A Whirlwind Envelops the White House, and the Revolving Door Spins

The White House turnover rate in the first year of Donald J. Trump’s presidency has been 34 percent. That’s a modern record.

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  1. I recently questioned my daughter on her decision to leave a good job she liked and paid well, for what seemed to me, another job with the same benefits. She quickly responded, "Dad, I did like my job, but, this new job, provides me with kind of training and experience, I need on my resume to apply for the next level in my field. Thinking about this response, what young person or even a professional, would want experience in the Trump White House on their resume.

  2. This government by the man that said he would hire all of the best people, can't even hire competent people and that starts with Donald Trump himself.

  3. The very stable business genius taking his act to the public sector. A WH staffed with nothing but stooges and yes-people because nobody competent would even consider taking a job there.

    Positions left vacant, the President spending record amounts of time relaxing away from the WH, and too many scandals and conflicts of interest to remember. These days the events of Watergate would barely merit a mention in the news for a day or two before being forgotten.

  4. This administration's incompetence starts at the top, the man who stated even before he took the oath, that he'd be appointing the best people. One of many boasts that have come back to haunt him. As the revolving doors whip around, we, the people, have a right to question whether these empty posts and unqualified senior positions are endangering our security to a degree never experienced before. Mistakes are made in every administration but, to a level unseen in recent history, this WH is extremely lucky a major disaster has not exposed the country to devastating consequences. How long do we keep our fingers crossed?

  5. That's how he stays in control. If there is constant churn and he is the ringmaster, the circus revolves around him.

    He cannot let professionals succeed, since their independent success in their jobs will give them identities distinct from his, and thereby lessen his arbitrary and capricious control over their destinies.

  6. Agreed. Very common tactic in corporate organizations with very weak leadership.

  7. He's the president of the United States. The circus revolves around him no matter what. Any success within his administration would reflect well on him. There just haven't been many.

    Apart from Mattis, I don't see anyone who can be described as a true professional who is unable to succeed because of "the churn." Kelly is proving to be incompetent.

  8. This, sir or ma'am, is exactly the issue in a nut shell. Well said!

  9. As this reality show continues with what is essentially the fourth season, one has to expect high turnover. It keeps things fresh and keeps the ratings up. Anything less would be considered a failure and could lead to a cancellation of the series. That would be a terrible outcome for the lead star.

  10. Were it not for the "Deep State", there would be no state at all.

  11. First, this is not a Wall Street business that you can go into and operate as you did before. This is a government job that has rules and regulations on how to operate. The president has never understood this. He demands loyalty to himself and not the office or most importantly to the Constitution. Second, those people who left thought they could change the man, make him more presidential. That was a fool’s errand. The president is who we see when he is not reading the teleprompter. He is misogynistic, bigoted, mean and not very smart. All traits that lead to disaster. Finally, to work in the White House you need to lose your moral center, your soul and agree that your boss is never wrong and that he is the smartest man in the room. If you can’t do that this is not the place for you, and now many people have worked it out and don’t want anything to do with this administration.

  12. “While there are a lot of vacancies and usually a position in the White House is one of the most prestigious jobs in Washington, that’s just not the feeling with this administration, given the turmoil and the chaos.”

    Nope! Sorry Republicans. You created this monstrosity so you have to babysit it for as long as is necessary. Send in your resumes and take the jobs no matter the cost to your reputation. It's the responsible thing to do. And aren't you always preaching the gospel of personal responsibility?

  13. With the news that Rob Porter did not have full clearance, now would also be the time to ask why Jared doesn't have full security clearance especially after it was released that HE reads the Intelligence Briefings and the president. Another ponderably question is would tRump even be able to get full security clearance?
    Never has there been an administration in such turmoil and run with such incompetence. High level positions are left unfilled or filled with ill-equipped and substandard people. If this is how he ran his businesses, it is no wonder he has so many failures.

  14. Welcome to the world of Trump. Someday, he will be long gone. But the damage he and his Republican enablers are doing will long be with us.

  15. It's easy to make a snarky comment, quoting Trump that he'll hire "only the best peope." The fact is, Trump's definition of "best" is strictly about one's loyalty to him. As far as skills, comptetence, vision and integrity, Trump obviosuly hires only the worst. Add in his capricious, demeaning and vengeful nature and is it any wonder that so many people don't last?

  16. 34% give or take subscribe to the fact that having Trump Administration on your resume is "bad".

  17. The "turnover" that matters is the guy presently at the top. It cannot happen soon, or fast, enough.

  18. I’m really liking the ending, comparing this administration’s personnel potential to an ice hockey team. Somebody is watching the Winter Olympics. However, this GOP squad is not gelling like it should. In fact, it’s doing worse than the Korean team. And that is not very much anticipated potential at all.

  19. And there you have it, the supposed CEO president. In business speak, poor staffing, demoralized staff, a chaotic work environment, high turnover rates are all symptomatic of mismanagement.
    So Trump is showing himself to be a poor leader in every regard.

  20. Poor leaders create failure. Here's a list of just some of Trump's business failures:

    1. Trump Airlines - Failed
    2. Trump beverages - Failed
    3. Trump, The Game - Failed
    4. Trump Casinos - Failed
    5. Trump University - Failed
    6. Trump Steaks - Failed
    7. Trump Water - Failed
    8. Trump Magazine - Failed
    9. Trump Mortgage - Failed
    10. Trump Travel Site - Failed
    11. Trump Vodka - Failed
    12. Trump Fragrance - Failed

    Remember, this is just a partial list.

  21. Trump is a lousy manager. Most of his businesses failed. That's why he won't let us see his tax returns.

  22. Great list. But forget everything except #4. Just by bankrupting a casino - a casino! - Trump should go down as The Worst Businessman In History.

  23. Trump would be difficult to work for if he were paying you from his own pocket. The fact that people are leaving in droves when the paycheck is drawn on the United States Treasury indicates that he has no people skills, no ability to manage and is selfish to a fault. His megalomania was evident from the start but ignored by 63 million voters. If we survive this administration we need to ensure it is never repeated by eliminating the electoral college. A successful businessman might succeed as President. Trump has never been successful. He is a leech on society.

  24. He always has been a leech on society.

  25. High turnover rates are always a clear sign of organizational dysfunction. The Trump administration has earned the rank of unmitigated toxic waste field. The process is self-reinforcing too. As more employees leave, the more organizational instability encourages other employees to leave. This at the same time organization appeal becomes less attractive to potential hires. You wouldn't be incorrect to describe the process as a tail spin. You better not be the last one out the door and don't forget your parachute. Everyone else watches uncomfortably from a distance.

    There's also a trickle-down effect though. We should look to see how the talent pool is fairing for Republican state and congressional staffers. I'm going to venture a guess and say Trump isn't helping their retainment and recruitment rates. Even if you don't see people jumping ship, I'll bet the bench for new applicants is pretty thin. In a few years time, you'll see an impact as Republicans have fewer competent employees to promote up. If you're young and have something else to do, you're probably looking elsewhere right now.

  26. And 70% of Republicans support this guy and 40% of the country support him. Seriously, I don't recognize this country. I understand that we have two parties and while always a Democrat, I did understand the different POV of the Republicans. Some of my best friends...... But I do not understand supporting this awful person.

  27. I am not sure I believe that "70% of Republican " figure. Most Rs I know are nauseated.

  28. Oh please, they were also paying good money for pets.com, pet rocks, cracker box condos in Las Vegas, and on and on.

    This too shall crash.

  29. Rachel Brand had the right idea: get out while you can, with your reputation more or less intact. Having “Trump administration” on one’s resume will be a big red flag that results in auto-dumps of CVs into “reject” piles all across the world.

    The only employment prospects for people who stay will be in the media realm. Chris Christie’s hiring by ABC is proof that demonstrated competency in politics and governance isn’t a requirement when it comes to being a “network contributor.”

  30. His presidential campaign had high staff turnover too. Yet, somehow his underdog campaign won.

    Maybe the staff turnover isn’t a sign of incompetence. Maybe it’s deliberate strategy, a mix of high standards and high accountability when things go wrong and a willingness to replace staff.

    Often the media seems to value a leader’s ability to keep senior staff above all else as a sign of management excellence (ex. numerous stories about how company x or company y must be in trouble because they’ve have 2 or 3 VP’s leave in the last year). That’s not always true.

  31. You are absolutely correct; most widely successful corporations are characterized by turnover rates in excess of 34% and vacancies on top of vacancies in the senior management ranks.

    BTW, I also have a bridge that I can sell to you at a very attractive price.

  32. Thanks for the laugh!

  33. Is this your application for Sarah's job when she's kicked to the curb?

  34. Trump declared at the RNC Convention that "I ALONE can fix it".
    Well, there you go. With such a monumental ego and a personal love of chaos, Trump is a very undesirable boss. Not to mention the required pledge of loyalty TO HIM combined with the nondisclosure agreement which all must sign who work for Dear Leader and who would want the aggravation?
    Then of course the Trump White House on your resume does not have the cache such a position used to have what with investigations and lack of respect for our current POTUS.
    These are the sad facts confronting anyone who may be employed in this administration. This is all on Trump and his cult of personality. Trump works for himself only even while POTUS. He diminishes the dignity of the office he holds and thus all around him.

  35. I think the word you had in mind was 'cachet', though hiding something is right up Cadet Bone-Spurs alley.

  36. Fools rush in. And then they realize how foolish they were and rush out again.

  37. "The budget director is doing double duty as the acting head of the consumer protection agency."
    That would be Mick Mulvaney, who wants to defund the consumer protection agency. He's not a nice guy to ordinary folks. He treats them badly.

  38. NYT: "More than a year into his administration, President Trump is presiding over a staff in turmoil, one with a 34 percent turnover rate, higher than any White House in decades."
    I'm surprised that it isn't worse, such as, higher than any White House in memory or higher than any White House in the 20th century. But it's still early, and, of course, there is the pungent aroma of possible impeachment, grand jury indictments and trials, And, of course, citizens and residents will be paying penalties for this incredible public disservice. Great benefits, however, for Vladimir Putin and all those far right crazies in this country.

  39. In a nation not short on opportunists in the true, bootstrap-yourself-up (even if you don't own a pair of boots) tradition, we still have a high vacancy rate at the Trump White House.

    Maybe it is the rumors of the toxic work environment there. Or how the news media outside of the Fox World treats this joke of a Presidency and is examining his appointments so carefully. Maybe it is the ongoing investigations and the sense that what is going to be revealed is going to be shocking, and people don't want to be in the room (or anywhere near the building) for that Presidential perp walk. Maybe folks don't want to be on the wrong side of history...

    There is no "I" in the Trump "Team" but there is lot of "Me"... and come to think of it: "Meat". Maybe good people just don't want to be tossed to the dogs...

  40. White House staff in turmoil? 34% turnover rate, revolving door for Trump hires? The E.O.B. "a ghost town"? Face it, Folks, when so many new government workers have not even secured their TSSI Clearances, but are working anyway, we are on the slippery slope (h/t PyeongChang, South Korea) to perdition. The President's "Team" is lost, and trying to escape the Oval Office and White House confines. The participants are all like pool balls scattered with no rhyme or reason, trying to escape the great big pool table that is our Republican government today. Our country, under Trump, is behind the Eight Ball.

  41. I can't understand why in this article
    Obama's title is 'Mr.' and Clinton's is 'President'. Should they not both be the same?

    "Mr. Obama and President Bill Clinton. “

  42. The Times' procedure is to call serving and ex presidents "President ______" at first mention and then "Mr.______" thereafter.

  43. Times style is to use President X on first reference; subsequent references are Mr......See President Trump in the article.

  44. With some obvious exclusions, even as a Democrat, I find it hard not to praise those who have had a sincere desire to serve the Executive Branch with a sense of higher purpose. The quandary, however, seems to be that many or most are arriving at the conclusion that serving the president is not serving the country they love. For the 2/3 who have stayed, we must consider that some or most feel that the country needs them - at a minimum - to offer stability to the Executive Branch at the basic functional level. What, after all, would we have, if 1/3 of of our branches of government just went up and COLLAPSED? We may just have some unsung heroes here.

  45. Trump must be nauseating to work for, when the answer to "Which way is up?" is constantly changing with all the lies, and then you're pushed into freefall with an executive tweet.

  46. The boss needs to be fired.

  47. Add: Jobs
    There is opening right now in the White House. No experience necessary.
    Having work in a day care or having be in the Marines will be an asset.
    Please send your CV to the chief of staff, General Kelly.

  48. You could pay me a million dollars and I would not work for this administration. It a shambles made up of bumbling incompetents from Trump on down.

  49. I fear that Peter Baker's reporting style - sober, restrained - is not up to the task of realistically analyzing the current situation. By comparing Trump's horror show to previous administrations, he discusses baselines that simply do not apply. Trump and his cabal of incompetent, greedy, clueless cronies reject the basic concepts of governance that have characterized both parties' approach up to now. They are a Koch/Adelson-funded demolition squad of the worst of the fringe, aided and abetted by the Republican Congress. It's no accident that key cabinet positions were quickly filled by the likes of Price and Mulvaney. The fact that they perform so poorly in comparison to previous administrations is no shame to their extreme supporters. The empty positions don't worry them because they aren't interested in fulfilling their constitutional duties to defend and promote the general welfare. As Charles Blow wrote yesterday, they have a much different agenda. That's why the only people who can survive the turmoil are the Night of the Living Dead Stephen Miller/Kellyanne Conway types. It's time to give up the pretense that there is anything normal about this self-inflicted catastrophe and focus on investigative journalism to expose the rot.

  50. Excellent comment.

  51. I wish I'd written that. (Norman Mailer paraphrase)

  52. @judyb: My NYT Pick!

  53. Speaking as a former public company CEO and now active board member of both public and private companies, I can tell` you that the red flags of Trump’s management style have become a festoon of danger signs. I have known great CEO’s and managers; Trump is neither. One of the signs that any board looks for in the performance of a CEO is the ability to recruit and retain high performance, culturally consistent senior management. Premature exits of almost any kind are always a signal for concern. A 34% turnover rate, with key management leaving voluntarily or, even worse, involuntarily, is a sign that the CEO is long overdue for an exit him or herself. The Emperor (God help us) has no clothes. This man’s skills as a businessman were always overstated or, as to management skills, simply non- existent.

  54. Perhaps other red flags would include hiring family members and being blatantly racist and sexist. And tweeting it all day.

  55. Anyone who has followed Donald Trump in the news for the past decades knows that he's a con artist, an inept businessman and an ethically vacant person.

    That the White House reflects the same is no surprise.

  56. More like a revolving trash chute. This regime would be REALLY frightening, if they were not so extremely incompetent. Seriously.

  57. The claim of Trump and conservatives generally (remember Mitt Romney?) is that the White House/Washington needed a brilliant businessman/private sector executive. Well, the only word to describe Trump's management is incompetence. He can't even manage a relatively small office, where he lives above the store. What a loser. Of course this was always all a fraud, so it's not surprising. But for anyone who actually believed him to be a smart businessman, how do you explain that he can't even hire to fill open positions nor retain people beyond a few months. Pathetic.

  58. When will it end? Enough is enough already. Trump and his narcissistic incompetent clown show must go. Trump and his incompetent hack jobs are destroying this country. Does anyone care?

    If Congress won't do its job, the People will soon have to take to the streets to save our country...or whats left of it. These are depressing , dark times.

  59. Most chief executives surround themselves with smart people. It's a key trait that contributed to their successes.

    Trump historically has surrounded himself with the sycophants that feed his fragile ego rather than his limited intellect.

    Preferring loyalty over proficiency, Trump gets what he wants to hear, not necessarily what he needs to hear.

    Every day is a continuation of the chaos that contributes to global leadership looking elsewhere for stability.

  60. "A fish rots from the head down", or words to that effect and I believe attributed to President Reagan. Trump is the quintessential example of everything you don't want at the top - he couldn't on his best day manage a pay toilet. His cabinet is a clear reflection of him - incompetent, arrogant, self-serving and inexperienced in most areas, if not all. No reason to believe matters will change at all over the length of this nitwit's tenure.

  61. The President of the U.S. would be doing well to turn lawyers in his administration out to pasture as it is lawyers who dominate and run all branches of the U.S. government. This is known as the U.S. legal caste. Late American newspaper publisher Edward W. Scripps wrote" If there is such a thing as true freedom and democracy then the road to that goal lies over and through the ruin and annihilation of the legal caste."

  62. In a nation of laws, it's difficult to get rid of lawyers.

  63. This is amazing. Trump may eventually forced out because of sheer incompetence of his admistration. IE .. he would be fired/impeached. This could all happen pretty quickly if Congress decided to pursue it. Not much of a trial. Determination made that he is seriously hurting the country. Congress can move quickly if it wants to. The quicker the better. May bea week.

  64. But no complaints from the GOP Chicken Hawks, their owners, and the GOP propaganda machine of Hannity et al. at Fox "News".

  65. birds flying the coop. the article's cover photo is brilliant.

  66. It is no wonder people are fleeing or avoiding working for the administration in the first place. Why would any logical person want to be associated with a presidency drowning in corruption, ineptitude, racism, and bold-faced lies on a daily basis? Maybe this is the silver lining in this disaster of an administration - the lack of a full staff hampers their terrible policies and goals from coming to complete fruition.

  67. The corruption probably attracts a good number of people.

  68. Maybe if the White House just tried to fill these jobs with qualfied USA-born citizens without any political leanings. See: Americans residing outside the Beltway.

  69. We're saying qualified non-partisan citizens don't want to be associated with this administration. Plus I believe moving expenses are not payable anymore under this administration.

  70. The 'rats escaping a sinking ship' metaphor seems appropriate.

  71. No competent person with reasonable prospects in the work force would go near a job in the current WH with a 10 foot pole. It has got to be a career buster.

  72. Here is to hoping it swings closed on Trump as well! Meuller cannot work fast enough!

  73. While the White House, the State Department and the EPA are drained of critical employees by Trump nihilism, the one place Trump is staffing is the judiciary system with right-wing cranks, charlatans, incompetents, religious renegades, misogynists, voter suppressors, gun nuts and corporate shills who will loyally corrupt the common good, justice and civil rights for decades to come.

    "They will create a judicial branch that is hostile to women’s rights, workers’ rights, voting rights, LGBTQ protections, and the environment. And they will do so capably and under the radar. "

    "Trump has shattered every previous presidential record when it comes to filling vacancies on the courts. The Senate has confirmed 23 of Trump’s nominees, filling one Supreme Court seat, 12 circuit court seats, and 10 district court seats. By way of contrast, Obama filled a mere three circuit court seats in his first year in office." (...due to Republican obstructionism).


    Register and vote, America.....before Donald's despotic judges have a chance to dethrone democracy.

    November 6, 2018

  74. Socrates, I always love your incisive commentary and some of the laughs you provide along the way. I believe that should Trump be found complicit with the Russians (and, undoubtedly, a few GOP Congressional members) in the last election cycle in swinging the vote illegally in his direction, all judicial appointments, including Gorsuch, need to be nullified and new appointments need to be brought before the Senate for new confirmation hearings. This aggression will not stand (The Dude).

  75. Emphasis on that caveat that Obama could not get judicial appointees approved due to GOP obstruction. Trump isn’t stacking the judiciary, Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan are stacking the judiciary after blatantly refusing to allow the twice elected Obama to make appointments. How that was allowed is still beyond my understanding. I have no doubt DJT has no idea how this appalling legacy will play out but be sure our once great country will pay a horrific price for years to come.

  76. A very disturbing picture, Socrates. Coupled with the fact that Trump and Republicans gloat so much over the appointment of Neil Gorsuch, while at the same time never allowing a Senate hearing for Obams's nominee for nearly one year...as if this was a good thing....all bodes poorly for the judiciary.

  77. This photograph make me laugh. Even the birds are fired! Or are them chickens coming home to roost?

  78. The EPA was a go to place for rigid confirmed true believer environmentalists ever since the first Earth Day. They were hired for there bias by biased administrators. The pendulum is swinging. The USA needs prosperity to pay for balanced environmental protection. This change is good for the USA. Carbon- dioxide is not pollution.

  79. Please tell us more about your scientific credentials and the data you analyzed to arrive at this conclusion.

  80. "The USA needs prosperity to pay for balanced environmental protection"?
    No. Rather, the by-products of our "prosperity" has spawned the need for a lot more "environmental protection".
    (Perhaps you enjoy breathing your own methane, too?)

  81. Here in TX, as we get ready of an election in early March, I have heard from military retirees (republican voters) that are not happy with the State or Federal "leadership". When the Republicans lose the retired military, they need to be afraid, very afraid - at least in Texas.

  82. If he were not president, Donald Trump would not be able to get a security clearance to work in his own White House. For that and myriad other reasons, he should not be the boss there.

  83. The 34% percent turnover rate clearly underscores this president's inability as an administrator or as a leader who knows what he's doing. He isn't governing because his interests are in his businesses which he is overseeing, if not micromanaging. The burn-out rate is so high because of the tension and anxiety of working for a president who is unfamiliar with his own sworn duties and job description. The staff members who have remained in the White House have done so to the risk of soiling their names and reputations to align with the incompetence of this administration. Their association with the president cannot bolster their resumes. Hard work, management acumen and discipline are not qualities this president has nor are they reflected in this administrations's performance to date.

  84. As a longstanding public servant (and proud of it) in the field of environmental protection, I can tell you with complete certainty - most experienced, talented, credentialed government people do NOT want to stain their reputation, or compromise their integrity by working directly for a person like DJT.
    With few exceptions he has been unable to attract honest, experienced and talented staff. And it shows.

  85. And I dare say your were hired because of your bias about industry and your misunderstanding of what science really is. I would love to see and mark your copybok.

  86. what is a "copybok" ?
    I was not given one when I was hired out of a business law firm in the private sector over 25 years ago.
    And unlike Team Trump. I have never been asked to take a loyalty test, to deny science, to 'load the deck', to lie, to enable a liar, or to take any position not based on the rule of law.

  87. "The budget director is doing double duty as the acting head of the consumer protection agency." ... I hate to say it, but that still sounds like a half-time job. Their budget process is completely non-serious and they have no intention of protecting consumers, so this person has two titles plus time on their hands.

    Maybe they could help Jared with the peace process. That could free up Tillerson for, I don't know, CDC or something.

  88. Anyone willing to work for this administration has sold their soul for twenty pieces of silver.

    And, even if they have no soul, it's entirely foreseeable that working for an unqualified and unhinged malignant narcissist is going to be a horrible experience all the way around. Trump is obviously fundamentally unfit -- as every newspaper in this country said he would be.

    So his staff is a collection of relatives, wife beaters, inveterate liars, and craven opportunists. That's not remotely surprising.

  89. If when I got to the school where I teach each morning there were news trucks parked everywhere and reporters swarming the halls like flies I might find it exciting for a moment. After a year of it I should think I'd be sick of it too and maybe want to find someplace quieter to work and so I could get something done. With so many unnecessary distractions the kids get all antsy and don't pay any attention to what I'm trying to teach them anyway.

  90. Tracking Trump's personnel problems lends weight to the argument that the problem with Trump goes WELL beyond mere "style." Most people (myself included) can only observe him from afar. Trump supporters argue he's just "unconventional" and Trump critics such as myself argue he's "unfit." In a vacuum, it's hard to tell who has the better picture.

    But White House staff and Trump's chosen personnel do not operate in a vacuum. Trump himself set the stage by heaping praise upon his cabinet as being the smartest in U.S. history. In fact his actual quote is that he had assembled the smartest cabinet "ever assembled." His supporters assured us that Trump's ignorance and lack of experience would be negated by the fact that he would be surrounding himself with the best and brightest minds available.

    That's not how it's worked out and anyone who thought it would was fooling themselves. Trump dismissed most competent people for lack of "loyalty." His administration has largely been too inept to fill the vacancies and are having trouble attracting talent. What kind of people DOES Trump attract? Bannon, Gorka, Spicer, Preibus, The "Mooch," Omarosa, Manafort, Flynn, Price, Porter... these are the best and brightest? Meanwhile, the scientists and experts are being defunded and given every reason to leave government. Corporate shills like Pruitt have their own obvious objectives.

  91. If one reads "Fire and Fury" the horror of working for Trump becomes apparent from the ungoverned ill temper of Trump to the lack of any basic communication. Staffers are left breathless waiting for what Trump will do next.

  92. Am reading it now and can only handle about ten pages at a time for getting sick to my stomach . . . (at best).

  93. Any organization is a clear reflection of the person at the top.

    Consider Obama's presidency, no-drama competency, a desire for stability, and errors on the side of caution.

    Trump: chaotic and cut-throat sums him up nicely.

    Which approach is better for our country?

  94. Clearly, his supporters believe that chaos and cut-throat relationships are best for our country. Would they want that in their own employment; in their own police department; in their own church; their children's school? And yet it is what they want for our country.

  95. I think it’s good. It’s well known that many aspects of government are way too bloated. Time we trimmed down, not only at the White House but at the State department and the EPA, etc.

    Government should learn how to do more, with less. One way to do that is to increase efficiency. People tend to view government jobs as jobs for life and are thus inefficient compared to their private sector counterparts. Historically, it’s been nearly impossible to get fired from a government job. I’m glad it’s changing and we are getting rid of the bad ones and keeping the good ones, not only at the White House but across agencies.

  96. Read the story carefully. It isn't focused on career operatives, but on people going to work for this incredibly unstable administration. If you think that's a good thing, you'd be wrong.

  97. So let's start with the military.

  98. Yes. Diplomacy and clean air are a bloated extravagance. We need more wars and pollution so the kids that don't have asthma can join the Marines.

  99. While Trumpy Bear is one stupid, ignorant and downright terrible person and president, one bright spot is he is so incompetent, the empire is being weakened, The only way this country can avoid disaster in the future is for the bloated and inefficient military be deprived of the huge amounts of money now being spent and wasted. We need the U.S. to focus on domestic affairs to relieve the poverty so many have to live with. We need to get out of the management of the world and Trump has now demonstrated to the Democrats they can safely advocate for reduced presence in the world, but unlike, him, they can make the case for reduced budgets for the military, not the increases the chicken hawks and the war criminal,McCain, always want. Either we get out of the world or we will go bankrupt from outlandish spending on the military. I will not vote for any politician who does not advocate cutting this profligate military spending. If we reform the military budget ,and given he weakened U.S. position in the world because of Trump, it is now time to strike a blow against the U.S. imperial management of the world.

  100. Trump is a disgrace and deserves impeachment. The sooner the better.

  101. The problem is that in such "reverse darwinian" process that those who do end up fitting in are truly the most scary and incompetent.

  102. Why would any sane, competent, self-respecting individual prostitute him/herself working in this administration, when the most important task on Day One would be to lawyer up?

  103. keep bashing
    keeo the hate going

    you are guaranteeing a landslide in 2020



  104. The slogan "Make America Great Again" never had more resonance than it does now, a year into the disastrous Trump administration. See you in 2020. But the 2018 midterms will be here first.

  105. What we really need is a 100% turnover in the Whitehouse.

  106. Oh that’s a good one! Funny!

  107. And the enabling GOP Congressional members.

  108. White House Employment Opportunity !
    Surrender yourself to indecisiveness and Chaos!
    Willingness for slander and workplace abuse by your manager!
    Ridicule for your choice work opportunity!
    Create your own blackhole resume !

  109. Are those pigeons flying off the White House roof or bats? :)

  110. Saw Chris Christie on the news defending the Donald again. Has this man no pride? The least popular Governor in the country, and already rejected by Trump for various cabinet posts, Christie apparently thinks he can publicly lick the Trumpster's boots and qualify to join the dwindling staff of lyin' losers at the WH. Pathetic.

  111. It isn't about pride. It's about opportunity. And they are kindred spirits—both are entitled and above the law in their own oh-so-humble estimation.

  112. He has always wanted to be AG.

    He could be the last man standing in a few years, kind of like Mukasey in the waning year of the Bush admin.

  113. "The Best People..."

    ...until your loyalty is questioned, you get to close to the
    Russia investigation, or you discover you still have a drop
    of integrity left in your soul.

  114. The rats are leaving the sinking ship as the noose tightens around the president.

  115. well, he buttered his bread, and now he has to sleep in it.

    loyalty over ability. on the staff front, at least Trump has been successful at one thing: failure.

  116. What a freak show. If only it wasn’t our beauty nation being dragged through the muck by these treasonous narcissists and sycophants. My dead veteran grandfathers are turning in their graves.

  117. "America's highest employee turnover," as Walmart and the White House race for the bottom. And the winner is . .. uhh, please get back to me on that one!

  118. Trump is a disaster but even worse are Republicans in Congress, including those that bemoan Trump. They have done little to constrain him in order to implement a disastrous agenda. Those Republicans have lost any claim to dignity or true patriotism. Future history will not be kind to them but they seem unconcerned about the damage to their reputations that will never be erased.

  119. So true! I understand that our government has still not hired ambassadors to Jordan, Egypt, Turkey or South Africa. If any members of the state dept. are reading this, I would gladly accept a position to either of these countries. I could accept rotation duty while you look for other ambassadors. In the current climate, I heard it might be a plus to let you know that I have no experience in diplomacy. You may be wondering how my business or legal situation is doing if I am trying to get out of the country for a few years.
    My two references called me “sullen and uncommunicative” which I’m hoping will be a plus on your ledger. However, if we can pick an embassy close to a beach, my disposition will probably become more “diplomatic.” On the plus side, I head the management does not like to hear from the underlings and I can accommodate on that front as well.
    Thank you! Can’t wait to hear from you,
    Ernest Woodhouse
    P.S. Let me know when you’ve picked a country so I can learn how to order dessert in their language. Thanks again!

  120. Thank you for the much needed laugh.

  121. Of course we must isolate this president because of his incompetency. It's good when Congress ignores him as much as possible and tries to do the People's work (I'm being optimistic here). Unfortunately, this president's incompetency is weakening our democratic institutions, the agencies that serve us. Anyone who works under him is just ruining their reputation, assuming they had one in the first place. And he apparently cannot, to save his life, find qualified, exceptional people to fill the increasingly empty halls of government. This is not a great scenario for our future, immediate or long-term.

  122. He selects those to surround him who he is most"comfortable" with. Much like himself they draw attention not through any good works they have done or views to benefit this country. The vetting process stinks. He doesn't want anyone in there who has a moral compass higher than his. That's not saying he even has one. No evidence so far. He wants those who he can talk freely around who share his low standards . Well, you see where that gets you. Everyone else is doing republicans jobs for them. The one they can't seem to do is get rid of the original bad apple.

  123. I am not so much surprised by the turnover, but the fact that anyone, remotely competent, would wish to join this crew. Prestige?=0, Longevity?=short, working conditions?=miserable. There ain't enough money!

  124. Well, who actually would want a resume that included working for the most corrupt and unqualified administration in US history?

  125. The people leaving the unparalleled sphere of corruption, sexual misconduct and mental illness in this administration are doing the only sensible thing they can do-fleeing for their lives and careers. Why would anyone be surprised by their actions? No one with any common sense or decency could work for such a deceitful and hilariously inept man.

    He refuses to learn or read anything worthwhile, or listen to anyone who isn't already compromised or accused of a crime. He is unintelligent, uninformed, craven in all aspects of his personality and a flagrant liar.

    Our country and people will be well rid of him, and his despicable band of miscreants.

  126. Character is Destiny, so said the ancients. It has come to pass in the Trump Zeit, and the Don cannot escape his destiny. It's a tragedy for the nation.

  127. There are always people who are willing to work for the nastiest people; usually those younger and after what they perceive (often in weakness) as bitter experiences. That the White House still has so many remaining employees is the stunning part. The 34-percent figure is shockingly low for all that has transpired this past year.

  128. A group of crooks and liars all looking for a quick way to fill their pockets with taxpayer loot. Can you imagine if the majority of the Obama staff did not even qualify for security clearances? Or the outrage from the allegedly liberal media if his press secretary suggested that the FBI should change the standard for a security clearance instead of him just having qualified people?

    It is the continuing game show mentality where lying is a given and "winning" is the only objective, not matter what "winning" actually means.

    And just think - Evil Pence waits in the wings, literally thinking Jesus gives him words to speak. Like some demented evangelical version of Muhammed - a conduit of God's words. Sheer lunacy.

    This alone is proof why the electoral college needs to go, and why voting Republican is not an option for any office in the upcoming election. All hands on deck to stop this lunacy.

  129. The electoral college didn't do its job. Don't blame that institution. Blame gerrymandering and rigged elections.

  130. For many years when landing at JFK and hearing some official at passport control saying "welcome to America" I felt good. Now I feel like "do I have to!!" Surprisingly it is not because of Trump but rather that this country voted for him. The election rules have been here since 1776 and things always worked out because of the voter's smarts. That obviously is no longer the case. A stupid country with nothing but burgers from Sea to Shining Sea.

  131. Having a competent, talented, and qualified staff member or employee is no different than baking a dessert. One MUST start out with only the best and proven ingredients. Anything less will lead to failure and disaster.

    This is exactly what the country and the world has been witnessing with the current administration practically from jump street. If you start out with incompetent and unqualified personnel coupled with those same individuals never gaining crucial security clearance, what other result or outcome could there possibly be?

    The scam, the shell game, the wool over everyone's eyes - everything is coming out, well, actually it's more like pouring out, and folks are finally being exposed for what they are and more importantly, what they are NOT.

    As the old adage in technology goes - garbage in, garbage out.

  132. If the political parties want to remain forces in politics, they need to form by-laws which require their candidates to undergo basic vetting and disclosure, such as tax returns, medical and security. If a candidate does not disclose and pass basic requirement, they cannot be on the party’s ticket.

  133. Not surprising. I've worked at jobs with erratic bosses and supervisors. It's a soul-crushing work environment with high turnover. People get burned out quickly and just find they can't go on. I had one co-worker never return from a lunch break during her second week. I ended up being promoted to a more senior position after only a year. As much as I would like to think it's because of my Superior abilities, in hindsight it was more so that there were so few people in my department that stayed that long. And similarly found myself performing three separate jobs for one slightly increased salary. I ended up burning out after the second year.

    Trumps experiences as a businessman actually make him even more unqualified as a hiring manager. He has mostly relied on family members and people he's worked with for many years who he feels are loyal to him. But in the government loyalty is a fluid thing, and ultimately a qualified staff is more of an asset to the president then a bunch of sycophants who are willing to tell him what he wants to hear even when he's dead wrong.

  134. Very interesting picture which is accompanying the article - it looks like vultures circling the camp.

  135. Who would dare destroy their reputation and take on the liability of unlimited legal bills at this point other than the most desperate or stupid of folks?
    Someone who is already a Russian asset?
    At this point in time applying for any job within the administration would make you a co-conspirator until proven otherwise.
    Work this like WWJG do. What would John Gotti do. Assume any employment offer is entrapment, and walk silently away with a polite no thank you.

  136. Regardless of the accuracy of the Michael Wolff book, this statistic confirms his basic premise. Chaos, lack of experience, back stabbing internal politics, lack of leadership and confusion. This is bad news for all of us as it means when there is a true crisis, absolutely no one in the White House knows what they are doing. This is not an episode of The Apprentice, it is The Gong Show.

  137. This is so reminiscent of what occurred in NYC during Guiliani's administrations.
    It got so difficult during that time to attract competent/qualified employees, that the mandatory City residency requirement, was suspended in order for the Law Department to hire attorneys!
    The HUGE stain on your resume is impossible to remove.
    Garbage in garbage out!

  138. Only 34% turnover? not high enough, not fast enough, and not reaching high enough in the ranks. It is an executive branch rife with nastiness, chaos, bullies, abusers, cronies of the plutocracy, ;persecutors of the poor and vulnerable in our society , and a veritable wrecking crew towards the institutions of government on which so many depend.

  139. What is there to say anymore? Simply, total incompetence. Let's get out there and vote in November and take a few like-minded friends with you. My donations are going to entities like the Natural Resources Defense Council and Sierra Club in hopes that lawsuits brought forth to protect the environment slow down the destruction until we can vote out this administration and it's enablers in Congress.

  140. As promised, he runs the country like he ran his businesses: into bankruptcy. In cahoots with criminals.

  141. I made this point a YEAR ago on these boards, and here we still are: There IS No White House, and it's become very obvious there's no GOP, either. There's only a Truman Show set filled with Crooks & Oligarch Stooges on the payroll.

  142. Seriously folks, at what point in time do we ADMIT TO OURSELVES that this particular administration has a problem? When the occupying administration has a problem, we all have a problem. This Whitehouse cannot even keep a janitor for over 3 months. We need to hold a special election and hear from the people as to the fate of this administration. This is absolutely unacceptable!

  143. It doesn't matter what happens.

    Trump's supporters only watch Trump TV aka Fox News so they will never ever hear any of this.

  144. The Mueller investigation IS Trump's security clearance investigation.

  145. The most consistent thing about this White House is that the Russians routinely tell the American People when they communicate with the president.

    Eight times, Donald spoke with Putin and the WH didn't tell the American people about any of them. We learned about the contacts only from the Russians.

    What kind of presidency do we have here? What is in Donald's mind?

  146. Chaos, dysfunction, incompetence and psychological abuse are the hallmarks of working for a extremely temperamental, insecure, unstable mean-spirited narcissist. Who in their right mind would want to work for such a man? If this doesn't define "unqualified" I don't know what does. It's a natipnal disgrace that continues to be toxic to our democracy. We all watch the daily trauma that is the reality TV show that passes for governance to ehich apprentice will hear the fateful worfs, "You're fired!" And, we anxiously wait to the point of despair for any adult supervision to arrive.

  147. Donald Trump: "I'm going to surround myself only with the best and most serious people." He also had the largest inaugural crowd, ever.

    Ask yourself....... Would I work for this administration?

    Godspeed Bob Mueller.

  148. Given a choice between a job in this administration and being in the ship's orchestra on the Titanic, go with the Titanic. At least you get to play music.

  149. Trump kept leading the cheer to "Lock her Up" along with Flynn, insisting that Hillary's treatment of her emails was criminally negligent. However, both men are liars and security risks with known personal breaches of security and lies to FBI. Trump bragged about his managerial skills while having the capacity of a toddler to manage their mother.

  150. You know, it's interesting - Mister "You're Fired" never does really fire anybody. Instead, he undermines them until they quit. It's a pretty passive-aggressive style. And now you can see that Kelly is playing right into that dysfunction, saying "I'd be willing to resign" and stuff instead of saying "Look if he wants to fire me he can step up and do it," or words to that effect. Kelly's not requiring Trump to be a real man. Put it this way: Trump's juvenile games would never fly in the Marine Corps.

    The problem with Trump is that his personal word is no good. How is somebody like that going to attract straight shooters?

  151. What else would you expect? The GOP is a coalition of people who fundamentally detest any part of government that isn't directly connected to lubricating the machinery of wealth. They hate the parts of government that have been developed to facilitate the well-being of people. If you basically hate government, you don't care if it's well-staffed.

    We can only expect the voting public to wake up and smell the roses --in their lamenting dreams -- long after those roses are gone. Why any sane person would vote for wealth-for-the rich and abandon civil protects is so stultifyingly stupid that further analysis is useless.

  152. So it appears that the progressives would rather the bad eggs stay in their positions that to oust them. At the same time it could be that they're petrified that better qualified candidates will fill the vacancies and strengthen the Presidents resolve to get the country moving again. Either way they're helpless to do anything about it.

  153. I think most people would simply prefer that Trump not hire so many bad eggs in the first place.

  154. Better qualified candidates have no interest in joining this trainwreck.

  155. People with integrity and competence are avoiding this administration - suspect it would taint your reputation for the rest of your life.

  156. Lunacy, deep intrigue, and working in a veritable minefield that shifts daily, no wonder it's a staffing nightmare — among a panoply of other intensely objectionable things.

  157. Further proof that Trump plays a “successful businessman” on TV only. In real life, he can’t manage his way out of a paper bag. For those of you who voted for this charlatan because he was a “successful businessman,” you were conned. Get over it and “fire” him the next time around.

  158. There must be... fifty ways to leave the White House.

  159. Those looking for Obama-years sinecures should look elsewhere, it seems.

  160. Surely you jest.

    The entire cabinet are billionaires and they have all taken steps to use their agencies to further advance their agendas and bank accounts.

  161. And people would be looking for said sinecures for what purpose, exactly? As a lame defense of the Trump administration’s colossal mismanagement?

  162. No munchkins working for the administration--all "billionaires? Dickey, you jest, right?

  163. I can't wait to hear how the Trumpists and Fox News spin this to blame it all on the Democrats, the FBI, Hillary, and Obama!

  164. No doubt about it, the experience and professional deckhands have either left the Trump ship of state or fired. Lots of little rats are trying to climb aboard after some big rats were thrown overboard. A few ensigns are still there, praising the crazy capt to retain their jobs. Largely, one suspect, they cannot land equivalent or suitable jobs elsewhere. Mr Trump, if you have an once of brain you should resign. It is really too shameful to hang around as Potus. But maybe that is too complicated for you. But then again if you resign you may promptly be put on trial. Very sad.

  165. You had me until you wasted ink on Omarosa.

  166. How do we like having a CEO as president, wasn't that the clamor "the base", and aren't they just the most base, was extolling. Run government like a business! This CEO would be run off of the grounds for his mismanagement, and a 34% cycling rate of people would not be tolerated by any right minded business. I hope we can all get our fill of fallacy from this non-presidential president.
    BTW Trump wants to have a sleep over with Duterte and compare notes on what to do for the women in their lives this valentine's day. What a couple of reprobates.

  167. People who believe in government, and even rely on it, but who nevertheless support the present government, must ask themselves why they favor destroying that government. Trump's strategy is waste; he's exercizing his personal preferences in the name of policy. Pointless walls that cost billions, more money to be spent on overseas military bases (which already number more than 200), inaction in the face of Puerto Rico's suffering and a total disregard for speaking truthfully about war and peace -- for starters -- make conservatives look hopelessly selfish, mean and cruel and anything but conservative. The Republican party has been looking fairly radical, lately, and more and more white male.

  168. The white house is close to desperation mode: qualified people are leaving and qualified people are realizing to work there is death's door. The Republican Party is lean these days on really qualified people, but the pool is really shallow when it comes to working for the "Bald Bully." All previous tenets of Republicanism have been discarded by this administration. Loyal Party members don't have a clue how to behave.

  169. looking on the bright side (excuse me as I take some magic drugs), Trump will be good for the country in the long run.

    here's how:

    he is doing such a spectacularly bad job in office, reigning over chaos when not actively encouraging it, that we are all reminded that the Presidency is supposed to be the chief executive position of government. alas, we cannot just call out, "you're fired!", despite Trump's all too obvious failings at running the show.

    this actually has nothing much to do with Trump policies, such as they are; this is all about his ability to function in office, which is way, way below a failing grade. we were better off with Grant in a drunken stupor, Wilson in a coma, or even Millard Filmore.

    but, one way or another, he won't be in office for ever, and perhaps next time we'll take a deep breath and elect someone who is up to the executive job.

    remember, my fellow Americans, a fish stinks from the head.

  170. Not surprising, any of it. The republican party has become the Trump Cult. He will be the meaning to and end, they all want to pass their agenda and believe with a man like that in charge they will. It is all very sad and worrisome. It will take many years to reverse all these changes.

  171. I think the "base" interprets this as another reason to support the president. Their much maligned leader is running the country while short-staffed.

  172. Some of the turnover has resulted from 'firing' after scandal has become public. Some has resulted from 'firing' after too much known disagreement with, or triggering the anger of Trump. Some of it has come from resignation in the face of thinly-veiled disgust with the President and turmoil in the workplace. The staff who remain are toadies who care more about their titles than about right and wrong.

    Candidate Trump promised that he would pick and appoint 'The Best People.' Of course he didn't say WHEN he would do that. We're still waiting Mr. President.

  173. Any business that had a 34% turnover rate in a year would be deemed to have either one of two problems. A bad work environment, or low pay. It's probably not the pay scale.

  174. Didn't trump promise his voters he would have a world class operation run like an efficient business. And still they continue to support him. No cure for whatever ails trump supporters - A chronic debilitating illness - that may bring the end of our nation.

  175. If Republicans find it harder and harder to find work in DC, perhaps that will be what entices them to find a way to be rid of this president. After all, they need to pay off their student loans, pay their bills and most of all find a job with health coverage for their family just like the rest of us. They are not all from the 1 percent.

  176. When a company has that much turnover, it may be time for new management.