Despite Mueller’s Push, House Republicans Declare No Evidence of Collusion

House Intelligence Committee Republicans are ending their investigation of Russian meddling in the 2016 election, saying the Trump campaign did not collude with the Kremlin.

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  1. Exactly what one expects with fascist leadership

  2. yes

  3. Yes.

  4. In 2003, Political scientist Dr. Lawrence Britt wrote an article about fascism -listing 14 characteristics:

    So far, only the last isn't fulfilled by the President and echoed Republican congressional leadership. Be ashamed of our President.

  5. What a bunch of party hacks. They didn't look through the bank records and call this an investigation? Ask a bunch of sympathetic sycophants some questions that avoid the issue and ignore the finances and communications of the dark figures... sure, no evidence of collusion.

    I hope Republicans know how stupid their Party leaders think they are.

  6. Republicans voted for these people. I don't think it matters to Republican voters how stupid, inane or vacuous their representatives may be as long as the voters' views are properly represented...

  7. Uhm, Republicans don't have a clue. If you will permit me to coin a phrase.. they have been " culted".
    Our experiment with Democracy has been concluded. And it has failed.

  8. You can't find what you were not looking for.
    The did not say there was no collusion, only that they did not find any evidence.

  9. A thorough investigation of the henhouse crime carried out by a pack of foxes? I might see some value in such an investigation if the Republicans had any integrity. Once upon a time I believe most did.

  10. Given the chairmanship, this is sadly all that could be expected.

  11. I've come to the conclusion that President Eisenhower was the last honest Republican.

  12. At the least Ike was the last non-"movement" Republican president...

  13. Wow, you're right. Your comment sent me careening to the past from Eisenhower forward and nope, not a one since him. That is one of the most sobering realizations I've heard.

  14. Republicans were never going to hold Trump accountable for anything. The best hope is for the Democrats to take over Congress, in November, and let the Mueller investigation continue.

  15. Run this investigation closer to November and the conclusion might be somewhat different. Think we aren't watching? Think you won't be made to pay? Do you think at all?

  16. Mueller will continue for some time and he may or may not find something. But, the congressional investigations were duplicating what Mueller is doing and not as thoroughly, they were causing even more bi- partisanship, they were diverting attention from what should concerning congress, and they were costing the American taxpayers money that could be spent elsewhere. And, I believer Mueller thought by having witness testify in multiple places his investigation could be hampered. Justice is better served by leaving the investigation in Mueller's hands.

  17. Bian,
    Mueller is charged with investigating legal matters. That's not what the congressional committees are/were concerned with: their writ is/was to look into the existence, extent, and ramifications of Russian interference in the 2016 election. There is no requirement that any report that Mueller makes will be coordinated with the congressional reports. In a saner world, the members of the house committee would have first waited until Mueller had a final report, read it, and incorporated its findings into their own report to provide us all with a complete picture of what went on, but there is nothing that requires them to have done so, and so we are left, predictably, with cynical politics overwhelming a careful analysis of the (still emerging) evidence.

  18. Have fun, GOP cowards. Your politicial is nigh

  19. Same approach as climate change denialism--just deny the evidence and try to bury the question.

  20. Think of all the money spent on legal fees to reach the pre-ordained conclusion.

  21. Not that there ever really was much chance of a bi-partisan, objective, fact-framed conclusion from this bunch. Now, we'll just have to wait for the Senate committee or Mr. Mueller to establish the facts.

  22. Let's hope Mueller can finish soon.

  23. well, this makes it easier to spot the Republican traitors. They are participating in the obstruction and treason live on our teevees.

    EVERY single one of them is a traitor to our country.

  24. No gun control = no collusion?
    But seriously, it seems unlikely there was overt collusion. Why would there be? Russia didn't need any help from Trump's campaign and Trump was already getting Russian help without needing to get directly involved. There was no good reason to collude.

  25. Alexandra, there is no good reason for many, many things the Trump administration does and yet, here we are. Remember, up until the last week, they thought they were going to lose big to Clinton. Of course they took any help they could find, traitorous or not.

  26. "Republicans have countered that Democrats on the panel have turned private proceedings into a television spectacle to earn political points."

    Bill Clinton. Impeachment. Special prosecutor. Televised hearings. For -- what, exactly? Republicans, please compare.

  27. Not to mention how many hours and millions of dollars were spent on Benghazi. And to what conclusion?

  28. The House Republicans are Putin's 5th column.

  29. Vote in November!!!

  30. Vote not just in November, but i this year's primaries and the next 6-7 primaries and November elections. Cleaning up this mess will take several cycles.

  31. You've hit the nail on the head. America will not get out from under the corrupt influences of Trump, Russia and the NRA until the American People decide they've had enough. Vote in November as if your lives depended upon it. Because they do.

  32. Vote TODAY - in PA!

  33. "Round up the usual suspects, boys. We shall see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. Our Dear Leader was not helped by Russians!"

    Gee, what a shocker!

  34. “We found no evidence of collusion. We found perhaps some bad judgment, inappropriate meetings,” Mr. Conaway said during a briefing with reporters on Monday afternoon. “But only Tom Clancy or Vince Flynn or someone else like that could take these series of inadvertent contacts with each other, meetings, whatever, and weave that into some sort of a fiction and turn it into a page-turner, spy thriller.”
    So, if I understand correctly Mr. Conaway just said the current president and his election staff had poor judgment and did indeed participate in inappropriate meetings. And the House Republicans aren't worried about those facts? It doesn't take a novelist to believe that things are dreadfully amiss.

  35. President Trump: "Beware the Ides of March" if you offend or double-cross Russia's or North Korea's regimes. A former Russian spy who also worked with British intelligence and his daughter are critically ill in England at this moment, due to exposure to a nerve agent. British forensics units are now combing the cemetery where the man's son and wife are buried for evidence, and British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has vowed to "punish" Russia if they find evidence that Russia attempted to murder him. Do you recall the Russian expat living in England who was a critic of Count Vlad? He was "accidentally" pricked on a foggy London day by the tip of an umbrella carried by a Bulgarian "Diplomat"....which contained a tiny bit of deadly ricin. Another Russian expat drank some tea laced with radioactive polonium. He died a slow, painful death from radiation poisoning. "Law and Order" did a show about his horrible murder. Even the Russian grrrlllll band "Pussy Riot" was imprisoned for mocking Count Vlad's shirtless poses, though they were later released.

  36. Looks like this is what DT is afraid of not sex secrets.

  37. Quick, end the investigation before it turns up dirt on the Republican party and finds proof of collusion for every GOP traitor there is!

  38. Mueller will be finished when he tires of it. The special people who fill Washington always fudge the rules and think they can lie their way out of it because they always have. There is always another salamander under another rock to keep the special prosecutor going as long as he cares to. Being of the same religious faith as his prey, worshiping power and attention, they are inclined to hang on long after their purpose has been fullfilled.

  39. All this proves is that the Republicans on the House intelligence Committee are incompetent and stooges for Trump. They are traitors to our country.

  40. They are very competent stooges for Trump.

  41. Good, now the Republicans can spend their time doing something useful like investigating Clinton's child trafficking operation out of Comet Ping Pong.

  42. I seriously hope you're being satirical. It's very hard to tell these days.

  43. Travelgate!

  44. Not sure we can ever count on Republicans to do anything useful. They've just proven themselves to be absolutely useless in defending our country from the atrocious being in the White House.

  45. Hear not evil. See no evil. Desired expected outcome =s conclusion - hearing all potential witnessses

  46. House GOP marching orders:

    See no evil
    Hear no evil
    And never admit they benefited from Putin's attack on the USA.

  47. If you aren't seriously for something you probably won't find it.

  48. THE GOP is complicit with obstruction of justice and aiding an enemy, treason.

  49. And this, their lack of any movement on the Russian sanctions legislation, and their voting record, is the evidence.

  50. ...and helping to cover up money laundering and conspiracy.

  51. And they were chosen by the American people who justly will pay a heavy price.

  52. No surprises here, and by that I mean a Republican controlled House finding "no collusion" with a sitting Republican president. Had this been Clinton, or even Obama, they'd be firing up the next investigation if not sharpening the blade on the guillotine.

  53. Where's the evidence, Cooter?

  54. "Evidence" is not the responsibility of a poster to the NYT comments section. Finding evidence was the responsibility of a supposed House of Representatives investigative committee in which they admitted glossing over witnesses, possible evidence, and documents important to an investigation of this nature. Did you read the story?

  55. Once upon a time there was a Republican Party and a president of the United States of we have 25 recommendations and no censure other than 'bad judgement and inappropriate meetings'. Hark this is precisely the MO of the current administration, leaving out the Trump/Putin love bombs. A carpet sweeping GOP assessment.

    Well done boys! Don't call us, we'll call you.

  56. Didn't you notice Putin is now our de facto leader. Trump is just a tool.

  57. aren't the keywords GOP lead?

  58. Is it news if it is not a surprise?

  59. Yes because people wouldn't understand "olds" or "typicals" or "expected from the beginnings".

  60. I never thought that I would live to see an entire political party of the United States commit treason.

  61. I always believed we aspired to be a country of laws, and not men, (or people). Serving on an investigative committee while coordinating with the White House, releasing phony "memos," and conducting clandestine meeting isn't what being a US Congress member is supposed to be. A rural county court would have more integrity.

  62. I hope I live to see the day when all these traitors, including Trump, are found guilty and given permanent residence in a federal prison.

  63. The constitution says that government is how democracy gets things done in our Republic.
    It says that government should tax and regulate trade to provide for the general welfare.
    We have a Bill of Rights that separates church from state and limits the power of police to search or spy without warrants, and that suspects are assumed innocent until proven guilty.
    The Republicans are against taxes and regulations and legislate for the particular welfare of the mega rich and their corporations, while leaving the general welfare to trickle down.
    They believe our laws should be determined by the old Testament, (while ignoring the teachings of Jesus, including taking care of he poor and the sick, and opposing greed).
    They deride protections in the Bill of Rights against police abuses as "technicalities"' and assume those that police interact with are guilty until proven wealthy.

    Republicans talk about waste and corruption, as blanket excuses to attack government in general, but rarely go after specific instances, unless it is for blatant political purposes, like the self contradictory Nunez Memo that attacks the FBI, and FISA courts because they are investigating treason.

    If you compare the constitution to what Republicans say and do, you will see that they are incompatible.
    The entire Republican mission is against the constitution.
    They elected a president that calls Neo-Confederate, Neo-Nazi worshippers of our enemies "fine people," and retweets their racist videos.

  64. What's that I hear? Oh, right, the G.O.P. whistling in the dark.

  65. Wow! What a surprise! This is a joke. The Republican party has no integrity.

  66. I would n't have expected anything less from these subjects.
    Mr. Mueller, go, go go, and nail every single one of them. We the people have faith in you.
    Thank you.

  67. Our vote in November can reopen investigation into Russian meddling.

  68. Here we are, folks. The country has been taken over by Trump/Putin minions -- namely, the Republican Party. Patriotic? They've been flirting with Fascism for some time now. Patriotic? The word and the Republican Party should not be mentioned in the same breathe.

  69. Okay, just curious, ask the same committee if they saw the very same facts, but Hillary was the one in question, and sitting in the White House: is she innocent? Funny how it took the Republicans spent millions and took years to find out that the Clintons had just made a bad real estate investment in Whitewater. But now, even admitting that the Russians interfered in the election, while Trump's election team was taking meetings, and doing deals with them, in only months, they find Trump's innocent. How does that work?

  70. It's hard to imagine that members of the Congress would so easily dismiss that Russia interfered in our election with the express purpose of hurting Hillary Clinton's chances and helping Donald Trump. As for "collusion," I don't know if that happened. A lot depends on what one means. I doubt there is hard evidence of Trump and Putin sitting together, twirling imaginary mustaches while dividing the spoils. But there are simply too many contacts for anyone who swore an oath to uphold the Constitution to ignore.

  71. Ah, delusion is a wonderful thing, as is denial!

  72. It's very difficult to find something if you're not looking for it. They are so stupid that they may well have tripped over the collusion if Nunes et al had not blocked all attempts at doing so.

  73. That's a good term. The opposite is "REgressive". The Trumplicans will vault us into the 19th century! Think about it!

  74. The House Intelligence Committee forfeited its credibility a long time ago. Mueller's conclusion is the only thing that matters at this point.

  75. No surprise here. The foxes investigated the henhouse and found that everything was in order — especially the broken locks.

  76. So is Mueller going to investigate the Republicans on the committee for collusion with the Russians? He should

  77. And these are the people that are supposed to oversee our intelligence agencies. Devin Nunes and friends have made a mockery of their responsibilities. So disconcerting and pathetic. SAD.

  78. "Of course they don't."

  79. Extra! Extra! The fox didn't see any hen house mayhem in its watch

  80. perhaps the committee can reconvene after the midterm elections when the Dems are in control

  81. Well then. That settles that. Nothing to see here folks.
    Republican intelligence committee indeed.

  82. Did anyone really anticipate GOP members to find anything?

  83. Must be because it did not look for any.

  84. Why is it that Devin Nunes isn't even mentioned in this article? Republican Nunes is the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee who now states that they find no evidence of the Trump campaign colluding with Russia. Nunes is the one that has abused his position for over a year now, has committed ethics violations and acts as if his committee is a propaganda arm of the White House.

  85. And Nunes was on the Executive Committee of Trump's transition team. Why was he even allowed by the GOP to lead the investigation?

  86. November cannot come soon enough.

  87. Let's hope Mueller's investigation drags out until at least mid-November.

  88. You mean Rep. Nunes didn't come up with any evidence against Boss Trump?
    I am shocked, shocked!

  89. It's difficult to connect the dots when you close your eyes!

  90. The GOP members of the House Intelligence (sic) Committee are like the blind men describing an elephant.

  91. Two things are now clear
    1. A Republican led House will never impeach Trump.
    2. Republicans have no problem with Treason as long as it benefits them.

  92. Two things are now clear
    1. A Progressive led Administration will cover for HRC by any means.
    2. Democrats and progressives have no problem with Treason as long as it benefits them.

    Let's call it a "Matter". Please cry some more.

  93. Republicans won Neil Gorsuch by supporting Trump, and they remain supportive in hopes of another seat on the Supreme Court.

  94. These deplorable Republican representatives are getting the honor and respect that they have earned. Just because some foolish and ill-informed (AKA ignorant) voters have put them into office makes them neither honorable nor worthy of respect.

    But we all have figured that out. See how having the facts actually helps?

  95. This reeks of White-wash, like everything else in trump's administration. An act of desperation that won't save the republican in tomorrow's special election - which is all about trump. The walls are now closing in. It's all over but the crying...

  96. I like that you used lower case for trump. I propose we use only lowercase going forward.

  97. The proof is now in: today's GOP are collaborating in what is more and more patently Team Trump treason...or possibly getting in on the Putin payoff themselves. They are living proof of the wisdom of Samuel Johnson's 1775 pronouncement that "Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel." "Patriots" all, indeed!

  98. Did you really expect them to agree with Mueller, validating the opposition and thereby incriminating themselves? They enabled Trump, legitimized him. Power is a drug, and they won't cede a thing. They won't stop feeding on America until they are dragged from its beautiful corpse.

  99. The committee agrees with the Muller indictment against three Russian companies and 13 Russian nationals, but the Mueller investigation hasn't produced any evidence that Americans were knowing involved in the Russian efforts.

  100. Donald Trump won. Hillary Clinton lost. Griping and whining does not matter. Trump can fire Sessions, Rosenstein and Mueller. Trump can pardon a multitude or legion.

  101. It's also the end of our democracy. It's easy to fathom how brainwashed
    and giddy Fox News is. Those who dare call themselves republicans are simply not. They're all in collusion with Russia and the NRA. That's why turtleface satan didn't do anything about announcing the Russian attack in 2016. Ryan hasn't don't anything and they're all liars.

    Can you imagine anyone believing Nunes' report there was no found? As Biden said it's treason and it's treason from the top to the bottom. The problem is unless Mueller can find a safe place to actually convict and have the conviction stand, Putin gets off free.

    Planning and biding our time to see what occurs.

  102. The Republicans that served on this committee will be memorialized in history for protecting their own and party interests instead of America's interests. Nunes and Conaway will appropriately be described as Trump's toadies for not pressing forward to search for the truth . Paul Ryan's involvement in condoning Nunes behavior as the Committee's chair will also be harshly judged.

    Shame, shame, shame on the Republican Party leadership for allowing such a sideshow.

  103. Ask no questions, get no answers.

    Fortunately, Mueller and company don't work like that.

  104. What are the odds that Mueller comes to a different conclusion?

  105. We need Representatives who put country over party when necessary, and these folks don't meet that definition. Vote the bums out in November.

  106. I guess we can move "House Intelligence Committee" to the top of the oxymoron list. It is truly alarming that these Republicans can oversee an inquiry into such signifiicant events and leave with nothing to report.

  107. Quite simple.......there IS NOTHING to report. There never was and there never will be.

  108. What else would one expect from a Republican led committe of the House?
    Trump is only part of the problem. The Republican Party would be as heinous no matter which of their lackeys was in the White House.
    Vote Democratic!

  109. I ask The New York Times to add the names of all Republican members of this House Intelligence Committee to this article, so that we who disagree with their decision can communicate with those members.

    Thank you.

  110. Since the vote was along party lines, we can assume that every Republican on the committee supports the conclusion. Thus:

    Devin Nunes, California, Chair.
    Jeff Miller, Florida.
    Mike Conaway, Texas.
    Peter King, New York.
    Frank LoBiondo, New Jersey.
    Lynn Westmoreland, Georgia.
    Tom Rooney, Florida.
    Joe Heck, Nevada.

  111. Um, no review of bank statements? No interview with Manafort, Gates, Flynn, or Papadopoulos?

    More like they read a brochure about the investigation, then decided they'd rather spend their time on other activities.

  112. I don't know where a fair evaluation of the facts will ultimately lead. But, if after all the evidence is in, collusion is ultimately found, these Republican Congressmen and women should resign in shame.

  113. Shocker! Congressional Republicans sided with Republican President -- just in time for spring launch of mid-term election campaigns.

  114. This comes a a real shock! Imagine, this esteemed body of unbiased legislators has cleared Trump and his campaign of collusion. I know the entire nation can now rest easy knowing that our president is squeaky clean. Next up: Conway and Nunes need to get to work to discredit the Stormy Daniels story.

    The GOP has become completely unmoored from reality and they haven't a shred of integrity left. I don't think there is anything they won't do to protect their Villain-in-Chief.

  115. Whatever the outcome of this whole debacle, the Republicans have now tied their boats and more pointedly, their future to the ship known as Donald Trump.

    It may have worked to win elections but its more likely to resemble winning the battle but losing the war. In this case, surrendering the future of the once great Party to a despot.

  116. No one with a working brain believes this report. Too many maneuvers by Nunes that make no sense, but that look like the consciousness of guilt.

  117. In a remarkable coincidence, the GOP House members, AT THE LAST MINUTE, were able to conclusively convince themselves that PUTIN et al was not trying to help Trump win the 2016 election.
    Boy, whata team Donald has on his side. Eh?

  118. Closing this investigation at this time is absolutely shameful. All of the answers are clearly not known, and the maneuverings of Rep. Nunes made it obvious that the Republicans were working to block anything that might reflect poorly on the Trump campaign or administration, or lower Republican chances in the 2018 election. Fortunately the Mueller investigation will continue, and it's highly likely that the results from that investigation will make it crystal clear to the nation how the Republican party has put power in front of their duty to the nation.

  119. Well, I feel a whole lot better now. What a relief!

  120. In future history books, the Republican-controlled Judiciary Committee will be mocked as enablers to both deceit and near-treason. Mr. Nunes, in particular, will be singled out for his vitriol to fidelity and American justice. Joseph Welch must be clamoring from his grave today, "Have you no sense of shame at long last?"

  121. Democrats were hoping to draw out the investigation until the 2020 election.

  122. Now they can reopen the Benghazi hearings again....

  123. A clear example of party before country. These Republicans are much more interested in keeping the current Republican occupant of the White House in place so they can get on with their agenda of tax cuts for the wealthy, elimination of any environmental regulations for industry, cuts in social programs for the poor and disabled, and of course groveling to their masters in the NRA.

    These Republican Congressman have zero credibility and are willing to sell our country to a hostile foreign power so they can continue their assault on the American people.

  124. Wow...Chris, please, there is so much more.

  125. @Chris----------------------You're comment is absolutely correct, but, in my opinion, you could clarify it a bit. I would change it to "they can continue their assault on the American people, because they have taken tutelage from the mobs, Capone's for instance. Consider the Tobacco mob, the Asbestos mob, the Health Care mob, the NRA and so on, all have assaulted (murdered?) the American people but, on the other hand, they got themselves lots of bling."

  126. Too bad we don't live in a divided limited power constitutional republic.

    If only we the American people had the power to rid ourselves of our elected and selected hired help. Instead we are stuck with a combination of the divine royal sanction rule of the House of Trump along with armed military uniformed tyranny.

    The Republicans are enabled by the Democrats weak whining complicity. A clear example of partisan political liberal progressive cowardice.

  127. I assume this means they'll now be rushing to investigate the president's relationship with Stormy Daniels in the same fashion the GOP was in a rush to investigate Bill Clinton's relationship with Monica Lewinsky. The GOP wouldn't want to appear to be hypocrites, would they?

  128. They are studying the issue....

  129. What a surprise. Silver lining on the cloud, taxpayer’s dollars no longer being wasted on this sham proceeding.

  130. Job well done, wash hands, dry and move on. Better than finding something for the benefit of the USA. Thankfully Republican Mueller has integrity.

    The great enemy of the truth is very often not the lie, deliberate, contrived and dishonest, but the myth, persistent, persuasive and unrealistic.
    John F. Kennedy

  131. A joke of an "investigation" that was concluded without adequate testimony, and before even the Special Counsel could conclude his inquiry. Shame on the House Republicans; every one ought to be voted out of office this year for dereliction of duty.

  132. It is a sad thing that they cannot be trusted to deliver an unbiased report.

  133. Can the GOP House Representatives answer one simple question:

    Why have Trump, his family, his campaign staff, and spokespersons been lying about their involvement and interactions with Russians?

    It doesn’t take Tom Clancy to figure out that someone who is lying has something to hide.

    Answer that GOP colluders with Russia, Ipso facto.

  134. "Several witnesses thought to be central to the investigation never came before the panel, including Mr. Trump’s former campaign chairman, Paul Manafort; Mr. Manafort’s deputy, Rick Gates; Mr. Trump’s former national security adviser, Michael T. Flynn; and Mr. Trump’s former campaign foreign policy adviser, George Papadopoulos, all of whom are under indictment by the special counsel.

    Others, including George Nader, an adviser to the United Arab Emirates with ties to current and former Trump aides, only recently came to the committee’s attention."

    Considering all of these key witnesses weren't questioned, and several, like Steve Bannon, Corey Lewandowski and Jared Kushner refused to answer questions, this investigation was a joke and is an insult to the American people.

    We will respond in November.

  135. Breaking News: Criminal's Accomplices find Criminal innocent.

  136. I hope every last member of the House Republican party that assisted in this committee are brought up on charges if collusion is found to have occurred.

  137. No surprise here. Just a partisan farce who's objective was to maintain maximum power.

  138. It's really hard to find something you work so hard not to find and work even harder to make sure no one else can find it either. What good is an intelligence committee when they simply cannot be trusted to do their basic drop and instead collude with the White House to keep the public confused and bewildered about the past and future security of the elections. When voters lose faith in the elections, there can be no faith in the government as legitimate.

    Does Putin have something on all of these GOP members of the committee as well as the others who are behaving so strangely?

  139. My question exactly...What do Putin/Trump have on these GOP members who are FAILING TO TAKE ACTION TO DEFEND our nation against proven Russian Cyber Security attacks? Isn't this considered treason?

  140. Putin's just smarter than Trump!

  141. Wormydog makes a good point.
    In fact most persons are smarter than Trump.
    The normal distribution of intelligence (IQ) indicates that half the population has an IQ of less than 100 - 100 is the average or the mean.
    The question is:
    What is Trump's deviation from the mean and how substantial does it happen to be.

  142. Well, if the GOP didn't see any collusion, I got to figure there wasn't any. After all, we can trust their judgement and their being impartial.

  143. We apparently have the answer to the question "Can House Republicans provide oversight of the Executive of their own party and investigate objectively"?

    An utterly disgraceful, "No."

  144. Devin Nunes, merely his presence never mind active measures, undermines any credibility one might hope to find here from the GOP side of the committee. It has essentially self immolated and taken with it the reputation of the committee for hard won bipartisan (or better yet nonpartisan) work.

  145. There is more evidence of collusion than there was of Hilary's complicity in the mistakes that lead to the tragedy at Benghazi, and yet the Republicans would still be looking into that if Hilary had been elected President. This would be truly tragic if it were not so predictable.

  146. Case closed. Now we should have a new case. Just wishing that Mueller and team could charge these congressional republicans with collusion and obstruction of justice for that is what they have done.

  147. I don't normally get physical symptoms from the news. This got to my stomach. I think it's fear.

  148. Any hopes of the committee overcoming partisanship to conduct a truly useful investigation were dashed a long time ago. We'll all be better off if both sides just let this committee dissolve, and not waste even more taxpayer time and money arguing over what the committee did and didn't do-----it's an unproductive and distracting sideshow. Let's just let the special counsel team finish the real investigation and see what we learn that can actually be helpful in the future.

  149. This was always a half-baked effort at best from House Republicans. Not to mention the stunts pulled by Devin Nunes and their memo leak. It was apparent from the beginning that Republicans decided there was nothing to find and worked backward from that conclusion.

    I'd like to also compare this to the endless investigations that Republicans launched against Hillary Clinton and the Benghazi incident. How many investigations did Republicans drag us through, only to find nothing? Can you even imagine the amount of granular scouring that would be taking place had Russians interfered on behalf of a Democratic President, or if that same Democratic President were under investigation by a special counsel, with members of their campaign already under indictment?

    Congressional Republicans have no integrity whatsoever and no respect for the rule of law. How far their party has fallen from the Watergate era when there were still patriots left in the Republican party. These Republicans are partisan hacks. Like Trump, I cannot believe a word they say. It's time to vote them all out in November. Every last one of them.

  150. At least Adam Schiff kept us apprised of the Republican shenanigans on that House "Intelligence" committee. Schiff did the best he could under the circumstances and I see him as a new leader for the Democrats. I can't wait to see what he says on the news tonight.

  151. I am sure that everyone is now relieved that Donald Trump didn’t conspire with a hostile, foreign power to reach the pinnacle of American power. This sense of relief and security is deepened by the unshakable knowledge that a completely non-partisan committee of patriotic Republicans, after exhaustive probing and interrogation of scores of witnesses, will now put to rest the rumors that our 2016 elections were, ummm, rigged. I can’t wait for the tweet storm, exonerating the beleaguered president who has been the subject of calumny and mistrust. I can sleep peacefully from now on. Republicans said so.

  152. I admire your candour and truthfulness. It's exactly like Trump's, so you must like him lots and believe everything god Trump says.

  153. Always admired your subtlety and ability to find truth where others just scoff.

    I'll probably sleep better as well.

  154. This is outrageous and shameful. House Republicans have abandoned their Constitutional duties and their oaths. Are they also obstructing justice? The facts tell a clear story.

    The House committee, under Republican control, talked to only three witnesses this year?

    They did not talk at all to Mr. Papadopoulos, Mr. Flynn, Mr. Manafort and Mr. Gates? All have been indicted. Three have admitted to wrongdoing.

    The committee Republicans will provide the conclusions to the Democrats for review?

    House Republicans don't believe the "narrative?" Our intelligence agencies and Mr. Mueller have determined beyond a shadow of a doubt that Russia aimed to help Trump's candidacy.

  155. Gee, what a surprise!

    It's no coincidence that they didn't "find evidence" of collusions, when they didn't bother to examine all the evidence (and interview all the key players).

    Perhaps they'll also publish another report: "Committee agrees with President Trump that the Earth is Indeed Round."

  156. Well, good, I'm glad they stopped that farce of an "investigation." It was clearly partisan from the word "go" and only got worse as time went on. The House has no credibility whatsoever and I'm sure this was done on the eve of the special election in PA to help shore up GOP votes, not because they "found no more credible evidence." What a waste of tax payer dollars this crew of GOP Congressional members are to what's left of our republic.

  157. For Trump and Fox fans, this report is all they need to hear. Case closed for them. For those who have grown accustomed to reality, this report is another foray into GOP fantasy. Unfortunately, however, there are now two truths in this country and no matter how fact-based the Democrats' report becomes, no one who wants to believe the GOP's version is going to be swayed.

  158. You mean this is an *info war*? The GOP is running an authoritarian-state level propaganda game, that much is clear. They think they can get away with it because they have are the majority and that is enough. Good thing that will change shortly.

  159. This committee, especially Mr. Nunes, can't find their derrierre even if they were sitting on their hands, which they were. Nunes should be tried for malfeasance of some sort for colluding with the Trump camp to stymie this investigation. At very least for incompetence if not outright fraud.

  160. Given their committee report, these Republicans are themselves guilty of collusion with the Russians. They are knowingly and willingly giving cover to Russia's interference in our election through its support of Trump and opposition to Clinton. If lying to hide that obvious conclusion from the American public doesn't make this committee guilty of collusion, I don't know what would.

  161. The Republicans have their eyes on the November mid-terms. That's why they're washing their hands of this investigation.

  162. Mr. Conway, your argument doesn't make any sense. Why would so many risk so much if the Russian meddling weren't favoring Trump? More than a dozen key players on Trump's campaign and in his administration have lied about meetings and contacts with Russians. WHY? Why would they risk not gaining security clearances and lying to federal authorities if there was no need to? How about Michael Flynn having to resign and Sessions having to recuse himself over an issue that "doesn't mete spy thriller" proportions? I am sorry but you've got to be kidding, if you think the public is going to buy this. It does NOT make sense. As for the committees recommendations to safeguard our elections, it is about time someone does something to protect us from Russian interference, but it may be too little too late. Your credibility is going to take a major nosedive for this issue, as like Nunes, you appear to be taking your cues from the "so-called" president who will be held accountable, sooner or later.

  163. Given the Committee's accomplishments to date, I suspect Mr. Mueller would be just as happy if they just closed down. But to say that they found no evidence of collusion when they skipped testimony from most of the central characters, and were only thrown table scraps from those that did appear (to avoid foreclosing the future possibility of Executive Privilege, mind you), that's not saying very much. Can't wait for Steve Carrell to play Devin Nunes.

  164. It is incredible that the Republicans in the House devoted more time, energy, and money to investigating Benghazi than Russian interference in the election. But more shocking is their willingness to let those they called to testify simply not show up or refuse to answer questions. What happened to the rule of law? The Founders were right: the people cannot be trusted with power for as they knew all too well absolute power corrupts absolutely.

  165. Two takes, both with merit:

    1. Negligible in the long run, as only Mueller's investigation really matters.

    2. Disgraceful, predictable, and perhaps criminally irresponsible that elected representatives would place party above our collective security and national interest and not even attempt a complete investigation.

    I've never been ashamed to be an American, and never will be. But it's a shameful day in America. One of far too many lately.

  166. "It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it."
    Upton Sinclair was correct when he said this, and he's still correct.

  167. Can't find what you're not looking for. The House, is a swamp of a cesspool of a compost heap of GOP downward depravity.

  168. Much like Henrich Himmler and Reinhard Heydrich did anything for their leader, House Republicans will do anything for theirs as well.....

    This is the most corrupt administration in American history with no close second...

  169. House Republicans are cowards like Trump. The stench of treason is overwhelming.

  170. Oh! What a surprise!

  171. How convenient.

  172. Reason #415816 why the world is laughing at us -

  173. I wonder if Fox news got the report first so they could edit it...

  174. Raise your hand if you are surprised... Anyone? Anyone?

  175. They should be investigated for obstruction of justice and abuse of power. They are not working for the country anymore. Voters need to send them a very loud message this year and vote them out of office.
    1. Devin Nunes, California, Chair.
    2. Mike Conaway, Texas.
    3. Peter King, New York.
    4. Frank LoBiondo, New Jersey.
    5. Rick Crawford, Arkansas.
    6. Trey Gowdy, South Carolina.
    7. Tom Rooney, Florida.
    8. Will Hurd, Texas.

  176. Beyond voters, I’ll be knocking on doors in Ny and NJ, making phone calls, volunteering time and money to defeat this despicable band of 8. May their names live on in ignominy.

  177. I agree with you, Kay.

    Just wanted to note that Tom Rooney and Trey Gowdy have already decided not to run for reelection.

  178. The Republicans have become traitors. Sheep in the service of their donors. They need to be disbanded and individually tried.

  179. The House Intelligence committee has failed our democracy. Nunes, Conway and the rest of the HIC Republicans are stooges for Donald Trump. They are nothing less than traitors for working to protect Trump and failing to protect our country from all enemies foreign and domestic. Indeed, the Republicans on the committee can be considered domestic enemies along with Don the Con. Nunes' midnight run to the White House and his joke of a memo say it all. To quote Donnie Trump, Nunes is "a low IQ individual" as well as poison to our democracy. Thank you Rep. Adam Schiff for doing all you could to uncover the truth.

  180. Oh gee..... what a surprise. As if we thought this foregone conclusion by Rep Conaway wasn’t imminent.

  181. Representative Michael Conaway of Texas is guilty of colluding with Trump to cover up his nefarious activities with Putin and his oligarchs. Quotes from Wikipedia: In February 2018, Conaway prevented efforts by the Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee to investigate financial links between Trump, his businesses, his family and Russian actors.[11] Conaway prevented subpoenas for related bank records, Trump's tax returns and witnesses.[11] Democrats on the Committee had, for example, asked for subpoenas to Deustche Bank, which the Trump Organization and Jared Kushner (Trump's son-in-law and senior White House advisor) have borrowed extensively from.[11]

  182. We need a new definition of treason because this is one of the greatest betrayals in American history. There certainly was meddling and there was surely collusion. History will ruin the names Nunes, Gowdy, Conaway, King, LoBiondo, Rooney, Hurd, Stefanic,Cr4awford. Stewart, Wenstrup, Turner, and Ros-Lehtinen. Right up there with Aron Burr. Putin will be toasting American traitors all night.