3 Austin Package Explosions, 2 of Them Deadly, Appear to Be Linked

The Austin interim police chief warned residents not to touch any unexpected or suspicious packages. “Call 911,” he said.

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  1. Austin Police Chief Manley rightly says, "“It’s not time to panic,” he said. “It’s time to pull together as a city and a community and solve this.”

    WE THE PEOPLE must not live in fear or cower in our homes/businesses. The only way WE will be safe if to take action.

    People in the Austin area who are expecting packages to be delivered should call the delivery company, including their local U.S. PO, and say they will only accept packages that are delivered into their hands by the carrier. It will cause temporary inconvenience, which might be a very good thing. It's time for people to wake up, get outside and talk to each other.

  2. People can also direct their delivery instructions online. The shipping email from the vendor has (or should have) a link to USPS, UPS or whomever that allows the buyer to tailor delivery options.

    My thoughts and prayers are with the affected people in Austin.

  3. The Austin PD tells people to look for suspicious packages but fails to tell the public what said packages look like give three have exploded.

  4. They are packages that were delivered at night and left on the front of houses without any shipping label.

  5. People will always find a way to harm others. This had nothing to do with guns, opiates or Trump. People will always find a way. This sounds like a mental health issue.

  6. Or a hate and racist terrorism issue. Could we make those an official form of mental illness?

  7. They pretty much are.

  8. Again-a home grown domestic terrorist(s) further highlighting the decay in America's values about life and liberty. However the dots aren't connected?
    How is this different than a subway bomb, marathon bomb,car bomb ? When this happens in Middle East or somewhere other than here-we label it "radical ".

    The homegrown anger and hatred of others is the wound under the scab in this country. Meanwhile policy continues to ignore the symptoms and Trumps " guy at the saloon " comments give permission to all of it! Our democracy is crumbling. Have a passport ready.

  9. “I could never again raise my voice against the violence of the oppressed in the ghettos without having first spoken clearly to the greatest purveyor of violence in the world today: my own government.” -- Martin Luther King

    King referred to the violence caused by the poor against the poor in the ghettos. But whoever is the perpetrator, surely the violence that our country pours on people throughout the world is his teacher.

  10. I share your concerns and fears but I'd rather stay and fight against hate; violence, and racism. I'm not giving up on our great country's ability to live its creed of peace and justice for all.

  11. My heart is broken for the loss of the young man. News reports tell of his vibrancy, his passion for creating music and excelling in school. He was planning to go to music camp in Michigan this summer before beginning college in August. It seems he was loved by all who knew him. Our city has lost so much in his death. I hold his family in my heart.

  12. Without even knowing her, I feel pretty bad for the old woman as well and hope she survives. Especially if she can do so without having been bombed into a life of excruciating pain.

  13. Austin is a liberal mecca in a red state, and you have SXSW going on - so the liberals are multiplied 100 fold - which really freaks out the extremists in our state. I recall the man who flew his plane into the Austin IRS building some years ago. He was a RWNJ and belonged to some anti-government, anti-tax group. I'm certain, given the timing of these bombings and the victim's demographics, they will find this bomber is also a RWNJ, hates anyone who isn't like him (most likely a "him"), and wants to strike fear in all the liberal leaning folks who are in the area right now. I just hope he isn't as intelligent as Ted Kazinski and is easily captured.

  14. "Chief Manley said that the person or people involved know how to build an explosive that detonates."

    Reporters' compunction to blindly quote officials has gotten so bad that a line such as this makes the cut...in a story about exploding boxes. Sheesh.

  15. A lot of attempted package bombs don't go off because the person making the bomb doesn't really know what he's (I don't think too many of these crimes are committed by women) doing. So mentioning that they've all exploded is a pertinent point.

  16. A Unabomber targeting an otherwise calm residential neighborhood in Texas' state capital?
    The cynic in me wonders if some real estate investor is trying to drive property values down there enough to get a blood-soaked bargain . . .
    I also wonder if someone is setting the stage to get a family member/business associate death-related insurance payout (1st degree murder fueled by greed &/or desperation), and just randomly leaving packages around the neighborhood to only make it look like a Unabomber spree . . .
    Investigators, please leave no stone unturned to get justice for the victims soon!

  17. I lived in Austin for 25 years and that was my first thought, too.... but now that i've seen the map, i don't think so.... they are too spread out...... When I lived there, there was a problem with teen gangs doing bad things to rack up points..... I'm hoping that isn't the case, here.....

  18. Chief Manley mentioned the ATF and the FBI, but this sounds like a job for the Texas Rangers. Yes, they're still the crack law enforcement in Texas, not the baseball team.

  19. I'd be shocked if the culprit behind this is anyone but another bored, directionless young suburban (likely white) man, probably recently rebuffed by a girl, who happened to Google "how to make a bomb" one day and had the ability to actually put a few together between hours of videogames and browsing disturbing websites. These murderous crimes just scream ennui in addition to total apathy. It's a sick way to create both a public and private spectacle with secrecy to relish.

  20. I wonder if the Austin police have heard about Bait Boxes (YouTube exploding boxes set to bait thieves). The similarities are uncanny.


  21. Adding to conspiracy theories, one might be that this is the beginning of Russian attempts to divide our country using their sophisticated terrorist abilities or of course it could just be another terrorist group, home-grown or ISIS or just a personal vendetta. But still it's time for Trump to unite us instead of divided we fall.

  22. Sounds like the job of a white supremacist. I'm in the middle of reading an article in Newyorker on Reddit based pro-Trump hate groups. They should scan the IP of participants and hand the list to the FBI.

  23. I never accept or open up any packages that I was not expecting to receive. If possible, I try to locate information on the shipping label re: the sending company (i.e., Amazon or whatever) and I contact them directly, asking for information on WHO ordered the package that was sent to me. I will then contact that party (assuming it's a name familiar to me) to double-check. I now do this same thing with Facebook messages, emails etc., and that contain a link, but where the overall message or tone seems suspicious. And in most instances I was right, in that the message was NOT sent by a friend, or else it was sent by a very 'naive' friend who themselves, fell for some internet hoax.

  24. As depraved as this bombing is, it is hard to imagine they would have been perpetrated if Hillary had been elected President. Donald Trump has set an offensive and hostile tone advancing the agenda of dangerous criminals and triggering random violent acts by wackos with bombs like this instance. It is imperative that Trump be removed before more such disasters get triggered!

  25. When they catch this white man, he will be labeled "a disturbed individual" rather than a domestic terrorist because, you know, white.