ONE can see past their partisan-coloured glasses?

    How are you all able to stay upright with no spine?

  132. If there was a Texas sized cow patty sitting on top of his head, Conway wouldn't find it. Cow patty, what cow patty? That said, folks like Representative Charles Dent, who are leaving should give Nunes et. al. a good dope slap on their way out. The GOP is committing slow but inexorable suicide. With Trump's capitulation to the NRA anyone and everyone who even smells of the Trump brand is toast in 2020. The students of Parkland will not forget.

  133. Repubs seem to seem to have a problem seeing anything. Maybe they will feel wet feet as the water rises.

  134. With the news this morning that Rex Tillerson was booted as Secretary of State for agreeing with Theresa May that Russia had poisoned two of its citizens, coupled with the endorsement of the Trump Administration's tactics by House Republicans it would appear that, at best, America's democracy is totally corrupt. This may be great for the Republican Party and Donald Trump in the short run, but in the long run, America is setting itself up to be Venezuela controlled and run by Putin and Russia.

  135. I guess the Democrats will just have to do their political defenestration the old fashioned way, by winning an honest majority in the House and in the Senate.

    If they can manage this, and then impeach, then fine. I'll willingly accept that dumping Trump and the GOP reflects the will of the majority. But my guess is that the GOP will retain both houses, and will go onto win again in 2020.

    If this comes to fruition, what's the liberal response going to be? How will many of you react? I realize that higher-order thinking and long term scenario planning may not be the left's strong suit (just look at the post 2016 meltdown that ensued when the "unthinkable" occurred), but I'd be curious to hear what the response might be.

    Will it be an even stronger resistance, or a move to the middle?

  136. Most Democrats are in the middle. "The Left" only exists in deplorable fever dreams.

    The majority did not elect Trump. How do you feel about that?

  137. Maybe there is something afoot that we don't understand other than the obvious..... Perhaps Mr. Ryan wanted this over, he realized how absurd and dangerous some of Mr. Nunes' actions were; especially after Mr. Nunes leaked text messages from a senior Senator on the Senate Intel committee. To say the least Mr. Nunes seems overly partisan and his judgement is somewhat compromised by his own hyper-partisanship. His strange and obsessive loyalty to the President, on display one summer evening in the bushes outside the WH a few months ago, is odd. To say the least Mr. Nunes' behavior by all reports is rather peculiar and certainly unfitting for a gentleman representing the House. It is sad that this Trump sycophant headed up what used to be an honorable committee. But that is Mr. Ryan's responsibility. Mr. Ryan owns that and it will eventually be written in the high school history books as such where his grandchildren and their children can ponder this odd choice to keep Mr. Nunes in that role. Sometimes it is is actual in your political party's long term interests to uphold the Constitution and do the do diligence required as part of your oversight duties. As for Mr. Nunes... there will always be a question surrounding Mr. Nunes' loyalties. I wonder about his ties to the Azores and how they fit into Portugal's turbulent political past. What motivated Mr. Nunes to act in the fashion he did/does?

  138. Well then the Republicans are going to kill Mueller's probe.. They must because more than likely he will find collusion and the Republicans cannot have that happening...

  139. This is an embarrassing and shameful day for the American system of government, and saying Conaway is in charge is just a bitter joke; this Nunes committee has been nothing more than the sock-puppet of DJT, Putin's fan-boy (and agent?) in the WH. I feel like hanging black crepe in my apartment.

    There was no "investigation"; those that testified (behind closed doors) said what they wanted to say, and when (and if) they wanted to say it. They had to document NOTHING they said, and if they didn't want to answer any question for any reason whatsoever, the committee response was likely to be: 'okay; sorry we asked'.

    This "SEE NO EVIL,HEAR NO EVIL" committee had put themselves out of the investigation business long ago, so on that one level, I'm glad the charade is over.

  140. Oh how I wish Devin Nunes is subjected to interrogation by Mr. Mueller regarding obstruction.

  141. Well, that's that then.

  142. There is certainly a lot of obstruction of justice going on with Trump. Maybe he didn't conspire with Russia but it is likely Jared Kushner, Don Trump Jr., Rick Gates, Roger Stone, George the greek, and Carter Page, and the old blonde lady did. And it is hard to believe they would coordinate with the Russians without telling dear old daddy about it.

  143. This might give Trump cover to fire Mueller.