New York Today: The Story Behind the Street Hearts

Tuesday: New York Romantic, Mardi Gras celebrations, and broken heart week.

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  1. I couldn't agree more. The city IS losing it's romance (and much else) with everyone's face buried in a cellphone. Even worse, atre the people who feel obliged to share their loud cellphone conversation with everyone within earshot. For me, my feelings range from ignoring, becoming irritated, to absolute fuming about it. I will confront people (politely) and ask them to please not talk so loud.

    It truly is ruining romance.

  2. I have been enjoying Mr. Halper's street art for years. It is uplifting and I have shared it with friends (via cell phone pics, sorry Mr. Halper, but its a great way to share things ). Thank you Mr. Halper for spreading the love.

  3. Calling Kossar’s Bialys a “bagel store” is such a gross mischaraterization. As the name reflects, they bake bialys (and other tasty Eastern European breads — onion pletzel, anyone?). So we can thank Mr. Halper not only for the hearts, but for contributing to our not so easy to find supply of the most delicious, delectable non-bagel delight, a Kossar bialy.

  4. Mr. Halper may be onto something. But unfortunately he's going to need a lot more chalk -- the entire World is losing its grip on beauty, love and romance.

  5. I love this column! And the comments are filled with humor and insight. Next time we’re in
    your city we’ll make a bee-line
    to Kossars for bialys; there aren’t
    any fresh-made in the East Bay.
    And now I’m heading out to
    draw hearts on the sidewalk —
    thank you Hash (you’re a cutie!)
    and I bet you can carry on a
    good conversation.

  6. I love you, Hash! Keep doin' it, man. We, all of us, need absolutely all the love we can get.

  7. I post these wonderful stories daily as nonpolitical, make you smile and lower your stress level posts. Keep them coming. We need them.

  8. Getting to the paper late again. But better late than never? (I’m totally off since I thought yesterday was a Federal holiday without mail, but I’m a week ahead.)

    Tune of “You Gotta Have Heart” (the big ending of the number)

    You gotta draw hearts
    Lots and lots and lots of hearts
    There’s a fine when it’s “graffiti” of course
    Which we don’t endorse
    In these here parts.

    But when it’s done by a real artist
    Someone like Hash
    What might have been illegal
    Is a total smash.
    He’s a master at:
    Drawing hearts, drawing hearts, drawing hearts.