Donald Trump’s Nasty Budget

What happened to all that talk about sticking up for working people?

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  1. I see the cover of "an American Budget" says "efficient, effective, accountable". Of the first two claims, this budget is most definitely not efficient and effective. Of the third, accountable, I certainly hope that will be the case. When the American people fully absorb the effect of this inefficient budget and the harm it will do to this nation, they will come out in droves to the polls and make sure that Trump and Congressional Republicans are held accountable, good and hard.


  2. 'I see the cover of "an American Budget" says "efficient, effective, accountable". Of the first two claims, this budget is most definitely not efficient and effective.'

    On the contrary, it is nakedly efficient and effective in the transfer of wealth up the socioeconomic ladder, whose rungs will become spaced much farther apart. It is *not* accountable because its effects will become most devastating later, after sufficient time has passed for the perpetrators to invent other straw men on whom to lay the blame or simply leave office.

  3. Dear Maureen:
    The cult of Trump, as you so eloquently put it, will remain true to the bitter end. That is the very definition of cult. All demagogues have disciples who will follow their leader to the pit of Hades. Their blind allegiance prevents them from seeing the light.

    What we all must remember is that many who voted Trump did so because they believed him when he said he alone could make America great. I do not think many of them now still believe the nonsense Trump was peddling. Trump has lost many of those supporters and will lose more as time goes by. We also should realize Trump's election was an anomaly. Hillary got three more millions votes than Trump. Trump won because of the quirkiness of the Electoral College. Now that many who voted Trump see him for the con artist he is many already have buyer's remorse. They will not make the same mistake in 2020, that is, if Trump is still in office till then. With Bob Mueller on the job, I'll put my money on him versus Trump.

    We must not only remove Trump and Pence from office but Ryan and McConnell from their leadership positions, and that can be done by an overwhelming surge of the electorate showing up in November and voting for Democrats to regain the majorities in Congress. The horror that brought US Trump can be undone by US. Talk is cheap. Voting is priceless.


  4. Dear Mr. G. Behun:
    Yes, we could still have scores of people who continue to blindly believe in Trump and the Republicans. But I wouldn't count on it. With the presidency and both Houses of Congress in control of the Federal government there is no one else to blame but them. I still have faith in the people that do vote because I will not forget Trump won by a fluke of the Electoral College. No one has ever received three million fewer votes and still won the presidency. You could say Trump "lucked out", while the country lost out. I do not believe one could repeat this anomaly if they tried. Remember this, and the fact that now that many of those who voted for him have lost faith in his ability to lead are not going to be fooled again. As George W. Bush so mangled this saying, "Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me." We are already witnessing a Democratic tide in these special elections. If this anti-Trump, anti-Republican Resistance keeps its passion till November we will see a turnaround. It's as simple as going to the polls and voting, something half of all eligible voters fail to do. Keep the faith.


  5. Trump may have promised not to cut Social Security & Medicare. But in the Republican alternate universe, where Mr. Ryan's plan to privatize Social Security was called "reform" instead of repeal, where spending for the middle class is always called "redistribution" while spending for the rich is called "free markets," words really have no meaning.

  6. The saving grace of our consitutional system is the ebb and flow, pull and take of different interests. Clearly, we are at the extreme now with a greedy few grasping all the benefits for themselves. I cannot help but think that when the majority see the great harm that is being inflicted upon them and how they have have been bamboozled, the tide will turn.

  7. "greedy few.."? The threat to our country's vast middle and lower class would be much less if it were just a few. The percentage may be 1% or 10% but the numbers are significant when there is such a wealth transfer to the 1 or 10%. But I hope you are right that the majority see what's happening and they vote in November. Without the vote, things will continue to deteriorate.

  8. I hope so. I'm not sure the facts will filter down to that 35% or so who support this corrupt and immoral administration. I don't know how to get through to them. They seem to have blinders on.

  9. The sick document also includes a federal civilian pay freeze (while military of course is given heaps of more cash).

    At a time when year over year wage growth is finally at 3%, the decision to freeze pay for public service is pure cruelty. Feds rely on these adjustments to tread water and keep up with rising living costs. Congress should correct this mistake immediately.

  10. I assume you yourself (or your spouse) are a Federal worker.

  11. Why would congress want to correct this “mistake?” I’m surprised Trump’s budget doesn’t call for pay cuts for federal employees. Get rid of all, privatize the Departments of Agriculture, Education, Housing, etc.. isn’t that the ultimate Republican goal?

  12. Freeze pay and they go away.....on their own even!

  13. Don’t mean to be cynical here, but I’m guessing of the 40% or so who still support Trump, exactly 0% will read the budget proposal (and that includes the Congressional republicans and Trump himself).

  14. Of the 40% who support Trump, 39.9% don’t even know what a “budget” is, and they don’t care; the other 0.1% are the ones who wrote it and who will benefit from it.

  15. You use words like "promises" and "principle" as if these words had any meaning at all to Trump. They don't. To him, a "promise" is merely something that gets a cheer from his audience at a pep rally. It is completely irrelevant to what he will do; he has forgotten most of his "promises" before the end of the sentences in which they are voiced.

    And "principles"? Trump has none, other than "me first."

    Let's not be disappointed by virtues that Trump has made clear he has never possessed. This absence of integrity was clear to most of us even during his campaign.

  16. It was jaw-dropping to me that none of his supporters seemed to care about this. I've watched this guy over the past 4 decades and then I see these awful campaign ad's where hes out there listening to people and just shaking his head in agreement and all I could think was "what a phony.. What an obvious fraud". The only person Donald Trump cares about is Donald Trump.

  17. Well there it is in black and white. Straight from the man himself. No fake news. No spin. This is Trump's budget. This is where he wants to take the country.

    He wants to take it straight to the country club and gated communities, all on the backs of the poor and middle class.

    But out here in flyover country, we love him. Jobs are pouring in. Can't see any around here, but Hannity told us so. We got a pay raise of $10/week from that tax cut. Looks like we are on the verge of a new war in Syria with Russia, Iran, Turkey, the Kurds, Hezbollah and Israel at each others throats. All with troops on the ground. No problem. We'll just blame Obama. Speaking of Obama, you know he blew up the deficit with that economic collapse we had and the Bush tax cuts and wars and all, so Trump is entitled to blow it up even more. That's Obama's fault too.

    And all the that women beating and sexual assault stuff, we all know that's private and none of nobody's business what a man does with his woman. Kind of like whipping a horse to get him to gallup.

    Most of all, we know better than to listen to Trump's words. We just know what's in his heart. So when he says he will cut Medicare it's the same as if he says he wont cut Medicare because of what's in his heart. He says he's got our backs. Just more fake news trying to take him down. East coast liberals are just trying to make him out to be liar.

    We know that the Lord sent Trump here to save us.

  18. Perfect!!!

  19. I did, too! Thanks!

  20. "Kind of like whipping a horse to get him to gallup."

    ...and then ignoring the horse because its polls gave you bad numbers.

    (I'll get me coat...)

  21. What's missing from this budget, and most budgets is that they are just reducing the numbers so that it adds up the way the want it to. What's missing first is the policy prescription:
    1) How are we going to make Medicare better, or at least keep it as it is by using less dollars?
    2) How are going to feed the poorest among us while reforming the food stamp program.
    Budget's exist because resources are finite. These budgets need to flow from what reforms are taking place with these programs.

  22. Yes, resources are finite. So what possible sense did it make to drain the treasury with a huge tax cut for the people who need it least?

  23. The 2018 congressional elections are now more important than ever. A Republican Congress would support this madness.
    Uninformed voters need to be educated. This is a job that the media has to do to protect our country. Up to now they merely report the statements that include misinformation from politicians without challenging the untruths. They also never point out the dog whistle racist remarks as well as the fake claims and divisive statements.
    Fox news has to be called what it is! A propaganda outlet of the right and conservative rich.

  24. Activism and education also! Join an Indivisible group - they're well organized in getting their members to contact congress, phone bank, canvass communities to provide voter information, voter registration drives, etc.

  25. People in the news business need to be reminded again and again, it seems, that in fascist states they are usually out of work. And in prison.
    These people are NOT conservative.

  26. I think if you read the NYT you will find plenty of examples of media calling out Trump & enabling GOP on outright lies, misinformation and incoherency.
    You will also be enlightened by the daily WH press briefing where a fair number of evasions are babbled daily for your pleasure.
    Yes, the elections this November may decide the future course of this presidency and, maybe even, history but don't slap a broad brush over the entire pressroom; they have a hard enough time refuting the liar-in-chief's statements.

  27. Looking at the size of the budget book, it is obvious that Trump didn’t write it, didnt read it, doesn’t know what is in it and could care less about any of it, except for the business opportunities it presents to him, his family and friends.

    I trust that Trump supporters still like Trump’s shtick of insults, name-calling and vulgarity, because a year in, it is clear that that’s all Trump can offer.

    Hope the measly tax cuts and one time bonuses keep pace with the inflation-driven Trumpian policies. Hope the warm and fuzzy glow you get from having conservative Supreme Court justices will be sufficient warmth to replace the unaffordable and unavailable more conventional sources of heating.

  28. Keep giving the masses (cult members) bread and circuses, and watch the Republic fall...

  29. trump is now, and was during the election, what he has always been - a total fraud. Thanks to media saturation but lack of due diligence, it worked in the election.

    But let's not kid ourselves. trump is the ideal front man for the Republican Dream. The Congressional republicans, even those who most claim to be deficit hawks, love this budget. More military extravagance and everything else slashed - what's not to like? Now they can use the deficit that their tax cut scam deepened as a talking point to excuse even more cuts to SS, Medicare, Medicaid, SS and pubic services in general. And just watch the cash flow into their campaigns from the likes of the Koch Brothers.

  30. The Koch Boys and the mercers are the ones controlling this administration via their giant funding of the GOP agenda....Kellyann Conway's real boss is the Mercers and she is their to keep them on point and the Koch Network also has an operative in the WH also keeping tabs on them and insuring that the Koch's get what they paid for...quid pro quo is their strategy.

  31. Just spent hours yesterday dealing with health insurance issues. (Yes, I'm even on Medicare, so don't think Medicare covers everything.)

    This country has been completely and utterly scammed by Trump and his toadying Republicans. Bombers, tanks and war profits aren't going to make us well. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

  32. This budget is one very sick joke, but it isn't even remotely funny. It penalizes the poor and middle class by taking away food stamps from many, cutting Medicare and Medicaid, both of which I rely on. Yes, this budget will result in increased poverty and hunger in America. As long as he can hit a golf ball around one of his clubs, why should our liar in chief care?

  33. So the Democratic campaign commercials need only be interleaved clips of Trump’s promises with Trump’s actual proposals: the con exposed.

  34. The article doesn't mention that the proposed budget, as last year's, would eliminate funding for the National Endowments for the Arts and Humanities and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

  35. Trump is apparently dedicated to demonstrating that Government can be run like the private sector--like he ran his real estate empire. Six bankruptcies over a thousand suits, stiffing the working man by not paying contracts and buffoonery --this is how Trump the magnate conducted his private business. It doesn't seem to work as well in the public sector. He is bankrupting the US with a disastrous tax reform and 2 year budget deal. And now he is going to stiff the working folks by cutting back on all of the programs he said he would preserve. But sovereign debt is not easily renegotiated or reneged upon and not even callous, pro rich GoP legislators will countenance his draconian budget cuts.

    Add to this the moral and ethical bankruptcy that characterizes both his pre- and post-White House career and life and has infected Republicans and we have a total BANKRUPTCY.

    There is only one solution. Let's hope we make it to 2018...

  36. The president is picking America's pocket right in front of them with Congressional approval. Paul Ryan is already salivating at the proposed Medicaid, medicare and Social Security cuts. As for slashing food stamps, Ryan would gladly paraphrase Andrew Myrick, a store owner who denied promised food and provisions to Sioux Indians in Minnesota but decided not to, and dismissed their protestations of hunger by saying, "let them eat grass", which precipitated the Sioux Uprising in 1862.

    Middle and lower income families have depended on food stamps for decades, as well as other social service programs designed to aid the most needy citizens. The president and Ryan are doing the country a major disservice to people who are far removed from the privileged 1% class of wealthy Americans. These programs aren't handouts, they were established to help Americans in need. Republicans don't seem to care about that anymore.

  37. My biggest fear is that we will become another of Trump's "biggest and most wonderful deals ever seen since the emergence of mankind from the swamp" (though I'm not so certain that some people quite made it, considering ) -- he and his enablers in the "swamp" bankrupt the country, stiff all the lenders, and walk away, and we collapse and become a world wide financial pariah.

  38. This appears to be yet another of Trump’s “ Art of the Deal” moves: start negotiations with a ridiculous low ball, or high ball, offer, insuring that all the ensuing compromises will bring the final deal closer to the initial bid.

  39. A quick tour of conservative sites (Red State, Instapundit, The American Conservative) reveals that conservatives are being told this budget "reduces the deficit by 3 trillion" while RAISING funding for various health, education, and infrastructure agencies. (It doesn't mention that those raises in funding are by derisory amounts.) There WAS a quick admission on one of them that "entitlements cuts will account for $1.7 of the $3 billion, and a complaint on another that NPR was still being funded. But by and large the trumpistas are being told that this is the best of all possible budgets.

    And I didn't even check Fox.

    We're doomed.

  40. There will so much economic growth and "jobs,jobs,jobs" under trump magic and a "wall". Everyone will have so much money jangling in their pockets that there is no need for safety net.

  41. Trump did in deed speak for the downtrodden and forgotten, but Mike Mulvaney makes financial policy, not Trump. Anyway, money might trickle down to them - who knows.

  42. Budget Director Mick Mulvaney admitted to the press that he “probably could have made [the budget] balance, but y'all would have rightly just absolutely excoriated us for using funny numbers because it would have taken funny numbers to do it.”

    This pretty much defines the incompetence of this so-called administration.

  43. For years, all we heard was "If you like your current policy, you can keep it." Again and again, right wing screamers expressed outrage at Obama's alleged duplicity. I'm not talking about "the usual suspects" like Breitbart or Limbaugh - we heard it all day long on Fox, we heard it from the top Republicans in Congress and in state capitals. There was a huge uproar because some people who were negatively affected by Obama's failure to keep his promise suffered financial damage as a result.

    So where are those voices today? "I will not cut Medicare and Medicaid" is a pretty clear and direct promise, which his budget clearly and directly violates. And the people whose financial status will be negatively affected by DT's overt failure to even attempt to keep that promise far outweigh the number of people harmed by the ACA.

    So again I ask, where is the outrage?

  44. Right, loosing Medicare & Medicaid is certainly more life-changing than not being able to keep your same insurance policy or doctor. The GOP doesn't care about the majority of Americans (don't forget, they get to keep their Gold Level insurance at taxpayers expense!).

  45. Shocking! The people may actually go to work and all the Progressive Safety Nets may no longer require huge budgets. Imagine that.

  46. Medicare is for retirees who have been working all their lives and paid into the system. Do you suggest that people just work forever?

  47. "require huge budgets"

    So in your world cutting funding indicates that it is no longer required? How exactly does that work? Please provide the numbers and the sources for those numbers.

  48. I think Amtrak should be privatized. It has become a national embarrassment. I don't think more funding is the solution for everything. Cutting cost should be the priority. Using healthcare as an example, the current path is unsustainable. Why NYT only has one solution - more money?! This country is addicted to easy money and cheap labors. Yes, China is wasting money on building under-utilized infrastructures. But US is no better. This country is wasting money on wasteful and inefficient government projects. Therefore, I actually support less funding in order to motivate people to be more creative and efficient. Of course I also believe military is not immune to wasteful spending. Unfortunately, in this country under the influence of GOP, military is wrapped with flag and it can do no wrongs. Sad!

  49. You might consider adopting a National Health Service like Britain's--which spent 9.1 % of GDP on health care in 2014, as opposed to the United States' 17.1% ( still covers all British citizens. I think spending on the NHS is too low, resulting in some real shortcomings, but it's hard to dispute that it's value for money.

  50. The only surprise here is that anyone would be surprised.

    Probably would have helped if more scrutiny and skepticism had been directed at Trump during the campaign instead of allowing him to distract with nonsense. Maybe next time.

  51. "Rapacious capitalism" at work. The Gilded Age had nothing on these guys. Will the base that supports Trumps and the kleptocrats finally see the handwriting on the wall? If this doesn't bring them to their senses nothing will. Earlier today David Brooks had a column comparing the "extremes" of political thought present in this country and the west and castigating liberals for "intellectual intolerance". Should liberals be "tolerant"of this that attempts to destroy the very fabric of our society? Is there even a middle ground in this budget? If this signals the "end of the two party system" then good the GOP.

  52. "Presidential budgets are statements of principles." That is the problem. Trump has no principles.

  53. After I read this editorial I went to Fox News to see what they had to say about the trump budget proposal. After skimming what seemed like tabloid headlines (male escort found dead in dem donors house was the lead) I saw one lone article with a headline about the president seeking cuts to NPR and PBS, which I assume regards the proposal. It would seem many Americans will have no idea that Trump has no problem cutting Medicare and other social programs

  54. The sad truth, and what is broken here.

  55. Not just Fox- I watched ABC and there was only coverage of the abusive aids. Had to go to PBS News Hour and NYT to see anything on his evil proposals.

  56. Someone asked me once what I wanted to be when I grew up.
    Without thinking the answer popped right out.
    "Puerto Rico!" I shouted.

    Guess I got my wish.

  57. Once again we see how this president and the RepublicN party play with peoples lives and the principles of this great country; all for their own gain.

    All the while these " issues of distraction" mask the real crisis of leadership in this administration reflected by patronage, taking shortcuts with our national security for family and supporters, and embarrassing us in the world stage.

    I wonder how long it will take the "Trump Base" to finally realize that they made a huge mistake that will hurt this country for years to come.

  58. I wouldn’t call the proposal a Donald Trump budget since he probably didn’t write a word of it and couldn’t tell you what’s in it. Instead, call it what it is: the John Mulvaney budget.

  59. That's true, and needs to be kept in perspective.

    Obama didn't write any of the budgets from his 8 years in office, and Trump is even LESS involved. He probably has literally NO IDEA what is in the budget.

  60. ...and Paul "Ayn Rand" Ryan...his life long wish to destroy the USA while lining his own pockets many times over... he is nothing but a paid lackey/boy servant to the Koch Brothers..

  61. Also, let's be fair and give Paul Ryan some credit for this absurd cruelty.

    He deserves it.

    I have a theory. Ryan has Trump by the short hairs. In exchange for not being impeached, Trump signs off on Ryan's dream budget. That on top of giving tax cuts to the rich.

    Also maybe Trump sells the airport so he can build his wall.

    I can't even.

  62. Funny how they said that the recent tax law,put into effect would permanently lower corporate taxes.If a democrat Congress replaces this one,can they not reverse the cuts?
    Of course they can.Will they? No.

  63. Why aren't Americans screaming for the blood of these robber-barron bankers? The current situation is never going to get better, the compromised Russian asset who leads the United States will never be impeached.

    Our Republic has long been lost and a new gilded age is now in full swing. The GOP will suspend free elections or at best be complacent in Russian meddling. If the time for insurrection is not now, then when will it be?

  64. I would say now is the time.....why wait? It will only get is the time to rise up and say NO! means NO! and end this crime spree.

  65. "The result would be to greatly increase poverty and hunger in America."

    So now it's clear why his slogan was "Making America Great Again". The only thing that has been greater in the past than it is today, is the wealthiest citizens' ability to use the government to pass bills that install the most savage form of capitalism, which is no longer "by and for the people", but only by and for the 1%.

    Yes, over time America's ordinary citizens managed to get a little influence in DC too. Now, Trump is trying to take that away again.

    Or rather, the GOP establishment, because it has been clear for a long time already that Trump is a very weak president, unable to keep ANY of his campaign promises that was different from what the GOPe has wanted for decades now. He probably hasn't even read his own budget. So if one or the other aide in the White House tells him that it's fabulous and does all he wants, he'll probably blindly believe them and go golfing again.

    To Trump supporters here: if you think that I'm wrong, what would your arguments be ... ?

  66. MAGA is a two step process. Step 1 is Trump. Step 1 is Destroy America. It will be up to us to do Step 2. America was always great (mostly)
    I realize some have been suffering, and some will continue to suffer, and new sufferers will be created. That is the sad part of an imperfect world

  67. For 63-millions of American citizens, this draconian measure is the calamitous result of ideological commitment to politicians who have never demonstrated anything like an investment in the American Dream.

    It isn’t enough to know that this budget “proposal” will never get by both houses of Congress; few, even on the extreme Right, won’t wish to justify to their constituents this mid-term year that even less healthcare and fewer nutritional and housing vouchers are the way to their bleak futures.

    All Donald Trump has done with his uniquely scalding vision of the “American carnage” is unmask himself for all time. His promises never meant anything. He lied to seduce those with little to lose to buy into his bright landscape of substandard schools, unclean air and water, and a 19th Century infrastructure.

    Those who have said “hands off my Medicare” are now paying the bill. And Social Security is up next. What? They thought they were getting a “new, great America?”

  68. For decades the Republicans accused Democrats of being the party of tax and spend. This made more sense than being the party of spend and tax the Republicans have actually become. Anyone who runs a household, however meager their budget, understands you can’t perpetually spend more than you take in, and that eliminating your food budget so you can go to the movies results in death. But this is exactly what this budget does, only the deaths will not be experienced equally across the board. Vote no Senators.

  69. With this budget, Trump is further paving the way for his post-presidency where he will serve as the Oracle of the Extreme Right. He will, of course, Tweet prolifically and do sound bites from golf carts for Fox and Friends, lobbing bombs at his successors and decrying anything he believes will gain traction with the disaffected. All in a vain attempt to distract from a failed administration and remain relevant. Who knows, maybe the first few interviews will be from behind bars?

  70. And sadly, even with this budget, Trump won't lose a single supporter.

  71. "won't lose a single supporter."...

    Exactly. What was it P.T. Barnum said?

  72. He knows that his base doesn't read news. Their right wing news sources are whispering whatever pleases the base.

  73. Is anyone actually surprised by this budget? From his private sector experience Mr. Trump understands financial bankruptcy. Now he's applying it to the national level.

  74. If Trump added so much as a jot or tittle to this Tea Party atrocity that might as well be subtitled 'the last refuge of a scoundrel', this reader would be surprised. Not that Trump wouldn't make it even worse than it is if he could, but because in order to do so he'd have to read it - and there are so many pages, not a one with his name appearing anywhere at all!

  75. If Democrats could hammer home this message—that republicans, through congressional economic policy and Trump’s budget, are clearly willing to sacrifice our infrastructure, our people, and our great country in order to line the pockets of billionaires—we would win in a landslide. Sadly, Democrats have never been the party of a coherent message.

  76. Could not agree with you more!!!

  77. It is not up to the Democratic Party to save the Nation. It is up to We the People. Whether Democrats have a message or not we must vote for them. Period.

  78. I remain astounded that Trump supporters continue to be such when campaign promises are broken over and over again. I guess it's the old story that this will be the case until one or more adversely affects them directly. Well folks, this budget is just that for millions of them.

  79. When they are adversely affected, they will find a way to blame the libruls. That's the whole point of the right wing media such as Breitbart and Fox.

  80. Not at all. It's Obama's fault.

  81. Even when it hurts them directly, they'll blame it on the Democrats, or Obama, or Hillary.

  82. The important thing here of course is ensuring that billionaires never go hungry or have to want for anything than more of what they desire. We elected an elite and we got an elite with elite ideals that sees no harm in imposing them on the peons. No matter the hardships that will enshrine the peons. As though the peons are already living well beyond what they deserve.

  83. Nice to see this editorial, but generally, why isn't the media taking hime more to task for the promises he made during the campaign? For instance, he made at least one or more statements that college debt is out of control and that he would make it a priority to make college more affordable. And what has he done on that? NOTHING!!! Meanwhile my kids have to wrack up crushing debt to get educated at the colleges of their choice, and I worry about the burden they will carry for years after graduating. Our nation has really failed our kids on that score.

  84. Committing journalism is a revolutionary — and heroic — act these days, and we’re seeing some of the best journalism since Watergate and Iran Contra.

    The free press has been under assault, and journalists endangered, every day since this ogre announced his candidacy. Give reporters a break.

    They’re fire investigators but can’t keep up because the GOP is enabling the arsonist.

  85. Pretty soon, if not happening already, bright high school students will not even aspire to a college education because of the debt burden that comes with it and American companies will wonder why they can't get enough applicants to meet their "brainpower" needs. Of course, they will just demand that immigration laws allow them to import those brain workers from abroad and all will be well.

  86. Who said your kids get to go to "the college of their choice"? I get really tired of people in flyover country being told to "move where the jobs are", and then listening to coastal 'pretend liberals' complain about the cost of education or housing.

    Ever here of community college? I do. All the time on these very NYT boards. Do your kids attend an in state public college? Or was the college of their choice out of state with the concomitant costs?

    I do agree that college costs are ridiculous. We can partially blame ourselves. We allowed corporations to outsource what used to be called "in house training" to colleges and make us pay for it.

    Just like we allowed guaranteed pensions to be replaced by wildly fluctuating 401k plans. Just like we cheered at the destruction of unions. Oh, why should some construction worker or UAW member get paid as much as me? I went to college. Karma. It can be a real kick in the package.

  87. Just another day at the White House. The Donald will say anything and do nothing. When those who supported him realize they have "been had" will they do something or will they refuse to admit they made a mistake.
    Pride and vanity makes it hard for some people to admit mistakes just like Trump.

  88. Trumpism is a religion. There is only one political God and Trump is both God and God's prophet. His followers are pleased by his white nationalism and his habit of sticking his finger into the eye of the "intellectual elite" snowflakes who are hated by the "forgotten man" who supports Trump.
    Trump provides toxic tweets and feeds the resentment in which his followers wallow. They will not abandon him because he gives them something of more value than economic security: Hate.

  89. "When those who supported him realize they have 'been had' will they do something or will they refuse to admit they made a mistake."

    Well Nance, if past is any indication, they won't ever admit that they've been had, so I'd say that neither eventuality is likely.

  90. I've thought the same...its difficult for people to admit they made a mistake. The other problem is that Trump supporters live in a Faux Noise vacuum and will never open their consciousness to what's really happening.

  91. Umm re your question. It was just to get into office and then do what he wants? Just hazarding a guess. It’s probably not true.

  92. At a campaign rally in the run up to election night, Trump told people who were dying that if it were the last thing they did, they should go out and cast a vote for him. Did he care about the fact that they were dying? Yes, that they shouldn't die before they reached the poll.

  93. There are a number of Trump "speeches", and interviews, where he said that Medicare and Social Security are off the table.So, he is on record as such. Thus, what was released yesterday shows that he is a liar.

    We, as Americans, were ingrained with always respect the president. A stable democracy, is only stable, when there is trust in the institutions that govern. Today, there is little or no trust with our three branches of government. And, our so called "president" has only made a bad situation; worse.

    25% of thsi country, and a fair amount of the GOP, still trust and have high regard for Trump, and Congress. But, independents (swing voters) and Democrats do not.

    Cutting Medicare, which will soon be followed by cutting Social Security, is just plain wrong. It will inflict a great deal of pain. And, the reason for the cuts, is to give dictator Trump his military parade and billions to fight new wars. They are already making a case to invade Iran and North Korea.

    Trump is looking more like Putin, Erdogan, Kim Jong-Un and Fidel Castro every day. Complete with rambling speeches, hateful rhetoric and trying to create his own legacy, dynasty.

    The voters need to realize that Trump is, and a number of his political allies, are more of a danger to this country than ISIS, Iran, North Korea, the taliban, and Hamas combined. The road to dictatorship, and autocracy, does not come from without, but within.

    Hopefully, US citizens see this before it is too late.

  94. At least Castro's regime provides free medical care to its citizens (very good at that) and values education.

    Our new regime doesn't even try to fake doing what's right for anyone but the upper 1%. But the GOP is banking on (literally) they'll still win -- many Americans will be too ignorant, sick or hungry to show up at the polls to vote the greedy thieves out . . .

  95. Indeed, if there is any "deep state" it's sitting in the oval office and being controlled by Putin.

  96. While this budget will not stand as is, it does set the tone for what will be the budget. Some of the egregiousness will be removed, but not all of it. Social programs will suffer cuts but the Administration will be insulated from the wrath of participants who will be denied benefits. That wrath will be wreaked upon those who administer such programs at the State and local level. The worker delivering the bad news will be held responsible - not the perpetrator of the action.

  97. The leaders of an organization seldom face the wrath of people whom their decisions affect. That's why they have front-line individual contributors and managers. In a company, the HR people who lay you off face the consequences of decisions made by the board of directors and the CEO.

    That's how hierarchial systems work.

  98. Being one of those HR persons, I know full well of what you say. I also was a locally-elected person who got full force of angry people feeling the effects of 'trickle down' decisions by federal and State government decisions read: Unfunded mandates.

  99. Okay let's please refocus media attention to the damage being wrought on the country, on the middle, professional and working classes, on the withering of infrastructure while gearing up for WWIII and STOP talking about the Russia investigation 98% of the media time. In four short years, this yahoo in chief can seriously damage the environment, set back social progress 50 years, reverse woman and minority rights, have a religious takeover of education, appoint judges to limit voting rights, kill immigration, devastate mixed immigrant/citizen families, not to mention explode the deficit and debt to reward big business and the millionaire/billionaire class with even more wealth than they can effectively impact our economy in any way, while most average Americans sink to third world poverty levels subject to the whims of their rich overlords.

  100. “We” can walk and chew gum at the same time, Mary. It is incumbent on us to pay close attention to the damage being inflicted by this administration, as reported by reputable sources, and to be active citizens registering our dismay. It is also incumbent on us to insist that all efforts be deployed to both understand how a hostile foreign power interfered in a presidential election and to prevent it from happening again. As for the latter, see today's headline: “Russia Sees Midterm Elections as Chance to Sow Fresh Discord, Intelligence Chiefs Warn.”

  101. True, but we must still pay attention to Mueller's efforts so that Trump doesn't try his own Saturday Night Massacre.

  102. Too late. He's already done virtually all of that, and I have no doubt that the Congress will bend over for the rest and say "Thank you, oh fearless leader, would you like us to call you Highness?"

  103. Trump wants a roaring economy, tempered by the unwinding of QE and a return to more "normal" interest rates and inflation levels. He wants more favorable trade and infrastructure spending. Out of that he expects people to find employment and opportunity. He wants prosperity, achieved through capitalism, increasing taxes collected with lower rates of tax, reducing the need for social services.

    Why should state and local taxes be deductible in computing federal tax liability? Certainly they are not in Canada, except for local property taxes paid by a business.

    Private investment for public infrastructure projects will be easy to find.

    America is not Sweden. Perhaps what Trump and the Republicans want will not work, but ideologically it is not unreasonable to hold the belief that the highest common good will be achieved by adhering to capitalist principles with a shallow social net and relying on entrepreneurial spirit.

  104. You may be right, but isn't this the political decision that is made in each election? Americans are electing politicians who favor capitalism over socialism, and this is reflected in the policies adopted and the decisions made in government. It may be a mistake, it may be that the common good would be better served by a different approach, but the "common good" resulting from socialism would likely be much different than the "common good" resulting from capitalism.

  105. True, but is that bad? Asking a community to provide the infrastructure to support a major sports team is not an unreasonable thing to do. Municipal and state governments often provide infrastructure to support industry, why not football? No state or city has to say yes when asked.

  106. You may well be proven right Andrew, but a majority of elected representatives at federal and state levels seem to see it differently for now. They may be wrong, but they are not necessarily corrupt. If a government favors capitalism and the private sector and reduces public services and welfare in the belief that this approach will most improve the public good, the risk of failure may be with the less fortunate, those who would receive more benefits from a more socialistic approach. On the other hand if the approach is socialism, high taxation, favoring public services over private and an increased role for government in society, that has its risks too, and the losers if it fails can be everyone.

  107. it is even more insidious

    Cuts in medicare and medicaid will hurt rural medical centers. And rural medical centers are some of the largest employers of these economically stressed regions which supported Trump

    Rural voters tend to be more sickly and rely more on these institutions.

    Many states don't have the resources to finance large infrastructure projects

    Rural red states also have legislative constraints that make it virtually impossible to raise taxes for infrastructure development

    Lastly, even if states could raise revenue for infrastructure in the form of property and income taxes......the new federal tax laws would prevent many taxpayers from deducting the increased taxes

    So if the Trump succeeds, we will be much closer to third world status in terms of health outcomes, income inequality and overall quality of infrastructure than we even really comprehend

  108. Is anyone even remotely surprised by this budget? Although the unemployment rate is down, there are more people working for wages that do not cover cost of living, particularly in the NY/NJ/CT area and in California. Moreover, nationwide, employed or not a vast percentage of the national population- even in the red states- exists on some sort of federal supplement, whether it is Food Stamps, Affordable Care Act, Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security, housing assistance, heat and utility subsidy, various social services funded through federal money.

  109. There are also more people working 2 part-time jobs AND people working as Temps (who do not get 401K plans or employer-assisted healthcare insurance).

  110. Mitt Romney said it correctly -- though it was not PC and it ruined his Presidential run -- that almost 50% of Americans are on some form of government check. Now, I consider SS to be different than welfare, because people PAY INTO SS for a lifetime -- but it is still a government check.

    If you add all the seniors up, plus the poor, plus the near-poor who get food stamps and expanded Medicaid under Obamacare -- that is a HECK of a lot of people.

    No nation can survive, with 1/2 working to support the other half lazing around the house.

    2 out of 3 people on SSDI are fraudsters. Start there!

  111. The 2019 budget is of course appalling. However, most Trump supporters knew, or certainly could and thus should have known, what they were ultimately voting for. It was no great secret. They got what they evidently wanted, however odd self-inflicted pain might seem to the rest of us.

    So, although we might lament the incredible destructive and amoral impetus behind these proposals, we owe little sympathy toward those who put him in power and now may suffer as a consequence. Perhaps if they got out to vote this November and returned the Senate and House to Democratic control, we could then hope for respite from the looming harm to the poor, the elderly, the sick, and the undereducated.

    Don’t bet the back 40 acres on it, however!!

  112. What is a democratic government for if not to work in the best interests of her people? All people, not just a chosen few who have bought or stolen their way to the top.

  113. And just what actions are in the best interests of the people? Free world democracies generally operate on capitalistic principles with governments providing some essential services and a safety net of some kind. Within this broad formula there are many options ranging from highly socialistic to highly capitalistic. Generally the more socialistic the system the more protection and safety for " the people", the more capitalistic the system the more opportunity for prosperity for "the people". Where a country should slot itself in the spectrum of possibilities to maximize the common good is a point on which reasonable people may differ of course, and persons holding different points of view can certainly challenge each other's motives, and characterize each other as uncaring or racist or greedy or elitist or favoring the rich, or lazy or looking for handouts, etc., and no doubt there are those who are are one or more of those things disguising themselves as seekers of the common good. So what is Donald Trump? Not sure.

  114. The plan of this budget is pretty transparent: Once the old and the poor die from lack of health care, food and housing the need for many of the government programs serving these people becomes redundant. It's a self-fulfilling arrangement. Also, the infrastructure related to public transportation will go away in large part --- no need for mass transit with so many fewer old/poor people riding the buses and subways --- along with the need for clean air and water, especially in places like Flint and other low income areas, which in turn explains the reductions to the EPA. With fewer poor people reproducing there will be fewer poor children, so that takes care of the CHIPS program, and the cuts to education would be just about right.

    The military buildup will be necessary in order to overrun China and most of the Middle East in a land and resource grab to pay for the deficits this budget will incur.

    All in all, I'd say Donald Trump and his henchmen have crafted exactly the kind of budget one would expect. Not a single surprise to be found.

  115. All that's left to do is eat the poor!

  116. What does this administration have against people who need healthcare?

    Do they think people actually love having diseases and health issues that need treatment and care?

    First it was the Affordable Care Act. They went after people who actually wanted to be self employed, for example, so they had no employer based healthcare insurance.

    Now it is Medicare and Medicaid and Social Security.

    Do they really think being a senior and having body parts that do not respond as a twenty year old’s is a sin, one that should be disregarded for care?

    What about people who have chronic disabilities that take years to “prove”that they cannot work, multiple sclerosis, for example. Ok, all you phony multiple sclerosis people who have no balance anymore and love getting Paul Ryan’s “entitlements” raise your hand!

    I’ve seen a lot of crazy stuff in my 50+ years of healthcare. I’ve worked with hundreds and hundreds of families. I’ve driven in the rural trenches to make public health visits, and worked with trauma physicians in an ER. I’ve written many an insurance recommendation for insurance members as an RN Case Manager, begging for approval of those afflicted with Lyme’s, seizure disorders, quadriplegics, oncological treatment.

    But as much as I’ve advocated, I cannot even in retirement, hold back my political yearning for fair and justice healthcare, whether commercial or Medicare, or Medicaid.

    I tell you, people do not want to be sick - and they still need care.


  117. An abridged & budget review of the 2019 Budget:

    Military Budget Up 14.1%
    Budget Deficit Up $7,000,000,000,000.00 ($7 Trillion)

    Peace & Diplomacy Down 26.9%
    Health & Human Services Down 20.3%
    Department of Education Down 10.5%
    Department of Transport Down 20%

    Housing, Medicare, Medicaid, State Funding Grants, Food Stamps,Consumer Protection, Environment, Work Safety, Health Insurance, Science, Research...all DOWN.

    Probable Outcome if initiated:

    More Americans becoming Poor, Hungry and Sick.

    Bottom Line: (These following things are already happening...the 2019 Budget just confirms, cements and increases them further.)

    Greatest transfer of wealth from the poor to the rich in Generations.
    Greatest increase in American Inequality in Generations.
    Greatest increase in American Poverty in Generations.

    This is the Budget of the Richest Country in the World...why has it failed to fund so much, that's so needed, that serves so many?

    This Budget could never make America Great when it ensures so much and so many lose what was already had and which was far from ideal to begin with.

    At least the very Rich get Richer...they still have the most to gain despite earning the most and gaining the most every time American Politicians decide they deserve even more, each and every time they are paid to decide these things.

  118. There are approximately 37 millions members of AARP (American Association of Retired Persons). Not a peep from that organization's leadership nor their lobbyists in confronting Trump's lies being "the first & only potential GOP candidate to state there will be no cuts to Social Security, Medicare & Medicaid" and his promise to “save Social Security and Medicare without cuts.” The only aspect that is more nauseating than his lies are his proposed "nasty budget".

  119. The budget is your typical Republican slight of hand. The Republican Congress passed a a massive tax cut for the wealthy and corporations of 1.5 trillion and now we hear that our infrastructure needs at least 1.5 trillion dollars of repairs. Nothing could be more cynical than this. Now the Trump Administration and the GOP Congress want to shift the burden to states and localities. Good luck with that! Now the very small tax cut for working people provided in the new tax bill will be taken away, and then some, to help pay for infrastructure repair. This puts the states in a terrible place. If they raise taxes on businesses the businesses will threaten to move to another state that cares little for infrastructure repair only compounding the problem. Infrastructure benefits the whole country and should be paid for by the federal government. Maybe the Republicans can rescind their tax cut and use the money for infrastructure repairs. I hope you can hear me laughing.

  120. I think you mean “sleight” of hand. But then again, it is amazing how they are playing with such a slight hand and yet persuading the people who are hit the hardest to stick with them.

  121. The irony in this is that the people who this budget hurts still believe in him.

  122. The country, and most of our states and cities, are broke. We’ve been doing the equivalent of using credit cards to pay down other credit cards for decades. There has to be a limit to how long that can go on, and I think we’re sliding down the mountain of “up close and personal” at a pace that will end in an inevitable crash, maybe even in my lifetime (I’m 60, with cancer that’s just biding its time at the moment). But instead of “manning up”, realizing that there’s no such thing as a free lunch, and electing people who will raise the necessary revenue through new taxes and fix the problems, we have elected a guy who is picking our pockets, tossing our wallets to those who have no need for our money, and stabbing us in the back; all while the most delusional among us are screaming hysterically in delight, and the weakest are becoming addicts or committing suicide. This is what has become of “the land of the free and the home of the brave”.

  123. Very disingenuous op-ed.. Taken together with the historic Trump tax reform, this budget supports all Americans. Most Americans will receive more money in the paychecks and with the doubling of the standard deduction will have their taxable income lowered significantly. This budget includes significant dollars for rural Americans, to provide training opportunities, and access to broadband internet. On NPR yesterday evening, President Trump stated that rural America will no longer be neglected as it has been for so long. Under President Trump, the scion of New York, like it or not, rural American culture will no longer be ridiculed and maligned by establishment urban elites. More importantly this budget ensures the safety of all Americans with increases in defense spending, increases needed to restore American military might, to make American the greatest military force in history. Liberals forget that twice in the previous century America came to the rescue of the world in its battle against evil, fought back totalitarianism, and brought down communism by the end of the century. Now more than ever, the American military needs to be as strong as ever to destroy terrorism and discourage North Korean aggression. Moreover, money is needed to secure the southern border, and stop the flow of illegal immigration, and promote legal entry into the United States. No, this is not a nasty budget, it is a great budget. I support the President. I support Trump. Thank you.

  124. Clue: Everyone pays a fee on their telephone bill every month that goes toward extending Internet services to rural people. He has bamboozled you again.

    Do some fact-checking just for once.

  125. Please read more about the budget, what it does to the deficit, and how it does not help most Americans. Trump does not care about anyone but himself and other ultra-rich. A good reading of his budget and the tax cut bill will bear that out. He is not helping you. He is making your life more dire.

  126. rural america is getting cuts in a lot of the services they need. You love for the tax reform has nothing to do with this budget (and most people may see a little increase in their paychecks now, but not in a few years, when the deficit is out of control).
    As for military - we already spend more than all other countries combined. Our military is plenty strong. Money is needed to help the people Trump said he would. This does no such thing.

  127. Republican mega donors will save enough in one year from the Trump tax cut to cover their family's healthcare for a lifetime. Poor and middle-class tax payers will not save enough in taxes to pay for one percent of the benefits they will lose under this budget.

  128. Windrip,
    When your out of a job in a Factory & no one seems to give a dam, you start looking for a savior, & along comes Trump who promises their Jobs back, claiming to be the master negotiator. You forget that he is one of the 1%, and you're sold on this despotic con man.A year has passed & your job has not returned from China, nor will it ever. Manufacturers do not want to increase their labor costs, they are in competition with Asia who produces & sells products below their costs, so they joined them, so they can stay in business. The Master Negotiator cannot & will not do anything to interfere with big business, who fills the Republican coffers with big bucks. you were taken for a ride. If you think you had problems before you helped elect him, wait until you lose Medicaid, & other entitlements that will be cut to pay for increasing the wealth of the 1%.Wake up it's not too late to turn the tables on the 1% & the President that you helped elect. We can remove the Con Mans mandate in the midterm elections, but you have to get out and vote.Let's send him & his party to the dustbins of History, there is still hope.

  129. Trump says the military is completely depleted. I have yet to hear any details about this statement. In what ways is it so completely depleted? Or am I just to take his word on that?

  130. NPR has been using the "military is completely depleted" quote/lie (and the follow-up about having a military like we've never had before! Really? WWII comes to mind about that, but, as Krugman writes, "whatever". I really question why they play that quote. Merely because the "president" said it? Trump supporters (how many listen to NPR, oh, sorry, that was elitist to even ask, wasn't it? But Fox is probably playing that on a loop.) will hear that and agree that increasing the military budget (while cutting other important items they rely on) as good and necessary. It's come to this: he has a platform (or is that a review stand?) and can say anything, just anything and it is treated at least quote-worthy.

  131. It's not "depleted", but why do people give the GOP a pass on this topic because it was their idea to have a Sequester program to begin with?

  132. You mistook him. He said he would "stick it to" workers. He is right: anyone who believed him gets what they deserved. Alternatively, sufficiently few believed his opponent whose positions changed faster than the weather, so had she won anything would be true - or untrue.

  133. The Editorial Board missed the subtlety of Trump's remarks. He didn't say he was going to be "sticking up" for working people, he said he was going to be "sticking it" to working people.

  134. Anybody know where I can get a copy of this to read myself? I'm not really big on reading it online. I could use a good laugh, though I have a feeling it'll drive me to drink, and I haven't had a drop since Valentine's Day, 2013 when I was diagnosed with cancer.

  135. Of course many of us who did not vote for this man are not surprised. We recognize his military zealotry replaces compassion for those less fortunate OR for those who have worked for years contributing to social security and medicare and now rightfully expect to benefit from the promises of these programs.

    What does continue to surprise us is the zealous support he still enjoys from the very people that benefit from the programs destined for drastic cuts in this WH-proposed budgets. Food boxes instead of food stamps. Loss of health insurance.

    What do they see that we don't in this man?

  136. "But presidential budgets are statements of principles " In order for this statement to be accurate the president would have to have some modicum or semblance of principles. Trump does not.

  137. The word that comes to mind when I look at this budget is feudalism. The
    0.1% will own everything and "defend" the rest of us as long as we pledge our fealty and know our place.

  138. Those that I know who voted for trump did so in a large part because they were concerned about what they saw as a growing "Welfare State" that was supporting the "Lazy" and "illegals". I suspect they feel fine with the proposed budget. Time will tell how they will feel when it effects them through Medicare cuts and most likely Social Security cuts down the road

  139. The GOP has long embraced the meme of its supporters being "worthy" while everybody else was "unworthy". It is not surprising that they are using their clout and influence to "punish" the "unworthy" in order to make their supporters feel superior.

  140. I don't care what is in the budget, so long it gets people good and mad at illegal aliens stealing our tax dollars and jobs -- until they are mad enough to deport every single illegal alien from our nation.

  141. Here's some reality for you: Illegals do not get welfare. Go and check your state's website and you will see the first requirement is: Proof of citizenship!

    Secondly, we cannot afford to "deport every single illegal alien". Do the math. If we deported 1,000 a day, it would take over 30 years to deport them all. Last summer, a deportation of about a dozen of them cost taxpayers $985 each--and that was from Dallas to the southern border.

    Now multiply that--or more--by 11 million.

  142. At this stage of the game, I can't imagine anyone woman or person over 50, ever voting Republican again.

    NYT - it looks like the federal government is betting on states to take on a lot of costs go forward - healthcare, infrastructure, etc. Can we get some articles showing what shape states are in financially? Also, what kind of tax incentives are / were being paid for companies to built in their state Toyota / Mazda plant, Foxconn in Wisconsin.

  143. Why should we be surprised considering that his business approach has been to get the most for the least. His history of defaults and bankruptcy are legendary.
    It's about time that middle America, the "working stiffs" that support him get the message that Trump will say anything for self-glorification but are substance free,

  144. The best way to get out of a hole is to stop digging. Presumably, the White House is out to further destroy America and this joke budget will require Congress to act as though they care about the others, the 99%. Deficit consideration continue to be swept aside at the expense of all of us.

    Make America poor.

  145. Billionaires bilking America would be a more apt title for this budget. Russian style privatization to create a permanent oligarchy. Crushing debt to disable a federal government whose role, besides national security, also provides the only line of defense between us, the little people, and them, the power of vast wealth and corporate reach.

    As brazen and blatant as it is, this heist is being promoted as pragmatic, business based government. Democrats need a latter day Paul Revere to sound the alarm in the hinterland, where authoritarianism and false hopes have lulled our fellow citizens into complacency.

  146. You know exactly what is going on. Trump and the Republicans are deliberately creating a "fiscal crisis" so that they can cut Social Security, Medicare, college financial aid, and otherwise gut the protections for working class and middle class stability in life.

    Trump and his new Republican friends are also planning to privatize massive amounts of infrastructure with subsidies to the private sector during the handover.

    The working class people who elected Trump were absolutely fooled (you will miss Steve Bannon, as I warned), and class war of the most vicious sort has just intensified and become entirely obvious.

    We got ourselves a Pinochet.

  147. Once again, this Philistine administration has completely cut public funding for PBS and the Arts from the budget. As financially failing organizations like the Metropolitan Opera will tell you, there is not enough money to go around from wealthy donors to complete their mission. Many organizations which show and support the broad the patchwork of creative America will close if Congress de-funds the arts. Further, putting the onus on the states after decreasing taxes at the Federal level to handle this support is ludicrous at best. States that contain the majority of the most important arts organizations in this Country happen to be the in the highest taxed states in the County. Truly ignorance is this administrations bliss.

  148. It boggles the mind that Trump actually ran a business empire.

  149. NOW will all the people who believed Trump’s lies about standing up for the forgotten working class and making America great for them again see how badly they’ve been had? Most of us saw through this ruse from Day One, and knew what was coming.

    But I’m also disgusted with a Democratic Party that basically marginalized this core constituency by ignoring them for decades. No wonder they turned to a rainmaker like Donald Trump, when the party that championed their cause since the Depression left them high and dry.

    As far as I’m concerned, there is enough blame to go around for this situation. It isn’t all on Trump for where we are economically or socially. Trump just shamelessly and cynically took advantage of this divide for his own ends, and we’ll all have to deal with the results.

  150. If presidential budgets are statements of principle, this one proves yet again that Trump has no principles other than self-aggrandizement and self-enrichment. It's a safe bet that he has not read his budget, maybe got an oral briefing -- maybe not -- while allowing Mulvaney and his Tea Party pals to break yet another of his campaign promises. Remember "I will not cut Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid?" Putin must be laughing his head off as Trump continues to destroy our democracy and our economy while a tame Republican-led Congress does nothing to stop him. Will the GOP only be satisfied when millions of Americans are mired in ill health and poverty without a social safety net to save them?

  151. We must elect public servants who will enact policies that promote the common good. This pendulum swing of power among political parties who have opposing interests and narrow constituencies seems untenable as a long-term governing model, especially if extreme and corrupt elements are going to prevail, as they have with Trump. In 2016 and since, the Republican party allowed a culturally regressive fervor to carry the election away from its avowed principles and toward a cult of personality. They have thrown their lot in with a charlatan (and worse), and willingly become more tightly bound to him every day. No one can plausibly argue that this is a good direction for the country as a whole. We must uncouple that negative fervor—and the ignorance and incompetence it brings—from the process of electing representatives and running the government. Far too much is at stake. In our daily lives, we recognize our duty to care for and protect the people we love and depend on. We do what's right for them. We need representatives who can apply that positive zeal and dedication on a broader level on behalf of strangers, with intelligence, competence, reason and character. The system should be based on idealism tempered with practicality, not cynicism and greed. A good start would be to get money out of politics, and put knowledge and sound ideas back in.

  152. To do this you need a system that doesn’t reward those who can cultivate donors with deep pockets. A good start would be a law to male it clear that corporations are not people.

  153. Trump, his family, his cabinet and his budget are all jokes and he wants to see just how far he can push the American people. It's so beyond obvious now that Trump never should have been elected president. Most everyone is in agreement, but for those who are not, they need to head over to Russia because that's the ideal example for the U.S. according to Trump. I'd like to say we'd miss them, but I can't. Trump and his family need to vacate the White House forthwith and we need to get our respect back and return this country to the great leader status that it once held in the world.

  154. How is this playing at Fox and Friends? Are they gushing over the cuts? That is where Trump goes to see how his "ratings" are.

    Sadly, I do not trust the Democratic "leadership" to be able to turn this into a clear message before the mid-term election. I trust Bernie and Warren to carry most of the water for the whole left in this country, but few others. Schumer will fixate on some tiny corner of it that might hurt New Yorkers, like a local tax hike to pay for infrastructure. It is FRUSTRATING to watch him look for dust in corners when there is a huge opportunity staring him in the face.

    Folks, make sure your crazy uncle understands what this budget is about. It is up to us to educate people around us who are getting a steady diet of lies.

  155. Fox is saying there are no real cuts, and are hyping the few increases in services.
    Fakest of news, but that's all his supporters see and want to see.

  156. There’s no working class disillusion with Trump’s economic policies. Their votes were based on rage, not budgets. When this blows up, Trump or another republican will find a way to channel the rage in their favor. That’s how wicked they are.

  157. The Liar in Chief as usual had no intention of keeping any campaign promise to the common person. I just wish those who still support Trump will get that...when is the question. When they go to the emergency room and told their Medicare won't cover the visit? When they see the changes in tax laws result in more taxes paid by them? When they decide to take a cross country trip to see our great land only to have toll roads at every turn?
    Trump's proposals take more away from the common person and give it to such deserving entities as the bloated military...When will you Trump supporters wake up in Lotus Land?

  158. Here are ways that will NOT create any deal worth truly having with the Republicans and the crew in the White House masquerading as an “administration.”

    Impassioned appeals to ethics. Proclamations for social and economic justice. Intellectual arguments based on relatively straightforward math, tax and other revenue, trade pacts, and so on. Sustained, honorable, deep-dive debates about the maintenance of empire, the true nature of capitalism or social engineering, the virtues of government as a business or corporate enterprise vis a vis a public service. Compassion. Equality, progress and the honoring of commitments as essential components of citizenship participation. Truth, justice, the American way. Get r-e-a-l.

    It’s not possible to deal in any such ways with a voracious, venal, blinded-by-cynicism, self-important, pathological beast of a party that has been pod-peopled out of a principled existence. It cannot explain itself by any of the principles it espouses: not deficit hawkery, not appeals to the working and middle class, not as captains of our economic ship. It cannot even explain how it will explain. Empty rhetoric and suits all.

    In November, people, you simply have to vote. In massive numbers. 52% or whatever bare-majority vote? That’s pathetic. That’s irresponsible, an invitation for them to rob us blind. Try 72. 82. The vote is the one item, thing, measure, resort, option, appeal and mandate remaining. Hurry up, they’re trying to take that too.

  159. But as long as he says he’s not cutting services and Fox News repeats that he’s not cutting services, he can do as much cutting as he wants. I’m sure his supporters will blame Democrats.

  160. Character is presented by what you do, not what you say. The resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue will say anything to satisfy his base. The caveat is what he does to satisfy the Koch/Mercer/Republican cabal. How can anyone who has a shred of objectivity be surprised by this budget? A small group of Americans were duped by this carnival barker who invited them into his tent with the promise of giving them something they had never seen before. To paraphrase Hunter Thompson, they bought the ticket and now every one of us is taking the ride. Americans will get to buy a new ticket on November 6, 2018. Vote as if your country depended on it. This time, it really does.

  161. Democracy fails when the electorate is too intellectually lazy to make an educated vote. In the US today too many voters have chosen to decide on simplistic sound bites to make decisions. I am sure they are the same citizens who are "asking their doctors" about the barrage of medicines advertised endlessly on TV. Most people don't even realize that not so long ago, before George Bush's gift to the pharmacy industry, there were very few drug ads. When he added drug coverage to Medicare, he did it so that the drug companies could charge whatever they wanted without having to bid for the privilege. That is why drugs in America are so much more expensive than in Canada etc. Cry The Beloved Country is the US today. What sane person today can look at the North and South Poles and say there is no global warming? Most voters could not give you a definition of fascism even though they are living in a country which is about to be the definition of fascism.

  162. It more frustrating to notice that many in American policy making and in military still do not understand that mere military strength can never win a war even against the poorest of poor and least technologically equipped enemies abroad. Our long wars in the past (in Vietnam) and present (in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria) failed to make these people understand this simple truth.
    Probably they do not care- either about the lives of common American people in the country or in the foreign land fighting wars for America. They seem to be either ignorant (who can does not have the ability to process information and understand even the simplest truth) or motivated by greed by supporting lobbyists of military industrial complex- probably both.

  163. Trump's working people think they are above food stamp people, do not put themselves in the same class. They rely on help from family and churches, or they see no connection between the fake disability checks they receive and the link cards others receive. They are also happy when Trump insults people, as long as he doesn't insult them, which he doesn't.

    So he can pull all the social spending he wants, as long as it doesn't appear to be their social program. When they find out their free money is gone, they won't blame Trump, they will blame democrats for trying to obstruct Trump with Russia, fake news, metoo, etc.

    This is illogical, but that's what it is.

  164. Welcome to Tax Cuts For the Rich and Famous, Part Two. As predicted by the Times, Republicans will now claim that our revenue-starved government lacks the funds to operate as intended to protect the interests and well-being of the nation it serves or its people.

  165. What is really scary is that a man like Donald Trump, who knows nothing about budgets, legislation, government programs and has never shown any interest in public service, should have any input on restructuring or changing long standing government programs.

    Donald Trump was a real estate guy in New York who was set up by his father, a pariah to the New York business community and banks due to his unethical practices, and presided over 4 bankruptcies, would ever be allowed to disassemble our government or economy.

    Donald Trump doesn't have a clue to what he is doing or the ramifications of some of his more amateurish ideas and the long term damage that can be done.

  166. Take a look at how the budget affects and benefits people like Trump, the wealthy, the developers, the users and abusers, and you will see that the budget does make sense --- for them.

    They do what's best for themselves and stick the rest of us with the bill.

    What exactly is not fair?

  167. As long as he continues to evoke hatred and derision toward their enemies, Trump's base will give him a pass on actual policy.

  168. I think the idea is that when older people get sick or lose their jobs, instead of Medicare or Social Security, they can apply for bonuses from pass-through corporations.

  169. "But presidential budgets are statements of principles" - exactly. DT proves again that he has none. He and his administration and the GOP cater to the 1% ONLY.

  170. Republicans are fond of comparing the economy to a household.
    In this house we borrow all that we can to give to our wealthy neighbors then we go out and buy a new house and car with our lottery winnings.
    And when we die we give the bill to our children just like the old days when parents indentured their children to pay their debts.

  171. It's not enough to go on social media to complain about this president and Congress (though I do that plenty). November is calling. We must vote every Republican out of office. Only then can we begin to hold Trump accountable.

    And we must get on the phones and on to the buses into red-state America and speak individually to Trump supporters. The responsibility of rolling back this horrible transfer of wealth lies squarely on our shoulders.

  172. And you will fail at this.

    Why? because you squandered the opportunity of a lifetime, in order to support illegal aliens and dreamers over your fellow American citizens.

    We know it, and we heard you, and we will vote accordingly.

  173. This budget shows what a bunch of grifters Trump and the Republican party are. Save for his promise to spend more on the military, everything in the budget is the polar opposite of what this huckster promised during the campaign. His promise not to cut Medicare, Medicaid or Social Security - out the window. His promise to balance the budget - gone. His promise to drain the swamp - just look at his cabinet.

    If the Trump voters don't wake up soon the US is going to devolve into a feudal society that will mirror England pre Magna Carta.

  174. The phrase, "Bait and Switch" comes to mind. A concept that should be quite familiar to any accomplished Con Man, no doubt.

  175. Please, please write about the proposed elimination of Public Broadcasting! If I go to France, I can watch wonderful news and other topics on several public stations. I can go to libraries and museums supported and even coordinated with public funds. Music, dance, theater ... so much, but we are pushed into deeper ignorance by the ignorant president. I suppose that, if he cannot outlaw the Times and NBC, the president can eliminate the news coverage on PBS and NPR. PBS is nearly gone anyway due to lack of funds -- we living in rural areas depended on it for years as a cultural resource.

  176. If anyone is at all shocked that DJT is not upholding his promise to not to cut Medicare/Medicaid and Social Security, I have a beautiful bridge that they can buy. With States unable to pay for the his infrastructure bill, the bridge does need some work, but she's a grand old lady. Unfortuntely, because she is old, he'll probably put a cap on how much can be used to upgrade her.

  177. You expect more from a man whose life work is filled with bankruptcies and massive debt?

  178. The chickens are coming home to roost. The sheer hypocrisy of the Republicans, and Trump's vicious evil, total lack of compassion, and constant targeting of science, education, social science and the humanities is appalling and at root what the man and his party stands for. They are like the zombie corpse of the 20th century, trying to crawl out of the grave and take over the 21st century. With all of your voting, by protesting, by speaking up and fighting these evil, egotistical, self-serving miscreants, we can take back our gov't in November, 2018. The damage will take many years to correct, but at least we can prevent it from going further after November, 2018.

  179. The Democrat version of "sticking up for the working people" is to stick them with tax increases. Since when has any president lived up to their campaign promises in this regard? It's only Republicans who say anything necessary to get elected? Sure NY Times, sure.

  180. Under which Democratic administration were your federal income taxes raised? Unless you make over $200,000, your taxes haven't gone up since Reagan. You're paying higher social security taxes, also because of Reagan.

    Each tiny tax cut you've seen, unless you make over $200,000, has been accompanied by giant tax cuts for the wealthy. The most recent change is literally worth millions to Trump himself. That is why we now have a $1 trillion annual deficit.

    Democrats promote policies, such as Obamacare, that help the poor and lower middle class. They could and should do more. But sticking it to the little guy? Not supported by the facts.

  181. Trump does not care one whit about his "base," or any ordinary, working American families. One, because he mainly cares about himself and some (not all) of his immediate family. Two, he considers anyone who wasn't born into wealth like him to be a "loser." I know many Trump supporters. Guess what? They're all relatively rich. They like to complain that they don't "feel rich," but they have elegant homes, many have second homes in resort areas, they hire caterers and dishwashers for their Christmas parties, they send their kids to private schools, they go on European vacations (not the kind where you stay in a hostel).

  182. So the president will starve the poor to save starving millionaires. Forget MAGA. Trumpf tour 2018: Make the Great Depression Again.

  183. A man who bankrupts his businesses, runs fake universities, avoids taxes “because he’s smart” and stiffs hardworking contractors. Are we at all surprised he would propose anything different?

  184. With this budget, Trump and his white-nationalist minions are declaring war on the 99% of Americans who still believe in democracy that involves government programs their money supports. He and his corrupt billionaire GOP may have sold out America to unsavory Russian and oligarchic factions and lazy corporate lobbyists for polluters. as well as to violent pornographers in the weapons industry, but the Times, and the American people, are still free to reject their traitorous deals and question their legitimacy, and, of course, we are all free to vote them out and stop supporting their degrading companies, most of which underpay its workers and force them into untenable choices.

  185. Charity is not a function of the federal government. Fortunately it's a free country. Those so worried about poor people can give as much as they like to charities. But the taxayers should not be forced to support the lazy and irresponsible.

  186. But charity for the rich is OK?

  187. How about the unfortunate, the sick, the handicapped - mentally or otherwise, the ambitious ones trying to better themselves but are down on our luck. There are so many good reasons For the government to help people in need. Besides it being the right thing to do - and in a land which claims by some to exceptional and chosen by God - it’s something that must be done, it is also good business. In the long run to help out when people need it, makes them self sufficient and tax paying citizens .

  188. It's a free country, and the role and responsibilities of the government are determined democratically. No abstract principle applies.

    In 1932, the country decided, democratically, that the government does have a role in cushioning the effects of capitalism and managing the economy. Policies enacted since prevented the 2008 meltdown from becoming a second Great Depression.

    The brutal system you espouse does not exist in any civilized country. Which is more likely: that your idea of how things should be is more insightful and just than the choices of billions over generations, or that you don't understand the enormous ramifications of what you're suggesting?

  189. Everyone seems to forget that the chosen outlet by the trump base and regular Republican is FOX. The reason trumps base stays so loyal is because they have no clue what is really going on. FOX does not tell them what is really going on.

  190. This statement in the editorial says it all: "...amount to one of the greatest transfers of wealth from the poor to the rich in generations."

    That's all Trump has ever been about.

    Too bad so many people got bamboozled by him, but you know, it takes a few minutes to read a newspaper...

  191. Mr. Trump's budget proposal is but another item on a very long list of jaw-dropping proposals by this rogue president. Are we proving to ourselves and the world that the United States has no protection against such a threat to the country? The lacerations Trump has already inflicted on funds available to the un-wealthy have been tough. This budget proposal could be a death blow to many. Though it may sound harsh, I venture that Trump and his party are now a national security threat.

  192. It's not a military parade that Trump wants.

    It's an ticker tape parade. Defense contractors and billionaires can march proudly down 5th Avenue in NYC while Trump and the Republican Congress throw fistfuls of money into the air for them all to catch! Look at them scurry! No decorum here!

    The police can be on hand to arrest any ordinary citizen or worse yet poor person who dares to grasp for some of the largess.

    It's a glorious day in the republic.

  193. The Repulsive Party have arrived at the moment they've salivated over for years: further enriching their uber-wealthy donors while sticking it to the the middle and working class, and the under-served, and dismantling our safety nets and retirement assistance. In their eyes, of course, we're lazy takers (not the banks, agribusiness, tech industry, or oil/gas industries with their subsidies, tax shelters and tax windfalls, oh no) and now we'll be made to pay for our despicable transgressions.

    They're jubilantly on their merry, destructive way in finally destroying the peasants, the environment, our planet, our regulatory protections, our democracy, our media, our justice system and our country.

    The Champagne corks must be popping at the offices of Republicans, the Koch Bros, and their craven, vile overly wealthy brethren.

  194. If you want food, health care, and housing, join the military.

  195. Now there is ambition - strive to become cannon fodder....

  196. Yes, I'm glad I spent 26 years in the military. I've deliberately not included Social Security and Medicare in my financial planning and have been building a separate account to cover that. Hopefully they won't also cut military pensions and medical benefits. The military definitely helped get me from the bottom 20% to close to the top 1%. You won't get rich in the military itself but it can give you the skills to get rich later especially if you are frugal with your spending/savings while in the military. This budget and administration is scary!

  197. Dementia must be setting in. Trump does not remember his campaign promises he made to his voters. I just hope that they stop believing Fox News reports, the real "Fake News". and come to the realization that Trump is raping the country and their bank accounts with the Tax Reform Bill and now his Infrastructure plan. The only winners in the first year of his time in office are his friends in the 1% class. And I am sure this will be the case for the next 3 years.

  198. Please. He had no intention of keeping his "promises.'' What he is doing now is what he intended to do all along

  199. Who is surprised that Trump was lying? When are we going to do something about it?

  200. Will the Trumpistas finally get the message that their "hero" is actually trying to wreck their lives? Of course, not. They're totally uninformed or willfully ignorant, take your choice. #45 can do no wrong in their view, even as they stand evicted from their former homes, watch robots take over their jobs, and can't afford the toll on the road out of town.

  201. It sounds like the republican party is making ready for an escape with all the wealth to purchased country or planet.

  202. It is the simplest of cons - the bait and switch. Promise one thing, do another. Politicians of all stripes have been doing it since before Nebuchadnezzar. And since there is no consequence for such outright dishonesty - because people cheer for "their" side blindly, supporting "their" team regardless of how badly they're served by "their" leadership - it will continue to be practiced. No consequence, no restraint.

    These people are not voters, they're followers. Manufactured hatred and cultivated fear of the other has blinded them even to their own interests.

  203. During the primaries, Trump said time and again "he loves the uneducated". Well, here is the result, a President who lied through his teeth about what he planned on doing for working people and if anyone bothered looking into the background and history of this individual who actually spent much of his life "stiffing" dozens of small businesses out of money that did work for him, he thought nothing of it. He could care less about working people and never did, yet, for some reason, his supporters hoped he would be different. He is not and never will be. In order to get their vote, he talked a good game, but, that is all it was , TALK! P. T. Barnum, at his best.

    In addition to this fraud as President and considering this budget, despite the democrats serious flaws, outside of the obvious reasons, one continually wonders why anyone would vote for a party that, other than their wealthy friends and donors, Republicans have neither now nor ever had any interest whatsoever of serving those outside out of that small group.

    If, for some bizarre reason, American voters have brain cramps again and return Republicans to power in the Congress, rest assured, you can kiss good bye to your social security, medicare and medicaid, guaranteed.

  204. He loves the uneducated so much, he wants to create more of them.