White House Proposes $4.4 Trillion Budget That Adds $7 Trillion to Deficits

The White House released a proposed budget that is largely irrelevant, given Congress passed a spending bill last week that outlines priorities.

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  1. So, our liar in chief who said he would not cut Medicare and Social Security, is now turning on Medicare. This to finance his tax cuts to the rich. Where are all those GOP/Tru,p supporters now who slammed Omabacare who cried "keep your hands off my Medicare?".

    We know this was coming, with so called "tax reform". Now, the GOP and Trump are seeking fiscal responsibility on teh backs of senior citizens.

  2. The senior citizens in my state will keep voting Republican no matter what the Republicans do to Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. All the Republican party has to do in Iowa is use the right social value words. when Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid are cut, Iowa Republicans will just find a way to blame Barack Obama and the Democrats.

  3. Don't forget--also cutting Medicaid which is the program the majority of vulnerable seniors and their families rely on to help pay for nursing care facility costs.

  4. they ultra rich never saw a dollar they didn't want to take

  5. One of my major hopes for the Trump administration is that he would force Congress, in self-defense, to work more effectively together than it's managed to since 2011. We're about to see if that hope is realized. His budget, as described, is not salable.

  6. Richard: I predict that no such "working with Democrats on infrastructure priorities and funding" will occur. End of prediction; no caveats.

  7. Richard, regarding your reply to Socrates, you are projecting from your own party when you speak of "mindless opposition that will become less and less relevant to America."

  8. @Kevin: While your rejoinder to RL's attack on Socrates is deserved, I hope you realize that he has consistently been firm in defending the right to an elective abortion and at least one other cause that I believe we can agree on (but I don't remember just now).

    Richard, I sometimes get carried away in denouncing your nonsense, but I appreciate your sense. Contrary to what you're inclined to reply, "sense" is not what I agree with, it is what is factual and is not a flagrant distortion (distortions that I am not detailing here, because as you well know there are usually many very precise, detailed corrections by others).

  9. The Puppet strings are being tugged
    Entitlements are being mugged,
    With utter disdain
    For health to maintain,
    Trump's promises are being jugged!

  10. And note to The New York Times, stop called Medicare and Social Security "entitlements". People paid taxes to both for their entire career. Using "entitlement" implies that these programs are welfare, which they are not. Without these programs, seniors would be dying in the streets. The way it was before Social Security was passed, or end up with shorter life spans, the way ite as before Medicare was passed.

    It is bad enough the GOP refers to this as "entitlements", but the press should be more apolitical when it comes to these programs.

  11. The "entitlements" are the gas and oil subsidies and those given to Big Agra for not planting certain crops. They are the largess of the tax cuts to the idle rich, paid for by cheating the middle class of services. They are the cost over-runs routinely rubber stamped by Congress for their benefactors in the military-industrial-Congressional cabal. We know that "thems that got, get."

  12. Bravo!!

  13. We should call these "legal entitlements," meaning that the law decrees that these monies be disbursed. The notion of "moral entitlement" is something else. Medicare, Social Security, Medicaid, and welfare are all legal entitlements. We can debate which are also moral entitlements.

  14. Trump is continuing the Republican tradition -- spend like there is no tomorrow and then when a Democrat is elected to the Presidency -- demand that the debt be paid down. In the past Republicans spread the meme "Tax and spend Democrats". But the truth is that Republicans cut Taxes and budget more debt They are cut and spend Republicans. If they care about the budget they need to start now.
    And as for cutting Medicare, Trump is doing the Republican dream -- take away anything they can from people who are not rich. Cutting Medicare hurts everyone eventually.
    Axios says this budget is dead on arrival and that makes me happy.

  15. Do you mean no tax and spend?
    If budget are moral documents this one is immoral.

  16. Good analysis

  17. Stop it with the increases to our military/defense budget! We already spend WAY more on this than any other nation. Spend money on OUR PEOPLE! If we brought our military and defense budget down to a reasonable place, we could probably afford a public healthcare option! It's absurd. We're just paying to keep our military/defense contractors happily rolling in $$$.

  18. Where is the trillion dollars that mysteriously disappeared? Why is the military not accountable for their profligate and irresponsible spending and waste?

  19. What you suggest means lower profits for private defense contractors... and that's just not going to ever happen. meanwhile, Mr. Trump riles up his base with pro-American jingoism that turns into massive budgets for private defense military budgets, and if you speak out you are called a traitor. When are quickly moving towards 1930s Berlin or 1950s Russia, indeed...

  20. the GOP goal is to also drive up the deficit and debt so they can cut other programs. The ones that prove socialism can work, like medicare and social security.

  21. "Remember everything we told you about debts and deficits? Never mind now that we're in power. And all of you old people that voted for us? We'd really appreciate it if you'd die as quietly and inexpensively as possible." Winning indeed...

  22. I predict that by the time my comment reaches print this suggested budget will be changed. No cuts to Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security or Food Stamps. Make of the rest what you will, but cuts to those programs will never happen.

  23. We are headed for a future national financial collapse when creditors dramatically increase interest rates to fund these increasing deficits or even stop purchasing US. Treasury bills. What Trump did in his business world, he applies it to our federal government. The equivalent of business bankruptcies await our nation's finances. "Making America Great Again" plays like Trump as the Russian agent destroying America with the complicit GOP Congress. Democrats must relentlessly point out this disasterous scenario that actually weakens America.

  24. I don't see a reason to boost the military. I am speaking as a member of the U.S. Army. We are not fighting World War III, at least I hope not. It would be nice if the government boosted social spending, but neither party wants to stick up for us average joes. Infrastructure is needed, but it shouldn't be financed through deficit spending. Make America Great Again? I don't think this is the way of doing it.

  25. How about lowering the office budgets, including travel and entertainment budgets of Trump, Cabinet members, staff, House and Senate. That should more than make up for Medicare expenses and other programs that help those who actually need it. The taxpayers pay specific taxes, as do the Corporations to fund Medicare and Social Security. These robbers in Washington need to keep their hands off our paid for healthcare and retirement.

  26. My mother is a Trump 35% supporter. I warned her last year that they were going to cut her
    Social Security. For some reason , she didn't think that the Republican rules would apply to her. Now the reality of "trickle down" is going to affect his base , I'm just curious what reality the Trump supporters that rely on Social Security will choose.

  27. I'm beginning to think GOP has brainwashed so many previously smart people with their racist, misogynistic tactics that they cannot comprehend how all these tax cuts and spending increases are going to negatively effect a wide portion of our population.
    My folks are also on a fixed budget and on Medicare but I fear they voted for the liar-in-chief (maybe) and for this right-wing majority Congress (definitely). And their meals on wheels, healthcare and SS are all on GOP's target to decimate while military madness goes on unabated.
    When the POTUS (with his 5 deferments) wraps himself in the flag and openly wonders whether a military hardware parade would boost his sad poll numbers, we need to ignore him, his budget and the enablers who've kept him relevant up to now. November cannot come quickly enough.

  28. Cuts in Medicare. It's times like this when one wonders what the outcome might be if our protectors (Congress and Senate) did not have their very own customized and quite generous health insurance plan.

  29. They are not entitlements! We, employees and employers paid for them: deferred benefits. Repeat after me, deferred benefits. This budget proposal shows us the Republicans’ final swiping of the people’s money intended for decency and dignity in our senior years.

  30. Of course Trump proposes deep cuts to Medicare. Who didn't see this coming?

    Trump voters cheer the $1 trillion tax giveaway but can't seem to understand that they will end up paying way more than what they might see in their paychecks in increased medical costs and local tax raises.

    If this doesn't make them sit up and take notice I don't know what will.

  31. The debt will continue to balloon until someone honestly looks towards the entitlements --but that takes real work and political capital to tackle. So while the administrations may change labels from Republican to Democrat to Populist / Nationalist, only the spending priorities change, but the tax and spend policies will continue unabated. God bless America

  32. This obscene increase of military spending is why our country feels more and more like a military state. So tired of my tax dollars used this way when we have so many of who can't even afford to go see a doctor.

  33. But watching that military parade of tanks and marching soldiers will be so uplifting that I'm sure millions of Americans will immediately be cured of their ailments.

  34. the unconscionable cruelty of the GOP. Obscene military budget, tax cuts for corporations and the wealthy, endless war and border walls on one hand, and cruel unnecessary cuts to safety nets and social programs on the other. The Trump Administration is running the country like one of his casinos, and we all know how that turned out.

  35. As a "vision" of the future, Trump's budget proposal reveals a man who loves expensive toys that blow things up, an environment clogged with smog and pollutants, a demographic heavy with the elderly, but with little support in their declining years, and a fortress America bristling with guns and barely concealed contempt for everyone not white.

    Not really a vision. More a nightmare.

  36. Well, so that's vision. We get what we voted for or failed to show up to vote against.

  37. So do those who did show up to vote against. Actually, more of us. :-(

  38. Typical Republican budget.

    Cut taxes on the entitled wealthy donors, explode the deficit, then use debt as an excuse to destroy Medicare.

    (Social Security next target, of course. For those too young to remember, Republicans opposed both Medicare and Social Security from day 1 and have been working to undermine and destroy both Democratic programs ever since)

    Everyone who doesn't bother to vote, or is "too pure" to vote for a Democrat, is complicit in the Republicans' ongoing destruction of America's great post-war middle class.

  39. Amen, Lynn. The "too pure" crowd drives me nuts! If you actually believed in DJT, that's one thing; but if you just weren't happy enough with the Demo candidate . . . .

    We supported Sanders until it became clear he wouldn't win. Then my daughter designed a bumper sticker that said, "HILLARY, The Best Alternative to Bernie,"and we worked for her.

  40. Medicare? The third rail!

  41. Up until now I'd agree but in this upside down recent history if citizens don't start demonstrating outside their representatives' offices and threatening to turn them out, we are in danger of Ryanization.
    Believe me, Trump is just the sort of Gumby president Repubs have been salivating over for decades - a not too smart, lazy waffler who likes to take credit for things he has little input in as long as he can make a show of scribbling his nasty signature on it and wave it around like A+ grade school test.
    3rd rail? Don't trust your GOP congressman to protect it, you'll be sorry when it's gone.

  42. Yes, by all means let's deeply cut medicare. Why should old people who aren't fabulously wealthy be allowed to live with any dignity or security at all?

    Democrats, THIS is the issue. Not how many porn stars Trump has paid off. Let people know the Republicans are going to let their parents die in the streets. That is how you will win back the Congress in 2018.

  43. Many people of voting age do not know a world without Social Security and reproductive choice. Reproductive choice and Social Security became part of the fabric of our democracy, laws, and economy because so many had suffered horribly before these so-called entitlements became the norm. Will people have to die in the streets or of hunger in their homes, or move in with their children in old age, before voters understand that Social Security and choice are not luxuries?

  44. it's not your parents who will die in the streets. They never have the courage to cut current beneficiaries. It's you.

  45. false. Why call it "the Obama era" as if to shift the blame, when we all know that all attacks on Medicare in the past came at the hands of Republicans, led in this case by Paul Ryan who has made the destruction of SS and Medicare his core goals. Don't try to pretend that somehow Obama was against Medicare.

  46. we are spending yet more money on defense and military?! and less on our seniors?!

  47. Do you think that The President is trying to use Chapter 11 the same as he did with his businesses?

  48. Your lede says that there will be steep cuts to Medicare, yet the article doesn't mention that. How much of a cut to Medicare are we talking about?

  49. "The plan contains at least $1.8 trillion in cuts to federal entitlement programs such as Medicaid, Medicare and food stamps."

  50. Deficit control is only a Republican orthodoxy when it suits them. This is par for the course when Republicans have power. Clinton and Obama reduced debt and Republicans since Reagan have driven it up, then claim that Democrats are the ones who overspend.

    In addition, nothing could be more wasteful than spending all your money on depreciating assets, half of which are unlikely to ever be put to use. It's like saying a family of four with two young children needs four Lamborghinis. What this country desperately needs is to invest in the education and healthcare of its people, not things that explode and rust.

  51. Bravo, well said!

  52. Republican administration embracing debt and deficit spending. Shocked, I tell you.

  53. Well Trump just handed the Democrats the election if they will use it.

  54. The Democratic leadership is too busy with immigration, DACA, #MeToo, political correctness, inclusiveness, kowtowing to their celebrity donors, etc. to care or notice. So far they still haven't figured out it is kitchen table and economic issues, that win elections, and not the causes they are now involved in. Let's hope they have some kind of awakening, very quickly, else they will cede Congress to the GOP fro two more years.

    And before someone slams me, I am not targeting Democrats, and the causes I noted, but the leadership who are very blind to what is going on around them. They seem to continue down a path that continues to alienate more and more voters.

  55. "immigration, DACA, #MeToo, political correctness, inclusiveness" -

    These are issues that many, many, many Democrats care about. I think it would alienate lots of voters if they did not focus on them.

  56. Standard GOP playbook: Tax cuts for the rich, gifts to the military industrial complex, cuts to medicare. I wonder if any of those stupid old people who voted for Trump, Ryan, and McConnell will notice . Probably not since Faux News isn't likely to tell them about it.

  57. Funny you should say that. My brother is a college professor, a PHD, teaches finance and six months after the passing Citizens United, he had never heard of it. Never heard of David and Charles Koch either. All he watched was FOX News. I do not hold out much hope for him. He said the Republicans would never touch Social Security or Medicare, he said that was the third rail of politics. Any suggestions?

  58. VOTE!!!

    Sorry about your brother, but focus on those who may vote.

  59. Not all old people voted for crooks.

  60. Medicare beneficiaries in Trump states: Now you see, if you were unable to do so before.

  61. Normally, I would go into a rage after reading such an article. However, I have recently decided to go Zen, and embrace low expectations and the reality of this venal administration. Who knew the Republicans could be so mean. I didn't know the depth to which this Party could sink. So, in order to maintain my mental health, i am doing all I can by supporting a Democratic candidate in my CD19 and working to get the vote out come 2018. My guess is even the Republicans understand this is a no-fly budget proposal. What meanies!

  62. Does this plan include Trumps tax returns? Of course not, so why should any of us support his criminal enterprise?

  63. This is just not economically sustainable.

  64. Keep this up and the deficit problem will solve itself. We'll all be dead and gone from the consequences of the domestics cuts before the rooster crows. Smart.

  65. Well he is experienced in Declaring Bankruptcy, very.

  66. https://www.bea.gov/iTable/iTableHtml.cfm?reqid=19&step=3&isuri=...

    January 30, 2018

    Defense spending was 59.1% of federal government consumption and investment in 2017. *

    $744.5 / $1,260.7 = 59.1%

    Defense spending was 22.2% of all government consumption and investment in 2017.

    $744.5 / $3,353.3 = 22.2%

    Defense spending was 3.8% of Gross Domestic Product in 2017.

    $744.5 / $19,386.8 = 3.8%

    * Billions of dollars

  67. Be patient. There are only 270 days until November 9, 2018. A new day is dawning.

  68. You forgot that the new Congress does not convene until January, 2019. Trump and the GOP, can do a lot more dame in the 10 1/2 months until then.

  69. A con job by a con artist in the Oval Office. US going the way of Venezuala, Zimbabwe, USSR. Perhaps a slow leak nobody notice. But it will come once the credit agencies do their job by downgrading US sovereign debt drastically.

    This is not the moment to be 'patriotic', but to tell it as it is to avoid impending disaster of a Dollar that depreciate suddenly to be worth much less than now. Then US will be exposed as an emperor with no cloth.

  70. Guess he really wants to be a one-term president, assuming he lasts long enough to run again.

  71. The Democrats better find their backbone and fight this tooth and nail. No more compromises, as those sell out us, the people.

  72. A nation which dedicates so much more of it's treasure to killing, than to the well being of its citizenry has lost the opportunity for greatness.

  73. Fox News is selling this as stimulus for construction, a way to decrease regulation, and build the wall.

    Hypocrites and liars should not be able to tank the economy, again. The run up to the mid-terms should be used to expose every lie they tell.

  74. So much for not touching his supporters SS or Medicare benefits. These two programs are propping up our increasingly impoverished aging populations. My husband and I already help his mother and my grandmothet financially, but mostly with extras. Now both are struggling to cover bills because Medicare does not cover all and they require supplemental plans. We can't afford to help them much more than we already are. This limits our ability to save and we have kids and no pensions. The oldest is starting college in less than 2 years. We don't want to be a burden on them as we age, but we don't want them to struggle with student loan debt like us. My husband and I worked hard to get into the middle class and it just seems like a constant struggle to stay one step ahead of the bills, just as our parents did when we were younger.

    This budget/agenda just places more burden onto the already overburdened and sticks future generations with long-term cost of shortsighted thinking.

  75. The King of Debt and Moral bankruptcy has spoken.

    More weapons for foreign wars; less healthcare for America's senior citizens.

    More tax cuts for the wealthiest; more national debt for everybody else.

    Less money for the EPA; more arsenic and coal ash in your drinking water.

    Less science and technology; more Republican religion and cultured stupidity.

    Hey America, enjoy the swirling flush down America's Trump Toilet of fiscal, intellectual and moral bankruptcy.

    63 million Americans couldn't resist the dazzling allure of America's oldest juvenile delinquent.

    Sad...and possibly fatal to the country.

    Register and vote on November 6, 2018 to stop this reckless runaway freight train of incompetence, greed and Republican insanity.


    Donate a dollar to help resuscitate American democracy.


    The deadly Trump Titanic is accelerating.

  76. Just learned that Trump has been the object of 1400 lawsuit actions + six bankruptcies. He and his morally challenged Republican enablers and wealthy supporters are a pox on government and we will have to do a lot to keep them from bankrupting the country.

  77. Will the good people of all the Red States who voted to Make America Great Again finally, finally, realize that Trump doesn't give a hoot about them?

    Sure, cut back on Medicare. Make America Sick Again. When you're broke and can't see a doctor will making brown people scared really be worth it?

  78. At this rate, there's not going to be anything left for our military to protect.

  79. And what of the proposed "deep cuts to Medicare"? How much? Affecting what? For whom?

    Also, how do the proposed requests for discretionary spending for veterans' care and for opioid abuse compare with current rates of spending?

    Please provide us with more info before the Fox News machine spins this into a net gain for everyone.

  80. Mr Trump Is one Of the Most Unpredictable President Of Recent Times.Lets See What Major decisions he will take In this Remaining 3 Years. Tax Reforms Is One Of the Most Boldest Reforms of all time taken by him In His One year old tenure.

  81. Of course the lion's share of the budget goes to the war machinery at the expense of the citizens. That is expected from the gang that's running (ruining) the country in this upside down world we live.

  82. Deep cuts to Medicare will go over well in Florida and Arizona. I'm sure elderly Trump supporters will be pleased to see their health care decimated. And I'm sure this will play well for Rick Scott's senate bid in November, as he campaigns to support the President's policies: "Yes, I want to help Mr. Trump take away your health care." Why do people vote Republican?

  83. I hope all those Trump voters are happy now that they are winning. Cuts to Medicare are just the beginning. The next time you go to the hospital or your primary care doctor expect to pay more. SS is next. Keep in mind that Trump and his cohorts will never have to worry about medical bills or collecting on their SS benefits. If you think that they care one bit that you die,what can I tell you. I hope you enjoy winning!

  84. I really expected better fiscal responsibility from a businessman that went bankrupt four times.

  85. It's one thing to have massive deficits when the economy has crashed like in 2008-2009....it's a whole other thing to actually plan for massive deficits.

    No doubt the Tea Party will now rise up against Republicans as they did against Democrat in 2010 , and prove that they are a non partisan organization serious about the deficits and not just a Koch Bros funded political operation. (sarcasm intended)

  86. If we have to hand carry the weak, the lazy, get them to the polls. It will take a blue tidal wave to overcome Republican gerrymandering districts but we must in order to overturn these immoral scams perpetrated on the American people. We have been invaded by in-American activities: Cruelty, barbarism, and perpetual war mongering are sure to follow.

  87. I believe I'm "entitled" to domestic programs that I pay for.

  88. Medicare is not an entitlement program. Is a wealth redistribution program from working people to retired people. You're having "paid in" is the ante that only entitles you to collect. The amount that you will receive far exceeds what you invested in the program.

  89. Actually, you pay for everything - your entitlement and everyone else's, including the Military. Its your tax dollars that make it all possible.

  90. Love the notion of saving taxpayers X amount of millions. Really? If its trully saved, where does it go? Do we get a refund? Is it simply not collected? Or is it channeled into...wait for it...the military!?

    Saving 600 million by gutting the EPA, will cost us more down the road. Either in the too late cleanups of as mentioned estuaries...or in our personal health care costs as we breath, drink and absorb more toxins.

    And of course we all want infrastructure repairs and builds...but Trump has no clue as to the How and Whats, or whens. Plus he wants localities to cover the bulk of the costs...while hes cutting everything willy nilly with no concern of impacts, and how so many local govts are severely struggling as it is...

    What a mess.

  91. From the same hypocritical people that rejected everything Obama for supposed deficit reasons, now seem to have amnesia when it's their idea. Best government money can buy.

  92. Next up: selling public lands cheaply to Wall Street for public "infrastructure" development.

  93. When the Medicare of older Trump supporters is cut, will they then finally get it that they've been had? Not holding my breath.

  94. So Trump's budget plan is to increase the military budget while slashing money for the E.P.A.? Well, I hope he's allocating money for the millions of gas masks that will soon be needed for breathing when our polluted cities begin to resemble Beijing.

  95. The US government issues the currency. It can never run out. The size of the deficit or the debt has no impact on the ability of the government to spend.

    The size of the deficits are savings for households and companies. Increasing deficits will increase savings for the non-government sector. Why object to that?

  96. Ridiculous. The United States spends more on national defense than China, Saudi Arabia, Russia, United Kingdom, India, France, and Japan combined. So the boomers that voted for Trump need to understand that their health care is being sacrificed due to a paranoid POTUS (and other republicans) that is willing to tank the economy so he can feel powerful like all past dictators.

  97. It is not any surprise to see that this proposed, and hopefully DOA budget cuts those areas that are important to the health and welfare of this country, and would continue to move us to being second rate in everything from basic research in the health and science areas, environmental protection and climate, all for the sake of spreading more money to those who need it the least. It is too bad that much of the base that Trump spoke of protecting will be those who will suffer the most if this was enacted

  98. With 3 generals running the country it is understandable that the military-industrial complex would get priority over the people of the Country, and that other countries will bear the brunt when they have to justify the military spending with military action.

  99. I really can not understand this drive to increase military spending. If Trump is really America first he should scale down their mission and budget. An American first president should focus on domestic programs and our infrastructure. As far as Medicare and SS, I have a contract with the government. I paid in for the 45 years I worked, now I get the benefits I was promised. They should never be in question and I am not the problem.

  100. You do not have a contract with the government. And what you contributed over 45 years, you withdrew in the first 5 years of retirement. Everything after that is taxing your children and grandchildren to fund a system headed for bankruptcy.

  101. As we dither over which bathroom to use, the Russians and Chinese, probably working in tandem, come ever closer to alliances and land grabs that will at some point make it impossible to defend this country without a major war. At that point we will probably collapse because like the Third French Republic, we will be so focused and entrenched in our differences, that defending them will be more important than saving the Republic.

  102. You just don't realize how strong the military-industrial complex, now the military-industrial-POLITICAL complex (thanks to Citizens United) is. Look at Obama. Came in promising hope and change, and won the Noble Peace Prize to boot, and still went on to expand the number of conflicts we were in. In Ohio, my 'progressive' Democratic Senator still lobbies for money for an Abrams tank factory here even though the military said they do not want, or need, any more tanks. But, the factory employs worker, I mean, voters, so more useless tanks pile up.

  103. The first thing that should be cut is Scott Pruitt's first class travels. This budget would be a tragedy of the commons, if the U.S. had a sense of the commons.

  104. A $7.1 trillion deficit!? It looks like Trump wants to do for the U.S. what he did for his casinos that he led into bankruptcy.

  105. These are the machinations of a narcissist who cares not one whit about the health, values or ideas of others - or even the planet itself. I hope we can show him that this is not a dictatorship, but a democracy, and that he will only be able to do that which WE approve of.

  106. It's very telling that Trump and his Republicans are willing to support the machines of death (the military), but have nothing for the machines of life (Medicare and our social safety net). Says a great deal about what they value and what they do not. Just one more reason to vote them all out of office as soon as possible.

  107. Should someone yet again remind Paul Ryan of his history with Social Security. What a hypocrite!

  108. Trump voters wanted him to run the federal government like a business and they are about to get it - including all the bankruptcies and lost wealth for everyone else. This budget simply again reaffirms this man's incompetence.

  109. Read the Bankruptcy Reform Act of 2006, where they made it very hard to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy. They make you pay for credit counseling. They direct you to a Chapter 13 first. Personal property and house, has lower exemptions. A bill the Democrat love child Hillary Clinton voted for, with the GOP, who called debtors, "deadbeats".

  110. It takes a stupid, self-satisfied person to declare bankruptcies six times in the casino business. Some businessman!

  111. Of course, the cuts in federal programs didn't include any that they benefited from whether that be Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, or the farm support payment system. It was those unworthy other people who were going to get their benefits cut.

  112. Under the bankruptcy king, trillion dollar deficits every year will be the new normal.

    Hundreds of billions more for defense. $13 billion more for opioid treatment. Yet he wants to cut EPA and the Office of Science and Technology budgets by 40-50%.

    Nothing he does makes sense. Is anyone more irresponsible or unqualified for the presidency than trump. It just defies comprehension.

  113. It's too bad he doesn't understand that the country can't just spend and declare bankruptcy.

  114. Steep cuts to so-called entitlement (meaning we are entitled to the benefits we paid in) programs, including Medicare. Was Trump, dare I say it, lying when he promised during the campaign that he wouldn't touch it?

  115. You knew it was coming, like all the never ending wars and increased military spending, someone has to pay for all of this and it won't be Trump and his Republican cronies rich friends. What a country!

  116. Thumper does not tell the truth anytime he opens his mouth. But people voted for that. Now they can find a cardboard box and their spot on the streets. This is what a cold, narcissist does he cares not one iota for anyone other than himself. I saw it before he even thought about running, the first time, many years ago. People do not read, they like the talking news and think it is the news like what they get from Faux News. Sonow, all those who paid in for their entire lives will never be able to retire otherwise they will starve. Those who are sick or disabled will just quiety fade away without benefitrs. This is the entire purpose. Others did the same thing thumpers idol gives him suggestions and thumper thinks he can do a better job and won't ever be called criminal. He said it aloud, nobody listened thinking he was joking. It was not a joke, ever.

  117. Rhetorical question there? Almost everything it says is a lie.

  118. Thank you President Trump for your brilliant "leadership."

    When you ran for president, you said you would never cut Medicare and Social Security, and now you are. So many of us, 3 million more Americans than voted for you, didn't believe you and thought you were lying, are lying.

    But, what's really a sign of your genius "leadership," is that you have given the middle class a tax cut of anywhere from $1.50 to $100 a month, which I'm sure will more than cover the brutal cuts to the social safety net you're proposing. Thankfully, the Mercers, Kochs, Waltons and the rest of the 1%, including your children, are getting tax cuts in the billions.

    You are really an abominable, exceptional lying "leader," President Trump.

  119. I was the first & only potential GOP candidate to state there will be no cuts to Social Security, Medicare & Medicaid. Huckabee copied me.
    8:38 AM - May 7, 2015 -- Donald Trump

  120. A president who doesn't read has lackeys print a budget that no one else will read, including himself. The people who will be impacted the most are those who don't read either. They elected him.

    If he ever did read, he should start with the Constitution- it delineates beautifully that he is our #1 employee, and that he has 350 million bosses that he has sworn to listen to. He needs to be fired.

    We need a massive blue wave in 2018. If the House flips, we can stop resident Trump's agenda (if there is one) in its first trimester.

  121. Time for a gray revolt. Organize for our own orange revolution come spring. Tax revolt now. Throw the bums (Repubs) out now. I paid dearly for this service my whole working life.

  122. Hey, all you millions of Trump supporters out there! Didn't The Donald say he would protect and maintain Medicare?! Yep,he's making America Great Again!
    Lock her up! Lock her up! Lock her up! ( Not that those millions read this publication!)

  123. “Save Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security without cuts. Have to do it.”
    -- Donald Trump campaigning in 2015.

    As with everything Trump, Promise = Lie

  124. Trump, the GOP, what a joke. They laugh on the way to the bank while we, the people, cry and die.

  125. At this rate of increasing military spending we should approach the North Korea model and starve the masses to please our supreme leader Kim Jong Trump. Plans for the parades are already well along.

  126. My thought exactly.

  127. If the democrats needs a little gas in the tank. This should help.

  128. Trump to the poor and sick: join the military!

  129. This country is becoming a place not worth trying to defend.

  130. Calling Alfred E. Newman - "What me worry?".

  131. Where will we find all this money?

  132. Certainly not from the rich

  133. To all my friends who voted for Donald Trump: do not mention one word about Medicare cuts to me.

    Medicare is proposed to be cut by billions.

    What does that mean? Figure it out when you try to pay for your healthcare treatments and/or care, or when you read your “non approvals” letters.

    You were warned.

  134. Thank you! I couldn't have said it better.

  135. If the cuts come this is a death sentence for anyone sick or very ill if God granted she or he a longer healthy life upon available care or a good death.This is terrible. Getting worse each day and frightening.

  136. Ditto to all the Jill Stein/third party voters who knew full well they were indirectly voting for this currrnt state of affairs.

  137. Stick a fork in the GOP. They are done, the breakup of our democratic republic is in full display, and the only cheer you hear is from Paul Ryan (former fiscal conservative), and Mitch McConnell.. I say lets dismantle the entirety of the ineffective and corrupt federal gov, and leave each State to form their own individual sovereignties, and see how long it takes for the farm belt, rust belt, and bible belt states to become truly third-world.. Yay MAGA!

  138. I would like the Northeast states to form a regional agency that provides healthcare, education, infrastructure, etc... to our citizens (like the Port Authority and other regional agencies). We can reduce our federal taxes because the federal government will not be providing those services.

  139. You correctly perceive that this budget continues a vision for the failure of the republic. Piece by piece, it is being dismantled before our very eyes. People will need to live in a state that cares for its citizens when that happens, because the republic won't.

  140. Not a bad thought. The mega-state of Pacifica, stretching from Canada to Mexico on the West Coast, will be a success. The New Confederacy, not so much.

  141. FDR is turning over in his grave.

  142. Mr President, won't you & Director Mulvaney & Speaker Ryan please make a joint appearance on national TV arguing for a budget that drastically cuts Medicare? I've got a bunch of retired friends in Arizona & Florida who'd just love to watch it over and over and over again, until November. Thanks!

  143. Probably the majority of the retirees in AZ and FL voted for Trump!

  144. “Don't tell me what you value, show me your budget, and I'll tell you what you value.” - Joe Biden

  145. Couldn't have said it better. As any senior who voted for this man, you now know how you've been taken. And the military budget is just ripe for a dictatorship and that's exactly what Trump wants to be. The man MUST go. And soon.

  146. "In times of war and not before, God and the Soldier we adore.
    But in times of peace and all things righted, God is forgotten and the soldier slighted." - Rudyard Kipling Very thankful that President Trump is investing in the one federal government agency that is always home when the nation calls, our Armed Forces.

  147. I'd love to see a Biden v Trump 2020! The debates would be volcanic!

  148. Classic.Now who do we think is going to pay for this atrocity???Not the 1% that's for sure but you and me.Bye bye social security,bye bye health care and bye bye to ANYTHING that benefits anyone other than the 1%.This is NOT your grandfather's GOP.This is a corrupt plutocracy/dictatorship that is stealing as much as they can lay their grubby hands on.

  149. I disagree. It looks like the same old GOP to me.

  150. The will of the minority stands firm.
    How many voters supported Chancellor Trump because of his business "acumen"?
    Well here is the fruit.
    Dear Leader Don is running the Federal budget like it is a Trump Casino.
    Bankrupting it.
    But someone else (taxpayers) suffer the burden.
    The Great Showman walks away further enriched.

  151. Drag heels, Dems. As November approaches, Republicans will start to play ball.

  152. In other words... status quo? Same ol' same ol'? Do what all politicians do best... nothing (other than talk about how great their party is for the country?)

  153. This IS them playing ball! Are you kidding me?

  154. With any reasonable election result in November, the Republicans won't be in the game; they will have been cut from the team.

  155. Vast increases in military spending and cruel decreases in social spending. Trump's "vision" is a veritable waking nightmare of destruction, both for people and for every living thing on the planet.

    If armchair psychologists needed any more proof of this man's mental pathology (and for that matter those of his entire reactionary party) they need look no further than this document.

    Of course, readers need to be aware of its slew of euphemisms, which sleazily try to cover up the inherent sadism. For example, "modernization" is code for punishing the poor and vulnerable of all ages. The Trump administration suggests "modernizing" LIHEAP (heating assistance for the indigent) because, apparently, beneficiaries of this already-stingy program are reportedly committing unspecified "fraud" on a massive scale. Trump and his minions just can't sleep at night in their luxury digs at the waking nightmare of old people all over the USA sneakily turning the thermostat up to 60 in the depths of a sub-zero winter.

    This is not a budget. It is a manifesto of death.

  156. We don't need to spend as much as Mr. Obama did on the social safety net because lots of the formerly dependent have gone out and found jobs. Democrats used to congratulate those men and women for doing so.
    Also, unlike Obama, Trump isn't advertising throughout Latin America for more illegals to come cross the border.
    Please keep up the hysteria aimed at all things American, however. There are probably fifteen voters out there who haven't decided to vote GOP this fall and you progressives can push them the rest of the way away from Ms. Pelosi.

  157. ...or in other words...

    "Drop Dead, America !"

    Trump-GOP 2018

    63 million nationally-assisted suiciders couldn't resist the dazzling allure Trump's Republican intellectual, moral and economic bankruptcy.

    Self-mutilating voters - and a collapsed national IQ - are a Republican's best friend.

  158. The unemployment rate dropped under President Obama.

    Why do people who can't comprehend the news comment on it?

  159. The US spends approximately $1.1 Trillion per year on the military. This is supposed to keep the US residents safe. However, approximately 18,000 people die per year because they lack health care. It seems the greatest threat to the health and well being of the people in the "American Homeland" is the lack of health care not some foreign terrorist bogeyman.

  160. It is curious that in an effort to limit government, the US increases funding on a federal 100% taxpayer funded military that has better health care than the civilian population; while proposing to cur Medicare.
    Economic sado-masochism.

  161. Medicare was mentioned in the headline, but unless I missed it, never mentioned in the article.

  162. Well, there goes McConnell's hope to save the Senate. If the Dems can't make hay off this one, they are toast.

  163. In case there was any doubt, he's bringing new meaning to "let them eat cake". Bet he's already copying Napoleon's costume.

  164. A deficits-exploding gift to the weapons/defense industry at the expense of humanity. It's no wonder a president with sociopathic tendencies exhibits a lack of empathy for the most vulnerable in our society and the well-being of our nation. Our GOP: bad at math, bad for citizenry, great for the top 1%.

    America, why do you vote for people who blatantly go against your interests?

  165. WHY would anyone in their right mind take budget advice from a man who has filed BANKRUPTCY six times?? Trump can't balance his own checkbook.

  166. Why does Trump have this infatuation with the military? He insists on overspending for our military and wants a big parade that he can preside over like a dictator. Is he trying to compensate for his cowardice and dodging the Viet Nam draft?

  167. An Ayn Randian vision for America straight out of The Fountainhead.

    Paul Ryan’s blueprint for the makers and takers finally coming to fruition.

    Congratulations to the red state rural poor who have voted against their own economic interests, again, and again.

    Who needs health care any way when you have Foxy News, Rush, Mega Church pastors and magical thinking to see you through.

  168. Save $600 million and lose the planet. Sounds like a good deal!

  169. this is ridiculous. we'll have the oldest military in history, because no one will be able to leave it. without Medicare, veterans will never be able to afford medical care, and - here's a hint, Mr. Dotard-in-Chief - once you turn 65, TriCare DOESN'T stay your health insurance, you MUST enroll in Medicare.

  170. Forget the Russian meddling, the real threat is the takeover by Corporate America of Policy. The unfettered money pouring through the gaping hole of People's United is eroding the need for elections. Just give the office to the person who has the largest campaign war chest.
    The ability to manipulate people through the airwaves has reached a level never before seen. It's osmosis at this point, Fox, corrupt use of social media, right wing radio. We have a brain dead electorate who brought us to this point.

  171. You don't even discuss the cuts to Medicare and "entitlements!"

  172. Donald Trump on September 23, 2017: "I'm not going to cut Social Security like every other Republican and I'm not going to cut Medicare or Medicaid.”

    One more lie. Loving this, Trump Nation? Tired of all the winning?

  173. One one can only hope the Democrats will take this opportunity to aggressively speak to the general public in plain English to let them know what is happening .

  174. "I love debt" he says. Why? Because when you can't pay your bills, you stiff the creditors. Think China will be into re-negotiating US debt????

  175. The man is insane. We need fewer wars, not more.

  176. Help me to understand this...visionary (so called) spending proposals by a president who is channeling Caligula or a reasonable facsimile thereof make scary headlines but the first paragraph of the text says the plan will go nowhere fast. Is that the definition of zero sum? Is it further proof that lil ole me are smarter than he of the golden mane? And so it goes....and no one who might make a difference lifts a finger except to vote "yes." Topic for an upcoming editorial: Finding Happiness in Second Rate but Autocratic Nation.

  177. Why am I not shocked that his promises of not touching Medicare were more lies? And $300B MORE for defense spending? We are getting very close to Trump starting to appear in public in a military uniform, making his dictatorship complete.

  178. As anyone who knows Trump's history, he is well experienced in living on deficits, debt spending & stiffing his contractors (see Trump Magazine, The Guardian, today). The man is aggressive puffery & his ballooning ego will be financed by generations to come if he & his enablers are not stopped by a courageous majority. It really is a moral war now. His father left him lots of money & he showed everyone in NY who he was/is by living as "entitled" beyond his means & abilities. Now the American people have financed him to do the same. No lessons learned & the pattern the same. The American people will pay the price for yrs to come.

  179. Just like his businesses, now the Trumpster wants to bankrupt the country. The "King of Debt", indeed!!! Fiscal responsibility thrown out the window.

  180. Can't we simply have a budget that cuts Trump?

    It would be a lot better for everyone's health than cutting Medicare and food stamps.

  181. If Democrats can't win against a party that advocates "steep cuts in Medicare" they deserve to lose.

  182. Unfortunately, if democrats did lose, like before, that would ultimately say a lot more about the questionable intelligence of the American voter.

  183. I looked at the budget. It looks that the National Science Foundation's budget is proposed to be cut by almost 30%! What a shame! Cut fundamental science that has made America such a great country in the past in favor of being more cannons! Shame on you, Mr. Trump!

  184. This is simple Reaganomics in spades. Now it is Trumpanomics. Trump, like Reagan, claimed to be in favor of smaller government and lower taxes. But Reagan didn't seem to be able to say no when it came to defense spending. Trump has the same inclination. Reagan had to raise taxes after lowering them when he discovered that what he bought was massive deficits. We have a year or two to find what Trump has bought, but likely the same thing unless one buy's into the mythical Supply Side predictions.

    One of Trump's campaign promises was to reduce deficits, and likely even start paying down the national debt. Apparently, that multi trillion dollar campaign promise doesn't carry the same weight as his $20B wall.

    Remember, Reagan made his budget recommendations, but it wasn't until Bill Clinton that the budget was briefly balanced until a Republican came back into office. The budget was balanced on big reductions in defense spending, that Reagan insisted that we had to have for our safety. Notably, we survived after the Clinton Defense spending cuts.

  185. It appears that the budget for the EPA ensures that nothing will rain on Trump's parade but that there will be a deluge of environmental disasters and degradation for the rest of our nation. UNBELIEVABLE!

  186. “The White House estimated cutting those programs and others will save taxpayers $600 million compared to 2017 levels.”

    Goodness me, a savings of $600 million and a deficit of $7 trillion, I suppose it’s better than nothing. No wonder the man was able to go bankrupt running a casino. And in the meantime the people who voted him in will have less protection from a social safety net when the jobs don’t come through.

  187. I could have sworn I saw Trump proclaim at various 'rallies'- on TV, not in person- that he would never cut Medicare?

  188. I always got mad at the word “entitlements” when the Republicans used it. They always use the word as a form of belittlement. As if those who receive those benefits are moochers. Then, one day, I was watching Senator Whitehouse during a committee hearing. He used the term “entitlements”in a different way. That we made an agreement with the government when taxes were withheld from our pay for these programs. And, if we fulfill our end of the bargain, then we are entitled to these benefits. This is what people have to decide. A government that looks at you as takers (though they are very happy to be givers to the rich, corporations) or a government that enters into an agreement and keeps their end of the bargain.

  189. Not quite sure how one would cut Medicare - does that mean he will stop taking money from me and my employer to pay for health going forward? Otherwise, the money already in the system is money I EARNED, he had better keep his mitts off of it.

  190. What is this fetish with the military? We can agree that the country needs a strong defense, but spending an additional $195Bn over the next 2 years, for a total north of $700Bn - that's $700,000,000,000 - is firmly into self parody. The main effect will be to multiply existing corporate welfare for defense contractors (which the the GOP always claims to be against - see how they railed against Obama for saving Detroit) and will not provide proportional improvements in security. How come we need 14 aircraft carriers in service and hundreds of F-35s? It's just "toys for boys", it's absurd and we are not fooled.